If Laura Bennett were a superhero...

Friday, October 12, 2007 by

...what would she call herself?

Here's the deal: Laura's going to be starring in her very own comic strip on iVillage. The premise of the strip is that Laura will be a superhero that solves women's fashion dilemmas. Thing is, she hasn't come up with a name for herself yet. That's where you all come in.

Come up with a superhero name for Laura Bennett and if she picks yours as the best, she'll send you an autographed copy of the Project Runway Season 3 DVD! We can't guarantee that the winning entry will actually be used by iVillage, but at least you'll have the comfort of knowing that Laura liked yours best.

Post your answers in the comment section and leave some sort of name (doesn't have to be your full name) so we won't be stuck saying "CONGRATULATIONS, ANONYMOUS AT 10:57 AM!!!" We'll announce the winner on Monday or Tuesday. Get cracking, ladies! Post as many suggestions as you want!


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Anonymous said...

Captain Glamorous???


Captain Fabulous???

You know, because Laura is "fabulously glamorous!"

Seriously though, she should be Wonder Woman, because the woman is fabulously glamorous, amazingly talented, and raising 6 kids! Too bad that one's taken. :/

Anonymous said...

Style Mominator

hokgardner said...

Red Elegance

Goldielox said...

Well, the most obvious would be Bad Mommy, lol. But, I was thinking something along the lines of Red Thimble.

DolceLorenzo said...

Super Glamlauraus!

Did I mention that I worship this woman?

Anonymous said...

La Laura. Elegant and it PROVES she's in charge!

Or Bad Mommy, that just tends to work!

Anonymous said...

Laura the Magnificent
The Flame
La Fashionista
The Fabulizer

shall I continue?

Anonymous said...


Love you boys! Love you Laura!

cleamontis said...

The Scarlet Needle

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Super Couture


Anonymous said...

How about Dazzle Girl?

Anonymous said...

Glamour Girl

Anonymous said...

AGLAIA (or Aglaea)

She was the goddess of beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence and adornment.

Anonymous said...


Egyptian goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, helps you to your inner light and shows you how truly beautiful you are.

Anonymous said...

Super Glam

Rebecca said...

Super Chic

Anonymous said...

Glam Mommy or Fab Mommy

Anonymous said...

Look! Up in the Sky! It's....

The Amazing Sequined Wonder!

The Scarlet Empress of Style!

Eh. I can't come up with anything else.

Anonymous said...

1) The Glamazon.

2) The Red Dress.

3) Fashion Fighter.

4) Style Warrior.

5) The Bennetron.

6) The Flaming Stitch.

7) The Mother of Invention.

8) Fashion Vixen.

9) Design Doyenne.

10) The Fabfem.

Anonymous said...

"wannabe said..."

I love your suggestions, wannabe.

Anonymous said...

The Sophisticated Wonder

Anonymous said...

The Scarlet Pimp-her-out :)

Little Red Riding Pants

Red Dawn

Laura Luxuria

Styla Red

Gem Redstone

Okay, I'm bad at this :D

Anonymous said...

Fabu-mom (she could be from planet Fabulon--as a nod to Thom :)

Glamma Red

Scarlet Of-hair-a

The Divine Diva

Anonymous said...

Fashion Flash



That's all I got.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I love this! This is fun!

Fab Doll


Anonymous said...

Glam Fetcher

Anonymous said...

Fabulette will rescue you from the horrors of polyester and expose you to the fabulous world of fashion.

Anonymous said...

- FabChic
- GlamChic

- La Croquis

Anonymous said...

Dazzling Dame (Dazz or Dazzle for short)

Red Baroness

Unknown said...

How about,

Lady L: Mistress of Fabulosity?


Love you boys and Laura!!

Jennifer V.

Anonymous said...

The Bennettron.
Because I love the idea of the little Bennetts as her backup team, The United Colors of Bennettron.

Anonymous said...

- Superfashion
- Superfabulous

personette said...

"Dame Laura"

Anonymous said...

Glamtastic Girl

Anonymous said...

Fantatisc Laura

Anonymous said...

How about...

Fashion Tracker?


vuboq said...

The Incredible Stylizer?

I totally *heart* Corinne's Flashionista and Wannabe's Fashion Vixen!

Anonymous said...

Tigera - The Fashion Queen

Anonymous said...

Tigera - The Fashion Queen

Anonymous said...

thanks Bettie.


11) Sophistikitty.

Unknown said...

How about Vogue Vixen

Anonymous said...

