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How can you eliminate someone with that hair, judges? That is some Straight Outta Newark right there. He looks like one of the Gotti boys.

Well, it happened, kittens. As they do at least once every season, the judges did something so stupid, so completely inexplicable, so frustrating, that wine glasses shattered, decorative throw pillows were rended and mud masks cracked in shock and anger. Every Thursday morning, we almost always wake up within minutes of each other and have a quick discussion of our blog game plan for the day as our coffee spits and bubbles and dribbles into the pot at a devastatingly slow pace. This morning, we both woke up cranky and pissed off.

Look, let's get this out of the way right now: it's, at best, only a so-so dress. It's not like we think he should have won or even been top 3. It's just that almost everything about the judging last night was completely fucked up.

There was a dress that walked down the runway last night and everyone in the PRGay Home Theatre gasped and said "That's it. That's adorable. That's the winner." AND THAT DRESS WASN'T EVEN MENTIONED.

Ugh. We'll get to that later.

Yeah, it was basic. It was pretty much the "Marilyn on a subway grate" dress done in red. No great shakes, but nothing to get auf'd over either.

The fit's a little wonky too.

She's a pretty girl and it looks like she's got herself a healthy pair of girlpillows, but that bust makes her look like she's been breastfeeding for the last ten years. Correct us if we're wrong, but teenage girls have the major perkiness going on, right? I mean, it takes some work to make a 17-year-old look droopy.

We do like the detail on the waist, though.

And Kevin, you little breederboy you, as you go on with your career and mount future runway shows, make sure there are plenty of homos on staff to keep you away from the styling decisions. That hair is AWFUL.

The skirt and the length are young and flirty and appropriate. It could be argued that it doesn't look formal enough, but prom styles come and go and sometimes the floor-length gowns are in style and sometimes the cocktail dresses are in style. There certainly wasn't anything inappropriate about this style.

And we don't know what the hell was up Nina's ass about the color. It's a basic party red. What's all this "It looks cheap" stuff? THIS looks cheap but the Bedazzler dress won?

The real crime was the raw hem and we kept groaning as Kevin dug in his heels and insisted on it.

It just made no sense to us whatsoever. We don't know what he was thinking. Anyone who's ever watched the show can tell you that the judges - Nina especially - HATE that sort of thing. And it was just such a bizarre choice to make for a prom dress.

Still, it didn't look THAT bad and it CERTAINLY wasn't worth the aufing, especially since there were far worthier candidates last night.

Honestly, we can't recall a contestant that got so consistently screwed over by the judges as Kevin did this season. He has done nothing but commendable work all season long and they treated him like he wasn't even there. Judges, you totally sucked last night.

Watch Kevin's exit interview. He ain't happy and we don't blame him:

[Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravotv.com - Videos: Bravotv.com - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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Alyssa said...

I'm completely with you! Kevin has been in the top for, I believe, four challenges, and never in the bottom. How is the perpetually-weepy Ricky still around? You can't even make the "he's good television" argument with him!

Gorgeous Things said...

There were two highway robberies last night: Kevin and Chris. Kevin should not have been auf'ed, and Chris should have won! The judging truly sucks this season!

Alex! said...

So much was wrong with the judging last night, it's hard to know where to begin.

It's actually almost too frustrating to type about.

I have never been quite so surprised and dismayed... I thought Victorya was in the Bottom Three, and a heavy candidate for auf'ing. When they started complimenting her dress, I was speechless.

What a strange episode.

What a strange, strange episode. I'm still confused by it all.

I feel bad for Kevin; he obviously had the chops, and I thought he was in for a while longer. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I miss Kevin already. He was a good designer and seemed like a fairly normal person. Not someone who would cry if you looked at them or perhaps bedazzle you in your sleep if you got on her bad list. Well... Romi or nothing now!

Angela said...

I agree! What was up with the judging last night? Yuck. I am glad I am not the only one upset by the results of last night show.

Anonymous said...

I missed the show last night...I'll try and catch a rerun before I comment on the dress, but I can tell from here that I'm going to agree with the fact that Kevin has been a fairly strong contender throughout.

Jen said...

SO wrong! What happened to the boring ones always going home? How is Ricky STILL there?? Granted, it doesn't make me as angry as Vincent's and Angela's inexplicable hold on last season, but come on, this decision was so out-of-line with what the judges always say that you have to wonder about producer intervention.

Gail said...

I certainly didn't like Kevin's dress, and it did somehow look very 39.99 prom. However, Ricky's dress was just boring. And Victorya's, was just horrible.

I loved Chris's and Sweet P's.

Beth said...

It's inevitable. Every season there comes the point where I scream BULLSHIT at the television. But it was never as loud as it was around my house last night. Poor straight Kevin. He got royally fucked.

As for the hem: Sure, he should have finished it off. But even with my hi-def, I could barely notice it. I think there was probably some Magical Tattle Tale Elves at work.

Anonymous said...

In the name of all that is good and holy in this world, why is that fuckwit Ricky still on this show?

Oh, and this is totally off topic, but why don't people remove the tags from the sleeves of their wool coats? What about that seems like it belongs on there?

Thanks, I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

The dress looks better in pictures than it did on my TV, but both the color and the styling reminded me of the makeover Daniel V did for Chloe in Season 2 - so, not very flattering.

Unknown said...









Kevin gets voted off and Ricky's Christmas tree skirt of a dress STAYS?!?!?!!

Tim was right. He said we would be angry w/ the judging this season.

Anonymous said...

WTF? So very unfair. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. It should certainly not have been auf'd. And why did Nina hate the color? It's red! Didn't Zac Posen just say everyone loves red or something like that about Jillian's Twizzler dress?
I hate the way the judges play favorites and unfavorites.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I thought it was just me. I just don't understand Nina's half-assed, out-of-left-field commentary, sometimes. A white halter dress is "too sophisticated" for a high school girl?!? Girls have been wearing white halter prom dresses since *I* was going to proms, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

And red silk looks cheap? Since when? On what planet? I was livid after the show was over. Simply livid. Because there were two (possibly three) ugly, unflattering, badly-made dresses on that stage that deserved aufing so much more.

Hrmph. I guess I woke up cranky, too.

Anonymous said...

You know, I wonder how the dress would have looked if the model didn't look like her boobs were mad at her. I think the worse thing Kevin did was make poor styling choices that made her look so very old in these pictures.

Miss you straight boy!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Silver Fox mention that there were some judging decisions that flummoxed him this season?

My husband believes the gay fix is in, I just think they didn't want to pay for a Gotham apartment with only one occupant.

Kevin was ROBBED. And I actually liked YA's dress but winner? Immunity? WHAT?!?!

And lastly, why are some challenges for immunity and some bnot, is it because there's a team challenge coming up next and they want the drama?

So. Not. Happy.

Anonymous said...

I think the length really threw off this dress - covering her knees would have made a huge difference. AND, of course, there was that hair!

I can hardly wait until you get to Kit's Traffic Light on legs!

Hutchlover said...

This is the first season I've watch PR. That's it... I'm done.

I wasn't this pissed when Chris was auf'd. (Even though he too, got robbed last night)

I'll continue to read the blog for fun. But I'm done watching.

Anonymous said...

After watching Ricky crying at length about prom dresses and his mom, etc., my wife and I turned to each other and said: "Loser edit"!

Boy were we fooled. Kevin was robbed. I thought for sure he was at least top 4.

Anonymous said...

Oh my freaking god!!! What a train wreck of an episode. I work for a school district and have gone to the Prom's Grand March the last eight years--other than Sweet Pea's dress---everything else (OK--I liked Chris's dress too)was just not right---to really, really awful! Right now it's about being and looking like a princess or a goddess-that's it. It's not about putting on a dress that you'd wear when you go with your parents to an expensive restaurant on your
17th birthday!
Never have I thought that the judges were so completely out of step and completely full of it as I did last night--I even had dreams all night about going shopping for prom dresses. They kept saying that SP's dress was too sophisticated looking--even my husband said-'aren't these high school girls around 17 and aren't there real models on the show who are 18 and 19--what's the big difference? Uhm---not much?!
And the one that won--no offense to the girl-but because of her height she is stooped shouldered and that dress made her look as if she had a humpback. And it made her already small breasts really look small and pinched--just a disaster of a dress. They needed a guest judge who had some background in this area--and clearly they didn't.
I watch girls walk in the grand march every year--they look elegant or spunky or graceful or cute--no matter what the body type or size (and we have some very large girls around here) These girls looked dumpy, frumpy, and lumpy.
And I know you didn't think Kevin should have gone and neither do I--but what in heaven's name did he spend $250 on? Wasn't that the same fabric that Jillian had in the makeover episode that she paid $10.00 for?
As for 'the most talented group yet' label that Tim and Heidi and all of the Bravo people have given this season--this episode really made it a lie.

bitchesdye said...

It was wrong, wrongity, wrong! What were they thinking? Why is Ricky still on this show?!

I love how Kevin talks about his "fans." And that you don't have to be a freak and freak out about everything to be a designer. Take that, Princess!

such bullshit i have never seen. Worse than Allison.

Anonymous said...

lemniscus: If you read Tim's Take over on Bravo's site, he is definitely not down with VictorYa's winning last night. Yay, Tim. Oasis of reason in a desert of madness.

