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Kittens, is there anything more entertaining...

...than a designer having a total meltdown? Anything at all? We're not sure who came off looking goofier, Andrae or his model.

Oh Jesus, what is she DOING?

Walk, girl. Sashay those hips and look pissed off, like a good model. That's all you're supposed to be doing.

Well, at least someone in the audience found it entertaining.

Ohmigod, no. No she did NOT. Look bitch, walk that dress down the runway, turn around, and walk back. Your little Eartha Kitt impression isn't going to make that dress look any better.

You can see the crazy bubbling to the surface. Commence countdown to meltdown, starting....NOW!

Is there really any need for us to dissect this shitastic disaster?

Oh, you big spaz. It's like he got together with his model beforehand and said "Listen, I have a plan. You act like a total dork and I'll act like a mental patient and we're sure to win this thing."

Has there ever been an instance of a t-shirt so perfectly encapsulating the person wearing it? As entertaining as Andre's crocodile tears were, they weren't half as entertaining as everyone else's reactions - especially our Colombian spitfire.

"What is this? What am I seeing here? Is this raw emotion? Disgusting."

"Oh, boo-hoo-hoo-hoo. I'm so suh-suh-suh-SAD!"

Puhleeze. We're with Tim on this one: Oscar-worthy performance, but we didn't believe it for a second.

"Dear Jesus,


Love, Santino."


"Christ. Does Anna Wintour have to put up with this bullshit?"

And then he didn't even have the good graces to stop performing once Kirsten got auf'd. "I ruh-ruh-really LIKE her!"

Even Kirsten's all "Oh, will you shut the fuck up and let me get me goodbye kiss and get the hell out of here?"

Nina: "What an asswipe."
Diane: "Totally."


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Andrae is mentally unstable. He was off his meds that day. Crazy bitch!

"Nina: "What an asswipe."
Diane: "Totally."

OH. MY. GOD. The whole post is HILARIOUS!!

Every time they show that on TV I have to leave the room. I'm embarrassed for him.

You didn't say anything about the dress! I feel like if he had finished it, it would have been very good looking and not the "i made this dress out of scrap fabric" look that other dresses had.

And what's up with the British accent?

I love Andrae, but this was definitely not his finest moment. One of his most memorable, though. It gets you wondering "Is this guy for real?" If it was an act, what was the goal? All because he bought the jeans & jacket at about the same time he opened his store??? It is painful to watch, like a train wreck you know is coming, and entertaining at the same time. And seeing Santino standing there, visibly finding it so amusing, is just too much.

And there's the dress. Since all he had to work with was raggedy denim, I expected a raggedy looking dress. But it's a pretty simple design and construction. How on earth could he not finish it? Looks like the meltdown this episode must have started long before they got to the runway.

As for the model, she was probably following instructions from Andrae--just another part of the meltdown. But for a minute, I thought we might be getting Morganza, the sequel.

Jesus, I love Andrae.

"Your little Eartha Kitt impression isn't going to make that dress look any better."

I had to work a show with Eartha Kitt. She could make Tony Soprano crap in his pants. She could even make Shatengi crap in her pants (not to mention make Wendy chew her fingers down to the knuckle).

No, a real Eartha Kitt impression would have scared the judges into giving Andrae the win.

--Gotham Tomato

"Oscar-worthy performance"

Oscar Mayer, maybe.

--Gotham Tomato

Oh ladies, you totally missed the faggy way he ran off the stage. All arms flailing & tears flying! It was heavenly.

Has there ever been an instance of a t-shirt so perfectly encapsulating the person wearing it?

oh no you di'int!

Although you did perfectly encapsulate Santino's reaction.

And you find out on the DVD that it actually went on for more than 10 minutes! Somebody needed to bitch slap that boy -- "Snap out of it!!!"

"It's like he got together with his model beforehand and said "Listen, I have a plan. You act like a total dork and I'll act like a mental patient and we're sure to win this thing."


He taught his model to growl, just like the grandpa did in "Little Miss Sunshine". : )

I really do love Andrae, he's one of the "delicate people",like a Tennessee Williams character, but more LA than southern.

Drama queen. I hate cry babies. Hold it together, bitch!

Oh, Andrae. I saw him last week as the guest fashion stylist on "How Do I Look?" He let his hair grow back which made him look kind of ordinary. But he did that same 'hands clasped under his chin' gesture at one point and I thought "There's the Andrae we all know and love!"

The meltdown was one of the best things I've ever seen on the show and was just as funny in the screen captures. And Nina!


"Dear Jesus,


Love, Santino."

Ha ha!

From the looks of that picture, Santino certainly seems to be enjoying the show, but not his model. She seems to be thinking, "Sure, you laugh but the more he carries on, the longer I have to stand here with moose and squirrel in my hair."

