Anne Slowey Gets Her Tootie Zapped!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 by

From the pages of her Elle blog, Anne Slowey provides us with way too much information:

"Imagine that you are watching TV jetlagged in the middle of the night in a hotel in Milan and somewhere near the porno channels you've paid 20 euros to watch, there is a commercial of a slightly seedy looking brunette in a bathing suit lying on a couch, smoking a cigarette, eating potato chips, and flipping through a magazine while watching TV and using a channel changer. At first you think it's porn but then you realize she has all these white circular pads on her thighs, ass, and tummy (she's lying on her side of course trying to look sexy) with all these electrodes attached to the pads. Porn with electrodes? But no, it's an ad for some crazy cellulite-deleting, muscle-toning machine.

Whenever I saw those commercials I'd scream, "Sign me up!" But alas, I could never find them in the States, even in SkyMall magazines on planes. But thanks to a gift certificate to Exhale, my dream of having my ass electrocuted has finally come true.

The Exhale Power Body Detox by Ionithermie, from a French company no less (At last, other than fashion, a useful contemporary contribution from France since the depressed rants of the amphetamine-addicted existentialists!). It promises a loss of eight inches per treatment. I'm not sure that's true but a lesbian did tell me my ass looked small yesterday so maybe it is! But despite my Frankenbutt treatments (I've had five, one more to go) I still can't fit into half the clothes in my closet. Granted, I need to lose another 20 lbs to achieve that. Obviously, I have a problem. I buy clothes, and I mean thousands and thousands of dollars worth of designer labels in sizes too small as motivation to get fit. Okay, maybe I'm deranged, but there's this one navy satin Lanvin peaked-seamed skirt I am hell-bent on getting into at the shows in Paris. So I'm back on the Jill Pettijohn fast to give my ass electrocutions a boost."


"But, what the heck? All I have to do for my derriere to be happy is moon people and scream, "Free your ass?" Sorry, butt psychic. I am electrocuting the hell out of it at Exhale, scrunching and bumping it at Physique 57, and doing another week of juice fasting with Jill Pettijohn. Putting my ass’s happiness before my desire for a svelte silhouette is just ass-backwards. Ten days and counting…I'm getting into that Lanvin skirt, even if it means I can't bend at the waist and need two goons hauling me around by the arms around like a rusted Tin Man. To hell with my repressed ass, it's Lanvin or bust. But my breasts, alas, are a whole other story. But I’m down 13 pounds in a month! Yeah!!!"

Wow. Somebody needs to switch to decaf.

And eat a burger.

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!!
Maybe she took too many meds.

Joanie said...

She definitely over-shared. That's usually my department, but I'm not a reality celeb, so no one pays attention.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That's hilarious and way too much information. Is that pic recent? She actually looks good.

GothamTomato said...

"Anne Slowey said: Obviously, I have a problem."

Wow, it's only 2008, and already we have the understatement of the century.

I always wondered who bought those idiotic contraptions that they have ads for in the back of magazines. Now I know.

But I still can't figure out who buys those stretch slacks they advertise (2 pair for $19.95) in Parade.


Anonymous said...

She watches porn? LOLOLOLOL LOVE HER

GothamTomato said...

"I'm not sure that's true but a lesbian did tell me my ass looked small yesterday so maybe it is!"

And if you can't believe a lesbian, who can you believe?

BTW, what did she say about your shoes?


Anonymous said...

Who is Anne Slowly?

Anonymous said...

SHE needs to loose 20 pounds?
From where?

Lilithcat said...

Speaking of Elle, what do you guys know about the rumors that Nina G. wo;; be out of a job there and that Elle will no longer be a sponsor of PR?

Anonymous said...

Anne Slowey scares me-New York magazine did a story awhile back where various Fashion Week people shared their food diaries. Anne Slowey ate waay less than everyone else, even the models- at one point, she "gorged" on three olives. I don't think she has 13 pounds to lose.

Lilithcat said...

That should, of course, read "will be out of a job". The fingers moved sideways on the keyboard!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Who is Anne Slowly?"

Let's just pretend you did not say that, anon.


She was one of the judges of season 2. Her famous line was “There is entirely too much tootie being exposed" when talking about Emmett's ice-skating costume.

eric3000 said...

Wow, that was vulgar.

Anne said...

Yeah, because anybody cares what that hag wears.


Anonymous said...


I thought of that too. [link here]

She really does seem like she has a problem, or worse, wants everyone to think she has a problem she somehow thinks is either universal or glamorous.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the hag either.

jen in philly said...

