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Congratulations to Jeffrey Sebelia for winning
Project Runway Season 3!

So, how about that one, hunh? DRAMA! SCANDAL! REDEMPTION! It was like a 19th century novel except with more sequins. Honestly? We saw this one coming and while Jeffrey's vision is largely not to our tastes, he is without a doubt a very talented designer and we look forward to seeing what he does next.

This is undoubtedly a controversial decision and some are saying they'll never watch the show again, but we feel the need to remind you all of our patron saint's favorite phrase: chacun à son goût. And y'know? This is nothing new for PR. Plenty of people were pissed that Kara Saun or Daniel V. didn't win. If PR runs for another 20 seasons, that'll be 20 years of pissed-off fans who keep coming back. For us, it's less about who wins it and more about spending time with fabulous people creating beautiful things (along with the occasional not-so-fabulous people and/or not-so-beautiful things). It's about the process and the people in the process. Jeffrey wouldn't have been our pick, but we have no problem with the decision, if for no other reason than it's practically a certainty that all of the final four will be moving to new phases in their careers within the next year. We wish them all well.

Now, girls? We are exhausted. We stopped by a friend's place tonight and hung out for a couple hours before heading out to a fabulous finale party. We'll be back after we sleep it off to dissect this episode to within an inch of its life, but for now, we're heading to bed. Here's a couple pictures from our night:

Oh, we have SO MUCH to tell y'all.
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Amazing. I was in complete shock when they declared him the winner. So pleased!

SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!

ULI-OOOOOOO!!! ULIIIIIIIiiiiiiii!!!! OH! *sobs*

Soooo glad you got to spend the evening with Laura. Can't wait to hear about it. I am incredibly bummed for Uli, because I think Laura can take it from here, but I think Uli could really have benefited from the win. Michael is on his way.

And there is a God in heaven. Jeffery has to design for INC for a year. HAHAHA, LMAO.

Oh, and Elle Magazine ? VERY second tier.

I'm sure I'll go against popular opinion to state that I think Jeffrey absolutely deserved the win. I couldn't stand the Angry Little Peanut during most of the season and I still wouldn't want to have lunch with him now, but his collection was the best: cohesive yet varied at the same time. Personally, I would rather wear the clothes my girl Laura designed and I think she did an amazing collection, but when I watched the show, Jeffrey was the clear winner.

PR boys, what will you do now with your blog. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (with sugar on it) say you'll continue this for PR season 4!

I am soo happy Jeffrey won. Most of his collection was absolutely amazing. And his crying on Uli's shoulder in the beginning was really cute.

God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change,
Courage to change what I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

God also grant me lots more Laura in my life and the money to buy myself an Uli dress someday. oh well. like y'all said, it's not like any of these guys are going home to sit on the couch.

can't wait to hear about the pah-tee!

Jeffery is very right now. Sorry guys, the only one I was not hoping for is your Laura...


Please write about that awkward moment where Marilinda couldn't run right into Jeffrey's arms bc she had to hug Heidi first. Then Jeffrey had to hold that elated position for just a little too long. Oh please.

Who cares about who won - I haven't for the last 3 seasons.

And okay, is that really Laura and Gepetto's place, and is that really a painting of her in the background, or am I seeing things? Do you now have vial of turtle poop that you wear around your necks? DISH!

Since "fresh" is apparently the only attribute about which the PR producers care, it seems well past the time to bring some "fresh" meat into the judges' chairs. Enough of Misses Garcia and Kors. For season 4, how about judges who are not predisposed to find beauty and class to be "boring" and "one-note"?

Chuckles said...
I am so upset with tonight's results that I can't even see,
(forgive the word), "straight!"
What is up with those judges? Jeff-poo doesn't deserve such an honor, due to his attitude and
besides he already has a business
up and running---look at that work
space he has. I wanted Laura to win, or even Uli. The judges even
said any woman would want to wear Uli's things. I was disappointed in Michael's, as they were a bit too "hoochy mamma" for my taste, but I really loved his soul. (And Laura's too for that matter!) I'm shocked! Maybe next year will be
better. In all three seasons, I have only been happy with the first winner, Jay! Oh well! Our
challenges and pains make us strong! Peace and love and AUF
WIEDERSEHEN! I demand a recount!

2:18 AM



I can never forgive you

(I mean that only in the most jealous, bitter way.)

love you love her love the blog

dont stop!

Woah! Cannot wait for the dish!

You know the kidz'll go crazy for Jeffrey's stuff. It was really cute! (confession: I would've in high-school in the 70s until punk came along to save the day. Yes, I am that old.)

In many ways his collection made the other three look a bit heavy and over-thought/over-worked. What if Laura had kept the color (I loved that chartreuse popsicle) and Uli the prints (Kors really didn't like her stuff, did he?) and Michael an over-the-top bling?

I could've been happy with any of them winning (though I leaned toward Uli -- just 'cause). The only downside to The Peanut's win is the boards are gonna be a drag to read.

But then - we've got you (and a couple of others) to keep us entertained. Thanks much!

-- desertwind

Eh, so Jeffrey won. I don't think any of the designers cared too much about actually winning as much as getting exposure and cultivating a fanbase to springboard their careers. In fact, I remember Jay from season 1 turning down the prize money so he could start his own line on his own terms, and I think Kara Janx has probably benefitted the most financially from her stint on PR of anyone from Season 2.

That said, I was never much of Jeffrey fan and wouldn't be at all surprised if he outsourced his work and didn't document it, but I did think his collection was beautiful and witty and was pleasantly surprised.

And I *LUUUURRRVE* me some Laura and can't wait to see that smart woman sell her clothes en masse to the public...I just hope when they get to be mass produced she can ensure they maintain her standard of impeccable tailoring and workmanship.

i understand why laura would think jeff had outside help. there were elements of über level sophistication in his work, something that had been missing from his prior work (except maybe the couture challenge). despite not sharing peanut's tastes, it was pretty evident why his clothes would win.

in laura's defense, i'd have a terrible time trying to surpass myself if my taste level was as high as hers.

PRGays-- You have the life I want to live and I'd like it back. NOW! I'm so jealous but you're both so hilarious and dishy and sweet-- How can anyone possibly hate you?
As for La Laura not being the winner--
Look at the bright side, kids. Remember what Kara Saun said about not winning? At least Laura doesn't belong to (ick, really folks-- The Target lines have more imagination)INC. She's OURS! She can start her own line (investors are going to be lining up around 7th Ave to be in business w/ her and THE Peter Shelton)making an $8,000 line look like $30,000 and never have to compromise her vision for ANYONE!
Can't wait!

You two viscious hobnobbing bitches!!! (I love the visciousness!)

Post LOTS of pics of Laura's crib, including all things fecal.

Love you, love the Blog...sorry the season's over!



Jeffrey doesn't have to design with anyone. Jay from Season 1 turned down his banana republic mentorship.

bravo to jeffrey! i really felt his clothes (of course i've been horribly biased to him the entire season). i also liked Uli's...i didn't really get Michael's, but aesthetic is a personal choice.

i was not too keen on laura's. i didn't empathize with large amounts of black, a menagerie of bird feathers, outdated 20s beaded flapper dresses, or 80s lace. they didn't seem very modern or stylish.

First off, I say this with only green-eyed love...

But you gay lucky bitches! That must have been the best PR viewing party in the country. But it looks like everyone was having a good time and full of smiles which is great. After dealing with the drama-fest of last week its nice to see how overhyped the whole situations was.

Anyways, congrats to all designers. I do think all four of them will be going places. (Personally I look the most forward to Laura's challenge to Santino.)

Gratz Jeffrey, and congrats Marilinda! It's funny, Laura was my favorite designer but Marilinda was my favorite model. So I'm happy that at least one side I was rooting for won.

Here's hoping the next season is even more fabulous.

Eh, the season had more rancor than anything else, but for the first time I gave a shit about the clothes, per se. I'm Laura's age and have similar tastes, and if she designs for Loud & Tasteless and/or Needless Markup or similar, I'll save my pennies and buy buy buy.

If Laura opens a salon,boutique or store, I'm there, I'm saving money now to buy one of her dresses. I love her work. I can totally understand why JEFFREY Won, his work is so very innovative. He really rocked it out and his work was stellar, but so was Laura's. Michael Kors was amazed by her bead work....Laura, Michael, Uli and Jeffrey are all so very very talented. Good luck to tall of them, it's just beginning.

