Three Things You Didn't Know About T Lo

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by
Thing one: The T in T Lo has picked today to end his 20-year smoking habit. Weep for him.

Thing two: The Lo in T Lo is neck deep in work projects and has been for the past...oh, 4 months or so. Weep for him.

Thing three: Both T and Lo are beside themselves because their baby is - as we speak - having her womanhood removed and the place is eerily quiet without her and we're both terribly on edge because she's never been away from home.

Weep for them.

And now you know why we haven't come up with another fabulously witty post today.


Michaela said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that cat is effin' cute.

Mo(riah) said...

Sending happy thoughts and much love to T, Lo, and your princess pretty kitty.

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff....

She'll be fine. Just make sure that you give her lots of love and room when she gets home (she'll be a bit cranky for a few days). Also watch the stitch line for any signs of infection.

Good Luck!!

The Divine Miss M said...

T: Baby, I feel your pain. I quit a month ago, and it was hell--even though I'd only been smoking for about 10 years (I'm 28). Nicotine gum is your friend; so is Eclipse gum and--if you like them--suckers. Seriously. The boyfriend got two tins of Chupa Chups, and we've been smoke-free ever since. Mostly.

La Kitty will be fine! She'll need her dads to comfort her and fuss over her for a few days, but then she'll be back to being indignant and swatting things off counters in no time.

snf in va said...

Tom, a big "Good For You!" for quitting smoking!! I'm proud of you! I quit 4+ years ago after 20 or so years, so I know that its doable.

Lorenzo, you'll get your work done, don't let it get to you.

Your baby is adorable and she's going to be fine. She'll be home in no time.

Considering that the alternative to spaying your baby is putting up with her yowling when she's, er, in the mood, with her trying to escape the safety of your home at any and every opportunity, and with her gentleman callers marking everything in the vicinity, you ought to be able to convince yourselves that you'll get through this day.

thombeau said...

Hugs to both of you, and kitty makes three!

Tom, you KNOW you'll be that much more marvelous as a non-smoker. And you'll smell better. Therefore, it must be done. What a positive life-change. Congrats, gorgeous!

Lorenzo, don't forget that it's only work. Stay centered and balanced. You're way too cute to be overwhelmed. Anyway, your husband needs you---he just quit smoking!

Miss Kitty will be better off after her stint in rehab, as it were. And you'll all be happier because of it!

Remember, what doesn't kill you makes you more fabulous!

Sewing Siren said...

O, dark times. Where to start?
Tom, I'm a former smoker too. I loved smoking, but had to give it up when I found out I was pg with my first. It wasn't *that* hard (for me), back then you could still buy "loosies" when you got desperate.
Lorenzo, Living with my dh when he quit was even tougher than quiting myself, so sympathy to you, and try to be kind and understanding. It's worth it in the end.
Kitty, It's all for the best. Just think how much more fun sex will be when you don't have to worry about getting pregnant ;).
Best regards to all Sewing Siren

Anonymous said...

Good vibes to you, babies. And please take a second and reflect on a job well done!

NahnCee said...

I had a very good experience using the patches when I quit. The craving/need for nicotine was absent, and then I just had to figure out what to do with my hands. I deliberately took different routes and did different routine things for the first couple of weeks, because triggers like talking on the phone would make me want to reach for a cigarette.

I also promised myself that I could eat ice cream as long as I didn't smoke, but that may not be such a good idea since you *do* gain weight. But at least you're not smoking.

What will you do with all the money you save? And just think - you can fly to Hawaii now and not have to think about how to get through a 4 or 6-hour plane trip without a cigarette!

Noelia said...

T, Congratulations! I stopped smoking 2 years and 5 months now, and though the first two to three weeks have been terrible, then you will start feeling much better. I agree with Thom that you will smell better too. If after a few weeks you feel like you want to start smoking again, think about all the effort that you are doing now, that will give you strength!
Lo, if you managed to write in three blogs at the same time, and still be funny, and fabulous, you can overcome anything.
To both of you, I understand what you are feeling now about your baby, My chihuahua has been through the same last year and so my cat years before, and until I didn't pick them I spent the whole day suffering, but don't worry, she will be dizzy at first, but it's all for her best. BTW, she's GORGEOUS!
Much love to the three of you!!!

macasism said...

You three are so sweet. Your internet friends are with you in your times of need.

This may be the first T&L post that deviates from the feel of ProjectGay. I like the new hominess, the intimacy of T&L. Hugs all around.

Anonymous said...