I know her blog was supposed to be funny, but jeez, that was just sick and sad.

And I must have seen the same article as anonymous 4:09; I seem to remember the only real "meal" Anne Slowey ate all day was a salad. The rest was just vitamin supplements and coffee.

jen in philly said...

Gotham Tomato said:
But I still can't figure out who buys those stretch slacks they advertise (2 pair for $19.95) in Parade.

I think my dear, departed grandma used to buy those. :)

Rainwood said...

Apparently Anne Slowey is obsessed with something besides tootie. She should stop electrocuting her ass and just have Rami make her a dress that drapes over it.

And I don't usually get personal with my comments, but since Anne decided to overshare, I will say that someone who dresses like she did in that photo shouldn't be judging fashion anywhere, anytime. Not even skating outfits for Sasha Cohen.

fka rain brain

La Nina said...

Now Anne, that really was both dowdy and vulgar. Snap out of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy, someone forgot to take their Ritalin, or whatever, before hitting the keyboard.


If women in her industry are that paranoid about their bodies, no wonder the media sends the messages they do about body image.

Or, if it was meant to be funny, she really needs to work on her writing skills.

And of course, anything a lesbian says MUST be true...

Truly, what the Elle?

Anonymous said...

"La Nina said...

Now Anne, that really was both dowdy and vulgar. Snap out of it!"


"And that’s not easy to pull off: be dowdy and vulgar"

You know you have watched too much PR when you can quote the judges.

Anonymous said...

Anne Slowey sounds like a throwback; reading her regimen made me remember a TV interview I saw in the 1980's (Joan Collins? Liz Taylor?) about spending months on a strict diet and then having a planned weekend binge. Blech.

Anywho, from what little I know and Google, Anne Slowey's choice of a Jill Pettijohn cleanse makes all the sense in the world. Reading Jill P.'s web site made me have a Botox strength frown- and furrow-fest.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what working in the fashion industry can do to your mind.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I just read up on the whole
Jill Pettijohn cleanse thing. $400 for freaking juice? Unbelievable!

Sewing Siren said...

Could she have have dropped in more "in" names? I go to the "in" gym, in go to the "in" cities, use the "in" ass electroids, and drink the "in" shit juice.
Will anyone like her when she finally gets skinny enough?

Sewing Siren said...

Shinjira said...
I can only imagine what working in the fashion industry can do to your mind.

Imagine what it would be like to be her assistant!

GothamTomato said...

I'm wondering if we should take up a collection to send Anne a 'Don't Taze Me Bro' tshirt.

Just a thought.


P.S.- Another thought: This is the same nitwit who wanted to eliminate Emmett; instead of Santino, who wanted to clothe Sasha Cohen like a cross-dressing Butterball. Who woulda thought she was a tad nutty?

Ms_flyover said...

As i sit here entering my weight watchers points online, trying to lose the post-baby fat*, craving a snickers and a cheeseburger but trying to behave, I wonder if I'm too obsessed with the weight thing.

And then I read this.

God, I feel better. Thanks TLo.

*Note: I do mean fat, not Elle magazine definition of fat - put on 60 pounds with the little bundle, and he came out at 5 pounds.

Kanani said...


I'd say at this point in her career, she's damned lucky to have a job. 100 jobs are to be cut from the Tribune companies this week editorial.

Anonymous said...


Understanding for her tootie obsession is finally explained.

As for that 20 lbs., if she needs to lose any weight, I'm Princess Puffysleeves (though we may be distantly related princesses :-) ). I have 20 lbs. I can spare. Maybe then she may be up to a 0. Just keep the tootie under wraps.


Ms_flyover said...

And while I'm feeling better - and catty - I must ask:

Does the woman own a brush - or shampoo?

This is who I'm supposed to listen to for fashion advice?


Jenn said...

Holy shit...

Sewing Siren said...

Why doesn't she just buy a girdle?

My stomache is growling, anyone else?

Anonymous said...

If she really wants to obsess, she needs to think about a cankle intervention.

bitchesdye said...

Ugh, I feel so dirty.

Mom said...

That's not a blog. That's a cry for help.

Holy crap, I thought that satire of the highest TLo order when I first read it, then I clicked on the link, and for real. So glad I don't buy Elle and help that woman pay for...everything she's spending her money on.

Is the sun past the yardarm yet?

Anonymous said...

I have been sew happy that Ms. Slowey (entirely too much tootie) has kept her dour mug off of Project Runway for the past two seasons. Gawd, what an unpleasant be-yotch!