Christian sent an absolute monstrosity out last night, so I'm left wondering if the producers intervened to save his skinny bacon.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that this was the episode that Tim Gunn was talking about when he said that the one he thought was going to get the auf, won...

I HATED vickys dress... it looked like a glittery breastplate and accentuated the girls poor posture to where she looked like she must have a dowagers hump in back...

I truly thought either Victorias dress or Rickys deserved the auf, and I had Chris or Sweet Pea for the win..

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! What frickin' planet are these guys on? Is Ricky servicing the Dutchess between takes? Sending lacy nursing bras to Nina?

Dress was definitely not one of his better efforts, but so not horrid. A judge credibility buster of Emmett McCarthy/Alison Kelly proportions.

Sari said...

Kevin was robbed. I thought V's dress was actually cute. But Chris' was MUCH nicer.

AND . . . I thought Jillian's dress was FUGLY. The top made her bustline look weird.

Anonymous said...

And I know you didn't think Kevin should have gone and neither do I--but what in heaven's name did he spend $250 on?

Well, he did buy red silk. I don't think the cheap red fabric that Jillian bought had ever so much as rubbed up against silk.

Anonymous said...

when i saw that girl come down the runway, i was aghast. it was like the chloe/vosovic makeover flashback. being asian myself, i just don't understand why on this show 2 regular asian women have been made over to look like complete geriatric hussies. is it that hard to make us look young? to look pretty? she looked like her mom's twin sister, and that's not a compliment to either of them! i totally don't think he deserved to be auf'ed for it, but i just have to make this comment because it drove me crazy.

Anonymous said...

I feel so vindicated that you agree. Seriously, someone needs to drag Nina and Michael down to a New Jersey Mall to look at dresses then to the Prom to see the Hideous dresses that girls are wearing.

Chris's rocked too. That girl would feel sexy, that front drape would hide her tummy if she eats too much and she could flash her legs when she danced.

Anonymous said...

Ricky needs to hit the bricks! This is bullshit!

DolceLorenzo said...

Ricky hasn't done anything interesting and his dress last night was HORRIBLE! Potato sack!!!

dramcolsop said...

I loved Chris's dress, even though that green was kind of scary at first. I was surprised he wasn't in the top 3 (now 2).

It was kind of painful watching those girls trying to walk in those heels down the runway. Even the ones who were loving the moment were clomping down there like baby elephants about to have their ankles collapse. I guess Bluefly never heard of a shoe with a heel under 3 inches.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, some blatant favoritism came into play last night, as well as a display of what the producers consider the type of personalities that make so-called "good television".

The judges can try to rationalize all they want about their decisions, but it looks like a number of the viewers are catching on and getting fed up.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree about the droopy 17 year old boobs comment -- she has a very healthy and normal set of boobs and they're right where they should be.

AJ said...

I call Shenanigans!

Total BS. Yeah, the dress came across as a bit cheap, but his track record is sparkling and there's no way it should have been auf'd!

This is crap.

Anonymous said...

Could they just not stand having a manly man around? Too much testosterone for the Duchess? Nina could no longer fight her post-partum urges? Or did they back themselves into a corner when it came down to Kevin and Princess Christian and they couldn't ax the most entertaining character left!

Anonymous said...

It's not right. It's just not right. Poor Joey Fatone, I don't blame you for being pissed.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple:

Low-key guy goes, crying baby stays.

Pathetic. They need to replace those judges.

Anonymous said...

I kind of love how Kevin felt the need to mention his girl in his exit interview. 'cause he's straight, y'know...

I was also sure that Ricky was getting the loser edit. When he started talking about his mom, I said, "Oh honey, that's too bad, because you're definitely going home tonight!"

Anonymous said...

Do we have another Vincent this season or what?
Ricky should've left 6 episodes ago.
So not fair. Kevin is talented and has done some great stuff.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOO, not my hot Kevin.
What am I going to do now?

Anonymous said...

Now, I could be wrong, because I don't think it was stated anywhere, but I think the girls were all 16-17, which would make it a lot more likely that they were designing for their junior prom, not senior - at my junior prom (3-4 years ago), shorter dresses were all the rage. The thing about Sweet P's was that it, while glamorous, lacked glitz. Glitter and sparkle are important at proms (especially in Jersey).

Robyn said...

It seems like the judging criteria this time around was "youthfulness." Just like last time they kind of arbitrarily decided that "whimsy" was what was needed to win, this time it was youthfulness. Nevermind that most teenagers want to look grown-up and sophisticated--not to mention sexy.
That's the only way I can explain Vicky's win. Yes, her dress was kind of ugly and yes, all the baubles around the neck looked really cheap, and, yes, the length and styling put it totally in the realm of homecoming not prom (unless the girls told the designers something about short dresses being typical for their prom--where I come from, everyone wears long dresses). But Victorya's is undoubtedly the most youthful. So much so that a 12-year old could wear a scaled-down version of the dress without looking inappropriate. That's not what I wanted in a dress--I remember looking all over to try to find something that didn't look too yucky-16. Argh, last night was annoying. Kevin went out in 10th place! 10th! He so doesn't deserve that! And Rami's dress, which I thought was stunning and would have loved to wear to prom (if it were a little longer) ripped. Yuck. Awful episode.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was awful. Kevin's farewell video shows what a great guy he is, too. What a wonderful attitude. Too soon, too soon.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that there was a snarky retort from Princess Puffy that was not aired in the episode? It looked like it was from the runway and along the lines of "that's not even the issue here!" or something? Did I miss it completely?

I know I'm biased toward PP (I was panicking last night!) because he brings the DRAMA we so love. But it was hard for all of them to bring the client what they wanted while "keeping their own point of view". Esp. when the client had a very strong, completely opposite POV from the designer. Let me dodge the rotten tomatoes now by concluding with I love PP's spunkiness even if it is somewhat tantrumish. :D

Anonymous said...

That's not what I wanted in a dress--I remember looking all over to try to find something that didn't look too yucky-16.

My prom was a long time ago, but it was the same with me. I wanted to look older and more sophisticated and sexy, not youthful and age-appropriate. I don't know any 16-17 year old girl who wants to look "youthful".

And maybe it's different in the South, but girls down here still wear gowns to prom, not cocktail dresses.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that has been said, except the hem.

Leaving the hem raw is what gave it that little ruffle effect, right? I don't really know squat about sewing.

IF so, I liked it. I liked how it drew a little extra attention to her legs in a very sexy way. It made the eye linger right at the edge of the dress for an extra second

Hez said...
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Kanani said...

Morning everyone,
I fell asleep and missed the show --a bad cold. So I'll catch it on rerun.

Once again, I find the strife in the TLo household to be distressing. I only hope that you both take the day off, resurrect the mud masks and a rejoice in the fact that Tim didn't like the Bedazzler dress either (in his blog).

Kevin's teen needed a NuBra Divine Body Bra to give her that "lift" she needed. Also, the hem wasn't a good idea and I think the dress was a tad short. A little length would've balanced the boob thing.

Still, I can't understand why he got cut. Even in Michael Kors's blog, he was unrealistically rough on Kevin.

The Bedazzler gown? To me it made the girl look more like a stick than she is, and her hair --well, it truly sucked.

Kanani said...

Min -Girls are also wearing short dresses to proms these days. They're even going with a gaggle of girlfriends and eschewing the boydate altogether. And they love up-do's, which don't work on everyone.

Anonymous said...

I thought when they were in the workroom after returning from Mood I saw Kevin with a great red and white print? Was I smokin' crack?

Anonymous said...

"It looks like we only liked you 2 last night"


Kevin get robbed.
Ricky should have been GONE.

The only 2 designs I actually loved were Chris's and Kit's.

I was totally pissed off by every judging decision last night.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Kevin's dress looks much better on the dress form? Longer, leaner, etc. It seems like he failed to measure/fit her properly.

Beth said...

M said:
I thought when they were in the workroom after returning from Mood I saw Kevin with a great red and white print? Was I smokin' crack?

No Honey, you saw it. I almost looked like a red bandana print. He never used it.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:27AM said, "They needed a guest judge who had some background in this area--and clearly they didn't."

SO TRUE! Few of the challenges had guest judges that were right for the challenge. Its like they have a waiting list and are just cycling them through.

Red silk is CHEAP?? Has Nina been in a fabric store since the 70's? Oh yes, silk is cheap and that blazing blue polyester isn't....right.

Kevin's dress was fine. Perfect for a junior prom. And the hem...the reason he didn't finish it is because silk is a bitch and a half to hem correctly and still keep the flowing line of the garment. Even if you roll it, its a pain in the ass--think organza multiply by 20 and you'll have hemming silk. So, putting a stitch around the bottom kept the little flair of the skirt without weighing it down. And as someone else said, in HD, you couldn't tell anyway. I think it was a cheap shot by the judges.

And before any of you bitch about the fact that they should know about hemming silk....let me tell you as an experienced seamstress--I still cringe. I know its going to take me at least 4-6 hours of bitching and bleeding from pin sticks to hem a straight silk skirt (which is why I line them....LMAO), to say nothing of full skirt.

Back on topic, I think Kevin is a fantastic designer. He doesn't style well, but then that's understandable--he's straight. Nothing makes that more apparent than the hair and shoe choices he's made on the show.

I can't wait for you to get to Chris and Princess Puffy because he's the one that SHOULD have been auf'd! To say nothing of Vicky's dress which does look like one of those Jewel It home kits on a $20 dress.

