Emmett's having a HUGE sale, poodles!

Thursday, February 07, 2008 by
Darlings, never let be said that we don't look out for our bitches. While on our whirlwind tour of Manhattan during fashion week, we made a quick stop in Emmett's store and gasped loudly and dramatically. Why? Because he had sale rack after sale rack lined up with the most amazing deals and we knew immediately that we HAD to share them with you.

Look, we know this is going to make us sound like shills, but one thing we've heard from our galpals time and time again regarding Emmett's clothes is "I would love to own one but I just can't afford it." Well kittens, this one's for you. Emmett's clearing out pieces from previous seasons' lines and he has dramatically slashed prices. We're telling you this not because we're trying to score some quick cash for a friend but because so many of you have expressed an interest and now's your chance.

We're talking coats previously sold in the 500 to 700 dollar range now going for $150:

Dresses that used to run in the 300 to 500 dollar range now going for $79:

And even Tim Gunn tee shirts going for $15:

See, Emmett's got to make room for his upcoming (and decidedly fabulous) Spring line and these looks have to go to make room for new fabulosity. He had no plans to advertise this online, but as soon as we saw these incredible deals we knew our girlfriends would kill us if we didn't tell them about it. We actually had to convince him to let us post this.

If you're interested, go to his site and check out the looks from previous seasons, then call (212 431 4134) or email the store to place an order. There are limited sizes and quantity because this IS a clearance sale after all. All sales are final and you will have to pay a shipping fee, but we're telling you, this is a big deal. These are beautiful, classic, well made clothes and you have a chance to get them at discount store prices. Seriously. You know your PRGayBoys wouldn't steer you wrong on this one. If you're interested, you've got until Sunday to place your order.

You can thank us later.