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Thursday, February 07, 2008 by

Take a good look, kittens:

That right there is what we like to call "a low point."

Tim, you're a whore.

We still love you, though.

Yes darlings, THIS is what fashion's all about, isn't it? Tranny hookers in spandex sitting on each other's faces. The fabulosity just oozes through the screen, doesn't it?

Enh. To be fair, the designers did ultimately seem to embrace the fun of it and some of them really did turn out some fierce designs, but poodles, we long for the days when the tackiest thing on the show was Nancy O'Dell. She's the Queen of England in comparison to these bitches.

And certainly, having the Heatherette bitches as judges was entirely appropriate for this challenge, so we guess we have to give them credit for that too.

As for this...

As the Duchess said, as a swimsuit, it's not bad. Not particularly original, but not bad.

And it WAS executed fairly well. The problem is, this isn't supposed to be a swimsuit.

To be honest, we're kind of surprised that he didn't do better in this challenge. We would have assumed that his lingerie background would have given him something of a leg up because of his experience fitting a woman's body and making her look sexy. All he really needed to do was turn the dials up to 11.

Doing a little armchair psychoanalyzing, we think that he was probably in that state that a lot of the designers get in at this point in the competition: physical and emotional exhaustion (although to be fair, he was emotionally exhausted by about day 2). It's at that point that they just pull mediocre stuff out of their trick bag and hope it keeps them in to the end.

There's really nothing all that wrong with this look. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that there were two looks on that runway that were decidedly worse. The problem is, those two looks stayed within the boundaries of the challenge and made over-the-top stagewear. Ricky just kind of went off on his own and made a bathing suit for some reason.

And what the HELL was that ugly thing? To be honest, that little spandex tablecloth probably did more to contribute to his auf'ing than the bathing suit did.

Oh, and it's probably a little ridiculous to complain about the styling in a challenge like this, but what's with the 1986 hair on that girl?

We have to give him credit, though. He didn't cry. Kind of a disappointment. When it seemed clear that he was going to go, we all leaned forward on the couch yelling "This is it! Here come the waterworks!" Unfortunately, his tear ducts were exhausted at that point and they just gave up.

Adios, Ricky! Thank you for providing some much-needed entertainment this season!

Watch his exit video here:

[Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravotv.com - Screencaps: Project Rungay]

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Anonymous said...

"Tim, you're a whore.

We still love you, though."


I love you boys!

Anonymous said...

oh geezuz what was with that face humping action??! thanks for posting a screenclip of that precious moment. LOL!!

BigAssBelle said...

tim was darling throughout this episode. i think that he secretly wanted to wear chris's outfit himself: just a moment in that glitter-lined hoody with the strapped up bustier and the teensy panties.

more than anything, this confirmed that i worship at the altar of tim. he is just so adorable.

oh, um . . . bye ricky. here's a hanky, honey.

Anonymous said...

I would think that using metal accent clasps/thingies would also be verboten from a functional standpoint. I just imagine some finger getting caught in it, possibly leading to a broken nail or worse.

taodon said...

Thank god that Ricky can't cry over spilled milf anymore.

BigAssBelle said...

oh wait. that was entirely too bitchy.

ricky, honey: i know you have skills and will use them to good success in your future endeavors. good luck, sweet, tearful little man.*

*but do lose the hats. i just want to say "beep beep!" when i see them. why?

Big Shamu said...

I knew you'd get that shot of the tranny hooker doing squats on the other tranny hooker's face. I know when I think of classic and timeless design, that's the image that comes to mind.

BigAssBelle said...

oh, i guess this is why:


beep beep.

Anonymous said...

Last season, my husband said it would be great if they did clothes for professional wrestlers, I sort of mutter my hmmm, yeahs.... but he kept mentioning it, and finally I just explained why it would NEVER happen. Now, there's no living with him

Anonymous said...

"Cryin' Ricky" finally gets auf'ed and he didn't cry? THAT is the biggest disappointment of the season to date.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what bluefly comes up with the "get the winning look of this week".....
interesting episode, I was not surprised Ricky was auf'd, but I was shocked he didn't cry!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree this was a low point!! Can you say cheezzzzzy pleazzzzy??
If anything this was a challenge for the early part of the contest, say when there are 14 or 15 designers. But not when we're down to the "best of the rest". How awful if one of the better designers had been auf'ed at the end of this absurd challenge.
Tim can wrap it up anyway he wants, but it was just dumb!!
That being said, it was fun to watch.
Anyone notice how much this group seems to get along? If there is drama, it seems to be of the manufactured kind. This group really seems to be having fun together. It'd be fun watching them hoist a few cocktails however!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but feel Tim had this pained expression on his face through the entire challenge, as if he were being forced to wear sequin-studded polyester boxer shorts under his suit.

Personally, I couldn't stand this challenge. It was the first one this season where I sat there, looked at the remote, and grimaced.

cb said...


what WAS this challenge? what? WHAT? why???????????????????????????????

what does making trannyhookertramp wear out of material from SPANDEX HOUSE have to do with Fashion?

how is michael kors or ninagarcia qualified to judge this shit?

words cannot express how bitter I feel over this challenge (though C&C FeersFactory came up with nice stuff, and I laughed out loud when Rami said he'd "drape" his costume).

the theme of Season Four seems to be TACKY or VULGAR or LOW-CLASS. the dirty warehouse of old denim, then this? oy.

Psychomom said...

He won last week, this week Adios Amigo! A Gold Poncho for a Diva? I don't think so, you should have made her a matching Sombrero!

Anonymous said...

Ricky really got "unlucky" with his aufing, didn't he? If he hadn't made the hideous a-line dress, or if Sweet P hadn't managed to edit just enough to save herself, he might have been safe another week. I guess it's only fitting, after he squeaked by on the misfortunes of others for so many weeks.

I'm sure I'm going to be in the minority on a blog like this, but I really liked this episode. Say what you will about the WWE Divas being trashy or whatever, but how many people this season have complained that it's been too much about the professional fashion and too little about the entertainment? Well, dammit, this was pure entertainment!

Not to mention interesting to see how the talent separated when presented with something outside the usual comfort zone of "fashion"... (Goddess draping on a bikini, Rami? Really? Hmm...) But when Tim says that this group is the most talented yet, I think you can see it here. Compare the fit of the spandex here to the swimsuits in season 1.

Tons of respect for Christian this week, though, poofy-sleeved jacket aside. He's slowly winning me over. It was great that he ended up really loving the challenge in the end. (And that he actually said something nice about Sweet P!)

Anonymous said...

No wonder the other designers are pissed at Chris! He only won this challenge because he designed something tranny, hookerish, and over-the-top for this horrendous challenge. You design a bra and you get to show at Bryant Park? I'm confused.