TED said...

I don't think this was the episode that Tim was talking about a few weeks back. I think he said there was one dress that was so much worse than the others that it was a clear loser and that dress won. I didn't like Victorya's dress (at all), but it would be hard to argue that it was that much worse than a couple of the others. Plus, I think Tim implied that it was a man who won that challenge. Something to look forward to, eh?

I really didn't care for Kevin's dress last night. I didn't think his dismissal was all that shocking. His work has been competent all along, but it has rarely been inspired or noteworthy, and I thought many of the judges complaints last night were on the mark. Still, I think Ricky would have been a better choice to leave. I can't believe they're keeping him around for drama. If you cry over nothing at all every week, it ceases to be dramatic after, oh, week two or so.

Anyway, it's just fashion.

Seth said...

OMG, so much to say about last night. No, he shouldn't have been sent home for this. VictorYA should have been sent home. I was thinking that dress she made was horrible and they picked it to win. I couldn't believe it. Sweet Pea should have won between those 2, but Chris' dress was awesome and actually should have won.

What were those judges thinking picking that awful dress to win? Sure, Kevin's wasn't that good, but it wasn't the worst. Ricky's was horrid. It should have at least been kicked off, but no. They were on crack or something last night.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Nina had a girl? I kept hearing undertones of "no way in hell would I let my girl wear that when she's 16!" in her critiques.

I didn't necessarily agree with the judging last night, but I understand it. Personally, I think Kevin's greatest sin last night was that his dress was not in any way original - I could buy that dress at the mall today. And god, please support that poor girls chest! Ultimately, I think his looked the least like a prom dress of the auf-able designers, and it cost him.

I'd prefer if he were still around rather than the leaky little Ricky, though.


Anonymous said...

I just can't understand their thinking last night. It was like opposite day for the judges. I hated VictorYA's dress with all the pseudo-bling while Kevin's was OK. Sweet P's also had me convinced the tattooed one was headed for aufland, until she said that her client wanted a Grecian look.
Christian should have been smacked and auf'd. His dress sucked and he criticized his client's taste. I didn't even think she gave him such a hard time, but Princess Puffysleeves was being such a drama queen. All the whining about prom, how hard the challenge was, and what a cow he was working for. Suck it up man.
Finally all the judges complaining about things being "too mature" and crap. It's like they've never been to a prom at all. Proms are about looking older and formal to many girls. So the whole "too sophisticated" angle was pretty much out of left field.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I don't find Ricky's tears dramatic either. Now if they were as a result of Princess Puffy kicking him in the balls and running away or Sweet Pea telling him his butt looks big when he struts in stilletos, now THAT would be dramatic.

Anyway, to post something on topic, I think Kevin's prom hair looks entirely "era appropriate". Very "New Kids on the Block". Hideous, yes, but we all were back then. Ok, probably not TLo but still...we can't all be glamorous. :D

Anonymous said...

I thought the judges last season made some insane decisions, but Kevin's aufing takes the cake. I really thought Kevin would be in the final three. I had picked him to win tonight (before the show) because I thought he was due, having been overlooked for so long. But how in heaven's name could Ricky's AWFUL dress have gotten through? I am sure that girl didn't actually wear his dress to her prom. I wasn't crazy about Kevin's dress, but there was nothing wrong with the red and it was definitely wearable. This HAD to have been a "producer's" decision to keep a little more drama and craziness in there. Bottom line, the designers are too normal and low-key this year, and Kevin flew under the radar so he was expendable. I was angry and frustrated last year when they kept Jeffrey on when he made s**t, but this makes even less sense. ARRGH!!

Ursa said...

Yup. BLATANT favoritism ALL the way.

Chris or SweetP's dress should have won - they were elegant, beautifully constructed, perfectly styled and you could tell the girls felt like winners! AND, the dresses still had the designers' aesthetics; SweetP successfully overrode her client's desire to show off butt cleavage and Chris used a brilliant - yet risky - color.

For his attitude, for his poor construction, for the overall crappy look of the monstrosity, the Princess should have been auf'd IMO. Or could have easily seen Ricky auf'd for yet another boring (and poorly executed this time) design.

But KEVIN??? OK, total straight-boy styling, but the dress was not hideous. Regarding the floppy boobs, they can get floppy that young, it happens ... I wonder if he was overly conscientious of fitting a girl that young, especially with her mother nearby?

Kevin has been strong throughout the competition so far (as has Christian) but his dress was not auf-worthy in comparison to others there - whether you liked the finish of his hem or not.

cb said...

I felt QUEASY after watching this episode! The judges' attitudes about what 17-year-old girls want/should wear was so conservative, reactionary and out of touch with reality. I could see the issues they had with Kevin's dress, but good god! Ricky's? When VictorYa pulled out her "gemstones" I thought: oh shit, it's all over for her! kiss of death!


maybe the judges are all blind this year?

and CHRIS! what a killer gown!


this is my first year watching PR all the way through the season, and I feel a little sickish at the shitty judging.

Anonymous said...

The thing I didn't understand is how people who probably never experienced a prom (since I'm pretty sure prom is an American oddity and not done in Europe or South America) had such strong opinions on what does or does not constitute a prom dress.

Anonymous said...

Chris was undoubtedly robbed. I predict he'll be in the Kayne slot this year. Only possible explanation for VictorYa's win (other than the fact that she had the tallest girl as her model) was Nina's bizarre idea that the designs should look youthful. First of all, these girls were the same age as most of the girls she shoots for ELLE in business suits and whatnot. And secondly, prom is an ordinary teenage girl's chance to try on the mantle of sophistication and glamor. They don't want to look like kids! Most of them these days want a red-carpet look like Chris's or Sweet P's. (Speaking of Sweet P, who knew she had this dress in her?)
Kevin's dress was fairly ordinary but Ricky should have gone home for making that drab pillowcase. As for Christian... I think Princess Puffysleeves should be renamed Princess Puffybutt.

hotdish (shirl's girl) said...

WTF indeed.

Bedazzler, classic.

Anonymous said...

Hm. I seem to disagree with most of the commenters here.

I think Kevin's a ho-hum designer whose time was coming soon, one way or another.

And Ricky has built some beautiful dresses (even his first babydoll - the construction and fit were so gorgeous).

Ricky had the worse dress last night, but I still would have kept him around.

AND I loved Victorya's dress. It was the best "meld" of adult sophistication (the silhouette was much more fashion-forward than most prom dresses) and promishness (including the beading, which I think could have been gorgeous but looked pretty cheap).

I didn't really like anything else. Sweet P's and Chris's were pretty and elegant but lacking a "wow" factor (and Chris's color was awful).

Jenn said...

My jaw actually dropped when I realized the bottom two were Kevin and Christian. I considered Kevin a legit fashion week contender, so his elimination was a considerable shock. I didn't want PP booted either, but this decision was just crazy. Clearly, it was Ricky's time to go.

Based upon first impressions, Kit's was my favorite (but I reserve the right to change my mind after seeing your terrific closeups).

The one thing the producers (a.k.a. judges) did right in this episode was give us a shirtless Rami at the beginning of this episode :)

Anonymous said...

If you heard a scream of "NOOOOOOOOOOO" last night, that probably came from our house.

Kevin didn't deserve the aufing at all. I agree the dress made her look lumpy, but compared to Ricky, Christian and VictorYa's monstrosities, it was no where near the bottom.

Sweet P was robbed. For once the poor girl hits one out of the park. Y'all couldn't let her have that!

VictorYA made her model look like Jason Mewes with an Atomic Wedgie. What the hell was up with that dress??!!

Is Ricky doing one of the producers? seriously.

Anonymous said...

This is my first comment, but I was angry too. Victorya's dress was horrible - cheaply bedazzled and unflattering. Even my husband said, "Way to make her boobs flat and her stomach stick out."

Chris's dress was stunning. Just stunning. I think that was the worst slight I've seen yet this season.

Oh, and Ricky's dress was the second worst I thought - and they sure weren't sending Christian home.

Jenn said...

katiecoo said...
'Did anyone else notice that there was a snarky retort from Princess Puffy that was not aired in the episode? It looked like it was from the runway and along the lines of "that's not even the issue here!" or something? Did I miss it completely?'

I noticed that too, why are they teasing us with a clip and not airing it? I'm also still cranky because there are no podcasts or episodes on itunes this season. What a crock.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think "The Powers That Be" kind of courted this outrage? Nothing is accidental -- at least in the editing room it isn't.

Ricky was given an overt "loser edit" and then WHAM! Kutie Kevin goes home.

I think they tried to shock us and manipulate viewer outrage as a means to infuse some drama into this somewhat lackluster season.

Tom, clutching his pearls with the rest of you this mornin'.

Queen Esther said...

okay, i have to say it: that black girl looked like a burnt creme puff in that dress! why would anyone put a brown girl in a brown dress in this day and age? and the way the dress rode up from the back because her butt was so big -- no one could fix that? wtf!

(ps: i love your blog.)

Anonymous said...

BTW-how can Kevin claim straightness with that prom picture? It just screams GAY!

Anonymous said...

I was absolutely gobsmacked when Victorya won. GOBSMACKED. I picked her for the auf by a mile. That dress was horrific.

And WTF, WTF, how the HELL was Chris not in the top two? He was my hands-down winner. The judging in this episode was completely FUBAR.

