Ripping the Collections: Kara, Part Two

Friday, May 25, 2007 by

This is just gorgeous. Once again, Kara pairs two colors to great effect.

And once again, she manages to achieve a look that we would normally hate - a bubble skirt over pants - and have it look chic and cute.

On the other hand...

No. Sorry, no. These two queens have their limits.

Ignoring that, we just don't like the outfit overall. The colors (surprisingly), the distracting suspenders, that thing she's got around her neck - none of it's working for us.

On the other other hand...

Wow. This is really breathtaking.

Just a beautiful combination of colors, plus the heavy trim in the bodice and the double straps, the full skirt and high waist -- It's all pure Kara Janx and the effect is stunning.

One interesting thing about this collection is that it was all about working a small set of of themes over and over again. The beauty was found as much in the combination of designs as in the designs themselves. She took the bodice from the previous look and combined it with the skirt from her second look.

Result: a great look.

We're in love/hate mode. If you check the video, it moves beautifully and certainly the colors are beautiful. And we liked the similar full skirt in the first look...

...but this was just too full and the waist was too high. She looks like a Barbie cake.

Loved this look. Young and chic and flattering.

Kara's practically built her empire on her kimono wrap dress, so the look might seem a bit ubiquitous (especially since Madonna ripped it off for H&M) but that doesn't negate how striking this is. Eye-popping colors, perfect fit and proportions, and striking model all create the perfect look. Gorgeous.

It appeals to our inner drama queens to declare Kara's lack of a win (or even a national showcase) as a tragedy, but if it's a tragedy, it's one with an awfully happy ending. She's working like a champ, churning out beautiful, chic designs that are gaining increasing attention. Like Emmett, she's a perfect example of someone who might not have been the right fit for reality television, but in the end, their talent won out anyway.

Well kittens, we have exhaustively written about all 3 seasons of Project Runway and this post brings that to a close. At this point, we're ready to declare ourselves the world's foremost Project Runway experts. We've got our Ph.D's in Runwayology.

Unfortunately, this also brings the daily content to an end for awhile. We're not going to post just to fill up space, but we will be posting on a semi-regular basis about things PR-related, including upcoming trips to see Laura, Emmett, and maybe a few other surprises. We will of course be blogging Season 4 like gangbusters the second it starts and maybe even check in on St. Tim every now and then. Until then, if you miss us, you can always check us out on Tom & Lorenzo and very shortly we'll be announcing a slight shift in the status quo over there. As always, Watch What Happens, Poodles! Loveya!

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Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, this also brings the daily content to an end for awhile."

WHAT??!!! NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... Cry.

Anonymous said...


love you guys. <3. thank you guys for all this.

I don't live in usa now, so, well, I always check this blog at, like, 1 or 2 AM. but this is fun.

I love kara, emmett, and chloe, those who seem a little bit too rational for being in reality show.
but they have talent and good business. that means more than playing cute in front of tv, in my opinion.

I wish i could go to newyork and check some of their shops. although chloe's is in houston.

well It's a pity that kara just didn't show the judges that she can do good job. but, that's fair.
judges were not to blame, seeing the works kara had done in the show, I think that giving her a decoy was good enough.

Anonymous said...

The first dress here, if done with a traditional skirt, has a basic similarity to Santino's breath mint dress--amazing how much difference good colors, good fit, and good execution can make. The pants on the second outfit--wtf?--didn't notice that until I saw your screen cap. I usually hate yellow clothes but her yellow one is very nice. That long layered dress did look a lot better on the runway than it looks in the still shot--even on the runway I couldn't help make an unfavorable comparison to Jay's pink layered finale dress. Over all, she did a great job.

I know you guys totally deserve a break from this blog, and I hope you have a great summer. But your daily PR entries will be missed--can't wait for Season 4.

Mike said...

When season 3 is released on DVD, are you going to the "pre-rungay" episodes? PLEEEEEASE!

Anonymous said...

Changing the status quo at Project:Gay? Interesting :) Can't wait to see what that means!

Anonymous said...

There's a boutique here in Kentucky, I think it's called Bella, and a couple of months ago it had a Kara Janx wrap dress in the display window! If Kara can get her clothing all the way out here in hicksville I'm very impressed!

Anonymous said...

Sewing Siren said...
"Unfortunately, this also brings the daily content to an end for awhile."

WHAT??!!! NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... Cry.

SOB!!! mascara streaming down my face.....

T&L, thank you for your fabulous/witty/bitchy commentary on all things PR. Enjoy yourselves, I wait with baited breath for PR4!

Anonymous said...

Damn. We'll miss our daily dose o' RunGay.