If Laura opens a salon,boutique or store, I'm there, I'm saving money now to buy one of her dresses. I love her work. I can totally understand why JEFFREY Won, his work is so very innovative. He really rocked it out and his work was stellar, but so was Laura's. Michael Kors was amazed by her bead work....Laura, Michael, Uli and Jeffrey are all so very very talented. Good luck to tall of them, it's just beginning.

I want to give credit to the judges. I think they've picked the right winner season after season. The point isn't which "style" of clothes is your favorite or whether it's your taste or not; a real designer isn't just supposed to make "pretty clothes." Any knockoff designer can do that. Their collections have to have an original perspective, tell a story, and do something novel with either material or with the human form. I would say Jay's, Chloe's and Jeffrey's collections did just that, more so than those of their fellow designers.

And I actually think Michael's collection was moving in that direction as well (even though people dissed it). His vision wasn't completely thought through to the end, which was what made it seem a little incoherent. But if you look at some of his forms with the thick belts, he's sort of creating the pedastal of the body that focuses attentions on broad shoulders and a slim waist, and makes a very youthful silhouette that's but sexy by virtue of looking athletic.

Laura's collection had elements of originality in the details (like the thick belts on evening gowns) but not enough to justify a win. And while Uli's clothes were all pretty, they seemed more derivative than all the others', and they looked sexy mostly by virtue of the superhot models wearing them.

Sportsmanship, professionalism and fair play by the rules should count for something...

Jeffrey wins - Whatever...

OH MY GOD!!!! You guys went to Laura's!!!!!

I'm SO jealous!

As if you guys could get any more fab!

I don't even care about the episode, tell us about what Jeffrey and Laura were saying while they were watching and stuff. (I mean, I care about the episode, but I've already seen that.)

Did Jeffrey know you guys call him the Angry Little Peanut? Were Uli and Michael there?


Queen of the Exclamation Point

I love being right! I knew Jeffrey would win once I saw all the drama they created around him. I didn't like him all season, and am still not his #1 fan, but I think they made the right decision. Now, on to more important things - YOU GUYS WENT TO LAURA'S HOUSE!!! OMG, tell all! How was it? Is it huge? What is Laura like? Does she love you guys as much as we do?

Congratulations to all! I loved seeing each collection. The level of work accomplished in each collection, the defined point of view from each designer. This was the most impressive showing of the the 3 seasons.

I am a huge Laura fan, but Jeff's collection was fresh and innovative and certainly worth the win. I was equally impressed with Uli's collection.

I am absolutely on pins and needles to hear about your evening with everyone watching the FINALE!!!!

Brian in KY

is it just me, or did much of Micheal's collection look like it was designed for Frederick's of Hollywood? and I mean that in a BAD way....... I mean really- some of his dresses had "pole dancer" written all over them-- and I liked him this season.

Jefferey's collection was clearly the winner to me,it was amazing!! He may have the personality of a pit viper- but his clothes are rock and roll fierce.

Major thanks to you guys for keeping us all entertained during all of the ups and downs of PR.

You are THE patron saints of fashion and bitchery...


No one deserved to be at that party more than you two! And you look fabulous!!

Though in my gut (because of his behavior on the Today show and the View- too perky for a loser)I knew Jeffrey won the PRfans in my house want to collectively throw ourselves under a bus due to the TRAVESTY of Laura not winning.

And her head on a stick? LOL!

Anxiously waiting for the details!!

Not my style, but I'm at peace with the peanut winning.

Fern Mallis rocks.


I was so happy to see Fern Mallis as the guest judge, and not some B-celebrity. She is awesome. I'm okay with the peanut, and totally jealous of our darling PRGayBoys for their party invites. Next year can I please go as your straight date?

Jeffrey not only did not deserve to win- he did not to deserve to be in the finals at all.

And I think that the principles behind fans being upset that Jeffrey was handed the win much more important than whether anyone thought Kara or DanielV should have won.

To call him a 'bad boy' is a whitewash of his horrific, mysogynist, bullying behavior. He is unrepentantly obnoxious. It sets a very poor example for that type of behavior to be rewarded. (He needed to be taught a lesson, and now, as if on cue, insuffereable Jeffrey, clearly jealous that Michael is the overwhelming fan favorite, is trying to trash him and drag him into his own self-created cesspool).

And this 'win' will taint any future seasons by adding more obnoxious asses to the audition pool. Future seasons will be like the Jerry Springer show with talent-challenged contestants all trying to out-do each other in the rude, obnoxious department. And many very talented designers will no long want to apply because they won't want to put themselves through the 'Lord of the Flies' type environment.

And beyond all that...his clothes were hideous. Beyond hideous.

All season long PR has been on waterskis, approaching the shark. Last night it jumped.

--Gotham Tomato

You were at Laura's?! Oh, drama!

Waiting for the turtle-poop related fabulousness..

I looked at many of the collections from Olympus Fashion Week besides the Runway designers. Many (icluding Mr. Kors) had one note collections. Kors, especially, was NOT innovative. Vera Wang and Donna Karan's lines were weird and ugly. Carolina Herrera had a lot of misses. I looked at them the way I thought a Project Runway judge would view them and saw many to be "lacking" innovation, style, form, proportion, etc. The more established designers often paled in comparison to what we saw last night. Tell me uli doesn't have a vision! NOT!!!! You can see a Uli dress in your head. Laura's work was beautiful, stylish and would favorably compare to all the best established designers. Michael's was phat but bettr than Baby Phat. Jeffrey has a lot of newer ideas but he was derivative more than people would think - just go look at all the OLW desginers. So - did he deserve to win? I think they all did. What would I wear? Laura's and Uli's - and I am not a stick thin model but I could see myself in a version of some of their items. Michael had a vision - unfortunately the judges have a view of life that doesn't include street wear. but he had some really cute pieces.

Wow, apparently the TV cameras add 10 pounds to the neck.

Jeffery looks so DIFFERENT in those pictures. His neck appears to be human-sized!

Jeffery got on my damn nerves for the whole show, but this IS a good opportunity for him.

I'm also very happy for Marilinda. She's adorable and can work the HELL out of a dress, so I hope she goes on to a fabulous career. Nazri will be fine.

I somehow know I will be secretly reloading this page ALL DAY at work.

Love you guys!

It was interesting throughout the season to see those personalities. michael's and ulis came shining through, with class and substance.Uli comforting Jeffrey instinctively. Michael, well, its obvious what a gentle man he is. Laura surface veneer was impressive nevertheless from a superwoman perspective. Jeffrey, snivelling guttersnipe, poor me, its all about me.

I'm kinda glad Jeff won. I thought his looked the most like a collection, Laura's did too but was pretty narrow. I'm not saying I'd buy his stuff but I'm not his target customer so I don't think he'd be offended. I think part of the reason I'm happy he won is that he is largely self taught and so am I. Frankly, it gives me hope! Laura said something on Andy's blog about doing a pattern line which I would buy every one!

Now, what I want to know is are the "laura on a stick"s going to be for sale here soon.

I just have to say, I found that wholly anticlimactic. Like -- I wasn't happy, I wasn't annoyed, I was just "eh." Figures.

Here's the thing: Jeffrey's great. Beautiful collection. More or less innovative. But I think more than innovative, is he's lucky. Lucky that what he does is POPULAR right now. He does skinny jeans and babydoll tops and rocker punk whatever-- all of which are in. Does it really make him innovative to do what he does if it just happens to be popular? Uli did what she does and MORE, and got nothing. But what if what was "in" was beachy/'70s stuff? Honestly? So I guess I don't like that Jeffrey won for innovation when he had two fugly dresses and Uli's FLAWLESS collection got no recognition, basically because what's "in" is Jeffrey's so-called "innovative" style and not her's.


But they're all talented, so it's all good. I guess I'm just disenchanted. And WICKED JEALOUS of you two.

-Lydia F.

It's almost too sad to talk about. But I can't help it!

Laura's line was stunning. breath-taking. Smart. Sophisticated.

I would have been okay with Uli winning, she did a gorgeous job.

Michael? He showed his age. His line was immature and a little bit slutty. I wished I'd seen the Tommy Hilfiger/Ralph Lauren Michael instead. But, he's not them, so I suppose that's unfair of me to wish for that.

