Blood on the Runway

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 by

Clutch the pearls, girls! The drama was delicious in this one, wasn't it? We kept switching sides in all the arguments because in the end, they all looked like a bunch of cranky toddlers past their nap times. Except Vanessa. She just looked loaded.

Sure, she embarrassed herself, but good lord, the high-falutin' judging going on! If we may be permitted to paraphrase the immortal words of the Duchess, "Lighten up, Bitches. It's just reality TV."

"You know Vanessa, I read this interview where you said some really mean and hurtful things ..."

"Oh here we go."

Nora: Look, you signed up for it, you drunken bitch. Man up."
Robert: Women. What can you do? They're like sports cars."
Mario: "Oh man, that shit's kicking in. Keep your hands inside the car!"

"I agree with - excuse me but Kara Saun is speaking - I agree with Jay and Nora. Bottom line, it's all about your soul. As a costume designer, I, Kara Saun, have known disappointment, but I still have a soul. Me. Kara Saun."


Vanessa: You people are lame. Is there another bottle open?"
Wendy: "This is part of my 'stare straight ahead' strategy. I am a Cobra of fashion."

"Her hair is so pretty."

"You know what? I don't need this bloody bullshit! I NEED ANOTHER GLASS OF WINE, FUCKERS!"

"I, Kara Saun, am embarrassed to be in the same room with you."


"HA! Our ratings are gonna go through the roof! Eat my shit, Gisele!"


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Suzanne said...

One of the all time best PR episodes!!
If you read the interview Vanessa did , it wasn't THAT bad. SHe just really had no idea, having it been season one and all, what she was in for.


Gorgeous Things said...


The Scarlett said...

OMG, that "I, Kara Saun" stuff was classic Rungay.

'Cobra of Fashion' should be la Pepper's new slogan.

Gigi said...

OMG, hysterical!

jinxy said...

You guys are just TOO good. You got the tone of the whole thing PERFECTLY.

This whole season was filled with some real personalities, and it was a pleasure to see them all together again once the whole thing had played out (except Fashion week)

Vic said...

Best reunion show of them all. Spot on, you guys. LOL. What a bunch of looney characters. Great stuff to work with.

personette said...

I think it was more fun when the whole show was more lax and kind of thrown together. The reunion is casual, the models wore their own clothes, the contestants went out to party on their own. Now it all seems so regimented.

And is it me - or was heidi especially beautiful back in season 1? look at that photo

Anonymous said...

Starr always looked like she was 2 seconds away from slitting her wrists.

Anonymous said...

OMG I showed "Project Drunkway" to Malan, who had never seen it before, and he flipped! Good lord these people were like my friends on Thirsty Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why they stopped serving wine at the reunions. Based on her past behavior during the show, I'd have expected Vanessa to be a "happy" but obnoxious drunk (e.g. breaking into song several times)--but she was sure a cranky drunk on reunion night.

And Wendy deciding to stare straight ahead the entire time without reacting to anyone--how many meds do you think she had to take to accomplish that?

So many great moments in this one. Kara Saun's "soul" speech was one of the greatest. If only she took her own advice.

Anonymous said...

"Eat my shit, Gisele!" Hee! Fantastic post as usual! "Cobra of Fashion"- instant classic!

GothamTomato said...

Yeah, that 'stare straight ahead strategy'. There it is again. I wonder if she uses this strategy in real life. You can see the wheels turning in her head...'OK, just do what the doctors told you. Don't look. Don't look. If you don't look at them they don't exist. Can't hurt. Can't hurt. Damn! Where's my blade? Don't LOOK!'

I think that stare straight ahead & compose your face strategy made her look worse, all season long, than just about anything else. To me, it really confirmed her dishonesty.

(I'm only surprised you didn't comment on the white lab coat from the preview.)

GothamTomato said...

I think the look on Heidi's face was the result of the sound of lots of cash registers ringing in her head, over all the money she was going to make off these people who had agreed to work for free, while she hauled it in.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

Vanessa is the daughter Edina from Ab Fab really wanted. That look of *Meep* from Starr is unbelievable. Strawberry Shortcake as she writes the suicide note(then faints from the pressure). KaraSaun went to the Diana Ross school of Diva Design but didn't graduate because she used too many references to herself in her thesis (Why I am I and how I will put the I in World). Jay was the only person who really seemed to have the presence of mind to keep his composure and still have a sense of humor. Wow.
Great Posts PRGAYS & Co.
Keep 'em comin'!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus! LOL!