Ricky? About fucking time!

Anonymous said...

I have a shameful confession to make: I actually enjoyed this episode (hands over face in shame).

I couldn't help but laugh when Rami said that he was going to "drape" his design.

Loved Sissybear's pure enjoyment of this challenge, and sharing his love for leopardskin with his diva.

also loved Sissybear's comment that he would like to wear his design-priceless!

Anonymous said...

This challenge reminds me of that old Mary Tyler Moore episode, where Mary mentors (at arms length) a woman who just got out of prison and wants to be a fashion designer and when Mary tells her she's going to the Teddy Awards, the woman offers to design her gown and when Mary comes out of her dressing room she's wearing that hideous green thing with the panties and bare sides held together by gold chains, that I swear eventually ended up in a Versace show in the 80's.

A punch line that became high fashion.

That's what this reminded me of.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Like Michael Kors indicated, nothing could have been farther from anybody's radar than this little monstrosity of a challenge.

Yesterday on the Today Show Heidi said that they are always trying to come up with interesting challenges. Looks like they've reached the bottom of the barrel. Can't imagine what next year will be like if this is all there is.

Anyway, Ricky's auf'ing was long overdue and I think even he knew it as evidenced by his lack of tears.

Anonymous said...

I kinda of liked this episode - it was hardly the worst concept of the season (Hershey pillowcases, anyone?)

I feel like I was right there with Ricky, humming along as the challenge unfolded and than I realized "Oh, shit..he DID make a bathing suit".

Bill said...

I want know what Christian's up to in his personal life that he thought the noises he heard behind the door were sex noises!

Ricky's outfit? I think he was inspired by Michael Knight's Bryant Park Collection but was really designing with this gal in mind. Yeah, Baby!

Anonymous said...

As soon as Tim said "Let's go to Spandex House", I laughed. He probably died a little inside while he said it. I didn't hate the challenge - I think at this point in the competition, a mere hop, skip, jump to Bryant Park, the judges and producers wanted to throw a curve ball at the designers and what's more of a curve ball than the Divas of Wrestling. Some of the designs were very fun (glad Jillian got her mojo back) and I thought the ladies of wrestling were very hot good sports.

Anonymous said...

And lest we forget...I think Heidi even gave her own little slap to the challenge by wearing LB's sequined number. I really felt it was her own way of saying she was over this challenge too.

And a question...what was the point of bringing out the winning and losing models from the last challenge if they weren't even going to be a factor in the current one? Why bother?

Anonymous said...

It was tacky, tacky tacky. I had no idea that spandex stores and stripper stores actually existed. But it was still the best episode of the season. The designers actually had fun. A few produced some very impressive stuff, a few crashed and burned.

Anonymous said...

Ricky's lack of crying was kind of funny, to me. Was he just so stunned that he couldn't cry? Was he so embarassed by crying when he won a challenge that he started taking Mydol?

Apropos of nothing from this episode, the new episode of Mythbusters last night included a moment when Grant Imahara imitated Tim Gunn. It was excellent warm-up for the new PR episode.

Joanie said...

I cheered as my Marchmallow won and cheered even louder as Little Ricky got the boot.

Tacky challenge? Yes, but the fact the designers had to step outside their comfort zones to actually consider body, design, and function, that was rather cool. And Jillian, Chris, and Christian rose to the challenge.

I'm just sooooooo glad our weeping willow is gone. No more water works every five minutes! YAY!

Gorgeous Things said...

"Tim, you're a whore.

We still love you, though."

My thoughts precisely! That and "that's the fakest grin I've seen in a long time."

mjude said...

its hard to believe that we have one challenge left before bryant park. still not sure what i thought about last nights show.

i too expected ricky to cry. he made me laugh every time he shed a tear.

as always the recap was brilliant!

TED said...

Oh come on, guys. Weren't you explaining a few weeks ago that reality television is all about the entertainment?

This episode was fierce. The designers got thirty minutes at Spandex House, for crying out loud.

And what about Feroshe Coutura, who attacks with hairspray?

I loved every minute of it, but I'm still DEEPLY disappointed that we didn't get to see Chris climb between the ropes to get into the wrestling ring.

Tamarent said...

I liked this ep alot -- takes them WAY out of their element, but please also satisfy your client AND maintain your own aesthetic.

I have a question though -- on the BravoTV "Burning Questions" blog, Christian flat-out calls Ricky a liar regarding his past work with various designers.

I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to tell lies like that on a nationally broadcast show that's probably watched by more than a few actual fashion people - but then I've underestimated people's stupidity before.

Can anyone back up either Ricky's resume or Christian's accusations?

Anonymous said...

Great post (always a sucker for a Kipling reference!). It's also great to see that all of Prince's gals are back. Ricky did Vanity and Christian did Apollonia!

I did really dislike the styling, orange, 80's Bond girl bikini aside, and agree that the little coverlet or whatever the hell that was supposed to be was the death knell.

As for the challenge itself, I didn't have a problem with it and agree with an earlier poster that teh swinsuit competition from season 1 was worse.

GothamTomato said...

"tlo said: Tim, you're a whore."

Actually, right there, he looked like a pimp. I would have paid money to see him standing there dressed like Snoop Dog, with a cane and a pimp cup.

What a rorshak test, hearing the designers guessing what was going on on the other side of the door. But no one guessed correctly; that they were stress testing breast implants for Dow Corning. Too bad Dow didn't think of letting these gals give it a go years ago. They could have saved themselves billions in settlements.

Sad to see Ricky go, even though it was his time. Too bad his garment was channeling Bain d'Soliel, while his model was channeling LisaLisa. (It could have easily been SweetP who bit the dust though, because her model would have popped out of that top as soon as she made a sudden move).


Anonymous said...

They lose me a little more each time with these whacked-out challenges. I don't want to see things made of candy wrappers or recycled paper and I don't want to see things designed for wrestlers or pudgy Catholic high school girls.

Why would any woman seek out any of these designers at this point? I'm not going to wear anything made of candy wrappers or with an M&Ms logo on it, and I'm not a pudgy high school kid from some Catholic school in south Jersey or a female wrestler. Nor would I shop at that weird store SJP designed for, if I even knew where one was.

This stuff is a joke. It's not even worth staying up for at this point.

Anonymous said...

I loved this challenge. Is it fashion in the conventional sense? No. But after a while, seriously, how many cocktail dresses can you take? I hit my fill in season three.

As for these women looking like "tranny hookers," yeah, their styling is over the top. It's supposed to be. In the Venn diagram between strip clubs and opera sits professional wrestling. It may be silly, it may be gaudy, it may be absurd, it may go down well with corn dogs and a tall boy of PBR, but at least it's not boring. And these women may have the skin tone of Oompa Loompas and breasts that call to mind Swedish modern furniture, but they are also fit, strong, powerful and fun.