Jeff - I really disliked most of his garments. I pretty much felt that way through the whole season, and I'm highly dissapointed that he won.

Laura's meticulous craftmanship and beautiful, expensive taste should have won, but I do understand that her sophisticated, not-20-something designs don't appeal to everyone.

Whatever. I'm sad. *tear*

speaking of meticulous - how 'bout my spelling!? Oy.




Please tell me you have a photo with Frank the turtle!

[and that you peaked into her medicine cabinet--as a fellow redhead, I wanna know her lipstick!]

Thanks for the early pics, but, It's the crack of 8 AM, get the hell up and start typing!!!

Since I'm now living vicariously through you, I have to know from the beginning...when did you get the invite, what neighborhood is she in (I've got meat-packing dist. in my head for some reason). I'm not a crazy stalker, (if so, I'd be in east village coffee shops hunting for SJP), but I think we all want a taste of what it's like Living La Vida Laura!

C'MON, brew the coffee and start dishing!!!

More I want to know....
How many floors in her place...the pic with you fab boys in front of her picture is amazing and looks dramatic...I don't think I saw that room in last week's episode.
Is it grand? It must be grand, one doesn't have a painted portrait of themselves hanging in a closet...WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

I'm so jealousssss I can't speak! I'm definitely gonna miss you guys until next season rolls around!

They could've picked any of the three that they aud'f-- Uli, Laura, and even Michael (okay, not so much his collection) and I would've been happy with the decision. But to choose Jeffrey, who did drop the ball on two of his outfits AND go over budget, was a serious mistake for the four judges. This shows lack of responsibility, follow through, and good-business on the part of Jeffrey.

As a buyer for a major department store, I could easily see Uli's line in the stores I buy for or in a boutique in Venice. Laura's was not as versatile, but it would equally sell well all over. However, if you are not "[unk rocker", you would miss out on Jeffrey's designs.

I don't feel the judges took much other than innovation to mind. While innovation is extremely important, they need to look at it globally.

Never like the peanut during the season either, but once I saw the video of his show on BloggingProjectRunway, I grabbed my friend Redhead girl and declared he must have won. It had that professional punch to it and a very distinct point of view, plus the cohesiveness you typically see in a "collection." If you watch all four videos on the above site, one just "pops" and it's his. Personalities aside, congrats you immature little meanie, and we hope you're dark side doesn't muck up your career.

Can we please talk about Heidi's face when she was talking to the Wal-Mart guy? Hilarious!

Ya'll can read Laura's blog on the Bravo site. The Rothko isn't real. Her kids made it. Her chairs have yogurt crusted on them. She loves IKEA because the kids trash everything.

Oh, did I forget to tell you boys how fabulous you look! Very sharp.

Does this mean that next season there will be an even more anti-social, abrasive, Santino/Jeff hybrid on the show?

Cuz I ain't watching that- this isn't "Project Fashion High School."

Is it?

Anyway, glad to see your wit and astounding effort with the site rewarded with a trip to the temple of the goddess!! Laura! She needs her own tv show...

ps: why give the award to the woman that "made a collection every woman wants to wear" when you can give it to Hot Topics? I mean really...

HALLELUJAH! JEFFREY ROCKS and absolutely deserved the win. I can not wait to see more from his CrAzY aSs!! Marlenda too..she's one bad it.

Mariana (The Original)


Maybe now he'll just be a Slightly Cantankerous Peanut.

The other three will continue to do well. I still maintain that Michael was smart to sorta throw the win so he wouldn't be owned by Bravo/NBC/GE.

Peanut made a good collection. We'll find out if this makes him an ever bigger dick or if he takes a moment to bust out the Webster's to look up the words "grace" and "humility".

I am very happy that he won. I love his vision and his character.
And I'm so jealous of you guys!

As designers ,I loved all 4 to pieces.I never like to judge them based on their personality.I wanted Jeffrey to win all along ,yep from the feathers/flourish to the "trash" dress he had me and I just loved him more and more.I came to worship Laura,from the Kate Hepburn pants on.Michael was SO easy to love personality and designs from the coffee filter dress to the couture "bunny ears " dress,I knew where he was going with that idea.Ulis work(while not my taste) was consistently beautiful,her only misstep in my opinion,was the black and white challenge,and Ninas impeccable suggestion of shortening the sleeves ,made that dress lovely.
Season 1 is still my fave season,but honestly? What could be more delicious than Project Runway any day?

Laura did win. Think about it. Her stated goal was to make a career change. She's done this in spades. Plus, she's a 42 year old mother of five (six?) sewing "hobbyist" who presented a gorgeous collection -- an $8,000 collection that looked like it cost $30,000. An admirable achievement any way you look at it.

No, she doesn't have Jeffrey's innovative design sense, but she's no slouch, either. She'll go far in design, wherever or whatever that may be.

Her designs remind me of 50's Hollywood designer Edith Head -- she designed clothing for stars like Katherine Hepburn. Laura brought back that glamour and elegance.

--Granite Janet

You two are so fabulous! I can only imagine the time you had - I'm so jealous!

deego said...
Sportsmanship, professionalism and fair play by the rules should count for something...

My hope was that Fern Mallis would bring some clarity to the judging. Sorry that didn't happen.

I do hope that the rules are clarified next year and a decision is clearly articulated about allowing fashion designers already selling in multiple markets to compete. There was a very uneven playing field.

Add to that, the fluffing of the rules -- over budget? No problem? Don't have the receipt? No problem.

Well, I can forsee the next season filled with even more angry little peanuts with borderline personality disorders. Worse yet, those weaned on the Homer Simpson School of Etiquette will be completely unleashed on America.

Final thought, why do the masses always go for the semi-reformed, illiterate addict when it comes to "elections?" Sigh.

Okay PRBoys -- please make us laugh today!!!!!

I thought it might come to this - a Jeffrey win but was in denial about it.

I was pulling for Laura but after seeing the collections figured Uli would take it. Really wanted either of the girls to take it.

Ed & I were hugely disappointed with the outcome. The only thing of Jeffrey's I ever liked was his recycling dress.

And YOU boys with the party! Insane jealousy here.


Personally I watched the show with an open mind, and thought.. ok would I wear that. I loved 11 of Uli's items. Jeffrey had a few, but I am really surprised. ISN'T IT WEIRD that the last two winners both has their own bussiness already established???

Uli's final work was my favorite of the four. I'm glad Jeffrey had a little Karmic Payback for his nasty interaction with Angela's mother before he won! I don't have a problem with that decision.
As usual, you guys put it best and
thank you for adding to my Project Runway experience!


Can't wait to hear about your party night. Don't know what I'll do til next season!

I think, when you get right down to it, Jeffrey had it right. He wasn't worried about making it pretty, he wasn't worried about making it sexy. And THAT works. Clothes are supposed to enhance the wearer-NOT the other way around.

I love how the "behavior police" are shocked over Jeffrey's win. Nice guys finish last. That may not be "fair" or politically correct but that is how life is...REAL life is seldom fair.

And I love how some people try to pretend it is all about the fashion. It is a TV "reality" show so it is all about the drama and the ratings to sell products. Just like all the other "reality" shows--Apprentice, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Survivor, Amazing Race, etc.

We would not be watching a group of nice, average people sew clothes while amicably chit-chatting amongst themselves. What a snoozefest!

Some people, and I even doubt they know who they are, need to have a reality check! They need to step away from the TV and this blog and find a sense of humor and a sense of proportion. They need to know the difference between being an AVID fan and a RABID fan.

Manhattan Mango

I thought Uli had the best collection ... I think they will all do well in fashion ...

Laura it looks like with that apartment can do whatever she wants.

And Jeffrey will get himself going quickly, this increases his name and he already has a great space.

Everyone keeps suggesting that the young kids will love Jeffrey's asthetic. I'm only 22 and wouldn't touch his work with a ten foot pole. (I'm much more of a Uli girl. Tasteful, but still good for getting vasted.)

That said, all four designers will go on to much success, I'm sure.

First - how fabulous is it that I couldn't log on to this blog immediately following the show? Your ISP's server must have been smoking!

Second - how fabulous is it that you got to be w/ La Laura and El Mani? Proof that dreams DO come true.

