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We plopped down on the couch last night, ready to sulk and pout and hate the show now that Tabs and Tyson are gone. We hang our heads in shame for ever doubting the producers. Once Rene put his hands on his tiny little hips and announced the challenge, we perked right up.

We sit in amazement that anyone could come up with so many fun and dramalicious challenges all revolving around hair styling. No offense to the stylists out there, but we never could have predicted that this show would be so much fun.

A photo shoot with Matthew Rolston. Genius. A huge burst of fabulosity and a challenge to every designer. Those bitches were sweating their asses off last night. He may be an adorable little brushtop, but you can feel the raging bitch lurking underneath whenever he's working.

Props to Miss Daisy! She was fun and wide-eyed and yet totally professional and on her game. She's a joy to watch and we're rooting for her.

Yeah, you could argue that she had the easiest look to accomplish, but it DID look amazingly hot in the end and like we said, she conducted herself perfectly, with absolutely no bumps in the road. You couldn't say that about any of the other stylists.

Can we just say that we never really got a chance to get into it, but we really can't stand him? Ignoring his continued insistence upon his heterosexuality (which, admittedly, is near-impossible to ignore), his constant mouthing off about his supposed superiority coupled with his complete inability to listen to anyone else just got on our last gay nerves, girls.

It's all well and good to be confident in your abilities, but you better be able to cash that check. For the most part, Boogie never really did.

He made poor Martinique look like someone dumped a bucket of wigs on her head. It seems like almost everything he ever did had that heavily-lacquered drag queen/Dreamgirls look to it. It's a pretty limiting aesthetic and even then, he didn't always execute it well. It's to the judges' credit that they cut another "personality" and, refreshingly, they did it in part because his personality was so grating and unprofessional.

There's some disagreement in Chez T&L regarding Ben. Tom just can't help but root for him. He's the quintessential underdog. NO ONE seems to think he deserves to be there. We're not even sure he thinks so. Lorenzo agrees but then again he's still breaking dishes over Tabs' exit.

We admit it, we fell for the editing last night. We thought he was a goner.

Granted, we don't necessarily agree with Matthew on this one. He seemed really impressed with the final look but we're on Michael Carl's side. It was pretty basic, bordering on cheesy. Sure, it made for a great shot, but it's Matthew Rolston, for crying out loud.

Still, Ben is such a sweetheart that it's hard not to be on his side a little bit, broken dishes notwithstanding.

Anthony's another sweetie and because he looks great in a tight shirt, we tend to give him a bit of a free pass. He's clearly very talented, but he seems to skirt close to screwing up as often as he does to producing something great.

We're definitely glad to see him in the final 3, but this hair was ass. She doesn't look retro or glamour. She looks scary. None of that hair looks like it's attached to her head. Like she's lying on a wigpillow.

We'll have more to talk about - especially that reunion show - but just wanted to say congrats to our girl Tabs for winning the $10,000 viewer's favorite prize last night. You go, Hair Witch!


Doodles said...

Oh, I was glad Tabs won the 10K. She earned it. The finale should be interesting, especially with Vidal Sassoon being the guest judge.

BigAssBelle said...

well goodie, didn't know tabs won the $10K.

his constant mouthing off about his supposed superiority coupledwith his complete inability to listen to anyone else just got on our last gay nerves, girls.

this child has been on my last nerve and it isn't even gay. miss thang needs to just step on out of the closet now, "steppin' in? steppin' in?" no. step out, boogie. out. the child means nothing, own it, celebrate it, just be who you are, honey.

BigAssBelle said...

oh, and anthony's hair was ass, but he's so bright eyed and bushy tailed, you just have to love him.

what's the name of that bitchy queen of a judge? boy was on the rag last night.

and i liked ben's hair and i want to just hug ben. glad he has lots of mothers in his life.

BG said...

I agree with all of your assessments, T&L!

Except Tabs. I can't get excited about Tabs winning 10K when I feel like she acted like such an unpleasant, unfunny bitch so often. Unlike many, I didn;t find her entertaining, just off-putting.

But hey...viewers fav...I would've handed it Daisy. She's squeezably cute and talented to boot.

But back to my original point - perfect shots of the offending hair styles...bucket o' wigs and disembodied weave, indeed.

bitchybitchybitchy said...

I felt pretty sure that Dr. Boogie was a goner when he kept interfering with the photo shoot-and could he possibly have put any MORE hair on Martinique-it was definitely not "lighter than air".