Lighten up, uh, poodles. It's only a game.

GothamTomato said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Personally, I loved this challenge. I think you're being kind of elitist about it. I mean, someone has to design wrestling wear. And to be honest, the top three people really made something that fit the spirit of the challenge. Yes, it's costume-wear, but they made it look beyond great.

Unknown said...

I don't think this is a low point at all, and I think a lot of people judged the concept because they think of wrestling as low-class or whatever.

Sure, the costumes are tacky. They're supposed to be tacky. That's the point. To push a designer to embrace a different aesthetic while still keeping his or her voice/vision is what Project Runway is all about. How is this tackier than designing something from recycled materials, or designing uniforms for the USPS?

I would love to see Michael Kors' take on a wrestling costume, or Betsy Johnson (who takes a lot of cues from classic wrestling...think of classic wrestling shoes), or HA! Catherine Malandrino! :)

I just hate the fact that the mind closes around certain subjects, because they don't fall into certain gay-approved fabulosity.

(Patrick is a WWF and American Gladiators-watching homo.)

blusurfer said...

I just love the fact that when Chris laughs, he does it with such unabashed joy. It is really fabulous.

Frighteningly enough, I actually enjoyed this challenge, not so much for the fashion (WTF?) but for the craziness of it. Was it really any worse than making stuff out of plants? Tackier, for sure, but it definitely pulls the designers out for their comfort zone...well, except for our favorite drag queen.

Anonymous said...

Actually Spandex House is a very successful establishment. As the name implies they specialize in spandex and stretch material. Spandex blended material comes is a very wide range of varieties and textures. I know this since I know lots of professional costumers. Most fabric stores outside of district warehouses will not carry a good variety of it.

There are very few places in the country that will have such a broad stock of strecth material in one setting. And these people have a website for mailorder. I mentioned this on another board but spandex isn't just the shiny stuff they wear on American Gladiator. Look what Christian came up with. He used stretch faux leather. And we already know denim can come in a spandex blend.

The fact the top 3 came up with such a well constructed outfits says a lot about their skill. Spandex is a pain to work with.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit.. I loved this episode too! One of the complaints of this season is that some of the designers keep do the same design over and over. And, some of the challenges have been very conducive towards doing that. (Hello, Rami!)

This made them step outside of their worlds and really show their creativity. You got to see who are truly the one notes and who can really step it up.

I have to say, the one person I thought would have the biggest problem with this episode is Jillian. She knocked it out of the ballpark!

And yes, this may not have been the couture, but it's still a segment of the.. *clearingthroat*.. fashion.. **coughcough** industry. ;-)

I actually thought some of the girls looks a lot classier afterwards than with some of the outfits they came in with. Chris and Christian's girls were FIERCE!

ChelseaNH said...

Ah, the "functional garment" challenge. It was a change of pace, but I would have liked to see it four or five challenges ago. As it gets down to the final four, I want to see the designers really buckle down and show their stuff.

Hurrah, they've finally put Ricky out of his and our misery! I think Sweet P is doomed to go next, but she has made a couple of really nice outfits, so I'd rather she hung on.

Also, a pity to see Jacqueline go. Jillian's comments pretty much underline that she was one of the better walkers, but that's not enough -- at this stage of the game, the designers aren't going to be switching it up.

Stubenville said...

As much as I love our big 'ol Sissybear, I was really shocked that he won this one. I guess the bling lining in the hoodie resonated with the judges and the light bulb came on; "street wear!" Remember that even on the oddest challenges the judges all come up with comments on how "wearable" a garment they like is, even if it's made of dental floss and cotton balls.

Jillian's outfit could have won and Rami came as close as he has ever come to getting auf'd. And if Rami had used gingham (is there gingham spandex?) the Duchess would have waved his hand and said "too costume-y".

So the preview for next week has me crazy - it's a double elimination and the last shot shows Sissybear smiling broadly and wiping away a tear. So does the big guy make it to Bryant Park?

katiecoo said...

Poor Tim. I hope they don't keep making him jump through these hoops d' crazy for what...ratings? Creative challenges? Note to Bravo! Your viewers do NOT tune in to PR to see the Regal Tim Gunn cringe! No no no!!! We will tolerate NO Tim abuse whatsoever! Simmah down nah!

bitchesdye said...

Hey barbarienne, good to know I'm not the only Mythbusters fan out there. Hubby & I were flabbergasted when Grant did his Tim Gunn impression. Talk about crossing the streams.

I always suspected Grant might be gay. (Jamie definitely.)

So anyhoo, finally Ricky is gone. Yay, whatever. What concerns me is how many designers are showing tomorrow and how many are "duds" as hubby put it.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Fabulous post! You said it all. This challenge, if it had to be, should have been much earlier in the season, not at a point where we're supposed to be down to the best of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Wow. A lot of animosity towards the WWE going on, huh?

Tacky? I guess, but SOMEONE has to be designing those clothes, and probably making a damn good living doing so.

Is it "haute couture"? No. But it's a segment of the clothing design world.

I don't see how this challenge is any different than designing ice skating costumes. There are specific material and functional considerations for each. Considerations that these designers haven't had to deal with yet.

I like it.

I keep hoping for a Drag Queen challenge though, so I might just be tacky.

Kanani said...

Great commentary!
And I agree with you.

As for Ricky's look, I was thinking Pam Grier, from those 70's movies. It's too bad he didn't make that suit with a pant that had holes on the side. And also, the 'fro should've been bigger ... a lot bigger.

Anonymous said...

I liked the challenge. It's so cute how you boys try to ascribe rationality to a reality program. Lighten up and enjoy the whimsy.

Anonymous said...

Nancy O'Dell probably would have picked Ricky's swimsuit.

Unknown said...

Oh it was silly, but it did make for a fun episode. Of television. Which is, after all, what this is really about.

My favorite moment? "Do you still have that green leopard?" No stranger to Spandex House, our Chris.

Anonymous said...

Way to mix it up, Bravo. Heatherette seems to be successful, and there is more to fashion than a pant, skirt or gown. It's meant to reflect society. Sometimes, ours is trashy!

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed this episode - it was fun and forces the designers to move out of their boxes (Rami as the best example). In the best cases, the designers showed how talented and versatile they are (Princess Puffy and Sissy B)

Pumpkin Man said...

It was about time that Ricky got the axe. He was just mediocre and had no particular signature style. It will be a tough pick this season for Bryant Park. My bets are on Rami, Christian and Jillian. Sweet P and Chris just don't have what it takes to show on Fashion Week. I did think that this was a fun challenge - not high fashion - but very entertaining. The show will get better now as there are less competitors and more time will be spent on them, the garments execution and their auff'ing.
Where is the trip to Europe or somewhere glamorous?? THAT I do miss...