Third - how fabulous is it that all of the finalists have a clear future in fashion? I agree that Jeffery has tapped into the current market, but each of them have a vision and a market, and I wish them well.

Fourth - how fabulous is it that we, disparate PR watchers from all walks of life met here? Thanks, PRG boys.

Fifth - How fabulous is Kelly's questions? "Can we please talk about Heidi's face when she was talking to the Wal-Mart guy?"

Sixth - how UNfabulous is it that I have to prepare for an outdoor formal dinner party for 20 at my house? I LOVE to entertain (menu available if anyone is curious "Tuscan under the Stars") but I want to keep checking this site!


I will not disown Project Runway...but Jeffrey's win has put a lot of doubt into my mind about the show. My favorite for the win, Michael, admittedly wasn't even close to the quality he needed to be; but, like he said, he's young. He'll learn, bless his heart.

But Jeffrey? He doesn't need the dough. He doesn't need the exposure. What he DOES need is some etiquette classes.

I cannot--and will not--congratulate Sparklenuts on his win. He's still a punkass.

Good for Jeffrey.. NOW he needs to learn people skills.. or in the 2026 Project Runway, Tim (who has not aged a day and still is a hot dude) will say "Fashion wasn't kind to Jeffrey!"

In the immortal words of Edina Monsoon:

"Just furnish us with the appropriate drugs, and then leave the room, please. I want total sensory deprivation and backup drugs."

WOW, I was not expecting the peanut to win, but the collection was nice. We will being seeing more of our Laura very soon.

Now bring momma another boli stoli.


Feathers, gittery sequins, hollywood glamor, luxurious evening gowns...hmmm, there's always Las Vegas and Celine Dion...haha...

by the way, what was that about Laura saying she wasn't questioning Jeffrey's integrity??? Lies!!! Isn't accusing someone of cheating the same as questioning integrity? Oh, go ahead have fun with those feathers...

Even though I preferred Uli's collection, I had no problem with Jeffrey winning. I am amazed that people think that something other than the design of the collection should be a criteria for winning.
This is Olympus Fashion Week, not Donnybrook Farm.

In my opinion, Michael had the weakest and least cohesive line. I am still trying to figure out where that green cocktail dress came from, how it fit the safari theme, and why it was even a part of the collection. He seems to equate sexy with "hoochie mama". I just don't get it.

Laura was typical Laura. Impeccable tailoring and detailing on outfits made strictly for her. As Nina Garcia observed, there were no surprises and consequently nothing new or innovative. You could sum up her collection in four words "Dynasty on a budget".

Dish boys, dish!

I actually liked a few of Jeffery's outfits, but
I loved all but 1 of Laura's. Not that I have
any place to wear them to unless I suddenly
start going to opening nights at the opera
(matinee girl, that's me!)

But we want the dish!

Sparklenuts has a Q&A on Bravo right now.
"And the other thing is, I kept it so insular. They had to sign agreements because they knew that I was working on a final collection. But a couple of them are Guatemalan women, and who knows who they’re talking to. They won’t necessarily know what I’m saying to them if I tell them not to say anything. They didn’t have time, there was no money to have them sew for me, and I didn’t even want them to see what I was working on."

Guess that's why the illegal "alients" touched such a nerve.

Okay, enough. All done now.

OMG, you lucky, lucky boys. We are all so jealous. Now, details and don't leave out a thing. I want to know all about her home, what happened, who said what, and most of all--what are her plans.

Oh, such lovely photos of you two boys with Laura. I'm SOOO jealous.

Not watch PR again because Jeffrey won? How silly. I'm a Laura fan, but if the judges were looking for cutting edge designs, then he won fair and square. Would I purchase his outfits or put up with his loutish behavior? Not in a million years.

If Jeffrey wants to increase his client base, he will need to invest some of winnings in anger management and ettiquette classes. In any case, I wish him well.

I agree - who cares who won... you were with LAURA!! Are my eyes too weary from watching the marathon yesterday or does she look thinner. Did she pop that baby out or does she still look fabulously pregnant? Does that mean you got to drink martinis with her too? I'm soo jealous but I want to hear more.

Oh Michael. As St.Tim might say, "I wonder about the taste level" which is to say--it tastes like the floor of a peep show booth.

Cannot WAIT to hear about Laura's house. How I've loved youse guys.

Jeffery SUCKS. I buy a LOT of I.N.C. clothing and I can honestly say that I won't buy one single piece of his garbage. Uli rocked. Laura designed fabulous clothes for women. And Michael was wonderful. I would have bought anything from any one of them.

Watching Laura get auf'd was so painful. Seeing these pictures brings a smile back! Thanks guys!

FYI....everyone's final collections are now being auctioned at the Bravo TV site....

you know everyone is still going to buy what they want to buy. so you don't like jeffrey's i hate laura's clothes, always have always will unless she shakes it up a little and i don't mean with more "glamor" that's so laughable anyway, unless you're some kind of lounge hostess (no offense to the lounge hostesses out there, i mean we all gotta dress the part right?) anyway, at least jeffreys stuff was cuuute! grounded--real women wanna wear them...and so was uli's. and michael's had its moments. so yay for jeffrey!! yeah he had some doozie throughout the season but laura's? boring! yawn yawn zzzzzz

Congratulations to Jeffrey! A well-deserved win.

I was so excited last night that I couldn't sleep, which tells me I've been watching way too much reality TV.

I was also pleased that Uli's collection got the attention it deserved.


Okay, that hair color looks suspiciously familiar. Did you coordinate with Laura on purpose?

I can't believe you were invited to the Bennett-Sheldon turtle sanctuary! We await the morsels of your dish with the patience of a hundred hungry Stanleys.

Holy Shit! You guys are awesome. Now THAT'S the way to watch a finale.

Can't wait to hear all the dish.


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You guys got to hang out with Laura!

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snaillady 2-

The bloggers at BPR asked her what color she wore and this was her answer:
My favorite lipstick is Covergirl Outlast smoothwear. My favorite color is 855 (cabernet) I also like the new maybelline superstay in color745. These lipsticks really stay on all day so it is easy to be fabulous!

address to the post about Laura's lipstick got cut off

Though I always liked Laura, I was very happy for Jeffrey (lol, and imagining Angela's mother squeezing her face in dismay).

I'm certain all four will do great on their very different paths to success.

The photo is lovely. You two are the best and have made watching the show a hoot!

PRG boys, please make us feel better about Jeffrey winning. Tell us Laura already has 10 investors and is gearing up for production.

Throw me a bone...

Love the show, the challenges, and all four collections. Though this season has left me feeling a little flat about the results.

It would be silly to say I'm done with the show ......... it's too much fun!

However, if the promos for the next season (whenever that may be) start to look too much like those awful Top Chef promos, I may then reconsider my love for PR.

Thanks for this site. I truly love your sense of humor and common sense attitudes about life.

Hope you continue to enjoy the ride.

My sister and sister in-law will be pissed off today.

I congratulate the final 4 designers and their runways shows, but I still believe that Jeffrey aka Angry Little Peanut is a asshole and that other than the size 2 trashy 'celebs' who can wear his outfits, yet not have the money to pay for them will be his main clientèle. Uli was robbed and I've never been a big fan of her 'Varm Veather Vear', but her show and designs were fabulous. The one bikini outfit made me drop my jaw in awe and it made me want to be a size 2, so that I could wear it on St. Tropez. Laura's designs were amazing and Michael, yes, MY Michael has a long career in fashion. I just hope that he refines his 'vision' to what his strong point is: American Sportswear. I'm not sure if there has ever been an African-American sportswear designer, but Michael could be the one.

Good points that prior winners were surprises as well. But let me opine that Sebelia is no Chloe Dao. Instead, he's more like a Jay McCarroll - a present and future nobody. Mystified by most people's demonisation of Michael's collection and by the sadomasochistic embrace of Sebelia. Annoyed by preponderance of monochromes in both Laura and Michael's colleziones, but thought Laura's final gown was probably the most beautiful design of the entire season. Auf fetusehen (wish I could issue this to Sebelia instead of Michael/Laura, but we live in a fallen world).