Kit was my other favorite. Sweet P's dress was lovely. I'm glad that Christian is still around, and Kevin's aufing was BS. I would have been okay with Ricky going, but...OMG, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???

Anonymous said...

First off, TLo thanks so much for posting the still pics here. As always, I was unable to get any real "eye" time with the designs as they went down the runway. Bravo needs to work on this.

I don't know much about a lot of things, but I do have 40 prom dresses in my closet after guiding a gaggle of teenage daughters through recent dances. They, as did I, wanted glamour and sparkle and to feel curvey and grownup. Kevin's dress was not a prom dress by any stretch of the imagination.

HOWEVER, it was pretty and well-made. I loved the color and the way the hem ended up looking like he scalloped it. It does look like it was uneven in the back.

Like everyone else, I was gobsmacked when Ricky's cattywhompish dress didn't eliminate him. That thing was BUTT. I wanted to step up and yank it around to fix the stupid rouching. And what an ugly color. He is way out of his element here.

Christian is one lucky puffysleeves. She better start figuring out who buys the dresses and pays the bills. Girl has a lot to learn. She hasn't earned the right yet to behave like a diva. Straighten up girl or you are gonna get the whack.

As on previous episodes, I was stunned at what gorgosity Chris put down the runway. This one was such a clear winner by a mile. I can't wait for the pictures and discussion. (Front and back, please please!) He is so good natured that he doesn't ever seem to get upset that he's completely passed over every time! Sometimes I wonder if he even knows how talented he is.

Sweet P's was beautiful, too, but Chris was the clear winner for many reasons. I will miss Kevin but I think he was sacrificed for Christian to stay longer.

texasinafrica said...

My DVR cut off right before the end of judging, so I guess it's a good thing I didn't have to watch them pick Victorya. Victorya? Seriously? That dress was fug!

Kevin's dress wasn't that great, but Ricky's was worse. Such is the way it goes.

Anonymous said...

I tried to out myself into the place of those girls if they actually went to the prom in the dresses. Kevin and Christian's models would have surely been the unhappiest. Kevin's dress looked cheap and it was unflattering. Unflattering to her chest at that, which is where the eye level of most teenage boys is at any given moment. If they are taking past performances into account, then Kevin should have stayed. Otherwise, flip a coin and either he or Christian could have gone.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Last night's episode was SO bizarre. They obviously focused on Christian because there was zero other drama happening in the work room. This was a "nothing" episode as far as I could tell. No hysterics, etc. They made a big deal about the teenagers being "loud and hyper" in the work room. Whatev.

Kevin got screwed. As did a bunch of other folks. Heidi's comment at the end, "We only liked 2 dresses," is complete crap. What about the 3 you sent off the runway? Didn't you like those?

They are trying to manufacture drama when it doesn't happen organically, and that is straight up b.s.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:19 is completely right about the hemming: "The reason he didn't finish [the hem] is because silk is a bitch and a half to hem correctly and still keep the flowing line of the garment. Even if you roll it, its a pain in the ass--think organza multiply by 20 and you'll have hemming silk. So, putting a stitch around the bottom kept the little flair of the skirt without weighing it down.

Hemming (on such fabrics) sounds alot easier than it actually is, and hemming it could've made the dress look even cheaper.(... or is it more cheap? whatever.)
This episode was total BS. i will miss Kevin and wish him the best. Ricky is consistently turning out 'Forever 21' shit and it's just wrong. i'm worried he'll 'Wendy Pepper' his way into the finals.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you. The fact that you fabulous bitches agree with, well, the general viewing public just adds further comfort to my anguished, anguished soul.

I wasn't even THAT big of a Kevin fan, I'm more upset that my favorite show is making me so miserable this season. *sobs*

Anonymous said...

I haven't been so outraged over a ridiculous aufing since Nick V in season two. I started yelling at the TV when they said Ricky was safe, and I knew Kevin was a goner after that because of the hem thing. Ugh.

I haven't been so outraged over a ridiculous win since Vincent won with that pilgrim thing. Victorya's dress looked really cheap, kind of wrinkly, and not right for prom at all. The judges need to be slapped in the face. By me.

welcome2europa said...

As a "reality TV" hater, I started watching PR because it seemed like a legit competition, consisting of skilled, experienced and ambitious designers(not just just a bunch of off-the-street joes taking a shot at 15 minutes of fame).

But I have to say, the inconsistency and obvious favoritism from the "producers" towards certain designers is starting to undermines the show's legitimacy. I'm starting to lose interest :(

Anonymous said...

PS - I didn't mean to say Kevin "scalloped" the hem, I meant fluted. Duh.

One other thing, too. Kevin is very gracious in his exit interview. He's super solid and I think we are going to see him again in a big way.

Sewing Siren said...

I was not suprised in the least by the outcome. Even when your post below about the "Bridesmaids" appeared I was thinking Kevin and Kit would probably be leaving soon.
I thought all the dress were a bit lack luster. Its freaking teenagers for godsakes, give them some SPARKLE,PRETTY,PRETTY,PRINCECESS,MYPRETTYPONY,RAINBOWBRIGHT!! You will old soon enough, don't waste your youth in tasteful dresses.
Kevin's dress was okay I didn't think it was unflattering to his client. But I think gold accents red better than silver and he could have put a light tulle (possibly a shade oranger than the dress to give it some depth) lining under the skirt to make it a little more playful and young. And maybe some twinkle in the top layer of the skirt to like a dusting of glitter.
The accessories were old lady on almost all of the girls. Colored tights and platform shoes is the way I would have steered.
The way he said he finished the hem turned up once, is acceptable if there are no frays showing and I don't see any. I don't think the judges did either, they were fed that criticism.
Also the judges, particularly Michel Kors should have been a little more tactfull when critiquing the gowns. That fat head almost made that kid cry when he said the dress made her look 35.

Suzanne said...

The minute they showed the clip of Chris talking about finishing the hem I just knew...
I wish whomever was editing this stuff would stop being to god damn OBVIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Victorya wins with yet another baby-doll silhouette with racer front, bubble hem and a bedazzled titscrepancy no less? That dress looked cheap cheap cheap! Why are they not calling her out for being a one-note?

Christian's model had gorgeous skin tone, but the fabric being almost the same color as her skin made her look like a melting Baby Ruth bar. Why didn't they mention that Maddie was completely washed out in that color?

I loved Chris and Sweet P's dresses, they were especially beautiful from the back too.

Rami defense of his dress was ridiculous. He only designs for sophisticated, middle-aged ladies who lunch? Please Rami, tell us who would wear your Hershey win dress? BS!

Kit, did you get a kick-back from Best Buy for using their ad colors?

Jillian snuck out and went to the Mall and just bought that dress. That design has been done to death. It read like a prom stereotype clomping down the runway.

Oh well, to quote Tim Gunn: "Chacon a son gout."

Tal said...

I honestly don't think any of the judges have ever been to a prom.

The boys are going to show up in formal wear, and as such the girls have to reciprocate with an equally appropriate dress.

So I totally do not understand this mentality of, "it's supposed to be youthful." Formal wear is not youthful by any stretch of the imagination. It's supposed to be mature and grown-up looking, as that's what everybody is supposed to be wearing.

I have mixed feelings about Kevin's aufing. I do think they were unnecessarily harsh on him, but on the other hand, he did commit PR sin (unfinished hems) and simply did not learn his lesson the first time, remember the pin in the vest anyone?

Ricky has been consistently at the bottom of the challenges, but the judges have never really aufed someone based on past performance (Wendy Pepper, Santino Rice, etc...), and I'm as shocked as everyone else that he simply continues to produce mediocre work.

Also, I'm so glad you guys are calling Victorya's dress the Bedazzled dress, my roommates and I said the exact same thing last night!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm sure I'm probably gonna piss off a lot of people here.

It's way obvious that people on this board have a Chris bias. I thought he dress was lovely (better than sweet P's, she just picked a better color). But I didn't think it was very original. I don't think he was robbed or anything.

They are supposed to pick a top 3 and bottom three, but somehow then ended up with 4 they didn't like? They must have done a reversal on something. There was some positive remarks about Princess's dress then he shot himself in the foot and almost got auf'd.

I thought Victorya's dress was cute and the girl LOVED it. you could tell as she walked down the runway. I doubt many girls would wear a dress with that sillhouette. You could argue the bedazzled top looks cheap, but I don't think it was that bad and certainly added a young factor that the girl obviously liked. No, I don't think the dress was gonna go down the red carpet, but it would have been a fun prom dress.

When I think of Prom dress, I think of Sweet P's design. She did a good job with it, but it seemed to obvious. Victorya's seemed more original to me and definitely worthy of the win.

Also people complained about her drab designs and she makes something with a brighter color and people still complain.

Anyway, the aufing was wrong. Ricky's design was not executed well and wasn't that nice. Princess is too talented to have sent home. Kevin should have been given another chance, but the aufing is at least justified. He didn't make a good dress. At the end of the day, if it sucks you can expect to get auf'd. If you stay, you're lucky.

Anonymous said...

Who was that guest judge anyway? Does he do prom wear?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority here -- although i really didn't like Kevin's dress much, i didn't think he deserved to be aufed for it. He's been a decent designer so far. it would have been equally unfair to send christian home for his monstrosity -- he's a very talented designer - needs to learn a little humility, but talented nonetheless.