Pumpkin Man


Anonymous said...

I turned this episode off after the first 15 minutes. That's a first for me in all 4 seasons of PR.

Gack. What a ridiculous, stupid, assinine challenge. I couldn't bear to watch.

Glad to see Mr. Crybaby is gone, though. Finally.

How ironic that the challenge where he should have won turns out to be his undoing.

lovemesomeuli said...

Ricky, Ricky. You surpise me! How could you not bawl your head off? I'm not sad that you're finally gone, but at least give us a big send off and do what you do best!

Anonymous said...

Who comes up with these challenges, anyway? Maybe we should all think of some challenge ideas and bombard Andy Cohen with them until he actually reads them. Maybe a lightbulb will go off in his head and get some better challenges for next season.

Anonymous said...

Aw, damn, I'm been channelling Taylor Dayne since that episode.

I'm surprised Ricky's diva didn't get a camel-toe walking down the runway. Did you see the close-up of the stitching? Eeek.

Anonymous said...


Ricky made a Bond girl outfit, bless his heart...and not a very good one, either.
Think Domino in Thunderball with the fishnet bathing suit cover-up when you look at the poncho.

I remember reading comments about Ricky's work history...whoever wrote was basically calling into question the er, veracity of Ricky's resume.

And the challenge being a new low? Yes. Or maybe not so much...This wasn't such a stretch from designing lingerie or swim wear. Count me as one of those who enjoyed it...and kudos to the designers who embraced it!

Anonymous said...

Try saying, "Catherine Malandrino" and "Spandex Wrestling Wear" aloud. What picture comes to mind? (I can just see her judging the runway. How many times would she be able to say, Ridiculous!)

There may be a shark in the water here. And clearly, Ricky didn't jump.

Anonymous said...

ooops, sorry Iowagirl. I didn't read your post before writing. In any case, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a tacky episode but also very fun!(We can all use some well-edited Spandex in our lives.) I was thrilled for SissyBear and loved his outfit the most, although I did worry about his chances for winning when Michael Kors commented that this competition was "not a stretch" for our Bear.

Two disappointments:

1) Ricky did not weep when being auf'ed.
2) VictorYa wasn't here. I would have KILLED to see the sour expression on her face when learning about the wrestling challenge.

SUS said...

I didn't hate the Nancy O'Dell bathing suit, but the '80s haircut cape really sunk the overall "look". I thought that Sweet P's uninspired getup was worse but it was definitely Ricky's time.

Joanie said...

It just dawned on me that Tim's "you're a whore" pic reminds me so much of Jerry on Boston Legal. Oh to hear Tim purr or to see him do a little hop!

Anonymous said...

"j-yo said...
2) VictorYa wasn't here. I would have KILLED to see the sour expression on her face when learning about the wrestling challenge."

Just look for any old screencap on the blog. The expression would've been the same.

Sewing Siren said...

Bill said...
I want know what Christian's up to in his personal life that he thought the noises he heard behind the door were sex noises!

Maybe there is more to Christian than meets the eye ;).

BigAssBelle said...

oh, by the way . . . Heatherette? they got some serious ugly going on with their shit.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with the challenge per se, but this is the time when they should be designing gowns channeling BP not slutty costumes.
Ricky failed miserably. Time to go anyway.

Bittybis said...

I loved this challenge. It was fun, fun, fun. I don't watch this show for fashion. I watch it to see talented people create clothes under crazy constraints. And for the bitching. And the fun. Otherwise, it's just a lot of boring dresses.

DolceLorenzo said...

No tears? Very strange...was he faking all this time? Hmmmm...

Bye bye, Ricky.

vuboq said...

Best Episode EVER.

Anonymous said...

Oh My! This was a serious low point.

I love when Tim refered to himself as "Grandpa"! He is seriously adorable.

And yes, Ricky's bathingsuit/tablecloth ensemble was awful. I kept humming "Fame! I wanna live forever..." And expecting them all to run into the streets and block traffic with their leg warmers and dancing and such.

Anonymous said...

bill, i'm pretty sure ricky got that swimsuit at raquel welch's latest garage sale!


Anonymous said...

Heatherette is a joke! Have you seen their "designs"?
Perfect for this challenge.

gloria said...

I'm just waiting to see what Sewing Siren comes up with....

Sewing Siren said...

Funny thing is, Ricky's outfit was the least tacky thing up there. He should have added some neon orange palettes all over it.
I am in complete agreement about the cover-up, it is probably what sent him home. Why did he even make it? It obviously wasn't required.

Anonymous said...

Please someone find a picture of Shania Twain wearing a similar version of Chris' leopard jacket and tell me how he won.

I hated this challenge. When it was over I was mad that I stayed up to watch it. I usually watch each episode twice, but I won't be watching this one again. Really, really stupid and just as boring.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that made this episode a low for me was making Tim schill for yet ANOTHER sponsor. And like Gothamtomato, I wonder what it would take to totally pimp out his duds....

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this challenge. Yes, WWE is not a bastion for the cultural elite. I don't know of anyone aside from kids who watch it. But the episode had what has truly been missing this season: a sense of fun!

No edited drama-rama this time around, and the designers who could not embrace the all-out sillyness of these costumes were the ones that had the hardest time. (Sweet P, Rami, I mean you!) Even Christian admitted that at first he dreaded the challenge, and then just had fun with it. And he got fabulous results!

So for those who could not get over the "tacky" nature of the challenge: LIGHTEN UP, IT'S JUST FASHION!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that made this episode a low for me was making Tim schill for yet ANOTHER sponsor. And like Gothamtomato, I wonder what it would take to totally pimp out his duds....

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this challenge. Yes, WWE is not a bastion for the cultural elite. I don't know of anyone aside from kids who watch it. But the episode had what has truly been missing this season: a sense of fun!

No edited drama-rama this time around, and the designers who could not embrace the all-out sillyness of these costumes were the ones that had the hardest time. (Sweet P, Rami, I mean you!) Even Christian admitted that at first he dreaded the challenge, and then just had fun with it. And he got fabulous results!

So for those who could not get over the "tacky" nature of the challenge: LIGHTEN UP, IT'S JUST FASHION!

Anonymous said...

"C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said...

So for those who could not get over the "tacky" nature of the challenge: LIGHTEN UP, IT'S JUST FASHION!"

I'll lighten up if you let us express our opinion here freely. How about that for a deal?

Anonymous said...

He used that boring, wendy-pepper shade of orange. Not tacky enough for this challenge. I'm just happy he's not showing at Bryant Park. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Not that Sweet P is any better BUT...

Anonymous said...

Actually, I am with the group that loved the episode. It was far better than it had any right to be, and this is the episode where I said to myself--"Now I know why Tim said this was the most talented group of designers yet".