Anonymous said...

Shinjira said...
I can only imagine what working in the fashion industry can do to your mind.
It's bat-shit crazy, I can attest. The men are just are weight-looney as the women. (We had a senior exec, think Nina-like, who used to steal food from the group refrigerator) She was a binge-&-purger, we ALL knew who the culprit was, but No-One dared to say, "I know it was you who ate my cheesecake."

An ex-insider FYI: Magazine/office sample-sales are a major source of 'the small ass obsession.'

After photos shoots, the garments cannot ethically be sold as *new*...most are placed in wardrobe rooms until the mag. issue has been published and/or the next season is out.

Often these samples, including purses and shoes(!), are then made available for employee what can only be described as a swag-hoarding-bitch-slap-free-for-all. They actually got to the point where everyone was issued a single (largish) plastic bag...when it was filled, you were exceptions.

Prior to that, people would build mounds of items...and snarl around them like wildcats...or VictorYa and blue jeans. ;)

The THING IS....the garments were strictly Model-Sized....0-4, maybe a 6.
If you wanted that Armani silk jacket w/pants for $30...and to actually wear Anne Slowey and her Lanvin skirt, you had to have an ass that fit into it.

Also, your feet had to be at least a size 9. At size 8 1/2 I bought a lot of cotton balls to stuff into the toes! hahahaha! Ah~ those were the days :)

Anonymous said..., that was a really long post...sorry for being so wordy. (blush)

Anonymous said...

Sharing violation.

Anonymous said...

Sally !! SO SO sorry. My "sharing violation" comment was meant for Ms. Slowey, NOT as a response to your comments!

And PLEASE don't apologize for the length...I was FASCINATED. So, some aspects of "Ugly Betty" aren't THAT exaggerated, huh? Whaddaya know...
- Ignatz

Anonymous said...

Ugh, why does she even have a forum for her stupidity?

Anonymous said...

Jeebus! Did she try to lose the 20lbs by having a lobotomy?


She doesn't need to buy the French electrode machine. I'll be happy to Taze her ass for free.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ignatz,

No offense taken at all. :) Your post came in after mine, so I *guessed* that you meant Slowey.

I'm more familiar with forums where conversation passes back and forth between a number of people. This format seems to be more of a one-shot-commentary I tend to try to pack a whole conversation into a single post.

(I need to work on my editing skills :)

As for the Ugly Betty reference, YES...that show gets a lot of it right, except they don't really have a strong gay-male executive character...and believe me, they ARE there. I was a sort-of "marc' to a male 'wilhemina'. We weren't quite so evil...well maybe he was. hahahahaha! good times..good times.

Milla said...

Oh babies.. this is my problem with the fashion industry.
More eating-disordered thinking and anorexic ideation on the part of an influential person in the fashion industry.
And they think that this is normal, desirable, adorable and chic.
Starving yourself and being constantly obsessed with your weight is a mental illness.It's not fashionable, it's insane.
What they should do is start making the Lanvin skirts in sizes 12 and 14 and 18, and showing models of all sizes and colours on the catwalks, so women don't have to hurt and hate themselves to wear them.
These women are what's wrong with the world of fashion and why my teacher once said that I was going to make it big in the industry, because most people in fashion are not very intelligent.
It is MUCH easier and saner to make a bigger skirt than to starve a human being into submission.

PunditMom said...

And get her hair fixed and have someone teach her What Not to Wear on Project Runway!

Anonymous said...

Wow......she's too much....

Anne said...

ms_flyover said:

*Note: I do mean fat, not Elle magazine definition of fat - put on 60 pounds with the little bundle, and he came out at 5 pounds.

Yeah, but you can count that as baby fat for like eight years. Brooke is 11 and I'm still carrying some baby fat from her - not to mention her four siblings!


Anonymous said...

Huh? Why pay 20 Euros for porn and watch crappy commercials instead. Girlfriend seriously got a problem.

Kanani said...

Sally, I loved your recollections.

I knew the Editor in Chief in the 1960's and 70's for ...I think it was Harper's.

I met her long after she'd retired, moved out here to be near her daughter. What I loved about her was that she had so much style, but wasn't bitchy about it at all. She also had the very best stories.

Gorgeous Things said...

(sniffs air)
Whew, someone's been smoking crystal meth...

Anonymous said...

It is MUCH easier and saner to make a bigger skirt than to starve a human being into submission.

Milla, I agree. Alas, there has always been a fashion ideal. We've gone from Rubenesque, John Singer Sargent, Suzy Parker, and now... well.... anorexia.

