Congratulations Princess Puffysleeves!

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Well! Was that not a FABULOUS finale or what? For all the (occasional bouts of) boredom this season induced in us, we have to say, those bitches really BROUGHT IT for the big wrapup. And how refreshing that the judges made a decision that, while it wouldn't have been OUR first choice for the win, was nonetheless a choice with which we have no problem. In fact, we kept nodding our heads and saying "Yes! Yes!" under our breath because for once, the judges were all on their game and we agreed with practically everything they said about each designer.

Princess, your collection was stunning and your tears on the runway so endearing that even the "haters" fell a little in love with you tonight. Brava, darling.

As for us, we are wiped the hell OUT, poodles. We had a fabulous time at the party and immensely enjoyed the dirty looks we got from some of the designers. We will, of course, have PUH-LENTY to say in the days to come, but for now, these two fabulous bitches are heading home and heading to bed.

And yes, darlings. That really was us you saw for a split second sitting behind the judges. You can bet your sweet asses we'll have a screencap of that in a day or two.



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Lisa said...

I knew Christian was going to win. I saw you guys and you looked fabu.

I cannot wait for your recaps et al.

blusurfer said...

Whew. I can't believe that by the time they got around to announcing the winner, I was actually rooting for Christian. That boy is amazing. And, yes, FIERCE.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw Christian's little chin start wobbling and the tears start falling down his scrunched-up little face... I fell in love with him.

Nillandre said...

Oh T.Lo, thanks so much for making my day.
It's 7:30AM in France right now, I just got up and immediately went for the computer and your website.

I was so happy to see Princess/ToteGay being hugged by Tim. I had been rooting for her since the beginning.

Now I can go and have a shower. With a huuuge smile on my face of course.


Anonymous said...

Not my pic (Jillian!), but congrats to PPS. Fab finale.

What was with Kors' shades? Does he see himself the Nicholson of Bryant Park?


Brian said...

Yay Christian! Such a satisfying ending. He was so human and real this episode, and his collection was stunning.

Anonymous said...

BOOOOO Rami was robbed!
Christian's was way too repetitive.
Rami's collection was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it to be honest.

I also think Rami was robbed.
Rami had a full collection. Christian did not.

Not happy with the result AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

Christian's was very good yeah, but I just don't see it being better than Rami's.
I was shocked. Seriously shocked.
I truly think it was fixed from the start.

Anonymous said...

Jillian was my pic too--
but this season unlike the others had really nice, thoughtful contestants (mostly) so congrats to PPS/Totegay!

At the end it looked like Heidi was going to pick her up and put PPS in her pocket--
or lick her face!! EW!

cb said...

I loved things in all three collections, and disliked things in all of them as well, but Christian's really was faboo.

The wobbly chin and tears made me all choked up (and I don't choke up easily) - what a doll that Christian is! So happy for him - he deserved it. And Mrs Beckham announcing she'd like to wear his clothes - how amazing is THAT?

MAJOR congratulations! SO FEERS!

Anonymous said...

What???!! Christian???
It just aired here on the West Coast.

That was not a collection!
OMG what a joke.
I cannot believe all these posts on here. I agree, Rami was robbed.

Thombeau said...
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Anonymous said...

Posh clown hoochie ruined the fianle. She's a fan of Pricess, so she sways it to him??
Who the heck is she to be a judge of fashion anyway??? yicks!

What a waste.
Rami should of won.

Rainwood said...

Congrats to Christian. Although he was not my first choice either (I blame Posh), I too was rooting for him once the tears started to fall and Jillian was gone. I'm still shocked she came in third but the judges have gotten it wrong most of the season so no reason to expect that to change. I don't get the Rami love for anything but the gowns.

My consolation is that Jillian will get multiple opportunities because she makes clothes that lots of women want to wear. And unlikely Posh, we pay for them rather than getting them free. (Bitter, party of one, now being seated.)

And I hope that Christian makes the most of the money and the opportunity. It won't be couture and it won't be dressing Posh Spice because $100,000 isn't enough to take him there. Let's hope he figures that out. Make us proud, PPS!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess Jillian or Rami should have begged for the money more.
I'm really surprised at the result.

Thombeau said...

Congrats to our Pocket Princess! A great finale, and a wonderful choice! All three finalists did a bang-up job, as did the fabulous Chris March, and even Sweet Pea. Kudos to all of them, and to our beloved PR GayBoys for making sense of it all.


Anonymous said...

I wanted Jillian.
But no way do I see Christian as the winner.
If it wasn't Jillian, it should of been Rami for sure.

Rami had a full beautiful collection. Christian did not.

Joanie said...
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Anonymous said...

Rami was ROBBED!
How insanely obvious! I'm convinced now it was fixed from the start for Christian to be praised and pushed through as the new "youngest ever" Bravo star.
How predictable...yuck
What a let down.

Joanie said...

That scared wabbit look on our little princess' face was enough to make even botoxed celebs scrunch their faces and cry.

Congratulations, Christian.

My only complaint about his last dress was that it first looked like cream poured into coffee, but quickly devolved into a trail of, um, for lack of better word, poo. The shorter ombre dress was my favorite of all his garments.

Anonymous said...

Rami's gowns were flawless!

So unique. I agree with Nina, Rami has the strongest point of view. You look at his work and you know it's Rami Kashou.
I actually liked the colors a lot. Who cares if Mike Kors is not going to wear them.

Rami really was robbed.

Anonymous said...

Someone called Christian's a black death funeral march to a tree with a bird on it.

Sorry to funny...

Anonymous said...

*clappping* So jealous of everyone who was there in person to see the show. Fabulous!

Throughout the season, Christian made me giggle, gasp, cringe, and applaud. I never thought he'd make me cry, but damn, I got verklempt when he teared up. Sniff.

>>>Rami had a full collection. Christian did not.<<<<

How do you figure? Christian's collection had 2 dresses, blouses, pants, jackets, hats, a coat, and a showstopping gown, all of which were well crafted and cohesively Christian in aesthetic. How is that not a collection? In addition, Christian's presentation with the music and the styling, when added to the garments, made a dramatic statement and Rami's did not. I think that's why he got the nod over Rami. Everyone's pieces were amazing in their own way, but Christian's collection as a whole when combined with the presentation made the most impactful statement.

laur amor said...

what designers would dare to give you two fabulous men a dirty look???

Anonymous said...

Anyone but Christian's black black black black black black black puffy sleeves and skinny pants parade.
Repetitive? Ya think???!!!

RAMI should of won hands down!

katiecoo said...

YES! My eyes aren't that bad after all! Can't wait for a looonnnnggg drawwwwwnnnn outtttt series of posts about your night last night, the finale, screen caps and maybe a cartoon? Can you somehow drag all that out til next Season?

Thanks TLo for all the fun this Season..sniff sniff.

Anonymous said...

And the Winner is:


Anonymous said...

I felt bad for jillian getting third. I think here collection was really good.

I didn't like Rami's collection that much and couldn't figure out why. And the judges nailed it, his color choices were poor.

Christian's... I wish there was some more color in his collection, but he created a show. His pieces were incredible.

I think all three will be successful. Definitely the strongest set of collections in PR history.

I liked these collections better than PR Canada's, and I thought those were really good. Who would have thought at the beginning of the season.

Anonymous said...

christian's music is so club kid.

'control control control'
stomp stomp stomp!


Anonymous said...

I was intent on biting my tongue and heading off to bed, but the hell with it. I find it ridiculous and juvenile to claim that Christian won because he "begged for the money." The kid knocked it out of the park and instinctively knew at the ripe old age of 21 how to present a dramatic, audience pleasing collection at Fashion Week. Jillian's collection had bright spots but wasn't cohesive enough, and Rami's didn't communicate a strong enough statement to the audience. As Chris March said, the kid is magically talented. His aesthetic may not be your taste, but give him some credit.

And to end on an up-note, how sweet was it to see Tim get so affectionate and proud papa-ish with the final three? Aww.

Anonymous said...

Dirt, ladies, dirt! We want to hear which designers gave you dirty looks!

I am very happy for Christian. While Jillian's collection was my favorite, I can see why the judges selected Christian's outfits. They were so dramatic and floaty.

While I thought Rami did have a few beautiful pieces, I agree with Michael Kors about his use of "Brady Bunch Colors" which really made some of the models look matronly.

TopCat said...

Just got through with Tivo.
I'm not surprised by who the show or Posh picked as the winner, but I also agree the winner was Rami.
Rami collection was amazing, unique and yes Nina, truly his own.
I'd rather have hot Heidi like my collection over poser Posh any day!

I don't see Christian as the real winner. I suspect many will never either.
That reality TV for you.

I'm disappointed though. I was hoping for more.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Michael Kors liked the bird treebark branchs at the end. I question his (MK) taste level the most.

Happy for Christian I guess. He managed to steal it away from Rami.

I do think Rami's was much better though.

Anonymous said...

Posh said the black death skinny restricted pants funeral march was "a breath of fresh air"

How hysterical is that??

Anonymous said...

I did not have a favorite. I was torn going into it tonight.
After watching it twice I really feel Rami was the winner.
I suppose the network has it's reasons for selecting Christian, but I disagree.

Rami was such a gentleman and a pro. He handled the situation amazingly. He's such a great guy. I think he's woo'ed me foever :)

Unknown said...