This should have been the worst mess of any of the challenges. Non-models, tacky, difficult materials, etc. I thought it was telling when the duchess basically admitted he had no idea how to judge what was before him. Talk about being outside your comfort zone! Let's see Nina decide which one to put on the cover of Elle.

Instead it was great, and I think, a day later, that Jillian should have won for being the only one who didn't interpret "female wrestler" as one step removed from "bordello madam" or "tranny hooker." but I will save those comments for her post.

I actually thought that the least successful challenge was the "weight-loss" challenge, where most of the designers seemed hapless and uninspired.

Anonymous said...

Please somebody explain why there are 5 designers left when "fashion week" is tomorrow. Are all 5 going to show, with one or more as "dummies?" If not, won't we know before the next episode airs who the 4 (or 3) are via leaks from the show? I don't get it - did I miss something along the way?

And did I hear somewhere that we are actually not going to see the actually fashion week epi until March?

Is there a reunion show in between? What's the story?

Ms_flyover said...

Watching this challenge, my only thought was "they must want to get straight guys to watch Bravo, too."

Hephaestion said...

This was a monumentally dumb challenge.

All I can think of is that MAYBE the producers were desperately trying to think of how they could get more straight men to watch this show.

Otherwise there was absolutely no point to it at all. But I am glad that Chris finally won a challenge and that Ricky got auf'd.

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was ridiculous, silly, and outrageously fun. I have never seen anything related to WWE and have no idea who the "divas" are, but I do know their show is at least promoted on Bravo -- haven't there been ads on PR for their whooping and posing in the past? -- so why not mix it up a bit.

It seems to me that this episode should have come earlier in the season, but maybe there are only 6 divas.

Just think, last season for this round, the group was in Paris designing couture gowns. The producers flipped it 180 degrees! Instead of flying to Paris, they went downstairs in the elevator.

Anonymous said...

Lima bean... According to my DVR, yes, there is a Reunion show on not next week but the week after.

Anonymous said...

i actually liked that ricky didn't go histrionic and turn on the waterworks at the end.

Anonymous said...

It's cute but wrong for the challenge.

"Tim, you're a whore.

We still love you, though."


Anonymous said...

Fun episode but completely irrelevant at this point in the game.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's a reality show--what's wrong with bringing the tacky? I can't think of anything on TV that I hate more than wrestling, but I really enjoyed the episode. Haven't seen that much fun going on in the workroom since Season 2--it was a real treat. I loved seeing Chris embrace the challenge with such gusto (no surprise there), but it was even more fun to see Christian really get into the spirit of it (which did surprise me).

Bye, Ricky. But a run-of-the-mill swimsuit as costume?

Anonymous said...

Christian claims that Ricky is a liar and didn't work at any of the places he says to have worked.
His reasoning comes not from calling around an checking things out, but from a very naive point of view regarding business.

Fortunately, Bravo does check these things out prior to getting on.

While Lizalde held a VP title, what Princess doesn't understand is that there might be loads of VP's in a major corporation. It's doubtful that all VP's will make the $300k that Christian thinks they all make. Some do, but many don't.

It's my observation that Princess slandered Ricky in print on the Bravo blog. In this case, as one other poster on another thread has surmised, Maddie will one day return as Princess's boss.

As Jillian said, Princess is arrogant. He's also immature. There are not so many years between Jillian and the Princess, but there is a huge difference in how they were raised and where they're from.

What's more amusing than anything is when Princess loses a challenge.

Anonymous said...

The BF and I were both screaming at the screen at the end of the episode, "Cry Bitch, Cry!!!" Of course he didnt this time. We know need a new drinking game, we used to take a shot every time Ricky would cry. Perhaps now we will take a shot everytime Christian says fierce!

Brian said...

This challenge was a lot of fun to watch, and it looked like the designers had fun too. I'd much rather see an interesting curveball than a boring "normal" challenge.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this show. Chris won and Ricky was out so that's good. Everyone seemed to have fun with it so that's good. And it showed the strengths of the the strongest designers and the weaknesses of the weakest designers so that's good.

Ricky did his best imitation of a Wendy Pepper design in Nancy O'Dell orange, Sweet P was completely flummoxed and cried again (she's the new Ricky!), and Rami showed that he will drape until the cows come home unless forced by the fabric/material not to. Everybody else rose to the challenge like the creme de la creme they are.

So this episode demonstrated who the final 3 should be. And Tim got off some great lines. For me, that's the definition of a great episode even if I could care less about the WWF.

Mom said...

This challenge has proven to be a real Roschasch (sp?) test amongst my friends and family today. People either loved it or hated it. Mr. O'Bannion and I found ourselves falling into the latter camp last night, watching the episode with that grimace of "oh my" on our faces the whole time. I respect the construction skills that went into the outfits made, even Ricky's, but this just wasn't Project Runway to me. I fear that not only a shark got jumped last night, but also a pod of humpback whales, a school of barracudas, the Bermuda Triangle and the QE2.

As for Christian's accusations about Ricky's padded resume, I do seem to recall, early in this season, an anonymous poster appearing here and a few other sites, making similar claims. If Ricky's resume is padded, that's a shame, but it is also not very wise of Christian to make those statements. Ah, youth!

Anonymous said...

Not an original thought on my part, but -- why the hell wasn't this an early challenge? This would've been funner as the 3rd or 4th one in (after semi-boring opening episode, Bitten, Tiki...) I suppose this timing fit better with some WWE broadcast event?

Anonymous said...

I loved how Sissybear's face lit up after getting the brief, and I'm chuffed he won.

Considering all the divas came with pre-established visual personae, most did a great job sticking with those.

Sissybear's diva had the hoodie as part of her signature look they discussed, and Chris gave her that. So Ms. Twain's outfit doesn't enter into it.

Sweet P's diva reminded me of Christian's prom client -- wanting more tacky bling and doo dads stuck on everywhere. But in this case, she should have really done it up, or asked Chris for an opinion.

Buh-bye Ricky.

Anonymous said...

Gad, they totally jumped the shark on this one!

Worst offense: Despite the spandex and taut abs and crazy 80s hair, it was boooooring. I literally kept nodding off. And WHAT a surprise: the guy who designs costumes won the ... COSTUME challenge! C'mon Bravo, step up your game.

Does anyone else get the impression that they just threw Ricky a bone last week with his denim dress? I'd love to have someone verify his lofy credentials.

Can't help but compare this season (unfavorably) to Project Runway Canada's very engaging first season. There was just so much more hunger and energy from the contestants up north. Is this a by-product of promoting "established" American designers as opposed to undiscovered talent?
I think this season is hovering on the brink of being A Big Dud.

Anonymous said...