The Scarlet Ace

The Magnificent Garnet

Glamdonna (glamorous Madonna)

Fabdonna (fabulous Madonna)

Fabulonna (variation)

The Noble Copper, Rose, Cherry

The Copper Penny


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that my idea is absolutely laughable, but that's the most I can hope for:

The Laurinator!

(+5 if she does the ahhhnuld accent.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Zipper Girl

Anonymous said...

Kid Couture

Anonymous said...

1. Bella Rouge
2. Stitch Lass
3. Diamond Diva
4. Le Coque
5. Haute Coutura

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The Scarlet Sash


Laura Lame´
( I don't know how to make it say lamay)

The Cashmere Cape

Eliza said...

The Coiffed Crusader

Anonymous said...

Two variations on a theme -

Red Glamazon

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love, love, love a lot of these names, but I'll give it a go, too. How about:


(but I don't know how to summon the French e with the accent going backwards, so just imagine that first e as having it)

Unknown said...

Instead of the DVD, can I have the Laura Bennett dress I have been waiting patiently for?

OK, here goes:
*Fixin' Vixen
*Super Dame (Like Super Dave...remember him?)
*Fashion Warrior
*Dr. Fabulous
*The Masked Mayjah Fashioner

Anonymous said...

"GlaMère" from Anges. Great name! While holding down the alt key type 138 on the number keypad (not the ones above the letters) to get è. If you're on laptop, sorry, can't help.

ava said...

How about The Marvelous Maven?

Ursa said...

There's many wonderful names here so I'm not even going to try to come up with another! (though I do love Janet's FabulousMommy, Bettie's Aglaia & Sewing Siren's Haute Coutura)

BUT, I do hope she has the Super Hero version of the LBD on with a deeply plunging neckline & her signature buckle-brooch!

Dave said...

The Glaminator (from Fabulon!)

Love you guys! and Laura!!

Anonymous said...

How About



Anonymous said...

The first one that poppped into my head:
The Fabuliser (Fabulizor? I can't quite figure out how to spell it properly...)
or alternately,
The Glamorizor (Glamoriser?)

Or if you're going for the one name thing:
It has a certain ring, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Glitter Gal
Kouture Kat
Kouture Kop
Gotham Gal
Makeover Maven
Ms. Getwithit
Capt. Nosweats

Anonymous said...

Waaa! Everybody stole my ideas!

Okay, no they didn't. I couldn't have thought of all these incredible ideas if my life depended upon it. What talent we have here. :-)

Here's mine (and it took 1/2 hour):

Mistress Glam

Gorgeous Things said...


Isabel said...

Ruby Diva

Anonymous said...

"cleamontis said...

The Scarlet Needle"

I love that one! Oh, and who said the Red Thimble, that's cool too!

Here are some other ideas....



Dr. Glamorous

finding the filth said...

love the names so far. but The Fabulizer by debby t, is my favorite. it's perfect for her.

Anonymous said...

Super Sophisticate

Anonymous said...

Wonder Womb and her mad scientist husband Dr. Sperminator.

Her outfit will have a baby sling built into it along with a tool belt with scissors, measuring tape etc.

gacm said...

I've read all the way to the bottom, and I'm still dying over "Little Red Riding Pants." God that's good.

Yan said...

No new ideas, but I'd like to "vote" for cleamontis' The Scarlett Needle. Rock on.

And I want to know where the dress is, too. You can't promise The Perfect LBD and then leave us to languish. Women have needs.

Anonymous said...

Fabbotica. Love Laura!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


My suggestion :)

Anonymous said...


lady red
the scarlet stiletto

Anonymous said...

I'm seconding the obvious (goldielox at 1027 AM)

Bad Mommy!

-- desertwind

Anonymous said...

Fabulon Girl

Thombeau? Where are you?

That's for you!

Anonymous said...

Fab Chica

Why not?

Grace said...

Glammy Mommy
Lacey Laura
L.B. (Laura Bennett) so chic

Katyola said...

Fabulous Flying Flash
Red Lantern

Anonymous said...

Lady Laura and her Fabulous Fashion-crime Fighting saves the day!


Anonymous said...

Little Red Riding Haute Couture

Anonymous said...

I'm loving Fabu Lass and Scarlett Needle.

I can't come up with anything close to how great those are!

Erica said...

Scarlett Spirit
The Rage

LauraK said...

The Red Glamamomma.

Anonymous said...

I also like the idea of something short and sweet like Red.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Maven

Fash Flash

Glam Slammer


Red Glammer

Slippery Slope Stopper

Anonymous said...

