Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin-Eater!

Thursday, October 12, 2006 by

We'll definitely have our thoughts on the cheating controversy later (once we've seen the episode a half-dozen times), but it's obvious it's what everyone wants to talk about, so have at it, fabulous reader. Is Laura just a jealous bitch? Is Jeffrey a lying cheater? Is Uli a passive-aggressive manipulator? Is Tim adorable when he looks stern? O, the drama!

EDITED TO ADD: Here's the preview of next week's show. Notice any suspicious absences?


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Unknown said...

I think Jeffrey was lying. His eyes were very shifty and I don't think he was protesting enough.

Anonymous said...

Oy, you are asking for the 'sturm and drang' to arrive at your door... I can't get BPR to load and I am sure its because of the weight of the outraged Jeffrey fans (all 10 of them with 300 different login kidding).
My take on this is that its not likely to be proven, from listening to Tims take, if there is an issue that comes up, it will be over reciepts, not sewing....
I think Laura acted appropriately,its a competition, not Survivor where cheating is expected. Whatever the outcome, Jeffrey is going to do fine, he has gotten enormous attention to his clothing line...

Gigi said...

All three designers were thinking it, Laura is the only one with enough balls to say something (unapologetically, at that). Come on, he is the first designer in the history of PR to not have any sewing left to do.

Don't you just love it when Tim knits those brows together? Oh, heck, I love everything Tim does!

Unknown said...

Jeffrey definately cheated. The quality of his work this time around was just over-the-top of what he had ever done. Yes he had more time to work, but to make that big of an improvement in 8 weeks - yeah, right.

What was up with him not having his receipts available and ready? Everytime he spoke about his work he never once looked into the eyes of anyone else, he always looked to the left or right, never in the eyes - a common response when lying. Something doesn't seem right about this and I think its him.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Jeffrey at home made me like him a lot more than I did. You have to give him credit for turning his life around and having his own business.

On the other hand, Laura said more than once that she would do whatever she had to in order to win. I'm a little disappointed in Laura. The way the episode played out, it looked as though she was more than a bit preoccupied with the favorable response Jeff's collection got from Tim. It was sad to see Laura and the others (Uli and Michael), look through Jeff's garments while he was out of the room. It looked to me like Jeff was really crushed at the accusation. Before that it seemed as though he was really proud of what he'd accomplished and wanted his fellow designers to be happy for him too. Not accuse him of cheating. JMHO.

Unknown said...

Michael, Uli and Laura all had the same accusing thoughts...Michael and Uli just didn't have the balls to say what Laura did.
And aren't they a fabulously glamorous set of balls?

Anonymous said...

All I know is if I had been one of the final four, I would have been damn sure to have had my garments "finished" before I got to NY too, especially after that "13th look challenge" crap from last season. I don't see where Jeff should be criticized for being prepared.

Anonymous said...

Fact: you can't trust P-Run editors. The crying scene at the end of this episode could be either
a) relief from being told he was still in the competition because the couldn't find any proof he cheated.
b) humiliation from being exposed as a cheater and subsequently being told he could no longer compete.
c) following another announcement altogether, like a surprise pre-show elimination or something.

Fact: In the preview for the Finale part 2 at BravoTV Jeffrey is not featured. AT ALL.

Fact: We know he showed at Bryant Park, there are thousands of pictures and reviews in every major newspaper and blog.

Fact: We know he was very cheerful during the interviews he's done on TV since Fashion Week.

Fact: We know he went to Laura's home last week to see the Reunion show together.

Now. What would all this point to? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Methinks the shine is a bit off Laura's balls.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Jeffrey. Esp. after seeing his fam and all, and that little boy whose hair is not yet long enough for a mohawk...thank god. i just don't know. if he is lying that sucks, but if i were the others i would have given him the benefit of the doubt at least. i mean they made him feel like shit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it simply FABULOUS that we have this to distract us from N. Korea, an inept and corrupt Congress, and a failing war? Thank God for "reality" TV!!

Anonymous said...

The thing about Jeffrey being so prepared this time is that everything is soooo detailed and meticulously designed that it seems almost unbelievable that he did that ALL in the amount of time they had given them.

It's true, he was usually never the contestant scrambling to finish a garment during a challenge, but he a lot of the time he sent something down the runway that looked unfinished and cheap. There were one or two exceptions, of course. These garments he made for the finale look far more detailed than anything he's ever done. PLUS he was working on his other line at the same time as well! I understand all of them being a little suspicious.

Though I do agree it was pretty shady of them to go through his collection while he was out of the room. That just seemed uncalled for.

What does everyone think is going to happen next week?!?! I mean, I know he did actually show at Bryant Park, but the producers sure did set us up for some drama with the preview for next week's episode...the very last one of the season :(

Anonymous said...

"The way the episode played out, it looked as though she was more than a bit preoccupied with the favorable response Jeff's collection got from Tim."
Keep in mind that they do edit the show to create more drama. For instance, she might have been looking worried because Tim was criticizing Michael's collection, and they spliced that footage into the scene where Tim was talking to Jeffrey.

I don't know what to think -- I actually think the fact that Jeffrey seems hurt rather than angry makes me more likely to believe him -- BUT as Justin said, the quality of workmanship on these garments was radically different from anything he demonstrated on the show -- ie. it's like he overnight learned how to properly attach a skirt to a bodice. I guess it could be attributed to the fact that he was working in a quiet setting with familiar equipment, but, well, I'm not convinced.

Anonymous said...

Fact: In the preview for the Finale part 2 at BravoTV Jeffrey is not featured. AT ALL.

Editors probably did this so as not to give away what happens to him, i.e. whether they make him leave early, but still show at OFW, or let him stay the next three days. If they show him on the preview, that lets us know that he was allowed to continue.

I really don't think he cheated. Hey Chloe had help. Wasn't there something about paying for your help? Maybe hehad help but didn't pay for it, or went over his budget in getting that help?? Is anyone really clear on this rule/allowance??

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Anonymous. PR's edits are MASTERFUL. Remember back a few episodes when Laura was crying in the previews about not being able to design for the Olsen twins, etc. and there were two guests coming on?

That was a little simpler, but that whole episode was edited around making us garner up some sympathy pains and guess what? I'm retaining water.

Besides, I loved Freakneck's collection, very bad ass.

Mr. Rice said...

I was talking to my wife last night and she thought Laura was in the right. To me, though, you go to the person you're accusing FIRST. Even if it's just a heads up "I'm telling." As presented (and, yes, the editing seems suspicious) Laura came off as a tattletale, and a bitter one at that.

I'm hoping it's just editor-enhanced drama though. I was really beginning to like Jeffrey despite how he's been presented.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey's demeanor was definately MUCH different last night than it was durin the regular competition. So different that it does make me suspicious. But I don't know how they are going to prove that he didn't sew the stuff himself. Whoever did do it would have to come forward, but if they are an employee of his, they wouldn't or they'd lose their job.

However, when just typing this I DID think of a scenario....what if he DID have helpers with the sewing, and the show couldn't find them now, but now that this has become a controversy, the sewer could know that it is a big deal and could hold it over Jeffrey (blackmail). Or could sell the story to the tabloids. We could find out much later that he did, in fact, cheat.

But whatever, even if he didn't he's still a dick. And back to that very different demeanor....was that the 'real' Jeffrey last night? Was the obnoxious bully a put-on? If it was a put on, he's still an ass...If he decided that the way to get to the finals was to be so obnoxious, finding the weaknesses in others and then bullying them and creating tension in the workplace to throw them off their game, as well as to get camera time. He's an asshole.

Was he different last night because of the response he's been getting to his mysogynist behavior?

Who knows; he'd never be honest about it. And last night we saw confirmation as to why he shrunk back from picking on Laura (and went after Angela instead). Laura is a formidable presence, and a bully is ALWAYS really a coward. He wouldn't have the balls to bully Laura the way he bullied Angela. Most of the crap about Laura, he had to say behind her back. One look from her and his balls shrink to the size of peanuts.

She was right to state her suspicions. They all had them. Michael, the honest gentleman, stood up with her, so Jeff wouldn't go after her alone. Uli on the other hand, was more passive/aggressive about it all.

I just hope that this does not disqualify Laura. But even so, I'm still rootingn for Michael to win. He deserves it.

Julie said...

Am I the only one that thinks this is all producer-driven? We know they wanted excitement! for the final show, and last year they brought out the 13th look, and this year they heard an idle comment by Laura or Michael or somebody and said, "Designers! Gather round! Our next challenge is to design an accusation worthy of airtime."

No way could you ever prove this unless his Secret Seamster *cough*Santino*cough* 'fessed up. I mean, would he really pack his super sekrit bill for "Hours spent helping J. Sebelia cheat on Project Runway" with him?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name::: Gotham Tomato

Jeffrey's demeanor was definately MUCH different last night than it was durin the regular competition. So different that it does make me suspicious. But I don't know how they are going to prove that he didn't sew the stuff himself. Whoever did do it would have to come forward, but if they are an employee of his, they wouldn't or they'd lose their job.

However, when just typing this I DID think of a scenario....what if he DID have helpers with the sewing, and the show couldn't find them now, but now that this has become a controversy, the sewer could know that it is a big deal and could hold it over Jeffrey (blackmail). Or could sell the story to the tabloids. We could find out much later that he did, in fact, cheat.

But whatever, even if he didn't he's still a dick. And back to that very different demeanor....was that the 'real' Jeffrey last night? Was the obnoxious bully a put-on? If it was a put on, he's still an ass...If he decided that the way to get to the finals was to be so obnoxious, finding the weaknesses in others and then bullying them and creating tension in the workplace to throw them off their game, as well as to get camera time. He's an asshole.

Was he different last night because of the response he's been getting to his mysogynist behavior?

Who knows; he'd never be honest about it. And last night we saw confirmation as to why he shrunk back from picking on Laura (and went after Angela instead). Laura is a formidable presence, and a bully is ALWAYS really a coward. He wouldn't have the balls to bully Laura the way he bullied Angela. Most of the crap about Laura, he had to say behind her back. One look from her and his balls shrink to the size of peanuts.

She was right to state her suspicions. They all had them. Michael, the honest gentleman, stood up with her, so Jeff wouldn't go after her alone. Uli on the other hand, was more passive/aggressive about it all.

I just hope that this does not disqualify Laura. But even so, I'm still rootingn for Michael to win. He deserves it.

--Gotham Tomato

Mr. Rice said...

I honestly don't see the "bully" stuff. He can be a jerk, but so could everyone else on the show. Except maybe Michael. He's so sweet. GT, you seem to have more of a problem with bullies that you're projecting on Jeffrey than anything else.

Unknown said...

I loved the preview shown last night where Uli was consoling Jeffrey. I think it's because he drew the short straw and has to work with Angela again. That would make anyone cry.

Chgo_John said...

Although I'm no fan of Jeffrey's work -- that cocktail dress was butt fugly, IMO -- I doubt that he cheated. Well, I really hope that he didn't. On the other hand, I give Laura major props for telling Jeffrey of her conversation with Tim, rather than leaving an Anonymous post-it on his windshield.

Anonymous said...

"Am I the only one that thinks this is all producer-driven? We know they wanted excitement! for the final show, and last year they brought out the 13th look, and this year they heard an idle comment by Laura or Michael or somebody and said, "Designers! Gather round! Our next challenge is to design an accusation worthy of airtime." "

This IS a possibility, especially since the ONLY reason Jeffrey got to the final 4 is because of his obnoxious personality & the tension he created among the other designers. They were expecting his usual bombastic fireworks, but instead, he showed up all subdued & did not give them the show they put him there for.

Something had to give. Ironic though, after all his targeting of others, the worm turns and he is on the receiving end.

Laura is NOT a bitch: Karma is.

--Gotham Tomato

anapestic said...

I don't know whether Laura is right about Jeffrey's sewing, but she's in a much better position than we are to judge, and she's not one to make baseless accusations. And she handled the matter in the best possible way and kept Jeffrey informed of what she had done.

It would have been senseless to tell Jeffrey before she told Tim because then Jeffrey would have exploded. As it was, she presented him with a fait accompli, and he had to accept what he couldn't change. If the investigation doesn't turn anything up, then he'll get to participate, and there's no harm done.

Anonymous said...