Knowing what we all knew from the previews, I just watched expecting to have some fun. Fun, it was! When Rami started talking about draping, ROFL!

Ricky's model reminded me of John Leguizamo's character in To Wong Foo, Love from Julie Newmar. The resemblance hit me during the runway. The strut and facial expressions were exactly the same!

Anonymous said...

I was kinda shocked to read Christian calling Ricky a liar myself. I'm surprised Bravo still has that page up (or did as of late last night, and there are now copies of it all over the place). While Christian may not have deep pockets, Bravo does.

My husband and I did actually enjoy the episode. There were laughs. That being said, I do think it was wrong. The judges didn't even know how to relate to this challenge. Kors was really struggling with it. Still, I suppose it wasn't much different than the Sasha Cohen skating costume or the bathing suit (which I haven't seen). You don't want to get all elitist... but then, isn't that part of what fashion is about?

Has no one else noticed that Ricky only cries when he's being praised or when he thinks about how far he's come related to his impoverished past? I didn't expect him to cry when being auf'd. In fact, my guess is bitch knows how to fight when it comes to it.

Is it really a double elimination next week? Rami says the challenge is a designer's dream.

Final thought: I still can't imagine F3 being anyone but Christian, Jillian, and Rami. As TLo have said, Rami is the golden boy wanker and they're not going to let him go.

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was a hoot! This challenge took everyone out of their comfort zone. Michael Kors reaction was hilarious.

I think the best runway modeling of this season of PR was actually the Diva's sashaying down that runway. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves and they made it fun to watch. Yay Diva Sashays! =D

Anonymous said...

"gothamtomato said:

Actually, right there, he looked like a pimp. I would have paid money to see him standing there dressed like Snoop Dog, with a cane and a pimp cup."

In the words of comedian Katt Williams (with a little twist):

"Tim Gunn is pimpin', pimpin'."

Actually, though, there is actually someone that did that as part of his character: The Godfather.

Overall, I liked the episode, and not just because of coming into it with what I already knew about the Divas and other WWE knowledge. I tohught that Christian was a close second for the win.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm in the minority about liking this challenge. As outlandish as the outfits were, they were stuff that the models would actually wear. So while it had some of the fun and whimsy of the Hershey's challenge, it was at least semi-realistic. For everyday ladies? No. But it was at least one time where my husband knew somebody on the show, too.

Having said that, some of those lovely ladies need to lay off the collagen.

Two times I laughed out loud:

1. Rami draping a spandex costume.
2. Ferosha Coutura. holy. crap.

Stubenville said...

I'm kind of shocked that there was no mention of what a b*tch stretch fabrics are to work with and how a quite different (lockstitch) sewing machine is required. They made a big deal about it on the Season Two Sasha Cohen / ice skating costume episode - with the infamous Santino 'turkey' costume.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I am so glad to see that boy go! He was sweet, for a whiner, but out of the remaining designers, he was my least favorite.

Now, I'd like to see Mr. Jerusalem McDraperson auf'd next, but we know THAT'S not happening. :c Booo, too much crack at Parsons.

Lilithcat said...

writerchick said, "I'd love to have someone verify [Ricky's] lofty credentials."

There is no doubt in my mind that Bravo! and/or the Magical Elves check every contestant's resumé. They'd be fools not to, and, when it comes to business, fools are the last thing they are.

As to the episode itself, well, I have mixed feelings. It was fun, which surprised me, but I agree with those who say it should have been earlier in the season (though if there are only six divas, I guess they had to wait until there were six designers).

And I like the fact that it pushed designers out of their comfort zone, even if some of them them didn't take advantage of it. (I'm thinking, specifically, of Rami the Draper and Christian the Pleater & Sleeve-Puffer).

I'm glad Chris won, and it was nice to see Jillian get back on her horse after that near-fatal fall last episode.

Anonymous said...

I liked this ep alot -- takes them WAY out of their element, but please also satisfy your client AND maintain your own aesthetic.

I thought I would hate this challenge, as I don't like wrestling at all, but I thought the ladies were gorgeous and fun, what great bodies, and I liked that the designers had to design something that they had to wear in the ring. Rami - tried to drape a wrestling outfit!! LOL! As my hubby said, the bottom of his outfit looked like "10 Day Sh**ters"!! Or Diapers! And I thought Jillian's was pretty bad too - hated the socks/leggings. Christian's was cool looking, but no way could she wrestle in that outfit - it would have been torn to pieces. Chris deserved this win - the outfit was gorgeous, fun and very well executed!!
And as much as Ricky annoys me, Christian is being a real a-hole. He is nasty, like a 7th grade Mean Girl, and I really hope he doesn't win it all with his puffy sleeved jackets, and frilled shirts. He is pretty one note, in my view. And mean. I just hate mean.

finding the filth said...

i'm gonna miss ricky. i know i'm the only one, but the crying girl always gets to me...

anyway, i sincerely believe he didn't totally deserve to go last night. of all the times they could have validly sent him home, this wasn't it. sure his garment wasn't great, and he did miss the point of the challenge, but the two worse garments were SO much worse. ricky's was at least well made. and despite the pointless gold lame cover-up, it didn't have half the ticky tackery of the other two.

in all honesty, i really think sweet p should have been the one to go. no slight against her as a person, but her garment was pure ass.

and, as far as the challenge, i didn't mind it. they've made loads of weird things on this show. and considering this was real clothes for real women, from real fabric, i don't find it out of step. it's not really that different from the ice skating challenge in S2. similar concept, just a different sport.

JM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JM said...

wish I had a recording of Tim saying "Let's go to Spandex House" as my cell phone ring. Another great Tim quote (and just in time, the other Tim Gunn catch-phrases are past "getting old" and approaching "seriously irritating.")

Anonymous said...

lilithcat said:

"...(though if there are only six divas, I guess they had to wait until there were six designers)."

According to this website, there are actually 17 (although I have never seen some of these Divas on TV). So, to all of y'all who think that this challenge should've been done earlier in the season: I agree with you...in theory. The six we saw last night were just the most popular Divas.

Sewing Siren said...

Ugg! I just read Christian's remarks about Ricky in the Burning Question section the Bravo site.
It seems old Christian doesn't like being (lovingly) refered to as Princess Puffy Sleeves or Chicken Lady, even by people that are actually promoting his work. But he has no problem calling a fellow competitor (who was eliminated) a liar, with no proof? I kinda like him less today. He should be charged with Conduct Not Befitting a princess.

GothamTomato said...

"Anonymous said...
Christian claims that Ricky is a liar and didn't work at any of the places he says to have worked."

Christian says a lot of things that I wouldn't take as gospel. He's like a precocious 13 year old girl gossiping in the school cafeteria.