12, 14, 16 ....these are decent numbers, normal numbers. I'm just said that everyone thinks people who wear these sizes can't be fashionable. They can be and they do!

Giselle "Hinata" Ascott said...

ass fixation and self starvation aside...

does she have to talk that much about porn and how much she paid so she can watch porn, etc.?

Anonymous said...

I just got my Elle magazine.

Here's this:
"When Victorya Hong was forced to bunk with the party girls --her roommates had all gotten the boot from the show --the serious designer and Sweet P nearly came to blows. Sweet P turned Mean P, the alter ego when she warned contestants about in episode one and wears tattooed on her left arm. Hint: Just wait for the reunion show."

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Late to the party, but please tell me this is satire.


Really. Please.

Anonymous said...

It lacks style. It lacks class. It's everything fashion journalism has become, which is to say, it's not writing but ranting across the page.

As someone pointed out, when scores of journalists are losing their jobs --journalists who can write and have a good eye, it's a shame AS still has one. She's not amusing, she just takes up time and air.

drwende said...

And the irony is that if the woman ATE, both her hair and her face would look a lot less haggard. Fashionable clothes can't overcome looking haggish unless fashion starts requiring really large hats.

(Love the insider view, Sally. Fascinating... terrifying...)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just: Wow.

It's even more intense when you read the entire post, which just spills and spills.

This p.s. is golden too: "Post script: I am three ass-inches and two waist-inches away from being a Narciso Rodriquez sample size."


Milla said...

"Alas, there has always been a fashion ideal. We've gone from Rubenesque, John Singer Sargent, Suzy Parker, and now... well.... anorexia."

Well, maybe what we need to do as smart beings in constant state of evolution and as creative, smart people, is to be revolutionary and maybe learn from the mistakes of the past.Just because something has always existed, it does not mean that we should continue to foster or tolerate it.
Maybe what needs to be done, is stop setting "ideals" and embrace and hold up the "real" as a standard.
When I start making my line, the plan is to make everything from a size 8 to a 22+, mostly because no "contemporary" or high end-designer ( other than "plus" lines line Marina Rinaldi, Miro or Forma)carries anything above a 6. And when they do, the high end stores don't stock them.. I think I am the only person with the hopeful naivete to go into Saks or Neiman's expecting to dig up a size 16 McQueen jacket on sale...LOL
Believe me, I have trawled high and low for the elusive LAMB XL or Chanel 50 or DVF 14's. I am overjoyed when I can find a Marc for Marc Jacobs piece I can get myself into, praise the Lord for jersey and spandex. He goes up to 12 only, and good luck finding one. When 10 is considered XL, there is something very wrong with the industry.
Why one body type should be given preference over another is completely nonsensical.
And it's time we stop making tyranical demands on women to modify their bodies according to whim. It only makes the weight-loss industry rich, and enriching them is neither my job nor my goal as a designer. I see them as evil parasites right on the same boat as right-wing conservatives.
People, like dogs, cats and horses, come in different shapes, colours and sizes and they are all beautiful and good. And making women of all colours and sizes look beautiful is a challenge that all talented designers should take head-on.
I wish the fashion and medical industries got that through their tiny, prejudiced minds.

Unknown said...

"I see them as evil parasites right on the same boat as right-wing conservatives."

Go, Milla!

And, Sally, no apology necessary!

katiecoo said...

Was that *really* on the Elle website? I'd like to see the Nina screen caps applied to THAT hot mess.

Anonymous said...


there's a quote from nina's book that says something like "i'd rather be tempted by chocolate than a pair of size 0 jeans."

maybe they should chat.

GothamTomato said...

"milla said: And it's time we stop making tyranical demands on women to modify their bodies according to whim. It only makes the weight-loss industry rich, and enriching them is neither my job nor my goal as a designer. I see them as evil parasites right on the same boat as right-wing conservatives."

First off, no one else is as evil as right-wing conservatives. Not even fashion magazine editors.

But beyond that, one of the biggest ironies of the anorexic aesthetic demanded of actresses & models, is that, while the size demands are getting skinnier, the general population is getting increasingly obese.

Anne Slowey's attitude is certainly not healthy. But neither is it healthy to be obese. Both extremes are damaging to your health and your quality of life.

Maybe the growing obesity problem is partly because the skinny ideal turns eating into a fetish, or maybe more people are medicating themselves with food in large amounts (while sitting more), or maybe it's the changes in the chemistry of the food supply (all that high fructose corn syrup & hydrogenated oils). I think it's probably all of those (plus basic math).