Boys no likey the dhoti?

I think those who say Kara's collection is so Jay are going on memory rather than looking at them side-by-side. The collections share a sensibility and tone, but the essence of Kara is so different from Jay. I love Jay and his work, but it's essentially all about the freedom of Jay (not a bad thing at all. Let Jay be Jay!.)

Kara's is about the freedom of Woman.

Or something.

hmmmmm. er. need more coffee.

Love you guys,
-- desertwind

Manggy said...

Lauren Graham wore "Madonna's" design on Ellen and my first thought was indeed, "hey! The Kara Janx kimono dress!" I hope Kara thinks that it's the highest form of flattery.

I'll miss the daily updates but look forward to the, er, non-daily ones!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm a little better now.
I guess I might as well comment on the 2nd half of Kara's collection. .
1. I love the bubble. Cute flattering wearable.
2. I agree with you guys on a certain level, however I think it is visually interesting. A hard sell though, It does look cute on the model.
3. This is the dress she should have done for Iman. Lovely.
4. *I* would wear this wrap skirt. I think the outfit she did for the muslin challenge was a version of this too.
5.I love the layered long dress. To me this looks like the show stopper.
6.This one is wearable and sellable, but still looks runway worthy.
7. What a great look. Her million $ idea. She should be able to sell these for a long time. It will never go out of style.
At least she got to show this collection in front of some hard hitting industry professionals. All the magazine coverage she's gotten since then has to have been the result. Too bad it wasn't included in the DVD. Bravo must be a little embarassed.
I'm sure going to miss this blog. I have no one to talk fashion with here. Even the gay guys in this town follow NASCAR.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Even that strappy outfit with the low hangin' crotch: I agree, not so hot, but it works within the context of all those looks walking down the runway. And I don't like her multi-layered flounce dresses/tops/whatever they are (and they remind me of the one of just 2 Jay designs I really didn't care for: I forget the challenge but it had similar colors with a layered skirt and I think a stretchy top).

But those are quibbles; ovearall, Kara's collection rocks, and it's a collection, not just a bunch o' clothes.

As for the rest. . . you guys deserve one. Thank you for the almost daily entertainment. See ya soon!


Bill said...

Great job (as always), Boys. Thanks for doing all 3 seasons. Like the rest of your loyal fans, I'll be anxiously awaiting your take on season 4.

Intrigued (and a bit scared) about the move from the status quo on Project Gay - change frightens me, please be gentle. But I can't wait becaus eyou two always deliver in spades! Bring it, Boys, whatever it is!!

Anonymous said...

we will definitely miss you.... the summer will not be the same without, although i suspect we will have plenty to enjoy from you thanks to your visits to Laura and Emmett and all the gossip and pictures you will share with us.
thanks for reviewing Kara's runway show, she had a great show and she has definitely made a name for herself. her kimono dress is gorgeous and i am trying to save some money to get one, it is definitely a classic!
much love, i'll see you at your project gay blog!

Fnarf said...

Thank you, PRGboys.

Through your work, I have come to see the error of my ways. Reading this blog is not only fun, it's a better way to see the collections than slumped in a chair with a drink in one hand and the other flung over my eyes. You're right, Chloe did deserve the win, and Kara did blow away the real contestants.

Now if only I could get you two to vet my own, famously dubious, fashion choices before leaving the house each morning (well, famous within a hundred-yard radius). Most days I look like an unpopular flavor of ice cream.

When it comes down to it, I don't think it really matters who wins; there's certainly no reason why a second, third, or fourth-place finisher, or even an early loser like Malan, can't have a great career if they turn that exposure into an opportunity for great work. Jay McCarroll, I'm looking at you when I say that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear Gayboys. You add so much humour and insight into our enjoyment of PR.

I hope the gay site change is only about the end of Shear Genius. Whatever will you replace it with?

Anonymous said...

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for alleviating my daily dose of boredom at work. Anyone who can coin the phrase " Witches and leprechauns simply do not get along " has commanded my ultimate respect.

By the way, I've stolen all of your great lines; suddenly I've become very witty.

GothamTomato said...


I shall miss our daily dose of T&L. You made me forget how much I hated Season 3.

I hope you canaries have a nice vacation & look me up when you get to the Apple.

--Gotham Tomato

GothamTomato said...

"No. Sorry, no. These two queens have their limits."

And btw, I agree about those plaid pants with the dropped crotch. I'm guessing they were inspired by a traumatic camel toe incident. What else could explain it?

Everything else in the collection was GORGEOUS!!

--Gotham Tomato

bungle said...