Somehow I doubt that Ricky would be dumb enough to talk about his resume on the show if the items (jobs/positions) were fabricated. And I'd think that Bravo would have vetted these designers for their resumes because, it would be very embarrassing for PR & Bravo if one of the design houses some designer claims to have worked for (on the air), came out and said they didn't.

So while Christian can be amusing when channeling the Gossip Girls, I get the distinct impression that much of what he says is exaggerated for entertainment purposes (his own as much as others).

If I'm wrong, I just might die of barfness.


Anonymous said...

On paper, I don't think I would have loved this episode. But I ended up finding it very cute and fun.

I love love loved watching the Divas walk down the runway. So much personality and they looked like they were having a blast... I would be lying if I said I didn't walk around my house like that for the rest of the night.

Anonymous said...

When they were introduced to the wrestlers, the designers climbed through the ropes to get into the boxing ring. I licked my lips as I waited to see how Chris March would get through the ropes. But they edited it out :-(

alm said...

I really think Rami's was worse. What does he have against evenly sized breasts? Stop the madness!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the boys on the tackiness quotient of Nancy O'Dell. She's far tackier than the WWE Divas. The Divas are conscious of their tackyness, they are tacky in quotes. O'Dell clearly thinks she's pretty high class, which economically she perhaps is, but completely devoid of intelligence and taste. She is a worker bee in a corporate scheme of mind-numbing banality.
Dale Wittig.

Crow Winters said...

This episode was amazing. As another above mentioned, it seems like everyone was complaining there were too many "Design a Pretty Dress" challenges, then we get an off-the-wall one that takes the designers out of their comfort zone, and then people complain that it's not a "Design a Pretty Dress" challenge.

PR fans are never happy.

Anonymous said...

Sewing Siren: I'm curious as to which of the Divas you envisioned when designing your sketch or was it a general concept?

I get a gothic/vampire aesthetic out of it. Well done, and I love the midnight blue.

Bill said...

Ages Gooch, I love that you refer to your significant other as "Mr. O'Bannion." Will Nora or Ito answer the door if I come over?

daxx - kudos to Kipling. Do you recall the animated "Ricky Ticky Tacky" from Chuck Jones back in the 70's? Orson Welles narrated.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a fun challenge and I enjoyed the divas more than I thought I would.

they were fun, professional, and embraced the challenged. It was cool to see some of them so excited about their garments.

Anonymous said...


Definately! It was the thing that made me read all of the books.

"If you move, I will strike. If you do not move, I will strike."

Now, that bitch was a diva! Maybe a Nagaina costume could have worked for the challenge. A nice cobra shaped hoodie in snakeskin?!!! Channelling my innner white trash here.

Kristin said...

I thought this challenge was a lot of fun. They all except for Chris take themselves way too seriously. It's only clothing. Sure it was tacky, but most of the time "fashion" is tacky. "Style" is timeless.

Chris won because he knows how to have fun and keep it real at the same time.

Wow, Ricky was so together with his comments. No, "they haven't seen what Ricky Lizalde can do yet" spiel. Because, well, they have.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Chris's model, "Maria," was the girl from Outback Jack? Anyone? Looks like her career *really* took off. Although, to be fair, I do like her much better as a wrestling diva :)

Anonymous said...

finding the filth said...

"i'm gonna miss ricky. i know i'm the only one, but the crying girl always gets to me..."

You're not the only one! I'll miss him too. Not everyone can look so good while shedding tears. He really did come across as being a sweet soul. That said, I was cheering him on to stay in as long as he could.

Mom said...

Thanks for noticing Mr. O'Bannion, bill (and others who have noticed before!)! How drab would life be if not for the fun, little details?

Anonymous said...

Nibs- You're right, the divas did rock the runway! Good for them, they certainly weren't intimidated by the likes of reality TV contestants.

Rainbrain (Aspie, sweetie?) had a good point about how this challenge unexpectedly highlighted the strength and weaknesses of the competitors. Rami was again inflexible and Sweet Pea was again rattled. Christian showed off his amazing construction, and Jillian and Chris showed the benefit of their professional experience.

cb said...

so I'm a new PR fan. and I want a Pretty Dress, dammit!

i think the order of the challenges has been a big part of the problem. Menswear in the third week? Weed some folks out before giving something that difficult. Old Jeans and WWE Diva costumes with only seven or six designers remaining? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

A wacky challenge or two is a-ok. but this season has had: Hershey's. Old Jeans in a Dirty Warehouse. WWE DivaTramps. Ugly "fat" clothes recycled. that blast from the past challenge.
How about just picking TWO of these? and maybe letting the designers design Fashion for Real Fashion Models?

there was nothing wrong with this episode, really, except it was too much crap in a season of craptacular challenges.

and i think i'm underwhelmed with these designers, really. i don't like Rami's one-trick draped pony. Sweet P and Ricky got old fast. Jillian has no personality. C& C Feersness are the only ones worth watching, and the Princess makes the same (fabulous) outfit every week.

ah well. at least i still have to see ALL of season three and season one on dvd.

CQAussie said...

Ladies - you are the most hard working bitches on the web! Fashion Week highlights, photos, screencaps AND videos and you STILL manage to cover the Runway ep. To quote you "Golf claps darlings!"

W-W-frickin-E?! Are u fucking serious?!

Is Bravo trying to capture the hetero male audience? Cuz honestly this was a fashion travesty.

For the love of man - Tim was the only one in that ring without fake parts.

Another day, another weird ass challenge.

And Ricky - sometimes there are no tears.

Although THIS was probably the time to let 'em loose honey.

Mike.URBFC said...

Joe said...
"As soon as Tim said "Let's go to Spandex House", I laughed. He probably died a little inside while he said it."
That is probably true,..., WHO knew there was a "Spandex house"? OR a "Stripper store"? This challenge was 180 degrees from the regular challenges.. They learned to "edit" and not make it too "costume-y"

Anonymous said...

If I'm wrong, I just might die of barfness.

LOL! Love it!

I have to say, that if I were in charge of human resources for a major design company, I wouldn't hire Princess Puffysleeves.

A person like this can undermine an entire team by talking about people behind their backs, and otherwise sulking when they don't get their way. Christian has the ability to alienate colleagues and tell lots of lies.

Not a good person to have in your company.

Anonymous said...

TACKY, that's what I said when I saw Ricky's outfit coming down the runway. Still, it was well made and it fitted her very nicely.

Rami's was h-i-d-e-o-u-s, he was the clear loser in my opinion.

I think it sucks to be sent home right after you won a challenge. Good luck Ricky! We'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

I think Ricky channelled his other background here- as a modern dancer. When she said she was also a modern dancer, I think he took that and went with it. Often modern dancers will wear very minimalist designs- both body baring and lacking ornamentation. It seems he went in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the tension between Rami and Nina? There was a definite edit when she was talking about not liking the color of his fabric, and then she went all serious/bitchy on him.