When I was watching this I thought, "The boys have a LOT to work with this week!"

Anonymous said...

"I agree with - excuse me but Kara Saun is speaking - I agree with Jay and Nora. Bottom line, it's all about your soul. As a costume designer, I, Kara Saun, have known disappointment, but I still have a soul. Me. Kara Saun."


GothamTomato said...

BTW, I forgot to say...I love me some Robbio, but I can't decide what I think about his hair down like that. I think I prefer the ponytail.

Jay did keep his composure (it seemed that the final 3 were the only ones who had not been drinking), but must have been under stress (as evidenced by the weight gain). I've always thought that Kara had the best understanding of what the show could do for her business: she had everyone calling her Kara Saun all along, instead of just Kara. So how many times did her name, (business name) get out in front of the public? Smart.

These reunion shows are always a bit of a let down, but this one wasn't so much. Probably because it was the first- (just like the whole season.) But I recall having the impression that weer must have been alot edited out of this one because Vanessa's reactions weren't really clear...or maybe she was just soooo drunk.

Someone refered to Venessa as the daughter Edina (from AbFab) wishes she'd had. But I'd say Jay more resembles that remark (Especially with those get-ups).

I'd say that Jay looks like the love child of Edina Monsoon & Kevin Aucoin.

But there are always designers that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about. And poor Starr- she'll always be remembered as the girl who put the tumor on the dress.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Vanessa's interview. It's pretty long, so I'll paraphrase some of the highlights:

My business is in god-forsaken Houston so I think it will help me get customers if I complain repeatedly about how horrible Houston and its residents are. And while I'm at it, it might help business if I denigrate everyone else I can think of.

Except for Tyra Banks, a genuinely warm person who truly cares about her reality show contestants. Unlike Heidi Klum, a cold-hearted bitch who only cares about her own career.

I was really funny and entertaining while I was on PR, and everyone loved me, but the producers didn't show that because they thought it would make better TV if they portrayed me as a serious businesswoman. Oh, and I didn't actually watch the show because I have better things to do.

When I went on PR, I thought they'd be sending us to Donna Karan's work room to order people around. Instead, they made us sew silly clothes. What does that have to do with fashion design?

Except for me, the other designers were untalented amateurs.

The producers conspired to eliminate me before they got to the wedding gown and uniform challenges, because they knew how embarassing it would be for them when I proved to be so much better than the other designers.

The best-kept secret on PR is the incredibly hot (too hot for words) men who run the cameras. They hire them on purpose to break us down. Wendy flirts too much.

Anonymous said...


OMG! This was my first time watching the season one reunion. I just about died! The drama of it all! What a fabulous show.

I loved Vanessa storming out, and the Wendy death stare, and the lectures about keeping your soul.

The camera loves Heidi's boobs.

Great job, Boys!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you linked to that interview, it was a fun read. Interesting to hear Vanessa's comment about how they chose to put the most attractive model-type people behind the cameras so that the designers would open up to them.

The idea of Wendy flirting with the cameramen makes me giggle a little.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God!
"Robert: Women. What can you do? They're like sports cars."
I almost lost it in the office, classic line paired with that picture.

GothamTomato said...

This is the first that I've read that interview with Vanessa & I actually like her alot more after reading it. Before I read it, I thought she was a drunken nitwit. Turns out, she's actually pretty smart (though a tad bitter over her experiences with the show).

But while her words show that she does have some serious fashion & business saavy, it made me wonder...if she knew that going on the show might help her improve her profile, and she understands the importance of credibility, why, oh why, did she get drunk on camera??? The humiliation she complained about was all self-inflicted.

And also, what the hell makes a person move from London to Texas??? Again...was she drunk? And if she hates it (completely understandable) why doesn't she just up and move back to civilization?

And with what she said about the HOT camera men & Wendy flirting so heavily with them (after the nausea, at the thought of that, passed) I thought, maybe that's where that STARE comes from. Maybe it wasn't a strategy. Maybe she was staring at the hot cameramen & fantasizing....

....about boiling their bunnies!!!!