Sooo glad my man Anthony dodged the bullet last night.

I thought that Anthony was very fair in assigning the looks to Daisy, Ben and Boogie.

I missed the reunion show, hope Bravo will repeat it -and, congrats to Tabs-she is one fierce hair witch!

Anonymous said...

This show is so much fun. I agree with Ms. Smith when she said during a clip of the judging shown during the reunion show that the contestants are all so nice. Sure, certain personalities can grate at times, but so what? The big picture showed a bunch of very talented stylists really working hard and giving us a great product.

This episode was fantastic. And now for the finals, Vidal Sassoon! Amazing.

DivineQueen said...

Congratulations, Tabatha!

Gosh, I LOVE fabulous bitches!!

Great episode, Ben needs to go like three episodes ago, Dr. Boogie is freaking annoying, and Daisy is a doll.

Love you two, bitches!

Gorgeous Things said...

OMG! You're absolutely right - Matthew Rolston is Tintin! Where's the Captain and the dog?
And Bravo (pun intended) to our Hair Witch!

Anonymous said...

When Martinique started to look like Medusa I knew the Boogie Fever had broken.
What a He-va.
Boogie has some skills, but bombast doesn't eliminate insecurity.
Own that, sweetie, and you might get past the fear.

Knew Tabs was Fan Fave. Yay!

Anthony is yum (single & available? how ambiguous! You can't please everyone, sweetie), but Daisy FTW (girl's got skilz)!


Love the show, and your blog!

Does anyone else find it funny that whenever Rene Fris speaks the camera is on the back of his head?

I wonder how many voiceover re-dos they make.

snf in va said...

I was sooo glad to see Boogie go last night!!!

I was worried for Anthony, but on a real-life photo-shoot, he would have had much more feedback and would have produced a great looking shot. Other than being nervous, he was quite professional.

Boogie, on the other hand, was costing everyone time and money, the styling was ass, and he clearly wouldn't have listened to feedback. He would also NEVER be hired again by any photographer I've ever worked for. It bothers me that he doesn't listen to clients.

Daisy did a great job in a potentially difficult situation.

I think Ben really rose to the occasion, and both he and Daisy would be fun to have a round on a photo-shoot.

jlp said...

Steppin' in to say,

If I'd been Matthew Ralston, I'd have thrown Boogie off the set.

And I do not agree that Daisy had the easiest look. Wet hair is not easy to work with, or to make look good, or to control.

As to Anthony, am I the only one who was reminded of Elsa Lanchester in Bride of Frankenstein? (I must add, though, that I've always liked her hair, warped as I am.)

anne said...

You mean dark roots aren't
*in*? Why are all those starlets
running around with an inch of
dark roots? I'm soooo confused.

Love Ben. Am glad I have another
week of Ben Love.

Anonymous said...

Even though he doesn't seem to have the skills of the other two finalists, I'm glad Ben made it to the finals. He's very plucky and earnest and seems willing to learn and roll with the punches ... his talent will develop more fully with time. So glad he wasn't the "Jeffrey" the pre-premiere promos were trying to make him.

With Dr. Boogie gone, it means the finale will be about the competition and the skills of the competitors, not "the characters".

"I missed the reunion show, hope Bravo will repeat it"
Honey, it's Bravo ... just try and escape the repeats!

Janet said...

Thank GOD Dr. Boogie is gone. Talk about annoying...

thombeau said...

I find it interesting that someone so obviously on the "down-low" like Boogie would name his son "BJ"! And don't tell me that stands for Boogie, Jr.!

I'm happy he's gone. Entertaining to watch, but annoying on too many levels.

Anthony is such a sweetie, and very hot. Glad he's still around.

Ben is a surprise, he seems like a great guy but does he really have the goods to be a finalist? Kinda doubt it.

Miss Daisy is fabu, loved her from the beginning, if only because I've known too many girls like that. She is da bomb.

Tabs, we miss you and wish you well. Congrats on the giant check!

And GayBoys, thanks again for summing things up perfectly. Can't wait 'til you bite into the reunion show.

Shear Genius has proven to be great fun!

Monica said...

I agree with everyone here that Anthony's hair was ass!!! but did anyone get when he chose the style, he said something like: "i don't know what retro-glamour means, but it sounds cool" ????WTF??? it definitely showed that he didn't know what the style meant! it looked more like the bride of Frankestein -like jlp said-
anyway, i loved Daisy won, she did a great job.

Dishes said...