The editing is often misleading - that makes for good TV. But.... I have to say that the episode made me uncomfortable. I agree with anon. 9:14 - after the 'surprise' challenge thrown at the designers last season, I'd make sure that I had as little to do as possible on the garments I brought with me to OFW.

Ohhhhhhh. I don't know what to think!


Mr. Rice said...

I don't think it's senseless to tell someone, "Hey, I have a problem/suspicion." I think that's actual balls, actual courage. Going behind someone's back and then telling them may be better than going behind their back and never telling them, but not by a whole lot. I like Laura, but she lost some respect with that little maneuver.

Now, of course, we know they get along better now so hopefully it blows over.

Anonymous said...

"GT, you seem to have more of a problem with bullies that you're projecting on Jeffrey than anything else."

No, no problem here & I'm not projecting. All that in-your-face yelling at Angela (over the sewing machines- even though , if you watched the bonus footage you can see it was Bradley who broke thhem); the nasty sarcasm towards her mother, the brief trying it on with Laura, who put him in his place right quick; the 'feminazi' remarks.

THat is Jeffrey. He's an ass, and yes a bully as well. And I've spoken to a couple familiar with the production who said he was actually worse than he was edited to be, aand that yes, it was bullying, and that he was intent on creating tenssion, not just to get camera time and get himself to the finals, but also to try to throw the others off their games.

He did not make it to those final based on his talent. He kept getting pushed along because he created tension, which the producers think makes good TV.

--Gotham Tomato

Dora said...

Laura might have been finished with her collection, too, had she not had to replace that dowdy chartreuse outfit and those scary red lace things.

Anonymous said...

I remember Jay had help making stuff (family members knit things for his collection and were paid for it) so if he does have a receipt in there that he paid his regular tailoring helper X amount then I have no issue with that.

And Laura did say she beleived those were all Jeffery's designs - that is the main point of this contest IMO.

I can however see both points of "no designer has ever come here with every hook & hem in place" and "If I was showing at Bryant Park I'd make sure everything was done and ready when I got there."

TALP boasted about his "mad skills", am not a fan of his personality but just maybe he wasn't boasting all that much? He's been making a living making clothes for celebrities - so maybe he does have quality in his work and CAN do well & quickly when he's home in his own studio without the distractions of cameras and daily drama?

And I don't think Laura was being bitchy, I think she was being honest and ballsy; if you'd been busting yer arse and see that someone else's quality of work is as good or better than yours when what you saw in the past wasn't as good you'd be suspicious, too - especially if that person had other responsibilities (as TALP said he had).

Am guessing that this is all just Bravo-edited drama, that it wasn't as big a deal, and that they find Jeffery good to go for Bryant Park - heck, we know he showed!

Mr. Rice said...

I dunno, GT. I can't defend all his behavior, but I certainly think he deserved to be in the top four. Who I think is the best designer among them changes from day to day, but I hardly see him as the retarded guy they kept around for drama.

There's no way most people would be able to deal with Angela's mom without even nastier words than Jeffrey's.

Christine said...

I don't know, but I DO know that I almost didn't watch it last night until I heard about the "possible cheating" from my boyfriend. So the producers got what they wanted: I tuned in.

Anonymous said...

Okay, a couple points to remember:

* Jeffery is a professional tailor.
* He has access to professional tailoring equipment that are unavailable in the design room at the New School.
* He designs and makes stuff for CELEBRITIES, you think he'd make shit for them?

These facts point to the idea that yes, he could make incredibly detailed and high quality stuff. Remember he made the most detailed and entirely hand couture dress in two days.

IMO he had already planned out most of his line in his head before he went home and got to work. The man already produces and designs clothing at a level much higher than the other finalists.

To me it just seems that they're a little unbelieving of the fact if they couldn't finish, how could he?

Which just speaks of hubris and well, bitchiness.

Mr. Rice said...

"Am guessing that this is all just Bravo-edited drama, that it wasn't as big a deal, and that they find Jeffery good to go for Bryant Park - heck, we know he showed! "


That trailer at the end was so mean, though. I felt uncomfortable on the way to bed after seeing the crying.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I just re-read the headline on this htread:

"Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater!"

Are you boys now accusing Jeffrey of eating Michael Kors??

I'm shocked.

--Gotham Tomato

Mr. Rice said...

"Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater!"

Are you boys now accusing Jeffrey of eating Michael Kors??

I'm shocked.


oracle said...

I've gone back and forth on Jeff. On the one hand, he can be so vicious. On the other hand, sometimes that seems to be all bluster, concealing a more vulnerable person who just doesn't seem to understand that his words do damage.

Right now I'm feeling bad for Vulnerable Jeff. Honestly, I don't think he cheated. I think he was very proud of his accomplishment, and hurt that he got suspicion instead of praise. I don't think Laura was wrong to bring her suspicions to Tim, even though I wish she hadn't. I'm glad Jeff showed up at her Reunion-viewing party. It makes me think there are no hard feelings.

TLo said...

" Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I just re-read the headline on this htread:

"Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater!"

Are you boys now accusing Jeffrey of eating Michael Kors??

I'm shocked."

That is funny, Gotham.

Anonymous said...

Laura showed her true "Bad Mommy" colors last night.

Maybe it was the hormones coursing through her body, but she was humiliatingly pathetic. A whiney, jealous, vindictive BITCH. I feel so sorry for her, because I was SUCH a huge fan throughout the show.

You DON'T make an accusation like that based on NOTHING. No proof .... which she admitted over and over. Just a GUT FEELING.

If I were Tim Gunn, I would have slapped her on the nose with a rolled up newspaper and said "Bad Mommy!"

Where's your proof? That was just shameful, childish jealosey on her part.

Jefferey did NOT look "shifty" to me. He did NOT look guilty. He looked Destroyed. All that work, all that effort, to be brought down by some vindictive, conniving false accusation.

He doesn't need these bitches. He will succeed far beyond any of them. It's Laura who will pay a dear price for such an abomidable display of bad sportsmanship. She is a HUGE disappointment.

And I agree 100% with what was stated above: If I knew I was showing 12 dresses at Bryant Park in front of a nationwide audience at the event of a lifetime ... HELL YEAH, I would take every No Doze in Christendom, sew from sun up to sun down 7 days a week, and make sure every single thing was DONE before I got there.

Finish your own work, Laura.

mai wen said...

Okay, I'm not going to say whether Jeffrey cheated or not because frankly, I don't know. But I Do know this, Laura is a competitive, do whatever it takes type of gal and she was Very clear before she even Saw Jeffrey's garments that she was Not a fan of him ("I wasn't jumping off the couch to see Jeffrey like I was with Uli.") and that she wished he wasn't there. This makes her motivations suspicious to me. Truthfully, I wouldn't put it past Jeffrey to cheat because he does have that rough around the edges quality to him, but I won't make that judgment yet since he's never shown any shadiness other than just being a jerk previously. Remember, his coutour gown won and coutour is all about finishing and detail...

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey can be obnoxious and horrid all season and wish women strokes and call women feminazis's and whores and bitches and yet that seems ok to the Jeffrey defenders. Laura has a legitimate concern that has to do with the competition itself and she is villified by many. She has a right to voice her concerns. She is strong for doing so. I have never understood what is so wrong about a woman speaking her mind, even if its different than what others want her to say. She is amazing. Gabriella

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

anapestic said... "Laura is right about Jeffrey's sewing, but she's in a much better position than we are to judge, and she's not one to make baseless accusations."

No, but she is one to stir up trouble and controversy, she's done it all damn season. Jeffrey said that she can't stand to have anyone do better than her, and when she saw his collection, she paniced, because Tim was salivating over Jeffrey's pieces, and at her house, he flat out told her that the olive green popsicle she made was "ugly" and "not pretty." She's been saying all along that she'd do whatever she had to to win. Calling out Jeffrey's work is just a ploy in my opinion to draw speculation against him and try to push herself forward.

And how meek is her husband?? She says she doesn't wear jeans, but only riding pants and boots....yeah and there's a whip in her hand so she can beat the crap out of her Einstein-looking boy toy at home. *SNAP* goes the whip on the table and him cradling his head in his hands.

That redheaded ****. Messin with my boy, Jeffrey! BACK OFF WOMAN!!


Anonymous said...

I don't really like Jeffrey's designs, in general. But I don't think he cheated. I just think he came prepared!


Anonymous said...

Oh Laura, you were intent all along in destroying your competition, because you really want to win, no matter what it takes. You didn't get up from the couch to greet Jeffrey like you did Uli (and boasted about it too), you were really threatened when Tim liked Jeffrey's work, and were ultimately determined to undermine his quiet confidence. So the work looks "finished" to you, wtf? If you're the real badass designer you say you are (oh yeah, you're an architect, not a designer, ho-hum, you mentioned that a hundred times), I'm sick of the way people are catering to you and your silly pregnancy, and I'm really annoyed that very few can see through you--is America that blind? Really? Sheesh. I can't believe running to tattletale would be called balls! Balls would have been walking over to Jeffrey and asking him privately but pointblank if he did get any help (if it really bugged you that much and you were feeling like maybe you weren't going to win). That's balls. People are so quick to jump all over the likes of Vincent, Jeffrey, whatever. Is it because they are afraid to like human qualities? Laura, you're human too, but you've obviously enjoyed priviledge since becoming a Manhattanite...Oh yes, we saw those "humble" beginnings they showed us of your childhood, whatever. It seems to be a distant and hazy memory now, doesn't it? And only convenient for currying favor. But humble you are not now. You and your "serious ugly" shit. So, Laura, I don't know how you've pulled the (designer) wool over all these people cheering for you (perhaps its because of the shiny glittery things you make, sort of Streisandesque--and we all know who loves Barbra)), but you don't get my vote. I've seen your bits. They aren't pretty.

Unknown said...

So am I the only one who LIKED Laura's "dowdy chartreuse outfit?" I thought it was a daring departure from the norm for her!

Anonymous said...

Been giving this more thought than it probably deserves (heh). My initial thought is this is just Bravo bringing teh_drama with skillful editing. They were going out of their way to portray Laura as Bitch Mommy and Jeffrey in a more sympathetic light.

That being said...I know this probably sounds stupid, but as a father myself and having watched those scenes with Jeffrey and his kid, I wouldn't cheat on something this important, because I'd want my kid to be proud of me down the line. And Jeffrey seems (again, from the footage) to be the kind of guy who wants his family to be proud of him.

Just my thought.

Mister Terrific

Fat Bottom Girls said...

go could eaither way really. He had plenty of time to get it all done if he really was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night for the two months they had off. I'm willing to guess he had the sketches dones for a while, and that's not a bad thing. The man does make a living making clothes. But yet, those were some nice leather jeans...

Mr. Rice said...

I can't believe running to tattletale would be called balls! Balls would have been walking over to Jeffrey and asking him privately but pointblank if he did get any help (if it really bugged you that much and you were feeling like maybe you weren't going to win). That's balls.

Bingo. It's got nothing to do with a woman speaking her mind. That I love.

It's got everything to do with lack of honor.

Anonymous said...

IMO Jeffrey's reaction was "different" because he is with three people he respects to some degree. It seemed his whole demeanor changed when Angela was eliminated... he smiled more... he wasn't as angry.

I don't think he would trust anyone to keep a secret ...considering EVERYONE in LA is looking for their 15 minutes of fame...

He probably didn't want anyone to see what he was working on - lest they leak it to the media...

I can totally see him getting everything done before arriving in NY... He doesn't seem to be one of those 'last minute' button sewing - gluing types... (except in the last challenge when they were cut by 6 hours)... ok that's all from me..

I hope he didn't cheat...

Anonymous said...

Laura just says whatever comes to mind. Michael was thinking the same thing but he wasn't going to say anything. No way Jeffrey cheated, though. He just worked non-stop.

Gail said...

I want to be Laura when I grow up. I don't know if Jeffrey cheated, but I respect that Laura had the balls to stand up and express her concerns - not only to Tim and the producers, but to Jeffrey himself. She didn't have to do that.

All of the designers had their suspicions, and Laura was the one willing to stand up and say it.

TLo said...

Here's the way it's gonna be, folks: we're gonna use this post to air thoughts about the controversy; we are NOT going to use this thread to air our thoughts about each other. Attacks on fellow commenters will be deleted.

Bitch about the designers and the show all you want - but there's a line between bitchery and plain old nastiness. The latter will also be deleted.

Carry on!

dkellergrl said...