Chris really should have won -- his dress was gorgeous. i liked sweet pea's too. i was not impressed with victorya's - and with the hair on her model you could barely see the dress. poor styling.

ricky should have gone home. his dress was mediocre - i was surprised when nina made the comment about the ruching - it looked more like poor construction to me. i agreed that the color just totally washed the girl out. ricky has turned out poor quality several times -- he needed to go.

Mom said...

You boys said it all. That decision made no sense whatsoever.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

This dress was so unflattering on this girl. I think Ricky's was worse, but Kevin's was bad. This girl would have been flattered by a more structured design, and more length. This was a dress for someone else, not her. And, boys:

"Correct us if we're wrong, but teenage girls have the major perkiness going on, right? I mean, it takes some work to make a 17-year-old look droopy."

You're wrong! Breasts come in a variety of styles, and while, yes, the passage of time and things like pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain and loss, etc. can lead to droopiness, some women never have perky breasts. Perkiness or lack thereof can have as much to do with shape & size as anything else.

Unknown said...

I'm just going to post before I read b/c I'm so flippin' annoyed. Chris should have won. Ricky should have gone home. Sweet P's dress looked meh when the girl was still but it moved like a nightgown. Horrid. Ricky has done ass-tastic work on almost every challenge and that, that...THING, that piece of peachy chiffon wrapped poorly around a girl and belted with ice cubes....BLEH. and grr. And the electric bubble dress with the jr.high-girl-with-a-glue-gun embellishments? AUGH!!! Okay. Now I'll see what everyone else had to say.

Unknown said...

Oh, but first--favorite moments: Christian's little "I don't feel fierce." It was almost sad. Like Tigger had lost his bounce.

And the gay Flintstones. it was the delivery. I love Chris so.

elcynic said...

I was STUMPED! I'm sorry, but glued on plastic jewels? Are they f-ing kidding me? I mean I guess the rest of the dress was ok, but those jewels. Ugh, I'm angry.

And Kit was robbed. ROBBED. That was the cutest one out of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

I am apparently in a very tiny minority here, but I agree with the judges on Kevin's aufing. The dress was not flattering, didn't fit well and was not appropriate for a prom dress. I hated Ricky and Victorya's dresses too, but I just think that Kevin completely missed the mark. His client did not look good, in my opinion. If the judges take past performance into account, Ricky should definitely have been gone. But, based purely on this challenge, I would have aufed Kevin too. Please don't hurt me!

Joanie said...

Oh my God! Did they really do this? It was all a bad dream, wasn't it? Please, someone tell me it was just a very bad dream.

Kevin's dress was by no means the worst of the bunch. It certainly wasn't the best, but that's okay. The hem wasn't nearly as much an issue as everyone might think and the color was very much in keeping with what girls are buying. The waist? I actually thought it was sweet. The styling? Feh.

Princess was way off with the design (God, I think I'll have nightmares for a month over the whole thing), although the color was actually almost yummy. I really have to question whether or not Christian even considered the girl's body when he was "collaborating" with her. I never would have put her in an unflattering shape like that.

Ricky, while he grew up practically in my back yard and I "should" be cheering him on, looked like he grabbed a sheet (not even 250 thread count either) and did little more than wrapping and tucking his girl in it before he made a couple cuts and added straps. There was absolutely no life in it. No richness (at least PP got that right). No dimension. Nothing.

Victorya's breast binding bedazzled dress? No no no no no no no no no no no no. NO! I can't think of anything more unflattering for a teenager or any woman than being put in what amounts to a duck press for boobs. I wanted to cry. My own breasts ached at the very thought! The color was pretty, but everything else was just wrong.

Is it bad that I don't remember Jillian's dress at all?

Kit, Chris, Rami, and Sweet P did great work and I'm glad they're still around. But I want Kevin back! Maybe that's what next week's big surprise/shocker will be. One can only hope, right?

Gah, I think the judges were all stoned out of their gourds this time.

Red Seven said...

Yeah, this was totally outrageous.

As soon as the editors kept including all these clips (Tim, Kevin, Chris) about the hem on the dress, I could smell an auf'ing.

But ... as you boys said a while back, it's a REALITY show first and foremost, and so as long as Ricky keeps crying week after week, that's how he earns his place, I guess.

Once I let go of the idea that Project Runway was somehow supposed to be FAIR (sometime last season, I think after Allison was let go), I've enjoyed it a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Kevin made his client look like an asian whore. It def. reminded me of the Chloe/Daniel makeover disaster.

And I felt really bad for Christian. That spoiled bitch he dressed made poor princes "unfierce!" How dare she!

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else noticed how tired the judges looked? They seemed to have no energy what-so-ever. Maybe it's time to hand over the crown.

Anonymous said...

I hated it. She looked really really really fat in it from the side. The judges could not say in front of a teen, you look HUGE and fat and puffy and pregnant in that dress and your ass looks huge. She looked terrible in it, terrible.
When she came down the runway I thought it was horrible. You are biased (cut) because you like him. Under the skirt, which was way too short, she looked horrible!
Bad dress, the worst dress, good auffing.

Anonymous said...

I think the decision was fair in the sense that Kevin made a bad dress. They decided to auf him.

I don't understand why they kept Ricky, but we aren't privvy to every single comment from the judge's to understand their decision.

At the end of the day, the designer who made a bad dress went home. I wish Kevin had stayed, but it's the same thing when Uncle Nick got auf'd. Santino's was a monstrosity but they kept him. I don't think the judges were wrong, just wish they had done something different.

Anonymous said...

andrea is right boys -- i can tell you weren't paying too much attention to cleavage in junior high. breasts comes in many configurations, not all perky. it's true, at that age they're firmer than they'll ever be again, but not necessarily pointing upward.


Anonymous said...

and, oh yeah, it's inexplicable that ricky didn't get auf'ed last night.


Anonymous said...

I am with everyone on believing the wrong person won and the wrong one went home, but I admit I HATED Kevin's dress as soon as it appeared. He said he could do Jersey better than anyone and he totally showed that; the dress looked cheap and tacky, like she cut down her mother's dress. Even with that, and the bad styling, it was better than Ricky's pillowcase dress.

Christian deserved his scare, even though the dress itself had signs of being interesting. Blaming the client?!! Give me a break.

Sweet Pea was robbed. I loved Chris' design, but ADORED Sweet Pea's. It was glamorous and sexy, but totally appropriate. VictorYa's was not my cup of tea, but it was clear the client liked it, and it likely fit her personality

Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with my 24-year-old daughter. She missed the very last part of the episode so she asked me who won and lost. When I told her she said:

"Oh yeah, the blue dress was the BEST! I wish I had something that cute and whimsical when I was going to proms. The red dress was FUG and needed to go! That poor girl looked so miserable! I agree with the choices."


Interesting perspective from a young art student who hasn't seen any of the other episodes this year and therefore has no previous knowledge about the designers or their designs to sway her opinions. Her opinion is at least 20 years fresher than mine.

Guess I'll go back to cleaning the cave now.

Unknown said...

Wait. How does Kevin's prom picture come off screamingly gay? He's wearing a standard tux and he has the same hairstyle every white boy in the metro area had around that time. That was straight city, my friend.

I actually loved Victorya's dress. Aside from the flattened boobs, I thought it was adorable. Fashion forward, yet not so far into outer space that it wouldn't fit in on the catering hall dance floor. But, yes. Kevin was so completely screwed over. Total freaking outrage. I'm so confused by the judging. Up until now it seemed like the point was for the good ones to make it to Bryant Park. And Ricky's, while kind of pretty in a rudimentary way, didn't measure up to ANY of the other dresses. That little red dress he did for the Bitten challenge wasn't nearly amazing enough to explain why he has been allowed to put forth sub-par product week after week.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask why people are that indignant over this aufing. Are we surprised that someone less talented seems to scrape by? There's always that designer every season. Kevin's dress was pretty terrible. Did he deserve a second chance compared to Ricky? Yes, but his dress was bad and you can't blame the judges, who know nothing about these designers like we do, chose to auf him.

Anonymous said...

I think you darlings must have had an undisclosed crush on our previously resident Daid Navarro wannabe! That frock was as abhorrent as a blood stain on white sheets!

Besides which he should have been aufed for that poorly thought out design defense he came up during judging anyway.

"When she came in and I saw she was Phillipino....blah , blah, blah, I figured I'd dress her up like a 'Me-so-horny' whore-extra from Full Metal Jacket"

Sweeties, what marginal knowledge you have of the maxipad is left wanting here as it relates to little girls burgeoning on womenhood. The silhouette did NOTHING for her shape and and sent all the wrong signals to boys burgeoning on wolfdom! Too bad for Mother not being more forthright about her thoughts instead of beating around the bodice about it!

I say ALL of the lads in the bottom three completley deserved to be there and BRAVO to Nina on all counts! She was spot on her game last night!

IMO, Sweeties!


Anonymous said...

The only way you can look at the dress and not see prologue-to-pron is if you haven't seen much girl-porn. It wasn't the worst dress, but it wasn't remotely acceptable for prom at a catholic school.

Sewing Siren said...

Anonymous said...

They are supposed to pick a top 3 and bottom three, but somehow then ended up with 4 they didn't like? They must have done a reversal on something. There was some positive remarks about Princess's dress then he shot himself in the foot and almost got auf'd.