No big surprise with that ending. I wanted it to be Uli or Laura but I knew as soon as they starting saying good things about Uli that it was only to steer into thinking she would win. Got to love that misdirection. Of course, it was sooo obvious with the clips of Jeffrey crying that he was going to end up on top. Bravo's tired boring routine of highlighting the opposite of what's going to happen is just as revealing as showing us the actual scoop. Come up with some new tricks Bravo! PR boys please keep us entertained while we wait for season 4. Got any other favorite shows you can dish about in the meantime? Pllleeeaaaasseee.

Let's compare apples to apples.
In the category of evening, Laura (3rd place) would have SMOKED Chloe (last season's winner and another professional like Jeffrey).

Pitting Jeffrey up against a Santino would also have made more sense.

Did Jeffrey lose weight, or did all the "Angry Little Peanut" comments get to him enough to have the fat sucked out of his head? He looks almost normal shaped in your party pics.

OMG, you got invited to Laura's apartment! Dish, boys, dish!

Hated Jeffrey, loved Laura. That's it for me, no more Project Wrongway!


all the presents are opened. the shiny wrapping and colorful bows litter the floor. i peer in each individual package. i did not get what i wanted.

but, heck, the music was great.

Dare I say that Jeffrey actually looked hot? He is a horrible person with bad karma, but I think I'd do him.

PRGBs -- if you have a good shot of Laura's Sargent rip off self portrait please post it--I've only seend bits of it (like the first photo in this post). Can't wait for the dish!


i was gonna post something about how mystifying laura's appeal is to those that love her, but i decided to just do a little whoopin up instead that our man jeffrey won...woohoo!

Loved the Peanut and loved his collection. Nina, once again, was right on point. Truly I think that Laura makes her sons do all the beading, I demand an inquiry.

I still don't get all the Laura love and Jeffrey hate.


Hey Chuckles, As soon as the judges said any woman would want to wear Uli's things I knew she was doomed. The editing of the show has become really obvious. It was clear last week that Jeffrey was crying because he could stay and it was clear that when they only said wonderful things about Uli and Laura's collection that they were both gonners. If they had mixed it up and Uli won then we wouldn't know what to expect, but the editing is really obvious and they think they are going for some surprise. As far as Laura being a one note-if that note is class and style-what's the problem? LOVED her runway music!!! Also, from someone who wears the same black t-shirt and blazer every week-can we say boring with no sense of style? I didn't like Jeffrey's collection at all, but I don't buy women's clothes. I do think Uli and Laura got the short end of the stick and I was disappointed, but I think they will be fine. I am sure someone will be wearing a Laura Bennett at the Oscars.

If Jeffrey's was the most cohesive collection that walked the runway what was that caftan crap? Even the judges hated it. Same for the blue dress. Do the judges even listen to themselves? Ugh. I'm so disappointed.


you bitches! i cant believe you finally made it to laura's house! im so jealous! TELL ALL!!!!!

im dyin'! im dyin'!!

I knew it would happen. I was hoping for Uli to win, but the minute Laura and Michael were eliminated, and then Nina mentioned how much people wanted Uli's stuff, I knew Bravo put that comment in there to distract us from the fact that Jeffrey had won. Not my fave, but I suppose I can see why. I think they needed to choose someone more innovative than Chloe Dao, to bolster the show's reputation for finding good designers - which frankly, judging from their track record of show's alumni actually making it in the industry, hasn't been all that successful. None of the designers thus far have had any real impact on the fashion industry, really only appealing to the tv show's microcosm of fans. Perhaps they're hoping Jeffyrey will have better luck making a splash, and reflect on them as well.

Plus, someone else brought up the fact that maybe they just wouldn't let a foreigner win this show.

The ending of Project Runway was a complete and total disappointment. Uli so clearly should have won, her collcetion was stunning and the envy of every woman watching. She was also the only contestant who consistently made clothes that people would actually wear and stuck to hr own personal style. If we saw one of her dresses/outfits, we would all know that it's an "Uli" just by looking at it. Yes, Jeffrey is innovative and talented but honestly how many people would walk down the street wearing his collection? I don't know a single female over the age of 17 who would wear his clothes. Bad choice, Project Runway.


As soon as I saw the OFW stills I had a feeling ALP would win and was further prepared by the obvious winner's edit (yes Bravo, we're onto it). I was surprised by how much I liked his stuff considering how loathesome I found him most of the time. I see him as a deeply sensitive and hurt person who took a good first step with sobriety, but has to develop enough self-confidence to stop being such a dickhead (that bravado of his is like a big flashing neon sign: I'M INSECURE).

I think Uli should have won. From all accounts, she has nothing to worry about -- she was the hands-down favorite among the professionals from all I've read. I bet she has already a pile of deals to choose from.

Laura was by far my favorite personality of all three seasons. I 'm completely rooting for her. But she could have some problems putting out a line. It cost $8,000, yes, but in materials. If you were to actually pay someone to do the beadwork, how much would that collection have cost?

Also, it is a very limited collection. And, sadly, the look IS older than she is. A few days ago I was flipping through a 2-year-old W magazine at the laundromat and saw a picture of Kitty Carlisle Hart wearing what looked like a Laura dress, just a bit more colorful and youthful. I wish some of the pieces in the home visit episode had made the show (not the chartreuse).

Michael. It's hard to judge. There's still a little something missing, and I'm hoping he'll grow into it.


why don't you rouse yourselves, get a drink of something with sugar in it to give a little energy, throw us another morsel while we wait for the rest of the story. Are you trying to stoke your audience demand, a la project runway?! I have other things to do today, and can't get to them until you provide some salacious tidbits to sate the appetite.
Jeffrey's collection did NOT seem innovative; strings draped and hanging forlornly seemed like a naif formulistically trying to "design"; (hearkening back to a previous PR, likewise with the harum/scarum whirl of plaid. ) For me its got to have some integrity, beauty of purpose; the only great piece was the last green stiped sundress;( how did the guest judge know that it had zippers?; wasn't this the first time she saw it; I couldn't tell it had zippers, though I studied it after Tim's comments; I never saw zippers like that, either, but then I live in central ny. )
And yes, what about going over budget, not producing receipts? Why were those offenses overlooked.
In my book Uli won, even though her style was not mine; Michael and Laura had some nice pieces, but I responded with most positives to ULI.

again, my assessment is that, stylistically, sebelia is another mccarroll. maybe celebrity trash in l.a. will enjoy those sloppy clothes for a little while, but the classic style a la Laura will remain tireless for those who appreciate elegance (i think i feel irrevocably for her when she invoked josephine baker in the cocktail dress challenge). meanwhile, michael knight has the potential to be, without peer, the greatest commercial success of all this season's contestants, despite the hatchet job of the judges and their attempts to infantilise him in the finale.

Is it just me, or did someone have a consulation with Collier Strong in the Loreal Paris makeup room before the viewing party? (I hate you fabulous bitches!)

Again, maybe it's just me, but the fact that Laura's kids painted what was being mistaken for a Mark Rothko original ... priceless.


You little bitch trolls from HELL...wake up already. I am going into DT's.

I love you FABULOUS boys!

Do I have time to fix a little drinkie before we get started?

Unfortunately Project Runway will forever be marred by the fact the Jeffrey may not be the deserving winner after all.


You got to go to Laura's. You guys stink. Since you have her ear -- suggest a book. I know I'd buy anything she has to say.

I haven't read through the 120 comments on her yet, but I want to say, I ADORE the Laura on a Stick. Where can I buy one?! I want to go to a rally or parade with one!

While Laura's clothes were beautiful (and I adore her and her philosophies about fashion), the ALP's designs were more interesting. I'm actually glad he won. Can't wait to hear more from the PRG guys about the big finale night!

The New Yorker has a funny piece written by the Fug Girls at:

"Jessica: I was very relieved he wasn't DQed. I don't think he cheated. But I also think that kind of cheating would be hard to actually prove.

Jessica: Like, who keeps the receipts they got when they paid their workers under the table?

Heather: Exactly. It's like when Diane Sawyer confronted Whitney Houston with those allegations that she spent a cool half-mil on cocaine and Whitney huffed, "Hah! Well. Where are the receipts? I'd like to see some receipts if that happened."