When I was a kid, there were certain models and actresses that I always wanted to look like (all super skinny - people were actually much thinner back in the 70's), and I tried like hell to get to that look, but never could. I found out years later, that all of them acheived those skinny physiques by being either bulimics or drug addicts. Some died young. Who knew?

Accepting who you are is great, but that can go too far as well. I don't think that if someone is heavy, they should accept it. (But that doesn't mean buying into diet industry scams or quackery like the pathologically insane Slowey). They should eat healthy and excercise more. And I don't say that casually. I say that as someone who has always had to work (very hard) at keeping weight under control.

In the last year I've had two old friends die: One from anorexia, and the other from obesity. Both are dangerous conditions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ignatz, kanani & drwende,

Thanks for the comments. It's been almost 8 years since I worked for Neiman Marcus -- if you stay there (fashion work) too can ~warp~ you.

In fact, I think it was watching the tragic 50-something execs. with empty personal lives...that convinced me -- wow, life can really pass you by.~~~ bitter, bitter people

There certainly ARE glamourous the Christmas catalog kick-off party..held in an aircraft hangar. A hundred+ people in full cocktail dress, champagne....Stanley Marcus and entourage (circa 1995-6). Models in full couture wandering through the crowd w/enough diamonds on them that each had a security guard.

...then the hangar doors (can't even begin to describe how tall they were)...creaked back to reveal a NM-customized Boeing 777 being taxied up for show....or when they drove a limited edition Audi through a "sugar glass" showcase window ....think it was for a James Bond/Peirce Brosnan tie-in. It was wicked!

So yeah....back to Anne Slowey...her world is like an extravagant French Court. Wearing powdered wigs with bird cages or having your ass-tazered is completely the norm. I've no doubt many of her peers think she writes "the cleverest things." (sigh...head-shaking-snicker...sigh)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. What????

katiecoo said...

Profound commentary G. Tomato.


Anonymous said...

this was terrifying. reading the food journals of models was unsettling too, though less insane. but Milla - you need to get your line going!

I've had eating-disordered behavior for years now, and it is always, always triggered when I go clothes shopping. The shrinking sizes in mainstream shops (8 or 10 as the XL size? pleeeeease!) and the unflattering trends in fashion for those of us who aren't long and lean - it's bad. it's not the cause of my disorder, but it exacerbates it.

this is another reason i hated VictorYa and her desire to flatten her models - it's just a smack in the face to those of us with, you know, boobs. and hips. and extra pudge.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Interesting comments all around.

I've seen many, varied-forum threads on weight/proportion issues. It's almost like religion and politics in terms of the passionate response it brings.

One constant however, is that male forum members tend to go abruptly silent when the issue arises. Kind of a universal, "does this make my ass look big?" query.

Men have self-perception issues would be interesting hear from some of you. yes?~

Milla said...

"But beyond that, one of the biggest ironies of the anorexic aesthetic demanded of actresses & models, is that, while the size demands are getting skinnier, the general population is getting increasingly obese."

And that is sort of not correct.
The whole thing with the famous and much touted "obesity epidemic" is the giant scam that it is. The standard for what constitutes overweight was reduced from a BMI of 27 to a BMI of 25, thus creating overnight millions of newly overweight and obese people who are really perfectly healty.
The hysteria over the "health" risks of obesity have also been grossly exaggerated.
Many recent studies have shown that the publicized CDC figure of "400000 dying of obesity" each year was grossly exaggerated and the real number is more like 25000 and of those mostly just the morbidly obese. That is people with BMIs in the neighbourhood of 40.
The weight loss and medical industries did this for a very specific reason. The infectious disease grants were drying up at the CDC and NIH, and the drug companies and diet companies were more than glad to fill in the gap.
They were coming out with new weight loss drugs like Meridia, Xenical and the new Zimulti which is so dangerous (it has a really bad psychiatric side effect profile) that the FDA refused to approve it.
This is a common marketing strategy in the pharmaceutical industry. It is commonly known as "disease mongering". Diseases are created or exaggerated to sell more drugs ( or weight loss plans).
The other thing is why is it up to society as a whole to police other people's health?
I am a medical professional and a designer. I subsidize the fashion with the medicine.
And seriously, I think that people's health is their own private business and that it is up to each individual to take whatever measures for their health, but that NO ONE should impose their health priorities or choices or judgement on anyone else.
I think that the current obsession with "health" has done more harm than good.
There are a lot more eating disordered individuals than there are morbidly obese ones.
I think that the problem starts when people think that they have to or even that it is good for them to try to "control" or manipulate their weight.
People should eat good, clean foods and exercise moderately but people come in a range of sizes and they all can be healthy. And the range is much wider than what the medical and fashion industries have allowed us to accept.
This is called the Health At Every Size paradigm of approach to healthcare or HAES. I am a big proponent of that. Worry about the health not about the weight. And miraculously the results on both mental and physical health are much better than the more widely accepted " thinner is healthier" pharma/ diet industry sponsored approach to public health.