I'm glad that Laura spoke her mind and she had the balls to let Jeffrey know about it to his face.

Laura can handle the "let's fry her" comments from Jeffrey's fan base.

Go Laura

Anonymous said...

Laura showed some "Serious Ugly" last night.

Wow. Thought she was better than that.

I'm really glad to see that the general trend of the comments seem to support Jeffrey.

wildflower38 said...

I think this is just PR producers way of trying to get the highest ratings as possible; drama, drama, drama. Laura was right to say something. PR is a competition. I'm just going to wait and see what happens next week.....

anapestic said...

Attacks on fellow commenters will be deleted.

Does that include attacks on the PRGBoys? Because, I have to tell you: those shoes you're wearing? NOT aesthetically pleasing.

Chiro Board Watcher said...

Everyone knows that Laura is straightforward and is not beyond "calling Bullshit" when she thinks something is up. Baseless accusation from a competitive bitch? Competitive yes, bitch, sometimes, but this was not baseless. Use Michael as your counterweight as he and Uli agreed with her suspicions. Michael even immediately backed her up when it came out in the open. They did let Penut show his work, but they may have found enough problems in the receipts that would disqualify him for the grand prize if he "won."

Anonymous said...

We have to remember Jeffrey's skills: he finished three pieces in one night on the jetsetter challenge. Laura finished her collection in a month... she had to re-do it, but she did a lot of details too... I think we can't question and analize Laura's feelings about Jeff's work, but it was very hurtful to see that kind of accusation broguht up without tangible evidence. I think Jeff's reacted the way he did because he tried to not take it too personal, it was just a thought from Laura, and she always is very outspoken and clear about what she is thinking, way too much if you ask me. I agree with Jeffrey, it's just a bit of jealousy to not be so skilled and give excellent deliverance in a short time period.

Anonymous said...

Here's my take:

1. I think this is being blown up to be more than what it is - thanks to editing. Ah, the power of being a producer...

2. Laura should have confronted Jeffery first and spoken to him about her opinions before going to Tim. Jeffery has always finished early in past episodes, and quite frankly, if it was me - I would have made darn sure everything was done before I got to NY. And why wouldn't he? He does this as a business. Maybe he can sew well using his own equipment that hasn't be f*cked up by Angela...

3. I think Jeffery is crushed by the whole thing. Over the past episodes, I've seen his icy core melt and seeing him at home, with his family, really showed a different side of him. I don't think he's a complete SOB. I think he has his own opinions and is his own person and is not afraid to express himself.

4. I've lost a little bit respect for Laura with this episode. She's coming across as a calculating biatch. Sure it's a competition, but good, executed ideas are going to win - not finger pointing. She's just being a cry baby. Cry, baby, cry. And to see her and Uli paw through his stuff, that's just bad taste.

So, let's wait for the last episode to see how this pans out. All I know these guys have gotten great exposure and will do well professionally after the fact - thanks to the show.


Melanie said...

It does seem weird that Jeffy-poo was twittling his thumbs while everyone else had work...but...I dunno. It's too hard to say. I totally think though, that at the end of the show, where Tim Gunn says, "Unfortunately..." then Peanut weeps is really Tim telling him "Unfortunately you've been accused, but nothing's been found so, blah, blah, blah" then Jeff weeps tears of joy. No way that cliff hanger is as bleak as it seems.

I love that Laura had the balls to just come out and say what she thought to Jeffery and Tim. Not like she went behind his back and blind-sided him.

Anonymous said...

anapestic said...
Attacks on fellow commenters will be deleted.

Does that include attacks on the PRGBoys? Because, I have to tell you: those shoes you're wearing? NOT aesthetically pleasing.

HAHAHAHAHA, bitchy. That's so funny.

Anonymous said...

Are we all being manipulated by the PR producers? Absolutely!

Laura showed some truly poor form by arguing Jeffrey must have had outside help because she wasn't able to produce as finished a line of clothing in the two month period of time that Jeffrey was able to produce his. The "if I can't so it, no one can" argument is simply galling, as was the "look, he even has a grosgrain seam" observation.

Heaven forbid a professional designer should take the time to put good finishing on his work. Maybe designing for rock stars has something to do with it.

I just hope Jeffrey's comment that his doesn't sew as well under time pressure is true. Having seen the couture dress up close and in person, there was some serious ugly stiching on that thing.

Anonymous said...

I know that "reality" shows have scripts and story lines and I can tell you I HATE this story line. This show is supposed to be FUN, not a big drag and that's what's happening here.

The producers are missing the point of their own show. If this show is just going to be about cheaters and liars then forget it, I can watch CNN for that.

Anonymous said...

I think missedmanners had a point about the fact that Jeffrey has a manufacturing company but I wish to point out an additional area she didn't comment on:

He probably had more sewing machines. Suppose he had one industrial machine set up only for finish work? He wouldn't have to change threads, the tension on the threads and all that other stuff to finish a garment. Most of the designers seem to have two machines (this was in preview video around the time of road to the runway): one sewing machine and one serger.

Jeffrey has a manufacturing plant. Sure, it's small, but it probably has more than one sewing machine. Imagine if he just had 3: one for finishing only; one set up for the garment he was working on; one set up for a second garment. You could get a lot more done simply by not having to re-thread as often.

Also, with the comments on the varying finishing quality: his best-finished piece was his jetsetter outfit. Which was exactly his style, including leathers, (or wool that looks like leathers, heavy fabric, etc. He is very familiar with these materials and was able to whip out that outfit in 1 day and it was finished very well. Contrast this with his Miss Universe outfit where he had two days, AND a helper, and had trouble with finishing. I think the materials tripped him up. A lot of his finishing issues in garments are on those with fabrics that he probably doesn't work with as often--and are notoriously difficult to work with such as silk organza and charmeuse.

I personally don't like the guy much, but feel that there is an explanation for his good finishing.

Seth said...

I do believe that Jeffrey cheated and didn't sew all his own garments. The quality way exceeded his shown skills. However, I don't think they will be able to prove it. Unless they are able to track down the little Korean lady who did all the sewing.

I do not think Laura was wrong in asserting that he cheated because it appears pretty obvious. Jeffrey seemed very shifty during the whole ordeal and I think he is a lying weasel.

That being said, can you imagine having to eat in his house? Yuck! That small, informal buffet he had laid out for Tim looked disgusting. I know Tim was over it and probably threw that suit away after sitting on Jeffrey's disgusting sofa.

Red Seven said...

"Keep in mind that they do edit the show to create more drama. For instance, she might have been looking worried because Tim was criticizing Michael's collection, and they spliced that footage into the scene where Tim was talking to Jeffrey."


You think? I honestly sort of doubt it. Don't ask me why, but I believe everything that Tim Gunn says, and Tim swears by the honesty and integrity of the producers. I think that the drama is certainly amp'd up by what they choose to show and what they don't ... but I completely believe that what we saw was Laura's face during Jeffrey's review (note that he was wearing the same mug when her work was praised).

I respect the suspicion, but I always think it's dangerous to make accusations without anything resembling evidence. Of course, as soon as Laura confided her suspicions to her fellow designers in a room full of cameramen and producers, the cat was out of the bag and something was going to be done about it.

I hope that they don't bar Jeffrey from Bryant Park, and if they do -- I hope they have some rock-solid evidence that he actually did cheat.

Unknown said...

I just wish they were more clear about the rules. Do you have to do all of the sewing yourself? Or can you outsource? I'm not clear what's allowed and the episode really suffered from not spelling it out like they did with Keith.

Even with cute kid and goth wife, I still don't like him at all. After getting a glimpse into his personal life, I just wouldn't put his clotheson my body. I don't drape myself bad karma no matter how pretty it is.

Anonymous said...

"Dora said...
Laura might have been finished with her collection, too, had she not had to replace that dowdy chartreuse outfit and those scary red lace things. "
This is exactly what I was thinking... we saw at least 3 near finished garments of Laura's that never made it back to the workroom. Perhaps she would have been further along if there weren't those missteps and needing to make replacement outfits. I just hate to see someone else's work called into such severe question with only suspicion as the foundation. I'm not even a Jeffery fan, but I really think he could have pulled off what he brought back to NY...

James Derek Dwyer said...

Jeffrey's haircut is TRAGIC, truly tragic.

Anonymous said...

As an addictive personality, if he was as focused on getting to Bryant Park as he was at getting drugs back in the days he was using, he could do anything. I'm picturing him in his studio at all hours obsessing on his work and his girlfriend back home thinking he's going off the deep end.

I think it all comes down to who wants it bad enough and I think Jeffrey wants it REAL bad. He strikes me as the type who goes kind of insane when he gets in a groove and comes up with the unexpected.

I'm really suspicious at how aggressive Laura came across toward Jeffrey right from the get go. It was like she didn't have Angela, Kayne and Vincent to be the targets of her little bon mots so she needed someone else to rag on. "I didn't get up from the couch to greet him." Because as soon as he came in the door she had a sixth sense that he was up to no good or she was too damned tired to get her pregnant ass off the sofa? She's smarter than this and it all seemed beneath her. I think the theme of the show was editing and manipulation.


Anonymous said...

I gotta say I don't think he cheated. His reaction when accused was too honest, as opposed to his self-serving, paranoid reactions to being accused of things he really did do. I truly think he was gobsmacked by this allegation. It made me like him a tiny bit more. Also, his wife is chubby, so maybe he's not such as asshole after all.

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Laura made a highly competitive move. But it was neither dishonest nor illegal, so I don't see what's wrong with it.

Unacceptable bitch behavior, in contrast, would be lying to Tim and claiming that she overheard Jeffrey confessing on the phone, or something on that order.

Whatever happens to Jeffrey is on the PRODUCERS' shoulders, not Laura's. She had suspicions, she voiced them, and PR will either verify them or not. PR, and Tim in particular, are perfectly capable of judging whether Jeffrey's work is his own. If her accusation had been implausible ("He got all those designs out of a book!"), they would have ignored it.

Anonymous said...

" "I didn't get up from the couch to greet him." Because as soon as he came in the door she had a sixth sense that he was up to no good or she was too damned tired to get her pregnant ass off the sofa? "

How about; because since last time she saw him, she saw all the things he'd said about her in his confessional interviews. Plus, she already saw him for the jerk he is when she was there the first time. She was onlytrying to get along with him.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

If this is just drama from the producers to bring up ratings, it's stupid... people would have watched the finale anyway. I don't think Laura was wrong in voicing her concern over this. I do, however, agree that she should have gone to Jeffrey first before voicing her concerns to Tim.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Jeffrey probably did cheat, but I think the episode tarnished Laura more. The right thing to do would have been to have confronted Jeffrey first, then go to Tim if she still wasn't satisfied. That's what Uli wanted to do and it sounded like Uli had to push Laura to tell Jeffrey even after Laura spoke to Tim.

Anonymous said...

I love Laura, but I'm a bit on the fence. I think the show was clearly edited to make us think that all four designers were straining to hear what Tim said to the others, and to make us think that they were all threatened and/or disheartened by the fact that Tim was praising other people.

That said, I felt bad for Jeffrey. He seems really driven, and I don't doubt that he was working 20 hours a day on his collection(s). Do I think it's impossible that he might have finished everything? No. Do I still think that Laura might have a point? Yes. I don't know anything about sewing (and it's not as if they showed us close-ups of ANYBODY'S work for comparative purposes) to make a determination on that.

However, when Laura has said that she wants to win, I never got the impression that she would go to Tim with something like that if she didn't really suspect it were true. It did seem like Michael and Uli had at least been thinking the same thing, and they're in a better position to know than I am.

So basically, I don't know. I hope he didn't cheat.

Oh, and about hiring people to sew for you. My impression is that it's allowed, but the costs have to stay within the budget. Jeffrey was very open with Tim about sending something out to be pleated. And if you remember Season 1, the only reason Kara Saun was not allowed to keep those shoes was that she hadn't paid a fair price for them. So I imagine they'd have a problem if Jeffrey paid somebody a penny to sew his whole collection, but not if he paid them a fair wage.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jeffrey "cheated," per se, but I do think he may have hired someone to finish the construction for him. Jeffrey's strength was rarely in the construction of his designs. Also, if you look at one of the earlier bonus clips on, Jeffrey talks about how he had to "re-teach" himself how to sew for the show, because he hires people to do it for him. I think he hired someone -- which the designers are allowed to do so long as they stay within budget. If there's any real controversy, it'll be either that he did not include the receipts, went over budget, or didn't charge market rates (see Kara Sun, season 1). I'm sure he's allowed to stay in, though. That preview clip at the end was definitely a producer manipulation. The only times Jeffrey has shown real emotion or tears on the show is when something makes him happy. And I still *heart* Laura after last night's show. She was within her right to say something. If I had spent all these months competing and then working on my collection only to suspect another contestant of cheating (whether suspicion through 'gut feeling' or hard evidence), I'd speak up. Laura was good mommy. Now spineless Uli, on the otherhand.....