Check my posts, I've been Team Christian since the beginning. I was tearing up myself when he won... Princess Puffysleeves, I love you!

Nillandre said...

It is rather funny to see that some of the most negative comments (the "acid" ones) regarding Christian's win are very often the same (as in "copy and paste") posted on the BPR reactions post...

I guess it's just a matter of pure coincidences ;-)

Anonymous said...

random thought: i actually like posh, but in some angles, you can see she has really bad skin!

without airbrushing, she isn't that pretty. i was shocked!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rami was awesome!!!

The winner of Project Runway 4.

(Even if Michael Kors and Posh Spice disagree)

Anonymous said...

I knew Christian was going to win since i had seen an interview with Victoria shortly after the showing at Bryant Park and she said 'I would wear all the clothes of the designer that won.' I definitely think she used her personal taste to sway the vote. I felt she should have been more objective.

Anonymous said...

I find the result disappointing. My friends and I will spend $ on couture clothes and I cannot picture one woman that would wear Christian's 'puffy' looks. They add several lbs to the thinnest frame and are so, ehh, costumy! lol What were the judges thinking? He doesn't have the commercial appeal that Rami and Jillian do, He's adorable, but he won't sell clothes, thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking that Christian looked at SweetP's peacock dress and said to himself, "I could do so much more with that!"

And so he did. I think the last gown was Christian's peacock dress.
Loved it!

Anonymous said...

ughhh i'm so relieved that christian won. jillian is completely annoying to watch-- i don't understand how anyone who works THAT slow and is that indecisive could have gotten so far in the competition. her clothes were beautiful, yes, but honestly.. she is just too damn slow. and i was surprised, though, to see her go before rami. i always thought it would be between jillian and christian. i know rami has a "look", but he didn't deserve to win because he's already established and dressing celebrities. although christian has had some experience with big designers in europe, he was the one that should have won because he was the least established in the fashion world. i see project runway as something that should be a launching pad for pure, young talent, not people that are already dressing celebrities or have fantastic careers in the fashion industry.

wooo christian!

kath said...

I knew he would win, but it was cute to see him ditching the cockiness and being a 21 year old kid. I would have been OK with any of them, so Christian's win was fine. Good for him, I hope he does something with this win. Jillian's reaction surprised me. I didn't think she would take the loss so badly. At least Rami was gracious about it.

JRH said...

I am completely satisfied with how Project Runway turned out tonight.
Watching Christian cry under pressure while waiting for the judges to announce the winner sent chills up my spine. I could feel how he felt, that it was too much to bear. I think that the judges kept us
guessing until the end. It really could have been anyone. They were all so different. I loved Christian's collection but thought it was a
little too all the same. I actually preferred Jillian's for so many reasons. I also loved that the finalists all really seemed to be friends and respected each other. I like that there was none of that Kara Saun-Wendy Pepper sort of ugliness.

Bloody Mary said...

I just don't get the whole idea of people that already have a business being eligible to compete for money to start a business. Similar to the girl on American Idol that already had a record company spend millions trying to promote her failed CD. Rami got the exposure he wanted.

I'm relieved Jillian didn't win, you can just tell she's been pulling that pouty whiny act to get her way all her life.

And when it comes down to the clothes, Christian wins hands-down, anyway.

Christian's win was well deserved and his collection had the most style. His were the only looks that made me fantasize about wearing them. It's fashion.

Bloody Mary said...

Oh! And what was going on with Rami's third-to-last model in the gold metallic and the red pony? Is her heart still beating?

Suzanne said...

I was blown away that he was crying at first.....but then it sunk in that he is just a little kid. Albeit a talented one.

God I hope he doesn't screw it all up.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I thought Rami's was better. Jillian's was good, but a little lacking in wow. But I think if Mrs. Beckham says she would wear everything in your collection, that is pretty the definition of success. How could they say to her, ok, great, but you know, turns out, you're not a true style icon, you can wear the runner up's styles. They would never be able to embarrass her or themselves that way.

stmkent said...

FINALLY! TLo nailed it: too much of this season was a Yawnur. But the kids BROUGHT it last night!

I honestly believed, after seeing Jillian's collection first, that it was her game to lose. Her clothes are feminine and soft without compromising structure. The color palette, while not terribly adventurous, was very her. Lurved it.

Rami's...was boring. Come ON, y'all--what did he do that we didn't see coming? Sure, he went beyond his comfort zone and managed to stay away from a toga party, but the frilliness was just a stand-in for the draping. And how many frackin' times did we see that SAME teal this season? And where Jillian's collection was feminine, all Rami managed was girly. For a collection that celebrates women, he sure did add a lot of saddlebags. Mama don't need help making her hips look big, y'all.

And while there's almost nothing in his collection I'd wear, Christian's was spectacular. THAT, ladies, gents, and the rest of y'all, is art: the same thing the judges poo-pooed Chris for is what won for Sister Christian. Remember Jay's collection? Remember how gorgeous and innovative and arresting and completely unwearable it was? It won because it was jaw-dropping and beautiful. Christian did the same thing, only in his own feeerssss way. You betta work, Pufftress!

Sorry for the long post--it's just SO refreshing to see a real finale and a deserving, sweetly appreciative winner.

Anonymous said...

I knew in my heart of hearts that Christian would win. I guess if I were 10 years younger, I MIGHT want to wear his clothes. (How old is Posh, anyway?).
Though I didn't like Rami's Life Saver colors, I did like the designs, and would definitely wear them. Same for Jillian's collection.
Sigh...I guess it IS all about youth, but these designers have to remember, it is those of us who are in our 30's and 40's that you have to impress, too.
Whatever, my congrats to PPS, though given with a teeny bit of trepidation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say I loved all three of them--for different reasons--but how great is it that a 21-year-old took it?! Wow! The only complaint I had is that I couldn't SEE Christian's collection very well; the black, as Michael Kors said, masked what had to be fabulous construction. Eagerly awaiting detailed screencaps, and congrats to TLo for your TV appearance!!

GothamTomato said...

Yes, Congrats to Princess!

Even though I would have chosen Jillian, Christian was still a satisfying win (as opposed to last season's travesty when they handed it to that loser).

And it was a satisfying finale too. After some wonky judging earlier on, the finally did end up with 3 people who deserved to be there. And I hope Bravo learns that they can have a great finale without pushing an asshole through to it, just to create conflict.

Just saw Christian pop up on the Today Show (they had no clue who he was but he handled himself well).


Anonymous said...

Yaaaay Christian! Though the photo they ran of him in the paper on NY1 this morning was uninspired. :C Did anyone else see Pat Kiernan's warning to Project Runway viewers? Ha!

P.S. Rami fans: It's "should HAVE," not "should OF."

Save_The_Hobbit said...

I was freaking out for a few minutes, because after their little talk, I really thought it was going to be Rami. I'm so glad Christian won!

I was watching, and I was like, "Wait! T&Lo are there! I have to look for them in the audience!"

GothamTomato said...

Oh, and I want to know who shot you the dirty looks. But why didn't even one of them step up to the plate and toss a drink in your pretty faces? Or slap you with their leather gloves? You KNOW they were reading this yesterday and KNEW you were hoping for some fabulously bitchy melodrama.


Oh well, there's always next season.


Anonymous said...

I was completely open minded going into this challenge. Christian has gotten on my nerves, for sure, this season. But last night, when that insecurity came through and he had that trembling chin -- wow! What a moment.

Having said that, I thought he deserved it even before that moment.

Congrats! I thought he deserved it.

And I believe he can make wearable clothes -- he just knows that on the runway, it's all about the drama!!!

I'm happy for him.


I think Bravo could have given TLo a tad bit more! Giving us a good look at our boys (if only for a sec) would have been appreciated! Seeing you guys in the background was great -- but they should have given us more.

It was funny, I had to watch the show twice because the first time, I was watching the crowd more than the show because I was looking for you guys!

Anyway, shame on Bravo! More TLO!!!

Sewing Siren said...

Well, I am not mad or upset or even suprised at the results, I am a little disappointed. I thought Jillian's (felt really bad for her when she was dismised first) and Rami's collections were better.
To me Christian's collection seemed like sort of a parody of high fashion. THe first look, the one with the high ruff bigh cartwheel hat, and the feather dress in particular. The one Leah wore was nice, but there were about 5 versions that were just too similar. Fun thing is every one seems to think these are youthful, but I can't see any hip kid wearing them. Anyway I hope he finds a backer or business partner right away. He is a hard worker, so that is in his favor.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry but no one stole anything from Rami. Yes he didn't drape, at least not obviously. There were several that had some draping going on. But the colors were all over the place no cohesion there. The outfits were here there and everywhere once again no cohesion.

Yes Christians with black black black black black black was boring for awhile but the outfits were flawless none the less. The kid has obvious talent and at 21 the work he is constantly putting out is beyond his years. Look back on the show in such little time over and over again he was able to put out something that just made your jaw drop. He needed this start and he completely deserved the chance he has received.

Rami can make it on his own and if he is truly truly better than Christian than the real world will decide that not a tv show, albeit a good tv show.

In my humble opinion though Jillian should have come in second not freakin' Rami. But maybe it's because I loathe Rami.