Anonymous said...

the issue of anorexia and obesity are only slightly connected, but I think we can all read that horrifying blog and agree that ann slowey should NEVER dictate cultural trends.

For the obesity epidemic, look also to the Farm Bill (or why it's cheaper to buy a manufactured twinkie made out of 20 processed ingredients than an apple that you literally pick off a tree.)

I think as a culture we sometimes use a concern with health as a mask for a real bias against larger people. (Not saying anyone here is doing that) The focus should be on overall health - which has many indicators other than weight - Like, are you a smoker? do you electrocute your buttocks? etc.

Kanani said...


I don't think of the sizes Milla talks about ...10, 12, 14, 16, 18 as morbidly obese.

I have worked with the morbidly obese, some of whom haven't walked unassisted for ages, who have leg wounds that will not heal due to diabetes, poor circulation, hernias that can't be repaired, when they go into a hospital they need special beds, depression that is so deep they've given up. Believe me, many of them don't accept themselves. Yet, ironically, in order for them to change they do have accept who they are in order to find the resolve to get healthy.

Certainly those who are in the group I've described deserve to have their humanity affirmed, with the encouragement to change their life.

I think as a whole, our diet has gone to hell. I also think we live a far more sedentary life, and as much as things like the internet, TV, Video Games add, in many ways they take us further away from nature and socialization, and sometimes into a zone that quickly becomes out of balance.

And balance, regardless of size, is everything.

Anonymous said...

you go girl-- I am a WW lifetimer for 1 1/2 years now.
after 2 babies I took off 35 # and am now HW proportionate.
WOO HOO it feels great and I'm working to make it stick.

Sally, I LOVE the insider info. Most of us will never get to experience that so please feel free to share.

GothamTomato- thank you for your insight. I find that often you articulate what I am thinking.


Anonymous said...

Hey Milla,

you wrote: There are a lot more eating disordered individuals than there are morbidly obese ones.

I frequent some pretty Majuh debate forums, not that I'm in their league, but reading keeps the mind sharp, eh?

I have to say, that comment would have gotten you a verbal smack-down for:
1) not citing resource or evidence
2)contradicting yourself by failing to mention that morbid obesity is directly related to dysfunctional diet, thus somewhat canceling out the premise.

Clearly, you are passionate about awareness and I don't disagree with many of your assertions, yet as fellow TLo-fan...and thus a friend by de-facto...I urge you to cite facts as well as emotion.

Cheers....Sally :)

Anonymous said...

sally said...

One constant however, is that male forum members tend to go abruptly silent when the issue arises. Kind of a universal, "does this make my ass look big?" query.

Men have self-perception issues would be interesting hear from some of you. yes?~

Well, I'm a guy. I don't quite know what I could add that is guy-specific because I don't think that guys are immune to any of what is being discussed. I have friends with disordered eating, friends and family who have weight problems and I feel dissatisfied with my body pretty often.

The only difference I see, personally, is that mens body image issues and eating problems are perceived differently, sometimes very differently (imagine Anne Slowey's blog entry coming from a man - would it strike the reader the same way?). That might be a good thing in some scenarios and a bad thing at other times. Dunno, that's the view from one guy, anyway.

sfnative64 said...

Ah C'mon you guys...

My partner and I have been big fans of this site for a long time and we have laughed many, many times at the commentary from everyone. But this sent us over the top. This is BY FAR the funniest thing we've read on here. What wit, she's flipping hialrious. Clearly she doesn't take herself too seriously. She can self-deprecate an do it with humor and sarcasm...LOVE IT. Too much info? Heck no, I want to know whether or not she makes it into that damn dress.

Milla said...