TheGayBoys wrote:
One interesting thing about this collection is that it was all about working a small set of of themes over and over again. The beauty was found as much in the combination of designs as in the designs themselves.

It's for stuff like that that I'm eternally grateful! Neophytes need a little guidance in what to look at/for.
The best part is you make your very real points about things stick by judicious use of style, lots of times expressed through tight smack.

You guys are all that.

My fellow Loyalist Commentarians: y'all never cease to amaze me.

Most message boards that I've seen, regardless of general mission, suck raw sewage like a wet vac. They usually need the following issued on a regular basis:

~~~~Posting Tips~~~~

1. Have something to say. Don't just take up space in threads or with threads.
2. Try to be sure that what you write is relevant and interesting to the intended audience.
3. Sorta know what you're talking about.
4. Attempt to craft your messages with at least a nod to spelling and grammar.
5. If at all possible bring some kind of distinctive style to the board so the final result isn't post upon post of uniform tedium.

People, you far exceed these standards on a continual basis. It's an honor to post among you!

You make the comments section of this and allied blogs oases of intelligent discourse in an virtual desert of moronic frivolous waste-oid dreck.

Sure the daily content is taking little nap, but hey, the PRGs have spoiled us rotten. In the meantime may I suggest some of my favorite allied blogs? (I'm pretty sure these have the PRG seal of approval)

Kora in hell

Shout out to fnarf! So I guess we're still the only two straight dudes regularly posting here? Should we start a support group?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, GayBoys!

I'll still check in on a regular basis, but this might give me time to do a more thorough job of cleaning the coffee spray off of my monitor and keyboard. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your efforts.

I hope you enjoy your summer.

Anonymous said...

I really want to say that I'm satisified with this post, especially since all the other ones have been great, but I don't know, it just felt like you guys missed a lot. Firstly, Kara's bust and necklines were amazing and deserved more attention than "they fit well". Also, the top from the 10th look has barely anything in common with the 9th look. Then there was the fact that you skipped over three of the pictures, and only put a sentence in another, like, four. I don't want to sound pissed, but I really am rather confused as to why you guys didn't...extrapolate.

Also, nso is completely wrong about the "similarities" between Kara's first look and Santino's third; they have nothing in common at all.

Sorry to be such a bitch...

Anonymous said...

Gotham Tomato - the traumatic camel toe incident you speak of is probably the infamous jumpsuit Santino made for Kara. That would make anyone drop their crotches.

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for your fantastic, perfect blog. T@L, you guys kept me laughing through a hellish semester...

Now get some rest!

Anonymous said...

I never saw Kara's collection in this much detail before -- thank you, thank you! It's just stunning. I'm in love. You're right, this one is head and shoulders about the other three. Well, it's head and shoulders above Chloe's; it's, like, seven or eight entire bodies above Dan's and Santino's.

And is it just me, or did Kara somehow end up with the most gorgeous models? They also seem far more attractive than the models the final three used. Or maybe Kara's designs are just that flattering.

I don't see this as a real tragedy either -- we'll never know for sure whether she'd have been able to produce work of this quality had she been in the running for the PR prize, but we do know that the attention her collection got translated into huge commercial success for her. And Chloe has taken her winnings and grown her business with it. Both of them are doing very well, so it all worked out for the best.

I'm going to miss your regular updates SO MUCH! Can't wait for PR4!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Can't wait to start Season 4 side-by-side with you both!

Hope Laurie (whose blogger id soesn't work since the Crash. Puter crash, not '29 one, but still a faithful reader!)

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome. Thank you for the luxe entertainment. And for extending the PR seasons. Each recap was like a new and even more entertaining episode.

Will def. keep in touch while waiting for updates and PR4!

Vic said...

Except for that second look, I fell in love with all these dresses. Awesome.

As for this blog lying fallow, I am a patient woman. Can't wait for y'all to dis Season 4. B'sides, Project Gay is fabulous by itself!

Thanks for the fun ride, guys. As for the move on the status quo, you've got me on tenterhooks. Please don't leave me dangling for long!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, as always, but what am I going to do without my daily Project Rungay fix? It was hard enough making it through the weekends without you. Now I have to go through the whole summer? Bummer! You had better stay busy on Project Gay, if you know what's good for you! ;-) Love ya mean it!

Anonymous said...

A while ago I was looking at an issue of Venus Zine, and it featured a skirt by Kara. Sort of random, but I was excited.

lisasabatier said...

Thanks! What fun you've provided. I can't wait for season 4...the show will be OK, but mainly to read your take. Love you T&L!

Anonymous said...