So stop your moaning about how the win was stolen from Rami. Again if the win was truly stolen from Rami then the real world will decide that once they get out there and start showing. Till then accept that Christian won and be happy for him that now he finally has his chance.

Save_The_Hobbit said...

You know what I realled liked? I liked it when Christian said early on in the episode that he knew Rami and Jillian's collections were going to be amazing. I was like, "Aww, a humbled Christian!"

I'm also going to say that I did like Rami's collection, but I hated Jillian's. But I definitly liked Christian's more...he's been my favorite from the first episode!

Anonymous said...

Christian is raw talent and deserved to win.

Posh ended up looking pathetic -- how many times did she say "it was so me!"?

Rami was extraordinarily gracious--when Heidi said "I'm sorry" it sounded heartfelt, and when he quickly comforted her, saying "No, no, It's alright," I really believed that they both meant it, and believed that it was still the right decision.

BUT--I wish they had shown more of the judges deliberation. In PR Canada, I really felt I heard and understood the judges' thought process, here I felt totally unsatisfied.

Anonymous said...

I think this show lost a lot of credibility this season.

Anonymous said...

Jillian's and Rami's collections were far more interesting than Christian's. And I found him to be so annoyingly obvious, arrogant, desperate for attention, and constantly on stage that I couldn't stand his personality. I kept trying to like him but couldn't. His fluffy bird outfits were like an eighties nightmare. But that's just me.

Brooke P. said...

I got a little weepy myself towards the end. Christian was my fave from the beginning and I am so excited for him. Thanks for all you do on this blog, my enjoyment of Project Runway wouldn't be the same without it.

love you, mean it!

Anonymous said...

Once the chin wobbling started, I was down for the count. Okay, I was all along. Christian's collection was by far the most innovative in my opinion.

I haven't liked Rami's stuff much this season, but when I saw it close up, I realized it was a serious contender. That left me on the edge of my chair the rest of the evening. He was so unbelievably gracious in the end.

I think Victoria will be in touch with our little pocket gay and things will escalate from there.

How adorable was proud Papa Tim?

Boring season, satisfactory finale. However, I expect better next year.

TLo, thank you for faithfully blogging for us through your exhaustion. Can't wait to see what's coming!

Anonymous said...

And now is the time, every season, when people cry "It was fixed!" or "I'll never watch again!". I, for one, had my faith restored in PR by the judges making the right choice and being SPOT ON with their comments. Jillian...disjointed. Rami...weird colors and couple of clunkers. Every finale collection to date has had a clunker in it (Rami=blue 80s secretary power suit, Jillian=gold lame dress w/ footless tights, WTF? Serious fug). But not PPS...every single piece flowed to the next, no clunkers, no pieces that made you say 'Why is that in there'. Every piece was Christain and flawlessly executed. He even got rid of the Foghorn Leghorn feather pants...they boy listened. There was no "fixing"...his final collection was better, that's it.

Unknown said...

I had issues with all of the collections (Jillian, you lost me at "hats" - and Rami's colors made me cringe), but I'm proud of Xtian as a designer with a lot of potential and a great "personality". I could never wear anything he has ever made in a million years, but kudos to the boy.

Anonymous said...

When those who work in the fashion industry (specifically, Jay's blog) and those successful in the fashion industry (Michael Kors) say that Rami's colors were off and Christian's collection delivered from beginning to end - I believe they know what they are talking about. It's fine to disagree but "the show has lost credibility" is a big much.

Unknown said...

(@ugly-kitties - I kind of love you a lot... I'm so glad I wasn't the one who had to say it, but the "should of"s were killing me)

Anonymous said...

It seems that most here agreed with the decision as do I. Last week I really thought that Jillian would take home all the marbles but after a few previews, etc. and thinking about each of them--and I liked ALL of them--I changed my mind and couldn't really see anyone but Christian winning. He is seriously talented and innovative. Of all the designers, he always seemed to know exactly what he wanted to do right away and then proceeded to create something great. Well, except for that awful Prom dress!

Anonymous said...

Very happy for Christian. But would it have killed any of the final three to infuse a little more color into their lines? Black is so over done.

Unknown said...

I almost want to call Shenanigans here. I think everyone was able to predict what type/style of collection PP would produce for the final show so why pick a guest judge who has a personal style that is so close to Christian's? I wonder if there would have been a different outcome if Bravo had selected a more objective judge, ie Fern Mallis? However, in the long run I think Rami will have the most success; I suppose Christian can have a career as PoshBot's personal dresser.

mjude said...

FINALLY someone wins that i really cared about. christian was just adorable. i almost cried.

yes bitches post that screen cap, i looked but just couldnt find you.


mimi said...

My favorite part of the show was when Lea and Lisa were complaining about the shoes -- He snapped that he had been wearing them around his apt -- I just love Christian - this season would have been so boring without him. I think he was a favorite of Heidi and Tim, too. I am dying to know what you thought of him when you met him. He really looked tiny when he had a coat on and you saw him off the runway!

شيخ الحب said...

Like most of the people here, I thought all the collections had their weak points. Jillian's wasn't cohesive, Rami's had some color issues, and Christian's, while innovative, could have used a bit more color and variety. What I think really won it for Christian were those last dresses, particularly the very last one. Well, that and Posh Spice.

Anyway, Chrisitan annoyed me a bunch and first, but he slowly started to grow on me, and in that last episode (and this could have just been Bravo's editing) he really did seem to be a bit humbled and more like a normal human. It was terribly cute the way he conceded that Rami and Jillian were still probably technically better than he was and that he had lots to learn, which I think he does, but the boy certainly has talent.

Also, why is nobody really talking about how adorable it was to see Rami and Christian hugging at the end? There has been a lot of Rami hate on these boards, especially in relation to his perceived arrogance, but his graciousness in defeat and the way he really seemed to embrace Christian showed that he is not so arrogant as many think. Remember we are dealing with someone whose native language is not English, and sometimes things may be lost in translation.

Anyway, at first I was bored by the lack of drama this season, but then I really started to enjoy seeing how the contestants genuinely seemed to get along and respect each other, especially the final 4. Congrats to all!

linndc said...

I would have gone for Jillian as first, but I'm not unhappy with the winner.

Jillian and Rami will both be fine, and Rami knows win or not, all of this exposure will do him a world of good.

I like to think that part of what goes into the decision is putting the prize where it will have the biggest impact.

Jillian has space to work in an apartment with a pretty cool view. Rami has a big awesome workspace.

Christian's crammed into a 6th floor walkup and sleeps on the floor of the closet/bedroom/workroom. That kind of money could make a real difference for him just in terms of giving him enough space to develop his talent.

So while I like Jillian's collection better, I don't begrudge Christian a thing.

Lilithcat said...

For a minute, I thought Christian was sweet. And then he was back to being his old, arrogant self.

And seeing his collection made me really understand what's wrong with his work. It's not clothing design; it's fabric art. It should be hung on a wall, not in a closet. It simply does not enhance a woman's body. Rather, it hides her body.
Edit, child, edit.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought any of the three could have won, but I think Christian deserved it. His collection was stunning. Out of the three designers though, I would totally plunk down cash for Jillian's collection. I thought Rami should have been in third. As Tim says "Chacon a son gout." (I hope I spelled that right.

Anonymous said...

I think not winning PR was the best thing to have happened to Jillian's career. If she has the right business sense - and understands the importance of marketing - she could very well end up the most successful person on all four seasons. I would like to see it happen, because her clothes were my favorite from all the seasons - she actually understands the power of clothes - as opposed to just the power of big affects and pomp. I hope she gets a backer for more than $100,000. A major house would have to be nuts not to swoop her up (although I guess she already works for RL - so it's not like her talent is being unrecognized).

Anonymous said...

There are some seriously hilarious pictures of Christian and Heidi over at Bravo, and a good interview with him, too. "Save Britney" starring Christian Siriano and America's Train Wreck? I'd watch, in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was able to watch the entire season unfold and paid specific attention to the personalities of each designer.

I now know what it was that influenced my vote for Rami. He was the only designer out of the 3 who did not have a defeatist attitude. I can't stand it when someone claims that "it's not fair" and just wants to give up. (PPS during the Prom Challenge, Jillian during almost every challenge, etc.)

Jillian reminds me of a spoiled little girl who if she doesn't get her way will whine and stomp her feet until she does.

PPS reminds me of a little child who if he doesn't get his way just wants to pack up his toys and go home. There's going to be no living with this bitch now.

None of this means that Rami's collection was better, but I believe he should have won for the maturity level the other 2 are severely and obviously lacking.

Anonymous said...

Rami was the man. I cannot believe that Christian won with the collection of Halloween costumes. The first five pantsuits looked almost the same and they looked like something only Christian would wear. But with weird judges like Victoria Beckham, what do you expect.

Mom said...

Cannot wait to hear who you boys would have picked for the win!

Cannot wait to hear which designers gave you dirty looks!

Finally, some dramatic tension and suspense in my PR-fixated life! (although, actually, to be fair, I was not certain who would be announced as the winner last night, so props to the editors on that. But I did think that Christian's collection had the biggest wow factor -- at least when viewed on TV. No problem with the gold medal last night, but I would have given Jillian the silver and Rami the bronze. Somebody needs to show Rami what jewel tones are!)

Anonymous said...