Actually, you should use the subjunctive tense, so the post title should be "If Laura Bennett were a superhero..."

Anonymous said...

MacGlamour - giver her a needle, a stick of gum and a trash bag and she have you runway ready in minutes!

ThunderMom - for mostly-obvious reasons

Deep Vee - it sounds cool and she can rock one

Mary Bobbins - kind of cute, if her character sews a lot

The Luxe Ranger - taming the wild, wild west of bad fashion

mjude said...

what great ideas! i can barely think of one but here goes..

Queen of Glamour aka The Queen.

love laura!

The Scarlett said...

FabGlam after her signature line.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you should use the subjunctive tense, so the post title should be "If Laura Bennett were a superhero..."

Actually, you should get a life.

Anonymous said...

I want to do one-word names... like Madonna (not a suggestion).

Glamazoness (glamour + amazoness)
Sixsation (sensation and "six" for the number of her children)

or perhaps two-worders

[The] Scarlet Sophistication
[The] Scarlet Sensation
[The] Scarlet Salvation
Tom's Goddess
Lorenzo's Goddess
Peter's Goddess
My Goddess
Amour Glamour
Feathered Fashionista
Beaded Beauty
Equestrian Diva (Laura in riding boots from episode 303).

oooooooh! How about...

Laurabulous: Defender From Serious Ugly

but that's interchangeable with Lauramourous or what have you.

If you can't tell, I'm absolutely trying to push myself for the win this time. Laura is my absolute favorite designer from all three Project Runways and her autograph would be a gay dream come true if my mother doesn't win the Woodstock dress for herself. =)

I Love You, Laura Bennett! :)

-Brett Hawkins, 17
Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

The Lauralizer
The Red Edge
Laura of Arabia
The Scarlet Wonder
J'Adore Glamore

Okay, I'm done now.

-- rain brain

TLo said...

Actually, you should use the subjunctive tense, so the post title should be "If Laura Bennett were a superhero..."



Anonymous said...

Captain Fashion

Flash Fashion

Fab Glam


Glamour Puss (she could wear cat ears!)

A Force to Be Reckoned With (a little long, but true)

Sew Fabulous

Anonymous said...

1. Glam! (ie. "Did you just see Glam save that woman from a Zebra Skin Versace Mini Skirt.")
2. The Plunging Neck Line (ie. "Her Hanes T was foiled again, The Plunging Neckline always gets her way.")
3. The Red Bob
4. The Stiletto
5. Park Avenue

Brooklynboi is my name!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Couldn't resist adding a few more

The Crimson Sequin
The Ruby Crystal
Femme Chic
The Satin Hand
Golden Ginger
Mlle. Couture
Haute Mama (double entendre...)

Melissa said...

Her motto should totally be "Getting rid of some serious ugly"!

The Glaminator?

Nah too Terminator...he wasn't really a super hero...

Stilleto Girl?

Lady in Red? She'd already have a theme song! :)

Okay so my suggestions aren't so good. But I really want that DVD!

Anonymous said...

Madame Rouge (love potion number 9)
La Laura
The Dame

I'm obsessed

Anonymous said...


The Scarlet let-her (or Better?) (sorry)
Bright Shiny Object

Mindy said...

The Scarlet Force

The Fiery Fashionista or The Fierce Fashionista

The Scarlet Styler

The Style Vixen

The Elegance

The Fashion Maven

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Almighty Glam

Anonymous said...

The Fashion Fille or Fashion Fille

La Fab Fille

Boucheron Girl

Diamond Princess

The Glam Snob

Tres Posh Laura

Anonymous said...

Manolo Mommy

Anonymous said...

Spandex Girl

Anonymous said...

"Debby T said...

I love it.

How about Red Velvet?

Gorgeous Things said...

Tom & Lorenzo said...
"Actually, you should use the subjunctive tense, so the post title should be "If Laura Bennett were a superhero..."




I want to see the strip where she battles the villainous Quilted Extravaganza of Puff!

Anonymous said...

The first episode will be her battles against the Evil Queen of Fleurchon!!!

nomnomnom said...


Anonymous said...



The Garbitrator

The Glaminatrix

Anonymous said...

"Gorgeous Things said...
I want to see the strip where she battles the villainous Quilted Extravaganza of Puff!

Debby T said...

The first episode will be her battles against the Evil Queen of Fleurchon!!!"


And let's not forget the battle agains Captain Haldol - The Crazy Gluer

Anonymous said...

How about:

The Scarlet Harlot

Okay, now I feel a little bad. Lol.