Dear T&L -

As our managing partner is wont to say, "It's all good. And it IS! You're making the absolutely right move for your health, Tom, so tough it out. I've never been a smoker, but I endorse your determination to eighty-six the coffin nails.

Lorenzo, work is ever the avalanche, but better to have it than be nurturing an ulcer wondering where the accounts receivable vanished. At least that's the rationalization I mutter when new projects heap up upon my desk. No work? No income and no joy when the bills arrive relentlessly.

Kitty, just consider it a new beginning, a new phase and snuggle up to your Dads, who are two very special people who probably make you laugh just about as much as a cat can chortle. Lucky kitty!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should start blogging Hell's Kitchen to take your minds off things.


Gorgeous Things said...

Oh, your poor baby! And you poor babies! I don't know who to feel worse for - the cat because, well, ouch! Or T for the hell he's going to be going through for kicking the 20 year habit (go T!!!!), or Lo for, well having to put up with T and the cat over the next few days!

Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

about a week ago, as i was doubled over, weeping, due to excruciating cramps; i began to pray for early menopause.
your kitty is very lucky- womanhood is a bitch!
p.s. was that to much information?
p.p.s. good luck quitting, tom!

ayla said...

Tom, good for you for kicking the smoking habit! I quit five years ago, and I still get through cravings which seriously aren't that often anymore) by promising myself that next time I'll consider breaking, but this time I'll manage. I also drink a cup of tea (like the English do, darling, none of that hippy herbal shit) when I am in situations that would normally have me running for a cigarette (Like being stressed about my kitty in surgery).

Good luck to both of you, and to your kitty baby as well. I'm sure you will all come out the other side. :D

Anonymous said...

You go, T!!! And Lo, hang in there. And (((hugs))) to your dewomanized baby!

Doralong said...

T- Oh honey, I feel your pain.. I tried everything myself, with a 20+ year habit. Cold turkey- damn near killed everyone in the house.. Patch- made me deathly ill, doc said no matter what they say 115lbs 'o me couldn't deal with the delivery system.. ditto to gum.. finally tried Chantix (as much as I abhor touting an RX) dang.. worked, no bloodshed or ugly bits!

L- baby, I feel your pain too! The DH quit cold turkey (he's that kind of guy) three years ago, and it was all the rest of us could do to keep from wrapping our hands around his neck! Be strong for him- whatever comes out of his mouth- he REALLY didn't mean it!! REALLY!!! And if his head starts spinng- just remember your darling spouse will indeed return to normal soon!

People are all sweet, supportive and such if one is in rehab or whatever, but smoking- unless you ever really had the nicotine habit, you can't really understand just how damn hard it is to stop. Most folks just go- "So. OK, stop"..

Baby will be fine! She'll be a bit annoyed with y'all for a day or two- but all will be forgiven soon.. just keep an eagle eye on the incision site!

Doralong said...

Dang- missed one (oh, can she be more verbose??) Lorenzo darling, I can only pass on one thing dear. The very last conversation I had with my Mother before she died was about the same thing- I was bitching and moaning about the huge amount of crap on my plate and going on and on I'm sure..

She sweetly stopped me and said "Baby, you have people that love and need you. Is your boss really on that list? And really honey, of the two which is going to mean more to you in 20 years, you need to think on it and chill your type A ass out". This from my 78 year old Mom ;)

Thank you Mamma, I've been much saner since I did... And the family unit has sure been a hell of a lot happier!

Anonymous said...

To the cat: Darling, pray they don't shave you. They probably will, but keep those prayers going. It's only humiliation from then until it all grows back. But it will grow back, after much teasing from any humans close by. Don't pee around the house after though, they don't like it.

- Squishy

To T: It's all for the best, really. And just think, there are worse addictions to break. I had to go two weeks without you two once, it was not pretty. Eventually I started making witchy comments about anyone who professed to know about cinema but had never seen one Busby Berkley or had heard of Cabaret. While it's not for everyone, one ought to at lease try both of these.

To Lo: Do not take a pack of matches or lighter that T will no longer be using to the stack of papers. Just keep plowing along, you're a little engine that could (be fabulous)! And that was a bit of a mixed metaphor but we're ignoring that.

Best wishes and kisses to the three of you,

The Maljax (and Squishy)

Desarae said...

Your baby is too cute!! Wish you guys the best.

sistersin said...