I cried with Christian! It was so sweet!

Ms Sangrail said...

"jelodi said...

I actually thought any of the three could have won, but I think Christian deserved it. His collection was stunning. Out of the three designers though, I would totally plunk down cash for Jillian's collection. I thought Rami should have been in third. As Tim says "Chacon a son gout." (I hope I spelled that right."

I agree with you! I would buy Jillian's knits tomorrow!

BTW it's Chacun a son gout. :o)

Unknown said...

i was rooting for jillian, and hope the exposure from the show will be a big boost to her career.

that being said, i didn't start the season loving christian, but he gradually won me over. i think he was the clear winner, and hope he can keep his momentum going.

i LOVED the black ruffled coat. it had that "la dolce vita" look -- pretty much the whole collection could have been dropped right into the movie.


Anonymous said...

Congrats PPS!! I thought Heidi was going to pick him up to kiss him. She looked like she was leaning down to talk to a small child. LOL

SЯK said...

If you want to get a "real" poll for the winner - poll women - since that's who would be wearing the clothes. I think the overwhelming vote would be for Jillian. Her clothes are youthful AND sophisticated, with to-die-for details. And while I like Rami's sense of mood - his collection was a little too Charity-Ball-Set circa Reagan and didn't have quite the vibrancy of Jillian's (in spite of the colors, which I actually dug). Princess just needs to grow up and realize that "high" fashion no longer dictates fashion trends as it once might have.

Anonymous said...

Didn't all of you know it was over for Jillian when then they started harping on that black and white sweater with the........puffysleeves. I think that was her Christian joke but it fell flat. It did not look right with the rest of her clothes. She definitely got the loser edit.

YvesPaul said...

I'm so glad Christian won. He does hae enormous talent. After seeing the show, I thought for sure Rami would win, his basket weaved dress (the brown one) was marvelous. I thought the judges would pull wearability and marketability as criteria for the winner and I'm glad they didn't.

Bill said...

Christian's collection was the weakest of the three for me. Yes, it was dramatic and high impact. But ultimately too costumey, repetitive, body obscuring, and 'noisy'. Love the Death march to a bird in a tree comment. I agree.

Rami's didn't do a whole lot for me. I recall hating the raspberry and teal blue colors. But I still liked his over Christian's.

Jillian's was my favorite. I actually recall quite a few of the pieces rather vividly. It looked like clothing someone could actually wear. I liked the variety of shapes and could see women I know actually wearing some of her stuff.

I wish them all success. Jillian's the one I expect to see selling mass market (like the Duchess).

Anonymous said...

Funny -- I thought exactly the opposite. I found the entire finale to be pretty much a let down. No dramatic tension... bleah. And since you were at the show, tell us, do they actually say more at the start of their shows, or did NONE of them really think about the fact that they had to speak in front of 3000 of their closest.... "I was inspired, I hope you were too" "I design for Women" Well DUH. Sorry. Feeling hyper critical this am.

Anonymous said...

ohmigod christian's last gown absolutely knocked the wind out of me. seeing it walking down the runway i felt so excited. i don't even know ANYTHING about fashion and i knew that that gown was an absolute stunner. that is my absolute favorite part about him, he is very high fashion and avant garde but i still get it, even though i shouldn't. marion is avant garde but his "sew not over" collection looked... sloppy to me. christian's clothes always look so sharp and well executed.

and those few seconds before they announced the winner, i was absolutely torn apart by christian's reaction! it ripped me into little teeny pieces to see him want it SO badly. and how cute was that when he was hugging heidi and he was so short compared to her :)

Anonymous said...

I coveted Jillian's clothes the most and kind of wanted her to win because of that ... but I can't begrudge Christian's win for that extravagant show. It was good teevee.

Anonymous said...

So tired of reading all the "real women wouldn't wear Christian's clothes" whines and complaints. Fashion shows are about high fashion and high drama...generally, the fashion shows influence, not feature, the styles that I will end up buying at Target or elsewhere down the line. Christian delivered a cohesive NY Fashion Week fashion show; I would expect any commercial clothes he creates (if he decides to go commercial) to be derivative of his high-end line. Congratulations 10,000 times Christian!!!

Additionally, I felt like every piece of clothing that Christian created screamed his name. I got no such feeling with Jillian's or Rami's work at all...both of those collections were all over the place with no cohesion at all. Again, props to Christian.

theresa martin said...

Fierce! The judges were right on the mark with this.

GothamTomato said...

The one thing that I don't think Christian realized though was; when Posh said she wanted to wear his clothes, she was expecting to be getting them for free.


Anonymous said...

Whooo! I can't wait to hear all the dish and fabulous photos!

I wanted Jillian, but I have to admit, his tears were endearing. Dammit.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

What a great ending. I loved it...he did knock my socks off. He made Victoria Beckham and myself smile.

Anonymous said...

The finale was breathtaking. I agree with a previous poster--I don't know anything about fashion but I "got" Christian's. So beautiful. I'm so glad he won.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy this Thursday morning that I cannot breathe.

Anonymous said...

Ruffleupagus wins!

I share the sentiments about not rooting for Christian (I was for BuellerBot), but understanding the reasons for his win after they dismissed Jillian. Christian's designs are NOT my style, but I can appreciate what he does in his work. Let's hope my favorite ToteGay can build on the exposure he's gotten here and can really go on to have a distinguished (and long if he's only 21-22) career in the fashion industry.

As for Jillian, I think she will go very, very far and has the sheer determination to make it in whatever endeavors she undertakes.

Rami - eh, he's not my favorite, but I'm sure we'll see his work on red carpets for quite awhile.

All in all a good ending for a season of PR; it did not depend on a screwy final challenge or unecessary drama from the designers.

And TLo, relax, have a drink, take some time off! You guys worked so hard during this season that I'm willing to be patient for those new posts! Thank you for everything!

Jenn said...

Dirty looks from the designers? Oooh DO tell! We want names!

For me, Rami's collection was the strongest, but I agree with the others here who think color choice bit him in the ass. The teal just didn't work with the pieces he presented, and that red shade was incongruous with the sophistication of his looks. His weaving details were stunning, and I wish he had chosen neutrals.

Really though, what is his deal with color? He's shown a pea green prom dress, a barbie-fuchia stripper costume, a sickly gray/purple aphrodite toga, a mustard coat (finale part 1), and the brady bunch colors.

Congrats to Christian, my favorite personality this season! Those tears were so sweet, but I was glad to see him morph back into PP before the show ended.

Anonymous said...

I thought Christian's was the weakest of the three final collections (but still stonger than what many PR finalists have sent down the runway). His didn't look so much like "a collection," as it did "variations on a theme" (that theme being puffy, voluminous jackets and skinny pants).

For me, I think Jillian should have taken the top prize. But I wouldn't have been disappointed if it had been Rami.

KP said...

I liked Jillian's collection better, but I'm happy to see Christian win. He looked so adorable all nervous.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

All 3 designers made very strong showings, and in the end it's a matter of taste.

I'm surprised by how many people say, "Rami was robbed," because I disliked his aesthetic overall. Maybe there are things about Rami's work I'd need to see in person to appreciate, but for my taste most of it was too conservative and stuffy. Loved the final two gowns, though, and the berry colored blouse.

I liked Jillian's aesthetic the most, and for me, her collection was the most ready to go into stores: wearable, fun, interesting, with just enough edge and drama to make it stand apart from what else is out there.

I probably wouldn't have chosen Christian, but I can understand why they did. Fom the moment the music hit and the first model headed down the runway (in those horrid, ugly shoes), he had my attention. There were some real highs (like the first dress and the final undulating gown) and some definite lows, but I think the judges responded to what they see as raw talent with a very strong, if as yet unfocused, point of view. (And I did find the vulnerable Christian much more real and likeable.)

So if it wasn't the most exciting season, it was a good finale!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one surprised that there was no last minute gather round oh by the way you have to make another piece challenge?


Brooklyn Bomber said...

شيخ الحب said, There has been a lot of Rami hate on these boards, especially in relation to his perceived arrogance, but his graciousness in defeat and the way he really seemed to embrace Christian showed that he is not so arrogant as many think.

I so agree: I just posted above that Rami's was my least favorite collection, but he really was a mensch throughout. Calm, focused on getting the work done, and entirely gracious at the end.

Hephaestion said...

Rami and Christian both had extraordinary collections.

Truth is, it doesn't matter who wins Runway. Rami, Christian, Jillian, and Chris are all indeed gifted and fantastic designers, and will benefit from this show.

I think Christian's collection was eye-poppingly inventive, though, espcially that final extravagant gown. And I think the judges wanted a winner who would get a lot of attention... like Christian. I have no problem with that. I think the kid is amazing.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

TLO! Tim's Take says, "seating placement politics that were daunting to say the least." And you were right behind the judges?! Get some rest and then tell all, please!!

Smfdoc said...

All three were strong in their own way. I liked Jillian's collection best and congrats to PPS. Biggest thanks, however, to TLo for another season of laughs. Your site is half of the fun of watching the show.

Hephaestion said...

Anonymous said...
Am I the only one surprised that there was no last minute gather round oh by the way you have to make another piece challenge?

Yes, I was expecting that, too!
I think they realized that if they did that this time, Jillian would probably have a total breakdown and they'd have to call off the show. I like Jillian and expect great things from her in the future, but she does seem to be very fragile right now. She is VERY young, of course.