I agree with you. I think Christian might have been top three and he talked himself into the bottom 2. Either that or they just wanted to fuck with Rami a little, because while his dress was not appropiate, it was not bottom 3, not by a long shot.

cb said...

i know christian's drama drama will get the spotlight soon, but i really have to say, in his defense: that round little Maddie ASKED FOR a pouffy puffy fat-making dress. as a round little female myself, I can tell you it's a hard lesson to learn that the pretty puffy dress makes you look like an orca, but you have to learn to dress the body you've got. and i didn't have too much of an issue with the colors, etc of the dress - compared to christian's despair, i thought the dress was quite decent.

and oh yes! best line, ever:
"I don't feel very fierce right now."

it was totally tigger without his bounce.

GothamTomato said...

One Question: WTF are those judges smoking????

People keep claiming that Victorya, Rami & Jillian are judges 'pets', but the reality is, Sweet P is! She is obviously getting special treatment because she is a friend of Jeffrey. They likely expect her gyo drop the sacharine routine and revert to asshole, and they are convinced that assholes make for good TV.

THAT can be the only explanation for why she was in the top 2 & Kevin was eliminated.


Anonymous said...

What more to say. Wrong winner, wrong auf'ing, wrong! wrong! wrong!

Kevin has gotten screwed and it's a shame. I had always picked him or Christian as an also-ran with Jillian and Rami for the final. If the dress was a little bit longer it might have worked better, especially if he had also finished the hem and styled it better.

I literally screamed when they picked the bedazzler dress for the win.


Anonymous said...

The other thing that I thought was unappropriate was to have the girls stand there as the judges ripped the looks apart. I know that the designers should be able to accept that, but I question how many young women can separate the critique and not see is a personal attack. They all looked so horribly uncomfortable, even the ones that liked their dress.

Stephanie said...

Noooooo! I watched the whole episode except the actual winner and auf'd. When I saw the headline here I was expecting a post about Victorya's dress winning incredulously. I was certain Ricky would be going home and Sweet P would win.

What is wrong with these people?

GothamTomato said...

As for 17 years olds and their perkiness - it's not always the case, and wasn't here. She did need some support - but that wasn't really a big deal here. And yes, the styling was bad. THAT is what made the look look old, (with that hair, she looked like she was about to be voted 'Most Likely to Marry a Republican Congressman'). But it was not a big enough deal to get Kevin auf'd. Not by a long shot.

This aufing was this season's version of Santino not getting auf'd for that f%&*#@& turkey costume he made for Sasha Cohen.

This was a tough challenge, to femme up the hockey team, but I thought Kevin handled it fine, and while I was worried about the hem too, the way it looked, it had that flared out look that added to it.

It was not auf-worthy.


Sewing Siren said...

I agree with you Daxx, Michel Kors was particularly cruel. Especially to this girl. She looked like she was going to cry. It wasn't because of the dress , it was what he was saying about it (and her).

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone else remember freshman year in college when you end up seeing other people's prom pictures? Proms (and girls going to them) come in many different flavors...uber-sophisticated, young and blingy, sexy, conservative, floor-length, hotel, gymnasium, etc, etc.

Why all the judging based on what a prom dress is supposed to be like? Not a strong criterion at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh, bless you all! So good to see my seething anger echoed over and over again on this site. (p.s. LOVE you guys!)

My blood pressure was already dangerously high when Chris March's scores "were good enough for the next round." WTF???

Chest pains when Victoryia's (whatever)craft project was praised, and Kevin's Macy's Sale Rack dress was ripped to shreds. Average dress....go on to the next round. Period.

Can't say anything negative about Ricky Lizard. He's a cutie, and I enjoy seeing him around.

Princess Puffy Sleeves is on my nerves, but I understand why he's still there. Good designer, better tv.

Unknown said...

Dear Victorya--

Why do you hate boobs?


the audience

Anonymous said...

This was not a good dress or his best design, but getting aufed because of it? Ricky must be blowing someone.

ChelseaNH said...

Poor Tizi. She started out feeling cute, and the judges squashed her.

I can see why the dress was in the bottom three. It just didn't have the oomph I'd expect from a prom dress. It's a cute party frock, not a major event dress. (Of course, I grew up in Texas, where proms are like prequels to the Miss America pageant.) Still, it wasn't bad. A little short and a little off in the fit, but mostly just kind of ordinary.

Hutchlover said...

Nibs said: "Kit, did you get a kick-back from Best Buy for using their ad colors?"

No, it was Nautica's emblem over her boobs.

Rachel said...

HOW can Nina complain that SweetP's was "too sophisticated"? Having been to my senior prom last year, I can tell you many girls would have LOVED SweetP's (or Chris or Rami's) dress. But no... apparently prom-goers don't want to look sophisticated and prefer looking like a (cheap) throwback from the 60s.

About the hem and why I think Kevin didn't finish it...

Some fabric is a PAIN in the ASS to do a regular hem on. It puckers funny, it makes it look heavy cheap... the problems are endless and aggravating. He probably should have done something like a thin serge or zigzag hem to finish it, but at least he put in a line of stitching to hold off fraying.

Anonymous said...

What a steaming pile of crap! After the show, I was thinking the perfect title for your blogpost would be "WTF?" because there was no other reaction one could have to Kevin's aufing. Didn't care for the dress or the styling (neither flattered the client) but that Kevin left over the Little Conductor Who Couldn't is just baffling.

And thanks for posting Kevin's prom pic ... sorry, that is just hot! (so sue me ... I like the Jersey boy look)

Megan said...

TOTALLY agree. Kevin was robbed so many times this season and he really didn't deserve to be eliminated.

The judges are being super weird this season.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to agree. I think when using non-models, they judges should use a lot more restraint in finding ways to say they don't like something.
Especially with this competition. These are teens --girls who have plenty of bravado, but will take a comment about how they look to heart.

Anyway, if any of you girls are reading this blog, I just want to say that you guys were really good sports. The dresses made for you were done in a rush. Hopefully, you've had a good time and could enjoy a mini-version of what it is to have something custom made for you --because the real version is about ten times longer!

Anonymous said...

I think if V had stopped her dress before adding the barbie jewels, it would have been less shocking. But that dress was horrid. It was like she went to Ross Dress for Less and got inspiration. If I see one more bubble or almost bubble skirt on this show, I'll freak out.

chicksinger said...

1) Wasn't NinaGarcia wearing the same shade of red that she criticized as being "old?"

2) The perkiness issue has already been addressed, but chalk one more up for "some of us have needed support since we were 15."

3) And also, chalk one more up for "not all of us wanted to look young and flirty on prom night." My dress would have been criticized as WAY too old for me, but I loved it and it made me feel grown-up.

Anonymous said...

I just removed PRW from my Tivo. Honestly, this is possibly the biggest travesty in the shows history. It's a good thing that the blogs on Bravo don't allow comments for PRW because they would be getting flooded right now.

The crying pussy Ricky stays, and Kevin goes? I don't think Kevin was going to win this, but honestly I think he deserved to get much farther in the show than he did.

Anonymous said...

1. Chris was robbed.

2. The judges have lost it.

3. WTF? When there were 6 designers left standing on the runway, 2 were top, and 4 were the bottom. Since when do they do it like that?

4. Kevin made his model look old. The color was wrong for her, and the styling was horrible. That doesn't mean he should have gone home though.

Anonymous said...

This just shows you all how much this show and reality TV blows chunks. Is this not a design competition ? Did these judges loose all their faculties in one week ? Since when was it alright to make freakin ridiculous decisions and eliminate a serious contenders when some of these dolts are allowed to stay ???

Beth said...

Gothamtomato said:
And yes, the styling was bad. THAT is what made the look look old, (with that hair, she looked like she was about to be voted 'Most Likely to Marry a Republican Congressman').

Funny, she didn't look good, but she didn't exactly look like a tranny to me.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice Nina's snarky comment "I hate the color!" (about Kevin's dress) but she was wearing THE EXACT SAME COLOR.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

"Did anyone else notice Nina's snarky comment "I hate the color!" (about Kevin's dress) but she was wearing THE EXACT SAME COLOR."

Yes, but she meant for a teenage prom dress.

Lelê. said...

Heartbroken. *sigh* :-(

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add:

"...and very, very angry."

Alexandra= Lelê.

Anonymous said...

In a way , i loved Victoriya's dress and thought it was cute and fashionable. But on the other hand, it could also look kind of cheap. It looked sort of like a bedazzled jock strap on top. Were those cheap craft store sparkles I used to get for school projects.

Anonymous said...

Most eager to know which dress our fearless commentators thought was the clear winner but never even got a mention. For me, I think it was Chris. I loved his dress, color included. I'd've loved to wear that to prom. I'd've worn the hell out of it, too.

Kevin never grabbed me one way or the other and I'm kind of surprised by all the outrage about his auffing. Not saying I think he should have left. For me, my scream-at-the-TV moment happened when they handed Victorya the win. I'd've so sent her home for that dress. The color was eye-searing, the racer top made the girl look like she had no neck, the damn plastic jewels were like something out of the Sears Juniors section, the styling was for crap, and... poor boobies! I seriously have no idea what the judges were thinking last night.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I would love to see a Laura prom dress!