Good Luck on the smoking, god it's a bitch.
But baby Kitty getting her Ovaries taken out, weep weep. Just love her and give her nice comfortable bed or spot to sleep. Great photo though!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely baby. As everyone has said, she will be fine (and sooooooooooo happy to be home when she gets back.) Mine did go from being svelte to being a triangle (small head, big bottom) after the procedure. She's still gorgeous, though
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Rough time for all! Doralong beat me to it, but I must add my comments for Tom. Chantix, chantix, chantix. I work with 20 health providers and they swear by it. It is undoubtably the most effective stop-smoking aide we've seen. Give it a try.


KingRoper said...

rlYea for you for quitting!!

You're a better man than I (that is, if you're successful)... I wish you luck! And best wishes to Lo... if T's anything like me when I quit, you'll need some booze and a hell of a lot of patience.

Anonymous said...

Quitting is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best thing I ever did and I couldn't imagine live without it. You can do it!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what I meant to say: before I quit, I couldn't have imagined life without smoking. But now, can't believe I ever smoked.

Erin said...

Oh, Tom, honey, quitting smoking is a bull bitch on wheels. It gets better, but there will always be days; there's a wildfire in the area here, and the faint smell of smoke is making me crave a cigarette something fierce. It's worth it, though: Lorenzo loves you, we all love you, you HAVE to live as long as possible! What will we do for comic relief on a smoky midnight if you're dead of some horribly unattractive disease?

Good for you, too, for spaying Miss Kitty. Cats in heat are no fun whatsoever to have around (which you probably already know).

frogboots said...

LOVE that kit-kat cattie!

little drowsy post-op kitty......


Anonymous said...

Ditto to the Chantix!!!
I buddied around with cigarettes for 25 years!! I swore I wouldn't pay over a dollar for them too!!

Like everyone, I stickered, chewed gum, sucked candies and got HYP-NO-TIZED!!!

The Chantix has given me groovy dreams and so far no relapses. The best way for me to explain it, is that somehow it has changed my brain. When I think about a cigarette, I don't rush off to it. I seem to get distracted and the thoughts and craving passes.

Start you cigarette fund and buy something fabulous with all your savings!!

valpal said...

Wow! Lots on your plates, right now, boys (and girl).

Tom: what a great step for you to be taking! We're all behind you. If you don't want to go by the chantix, remember that Laura B lives on nicotine gum (not sure that that's such a great alternative, but there it is).

Lorenzo: Right now the work is paying for the blogging. However, eventually, the blogging and the creative outlets to which it has and will lead will bring you a fabulously profitable new career. One step at a time.

Kitty: Milk it, baby. These guys don't realize that you'll be feeling better sooner than later; now's the time to really play the diva. (Seriously guys, she'll be fine.) And, a womb does not a woman make. She's still a vixen!

kath said...

Congratulations for being socially responsible and having your cat spayed! She'll be fine in a few days, although you two are probably scarred for life from the experience!
And Congrats to Tom for quitting smoking! You have just given your body a wonderful gift. I agree with the divine miss m about the chupa chups. Several people I know have used those lollipops when they've had cravings. Hypnosis also works.
L- sweetie, I feel your pain. It's summer time, who wants to be cooped up working? I weep for you as I write this. I hope things will normalize for you soon and you can do something fabulous this summer.

Bill said...

Hey Boys (and your baby) - warm thoughts going out to you all.

Tom - you'll do it and be glad for it. I'm proud of you.

Lorenzo - as others have said, keep plugging away at work but also keep it in perspective. I always try to envision what life will be like when I am done with a big job. It helps me get through the tough parts.

I suppose your kitty will stop wearing those big fancy feathered hats once her surgery is done.

Ms. Meg said...

Good luck with quitting, T! It's difficult, but you can do it. Be fierce.

Dejathoris said...

I feel your pain and weep for you. Good on you for doing the right thing...too many unwanted cats in the world(yes, I am a preachy spay/neuter fanatic, thank you for asking).

I quit smoking almost 2 yrs ago and I am so glad I did but damned if I don't still wish there was someway I could smoke without the health issues/prohibitive cost and stigma/stench. Cigarettes are like a lyin' and cheatin' man who gives you good lovin'...

!whipcrack! WORK! Then come back and give us witty snarky updates on your progress.

p.s. I shall have my 2 cats and 3 dogs hold a vigil in your baby's honor, as they all feel her pain as well.

snf in va said...

"Bill said...
I suppose your kitty will stop wearing those big fancy feathered hats once her surgery is done."

Naw, she'll probably just tear them to shreds...

aimee said...