Anonymous said...

Video of Christian on the Today show. It's interesting to watch him try to cope with the old fogey media, LOL!

Christian on the Today Show

Bittybis said...

All three collections were amazing. Jay's collection was the only previous final collection that could have competed with any of them. My pick was Christian, but I felt like any of the three of them could have won and I would have been OK with it. I thought Christian presented wow piece after wow piece, while Rami and Jillian had a few clunkers.

I loved Lisa's reaction to the win -- not a word about herself, just genuine tears of happiness for Christian.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I was bored bored bored by the episode (though not as much as I was bored last week). Perhaps I just need more melodrama.

That said, it was extremely endearing to see Christian finally show his inner fears. We've known all along that the bravado was covering insecurity, and I'm glad the boy was able to let it out. Now he can get on with the business of becoming the amazing grown-up designer he's destined to be, and get past being the cocky wunderkind.

I just hope that he starts designing clothes that real people wear. He's an amazing artist; can he become a practical designer, too?

As to my boredom, it's because this ending was so freaking obvious from the very first episode. Christian wins! Rami comes in second! No, really?

I, personally, wouldn't have given the win to Christian (Jillian won me over), but I agree with you guys: I don't mind it. All three collections were amazing, with some authoritative home runs and only a few little bobbles. This was a major improvement over the first three seasons.

Bittybis said...

Oh, and I agree that I would have loved to have seen more of the judges' critique and deliberation.

Anonymous said...

"Yesterday I was able to watch the entire season unfold and paid specific attention to the personalities of each designer.

I now know what it was that influenced my vote for Rami. He was the only designer out of the 3 who did not have a defeatist attitude. I can't stand it when someone claims that "it's not fair" and just wants to give up. (PPS during the Prom Challenge, Jillian during almost every challenge, etc.)

Jillian reminds me of a spoiled little girl who if she doesn't get her way will whine and stomp her feet until she does.

PPS reminds me of a little child who if he doesn't get his way just wants to pack up his toys and go home. There's going to be no living with this bitch now.

None of this means that Rami's collection was better, but I believe he should have won for the maturity level the other 2 are severely and obviously lacking."

OK--first of all, that's a really stupid reason to give one designer the win over another. It's supposed to be about the CLOTHES. Second of all, you can't be serious. Do you not remember Rami's rampant verbal abuse and berating of his partner Sweet P in the avant garde challenge? He, too, had a defeatist attitude, and was putting all the blame squarely on her shoulders (and if you remember, she ultimately far outperformed him in the challenge).

All three designers had their less-than-stellar moments in terms of personality, but in my humble opinion, Rami's was the worst. Neither Jillian nor Christian took out their insecurities on another competitor in the same harsh way.

That said, I repeat, it would be stupid aspect of the competition upon which to base the judging.

In my opinion, the best collection won. My only complaint about Christian's collection is that there really was too much black--if he'd varied his palette a bit more it would be easier to see how much real variety and innovation there was, and it would not have seemed repetitive at all.

Anonymous said...

After looking at all three again I have to agree with the judges. Christian's was excellent.

Rami's...meh..the gowns were fantastic but the rest...meh.

Jillian's I really liked and would wear alot of it(not that gold lame Caesar's palace dress) but I love Ralph Lauren stuff. Her experience with them showed a little in her collection.

Now,! Who gave you dirty looks!! I'm DYING to know! I'd bet Carmen like the opera Weber like the baller!


GothamTomato said...

"Brooklyn Bomber said...
شيخ الحب said, There has been a lot of Rami hate on these boards, especially in relation to his perceived arrogance, but his graciousness in defeat and the way he really seemed to embrace Christian showed that he is not so arrogant as many think.

I so agree: I just posted above that Rami's was my least favorite collection, but he really was a mensch throughout. Calm, focused on getting the work done, and entirely gracious at the end."

I completely agree. That whole 'Rami is arrogant' crap started up the episode he was paired with SweetP. Her fans came unglued because they perceived him as being mean to her, and then some got their panties in a bunch, because he dared say that he's from a different culture and thus has a different perspective than Americans, and they have dogged him the rest of the way.

But the reality is, yes, he a mensch. Perfect description. And add on to that professional and talented. His stuff is not my style, but he definately has got the goods.


aimee said...

Yay! Congratulations, Christian. I actually thought all three of them did a great job, but I was rooting for him and I'm so glad he won.

And I **KNEW** I caught a glimpse of you guys there, but I couldn't get my frakkin TV to pause in the right place to be sure!

Anonymous said...

Now that it's over it all makes sense. Rami "the more established designer" didn't stand a chance against the young kid that "needed the money and a jump start on a career."

Bravo got many (but certainly not all) people routing to give the underdog a chance.
Bravo should have never asked Rami to be on the show if they were not going to give him a fair chance.

Ms Sangrail said...

Count me as one of those who liked Jillian's collection the best.

What was great to watch last night was three strong contenders.

I don't think that Jillian's collection was any more disjointed than Rami's. If anything her collection showed a wider range of technical skills as well as a broader vision.

I was *very* glad to hear the judges say Rami has issues with color...I'm relieved that they noticed, frankly.

And yes, Christian showed an awful lot of black, skinny black pants especially. Whether that's 'cohesion' or 'narrow range' I don't know, but I'll be curious to see where he goes with this.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agreed with the sound bites we heard from the judges last night.

Jillian's clothes are the most likely to COMMERCIALLY succeed. But it lacked the cohesiveness needed to make a NY fashion week collection.

Rami OBVIOUSLY put in tons of effort into constructing some truly amazing pieces (not all, I agree); I think the level of difficulty was what got him second place. But his color palette hurt my eyes.

They DID criticize Christian's all black collection; and did question whether he would be able to translate his high fashion vision to everyday appeal. But remember, he did win the weight-loss makeover dress challenge- and that was an outfit I could wear, and I'm no model.

I am sure he will be able to translate his vision commercially, and I am so glad he has got the financial opportunity to do so.

Anonymous said...

I was sooo over Golden Boy by this episode, I kept thinking, "He ain't got a shot in Hell to win this."
Then I saw his collection.
It was cohesive, colorful (screw YOU, Duchess L'Orange, those colors are fantastic AND very this season, just look @ the collections of Versace, DVF et al, espesh that hue of sapphire), diverse and GORGEOUS. I would happily do away w/ several members of my family for the light colored (taupe?) evening gown, the jodphurs,
that unbelievable sapphire dress, I could go on.
I really thought he had it.
While I'm probably being too much of a conspiracy theorist, I see the producers heavy hand guiding the outcome (though far more subtly than last year). Christian's fanbase/demographic is large and vocal. Their #'s in buying power are very important to advertisers.
I don't see Jillian or Rami bringing in Christian fan's type of enthusiastic loyalty to the Project Runway brand. This is not to say his collection wasn't beautiful, but how many ruffles and hats in black does it take to make a viable collection?
All in all, I hope next series' designers bring ideas that are more interesting to the fore; less controlled in order to win.
This season was the epitome of MEH.

Emma P.

TLo, darlings, I do want to say thank you for being inclusive, interesting and (of course!) HILARIOUS bloggers for the season. You really make the show worthwhile.
Hear that, Bravo! Give these boys their own show, STAT!

bitchesdye said...

All I have to say is that TLo were right about me...I really only watch the show for personalities. I couldn't give a crap about the clothes.

Because any one of those collections could have run roughshod over any of the previous seasons', with the exception of Jay (still my fav).

But I was bored, bored, bored all season. With the exception of Chris, Christian and Elisa, everyone was acting like "don't point that camera at me!" Bring back Laura, Austin, Jay, Kaynebow, Robert Best, Uncle Nick, Andrae, yes, even Santino! (but please, no Vincents!)

Ms Sangrail said...

"GothamTomato said...

The one thing that I don't think Christian realized though was; when Posh said she wanted to wear his clothes, she was expecting to be getting them for free."

Hehehe. How true.
It occurred to me that that may be why Rami went on the show...yes, he dresses Hollywood types, but do they actually buy the merchandise, or is the clothing loaned out?

All three of these designers are going to be big winners in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Why would Christian not know that that Posh expects to be dressed for free? Everybody knows that. He's not doing it for the money, he's doing it for the exposure.

delilahboyd said...

How cool to witness the first collection of an amazing young designer!

This must be how people felt witnessing the first collections of Galliano, Gianni Versace, and Balenciaga.

What dreams may come for Christian?

Only the best, I hope!

Congrats, Christian!

And thanks for the blogging brilliance, TLo!

Now, if you two would shine some light on the train wreck that is Top Chef...


I'm begging here.

Anonymous said...

Don't post much, but read everything everyday. I say this for those of you who don't like "outsiders" invading your private club.

Anyway, I'm a big Chris fan but have to say how interesting it is that people loved it when the guest designer threw the judging his way (I was one of them), yet are having such a problem with the Posh/Christian thing. I know Posh is no Roberto Cavalli, but the dynamic that took place was the same.

Also,someone mentioned how Christian returned to his arrogant self at the end. Do you really believe that is really him? To me his true self is what we saw just before the decision was announced. The rest of what we've seen looks to me like a tiny 21-year-old kid puffing out his chest and doing his best to fit in with the big kids. There's no way he was sure of what that decision was going to be, yet he played it off like he knew it all along. Does anyone else see it that way -- like he's created a charicature within a charicature?