Anonymous said...


She IS a super fabulous superhero. I love her!!!

Let's see...


Anonymous said...

While her loyal sidekick, The Silver Gunn, uses his x-ray vision to examine underwear drawers across the universe....

Anonymous said...

You people are completely hilarious.

Did you see that Brett Hawkins outed himself above? Look at the effect you have on people, Laura! Give it to him, he's adorable!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ooh, this is fun! My name's Alexa, and here are a few ideas:

Sergeant Style
Red Glamour
Glamour Puss
Style Siren
The Fash (like, the Flash)

What kind of superpowers is she going to have? Magic? Flight? Super-speed? Can't wait to find out.

Andreas said...

Lady Lavish
The Black V

Anonymous said...


"Would you like a diamond?"

ava said...

elegant avenger

Anonymous said...

Madam Stilleto
Haute Glam: Princess of Couture
Ruby Slippers
Rhinestone Wrangler
Dressing Dervish
Mistress Regalia
The Winged Needle: Defender of Fashion

Anonymous said...

What kind of superpowers is she going to have?

She will be able to zap the orange out of overly tanned skin.

Michael Kors?! C'mon down!

Anonymous said...

"Actually, you should use the subjunctive tense, so the post title should be "If Laura Bennett were a superhero..."

Actually, you should get a life."

The first thing I thought, too, was that it should be were. And I have a life. Imagine.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

"Actually, you should use the subjunctive tense, so the post title should be "If Laura Bennett were a superhero..."

Actually, you should get a life."

The first thing I thought, too, was that it should be were. And I have a life. Imagine."

The boys got the message and corrected the post. Can we move on?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pussy Fashion, like Pussy Galore

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


personette said...

Mommy Galore




Fashion Galaura

NahnCee said...

The Un-Gunn


Glamasaurus (Glam-A-Soar-Us)

strongbasil said...

femme mode.

its a play on femme fatale. because when i think of laura i think of a french woman. confident and sophisticated without being trashy and vulgar

Tracy said...

Lady Laura to the Rescue

mj said...

1. The Fashionator

2. The Incredible Designing Woman

3. Style Warrior

Anonymous said...


40 Watt said...

A superhuman of all-seeing, all-knowing wisdom, I suggest is called:

The L-oracle

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Also "Fabuella"
~ Phyllis

(I did "Faberella" too!)

Unknown said...

Damn this mountain time zone & long work day! All the good ones are taken. OK, I'll go with La Glamorama (or maybe that should be Glamarama)

Anonymous said...

"Vixen Croquis"


Anonymous said...

"Venus Vendeuse"


Anonymous said...

Fab Laura (to the rescue)

The Fabulous 1

Glamour Girl

Fashion Diva

Fashion Sister

Style Diva

Laura: Mistress of Fabulosity

(can't remember my log-in name, getting old)


Anonymous said...

Stealth Stiletto

or she can always use my moniker. For Laura, I'd give it up. :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong...I love Laura, but don't you think a super hero called
Rich Bitch could work? it just rolls off the tongue.

Moving on....if nothing else, this list has provided Peter with some new words for his valentine's day cards, My favorite would be "You're Lauradorable!"

Anonymous said...

How about:

"The Titian Titan"

Emma P.

Suzanne said...

Its a toss up-
I vote for either "Little Red Riding Pants" or "L-oracle"!!

Anonymous said...

1.The Velvet Fist -- frumpy fashion goes "bam!"

2. Madame X -- styled after the Sargent portrait.

3. The Coquette -- jazzy, Parisian

4. ChiCat - (accompanying theme song to be sung by Leslie Warren)

5. La Zouzou -- Josephine Baker nod


Richard said...

How about "FabuFemme!"?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Can I just say that I love this blog?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Maven, the Fashion Vixen!

Anonymous said...

Oops, Maven, The Fashion Vixen! was my idea, and I'm Karla with a K.

Sewhat? said...

Darn, So late in the day...


(but I must say I do like yomanda's "Sew Fabulous", for obvious reasons, lol)

LL said...

The Scarlet Stunner
The Fashion Fascist
Madame Mommy Couture
Lady Couturier
Glitter Glam Ma'am
Fab Glam Ma'am

LAF said...

Captain Couture
The Plunging V-Neck

(optional: and her Six Stitchers)

Anonymous said...

Fab Fashionista
Sewing Siren
Super Sewer
Super Seamstress
The Glaminator

-Anita! :D

Erica said...