That's IT!

I've been spending too mmuch time here today. I must do some real work.

--Gotham Tomato

Davy said...

Nice! I loved the wine. PR should always allow spilt wine at the reunions.

Something about Wendy's "Cobra" photo reminds me of Megan Mullally. I'm sure that's the one screen cap in a million where she pulled off a look that good.

BigAssBelle said...

oh it was just delicious!!

and jay was a bitch, but i actually laughed out loud over and over at his behind-the-scenes stuff.

j'adore jay!!

Anonymous said...

I swear that you guys must have majored in soc or psych. Your observations of human behavior and group dynamics are spot on. Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

I know this was summarized above, but I had to reproduce part of the text of Vanessa's interview in full:

"There were 12 people at the beginning, there was dialogue going on all the time, there was fun and games and craziness - mad stuff. I'm pretty much a comedian. I did all sorts of impressions, and really kept everybody entertained. None of that is in the show. I come across as this really together businesswoman, where really I'm sort of a nut."

Is she joking?

Also, I forgot how much I love your Heidi captions. Definitely one of my favs here... the only one I like better was the caption from the season 3 reunion show...


Anonymous said...

God, all the things I wanted to say to make fun of Kara Saun but couldn't find the words for are in this post. You really outdid yourselves this time, Boys.

Bill said...


They should tape the episodes and then have you two dub the voices with your commentary. PR is great reality TV but you elevate it beyond where it already is.

Anonymous said...

I loved where Vanessa says something like "every time you say I can't sew my sales go down 20 million dollars..." or something like that. So she repeats 10 times that people say she can't sew. I'm sure Houston just loves their little curmudgeon.

Byron said...

This is the stuff I miss. I miss your witty captions to random screencaps. Not that the fashion critiques are bad, but this is what makes this blog hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I loved when Vanessa said that the final three should have been her, Alexandria (sic) and Kevin because they were the only real designers. There were great cuts to Alexandra thinking "Get my name right bitch" and Kevin laughing uncomfortably.

Third season's Alison gave a far more bitter interview, and also claimed conspiracy led to her auf'ing.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the interview is this sort of disclaimer:

" stands by this interview. Contrary to what Ms. Riley said during the February 16, 2005, Project Runway Reunion Special, no one affiliated with has ever been an employee of Vanessa Riley in any capacity."

What'd she say? I don't remember.

Anonymous said...

"I, Kara Saun" got me every single time.

BigAssBelle said...

anonymous 6:15, she said that the woman who wrote the piece had been an intern in her business; that she thought she was just chatting with an ex-employee and it ended up being a published interview.

Anonymous said...

"she said that the woman who wrote the piece had been an intern in her business"

Oh, yeah, that rings a bell (a bigassbelle??).

Anonymous said...

That was totally a *meep* snap.

Anonymous said...

"Robert: Women. What can you do? They're like sports cars."

And combined with his expression. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the link to Vanessa's interview.

Anonymous said...

"HA! Our ratings are gonna go through the roof! Eat my shit, Gisele!"

LOL. Hilarious post, guys!

Anonymous said...

" GothamTomato said...

This is the first that I've read that interview with Vanessa & I actually like her a lot more after reading it."

I agree. I was really impressed with what she had to say. I thought that she made good points about the show!

Anonymous said...

"I, KaraSaun" PRICELESS, Boys!!!

Anonymous said...

They should tape the episodes and then have you two dub the voices with your commentary. PR is great reality TV but you elevate it beyond where it already is.

Bill, I would buy a Project Runway DVD dubbed over by the Project Rungay guys in a hot second!

Anonymous said...

Come on, guys. Am I the only one who felt a little bit sorry for Wendy, who came back looking a thousand times better and obviously proud of how she looked, and then got totally hammered by everyone? I was proud of Jay for speaking up about the defaced picture, and appalled by Vanessa's meanness about everything. Wendy was odd, and she did some strange things, but I don't think she was ever as hateful to anyone as they were to her on this show. They slammed her for criticizing Kevin and Austin on the runway, but the judges put her on the spot and she had to say something, so she really seemed to try to soften the criticism and not be too harsh. I've definitely seen worse! They were all totally wrapped up in hating Wendy, even the ones who were aufed early and didn't have that much to do with her.