Love that the $100,000 and all the other prizes are going to someone who needs them to kick start what will surely be an amazing career. Best of luck, Christian! (And please make it a cheap vay-cay.)

I'll stop now, before someone asks for the Reader's Digest version...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the judges..ultimately, they proved that true genius can't be denied. When Christian's girls began to walk the runway, I could feel goose bumps rising on my skin and my emotions start to engage (and that is SAYING somethin', in my case, as I have been in the fashion biz for over 25 years and believe I have 'seen it all' as a model, buyer and assistant fashion director). The only other time in the four seasons of PR I have felt this awe was when Jay's collection hit the runway~the gold standard by which I judge all other PR designers. Christian has the youth, talent, enthusiasm, personality and confidence to electrify the fashion industry.

Anonymous said...

Rami is a real gentleman and handled it all with such class.
A real pro, and also he seems like a spiritual guy.
I feel big things are coming to him in his near future and career.

I'm hooked on Rami xo

Anonymous said...

I'm really confused.
We've had their final collections available for viewing since Fashion Week actually occurred.

So, where was the excitement? I'm not being sarcastic, honestly (so don't get all offended on me, people).

It was enjoyable, but there was nothing surprising (except, granted, for Christian's tears).

For me, a satisfying conclusion to a pretty bland season.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

difrancesca said, "Does anyone else see it that way -- like he's created a charicature within a charicature?"

Yes. . . i'd found him annoying through the season, based on what we were shown, but last night he seemed much more real, to the point that when he did do the "fierce" act, it felt like he was poking fun at himself, rather than being arrogant.

Anonymous said...

drfrancesca said...

Does anyone else see it that way -- like he's (Christian) created a charicature within a charicature?

I do! That's why he's so hilarious and so endearing. When in doubt, exude manufactured confidence. He pulled it off brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, brooklyn bomber. That's EXACTLY the way I saw it, but you said it better!

Pumpkin Man said...

He soooooo deserved it!!!
I got all teared up!!

Pumpkin Man

Anonymous said...

Re: "I'm confused"....seeing the collections move made all the diff for me. All the posted pictures were so dark, so I really feel like this is the first time I saw them.

GothamTomato said...

"ms sangrail said: I don't think that Jillian's collection was any more disjointed than Rami's. If anything her collection showed a wider range of technical skills as well as a broader vision."

I agree. All were disjointed to some degree. I think that is because showing both versatility AND cohesiveness is more difficult in a 12 piece collection, than in a larger collection (even slightly larger, like say, 20 pieces).


Anonymous said...

You know, I don't mind that PPS won, but I thought the judging was awful.

Posh, as Jillian noted, voted by how she wanted to shop instead of any kind of objective standard. I know they like celebrities, but, boy, I wish Sarah Jessica Parker had been the judge on this.

Michael Kors, in his blog, talks about how Jillian's knits surprised and wowed him and how she could be the next big knitwear designer--an Adrienne Vittadini. Meanwhile, PPS should keep it small?

Hunh? I thought the goal was to pick the next big designer. So Jillian comes in third for being too creative?

Rami's dinged for his use of color when PPS didn't use any during the *entire* competition? Hunh?

I think PPS has talent--but the judging rationales just made no sense. Jillian's the one with mainstream potential and range, but she was put in third place?

If art and drama was the aim, why was Chris March eliminated?

Honestly, I hope PPS doesn't go the ego-trip route of his win. At this point, he's too derivative (as Michael Kors pointed out in his blog) of Westwood and McQueen. He doesn't have his own voice yet (and yet Jillian was dinged for not being more singular--at least I couldn't read direct inspirations all over her stuff. Rami, too, has something that doesn't scream other designer.)

No, PPS is talented--but the only justifications for the win I can see is that Posh pretty much guaranteed that she'd wear him and put a PR winner in the limelight and that the judges were all sort of enchanted by making a star of the little Tote Gay. What they think he'll be rather what he showed.

Anonymous said...

I knew he was going to win, I just knew it and I am so glad that he won. Even though I was rooting for Chris March, after he was out I had to go with Christian.

No one was more deserving. First of all because he is an awesome designer and very cutting edge. His immaturity will go away soon and he will learn to edit better and then there will be no stopping him.

Another reason I am glad he won is because he is an unknown and doesn't have an existing shop like Rami. I think that is what this show should be about, finding raw, new talent and giving them a chance to make it. Not having an established designer come in and just win some cash to buy himself a new Porsche.

Christian's was the best collection, far better than Rami's which was very tired and somewhat better than Jillian's which was very boring and unimaginative.

DWT said...

I thought it went, Nice. Nicer. WOW!

I'm glad Christian won.

All three did a bang up job tho. Major talent I think.

Jillian and Rami make the clothes I could actually consider wearing, however.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Christian!!! What a great finale, and what a wonderful change from last year! All FIVE designers who showed collections were terrific, and the three finalist collections were awesome. That has to be the finest complete body of work at the finale since PR began. Any of them could have won, and I would not have been dissatisfied. (Last year I was throwing things at the TV and slamming doors!) But ultimately, they are looking for the "designer of the future", and Christian is definitely that. Plus, how nice is it that the one who seemed to need it most won it? Rami and Jillian have won also, from the resulting publicity and all the people who saw their collections. They had already had success in the field, though. I think Chris March will get lots of work from his showing (the next Bob Mackie for sure) and I certainly hope that someone snatches up Sweet Pea and gives her a great job.

Early in the season, I wasn't crazy about Christian, but he grew on me. Those who criticize his cockiness are missing the fact that he was kidding around half the time. He did not take himself as seriously as many of the others did. It was so funny to see his exit inteview proclaiming himself as fierce right after seeing him dissolve in tears! I enjoyed seeing Rami hugging Christian and being so nice to everyone. Of course, we never know what effect Bravo's editing has on our perceptions of different designers!

NOW, hurry up TLo the Fabulous and catch up on your sleep so you can dish the dirt!

Anonymous said...

rami collection was off the chain!

posh beckham ruined the finale. it's laughable that they made her a judge of fashion. a pure joke. perhaps that's why she was picked. to show why it didn't go to the real winner.

rami should of won hands down. i'm sorry they did that to him. i'm forever a fan of his.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe anyone thinks rami should have won! he does have a point of view drab, drab, and more drab. and throw in a little matronly. intricate draping and basketweaving 101 do not make a dress pretty. i don't want to wear a basket on my chest. cograts to pps, he did deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I figured it would be Christian, but I do feel that Rami had the better collection. But, I even felt that I loved to see Christian with a little doubt creeping in. The tears worked for me, too.
Question for T Lo-was the audience all Bravo, reality contestants and hosts?? It sure seemed like it!

Anonymous said...

Rami could have won if he'd let someone else pick the colors.

I loved the gown Amanda wore but hated the color. It seemed to obscure the beautiful weaving. I also loved his layered lace gown, but felt it was somewhat derivative of PPS's layers of ruffles.

As I mentioned yesterday, I felt Jillian's collection showed the most range. I think the show will give her a huge boost and she will go on to great things.

Congrats to Christian though. In spite of using such a dismal palette, his construction was amazing although I thought it was in a very narrow range. I hope he makes good use of the opportunity he's been handed.

GothamTomato said...

Anyone who thinks that Christian is arrogant is seriously humor-impaired.


Lilithcat said...

the divine miss m said, Remember Jay's collection? Remember how gorgeous and innovative and arresting and completely unwearable it was?.

Yeah, I remember, the collection of clothes found dumpster-diving. I will never understand that one.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I'm surprised PPS won, especially considering the guest judge. Did anyone have a doubt whose clothes Poshy would prefer? But I'm proud of my Rami. He had a stunning collection and will do very well.

I have to say that I thought this was the best final runway show of any season so far. The finalists all deserved to be there and they brought out the goods.

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy that they picked my second favorite person for the season. I LOVE HIM.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and how funny was it to hear the judges go back and forth during the season between criticizing for no color and criticizing for the "wrong" colors?! Actually, here is a little lesson in genetics: you can be partly color-blind. There is a range from completely color-blind, seeing everything in very dull and muted tones,(mostly shades of gray), to partly color-blind, which affects how you see colors in more subtle ways. One of my sons is the former, and one the latter. Both of them require help in picking out and matching their clothes! LOL

Perhaps Rami has just a slight degree of colorblindness, which would explain his color choices being just a little bit off.

katiecoo said...

Christian is gonna be on Regis and Kelly this morning--on right now in my neck of the woods. fyi!

Guerilla Shopper said...

OK, I am out on a limb here when I say that Rami's was the least interesting of the three, and I found it funny when Michael K. made the comment about colors. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the black blouse with red skirt come down the runway. It was like Rami thought, "What matches red? Oh right! Black! Black matches everything!" I still think I would have liked Chris March's collection better than Rami's.
That said, these three were by far the best of all prior finalists. And I really would like to wear Jillian's clothing - her coats and sweaters are effing excellent.
The bar has been raised several notches.

Lilithcat said...

ms sangrail said, BTW it's Chacun a son gout.