Gail said...

About Laura should have confronted Jeffrey first, here is how I think it all happened, from what I saw on the show and Tim's podcast:

1. Laura talks with the other designers about her concerns.
2. The other designers concur.
3. Uli (or was it Michael?) say that she should talk to Jeffrey about it when gets back.
4. Before Jeffrey comes back, Tim comes in.
5. Tim notices Laura is hestitant and uncomfortable, and takes her out for a "private" chat.
6. She expresses her concerns to Tim - he says in a very professional way.
7. She then tells Jeffrey after Tim left.

From that, I don't think she necessarily planned to talk to Tim first - he just arrived before Jeffrey came back, and it was likely her best opportunity if she wanted to say something that first day. Which she did, and the first day was the best time to do it.

Anonymous said...

JS is no cheater. I do suspect, however, that Laura is in fact an android.

Anonymous said...

why is everyone going on about the couture gown? it's wads of fabrics and dangly threads. look at the pictures again, folks, it's not well made.

jennifer said...

ITA with gigi. I've NEVER seen a designer not have anything left to do. Kara, Jay, Wendy, Daniel, Chloe, Santino ... and THEY had 7 months to create their collections! This group had 2 months!!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that he is a cheater but I agree that the editing can't be trusted...we've seen to many episodes where the editing of the preview didn't match the actual episode.

Anonymous said...

My guess is if Jeffrey was prooven guilty he was allowed to show at Bryant Park anyway but was not elegible to compete for the 100K prize. Therefore being the decoy designer!
I smell a rat...
Laura you did well as I would have done the same.

LauraK said...

Does anyone else see a German Cameron Diaz when watching Uli at the beach?

Just tossing in a random comment.

Anonymous said...

If the producers of PR are truly concerned about cheating, then why don't they hire chaparones to live with the contestants?

Anonymous said...

I'd have to buy the episode to do it as I don't tape things, but if someone goes back to where Tim is at Jeffrey's workspace, check out the machines he has. Unless my eyes deceived me, those are industrial machines, and I think the one in the far back right as you came in the door was a heavy duty machine for sewing on leather and canvas. IOW, while anyone else on the planet may have had to send that out to be sewn by a specialist, he had the machines.

But, I still think it's fine for Laura to have asked....I mean, they are there sewing their fingers off and he's sitting there done. Must have been bugging them as to HOW he managed that, and the answer is, he's already in business and has the set up to do it.

Dawn @ Bent, not broken said...

I guess we'll all really find out next week what But, I get the feeling Jeffrey still cheated. When asked to hand over his receipts, he scrambled, looked funny in the face, and then handed them over while looking like he had a lump in his throat. LOL He just looked so guilty. But it's tv, gotta love the drama. I do love his work though. No matter what happens, he'll go really far.

Anonymous said...

The irony of the Jeffrey incident is that PR producers and judges pretend to be concerned about fairness and yet the judging methodology used in PR is different every episode. For instance, sometimes past work is considered and other times it isn't. It makes no sense.

I will worry about cheating on PR when the producers come up with a consistent and fair way of judging contestants.

Anonymous said...

claire said....."Also, his wife is chubby, so maybe he's not such as asshole after all."

Hey, I'm chubby, and my boyfriend is a COMPLETE asshole. So your deduction is faulty.

Amanda said...

Jeffrey was probably cheating...look at how long it took for him to turn in his receipts! Everyone eles had them mostly together and he was like, "Uh, I've got sketches and recepits and...hang on." THAT wasn't suspicious AT ALL, oh no.

Man cheated.

Unknown said...

I don't think Jeffery cheated, simply by looking at the amount of time one could conceivably put into 12 garments in eight weeks.

If he was only sleeping 3-4 hours a night, it's safe to assume he was working 16 hours a day. If that's seven days a week it works out to 896 hours over an eight week period, or about 74 hours 40 minutes per garment. Even if he was only putting in 80 hours a week on the collection, and spending the rest of the time working on his other projects it still works out to 53 hours 20 minutes on each garment.

That might not seem like a lot, but considering that he his a professional tailor and that he completed the well-finished rockstar outfit in a day, over 50 working hours per garment seems like it'd be enough to work in a whole lot of finish work. And, as was mentioned earlier, if he had once machine set up for finishing that would save a whole lot of time.

Hapto said...

Here's the deal. All the Jeffry haters on the show an in the blog are all like: "Its way beyond his skills"

Did you forget that he worked his way up from 50 bucks, to that amazing workroom? That's he's made outfits for a whole host of A-list people? You don't get from A to B without knowing how to sew with fabulous attention to detail.

You don't get there without a magnificent set of work ethics, and some time management skills.

I say, he was able to get started earlier because he's had collections for years, and a solid design sense -- unlike M. (bless his heart) who likely spent the first 3 weeks fumbling over "who he was as a designer" He does have the advantage of not having 6 kids and the requisite responsibility like Laura. And unlike Uli, who is trying very hard to not be the "one note" which she is, so being cohesive without being different print ditto dressmaker.

Jeffrey has a distinct advantage of having a serious workroom, of having access to enviable machinery, and a long standing cohesive vision... But he's not a cheater.

And By the by, I initially was very wtf about Jeffry's neck tattoo, BUT, after hearing the story of the advent of his sobriety, I get it. The names of his children are bandaging the rope burns. It is brilliant and thoughtful. I would only hope to have such an amazing person over for tea.

So, I'm rooting for Jeffrey. And its just me and my one username, but he's got all the support I can give him.

Anonymous said...

Both Jeffery and Laura are "mean" which is why I like to watch them both so much. Do I think Jeffrey finished early legally? I hope to hell he did. Did Laura overstep? Nah, I mean it's a little torturous to put something like that on someone last minute--but, if he's innocent she paid him a huge compliment and if he's guilty, then it should be addressed. It's not like he has the stress of finishing his garments to deal with ;) Overall I wish we could have just stopped with the peeks into the designers lives and jettisoned straight to the Fashion Week shows-I've seen the pictures, but I want to know how the garments moved, damn it!

Anonymous said...

No way did Jeffrey cheat.

What was his immediate initial reaction to Laura's accusation? Pure shock. His jaw dropped. That look on his face can NOT be rehearsed or faked. It was pure "WTF?"

And in my humble opinion, it is NEVER within someone's right to make an accusation without proof. NEVER.

The Bible calls it "False Witness." we call it slander. Either way, it's abhorant.

Suspect all you want, Laura, about Jeffrey's little army of pre-teen Guatemalan stitchers. but you better damn well show me your proof if you're going to ruin a man's livelyhood on national television.

She should be so ashamed. And anyone applauding her behaviour ... well it really makes me sad.

DolceLorenzo said...

I think he cheated, but that is just my opinion based on a couple of things, including his reaction to the accusation.

Not only Laura but Michael and Uli didn't think that Jeffrey sewed his collection by himself. Laura was the only one who had the balls to bring it up. God bless her.

Brilliant and Embittered said...

I can't stand the angry little peanut. Every time I see his face on my TV, I just want to beat the crap out of him.

That being said, I don't think there is anything to the charges and Bravo is just trying to manipulate us.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Tim's podcast for this episode. He makes clear that Laura was really uncomfortable bringing this up and that she was was completely respectful. This is a competition. She has the right to question anything. If he didn't cheat, then, he shouldn't worry.

Anonymous said...

Laura was extremely diplomatic and professional regarding this. She really could have been a bitch about it, but instead, she quietly raised her concerns (which don't appear to be entirely unfounded.) Will Jeffrey be DQed? Probably not, but better to be sure now that they have a rightful winner than to have a big scandal erupt later.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said....

"The Bible calls it "False Witness." we call it slander. Either way, it's abhorant."

AMEN sister! Or brother. Whoever you are.

mike said...

Since the "Keith" scandal was huge ratings, I think they are playing up this one to get the ratings on the 2 part finale. Personally I would have preferred a 2 part reunion show instead of this BS. I think that Lauera thinks he cheated, but the stakes are too big for him to risk it IMO. They have only seen eatch other's work in a 1 or 2 day challenge leaving no time for proper finishing of the garments

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the man and was really annoyed with the whole "sweet Jeffrey" editing last night. I'm glad someone made him cry.

BTW, I hated his collection. Peanut, if you're reading this, make sure you get better help next time.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think it's all in the editing. Of course the producers want to create drama. The actual situation probably didn't happen anything like that. We all know from past experience that they like to dupe the fans. My guess is that the Jeffrey incident was discussed and resolved within a few hours and they're just dragging it out for the drama. They had 2 months to make 12 garments. 60 days. That's 5 days per garment, which is totally doable, especially knowing that Jeffrey has access to industrial machines and the right equipment to finish things professionally. I also think Jeffrey cried because they announced they were flying their families in for the show or something. The possibilities are as endless as the speculation. The most telling thing is that Jeffrey watched the reunion show at Laura's house. Obviously there's no real bad blood there.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Her?????


Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone remember there was some stuff about Laura and Jeffrey's mothers being friends after the Everyday Woman episode? I think it was said that Laura heard through the mother-grapevine that Jeffrey couldn't finished it himself.
GT-Love the pumpkin eater comment

Crow Winters said...

For people not in the know: Jeffery started his business ground up, sewing deconstructed jackets for clients on a dead-line. By himself. Constantly. Furthermore, his perferred medium is leather. It should come as no surprise that his leather work is his best, and that with the BEST work space out of all three (Costa Nostra) that his line would be complete.

It's too obviouis to me that people just want something to happen to Jeffery, rather then thinking or doing any research about the guy.

Anonymous said...

One thing Laura should be credited for is that she waited a bit, gather more info. After Jeffery was just sitting around that second day she had to speak up. She didn't lay in wait or fabricate or fly off the handle.

I think it may have been better if she aprocahed SparkleNutz before Tim, BUT Tim was there and Tim did ask questions, like the supportive Guidence Counselor he is, so the time was ripe.

I suspect SN fudged something, but did not out and out cheat.Also I would guess that having a free standing workshop with lots of tables and equipment provides a big adavatage over the others who have workspace at home.

SparkelNutz has grown on me but overall his poor little boy lost routine bores me.

It is disgusting how many people (mostly at BPR) have villified Laura as a mother and a woman. I worked as a nanny for professional women long enough to know that truly cold bitches do not live in open loft space with their kids, with pets and toys around.

I love her after this episode more than ever!!!

Anonymous said...

It all seems so MANUFACTURED, doesn't it? The DRAMA, I mean.

I actually thought, in light of seasons past, that this finale group would be nice to watch. No scheming Wendy Pepper, no ego-maniacal Santino. Just 4 great designers who got along.

Then Laura dropped the bomb.

It was as if there wasn't ENOUGH drama, something had to be done.

Ironic, isn't it? That Laura spoke very clearly at the beginning of the episode of how Jeffrey brought the drama throughout the season and made it uncomfortable.

Who brought the drama last night?

Yest, GT, I also believe in Karma, and Visnu has a score to settle with Bad Mommy.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if you cheat or not. What matters is winning.

Anonymous said...

To those who commend Laura for having the balls to speak up, I am all for having balls but this is somewhat diminished when coupled with lack of character. I am anything but a JS fan, in fact, I WAS rooting for Laura. However, I feel it is unfair to judge Jeff's honesty based on body language or eye contact. My reaction to his body language was similar to being sucker punched in the gut. How dare he be so well prepared with finished garments. In life there will always be those waiting to take someone down when they see you just may be doing better or, heaven forbid, "happy." Dislike him for having a brash personality, but don't crucify him for doing well.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't get the people saying that Jeffrey cheated because "his eyes looked shifty" or "because the sewing was of far greater quality than in previous challenges."

Dudes!! You CAN'T see that kind of difference in quality on television!

Unless of course you're Senator Bill Frist, who diagnoses brain-dead patients via videotape....