Hey Sally,
I don;t cite stuff because I write freaking scientific papers and fabricate evidence for researchers all day long.
That is how I earn my keep.
Citing studies is what I do day in and day out.
And no. Morbid obesity is NOT always or ONLY caused by dysfunctional diet. That is a fallacy. It can be caused by other things like POS, hypothyroidism,genetics and other conditions. Usually it is the byproduct of several factors. And those are not always food and lack of exercise.
If you want evidence about what I am saying without me having to start typing in scientific studies according to the latest edition of the AMA manual of style ( I really don't do it unless I am getting paid), just go to Kate Harding's Blog called "Shapely Prose" (, the Big Fat Blog, or Fatso.
There are two great books one by Paul Campos called "The Obesity Myth" and another by Gina Kolata called "Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss--and the Myths and Realities of Dieting" and a great editorial by Marcia Angell and Jerome Kassirer, former editors in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine called
"Losing Weight — An Ill-Fated New Year's Resolution".
Those are good palces to start...

Anonymous said...

what a boring article. i stop reading after the third line i think. Its not PR related at all.

GothamTomato said...

Milla said: And that is sort of not correct."

I think the same thing about what you wrote (I didn't want to paste it all here again).

BMIs (and how they classify them) aside, all you have to do is look around to see it. And the stats about the rise in related diseases are there too. What you said contradicts what every doctor, I've ever heard, say.

As for the weight loss drug marketing, well, all drug marketing is like that. They turned shyness into 'social anxiety disorder', and then offered a drug that had side effects that would traumatize any shy person for life & make them a person that no one would want to be around anyway. (Can you just picture the chronically shy person taking the pill, then going out to a party where they cannot -side effect- stop farting? Drug or not, they'd run home, get under the covers & not come out again. Ever).

But the marketing of weight loss drugs doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.

You said also that 'society' shouldn't 'police' other people's health. I agree, but I don't think that is happening. What I do see is many outlets offering more good information, for people to use, if they choose, and that's a good thing.

True, society shouldn't 'police' your size. But you shouldn't expect society to validate your size either. This acceptance movement, that has arisen recently, that wants to demand of society to 'tell me I'm beautiful' is silly too. You have to validate your own self.

This started as a mention about designers producing clothes in larger sizes: If they don't, in high-end, mass market outlets, that is likely because their research tells them that the market they want is not there (for more expensive lines). That's all. If there was money to be made, at those upper price points, they would do it.

But the reality also is, weight is one of those third-rail issues. And there's no way to have a discusssion about it without it becoming highly-charged, and without people getting offended.


Lothian said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! Keep up the awesome work, you boys are fierce!

Anonymous said... i the only one on here who thinks small asses are undesirable? yeah, it might be nice to lose a few pounds, but not if it's at the expense of my fabulous booty. so i have a little extra padding elsewhere--every guy i've ever dated has loved my body, particularly my curvy (at least for a white girl) ass. give me jessica biel or jennifer lopez over the prepubescent boy-like model figures any day. if anything, i wish my ass was bigger!

GothamTomato said...

"lala said: if anything, i wish my ass was bigger!"

Well, you could get ass implants. Or you could earn your hard-won ass the way the rest of us have; by having a regular menage a trois with Ben & Jerry.


Anonymous said...

If women in her industry are that paranoid about their bodies, no wonder the media sends the messages they do about body image.

Very true. That food diary was scary.

It does explain the continued obsession with stick figure models

Gwen said...

She's pretty obviously writing hyperbolically for comic effect, don't you think?

I mean, I get that we're supposed to hate her because she judged against Emmett, and glamorizing weight obsession is wrong, but taking that blog entry at face value is like arguing over an Onion article. Take a joke, guys.

Anonymous said...

Ok, girls, it sounds like an episode of Oprah on here. Enough. TMI.

finding the filth said...

wow. this woman is deranged...

almost totally unrelated, BBC america ran a documentary experiment, called "super skinny me", where they took two completely healthy thin women and asked them to follow fad diets for 6 weeks, to see if they could get down to the infamous size double-zero. one followed the anne slowey fasting diet & absolutely lost her mind. within 2-3 weeks she was anorexic. and by the end of the experiment, she was unwilling to shake off the diet.

the idea of giving up real food, or poking and prodding my body with electrodes and god knows what else, just gives me the heebies.

by the way, that gadget anne slowey had her eye on is probably no more than a glorified tens unit. no chance of it doing anything more than relaxing your muscles. you gotta be a raving idiot to spend money on that garbage.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Know how I know she's not lying about the dieting? Her hair looks like straw. No luster, no shine, no thickness. This is precisely what happens when you have too few calories, fat, and necessary minerals in your body.