Well, if we're going to be picky, it's "chacun à son goût"!


Anonymous said...

My friend is coming over to my house tonight to watch it, and we are so excited because Christian was deff our pick!!
We will deff look for you.

Anonymous said...

My friend is coming over to my house tonight to watch it, and we are so excited because Christian was deff our pick!!
We will deff look for you.

Anonymous said...

So..does anyone here want to acknowledge the facthat all of the collections had a running element of Siriano?
All of the designers took obvious inspiration from PPS. Each collection has at least one fitted, puff-sleeved jacket. I believe they all paid hommage to their younger competition. (Seriously..the jacket that Rami was able to edit out from the show...)

Now close it down, haters!

YEY Siriano!!


Milla said...

I am pleased and I think the outcome was predictable but fair.
Gezus, I was saying that's it become like card counting at the Black Jack tables in Vegas.
PPS is VERY skilled and talented and cute :-)
Babies, get baking already :-)
I think I have a batch of fudge brownies coming to me:-)
I like mine with almonds or walnuts.
Maybe the fabulous Laura Benett or Jay have a good recipe :-)
Love ya and I am happy you had fun at the party!

Anonymous said...

i just hope that princess puffy-sleeves doesn't turn into princess puffy-head... i can't say i disagree with the outcome -- although very little of christian's collection is truly wearable for a "real" woman. his collection looked quite couture - moreso than jillian or rami's. but at fashion week, that is some of what is expected.

i LOVED jillian's collection - beautiful, feminine clothing. i didn't expect her to win - i agree that it was not a completely cohesive collection, but i hope she is able to go far in the fashion industry. i'm hoping that some benefactor will help to fund her so she can keep creating beautiful clothing.

as for rami -- i wasn't crazy about several of his looks, but there were some knock-outs in there. i LOVED, LOVED LOVED the grecian dress that amanda modeled with the lattice-work. very creative and beautiful. obviously rami already has an established business and his exposure on p.r. can only serve to boost his business.

congrats christian -- you really are an amazingly talented designer -- now temper the attitude a little, try to expand on the silhouette - make some clothes that real women can wear and find some other colors besides shades of black & beige and you'll go far!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post because everyone else was, too!

Much love to little Christian. I've been rooting fo rhim from the start. Ferosha Coutura all the way, baby.

Agree with everyone that's posted about how great it was to see three fantastic collections. As muchas I never cared for Rami's stuff throughout the season, I would have been happy with a win from any one of the top three designers.

Oh, but the chin wobble put it over the top. The hair, the glasses, the wobble, the win. Fin.

And I can't believe I didn't tape last night's episode! How am I going to go back and search for TLo in the crowd? stupid stupid stupid.

Lizzy poo said...

I knew that Christian won before the episode (West Coaster) and I carefully watched the editing. It was amazing how much they tried to trick the audience.

Having said that, Yes! Christian really pulled something off!

webbie said...

Well, I'm disappointed but not surprised. I knew Chritian would win win I saw that Posh Spice was the 4th judge.

What I don't get is all of the Rami love. I hated 80% of his collection...I felt like I was watching an old episode of Dynasty and expected to see Linda Evans carrying a matching clutch when I saw the turquois dress with the saddlebags on the hips. And what is with a dress that can make a size 0 look hippy?

Of course, I was rooting for Jilian because I, like everyone else including Michael Kors, felt it was wearable by real women.

That is, I think, Christian's greatest flaw...he designs for models, no women.

On another note, I got to thinking that the value of the prize package is small in comparison to other reality shows. $100,000.00 and an Astra. Hmmm. BTW...Christian is the only person I can think of who looked overwhelmed in an Astra. It is a small car and he looked like a 90 yr old man in a 1975 Continental.

Anonymous said...

While critiquing Christian's work, Michael Kors said:
" ... We all love black clothes but, even in the front row, you lose the work and it can get monotonous."

Um ... Michael, take off the shades. I know that the lighting is incredibly bright but still.

And for those searching their recordings for TLo, their cameo occurs about 22 minutes into the broadcast, right after the sequence where Christian's model shows up. Nina, Michael & Posh are seating themselves. TLo are 2 rows back, behind Posh's head.


Anonymous said...

I did not have a pick for the win before watching the finale. None of the finale three were real standouts for me this season. After watching all three collections go down the runway I have to say that Jillian's started off strong and then went downhill some with a bit of a weak ending. I thought Rami's started off weak and ended very strong. Christian's was the only one that was strong from start to finish. I really did not like his line but I do understand why he got the win.

If I could have picked the winner it would have been Chris. I loved his entire collection.

Ah, well. Everyone involved got great exposure from being on PR. I'm sure they'll all go on to do great things.

the dogs' mother said...

The big test will be if Christian's
stuff sells on
Best of luck!

Sewing Siren said...

Hey, chgo_john, I just wanted to let you know that someone farted in Yoga class yesterday and that little zinger you posted last week -" Fart jokes...ALWAYS funny."
Just popped into my head and I could get it out. I had to cover my laugh with a fake coughing fit. Thanks.

Stubenville said...

Pittypat said...
Perhaps Rami has just a slight degree of colorblindness, which would explain his color choices being just a little bit off.

I was thinking the same thing and then it hit me; how easy it is for all of us in the US to forget that color choices are culture based because we have similar cultural experiences. Perhaps because of his upbringing, Rami uses a palette that someone with a Middle Eastern background would be attracted to?

A good example would be color choices for Thai children - two babies, one in hot pink, the other in pale blue. What are their genders?

In Thailand bright colors are boy colors and pastels are girl colors. So the boy is in hot pink, the girl in pastel blue.

Now, our "Serial Drapeist" could be partially color blind, but this an interesting explanation, too.

Anonymous said...

Sewing Siren: As much as I agree with the sentiment, I can't take credit for the statement. sigh


Sewing Siren said...

webbie said...

On another note, I got to thinking that the value of the prize package is small in comparison to other reality shows. $100,000.00 and an Astra. Hmmm. BTW...Christian is the only person I can think of who looked overwhelmed in an Astra. It is a small car and he looked like a 90 yr old man in a 1975 Continental.

Not to mention after taxes that 100k is more like 60k or 50k. Bravo is a chip bastard.

Anonymous said...

Rami already has an established label, industry presence, a storefront- in other words, he did not need this show to "make" his career. IMO, he should not have even been allowed to compete.

Christan, however, will take this prize and use it to launch himself. His win is 100% justified and I was relieved to see the judges rewarding him for his work. He made all those garments in that little apartment- Rami had a huge workroom! Come on, people.

Rainwood said...

Random thoughts:

Did anyone else notice that Christian's mom looks a lot like Fern Mallis?

When Heidi introduced Posh as a "pop icon" what I heard first was a "Popeye con" and laughed out loud because she does kind of resemble him with that chin.

Posh telling Christian "I'd love to wear your clothes" instead of "I'd love to buy your clothes." At least she's honest about it.

And it's interesting how so many of the women posting say Jillian's are the clothes they'd buy even if they were rooting for Christian to win. It will be interesting to see if JBot can capitalize on that.

Anonymous said...

How many of you are going to write,
"Should of" when you really mean and should be writing "should HAVE."

It should read "Rami should HAVE won."
NOT--"Rami should OF won."


PhantomMinuet said...

I've not been a big fan of PPS, but I loved his final collection. Loved it. I wish it had had more color, but full of drama and interesting silhouettes and hats.

And I luvs me some hats. :-)

PhantomMinuet said...

How many of you are going to write,
"Should of" when you really mean and should be writing "should HAVE."
It should read "Rami should HAVE won."
NOT--"Rami should OF won."

Quick! Cover up your dangling participles! The Grammar Police are here!

Anonymous said...

"Quick! Cover up your dangling participles! The Grammar Police are here!"

Maybe. But then again, we all have our pet peaves. Mine? When people write "to" instead of "too".

"I thought so to."

Drives me up the flippin wall.

Did you skip 3rd grade??

Anonymous said...

Michael Kors does NOT want any competion from Jillian and, Although, Christian's show was fun to watch in a gloomy, ruffled, 80's, turkey dress kinda way, I think a very small faction of women would wear any of those clothes.

Jillian (and maybe Rami if he works on colors), on the other hand...she could certainly tap into the Kors market!

Kanani said...

Anon at 10:05 said "...generally, the fashion shows influence, not feature, the styles that I will end up buying at Target

Yes, I agree. When you go to a fashion show, you won't always find wearable clothes. Sometimes you'll find concepts and expressions that state who the designer is, his inspiration or a statement about the times. The clothes serve as a springboard for what will inspire stuff you'll buy off the rack. It might be a cuff, a collar or the silhouette.

I think Christian did this, and it's what the judges responded to. What they saw was on the runway was Christian's overall attitude and aesthetic, which was pretty damned exciting!

I loved Jillian's jackets. And I think Rami's clothing were meticulously done. There are many pieces I would have bought.

In a way, they won too. Rami's reputation has been established beyond his wealthy clientele. He'll get the mainstream backers he needs. Jillian has taken the first step as well, and I'm sure everyone is stepping back and seeing her as a very serious designer in her own right.

Congrats to all!

lisasabatier said...

Oh, barby don't worry. Occasionally Bravo reruns PR episodes.

Unknown said...