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else weirded out by the way they all kept trying to de-sexualize these 16-17 (and if it's a Senior prom, possibly 18) year old girls? They're almost legal adults, not ten-year-olds. At that age you're not even talking about sex anymore.

The ultra-conservativeness was driving me crazy. Do you know how many hoochie (a la VH1's New York--no, seriously) dresses I've seen at proms around here (CT)? The only girls who dress conservatively are the ones who want the giant princess gowns.

How did Ricky not go home.

Anonymous said...

I can understand people not liking victorya's dress. I think she won because it was the least obvious silhouette and it the girl LOVED it. It just seemed to fit her personality and it looked cute on her.

Chris's was elegant and so was Sweet P.'s. My guess is they thought Chris's was too sophisticated, whereas sweet P's silhouette was more teen appropriate. I don't know.

It's funny that the entire board is saying Kevin's dress was bad, but they are so outraged he was auf'd. That makes no sense. Yes you can think someone else deserved to go more, but I don't know how you can get so upset with the judges for aufing a truly atrocious dress. It was really that bad (a different styling choice might have saved it).

GothamTomato said...

Hmmm...I do like Kevin's prom picture: He looks like at least half the guys I went to school with. I would have had a crush on him in 8th grade, but he would have just ignored me.

I had a suspicion before, but after seeing the old pix, I now understand why he's reminded me of Dean Martin.


finding the filth said...

poor kevin. i feel so bad for him. he did not deserve to be sent home last night. he's done some really lovely garments all season long and never made a big misstep. plus, he was always enthusiastic about the challenges. you can't ask for a better contestant.

if anything, ricky should have gone home. much as i love his tears, his lumpy powderpuff dress was a mess. kevin's wasn't revolutionary, but it was a standard prom dress. from cut to color, there wasn't anything about it that was worse than anyone else's.

and what was with the whole top two/bottom four thing?!?!

JM said...

Okay, bad decisions are one thing some things are unforgiveable. Did anyone else notice and/or fly into a murderous rage at the "I just bit into a moldy lemon" facial expression that NINA made last night in response to poor Kevin's dress?

Someone, please capture that image and email it to her with the subject line "There is an execution to be desired."

Anonymous said...

Christian...I felt your pain. I wanted to bitchslap your girl! Nightmare!!!!

Anonymous said...

HATED HATED HATED Victorya's dress! What 17 yeard old girl wants to look like she has no breatss? And don't get me started on those ugly stones she added - just horrendous!!
What are the judges smoking this year???????

Anonymous said...

I'm distraught. How can Christian's mass of ill-fitting brown and black have not gotten him tossed on his arrogant little rear?

I was rooting for Victoria's dress until I saw that collection of sparlies applied with the skill of a 4-year old. A solid color of beads, yes. Some sort of symetrical design in multi-color? Maybe. But this mess? Yikes!

Oh! The! Drama! Where are my meds?

Anonymous said...

Ricky should have gone home. That dress was horrible. It looked even cheaper than Kevin's. Why are they keeping him around? He continues to throw baby doll dresses and half-finished outfits down the runway and stays on each week. Kevin was at the top of the game each week. He has a sense of style and talent. I'm shocked.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Ricky needs to GO GO GO. I really liked Kevin!

By the way, am I the only one who thinks Kevin is totally hot? I'm dying to make out with him and his flawlessly groomed beard. Sigh.

Zoë Malachi said...

hubby: well, now that there’s no straight guy representin’, i’m done with this show.

me (eye roll): whatever. you know that your butt will be sittin’ right here on the couch with me next week.

hubby (sighs): you’re right. (makes sad face) see ya’, straighty mcstraighterson!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this dress was pretty bad. But not auf-able. This should've been in the neglected pack. Okay, I can see bottom 3. The worst of it was the styling- the mature hair, wrong bra. The length was off too. Beside the unfinished hem, the dress looked well done, the color was vibrant (if a bit overwhelming) and the skirt had a nice youthful swing to it. And the client seemed to like it.

I'm going to miss that man-scaped straight boy.

Anonymous said...

I HATED victorya's dress. The bedazzling was horrendous and it smushed the poor girl's boobs down. It was a weird layered puff ball, and I hated the yoke thingy. The color was fug too (although not as bad as Ricky's). Sissy Bear's dress was stunning, I liked Sweet P's too. But last night was the single worst judging decisions in the history of project runway - both winner and loser.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:
It's funny that the entire board is saying Kevin's dress was bad, but they are so outraged he was auf'd. That makes no sense. Yes you can think someone else deserved to go more, but I don't know how you can get so upset with the judges for aufing a truly atrocious dress.

yeah, but I think what most people are saying is, it wasn't amazing, definitely not good,maybe it should even have been in the bottom but it wasn't the most aufable dress on the runway. Nor are most people saying it was "truly atrocious". Or at least that's how I am reading it.
PS. Nina is really beginning to irritate me and can Heidi pls. come up with some other critique than "it looks cheap" or, if she likes it, "it looks expensive". Still luuuurving the Duchess, tho'

Anonymous said...

It should have been that wee little waterworks Ricky. Kevin has done some nice work. This dress not so much, but at least he showed her figure and picked a flattering color. Sorry, Nina, but red is a great color. Plus Kevin seems like such a grounded, nice guy both on the show and in his interviews. The facial hair still puzzles me, but PR4 is better for Kevin having been there.

Anonymous said...

nina was wearing the exact same color as kevin's dress at the show . . . .XD

Anonymous said...

oh, and anyone else think nina was being dumb when she said ( around 3892798789 times ) that sweet p and chris's dresses look too mature?

Anonymous said...

Might I make a suggestion that the judges no longer smoke crack before each runway show!

Anonymous said...

This dress was certainly not bad at all. Considering that this has the elements of 'sexy' (shows some skin), 'dressy', and 'wearable to a prom' (won't fall out of the top and be so embarassed that you could just die right there in the gym ohmygod).
Kevin, you should still be in the running!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's so obvious that Kevin had a nose job! He had an entirely different nose back in high school (?) Kudos to his plastic surgeon. His new nose is a definition improvement.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's the thing, for me at least.

Kevin's dress wasn't good. But it wasn't the worst. To me, that means not auf-able.

What SHOULD have been auf'd- Christian. Ole Puffysleeves himself.

Why? Let's start with the dress. Major fug. Everything on it was wrong. I like brown, but that brown was horrid. Random lace droppings? Guh. Weird tulle sticking out underneath- bah.

Next- the fit. Chunky girl, looks like the side of a barn in that thing.

Poorly constructed. Kevin's hem was undone, but this dress looked as if it was held together with glue and Puffy's bad attitude.

And that brings us to the last issue. Christian sent a mess down the runway and didn't accept one ounce of responsibility for it. The whole mess was the fault of his client. Was she difficult? Sure seemed it, but ultimately, HE made that dress. HE was the one who f*ed the fit, the seems, the bustline. HE picked out that fabric. HE scattered fug lace and shoved tulle around the bottom. It was HIS dress. And he failed miserably...

I saw the moment prom dress was said, the look on his face was OH NO. He didn't want to do it, then he didn't like his client, so he decided to make shit and just blame it all on her.

Of course, the judges have never taken the high road when the designers do... just Daniel Franco, Santino, Malan, and now Kevin. Cowardice always wins over dignity and maturity when both parties send sub-par designs.

So, that, for me, is how I can say I didn't like the dress AND he didn't deserve the auf.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up, it's just fashion!!

Anonymous said...

The wrong designer was auf'ed last night. Seventeen year olds love that style prom dress. Nina and Michael Kors need to spend some time hanging out in the 'burbs if they want to know what that age group likes. Sweet P or Chris should have won this challenge.

I don't get the judges' love affair with Victorya. Her designs are boring and ugly. When her client appeared in the bedazzler dress last night, I thought "she's outta here now." How far from reality. She should have been auf'ed last week.

Anonymous said...

I am beyond pisssed. This aufing is very similar to Allison's from season 3. (I'm still a little bitter about it) It bothers me that they never look at the designers previous work from the challenges. I was banking on him to be in the top 3, if not win it.

Another thing, has there been an episode where Ricky hasn't balled his eyes out? I think it would be in there best interest to have an ambulance on call when he gets aufed.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Nina about the color. That shade of red looked awful on Chloe, and it looked awful on that girl. Tomato red + that skin tone = DOOOOOOOM

Sheri said...

I was actually giddy when VictorYa was left on the runway because I wanted to hear the judges rip that craft project mess apart. I nearly choked when they started in with the praise!

I actually thought Christian handled his client well during the consultation...using humor to diffuse disagreements and actually listening to what she wanted.
His big mistake was not being gracious on the runway. Nina nearly jumped off her chair and strangled him.

As for poor Kevin. He was in the ignorable middle, IMO. Without immunity, I would have booted Rami, then Ricky, then Christian.

God I hated VictorYa's dress! UUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that splashing sound you hear is of a shark being jumped.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"michael kors said...

Lighten up, it's just fashion!!"

It's not JUST fashion, it's a competition show. Where's the credibility then?

Anonymous said...

This is really quite ridiculous... I can't believe you don't know more about cleavage.


The fact of the matter is some girls are never going to be "perky." I never have been and I've been trying to fight the sag as much as possible with the "always wear some sort of bra" method.
Moving onto the meat of the matter, this was ridiculous, Ricky should have been gone, not Kevin.