Bungle said: "You make the comments section of this and allied blogs oases of intelligent discourse in an virtual desert of moronic frivolous waste-oid dreck."

I never really thought about why I was so obsessed with this site (besides the obvious: our fabulous & witty GayBoys and the PR topic). I honestly thought I had attention span issues because I couldn't pour over most forums as some do.

THANKS for illuminating another major plus about this site: the quality of the posters. It's really enlightening to realize that a great site is the sum of ALL contributors.

So, my most sincere thanks to the GayBoys, and every one of you, for insightful comments, critiques, and just plain good entertainment!

Bungle, I'm definitely checking out the other sites you suggested.

Everyone here REALLY "make(s) it work"!! Can't wait till PR4!

Anonymous said...

This showing by Kara has totally blown me away. However, much as I love it, must set the record straight: Diane von Furstenberg gets credit for designing the iconic wrap dress. Hers came out in 1972 and was considered revolutionary at the time. Check out her web site:

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to go ahead and add my thanks, T & L, for so generously sharing your wit and fashion savvy with us over the past six (?) months. It's added tremendously to my enjoyment of (and, maybe not so healthily, obsession with) PR. Your time and tireless efforts are much appreciated.

Lilithcat said...

The reason that Kara's bubble skirt over pants design works is that the proportions are right. It looks more like a longish top than a skirt, and the bubble of the top balances the skinny pants.

I don't know that I'd say Madonna "stole" the kimono idea - it's been around for centuries, after all!

I will miss your commentary here, but await with bated breath the changes on your sister site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work running both blogs on pretty much a daily basis.

Can't wait for Season 4, but I'll hang out over at Project:Gay until then. Like everyone else, I'm beyond intrigued about the change to the status quo.

May I also add to bungle's (and others') comments about the quality of the sites? It's a breath of fresh air to read multisyllabic words in a post and the replies said post generates. Love ya all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your marvelous, marvelous writing. It has made a big difference in my world. Not kidding. Seeing quality and taste matched with fun and wit has made me think better of the world. Eagerly awaiting season 4. I'll see you at projectgay til then. Thank you.

eric3000 said...

I just loved this collection! It had some really fun shapes (the full plaid skirts with the tight high waists looked old and new at the same time) and it showed range and cohesiveness without being predictable.

There were elements that reminded me of Jay but I think that is mostly because they share an aesthetic sense. They both like that street urchin look. Part of Kara's look comes from the fact that she also does men's clothes. And I loved the knitted hats.

Thanks again, T&L! It has been so much fun to look back at the first two season! Looking forward to season 4!

eric3000 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GothamTomato said...

"People, you far exceed these standards on a continual basis. It's an honor to post among you!

You make the comments section of this and allied blogs oases of intelligent discourse in an virtual desert of moronic frivolous waste-oid dreck."

I second that emotion!

Unlike certain other un-named PR blogs, which seem to be populated entirely by 13 year olds and other assorted Hasseltwit-types, this one is like a fabulous virtual dinner party where only the smart & interesting get a seat at the table.

It is always fun, lightens my day, and of course, all too often, keeps me from getting my work done. And I do thank T&L for being the gracious hosts.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

Unlike certain other un-named PR blogs, which seem to be populated entirely by 13 year olds and other assorted Hasseltwit-types, this one is like a fabulous virtual dinner party where only the smart & interesting get a seat at the table.

Gotham is so right. Here's to the perfection that is you. Can't wait to see you again pre-4.

Au said...

I certainly hope that you guys score some manner of Bravo sponsorship -- your work has earned it.

Your blog is a model of clarity and wit, and I've been entertained here for months.

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on our favorite show "characters." Kara's cover line was so much better than Santino, Chloe & Daniel's put together, it's great to see her continuing. Love the blue top even though it wouldn't look right on me!

Thanks for setting the record straight on your continued blogs. Top Chef 3????????? Pretty please with candied cherries on top??

Anonymous said...

what the hell is up with the crotches on most of Kara's pants???? Gads, did Hammer pants come back and some on my memo? "Cause I've got an old drawer of zubaz pants I never wore 'cause they're unflattering. I can sell those babies!

Beyond those confusing crotches- just WOW!! Lovely- color, fit, construction. Loads of color, but not matchy catchy. No wandering bewbies or painfully smushed chests. And nice finishing, all around. I even liked the hats, though if I were wearing the outfits, I probably wouldn't have worn the hats with most of them, but I see why they were there. Oh, and girl knows what to do with a print!!!

This would've won if it could've been considered. Chloe's was nice, but as a fantasy, I guess she dreams about shiny charmeuse and chintzy florals. And I say that with love, she was one of my faves (like Kara was) through the whole season.