Am I the only person who has any sense of fashion history? Jefferys looks were bad rip-offs of edgy and somewhat edgy designers. When his dresses went down the runway I was going, "Betsy Johnson," "Marc Jacobs" (a bunch of times), "Ulli" (seriously, one dress was a rip off of her look). That awful striped dress was a rip off of Betsy Johnson and Thierry Mugler (the zippers). There's a reason why 80s fashion died--it was atrocious. The only thing Jeffrey forgot was leggings and a large sweater-now back, but the uniform of heavyset, middle-age women everywhere.
Loved Ulli's and Laura's, what happened to my man Michael!
And I will say this Michael Kors probably didn't like Ulli because she does resort better than him.

It was like a 19th century novel except with more sequins.


I was on Michael's team, but new since seeing the pics that he wasn't going to win, so that made it easier for me to swallow last night. Uli's collection was beautiful, loved every single piece of it. Laura's was really nice too, if I ever need a cocktail party dress. Jeffery's I found to be quite digestible, I would certainly wear a couple of the pieces he presented.

But did someone notice the models? A couple of them made the most horrible walks down the runway, specially the blonde one that modeled Jeefery's long, blue dress that all the judges hated.



Look where you are!!! Are those press passes around your necks? I'm shivering and it's HOT in Arizona! On pins and needles and ants in my pants all at once.

You boys deserve ALL the notoriety, praise, respect, invitations, smiles, hugs, job offers, hot men drooling over you, etc. etc. etc. that you can GET!

I'm proud to say I've been here with you since entry #1 and one of your biggest fans and I'm not just talking about my butt!

SO SO SO excited for you guys and I think maybe you can entertain us til next Season with stories of just your night last night!

Can't wait! Cheers! :clink!:

Now wake up and give us something..anything...I'm dyin ovah heyah! (what did Laura's house serve for PR finale snacks?) ;)


Oh my god, you have surpassed fabulous and have ascended to Olympian heights.

My predictions:

1. Uli (my personal fav collection) will get a contract to design cruise/resort/spa wear immediately and will get to do what she loves ala Austin Scarlett.

2. Michael will be designing for J Lo, Beyonce, Mariah, Christina , etc. for the next awards show and stage wear.

3. Laura will have an exclusive Park Ave. clientele and will be flooded with holiday -wear requests and will have to hire help for sewing (i know there's a term for that but can't think of it right now).

4. Jeffrey's life will change in terms of something inside of him has been healed that has taken him to a new level of spiritual health through this win and he will be a better husband and father through this win, will be able to relax and will continue to do his rock star designs but with more ease.

Ok it's ON right now on to watch!

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Was I hallucinating or did one of Laura's models clap as they all marched down the runway in the collection parade? Her models looked pretty stoked, and I think I caught a remark that caused unflappable Tim to raise an eyebrow--all but one of her models showed up for a fitting. To me, that says a lot -- since we don't have a chance to view the actual pieces up close and personal.

I have taken the outcome in stride (non-runway-like). This is just TV. I join with the other comments to suppose that venture capitalists will line up behind Uli and Laura because they have the greatest chance of commercial success in the right price point (i.e., not Wally-world). Yeah, it won't be possible to replicate Laura's beadwork, but that's where you get the specialty mills to crank out "reasonable facsimiles" of the fabric.


I just saw Jeffrey's red "polka dot" flowy dress up close and a. it's not dots it's apples and b. that white trim on it is PLEATED.

The PR models are modeling them! Nazri! Camilla! Danielle! Fierce!

Oops...Marilinda too! I'm telling you, these clothes look BETTER with this up close look on GMA...the detailing is amazing. I do love the little strapless denim dress (he said it was a denim vest that shrunk in the wash!).

Can't wait to hear about your night!

Hey Lorenzo, did you call Angry Little Peanut (the FACE in the photo! LOL!) and say "hey, what are you wearing tonite?". :D

(ok, I'll be quiet now for awhile)

I don't know if this has been said before, I've got other things to do than sit here all day reading your fabulous posts, but I'm irked with these comments that Laura doesn't need the money because she's got a rich husband.

Now for the eye-opener: A WOMAN DOESN'T BECOME CHATTEL AND LOSE HER INDEPENDENCE WHEN SHE GETS MARRIED. Good for Laura for wanting to start a company with her own resources.

I hate the fact that Jeffrey won even though I liked his collection the best, but what can we expect-- the win reflects the shallow morals of the judges who obviously condone obscene behavior, deplorable manners, ruthless commercialism, and any and all back-stabbing techniques to claw one's way to the top. Funny, the other three designers managed to count to 8,000 without going over, yet Jeff technically broke the rules but stormtrooper Heidi and her flying monkeys overlooked it.

But I've said it once and will say it again-- there's nothing fair in fashion

One more shocking thing that was emailed to me today:

Saddam Hussein is, apparently, part owner of Elle magazine. Check it out at

I could have seen any of the top three being chosen - of course I had my own personal preference, but they each had their merits.

One thing I do not agree with, however, is the reasoning behind choosing Jeffrey.
They kept saying that his collection was the "most innovative", which I totally disagree with. His collection was the most "trendy", which is not nearly the same thing. I think - and have thought all along - that his influences are really obvious. I can name 5 designers or collections off the top of my head that you can draw obvious connections to. Whether it's personally my style or not, I have not seen anyone presenting a collection recently with Uli's or Laura's particular vision.

And did anyone else notice (besides my sister - and we did not watch together) that suddenly in Jeffrey's collection there was one very uli-esque dress (the long patterned hideous one) and one very laura-esque dress (the blue satin)? I think
he is good at processing influences around him, but does that necessarily make him innovative?

One final thought - an image from the Spring 2006 (LAST YEAR's) Libertine collection.... check out the striped dress (bottom row of thumbnails, third from left)

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Click Here if over 18

Maybe he'll get his own line of cloths at K-mart

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"One more shocking thing that was emailed to me today:

Saddam Hussein is, apparently, part owner of Elle magazine. "

That's old news.

I used to work at Hachette Filipachi and I can tell you that there are bigger reasons to hate them for! (BTW, I used to hate it when I had to go down to the Elle floor. It really STINKS in there!)

--Gotham Tomato

I can't believe you guys got to go to La Grande Dame's house! Was is just amazing?? Jeal-ous! I loved Lauras collection but I have to agree, Jeffrey's was just so much more fashion forward (as I've said before). Laura will do amazing things with her designs I'm sure. She truly has talent, as do Uli and Michael. Katiecoo- I totally agree. The second I saw Michael's designs I yipped "Beyonce!" So now Gay Boys..... what's next???


Cannot wait to hear about your evening with the fabulous Laura, my idol.

mediababe: "Am I the only person who has any sense of fashion history? Jefferys looks were bad rip-offs of edgy and somewhat edgy designers. When his dresses went down the runway I was going, "Betsy Johnson,"

I totally agree and feel the same way. I looked like Jeffrey in high school (ok- my neck is more attractive) and I don't understand M. Kors and Nina's collective amnesia to that fact that this isnt edgy or innovative- IT'S TRENDY...

The day I buy clothes from a 40- year-old man wearing pedal pushers is the day they can dip me in oil and set me on fire.

Uli's clothes were lovely and I saw several things I would love to own (the leather wrap skirt, e.g.). Laura's was gorgeous (loved her final gray gown). I adore Michael unreasonably and can't bring myself to say what I thought of his fashions.

BTW, does anyone out there have the Nov. Elle magazine? Check out the dress on page 316. Apparently, Elle Fashion Director Neena Gahrseeya doesn't find all form fitting black gowns with white ruffled necklines and cuffs "old," or "tired," or "done before," or derivative of St. Laurent. Just Laura's.

Speaking of influences of other PR designers on the runway, those off-white jeans have long fringes coming from the hips, just like Bradley's Cher outfit.

and, just for the sake of accuracy, $250 is 3.1% of $8,000, not 1.8%

OMG, it's 12:30! Get out of bed already and DISH!

Waiting ...


You guys must have been verklempt when you received the party invitation. How fabulous for you. Knowing how much you love Laura, I can only imagine how cool it was for you to get to meet her and hang out in her loft.

Many of your die-hard fans want to know about Laura. I want to know about Jeffrey. What's he like? Did you offer him an Angry Little Peanut bib for Harrison?

I'm totally and completely thrilled that Jeffrey won.

Is it just me or does the TreSemme guy holding the check look like he's thinking "We gave $100,000 to someone with that hair?"

love love love this blog,

were a season behind in the UK so its gonna be wierd watching it when I already know whats happened....