Our little lamb is crazy like a fox. It's like what you're supposed to do when you get mugged--act like a mental patient and confuse the criminal long enough and they'll leave you alone.

Andrae is intelligent, literate and very funny. Check out his blog sometime.

Even though he was a drama queen and crazy Andrae was one of my faves of Season 2. I really like this dress, I just wish it was more finished looking.

No no no, Nina is really thinking, "There isn't enough Botox in the world to disguise my disdain for this idiot!"

"Dear Jesus,


Love, Santino."

thank YOU gayboys, thank YOU, for this hilarious post<3

OMG. Andrae's meltdown was demented. At first I thought the bitch was faking it. It was so over-the-top and crazy, right? But when I realized his hysteria was for made my skin crawl. He needs to be sedated.

Santino is such a cruel twat. He was laughing his ass off.

Maybe Andrae was on the rag. I get teary and emotional too when I'm PMS-ing. Some chocolate and Ibuprofen always helps. Poor little lamb. I bet Tim Gunn was shocked by his outburst.

I think Andrae was on drugs. Look at his eyes. Bitch was high as a kite.

I have a visceral urge to punch him in the face. STOP CRYING!!!!!!!!!

Andrae, the moist version of Vincent.

And they are both from LA, along with Santino and Jeffery and several other nutjobs.

I told you I want to draw the state line below Santa Barbara and above Bakersfield.

Your little Eartha Kitt impression isn't going to make that dress look any better.

pumpkins, that girl was channeling Liza in that photo. damn. what a duo.

"I told you I want to draw the state line below Santa Barbara and above Bakersfield."

Aw, come on: as a former resident of the northern side of that border and a current resident of the southern side, I have to say there are plenty of loonies up there. Um, Loopy-Lupe is from the Bay Area. Need I say more? Oh, and Vincent is a native New Yorker. Nutjobs come from all corners of our great country, it seems.

Every single shot has the person's face saying something hillarious.

I mean Santino's laughing like mad and his model is pissed.

Andre's model is trying to comfort him and that's absolutely hillarious.

This scene may seem wierd the first time you see it. But after that it is comedy GOLD.


The only thing funnier than Andrae's breakdown was your break down of his breakdown. Another classic PR moment made even better by the gayboys.

And I loved Santino's letter to Jesus. Priceless.

A classic PR moment which if I remember correctly actually went on for like 20 minutes or something!

"Dear Jesus,


Love, Santino."


Andrae is a freak show.

I am crying from laughing so hard! I totally love you guys!!

serriously, that's the first time I've seen the dress. I missed that episode, and I've only seen the breakdown, never the outfit.

Aaaaand there's the moment Santino officially became my favorite PR2 contestant. You see everyone else looking hella uncomfortable, and then it cuts to Santino covering his laughter. Beautiful.

Aww, I love Andrae. Our little lamb...

But this post was freaking hilarious and entirely true haha.


I love the way Nina stares at him.

I imagine this is also Andrae's sex face. Yes, he cries when he orgasms. Such a tender lamb.

In small doses, he’s mildly entertaining.

Dear diary,

Why I love the PR boys:

Reason #1:

"Dear Jesus,


Love, Santino."

"Our Columbian spitfire"!!!

You just crack me up!

i think andrae just told danyelle to do that and- she just can't say no.

but danyelle is pretty cute though.

i just don't like what andrae did this time, it's fake emotion.

also sooo suprised that, i thought you guys will say something good for andrae!

if we just look at the dresses, kirsten's and andrae's, don't care whoever did it, don't care that one is only a lady and the other one is a dramatic cute gay that may draw audience's attention.

andrae's piece of shitty clothes just should be out.

this meltdown is certainly a trick, really really.

you will think that, well, we shouldn't eliminate him, poor little boy.

Okay, this just hit me; Danyelle appears to be wearing a wig. If you've seen episode 3, ironic, no?

Loved the raw emotion part and ANY reference of Nina Garcia vs. Anna Wintour.

That was an absolute riot! Thanks, Boys.

Note to self: Don't read the Project: Rungay at work. I nearly lost it when I read "Listen, I have a plan. You act like a total dork and I'll act like a mental patient and we're sure to win this thing." But after I read Santino's prayer, the sheer effort of not laughing has me in tears.

You guys are too funny.

Granite Janet

Bwhahahahahahaha. Excellent, excellent post. I am howling.

the smirking shot begs a "silence of the lamb/s" joke. the ontological confusion of being lecter and the lamb is soooo l.a.

Andrae is so fake. Those crocodile tears were ridiculous. I wish Nina Garcia had bitch-slapped him and shut him up.

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