The Darning Dame

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fab Laura: Fashion Crusader!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if this one's taken....


Anonymous said...

the beading beauty (or beaded)
crimson couture
the v necked vixen
the Bennetfactor (like benefactor)
madame fashion
The Scarlet Stitch (like Scarlet witch who is an actual comic book character)


P.s I didn't have time to read all the 165 posts before me so I apologize if some of these were already mentioned.

Anonymous said...

wow... i can't spell!


Courtney said...

"The Plunging V"

as in: Oh no! Tye-dye t-shirts! Wait! It's The Plunging V to the rescue! She can solve any fashion crime!

or something like that...

Anonymous said...

Red Haute Mama

-- rain brain

personette said...

back on the james bond theme:

Dr. Lo

Mommy GaLaura


or from comic books...

the Naped Crusader

personette said...


Anonymous said...

- The Red Menace
- The Needler
- Big Red
- Raven Garmento
- Kali Sew Ma
- The New Orleans Spitfire
- Voodoo Smile

-- desertwind

Lorna said...

Design Diva

Anonymous said...

Look! Up in the sky! It's...

The Classics Crusader!


Anonymous said...

Yeesh. I woke up this morning thinking of superhero names. A few more entries:

Fashion Phenom
Fash Phenom
Fashion Fly
Glamour Gendarme
Glamour Gazelle
Wonder Maven
Wonder Stitch
Fashion Stitch
Glamour Stitch
Stitch Bitch
The FabGlam Wonder
Lady Glam

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

"Sister Sternum"!

Able to deflect both critics and bullets!

Polish Princess said...

Dr. Donna Peril

Unknown said...

This is the best contest ever! My suggestions are:

The Elegant Enigma
The Scarlett V
Sew Chic
The Fabulous Flame
The Dressform Diva

Laura Bennett, mild-mannered architect by day, bearer of fabulousness and banisher of serious ugly by night!

Anonymous said...

oo LOVE the Scarlet V!! Great suggestion Kelly!

Ok, I have to add one more:

The Rip Stitch


Anonymous said...

How bout:

The Silver Needle?


meep said...

The Bennettron.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I was gone for 24 hours and I missed this! Hope I'm not too late. I see her sidekick as "Captain Save-A-Ho," and her name as "Bennificent." Love T&L, love Laura, can't wait for Season 4. MMMMWAAAAH!


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! Brett, here! =D
I just wanted to add a few more suggestions to the ones above. At last night's football game, I thought up of a few more superhero pseudonyms.

Goddess Arula - It's an anagram of Laura and she is the goddess of classical fashions (GCF?), so yay.

Sailor Laura (or perhaps "Sailaura" or "Sailora") - the adorned "Sailor Moon"-esque franchise character that Laura I'm sure would design a sexy sailor outfit for herself, but better than the one she designed for Jeffrey's mom (she only had 2 days, but with all the time possible, she could make pure gorgeous).

I'm gonna try to come up with more by Sunday! :D

best of luck to everybody, this prize is a dream!

Brett Hawkins, 17
Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

oh and for "Goddess Arula", it could also be "Goddess Alura" (Alura = Allure).


Anonymous said...

Louisa Vuitton

Unknown said...

this might lead to trademark violations, but my vote is for the Bead Dazzler

Anonymous said...

- The Illuminator (All will be revealed!)

- Sew Lovely
- Sew Bad
- Sew Good
- Sew Easy

- Sew Mama!

- The Queen (She knows what you need.)
- Lady Laura (Kicks ass!)
- Lady Bead Good
- Top Stitch (No bitch)
- Mistress Solution (ain't no probs she cain't solve)
- Fug Wrangler (Round up yer troubles!)
- Fug Fighter (She is very brave.)

- Needle Knows (And you can, too!)
- Darn Glamorous

--- desertwind

Anonymous said...

The Fashion Fiend


Anonymous said...

Super Stylist

The Vogue Vixen

Glitz Girl


fachingnuts said...

Diva Divine


Fashion Fire



Anonymous said...

Geez People! All this Laura Love is making me feel kinda funny.....wait.....I think I'm feeling... Laurgasmic!

Anonymous said...

Hey, We may as well go for 200 posts.

May be obvious but has

Glamour Mom

been mentioned yet?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha!

Anonymous @ 5:26 PM

Give us a name so your new fans can properly thank you for the laugh and bow down before thee!

-- desertwind

personette said...



Anonymous said...

Femme Grenade
Fashion Grenade

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LBD Girl
LBD Woman

Laura rocks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mea Fashion

Another one!

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