OK, those that are defending Rami have no taste - his color selections were horrific, and the fabrics reminded me of off-the-rack crap at Wal-mart. Even down to the static cling that every other model in his show had - with their dresses creeping up into their kootches.

Christian NAILED it. It was dramatic, artistic, insanely executed. I kept saying to myself that I couldn't believe this came out of a 21 year old kid!

I was upset that Jillian was kicked off first. Her collection was far better than Rami's. Honestly, I saw nothing in Rami's work that was new or innovative. It was matronly and boring.

I think Christian will be the first designer from Project Runway that will actually make it. He has genius talent, and the ability. That collection could have shown with any other already established designer.

Galliano better watch his back!

GothamTomato said...

"On another note, I got to thinking that the value of the prize package is small in comparison to other reality shows. $100,000.00 and an Astra. Hmmm."

But when you throw in the TV exposure, for someone starting a business, it's priceless. You can't buy that exposure. It can be worth millions if you play it right.

That being said, I think Bravo should bump up the prize money (and also throw in consolation prizes for the other finalists. And they should pay the models something too (like scale).

When you think of how these shows are repeated ad nauseum, and all that product placement, they have to be making a fortune. They could afford to part with a few more bucks.


Anonymous said...

I didn't particularly WOOOOOO on last night's finals - mostly 'cause I didn't, personally, WOOOOOO on any of the designs. But a UUUUUUMMMMed a lot. And that's more than I can say about some of the previous years' finals.

Having said that, I also contently admit that this final was the closest bunched (talent- and potential-winner-)designers.

I really got the feeling that *any* of them may have won.

Didn't get that feeling with Wendy Pepper in the running. Or Daniel V (sorry... he was just far to skewed to Manhattan Yuppie for me and I never for a moment thought the judges would consider him for just that reason, regardless of how they treated him during the run of the show itself). Or Michael once he showed the collection.

But this season, I really thought it was any designer who could have walked away with it.

I don't even care, really, how the judges came up with the eventual winner. This is one of the rare occasions when I thought they were *all* winners.

And this is from someone who's yawned at most of Rami's creations.

In that way, this season's been a good one, anyway.

Of course, I still preferred Chris' collection for my own but, whatev.

And were my eyes deceiving me or did we get the shortest glimpse of Sweet P's reaction when she heard she was showing as a decoy? Would have liked to have seen that more.

Anonymous said...

I'm satisfied. Christian has got more sense (and sensibility) than many talented kids his age. He was consistently good through the challenges and really put on a Show at the Finale. I think he'll surprise us. In a good way.

All three of them were really strong, but Rami and Jillian just didn't quite reach that level of Show. I know all will get lots of great feedback and serious backing from this.

Jillian -- don't go back to the cubicle! I want your clothes. Knits, sister! Think about colors. You'll find a way.

-- desertwind

PS -- Boys, cannot wait to hear all the dish.

PPS -- I've gotta wait for parselforce to put it up on YouTube, but it sounds like it was a good show. Just hope we get decent coverage of the clothes & the judging.

Anonymous said...

christian deserved to win

i think giving the prize to rami would have been giving a nod to matronliness...the color choices he made as nina put it, were just...terrible...
and how old did the lace dress look? the weaving was tremendous, but it just looked aged...

jillian was VERY ralph lauren...more than the master of the argonauts...she didn't deserve the prize although a million americans would wear her clothes

christian i LOVE you, i cried when i saw you crying, you're terrific...

Anonymous said...

Maybe. But then again, we all have our pet peaves. Mine? When people write "to" instead of "too".

"I thought so to."

Drives me up the flippin wall.

Did you skip 3rd grade??

Seriously? My pet peeve is when people spell "peeve" with an "a."

If you're going to criticize others' spelling and grammar, you'd better be darned sure of your own.

Let's focus on the fashion, people.

New topic, perhaps? Favorite look of the night? Mine was Rami's antique lace dress. But overall I thought Christian's collection was clearly the strongest.

Anonymous said...

Lima Bean said:

"I think Victoria will be in touch with our little pocket gay and things will escalate from there."

I think so as well. If anything, the ability to make contacts (in addition to great creative vision and talent) is probably the most important thing you can have, ESPECIALLY in an industry like this. Victoria might have just said that for the tv, but immediately when I found out she was the guest judge I knew she would help sway things towards Christian's favor. And Christian has the confidence and personality to meet those connections and carry through with them. That skill (because it really is one) is invaluable. I hope he gets with a good business partner, because he is still young and needs to use his skills in the right way.

Out of all of the finalists, Christian has the most potential to use his people skills AND his workmanship talents (in my opinion).

Oh and I also agree this is a fashion show so it should be high art. Wearable can be worked on later. He did put on an awesome show and I'm glad the kid won.

Anonymous said...

I finally understood what Tim (and others) were saying about the quality of the work this season--this really was the best finale of all four seasons. The originality and craftsmanship was astonishing. There has always been at least one weak link among the finalists (Jeffrey and Michael last year, Santino in season 2 and Wendy in season 1), but this year everyone shone.

Congratulations to Christian--I loved it when Rami told him to stand up when he crouched near the floor after Heidi told him he was the winner.

T&L--with your insider status now, did you know who won for sure ahead of time?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to PPS, a total cutie with huge talent. I am not sure whether I would call his final collection a, um, collection, but he's certainly got a Nina-approved Point of View, great technical skills and a superb vision of what fashion can be. I certainly understand others on this site who were rooting for Jillian or Rami (I was always a Rami Gal), but truth be told I was underwhelmed by their final collections. They both had some spectacular, jaw-droppingly fab pieces (Jillian's knitwear, Rami's evening gowns) but other than that I was frankly underwhelmed by their collections. Christian was one jaw-dropper after another, and even if it is not something this woman would wear, there was no doubt that this was a major talent with a MAJOR vision for what fashion can be. I think justice was done, and a great job was done by all. See you next year, I miss you already!

Anonymous said...

I decided I liked Christian when he was crying in fear before the judges made their announcement. He recovered quickly to be an arrogant jerk again, but it was nice to see the insecure little boy in there.

And I couldn't help myself - I watched it!

Anonymous said...

Rami and Chris were my favorites this season. I love knowing that they are friends. I think they were both robbed, in their own ways. Last night though, I just didn't understand how Christian ended up winning. Unless it was simply for ratings, or because Rami isn't liked by many fans.

That said, congrats to PPS.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1:09PM ... frankly, all the "should of"s (instead of the correct "should have"s) were driving me crazy too. I wish you had all had my high school English teacher -- she drove all those bad habits out of thousands of teenagers back in the 70s!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I just saw a clip from the finale party.

Was Mr. Gunn a little tipsy?


-- desertwind

Anonymous said...

T/LO - I just wanted to say thank you to the both of you! My PR season wouldn't have been complete without checking in every day (or at least almost every day). You guys do an amazing job, it's fun to read, and I always email your funnies quotes to my PR friends - we trade them to see who gets the best ones - so THANK YOU!!! any chance you'll do top chef????

Anonymous said...

I loved last night's show and I don't understand all the hate of Victoria Beckham (Posh). She is a style icon and is known all over for her fashion sense.

Designers fall all over themselves to dress Posh. The only thing I can think is that older people don't like her because they didn't grow up listening to the spice girls and they may be jealous of her because she is young, beautiful and has a HOT husband.

Whatever the case, she is very qualified to be a judge and I loved her being on the show.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why some people are blaming Posh for Christian's win. If I am not mistaken, there are 4 judges, not 1. So it would take a majority vote for someone to win, so at least 2 othere voted for Christian. Blaming Posh is just absurd.

Anonymous said...

OK, is it just me or did the whole thing go by in a BLUR????
I mean The workroom, model casting, and all 3 shows over by 10:36???
How is is last year they had 4 home visits with all the famlies(except uli) and had beach outings or dinners?

We had alot of workroom and model casting footage, All FOUR shows and more judges deliberation? Plus more after show audience feedback and past designer commentary!

It just felt so rushed and over b4 i blinked!

With so much black and other weaving and details in the collections we needed close-ups, full length and more than a half second breeze by while they kept panning back to the audience. And what was with Jill n Rami's elevator music. I think thats played into too. NO energy at all. PPS had energy and emotion in his show. I've loved every runway music ever, even wendy's. ugg last nights were just awful.
TLO, did chris n sweet P have good music? My speakers went out so i cant watch vids with sound.


Thanks for reading my rant....i felt so let down with the editing this year.
Another season i won't buy. i'll just have to loop seasons 1 and 2 during the downtime.
It says alot if 2 of 4 seasons i can watch 100 times over and the other 2 i dont even bother buying dvds or watching marathons.


Anonymous said...

"so it would take a majority vote for someone to win, so at least 2 othere voted for Christian. Blaming Posh is just absurd."

Indeed. Nina is the power on that judging panel.

Sewing Siren said...

zander said...
Designers fall all over themselves to dress Posh. The only thing I can think is that older people don't like her because they didn't grow up listening to the spice girls and they may be jealous of her because she is young, beautiful and has a HOT husband.

Isn't she about 40?

The Busy Baker said...

I, too, was glad to see Christian win, but that was the most boring finale EVER. It made me long for the great "Kara Saun shoe debaucle" or the "we don't think Jeffery made all these clothes CF"


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