T & Lo, good luck with the quitting and the working. And oh, what a beautiful cat. I'll echo what other have said -- give her lots of love and treats and attention when she gets home. And tell her that my two cats, Audrey and Kate (yes, named after the two Hepburns; though sometimes I think we should've named them Lucy and Ethel) wish her a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait a minute. I thought we were your kittens! And last time I checked, my womanhood was still intact. Although if anyone would like to come along and remove it, that would be okay with me - perimenopause is a bitch all dressed up in a vagina hat (and she'd win your dames & divas without a backward glance).

On the smoking issue, you know how sometimes watching people in other cars is like watching a little movie? Or is that just me? Anyway, I quit years ago after I watched someone driving down the road in the car next to me trying to open a pack, light a cigarette, etc., and I realized just how unattractive smoking really looked. I did turn into a major fidgeter (had to have something to do with my hands at all times).

Feeling your pain and loving you all.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel, but she will be fine. My kitty had the same thing done a couple years ago (ok, so I guess she isn't exactly a kitty anymore), and when she came back I was the one who constantly had to stop her from jumping around and playing so her stitches didn't tear.
She is a beautiful cat, by the way.

Vic said...

What a beautiful kitty. She'll forgive you and forget. Animals are so wonderful that way.

Vic said...

Oh, and T, if you are determined to quit smoking, it will happen. This girl did it. It took a while. One of my secrets was that I refused to consider my minor relapses a failure. Each day I reduced my cig intake by one. The trick worked, but it was tough when I got to the end.

Oh, and my friends who chose to chew nicotene gum are still chomping on them, while I'm completely rid of the habit.

Brandenburg3rd said...

She is adorable!!! And she'll be fine. Every cat I've ever owned has been nipped or snipped--it's the only responsible thing to do. (It was just expensive the one year we had two adults and a litter of kittens to do all at once. Mama's prior owner had no concept of "how to prevent more kittens." @@) We had one in all those years with any sort of "problem"--and he was just hallucinating. Either that or the elves were hassling him.

T, bravo! It's the hardest thing you'll ever do, and the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you. If my mother had stopped at your age, she'd probably still be with us. We want you around for a long, long time.

water_jess said...

Good luck on quitting!

Give your baby kitty plenty of love and just be gentle for a few days. She'll forgive you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Tom! I quit smoking on Mother's Day -- it's possible!

Anonymous said...

aww they're both so cute :)

Anonymous said...

ah! Is that a cig-replacement candy we see in the cheek of the T?

Godluvya, kid. I'm looking forward to some tips because I. must. stop. smoking.

-- desertwind

PS - And much luck to the ever good-natured L. You'll need all your strength, honey.

Suzanne said...

I quit my pack a day Marlboro 100's habit 8 years ago. The plan is this : on my 75th birthday I am going to go out an buy a carton and smoke my brains out (plus eat like I have 2 assholes) until I kick it. Why the hell not? Who cares- what would I have left- another 10 years or so? Might as well enjoy.

Tom- did you go cold turkey or try that new medication or do the patch or what?

Lorenzo, now would be a good time to take up a Xanax habit.

The Java Junkie said...

Quitting smoking is a bitch, but as bitches go, you are far more fierce! Whip up a fresh batch of T Lo Whoop Ass and you shall conquer all! (What, you think T&L would use CANNED Whoop Ass??)

Jenn said...


Pittypat said...

Wow, times are tough for all! Tom, one tip if you are using nicotine gum. That's what I did to kick a 20 year habit 20 years ago! Just chew a piece of gum until you get that tingle that lets you know the nicotine is released, then stick it in your cheek and WAIT for ten minutes or more and chew a little more, then repeat. When all the goodies are gone, chomp on the gum itself for as long as you can stand it. Then chew regular gum on chomp on a straw or toothpick for a while. That will keep you from exchanging one addiction for another! The good news? - you will feel so much better, and you will BREATHE so much better! You will also live longer, of course! And that makes all of us happy. Good luck to all of you.

potty mouth princess said...

Good luck T! As of this past June 8th, I'm 9 years down (resolved to quit before my 35th bday and beat my goal by 11 days. Yay me).

Lo, I weep. But as a 40-something full-time college student pursuing a (real) BS degree, I can say with absolute definity that WORK IS EASIER. And you make money. In the Bay Area, I just need to make more.

Loverly kitty, my little Mitzi, who is now sleeping at my feet, feels your pain. Seeing above post, she's glad your girl is on the mend. Get a fixed boy kitty and watch the cuteness ensue.