Unknown said...

WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!! That is all.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a hooker

Lilithcat said...

Oh, this dress was utter crap and he deserved to go, if for no other reason than his complete disregard for this basic rule: finish your hems!!!

It really was the ugliest thing on the runway, and it made his model look dreadful.

It should also be obvious by now that it doesn't matter what you've done in prior challenges, it's the present one that counts. And that's as it should be. Kevin screwed up.

Unknown said...

I loved (hated?) how Nina went on about how much she hated the color...all while wearing the exact same shade of red. Kevin was robbed. Christian should toally have gone home last night.

Lilithcat said...

Anonymous 6:14 p.m. said, has there been an episode where Ricky hasn't balled his eyes out?

Good heavens! How did I miss that? Who with?


Fnarf said...

Ricky's dress was the color of puke. It looked like a bar of soap that's been sitting in water for three days. I expected to see hairs stuck to it. It wasn't "ruched", it was balled up. WHY IS HE STILL HERE?

Anonymous said...

I just don't know about this show. I really, really liked Kevin. Look at his high school photo. I totally would have hit that :) dayum!

Now, on to the show. I've always been the same basic shape of the girl in Kevin's dress and honestly, my "girl pillows" were never perky. Always needed support, even though I was not more than a B cup. Some girls are just shaped that way.

I actually liked Ricky's dress. I love pink and on a different girl with a tan, the color would have been beautiful. This girl probably just needed something brighter. She was gorgeous but the color didn't work on her.

I think Victorya won because her girl really loved the dress and it showed. She really rocked it and was having a blast. She helped sell that dress more than the dress helped sell the look.

All you have to do is look at Nick Verreos' prom designs to see what girls want to wear. They seem to like draping, goddess-y type dresses. They also seem to like some bling. Had Victorya's dress featured real crystals or even just silver hardware -- something that had a more substantial, quality look to it, it would have helped. it did look like a bad Bedezzler job.

Finally, if ANY of the girls from last night are reading this, you are all gorgeous!! I felt the judges were unjustly critical of some of the girls. Every one of them were fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

The moment that girl gave the peace sign at the end of the runway, I thought, that is the kiss of death! oh well!

All kinds of wrong last night!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Ricky's was that bad. No winner, but not bad.

How can you praise (judges) praise V-ya for volume and then slam Ricky for volume, especially since his actually seemed to fit her chest? He had a more difficult body on his client too, and she looked quite cute- very sweet and angelic yet with a flirty skirt and touch of sexiness with that partial bustier top. Too pale, yes. But I think he was imagining it would look soft and lyrical rather than washed out.

And frankly, I find Ricky entertaining as hell. With so many competitors having almost no expression or emotion, he's a ball of both.

And his assortment of Mr. Slave hats... love it!

Anonymous said...

So. pissed. off! right now.

Utterly ridiculous, arbitrary, unfair decision. As you say, the dress wasn't anything spectacular, but it wasn't "auf" material either. Girlie could have worn that dress to her prom (with better hair and some nice accessories, I would hope) and she wouldn't have looked out of place at all. Some of the other dresses, on the other hand...

And what in glory-to-hell's name is wrong with red? I thought the color looked very nice on the girl (which is much more than you can say for the color choices of some other designers who shall remain RICKY). Why Ricky remains on the runway and in the competition is completely beyond me. Kevin is 10 times the designer Ricky is.

Did I mention the part about being pissed off!?

Brooke said...


Anonymous said...

After last night's episode, I had such a headache! It put me in a very foul mood - I am so disappointed in the judges.


Season 4 will NOT become part of my DVD collection at this rate!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this was posted already...I didn't read through all the comments...but I found it interesting that the color of Kevin's dress was so hideous, as deemed by the judges, yet I'm pretty sure that NinaGarcia was wearing the EXACT same colored shirt. Love the double/triple/quadruple standards that the judges are setting this season.

My Joey Fatone look-alike is gone...noooooooo. :(

Anonymous said...

All I can say is AiYa!!
What the H--L were they thinking?????
I am so sad and disappointed-- and Sweet Pea's dress was WAY more 'promy' that VictorYa's....

I can't wait to see Kevin's work in stores--
I would be happy to buy it (okay not that last dress, but he'll have more than 24 hrs to work on it).

Anonymous said...

Only the good die young.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous said: And I felt really bad for Christian. That spoiled bitch he dressed made poor princes "unfierce!" How dare she! 1:02 PM"

Why are people being nasty about that girl? Christian is sassy and mouthy and opinionated (and a tiny white boy) and its cute. She is sassy and mouthy and opinionated (and an un-tiny black woman) and she's a "bitch" ... ???

She's a little girl who's anxious about how she looks and AWARE that she's the only black woman in the room and in a dress that is unflattering and sticking up for herself - how can you not just want to hug her?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Kevin lost simply because he isn't gay... nuff said!

Susan from the Pacific Northwest said...

Just a comment on the "pillows".

Many of us who have been well endowed from a young age have never had perkiness. We also don't wear halters like that.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to contact the PR producers and DEMAND that they switch to a cumulative scoring system so good designers don't get auf'd for a a single mis-step and the mediocre designers who churn out a piece-o-crap every week get dropped more quickly.

Ninny and La Kors also desperately need glasses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"anonymous said: And I felt really bad for Christian. That spoiled bitch he dressed made poor princes "unfierce!" How dare she! 1:02 PM"

Why are people being nasty about that girl? Christian is sassy and mouthy and opinionated (and a tiny white boy) and its cute. She is sassy and mouthy and opinionated (and an un-tiny black woman) and she's a "bitch" ... ???

Oh don't even go there. Christian's been called a little bitch on this blog more times than I can count.

Anonymous said...

As a couple other people mentioned, she doesn't look especially droopy, and if she does look it, it's probably not the dress's fault. Some girls, especially those who are uncomfortably well-endowed early on, are pretty much droopy from the get go. Trust me; I speak from unfortunate experience.

Anonymous said...

Ricky is still there yet Kevin is gone. Victorya is in full (and even flat) breast denial (she must hiss at her own raisins every time she looks in the mirror).

Nina is out of control. Isn't it Heidi's show? When did Nina become the last word (don't even try to tell me she's not the last damn word!).

Auf Nina!
Auf Nina!
Auf Nina!

Joanie said...

Time to pick on Nina some more.

Quite honestly, I feel she's one of the main contributors to the current trend of women (especially teen girls) hating their bodies. Her lurving Victorya's design and thinking it was a winner is proof that she believes only flat chests and toothpick legs are worthy of being draped in lovely fabrics.

My daughter is a beautiful 15 year old who has been blessed with curves (not too many, mind you) and not overly gifted with lots of height (5'3") and she constantly points out how most of the clothes she sees in magazines are simply unflattering and ill-fitting on anyone with defined hips, breasts, and a waist.

Nina pushes a certain aesthetic because she's surrounded by women who have no meat on their bones. That's all well and good for her, but for the average young woman, it's unrealistic and incomprehensible that this is the "only" sort of fashion that flies in the big magazines.

Many of the designers gave their clients dresses that flattered their real world figures, were tasteful, and would make the girls feel like the princesses they wanted and deserved to be at least once in their lives. And my God, except for Ricky, Christian, and VYa's dresses, all were better than what I wore to my prom oh-so-many years ago. Not that my dress was bad, it just wasn't anywhere near the quality of the dresses these girls were given.

After talking with my daughter about this for a while yesterday, we both decided we'd like to take Nina out to the woodshed for a severe beating.


GothamTomato said...

"anonymous said: Why are people being nasty about that girl? Christian is sassy and mouthy and opinionated (and a tiny white boy) and its cute. She is sassy and mouthy and opinionated (and an un-tiny black woman) and she's a "bitch" ... ???

She's a little girl who's anxious about how she looks and AWARE that she's the only black woman in the room and in a dress that is unflattering and sticking up for herself - how can you not just want to hug her?!?!?"

I don't think she was a bitch, but she was a Bridezilla in training. Part of me thought it was funny that Christian got a girl with a personality much like his own & I thought that there MUST have been some guiding from the producers in that. Could that have happened by coincidence?

But beyond that, one thing did annoy me about her; and that was that she didn't grasp that this was not ALL about her; that the girls were there as extras in this game show where the designers are trying to compete for a break for their careers.

For his part, Christian's big mistake was throwing her under the bus - in the same way that Sweet P did to Elisa in that team challenge. That never works.


Anonymous said...

I think the judges are on something this season. Kevin should not have been out, imho Ricky should have, that dress was ugly!! It had no shape, no color and the poor girl looked totally washed out.

I don't agree that Victorya should have won either - I guess I just don't care for the pillowcase bottom since she and Ricky both used it.

PP well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? If a woman has a booty, you need some extra fabric to make the dress drape correctly in the back - probably why I don't where many dresses or skirts that hit above the knee. He did the same thing the designers did last season in the "real women" challenge - blamed it on the women and not his own shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit aufing! kevin did some great work. Ricky hasn't done anything interesting. This makes no sense at all. No wonder they can never find the next American designer or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Red is a GREAT color! What the hell is wrong with Nina? She lost it! I used to like her, but now I can't stand her. I will miss Kevin very much.

Anonymous said...

Great post, love the blog, guys!

Anonymous said...

Kevin is hot! I'm sad to see the only straight boy standing go : - (

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