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"I love color. I'm from the South."


WTF does THAT mean?

And why do we think this is what Kayne sees every morning when he wakes up?



" That queen gives me gas."

I'm from the North. We like monochrome.

Precious, so am I, but the colors must be a wee bit different in Virginia...

I'm from the North. We like monochrome.

Yeah, we hate colors up here! They make us really, really angry!

do not diss my boy. he is precious.

I'm from the South, but I live in the North. I used to like colors, but now I hate them.


ROFL...I lover colors too and I am not from South...does that make me a freak? LOVE you guys, funny blog!

I have every reason to belive that is exactly what Kayne sees when he wakes up. And I love him for it.

you guys crack me up

The first thing that came to my mind when he said that was "Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat."

For the record, I'm from the north and I dream about Gene Kelly (pre-Xanadu) and Cyd Charisse in glorious technicolour.


haha... i was thinking the same thing when he said that.

as a resident of houston (oh those montrose boys!) I can agree with the color statement, but I think that refers to our procimity to mexico and their pinatas... but on that note... Shouldn't angela be from like brownsville TX?

snarky! hahaha, but Texas isn't the place for crafty wafty yo-yo's so it's back to O-HI-O for Angela.

I like colors AND black..all black..and all white.

I live in the Southwest.

Am I wrong for that?


I'm from the North but live in the deep, hardcore South (Ugh) I like earth tones... And some color...

I'm from the West. I'm all about sepia.

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