Anonymous said...

I think Laura, Jeffrey, and the producers were sitting around smoking a couple of spiffers one night when somebody said, "Hey, how can we raise the drama level during the finale because you people are just TOO professional and let's face it, this isn't about skill or fashion, it's about going for the jugular in a Technicolor glam-o-rama," and Laura blurted out, "I know, let's have me accusing TALP of cheating! I can play 'bitch' really well."

Too fabricated, as many of you have also mentioned. And Laura looked more than a little sheepish when Jeff was confronted with the info... like she was thinking, 'I can't believe I compromised myself like this.'

I was more aghast at the fact that there is TURTLE POOP laying around her apartment and that her children haven't been taught that it is *not* Play-Do!!! Urk! (Of course, Tim's reaction was just PRICELESS!)


Anonymous said...

I liked Laura, but I think she acted like a jealous, selfish b*tch. WTF? "I couldn't do that so there's no way anyone else can!" Jeffrey is a professional, and he got his start HAND-sewing leather jackets. He made a 3 piece outfit, including pants and a jacket in one day! AND had time to spare. I'm so confused by this. And to accuse someone of something of this magnitude w/o any shred of proof? You suck Laura.

Anonymous said...

I think Jffrey seemed crushed about the accusation not because his so called "friends" called him on it, but because he knows deep down inside that he really didn't make each and every one of those garments himself. Great designer, but he sure makes bad choices in life. I still would like to see him at Bryant Park because he'd give Laura a run for her money! I love Michael's braces...he's soooo dreamy...Of course since I live in Miami I also have to root for Ulli our hometown girl :)

Anonymous said...

You want to talk about fair? Here's what's unfair:

When you pit people like Chloe and Jeffrey-- who are already established designers with their own production lines and stores-- against people who had to get rid of the living room couch in order to make room for a sewing machine and who are just trying to break even.

How the hell is THAT fair?

James Derek Dwyer said...

I think that Laura is an expert on "little boys' behavior." She can see through Jeffrey.

Anonymous said...

have been a Laura fan since day one but last night turned me against her..... I know that theres creative editing by PR but she just came off as a big fat petty rich-bitch.... maybe she's just showing her real colors now? she had absolutely NOTHING to be proud of from last night's performance.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm rooting for Jeffrey. And its just me and my one username, but he's got all the support I can give him.

I am also rooting for Jeffrey and have been doing so since the third episode. The only thing that last night's episode did was make me hope, even more, that he wins. And that Laura is the first one eliminated.

I think any designer who watched last season would know to come to NYC with a finished collection. You'd have to think that the producers were going to throw a last-minute twist (such as a 13th design) at you. Jeffrey even said as much.

Sorry, PRGayBoys. I know how much you love All Things Laura, but last night sealed the deal for me. I know TPTB are manipulating us, but everything about Laura, from her nasty comments about Jeffrey to her ugly green dress to her woe-is-me-I-need-the-money speech just bugged me.

Having seen the episode, I can't imagine that Jeffrey went to Laura's loft to watch the reunion show. WTF is that about?

ID#94076205 said...

Ok, everyone keeps talking about the finishing details on the challenges as opposed to the finishing details on Jeffrey's final collection. The truth is-- we don't know the quality of either. Yes, his clothes from the challenges looked well put together from our television sets, but I wouldn't have been able to tell if the sewing wasn't perfect. Uli, Michael and Laura all found the quality slightly suspicious, so the quality of his work probably was significantly better on his final collection. It's possible that it can all be explained legitimately-- extra time, better equipment, access to pattern books... etc. etc. but none of us can say that Laura's suspicions were completely baseless. Also, people are saying "Well if I were showing at OFW I'd get everything done well in advance." Yeah um, it's a lot of work to do in a really short amount of time. If that were easy to do, than EVERYONE would've been done well in advance. In the past three seasons nobody but Jeffrey was able to accomplish this feat, and I truly doubt that the other designers were just slackers or bad at time management. I'm sure it's a very very hard thing to have perfectly completed way ahead of time.

Anyway, I appreciated Laura's straight-forwardness. Whether or not she's right, I believe that she felt her suspicions were legitimate. I don't think she was being purposely manipulative just to give herself an advantage in the competition. It wasn't a personal attack on Jeffrey, it was a concern with a competitor.

Anonymous said...

Um, can we just talk about how Laura was playing the poor card saying "I can't afford to start my own line so winning this would mean so much to me." RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. This being said by the woman who lives in an OUTRAGEOUSLY LARGE (i.e. expensive) apartment in Manhattan who totes around Louis vitton luggage.

Lauras collection is God AWFUL - I need sunglasses to look at most of it. She's such a one note. Jeffrey's collection is amazing - I would buy/wear every piece.

Anonymous said...

Something about Jeffrey's response screams guilt....I mean, Laura is plainly accusing him of cheating and he just quietly defends his work. This is 2 months of his life, his career, his future. It's like a second child to him. I expected him to go nuts, especially after finding out that Laura went straight to Tim Gunn with the accusation. Remember how Jeffrey acted in the "Real Woman" challenge? He flipped at Angela's mom when he thought she shared discontent with Tim Gunn without telling him first. And that was just one stupid outfit...this is a MUCH bigger accusation, with MUCH bigger repercussions. It definitely makes me wonder....

Unknown said...

I am with Laura on this one. Jeffrey did look shifty when he was confronted. He has access to an entire staff and professional resources...I personally believe that he either had his Cosa Nostra staffers help him (they would all benefit from increased business if Jeffrey wins), or he got help from somewhere else. Why would his own mother say what she said? I thought it was odd that he didnt have his receipts in order either. He shouldn't have been on the show to begin with since he already has a viable line (I really hope next season has more stringent guidelines).

While I don't think that Laura's line is broad enough for spring, I think I will have to go for Uli as the winner. I wouldn't mind seeing Michael win either, even though his OFW collectin seemed a tad weak. As far as the previews for next week's show, the reaction of the other designers to Jeffrey's crying didnt seem too happy, so I think that the announcement that Tim has is not a good one (for Jeffrey).
I REALLY missed the fun and comraderie of Season 2....


JP :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jeffrey cheated. I hope he didn't. I really liked his collection. But having watched the show again, I came away with loads more respect for all of them.

Jeffrey bacause he worked his way back from a personal hell.

Uli because she got herself here from E. Germany and achieved the American Dream.

Laura because she found the energy and guts to take a "hobby" and run with it. Many women with kids just give up and live quiet lives of desperation.

Michael because he came from the working class and was an army brat and is still overawed at things like "hot" hotel rooms.

Anonymous said...

First I have to say I am so sad this season is almost over, what will I do in two weeks.

My thoughts are I think I have to agree with Laura, I tihnk it was Jeffreys designs and his collections but that he must have has some help in the sewing.

Based on what we were shown, since that is the only thing we have to go on it is really hard to beleive that he was able to do 13 pieces, his own line not for PR and not have to do any major alterations even after fitting his models???? Just sounds a little too off.

I also did a little digging last night and did find this little piece:

According to New York Magazine, it was fellow Final 4 finalist Laura Bennett that first accused Jeffrey of cheating on his collection. "We took the accusation very seriously, and we did a very intense and thorough investigation," Project Runway star Tim Gunn -- who declined to reveal the outcome of the investigation -- told the magazine.

Laura reportedly based her suspicions on the fact that, only three weeks earlier, Tim had commented that Jeffrey still "had a lot of work to do" when he visited Jeffrey at home and checked in on his progress.

While Tim wouldn't disclose the outcome of the investigation, his comments do appear to imply that the show found Jeffrey guilty of some type of subterfuge. "His collection was very ambitious," Tim told New York Magazine. "I wasn't born yesterday."

That was the best I could find, which does not give a yes or no answer but kind of implies that he might have done something wrong.

Anonymous said...

All I remember is that when I saw Jeffrey's collection for the first time I thought the execution was poor. This was backed up when I saw it on sparklies. I actually thought he had that crappy sewer Santino help him, cuz Jeff always seemed like he had skill. I really don't see where these accusations are coming from! But what do I know?

I think at least one of the designers will be disqualified, but for going over-budget not for whether they sewed it, which is impossible to prove unless Jeffrey's employees confess. Maybe that's why all the models look like they're crying. Maybe they ALL get disqualified EXCEPT Jeffrey!


lisa said...

You guys are SO RIGHT. Laura is clearly a jealous, ego-maniacal bitch! I mean, all season, she was talking shit about everyone else's design every single time she didn't win! She's always been spiteful and nasty to everyone else, and never had any respect for anyone else's designs or aesthetic!

Oh wait, that was all Jeffery. *rolls eyes* He's been a spiteful little bitch all season, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he fudged his receipts or something, although I think outright cheating is beyond even him.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's my question, it was very convenient the way Jeffrey left the room so they could talk about him. It seemed very set up and clearly obvious that he is going to show at fashion week or they wouldn't have shown him crying. They had to be tears of relief. Laura had every right to express her concerns. She can do no wrong in my eyes, especially since I learned she is from New Orleans-Go all the way Dahlin'

katiecoo said...

I just don't know what to think. I just watched it again this morning and find it odd his response is not anger but FEAR. Why would he or anyone else fear he'd be kicked out of showing if he know unequivocably there was no way it could be proven he'd had help because he did NOT? His style (and frankly mine) would have been "kiss my ass and investigate all you want, you won't find anything" vs. some kind of fear of being eliminated. That felt suspicious to me.

I think Laura had to say something and Michael felt the same way. How would she have felt if she didn't, had those suspicions and he won and it never got addressed? I dunno..hard call.

yawningdog said...

In the preshow articles, they said that Laura accused him of having help because he had nothing done when Tim visited and showed up with everything completely finished. In the actual show, Laura, Uli and Michael are stunned by everythings completion and totally shocked at the QUALITY of the work done. That seems to be the important part of the arguement - that Jeffery never showed that level of skill in the workroom.

But I thought his alone to the camera explanation that he doesn't sew well FAST, but does great work when he can take his time made sense.

Chgo_John said...

"Innocent until proven guilty" ... has anyone mentioned that yet -- or did I miss it? So, that now brings the Constitution "into the mix". Please forgive me if I've missed anything or anyone, but, so far, God, Visnu, the commandments, karma, Steisand, and a Senator have been mentioned. Thank's, Gay Boys, for one helluvan entertaining morning. I've enjoyed being able to take some time to enjoy the view(s). (There's another one.)

Anonymous said...

It is all editing.

I do have to agree with the comments that point to this not being Laura's shining moment. But I wasn't a Laura fan.

And I think there isn't a correct way on camera to do what was being suggested.

Recall in season 1, although JAY saw the shoes of his fellow designer in the final, and knew they weren't in the budget range, it was Tim who went over and noted it himself. I am sure editing could have made it seem Jay first spoke to Tim - and certainly maybe he did, but we didnt see it. We saw the contestants speaking to each other and to camera.

So this time around, we watch to see it is Laura who brings it up, although we know Tim was not "born yesterday" as he said (isnt that what he said to the situation?) and certainly would wonder when there are no receipts available.

But in the end, it wouldn't matter, if Laura had a better collection. THAT's the whole problem, we know, she knows, and so on, that she didn't really shine to the point of outshining Jeffrey's sudden improvement.

And as for Jeffrey having A-list customers, and that proves he knows how to sew it together and blah blah, it just proves he hires people to sew for his designs! That is the controversy! You think A-listers care or think he is sewing their purchases?

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey is a cheater. It's totally clear he's lying. I hope at least this means he can't win.
We LOVE fabulous potty-mouthed Laura. She is Mommy Dearest.

Anonymous said...

I think its funny how Jeffrey is "becoming human-ized" in terms of the camera, as if the last thoughts a viewer will have about him - especially if he wins - is that he could be someone to commission for a work. He's really ok.

But when I recall Jeffrey from many, many of the PR episodes, I wouldn't let him anywhere near a commission for a customer, and would wonder who would.

Anonymous said...

whoever wins doesn't really matter... i'm still buying my "springwear" from target...

can't wait to hear from the prg boys as you "mitigate" this mess bravo has created...

Fnarf said...

Everything you know about this episode is in the editing. The "shifty-eyed" look? Was he thinking about cheating, or was he thinking about.... gas?

I guarantee that if I followed any one of you around with a camera 24/7 I would have way more different "looks" than I needed to tell any story I wanted to tell at all.