How do I know? I'm on one of those semi-fasting diets. No, I'm not morbidly obese, but I've been overweight for too long now, and efforts to lose the excess more slowly were repeatedly failing and resulting in more gains. Anne's look is one of the things in the disclaimer you have to sign in order to join the program. "Hair becoming brittle or falling out" is one of the side effects you are required to report. Check.

As to obesity in general, that's a complex topic. There is plentiful objective evidence that a) portion sizes have increased in America b) the use of processed foods has increased in America c) exercise has declined (suburban living = driving, plus TV, plus internet), and d) diabetes has increased. Accordingly, I am perfectly willing to assume that there has been a spike in weight and therefore health of the average American.

Though diet and exercise can be the answer, the answer is not the same for everyone. Low fat works. High fat, low carb works. Aerobic works, with less weight training, more weight training with less aerobic, it's much less precise than many observe. Should people try it? Yes. Because whether the extra weight results in disease or not, it's not bad to have a life involving exercise and nutritious food.

I read a fascinating article in the NYT Magazine a few months ago about morbid obesity. Though it sounds fanciful, there are those seriously studying the propositions that in some cases obesity is caused by the flora in the gut lining, by viruses, or by other treatable external causes. This is real, important research by respected scientists, and although it's far from definitive, it does point to a suggestion we can all use: contrary to embedded prejudices, not every fat person is that way because of their own behavior. If that causes us to treat people more respectfully, instead of as gluttonous out of control fatasses, than I think we should go with it.

On the other hand, the anorexia and bullimia engendered by the fashion world is a real risk. Anne is precisely on the other side of that divide. You would think that once you got to be "of a certain age" you'd give up on this kind of nonsense. But I guess in her industry, you can't. I thank God that I don't live in a world where musings about starvation and ass-electrification are viewed as diverting snark. It's deeply sick.

Damn it, I'm all for excessive moderation I guess! Moderation at all cost. Who is with me?

Lilithcat said...

milla said, " I write freaking scientific papers and fabricate evidence for researchers all day long. That is how I earn my keep."

You get paid to lie? You do realize that you have just admitted to falsifying data, don't you? I sure hope nobody relies on the research papers for which you "fabricate evidence"!

Anonymous said...

Great, another person with unhealthy body issues running our fashion magazines. (rolls eyes)

Anonymous said...

All that and she still looks like a train wreck on TV!

Lauren said...

This from the woman who screamed "vulgar" at the drop of a figure-skating costume?

Anonymous said... had a pretty good article on the Genes vs. Lifestyle argument about weight loss. The research lingo is a little too heavy for me to understand it fully, but maybe it would be of interest to some of the "professional" debaters here.

PhantomMinuet said...

She scares me just a little. =:-o

Anonymous said...

You get paid to lie? You do realize that you have just admitted to falsifying data, don't you? I sure hope nobody relies on the research papers for which you "fabricate evidence"!


All data needs to be interpreted. All the "scientific evidence" you ever come across has been crafted by someone

Anonymous said...

oh, and gotham tomato, I have a friend who's about 400 pounds and has been treated horribly time and time again because of it ... size discrimination is real.

Lilithcat said...

anonymous 9:57

Milla did not say that she "interpreted" evidence. She said quite clearly that she fabricated it. There's a helluva difference. Get thee to a dictionary.

Milla said...

How about I am told EXACTLY how to interpret the evidence so it says exactly what I am told it should say?
And basically I am not the only one doing that.
Healthcare professionals in the entire world base their clinical decisions on incredibly biased information at best.
85% of the information they get is in one way or another industry sponsored. Relationships are groomed and senses of entitlement created from the time doctors enter medical school.
So just because a doctor is a doctor it does not mean that he knows everything or that he or she even is basing his decisions on the best available science.
A good think to watch is this:
Every word they are saying is absolutely true.
I have to live with the guilt day in and they out.
But I have studemt loans out the ying yang.
And a family to support.

Anonymous said...

This bitch is crazy LOL
Love the blog...saw it in the Philadelphia two rock!

Anonymous said...

Somebody, please, fix her hair! I am begging you!

Anonymous said...

Somebody, please, fix her hair! I am begging you!

LOL. She's a mess but I give her credit for being so candid about her weight obsession.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up too!

Lo said...

I'm really interested in the comments going on here.

I used to kinda sorta model, and I was active on the forums of a website that discussed the industry in many of it's incarnations, including commercial and fashion. (Both of which I am too short for, and too "big" for the other.)

As you can imagine, the discussion of weight came up often enough and many, many of the fashion photographers and models would INSIST that the fashion industry has little effect on anorexia and bulemia in the everyday woman.