If you look at the first picture, the one with Laura's portait, it looks as though she has a neck tatoo just like Jeffrey!

Editor's heavy-handedness aside, I felt it was pretty obvious from last week who the winner was going to be. I do believe that after all the drama and brou-ha-ha, the producers/editors made a redeeming decision in showing how both Bad Mommy and Angry Peanut were able to bury the hatchet and continue to the runway in a professional manner. Nice touch.

Okay guys, you've had enough sleep, let's hear some fabu dirt on that party!!!

Please keep the blog going, it brings such a bright spot to my day!

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Ok are you guys still in NYC having bellinis at some after-after brunch party with someone fabulous?

One final thought - an image from the Spring 2006 (LAST YEAR's) Libertine collection.... check out the striped dress (bottom row of thumbnails, third from left)



Holy ghosts and demons! That's a remarkable similarity! I'd like to hear some comments from Jeffrey fans on this one.


I think you two are fantastic. I put a link to your blog on my blog, hope that's ok.

I thought Laura's collection was amazing, but Jeffrey's was the clear winner to me. Uli's was great too, and so few prints, but still more of the same. Michael's was pretty, but disappointing, considering what he is capable of. I hope he goes far, as he is my fave.

Love you guys!

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Just found this blog...

I'll be back :)

What a fool I have been...

I spent all season at Blogging Project Runway when all the fun and real excitement was here. Can't
wait to hear about your finale night. Please dish soon!

As to the winner, and that I have slept on it...I still think Uli should've won. Her line and style would be perfect for Macy's and the INC. mentorship. I'm sure Jeffrey will pass on it just like Jay passed on Banana Republic. And isn't that a slap in one of the sponsor's faces or does the contract now read the winner has to work with Macy's for a year?

I think Jeffrey will probably follow Santino. His line will have limited success in California with the rock n roll set but because of his demeanor and character he won't be on the top of the invitation list.

As to my favorite Laura...although I desperately wanted a win for her, I think she won big last night with her collection. Investors and buyers alike will be clamoring for her. What mom in a mini van doesn't want one piece of Laura's in her closet to make her feel glamourous. Personally I still want the chartreuse popsicle and that fabulous red dress we saw on part 1 with all the sparkle inside. Bring it on Laura!

I, too, am ready for some new Judges. Who is Nina Garcia anyway? She is old and tired to me and who picked out that hideous emerald green and black dress she wore in the finale. Nina, sorry honey, but your out!

On a side note, I have been seeing Michael Kors ads for fall with the airplane reminded me of Kara Saum's collection on the runway. Don't suppose he borrowed her idea?

Love this site and everyone here! I love what you said about Project Runway be more about the process and less about the final winner. YOU GUYS ROCK!

aww said "BTW, does anyone out there have the Nov. Elle magazine? Check out the dress on page 316. Apparently, Elle Fashion Director Neena Gahrseeya doesn't find all form fitting black gowns with white ruffled necklines and cuffs "old," or "tired," or "done before," or derivative of St. Laurent. Just Laura's."

I recd my Elle yesterday but hadn't looked at it yet! Holy Cow! :-O

I think Jeff won because of 2 things:

1. They wanted to seem hip. I personally don't think hip means only someone under the age of 17 would wear it, but that's the youth culture for you.

2. They didn't want to give it to the immigrant two years running. Last year Tim said they rejected the very idea of Santino winning because of the "project freakshow" factor. Guess they're over that.

imo Uli rocked it. Jeff made several really fugly outfits. (Although I did love the dress Marilinda wore.)

I, too, am concerned about the potential for the Jerry Springer-ing of pr, but it's just as likely they'll be reactive and swing it to the niceness side next year. Odd numbered years will be the freakshow, and in even numbered years we'll get humour and boring design. sigh. I hope I'm wrong....

Gotham Tomato, JD Dwyer, lauraandmichael and, of course, The Madam (madamovary), you all expressed what I am feeling so very well and fairly.

I'm feeling true disappointment. There is no denying Jeffrey's talent and innovation. With that said, I feel that the judges were jaded and it's this redhead's opinion that they bent the rules. Period. They rewarded bad behavior. If design alone is the only criteria, then I'm not interested. I want the whole package. I want talent, brains, business savvy and, yes, manners.

PS - Uli blew me away. She stepped up to the plate and rocked the house, man. What a lovely surprise that was.

PSS - Can't wait for you to discuss Heidi covering her mouth while whispering to neenagahseeya...priceless.

I am convinced that Nina "had it in" for Laura all season. Did anyone notice the expression on her face when Laura's collection was going down the runway? It just said "lets SEE you try and impress me."

BTW after reading the interview w/Peanut on the site, I think instead of harboring a grudge against Laura at this point (u,m, hello? you WON!) he shoudl be thanking her for creating the drama in the first plavce that only brought him MORE attention and MORE publicity.

After all, isn't that why he did the show?

And can someone tell me why the Duchess judges with sunglasses on? Ya think you should be looking at what COLOR the garment is maybe?

I don't want to live in a world where Jeffrey is the winner over Uli. I have lost faith in humanity and what's worse, I've lost faith in Nina Garcia.

katiecoo said...

I just saw Jeffrey's red "polka dot" flowy dress up close and a. it's not dots it's apples and b. that white trim on it is PLEATED.

Where???? Can you link us pu-leaze!!! I would love to see these.

in reply to what Anonymous said...
"One final thought - an image from the Spring 2006 (LAST YEAR's) Libertine collection.... check out the striped dress (bottom row of thumbnails, third from left)"
It looks like dear Jeffrey plagiarized. Way, way too similar. What else has he mimicked? He even had an "Uli" dress. The polka dot dress than came out first was awful. The babydoll dress fits a baby (no breasts. The rest was derivative. Let the scandal roll out.....

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Design alone is the only criteria. Sorry. And the best designer won. Why try to make the show something it's not?

redheadgirl said...
Gotham Tomato, JD Dwyer, lauraandmichael and, of course, The Madam (madamovary), you all expressed what I am feeling so very well and fairly.
Thank you.

"And can someone tell me why the Duchess judges with sunglasses on? Ya think you should be looking at what COLOR the garment is maybe?"

The lights on the runway are INTENSLY bright.

Have you ever been to a show?

Im glad Jeffrey won!


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What about some Laura paperdolls?
Perhaps you delightful gentlemen could suggest that to her. Each one of her patterns could include a paperdoll outfit of the finished product. There could be a fabulously glamorous Laura paperdoll book with husband and children and turtle paperdolls and Laura's paperdoll apartment right down to the faux Sargeant portrait.
I would love to have them.

"katiecoo said...

I just saw Jeffrey's red "polka dot" flowy dress up close and a. it's not dots it's apples and b. that white trim on it is PLEATED.

Where???? Can you link us pu-leaze!!! I would love to see these.

1:17 PM "

Hi anonymous,

I saw it on the Today Show this morning and Tivo'd it. Maybe there will be a video online? I was MUCH more impressed with his collection after seeing it up close and personal that way. It really is gorgeous in the detailing.

ProfP 9:27 AM

I love my breakfast with T&L. I couldn't agree more with ProfP. Since your 6th point is about your party,

6. We are all addicted to PRG if we noticed that the server went down.

7. T&L. Thank you for spreading your love and sunshine everyday. You have reached (behind the screen) star status of reality TV world. You dish and we love it. Keep it flowing. We can't get enough.


"And can someone tell me why the Duchess judges with sunglasses on? Ya think you should be looking at what COLOR the garment is maybe?"

The lights on the runway are INTENSLY bright.

Have you ever been to a show?

1:22 PM "


He's a JUDGE.
Suck it up and squint.

Jeff doesn't look all that pumped to be standing between T&L. Shows what he knows!

I would have been happy with either Uli or Jeffrey winning, although I would have voted Uli. But what was with some of the model's walks? Especially that girl who walked for Jeffrey in that long flowy "Japanese nightmare" dress. That girl needs to go back and get some lessons.

I still am humming the background music to Uli's show. anyone know what music she used?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Aww said...
The day I buy clothes from a 40- year-old man wearing pedal pushers is the day they can dip me in oil and set me on fire.

Love it!!!!!

Jeffrey is a total brat. A talented brat. A lucky brat.