Same with the hasty receipt-stuffing, the suspicious room-leaving, etc. etc. The entire show is ASSEMBLED, just like one of Jeffrey's garments. Do you even notice the doom-laden music that is directing your thoughts?

My off-the-wall take: Jeffrey gets caught out, not cheating on his clothes but cheating on his sobriety: he was falling behind, and can't do all-nighters anymore, so he took speed, and now he's busted, which is why he's crying.

Seriously, folks, wait until next week. This story hasn't been told yet.

Anonymous said...

Also, keep in mind, in season one they had the great shoe debate with Kara, in season two they had the Daniel pocketbook debate (Tim hated them and they disappeared for a while.) They needed something in this episode. I think it was manufactured and Laura did come to his defense in the reunion show re. Angela's mother. I think it was a set up for ratings.

Anonymous said...

I actually like JEFFREY now and DON'T LIKE LAURA very much. I adored her before. She was soooooooooo disappointing last night. She acted as if she were Queen Laura there to inspect Jeffrey and send him to the barn with the peasants, banishing him forever from the stage. Laura "acted" like "The Rich Girl" in school, who gets "angry" BECAUSE THE POOR GIRL from the Wrong side of the Tracks, made the Cheerleading Squad. I was so sickened by Laura last night. (I'd buy any item in her collection still, they were beautiful.) But the one thing Jeffrey did is "he moved his work out of his house" to a private space, where he could work non-stop. Laura had kids galore to contend with , so she's "pissed" that Jeffrey used his time to work,work,work. I'm so disappointed by Laura...she should be totally concentrating on her own collection. I think Jeffrey has a chance of winning the whole thing. I love Michael, but I DID NOT LIKE his collection, Uli's collection upclose looked a bit too simple-hippie and was awkward it seemed to wear. Laura's collection was beautiful. I think out of the four Jeffrey has a great chance of winning, I hope he does, his line is more edgey,young,different. Laura was acting like the Rich-Spoiled-Lady who was "outsewn" by the poor kid acroos town. Laura get a grip....

Anonymous said...

Laura's acting like a Rich Spoilt #itch who was "outsewn" by the Poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks.....
Sour Grapes...Laura.

Gigi said...

I also read that Laura had heard through the grapevine (her mother from Jeffrey's mother) that Jeffrey was nowhere near being finished a short time before they were due back in NYC. That is surely one of the reasons she became suspicious when he had no finish work left to do.

Why is it that whenever a woman is anything but mealy-mouthed and agreeable she is automatically labelled a bitch? I guess that makes me a bitch too. :-)

Anonymous said...

La Laura totally defended Jeffrey during the reunion because she knew how seriously ugly she was gonna look in the next episode...she's a smart one, is our Laura, but not very nice.

Anonymous said...

it's just editting, baby. we all know he shows, whether it's with project runway or not. and i think he's in the clear and BravoTV is just exploiting the drama (which is totally fairgame for reality TV). Personally, i believe him. He's really intense and more genuine than i first thought. The guy almost hanged himself a few years back! i don't think Laura can really understand his drive or where he's coming from.

Anonymous said...

So let's find that pic of Michael that was shown from his past where's he's sitting down, staring off to the side wearing a blue jacket or something. I don't do black dudes, but he looks HHHOOOOTTTTTT in that picture. *Drool*

Seth said...

Concerning the preview of next week's show without Jeffrey, I think that was gone on purpose. Simply because of the controversy surrounding this week's show. If they put him in there, then everyone would know the outcome.

We all know that he did show a collection at Bryant Park, so that isn't an issue. This was an effort by the producers to keep us guessing. It means nothing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 1.32pm. Laura to me erupted in priviledged WASPiness last night. "I'm rich and fabulous and you look dirty and poor--how dare you possibly be better than me."

Plus I imagine that one would sew better at home with their family rather than away, housing with crazy Vincent, and under the constant eye of the cameras.

Jeffrey's subdued reaction speaks volumes to me about his honesty. Like Santino, Jeffrey likes to front and be very loud about it. I think the reaction last night was far more genuine.

Besides, from the very opening, Laura was out to get Jeffrey. She slammed him right away in her opening talk, she knocked him a second time before he even arrived, she refused to greet him and the next morning she commented on the "tension" he likes to create. Looked to me that she was creating the tension this time around.

Normally, I like Laura, but after this I think she's a lot more like Angela--always looking to blame someone else or undermine someone else's success.

The reason they took four this year? They would have had to axe Michael for the photo challenge and that would not have been cool since the next week they give him the check for being a fan favorite.

Anonymous said...

jeffrey's genius comes from breaking rules. he dares to create garments that others are too afraid to execute. keep breakin rules jeff - it's working.

do we expect print designers to actually run the ink press? NO. of course you need a basic understanding of construction principals but it's the IDEA that is important. i could care less if he had help constructing his collection. hell, chloe had her own little family sweat shop helping her...and don't think momma laura didn't notice that either. i'm sure she was thinkin, o hell no, not again. can't blame the woman for speaking her peace. she hardly seems the type to let anything slide.

if jeffrey gets auf'd over this technicality it would only add to his balls-to-the-wall, do-anything, try-anything persona. rock on.

Anonymous said...

Although Jeffery is a jerk, he has too much on the line to cheat. My opinion of him has also changed after seeing the life he has lived and the challenges he has overcome. I think Laura can't stand the fact that he is prepared and his collection is outstanding. I give her props for confronting Jeffery about her opinion, but think that she jeolous. I guess Jeffery is her biggest threat.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Glamorous Organized Laura goes to the finals with her collection unprepared...and get's pissed that JEFFREY was Prepared.
Laura just knew she could twist Uli and Michael in her little scheme. I don't think Laura cares about or likes anyone in that sewing room, I think Laura is for Laura. If Jeffrey was invited to Laura's home, he must have WON the whole thing and Laura is trying to make-nice. She was so mean-spirited last night. Laura did what Pageant girls do who THINK they are going to win, only to see some stiff-competition, so they resort to any means to illiminate them.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to think Laura is an angel. She is competitive and knows her work is one dimensional, bordering on an "older" clientele aesthetic which really bothers her. Throughtout the show Laura has taken it upon herself to criticize other designers. Remember when she criticized Kane's "serious ugly" dress and he told her off saying he was more worried about her character than his dress? I don't see her as being formidable at all. I see her as an insecure, pre-natal whiny Mom who can't seem to get her groove on so she has to pick on others. Kayne was entitled to his gaudy design, if that's his aesthetic. There is a clientele for him as well as Jeffrey.

I would wear Jeffrey's clothes any day of the week. It has a unique perspective. It may not be for everyone but no one can say his designs are boring. And it hasn't come out of any of the judges mouths to date. The guy has a clothing company. Did Laura really expect he was going to arrive unprepared? He has experience making one of a kind designs for high-paying clients. I highly doubt his clients would pay for shoddy work. Yet Laura, never having sold anything to anyone, thinks her homegrown sewing skills should be the evny of all designers.

Laura's designs - yawn yawn yawn! The judges have called her designs boring, old and borrowed. But there's gotta be an older designer (trying to design for a 2 generations younger) out there in the final four to cover the population right?
Her "evening/cocktail" sensibility can't hold a candle to designers like Oscar dela Renta or Zac Posen. Being from Manhattan, you would think she would have learned to be more original.

theycallmelilsteph said...

I'm suspicious...Laura and Tim are not idiots, and neither are Michael or Uli for that matter. He said he was scared, but WHY would he be scared if he did nothing wrong?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I think that the ragging on Laura is bogus. What was she supposed to do, graciously ignore the real possibility that Jeffrey cheated so she could protect her PR image?

I seriously doubt she's literally stealing food out of Jeffrey's mouth, so bringing income into the argument is irrelevant.

It took balls to call out Jeffrey on the suspicious condition of his collection, and more balls to acknowledge that she knew how she'd come across and still stick to her position. She obviously doesn't let people tell her where the bear shit in the buckwheat.

My take is this: This isn't the first time a designer tried pulling one over in order to enhance the value of their collection. Kara Saun did it with her little shoe stunt.

I'm sure that winning the contest is important, but showing at Fashion week has got to be even more important because that's where the buying audience is. It's the prize beyond the prize.

Quite possibly, they let Jeffrey show but told him he couldn't win, and it went down like it did the first two seasons with Austin and whatsherface.

Laura said...

Laura and Jeffrey are probably working together! They had been emailing each other, dreading whatever ridiculous thing Bravo was planning for their 13th look-- Jeffrey probably guessed that they would have to make a dress out of bees, Laura's theory was that they would have to fight through some sort of obstacle course to earn fabric-- and they just decided, hey, if we create a little drama ourselves we can skip out on the dress made of bees.

That's why Jeff is hanging out at parties at Laura's house. They think this is all hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Well all I have to say is that you have 3 designers/seemstresses (Laura, Uli and Micheal all confessed to learning how to sew first, heck Laura's mother was a sewing teacher!) looking at Jeffrey's garments and wondering. You can't shit a shitter. Editing aside, SOMETHING made those three suspicious about the quality of the garments.

I don't think it had anything to do with "I'm not finished so how can you be" or Tim's comments on Jeffrey's collection...etc. I think it had to do with 3 designers knowing something stinks. Finishing seams takes time, topstitching takes time, heck even hems take time. Ontop of all of this, he had to fit and tailor his garments to his models and still he had time to sit at his table and do nothing.

I don't doubt for a second that he started on his collection WAY before he was in the final four and probably had all the fabric and patterns finalized in his mind before he got to the airport in NYC. And probably hit the ground running when he landed in LA. Even with all his industrial machines, finishing takes time, so does fittings on the models. THAT is more suspicious in my mind that he had help more than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Is Laura just a jealous bitch? Jelous, no. Crazy, perhaps. Fabulous, definetly.

Is Jeffrey a lying cheater? It's hard to say. I mean, remember how much Danny V. had to do last yar? And Chloe talking about all the alterations that had to be done when there were only 48 hours until the show? It's very suspicious.

Is Uli a passive-aggressive manipulator? Of course!

Is Tim adorable when he looks stern? I'll answer your question with another question: When isn't Tim aborable?

tigi said...

I don't think Jeff cheated, but I think Laura was in her rights to question him... I don't blame her. If I knew someone's skill level pretty well, and saw something that made me suspicious, I would speak up just to be sure. Especially if there was the possibility that I'd lose 100K if my hunch was right and I didn't speak up.

Gorgeous Things said...

Well, two things come to mind. One, it could be a red herring (I kind of doubt it).
Two, if they found reason to believe he cheated, and didn't do anything about it, then Keith would probably sue, and I'm sure the suits in Bravo legal want to avoid any whiff of litigious controversy (thank you Tim Gunn for inspiring my use of $10 words!).

Anonymous said...

"Is Laura just a jealous bitch? Is Jeffrey a lying cheater? Is Uli a passive-aggressive manipulator?"

D. All of the above

Love Laura even if she may be a tad bit jealous. (Think -- final episode after Laura left the runway and momentarily stopped Uli from congratulating her.) I don't blame her if she was jealous considering she sewed on all those beads and feathers for her own collection. Girlfriend knows how to do some serious bitching without apology! Love her!

A lying cheater Jeffery may be. Proving Jeffery is a cheater may unfortunately not happen.

Oh My Word! Finally, I'm not the only one who sensed this about Uli.

I can't remember where I read that Jeffery, Uli and Jay M. watched the reunion special at Laura's house. M.K. got lost on the subway and didn't make it. I highly doubt Jeffery would go to Laura's house if he was eliminated from competing.

PR's editing is so transparent! You can bet that whatever the preview appears to be on the surface, it is the exact opposite in the next episode. (Laura crying, Uli not finishing her dress, etc...)

Anonymous said...

For those saying that Laura didn't have the balls because she went to Tim first, let me tell you:

1- Laura mentioned before that the producers "encouraged" her to go foward with her accusations.

2- Don't you think it's a heck of a good timing that they made Tim show up EXACTLY went Jeffrey was away and he was already asking if Laura wanted to speak to him privately????

Blame the producers, people!! Don't got what they wanted. A Scandal to up the ratings!

Anonymous said...

Guess since they're friends now, it don't really matter. But you know me, once a Jeffrey hater, always a Jeffrey hater. He's guilty, guilty, guilty. Who could believe a word this asshole says?