I wonder what was said in between? Cat fight, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Wishbone Summer Salad Fashion Show, May 2007 clip on youtube shows Tim Gunn as emcee, Chris March and Heatherette as contestants churning out Carmen Miranda on steroids "fashions" made completely from produce.

'Splains a lot, Lucy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as glad as I am to see Ricky go, he really could have done better. I mean, first off, how hard would it have been to make that swimsuit into hotpants? It would have been MUCH more WWE Diva if he'd just done that. Still a bit oversimple, but much more DIVA.

Anonymous said...

I think PR has jumped the shark.

PhantomMinuet said...

Rami should have gone home. That pink outfit was monstrous. It looked like someone has vomited Pepto-bismol all over that girl. Ricky's wasn't great, and I hated the coverall, but the color was nice, the outfit was very well-fitted, and the girl didn't look like she was wearing pink barf.

Homofascist said...

I didn't hate his episode as much as I thought I would when it started, but I just really wish some of those "girls" would have grabbed Tim's head and shoved it right into the middle of their big ol' fake titties!

Timmy said...

touché on your observation about Ricky not using his lingerie experience. when he started down that swimsuit path I sent a txt mssg to a friend and said, "Why isn't he using his lingerie expertise?"

Anonymous said...

Not bad?!
Sure maybe for Rosie Parrez a la "Do the Right Thing".
I mean...for the love of god! He gave her a rhinestone clitoris!

Anonymous said...

They got it wrong with the phone-in voting choices. It shouldn't have been Tim wrestling with the girls but Rami. I'd not only vote for that, I'd pay to see it!

Anonymous said...

Any idea why they were given a dead day? (Designers, d you want to know your challench? Too bedd! Tim will meet you tomorrow...')

I wonder if they had a diva pull out at the last minute. If it had been planned I think they certainly would have showcased some down day bonding.

Unknown said...

Candyo, We won't know for sure if Runway has jumped the shark until the show is actually over. The whole concept of jumping the shark came about because people looked back at the entire series of Happy Days and could clearly see the point of no return. Runway could be around for another five years. How do you know that there won't be a turnaround in that time?

Honestly, I'm not trying to be argumentative. It's just that the phrase seems to get thrown around quite a bit, to the point where it's lost a lot of its meaning. When used to describe a current program, jumped the shark essentially means "Not only does this show suck now. It will suck forever." Shows have off-seasons all the time. It doesn't necessarily mean they've taken a one way trip to Craptown.

I agree, however, that there is something missing this season. The RunGay Boys were right about the contestants being too conscious of how they will look to the millions of people watching. Maybe they just got a bum cast this year. Or maybe the reality show glut on the market has irrevocably purged the world of all unspoiled, camera-oblivious designers. I'm willing to wait and see, particularly since Runway at its worst is still one of my favorite shows on TV.

Crow Winters said...

I'll be argumentative to make up for everyone's politeness. :D

This show hasn't had as camera oblivious fashion designers as Elisa or Ricky. Not since Starr, at least. Virtually every fashion designer- no, every human being- plays up to the camera. Jay and Santino freely admitted to it, and frankly, even the "nice guys" (Emmett!) made conscious decisions to appear that way.

I can't judge a season, personally, until Fashion Week. I ultimately do look back on the show for it's clothes and it's clothes only, "you really watch it for the drama!" TLo talk be damned. This is pretty much the only TV show I watch, and I didn't start tuning in because Vanessa spilled some wine. And the work from this season is incredible, definitely better then most of S1's cast (Jay and Kara Saun weren't the only ones there, guys.), definitely better then S2's cast and at least on par of S3.

I think a obsessive nostalgia, perhaps one of the most dangerous weapon humanity has ever created versus new artists, is much more responsible for the e-fans collective feelings of this season then anything the show has actually done.

To put all (Deliciously silly- we are ultimately having a dialog about a TV show on Fashion. Subjective viewing about subjective concepts!) things into perspective, try to watch Season 2 of Project Catwalk, then come back and tell me PR4 has somehow lost it's magic. Then you'll realize how good you actually have it with this season. :)

Anonymous said...

I think a obsessive nostalgia, perhaps one of the most dangerous weapon humanity has ever created versus new artists, is much more responsible for the e-fans collective feelings of this season then anything the show has actually done.

Crow Winters, you are my new hero. Thank you for putting it so well.

Nichole D. said...

I'm with you on his not crying- disappointing! I was waiting for a full-blown melt down on the runway.

Anonymous said...

I think this episode DEFINITELY calls for ... a cartoon!!!

chicksinger said...

Two phrases came to mind:

1) Trashtastic, as in "how is anyone expected to truly judge this trashtastic challenge?"

2) Jump the shark -- there must be some cross-promotion between NBC and the WWE to make Project Runway jump the shark in such a major way.

eric3000 said...

I get that every challenge has to be a product placement but this one didn't really make sense. I'm totally confused by this challenge.

The results, however, were OK. And yeah, Rickey's outfit was not the worst but, as you say, it was the least appropriate for the challenge.

ID#94076205 said...

I said the same thing about the waterworks, but I was proud of him when he didn't cry. I don't know why though. There is nothing shameful about crying... (but then again, let's not lie, there kind of is.)

Atomische said...

Heatherette seemed pretty dull and housewifey on the show. Perhaps they were edited.

Eric V. said...

Did anyone else notice the puckering down by her shamlippen?!

Anonymous said...

Here is what a 6 year old said about Ricky's outfit: "It looks like a bathing suit. I think he dropped his listening ears, because they were not told to make bathing suits. They were told to make wrestling outfits."

"The judges made a good choice to send him home. He didn't follow directions."

Roxy said...

Alleluia! It's about time. Like everyone else, I thought "That's a swimsuit" when I saw the orange dayglow thing on the runway, and I figured it'd get him auf'ed. Anything less than a spectacular piece would have gotten him auf'ed, to be fair. His time had come. IMO, his time had come six weeks agos, but eh! Nobody asked my opinion on the subject.

I'm with you, PR GayBoys, in thinking that PR 4 hit a low point with that challenge. Am I suffering from amnesia, or does this particular season have very little to do with actual fashion?

Anonymous said...

The wrestling gals brought in a whole new audience for Project Runway, I assume this was the point, along with the whole stretching-the-designers-bag-of-tricks element.

Now that someone mentions it, Ricky does talk about the little bitch in him and how he would like to wear the outfits he designs. I wonder if he does?

The bathing suit wasn't bad, but not anything that would shine in the ring. When the designers rely on a color to put across their designs, they usually get into trouble. It's as if they hope the orange (or pink in one case) glare will cover up their lack of interest and inspiration in the garment itself.