To everyone screaming "but they had all good things to say about Uli and bad things to say about Jeffrey!" (as well as the whole "Jeffrey's acted like an ass this whole season and suddenly at the end he's changed his attitude. He's trying to get sympathy whine whine!"), please don't forget that this show is HEAVILY EDITTED! Not one designer didn't get shafted by the editting process. They do this for ratings, they do this to play with the audience's emotions. What you see on TV isn't REAL despite it being called "reality tv".

You are all being manipulated. Stop falling into the trap. They spent, what, three minutes discussing each designers collection on last night's episode? That three minutes was guaranteed to have been squeezed out of at least 30 minutes of them picking apart every single little thing. I'm positive it was much longer than that though. MUCH longer. For EACH designer. And they sure as hell didn't take another 3 minutes or so to decide who was the winner. I've judged art competitions before. We debated for hours with each other on the best of show. It's not as easy as 3 minutes of piddle like PR shows. They only pull out from that what makes the best entertainment. And entertainment doesn't have to make you happy, otherwise most of you would have stopped watching the show long ago.

Well, predictably Jeffrey wins. Altho upon watching the episode I could have sworn Uli would win. All the comments from the judges pointed to her as the winner.

Jeffrey's clothes worked better on stills. They didn't really move that great but I suppose that's sort of the point. Hopefully now that he's won and he has the camera away from him he can stop being such an assbag. Out of the 4 finalists he was the most fashion-forward, but frankly in the context of the fashion world he really is doing stuff that's been done before (Betsey Johnson, Heatherette, L.A.M.B) Nothing wrong with that, all fashions been done before right?

Laura's collection was impeccable altho there were a couple of duds in there. I find it funny that people say her clothes are from grandmas. I hope my granma doesn't wear those mini-dresses with the plunging neckline! Hate her if you must, but don't be ignorant. She's gonna do great with her own business.

Uli's was my pick for the win. Beautiful, flowy, creative, varied (that bikini was the bomb). I could have sworn Nina would have pushed her for the win even tho I think Michael Kors doesn't like her. Whatever...Michael Kors' own line bombed.

Michael...I was sad for him but all the assessments from the judges were correct. He'll learn, he'll get better with experience. Hopefully he can find a job with a big name, hell, even with Sean John.

I hated Nina Garcia last night. What a snaggle tooth bitch. She hates Laura because she doesn't want to be reminded that she's too old to be wearing Jeffrey's capri pants

Fern Mallis should be a permanent judge. I loved her comments. Get rid of Nina and put Fern in.

OOOO-K boys, I am vasted already. I am going to the kitchen for some special little nibbly things and coming right back to read all about your crusade to the holy land that is la Laura's loft. You will be here, won't you?


Laura and Uli will work, but Jeffrey showed that he's "innovative", and that's what they're looking for. If you have a designer designing for twenty seasons, you want to be surprised, and he looks like he might have longevity on that front. I thought Jeffrey's show looked awful in pics, but when I finally saw it on the Runway it held together well and had vision. Japanese ghost vision? That's a stretch, but he's definitely a designer. And we'll see Uli and Laura for sure. CAn we get Laura her own show now?

it is unfortunate that misogynist behavior was rewarded all along...and i can't help but think there's some serious misogyny goin' on with the judges too. heidi seems to have a thing for the boys - any and all boys. i read michael kors the same way. i think nina is a little more even-handed with her criticism (what they show, of course).

i think back to the episode where allison was booted - clearly, kors referenced kayne's prior work as a way of dismissing the gravity of the horror he created in that challenge. heidi was *horrified* that allison made a model look "plus sized" (pschaw!) but it's perfectly okay for a model not to be able to walk in vincent's monstrosity. heidi's nasty tone while "auf"ing allison was like none other, before or since. (granted, that daisy duck bow was hideous and laughable - but did anyone SEE kayne's model's make up? hideous and laughable)

i dunno - it just seemed that all along, the boys were rewarded or granted leeway in a way that the girls weren't.

and i think that was evident in the final episodes and even how heidi characterized laura on jay leno. jealous and threatened? COME ON. how is that even appropriate for her to say such a thing *before* the finale was aired? or, really, at all?

and if she's gonna go there, why not address all the horrible misogyny and asshat behavior exhibited by jeffery and vincent throughout the show?

i just think it's easier to slam women for making women "look fat" or characterize them as "jealous and threatened" than it is to confront shitty, sexist, inappropriate behavior - but then again, i guess if you participate in the shitty, sexist behavior in covert ways, you'd be stuck confronting yourself, eh?

and i'm sorry, i have a really difficult time believing that laura would be at all threatened by jeffrey's's not her aesthetic.

that guy went OVER budget by $230 and that's not even counting the receipt he couldn't produce for the shorts. follow the rules, dude. not to mention, did anyone else notice that a couple of his models were made up in such a way that they looked hideously ugly? in the getty photos, i was like, "what the hell?" and last night i realized that i think it was the make-up or something - but my god. they looked awful - like they were sick or sucking in their cheeks or something.

and ftr, i didn't really have an investment in any of the designers winning. i was disappointed in michael's collection, agreed with the judges that laura should have expanded her range to include something other than fancy, lacy evening wear (though i love her, want to be her when i "grow up"), i wouldn't wear anything of uli's though i can appreciate her aesthetic, and could perhaps see myself wearing a few of jeffrey's pieces as separates (i like the striped jacket).

i guess ultimately, i'm not sure that laura's (and michael's AND uli's) suspicions were unfounded. jeffrey's response to the keith debacle made me think there's no way he would cheat and risk being booted disgracefully...on the other hand, i do think his response to the accusations - even after winning - is odd. if someone falsely accused me of cheating, why would i continue to engage with the accuser, on any level? he was, in a way, just too "understanding" about the accusations, too forgiving for even a normal non-jackass human. but he's a woman-hating jackass, so why continue to engage with laura?

it's all very odd. but it's also just a teevee show, and i have to saw this blog has just added SOOO much to PR. i'm a very serious person - often told "too serious" - and it takes A LOT to make me laugh out loud, but my god, a few times i was laughing for like 15 minutes straight with tears running down my face. you boys are so freaking smart-funny. love it.

eek. this is long. sorry!

oh whatever--chew on your toes or something but having jeff win over laura? the best designer won...laura is a seamstress, see guys, get it? talented too i'm sure but what--she opened up some old magazines and copied down the same dress fluffed and folded a few with different twists...not too much range there but a heck of a lot of sewing for sure with attention to detail of course of course let's not leave that out, while jeffrey designed, okay. designed. and yes, influences are everywhere but this is what design is all about, and heck yeah i'd wear his clothes and not those things laura sent down but then i'm size 2 and i don't have an eating disorder, just a fun sense of fashion. i'm not in the running for dowager anytime soon, that's for sure.



Oh, and I love that it's all about high fashion, and then Heidi is asking the guy at Wal-Mart if he's going to buy any of the clothes--they are the biggest retailer. She probably wants her line there. Hysterical. Cnn you make a necklace with irony instead of a clover?

Well, what a surpise--NOT!! As dedicated as I am to this show, I wasn't as disappointed with Jeffrey's win as much as I was disappointed with the contrived manipulations of the producers and editors for this last episode. Could they have made it any more obvious that nothing would come of "the sewing scandal," and that Jeffrey would not only be redeemed but would win? Give us some credit, PR producers! After three seasons of enduring your blantant orchestrations, we're onto you. Please do what the designers are always being told to do, and "innovate!" The grey matter in our noggins will thank you for it next season. xo, a


So does that mean he is taking the 100K, strings and all?

Sebellias recipe for a winning collection:

1 dash of talent
1 cup of rock star pretension
2 tbspn of Courtney Love and Gwen Stefanis design rejects
Season to taste with bad disposition and assholish behavior
Take a huge dump in it and put it in a blender.

Voila! Project Runway winner.

It's 2:27 pm on the east coast. I hope you guys didn't crash out at Laura's last night. I'm so jealous. Hurry up and wake up!

recipe for laura loss

12 lbs ugly gowns

"It looks like dear Jeffrey plagiarized. Way, way too similar. What else has he mimicked? "

Hey, I'll tell you what he mimicked:

That green & white striped jacket is the exact same jacket that Davy Jones wore on the Brady Bunch, when he took Marcia to the prom. Look it up!

--Gotham Tomato

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