Anonymous said...

"Lelê said...
Blame the producers, people!! Don't got what they wanted. A Scandal to up the ratings!

Exactly. It's so obvious.

-Hate Peanut for making fun of Angela's mother.
-Hate Bad Mommy for questioning Peanut

What's next?

kora in hell said...

Oh, scandal, schmandal. Let's get to the important stuff. The handsome Mr. Bennett did NOT get enough screen time. Be still my heart. Some of us like the professorial look. I prefer the trimmed beard but that tussled Einstein look is okay too. He looked bemused and that's sexy to smart girls. Or at least to sarcastic girls.

People adore Laura because she isn't an angel. But that doesn't make her a harpie with a pussy-whipped hubby (hmmm . . . note to self: find harpie outfit . . . anyway, what they do behind closed doors is their own business!!). Just look at how freaked out the men on PR were by her. Except Tim. Maybe its the grey hair. Although it didn't prevent him from being terrorized by turtle poop.

Anonymous said...

Would bet dollars to donuts that Jeffrey was edited out of the preview to heighten the drama and speculation.

We know he was there at Bryant Park, we know he is watching these shows at Laura's house with Uli and Michael (when Michael is not lost on the subway). Whatever happened, all involved worked it out.

So let's all do the same!!

go back and watch "Project Runway the Musical" (Season 2). Sing along with Santino and Andre:


But isn't this delicious???

-- ShiningC

Anonymous said...

Listen to Tim's podcast of the episode. Tim Gunn says he specifically advised Jeffrey during his home visit that Jeffrey should NOT show up with work still to do on his garments. You KNOW Jeffrey took that to heart. Tim also describes how Jeffrey's work was squirreled away in a part of the work studio that was away from the main work area to keep the collection secret.

I don't think he cheated.
a) He works fast. And an addictive personality like his can get insanely focused on a task at hand.
b) He showed he can do decent, even good, work under unreasonable deadlines and with equipment that he had to share, I'm sure he could pull off excellent work when he had even just a bit more time to work on his own industrial equipment fixed on his own preferred settings, without five kids and a pooping turtle to bug him.
c) He already knew his point of view and didn't have to change anything or even search his soul for ideas. Further fueled by the positive comments he got from Tim on his visit, he didn't have to change direction at all - unlike Laura, Uli or Michael.
d) It's already been published that although he hadn't sewn in two years before the show, Jeffrey took five weeks studying pattern books and relearning sewing before taping started because he knew that would be the key to success in the challenges.
e) Jeffrey, along with Kayne, was the one who found the books under Keith's bed and was big on anti-cheating. He knows the consequences of even the smallest infraction. He's mean and gruff, but he's not stupid.

I think Jeffrey did not cheat. Anything that doesn't add up was probably unintentional (e.g., going over budget due to bad math or not having submitted adequate receipts for something - on the podcast Tim Gunn did say he is a bit of a disorganized messy guy in his home studio and his workspace).

I like how Gringo above laid out the known facts:

Fact: We know he showed at Bryant Park, there are thousands of pictures and reviews in every major newspaper and blog.

Fact: We know he was very cheerful during the interviews he's done on TV since Fashion Week.

Fact: We know he went to Laura's home last week to see the Reunion show together.

Remaining questions:
What was the crying for in the preview?
Was his showing at Bryant Park still eligible to win?

The editors are such masterful manipulators that there are so many possibilities as to why he was crying. Any guess is valid. But here are a couple more facts to help fuel speculation about whether he was still eligible to win:

a) Those blonde wigs Jeffrey brought weren't used in the Bryant Park show, and the models' hair and faces in the show seemed different from what was decided in the Collier Strong/Tres Semme consultation.

b) The photos of Jeffrey's collection at the show add up to only 11 looks. Uli, Michael and Laura each had 12. Where are the pleated shorts and vest in question?

I conclude:
He was found in violation of some rule, but not due to cheating, due to oversight, and the penalty was he had to take away one look and the wigs. He was still allowed to show, and still eligible to win. If he was allowed to show but disqualified from eligibility to win, why would he eliminate one look from his show? Why not use the wigs he brought?

What a great distraction this has been!!!

madelineanne said...

My thoughts on last night

Re: Jeffrey's reaction
Based upon the editing that has occured on this show I am convinced that the tears were from a day or so later when he ordered from room service and they sent up buffalo wings instead of chicken fingers

Re: Laura saying she hasn't had the money to start her own line
Bitch, don't even lie to me like that, I've seen your apartment and more to the point, I've seen YOUR SHOES!!
I love her and she's fabulous, but seriously, that woman, not hurting for money.
And if she thinks she would like a female child perhaps she could adopt me. *blink* *blink* *innocent smile*

Time Gunn running away from turtle poop, CUTEST MOMENT EVER. I tihnk it even tops Tim Gunn coming over the hill with all the ickle doggies!

bungle said...

Geeezzz, you fellow commenters are a collective hard act to follow.

But the one trump card I have to play is: the inside scoop! That's right!

I have some damaging info about one of the producers, Michael Rucker. It turns out that he's not the author of his blog, Vincent ghostwrites it for him! So I promised Rucker I wouldn't tell anyone about that if he disclosed the resolution of the cliffhanger to me.

Ok, so, you remember we're left at the point where Prof. Gunn says "...unfortunately..."?
He the proceeds: "...Jeffery, you were aufed the first week of the show. That G-d AWFUL mass of rags got your neck-tattoo havin' ass BOUNCED, hoss. Your subsequent involvement in the show was all a well crafted series of dream sequences. How's THAT for creative editing?
Designers, welcome the actual fourth contestant to show at fashion week..."

*in walks Malan*

*Jeffery commences crying*

And as we know, Malan DID show at Fashion week, eh? See how this all fits together like a Keith Michael dog outfit?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Divine distraction, indeed!

Perhaps Jeffrey had to remove the items with the pleating (for some reason) - the vest and shorts. Or that he had to remove the vest, shorts and wigs since he didn't have receipts?

Another crazy guess: this year's added challenge is not to add a look, but to remove one?

Anyway, though I am not a fan of Jeffrey's -- I'm not his target demographic but I do appreciate his talent -- I do not think he cheated. My bet is that he'll be cleared of these charges. however, if he doesn't show 12 looks I am not sure he'd be eligible to win as he didn't complete the challenge. Right?

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think happened:

Tim saw Jeffrey's collection three weeks before he was due in NY and Jeffrey was way behind. We know this, so all this talk about 74 hours per garment is totally bogus--it's more like 20 max, considering time to eat, sleep, play with the son, travel to and from his workshop, etc.

After Tim left, Jeffrey panicked, found some of his old designs that his people had put together before he got involved in PR and brought them to NY, presenting them as work done for the show. All the other designers recognized that he couldn't have made the clothes he brought in the time available but only Laura was brave enough to call him out on it. (An aside--it's always best to make the complaint first, then notify the person about whom you've complained. If Jeffrey had had a plausible explanation Laura would have then had to go to Tim with it, saying she was wrong. But if she went to Jeffrey first it would seem more like a threat or an attempt at blackmail than a legitimate complaint.) When Uli and Michael both agreed with her, she had all the evidence she needed (or could conceivably have amassed) to make her accusation.

My guess is that Jeffrey wasn't able to come up with timely, dated receipts for the raw material for the clothes he brought and he lost eligibility because of that. Looks like they still allowed him to show the line.

As for his reaction to the accusation, the only reason it means anything is that we'd already seen his reaction to being challenged and it was never like this. Before, he'd been bitchy and argumentative, always protesting how right he was. I think he knew Laura had him this time.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey like Malan showed us his human side and made a prickly character seem much more likeable and deep. I'm glad Laura spoke up although I wish she had gone to Jeffrey before Tim. I hope the truth comes out and I hope the truth is that Jeffrey did not cheat. I really dont care who wins PR as I feel they all deserve to. (OK Laura is my favorite) But moreover I hope they all win after this competition by having successful careers.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Jeffrey, paid others to do the more difficult finish work and this will be documented in his receipts; I also think that he mistakenly believed that this was OK under the rules, i.e. certain tasks, including the difficult finish work, could be outsourced. This could lead to his being ineligible for the prize or not being allowed to show certain garments. Therefore Laura's suspicions would be correct but Jeffrey would not be considered a "cheater" having made an honest mistake. This could explain why there now appears to be no animosity between Laura and Jeffrey. Just guessing, Rosemarie

Anonymous said...

Laura's all about being in charge. She feels perfectly justified in waling around commenting on people's work in front of them or off camera. I think she also "get's off" on dissing Jeffrey.

Now Jeffrey shows up with a bunch of well-finished outfits & Laura freaks. If I had to hear one more line about "he didn't have to sew in a single hook," I'm going to be sick.

If you review the final Preview, the framing is extremely tight. Just when Jeffrey could appear, they change frames. Thumbs up to the Bravo producers for amnipulating us so well.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if Jeffrey cheated or not. His body language and demeanor when asked for his receipts struck me as a bit odd and evasive, but that's not hard proof of anything. Maybe he was just distracted and I read it wrong. I wasn't there, I can't know.

I don't like Jeffrey and don't care for his clothes, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. There are a lot of reasons why it's completely plausible that he finished his collection before he went to New York. Rather than ask, "Did he cheat?" I'm more interested in asking, "Could he really have done all that work by himself?" And for a number of reasons, I think he could have done it.

First, he had an automatic advantage over the other designers in that he has a huge workspace and access to multiple (reliable!) sewing machines at one time. Unlike the workroom at Parsons, or a second bedroom, or a small apartment, he could set that workspace up to accommodate his specific needs, to allow him to work most comfortably and efficiently.

Second, the others worked on their collections at home, in their living spaces, and I can tell you (as an artist who has had both live/work and work-only studios over the years) that having a separate work location makes a huge difference in productivity. There are fewer temptations to kick back and do other things (or nothing); there are fewer interruptions by friends and family; and when you work away from home you aren't constantly sidetracked by household chores and other distractions. The advantage of having a dedicated work space like Jeffrey's is that it keeps your focus on work. Even though he also had to tend to Cosa Nostra business during that time, working there would still have kept him on track, thinking about clothes and fashion and design, not leaky pipes or what's on TV or the neighbor's barking dog.

Third, since he already has his own business with an established identity and clientele, Jeffrey is more experienced than any of the other finalists in thinking about an entire collection, rather than individual garments, and thus probably didn't waste much time on missteps like Laura did. How many days did Laura waste on the "chartreuse Popsicle," the red gown, and the red lace jacket that never made it to Bryant Park? Everything we saw from Jeffrey during Tim's visit made it onto the runway. I'm not going to knock Laura, but as efficient as she prides herself on being, Jeffrey may actually be more efficient when it comes to designing and producing a collection, simply because he's done it before.

On top of that, he started out by making all the clothes himself, and along the way probably learned some really good time-management skills, and ways to work more efficiently so he could make more garments in less time.

So while I wasn't impressed with his construction skills on any of the challenge garments he made, I can easily see how he could have sewn and finished all the garments he sent down the runway by himself. He's a very bright guy, and busting his ass to get everything finished lest the producers decide to throw another challenge at him makes perfect sense. And on his own turf, with no cameras, no insanely-short deadlines, and no distractions from competing designers of course he's going to do a better job and be able to make more ambitious garments.

I can understand why Laura, Michael, and Uli had their doubts. Given their own experiences and what they know about Jeffrey that I don't, I think those doubts may be perfectly reasonable. But personally, I'm inclined to believe he did all the work himself--it's by no means impossible.

Kathy Wooton said...

I believe Jeffrey made an honest mistake. He mentioned straight out that he sent garments out to be pleated. His reaction, I think he hwas hurting, badly, that the accusation was made.

I'm not a Jeffrey fan, I like Michael and Laura, but I don't agree that he cheated. He made an error. I bet he was made to drop the pleated number, in fairness to the competition.

With Keith mentioning possible legal action against PR, any suspicion has to be rigorously pursued.

Anonymous said...

I really like Laura and find it okay doing what she did *but* I do not think Jeffrey "cheated." He may have paid others to sew for him but if he paid them fair market price that is not cheating.

As another anonymous wrote:
I would have been damn sure to have had my garments "finished" before I got to NY too, especially after that "13th look challenge" crap...