Anonymous said...

"They were all totally wrapped up in hating Wendy, even the ones who were aufed early and didn't have that much to do with her."

It must have been a shock to all of them that Wendy had spoken so openly about using mind games. Plus weren't they asked to comment on Wendy?

bitchesdye said...

New t-shsirt: Cobra of Fashion. You boys are really the shit. Spot on and hilarious as usual.

Now y'all know where my name comes from.

TLo said...

macasism said...

New t-shsirt: Cobra of Fashion. You boys are really the shit. Spot on and hilarious as usual.

Now y'all know where my name comes from.

Great idea, macasism :)


Anonymous said...

Wendy: "This is part of my 'stare straight ahead' strategy. I am a Cobra of fashion."

ohmygodyouguys, that is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Project Rungay at its best!!

Unknown said...

Vanessa, Vanessa, such a fool. Everything you say in this interview is obviously sour grapes. By your own admission, you can't even SEW, so don't say that you are the best designer in the group! And your remarks about Heidi are SO off-base. Heidi's role is NOT to be a mentor to you or a friend...she was there in a judging and hosting capacity. Tim Gunn is your mentor. You should be thankful for ANY publicity you got from PR Season 1, and if you don't like it in Houston, then get out and shut up about it. You silly, silly girl.


Anonymous said...

U go girl.. Heidi rawks my world


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm suprised to find that there are people who were impressed with Vanessa's interview, who liked her better after it. I liked her when she was on the show, but in the interview and at the reunion I thought she was utterly obnoxious, and, seriously, her skewed perception of reality was almost at Vincent level. "I knew I was going to be eliminated"? "They couldn't keep me around for the wedding dresses because I'd be too good"? She's obviously completely forgotten that SHE was the one who threw herself under the bus. To yell at everyone for saying she can't sew, when she was the one who admitted it in front of the judges, is laughable. Admitting her weakness was a stupid, stupid mistake, and at the time I felt sorry for her -- it must hurt to know that one might have gone much further if only one didn't suffer from that nasty foot-in-mouth disorder. But her behaviour at the reunion ended any sympathy I had for her. She made Wendy look almost sane in comparison (almost).

Oh, and I thought this part of the interview was priceless: I don't think that being on reality TV and running around trying to sew something up is really going to encourage somebody who wants to buy a $1500 jacket from you. It's not the fine, tailored image that you have to work on, in order to extract that wallet from some rich old bag who wants a fabulous outfit to wear to a ball.

But apparently referring to potential clients as "rich old bags" *will* encourage them to buy your designs. You loon.

Anonymous said...

I wish somebody would call Jay out on all the bichy things he's said in interviews.

eric3000 said...

Ha, ha! Great captions!

Gwen said...

I never knew there was another Houston contestant until today, when I read the Vanessa interview.

It's funny - when Chloe was on the show, everyone I know was immediately like, "Oh, right, Lot 8 in the Village."

I was planning to look up Vanessa's store (which I'd never heard of) until I read the interview and found out that every single person in Houston is fat, ugly, a fuddy duddy, or an old bag. And that all women under 30 live with their parents here. What the hell? I guess Chloe has choked down the bile long enough to sew for all those losers and make a profit, then.

I think failed Londoners, New Yorkers, and Los Angelinos like to come to cities like Houston so that they can blame the city itself for their fuck ups. If Vanessa's so freaking awesome, why isn't she rich in London? Oh, I know... it's because Houston is such a horrible city. Of course.

Alisa_Benay said...

OMG. are those plastic danskos on Wendy? I thought we could only wear those out here in the Rockies! Can you seriously wear those elsewhere and get away with it? Let me know & I'll stop leaving them shamefully at home when traveling.

Roxy said...

I don't agree with nso about Heidi Klum. These people are all adults, they know what they're getting into (or should). You don't sign up for a reality show without knowing you're in for a pretty rough time. If you make up your mind to behave like a sane, decent human being no matter what, you shouldn't lose too many feathers. Of course, you also have to keep the drinking and substance abuse down to a minimum! I've seen Project Catwalk, the British spin-off a couple of times, and man, these people were stinking drunk every time (at night, after the day's challenge, of course).

So Ms Klum isn't there to baby-sit people but to look good and push things along. IMO.