That is not a good strategy - if you have too much done you cannot alter and adjust to fit to your models. You get a bad fit and get "Santino-ized" by the judges for having "boobies all over the place" and bad hems. You need to have a balance of work done but be ready and open to adjustments via Tim's critique and your model's body types.

I think everyone needs to carefully look at who they liked before this episode to answer if they think Jeffrey cheated. The answer to the first question seens to work for the second in most people's arguement.

I think these few points are all we need to consider:
1.Jeffrey is the closest thing to a professional designer of the four - he has lots more experience and the resources at Costa Nostra. That has to count.
Like him or not, he is skilled and experienced. We all know what someone does during the stress and hectic pace of the season does not directly reflect on what they come up with for their final runway show.
2. Laura has now seen or heard what Jeff has been saying about her behind her back since the last show - she has to be angry. I would be. Considering her personality I would have disappointed had she not been upset.
3.Uli and Michael were agreeing with her and telling her to say something - under stressful situations group pressure gets the best of all of us at some point. They too felt like Laura did, but were too weak willed to say anything themselves. They knew it would result in potential heat and were not willing to step up and take it when they could get someone else to take the fallout.
4.Tim came in before Jeff and
mainly with Uli instigation things escalated due to Laura being goading from others/hormones/emotions.
5. Ask yourself - would you have done what Laura did? I think for the vast majority of us, Yes!Events would have played out to the same point if we were in her place. Laura did what she thought was best for her, Michael and Uli.
There seems to be a lot of assumption that because Laura is a New Yorker, rich and a woman that speaks her mind she automatically deserves scorn and hatred. Why is this?
6. Most importantly, Bravo has edited this to provoke ratings - these events were not ever presented in the way it really happened - reality TV and Reality are not synonomous.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey makes people react in a truthful way. You either love him or hate him. No mincing words or ideas from his supporters or detractors.

Laura'supporters are all on the fence. They don't love her designs enough but they like her personality which has nothing to do with craft and skill.

Calling all Laura lovers. Go pre-order the Jolly Green Giant coat that never made it to Bryant park and give your girl a boost!

I'll take one of Jeffrey's discarded blond wigs.

Christine said...

For those that are saying that Jeffery didn't show 12 pieces, you're wrong. There is a link on the BPR to the pictures, in order, of his entire collection:
1-Red & White Polka dot dress
2-Red & white swimsuit
3-Red & white babydoll dress
4-Red top w/ white pants
5-Red & green dress
6-Black (?) dress
7-White pants & vest
8-Light blue dress (short)
9-Dark blue dress (short)
10-Blue dress (long)
11-White pants & green & white jacket
12-Green & white striped dress

Count 'em.

feelgoodlost said...

either way, jeffrey is a good guy.

James Derek Dwyer said...

Bungle- that was funny :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the person who mentioned the materials used as a factor. I mean in one challenge he made a jacket and dress...and finished before a number of designers. I also think that Jeffery wants it really badly. Personally I don't care for his attitude but looking at the lines as a whole--Jeffrey had the best one. If he is taken out, I think that the default winner will be Uli.

stmkent said...

I don't think there's anything I can say that hasn't already been said. Still, I think it's important that we remember that Project Runway is a reality show. Regardless of how honest we believe the contestants to be, we have to accept that the producers have squeezed as much drama as they can from the most recent events. Let's not judge until we hear the full story. We simply cannot allow suspicious editing to influence us.

Damn. I'm surprising myself with how unbitchy I sound.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see PR go back to its stated purpose, to find America's "next big designer". If they eliminated rules about people other than the contestant doing the sewing for the collection shown at Fashion Week, all of this would be a moot point. And so it should be. Everyone knows fashion designers don't sew their own designs, lol. The Fashion Week collection should be judged on the strength of the designs, not sewing skill. If they didn't have the sewing skill, they wouldn't have made it into the finals in the first place.

I strongly doubt PR will change this rule though since it's so handy with adding drama. And, after all, that's what reality TV is all about - manufactured drama. Heidi was even on Leno last night, talking about this very "controversy" and how you'd have to tune in to the finale next week to see how it's resolved. I suppose the PR producers figure if there are enough strong and potentially antagonistic finalists, they can leave it up to them to make the drama. If there's a chance they may get along too well, they come up with something like that lame 13th design last year.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to decide if the info about watching the finale gives us any clues. I don't think there's any way everyone flew to NY on their own dime, especially if they lost, so we know PR paid for it. It's in their interest to preserve the suspense so PR would want them all there. But why was Michael lost in the subway? Would PR have let their winner take the subway to Laura's? I'm thinking that means he lost. Uli, too, because, well, I just think she had to lose. She's too one-note and I agree with whoever said she was supposed to lose the last challenge so that the finalists would be Jeffrey, Laura and Michael. But she made such a great dress that they couldn't cut her then and that's why there are four finalists instead of three.

Anyway, between Laura and Jeffrey, if he was disqualified that means Laura won. If he wasn't, hmmmm. Don't know. Since they came to Laura does that mean she won? Or is that too easy? I suppose if they had all gone out to LA to watch the show it would have been too obvious that Jeffrey was the winner. And maybe Laura's too pregnant now to travel and that's why the party was at her house.

Anonymous said...
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Gidget Bananas said...

I thought Laura came off looking worse than Jeffrey in last night's episode.

When Tim visited Jeffrey, it looked like he was well along in his collection, and Tim didn't advise Jeffrey to change anything. Even though Laura had 12 pieces already made, Tim advised her to lose a few looks; Michael had let a month pass without producing very much. Of course they would have more to do than Jeffrey did, assuming Jeffrey worked right through. Thanks to those posters who did the math to break down the time allotted.

I was actually hoping that Uli would win, but I wasn't that thrilled with her behavior in this episode either.

Jeffrey did seem awfully cheerful about the whole mess when questioned about it on the Today show last week, when he and the others were decorating jean pockets. I hope that means he was cleared and the competition went forward as planned.

Andrea said...

As far as the noteable absences go, I think that bravo is just jerking our chains. The previews are edited just like everything else. This doesn't show anything!

Tanèa said...

The same people who think it's wrong Laura tipped Tim..are ya'll the same people who thought it was wrong for Kayne to tip Tim & the producers during KeithMichaelgate?

I mean, it's a competition. If you think one of your competitors has ill doings, then you're gonna make sure the record is set straight.

Also, in Season 1..didn't the designers give the show a heads-up about Kara Saun and her shoes?

Anonymous said...

I found a preview of Bryant Park with Jeffrey in it. It's a video located on Bravo with Tim touring the tent 2 hours before the show.

Go here for the video:

Skip Day 6's three videos and skip down to the pink box for Day 7: Tim's Tent Tour. Wait for it because Jeffrey shows up in the last 4 seconds of the video shown dressing his models.

Anonymous said...

"You think? I honestly sort of doubt it. Don't ask me why, but I believe everything that Tim Gunn says, and Tim swears by the honesty and integrity of the producers."

I must remind you that if you go through Tim's blog and podcasts that he says that he hated Chloe's collection last season. He even made a remark along the lines of "Where's the ottoman that goes with this couch?", but that it was edited out by the producers.

Next time that there's a Season 2 marathon, take a long look at that episode. You'll never get so much as a clue that he disliked it.

I do not know how the producers can explain throwing Jeffrey off the show, if they indeed do that. However, it has already been well established that the contracts that the contestants signed allow the producers to do pretty much whatever they want and the contestants sign away any right to contest it in court.

Anonymous said...

From Andy's blog's interview with Laura:

I even sent a nasty email to the boys at Project Rungay because I knew they'd be so jealous! Jeffrey came and Uli. Michael got lost on his way here actually and ended up on the subway trying to email us desperately from the subway saying "I’m somewhere between the Bronx and Brooklyn and I can't get off!" Malan came by and then Jay McCarroll showed up!

Whatever the outcome is, I think they have managed to move past it.

Anonymous said...

Why is a woman called a BITCH if she stands up for what's right?
She had concerns and she addressed them. If he isn't guilty, he'll be able to prove it

Anonymous said...

No one seems to remember that Uli did not jump on Laura's bandwagon and that she defended Jeffery, even going through the rack of clothes and saying "that's not perfect, this isn't perfect, they're good but not perfect." And she told Laura that if Laura was determined to follow this through, she needed to confront Jeffrey first--not run to Tim. Uli sided with Jeffrey from the beginning, hence the calling Laura out in front of Jeffrey with the "Laura would like to make an announcement."

Anonymous said...

Laura has every right to accuse Jeffrey, why not?

I just didn't particularly feel that the designers should have touched his collection without Jeffrey being there. That wasn't right.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but nothing that Jeffrey sent down the runway looked near the caliber of his Bryant Park collection.
Even I felt that something wasn't quite right.

Anonymous said...

The way Laura approached the situation was very unprofessional.
I would've talked to Jeffrey first.
Jeffrey is very talented and I'm sure he worked on his collection as much as anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Laura's like a wasp pageant girl who just got the sewing sh!t kicked out of her by Jeffrey the Italiano kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Jeffrey went back to LA, kicked Aszz and took names. The ragging on Laura by posters is "REAL", some people here think Ms. Laura Wonderful Sewer, is shocked that someone can put a complete line together except her. Jeffrey probably definately has the "garment center vote" and those guys in Little Italy who own some of the showrooms and sewing centers down there. What's his last name?...I hope little Jeffrey wins.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what may or may not have happened in Jeffrey's mega sewing room before he arrived back in NY, this needs to be mentioned:

It was stated (in Tim's narration, I believe) that Jeffrey did not need to do any alterations after he completed the fittings on his models. That is why he was twiddling his thumbs, while Laura, Michael, and Ulli were still working on their collections. They DID have to make alterations. Jeffrey didn't have to re-hem, let seams in or take them out, or re-position any hooks, etc. which can be tremendously time-consuming. Part of it could have been luck (with the particular models' body sizes) but Tim also mentioned that the design and draping of some of Jeffrey's garments were such that they didn't require further customizing.


Anonymous said...

I'm so loathe to admit it, but w/ all of the warm & fuzzy Jeffrey moments lately; the other designers ganging up on him and the suspicions that he cheated; this is all a manufactured build up for a Jeffrey win. From hated to loved, cheater to vindication, underdog to winner. It's a classic reality show plotline (see Kelly Monaco's win on the 1st Dancing w/ the Stars).

PS: If last nights ep had ended w/ puppies and lollypops, would there be so much buzz, chatter and anticipation for next weeks show?
C'mon, kids, shouldn't this only go so far, sans vitriol? After that you're the suckers the producers think you are.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the preview of the finale you added. We all know that Jeffrey showed at Fashion Week. I think they are just messing with our minds again.

Anonymous said...

"Why is a woman called a BITCH if she stands up for what's right?
She had concerns and she addressed them."

Having concerns and addressing them is not "Standing up for what's right."

Having concerns and addressing them is: "I believe the runway is too slippery and a model could injure herself." or "I believe Uli's use of florescent orange paisley could be damaging to the audiences eyes."

Having concerns and addressing them is NOT: "I believe Jeffrey cheated. I don't believe Jeffrey sewed all his own clothing."

That is an accusation. Cold and simple.

Making an accusation does not make Laura a Bitch. Making an accusation while admiting "I have no proof. It's a gut instinct." makes her unconscionable.

She was a bitch long before she resorted to slandering her fellow competitors.

"If he isn't guilty, he'll be able to prove it." - that's nice you consider him guilty until proven innocent.


Anonymous said...

Jeffrey proved he could sew with the Couture Challenge and the Jetsetter Challenge. He says in the opening "I've got mad skills"..
the guy can sew and he proved it. Laura needs to throw away the green velvet belts, they were ugly as he..ll on her garments. She has beautiful designs, but she's not the next great designer. Jeffrey or Michael might be. I thought Uli was so sweet last night. I want to know who Uli's girlfriend is??????

Anonymous said...

Before tonight Laura was my favorite designer, but what she did was out of the question not very professional. Jeffrey is a great designer, and he doesn't do the same thing over and over like Laura.

Anonymous said...

I was truly impressed with Jeffrey's details on his pieces like the zipper seams, for example. He knows what he's doing and Laura is just jealous.
He does know how to sew, and he has proven that.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey does have his own shop with professional sewers and equipment. So what? He still has to create and sew every piece, doesn't he?
Did Uli, Laura and Michael sew each and every stitch by hand?

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