Kudo's to the Shear Genius producers for a couple of things. Excellent judging, great competitions and above beyond MAGNIFICENT CASTING. It's kind of restored my faith in Bravo after the Top Design fiasco.

But what really restored my faith was the fact that Tabatha won Fan Favorite! How cool is that? On any other show the sweet, innocent types always win. What I liked about this show was no one was sweet or innocent and the way-coolest-bitch won. I laughed when they announced it because I could just imagine of all of us vicious queens voting. Who says we don't have a voice!

macasism said...

Tintin!!! bwahahahahaha!

I was worried they'd keep Boogie. I loves me some Anthony. It's not possible that Boogie is straight. He's worth 10 Matt's on the closeted scale. Perhaps he's not out to his parents or his son. But straight? No way.

LindaLA said...

I'm so glad Tabatha won viewer's favorite prize. In my boofk, she's fabulous!

I'm also glad that Daisy won. I don't know what Anthony or Dr. Boogie were thinking. They did a terrible job. And Ben is just ....Ben!

Ted said...

"macasism said...
I was worried they'd keep Boogie. I loves me some Anthony. It's not possible that Boogie is straight. He's worth 10 Matt's on the closeted scale."

R. O. F. L.

macasism said...

I kept wondering why they were so worried about getting every hair in the right place. In the real world, couldn't they just photoshop it into whatever they were going for? Every magazine picture is retouched into oblivion. I would think that the model's expression would be the only thing they'd really have to sweat these days.

HairClip said...

Isn't she the best?
Too bad the poor thing ended up looking like snakes were crawling up her head.

Anonymous said...

"Granted, we don't necessarily agree with Matthew on this one. He seemed really impressed with the final look but we're on Michael Carl's side. It was pretty basic, bordering on cheesy. Sure, it made for a great shot, but it's Matthew Rolston, for crying out loud."

Exactly! Ben's a lucky man.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

That was a fun show and reunion. I too perk up when Rene speaks. I just love him. Loved the shots of his retakes. He is just toooo cute.

Watching Anthony's model lying there for that extended MRI was painful. I can see why so many models end up on drugs.

I was Boogie bored.

nso said...

Shear Genius proves that the success of this type of show is not so much about having a good concept (look how much people were looking forward to Top Design). What is needs is to be well-produced--it needs to be cast with a wide mix of personalities, it needs challenges that are interesting and fun, and it needs the contestants to be working in a setting where their personalities can come through.

Although Tabatha was fabulous and added a lot to the show, this episode tends to prove that no single personality is essential, so long as the show is well done and so long as they do good challenges. Gives me faith that a Tabatha-less season of this show can do just fine.

Anonymous said...

Poor Martinique looks like she's wearing about 30 pounds of hair, poor thing.

Although I love (love, love!) reading your recaps, I have to whip out my Grammar Peeve Police badge for "laying" on a hair pillow. It's like seeing a fabulous outfit finished off with Birkenstocks.

TLo said...

Fixed, darling!

Anonymous said...

I really like Ben and Daisy, but once I noticed Ben's ears (thanks, Ben, for mentioning the plugs and bringing it to my attention), I can't see anything else when he's on the screen. Forgive me for not being "hip", but those are just gross.

Go Daisy!

Dani said...

THANK YOU! I recognized Martinique, but I couldn't place it.

So, I am SO glad that Boogie is gone. Truly the final straw. Though I'm a poor young upstart, I am actually a photographer, and if that was MY set that Boogie kept stepping into, I would have slapped the shit out of him! Can you believe that? Everytime the shot started to get right, he jumped in and ruined it. Man, it doesn't matter if YOU aren't happy with the look. It's not about you. Let the man work!

Rant over.

Marius said...

I'm so glad Bravo viewers selected Tabs as the fan favorite. That just makes me so happy. Daisy is awesome. I hope she wins this thing. Yeah, Boogie is annyoing, but he's also entertaining. He added some color to the show. And Ben needs to thank his lucky stars.

j-yo said...

You rock, Tabs! I was convinced she would be the fan favorite so I wasn't surprised when they announced that she won the $10,000.

While I do think there is a lot of bitchiness in her personality, I also know that producers edit to highlight a certain view of contestants. On the reunion show, Tabitha showed a much more relaxed and humorous side to her. I'm sure there were times when she showed it during the competition but we never got to see those scenes.

Jenn said...

...another terrific episode. I thought it was hilarious when Anthony commented that Rolston is "anal-retentive." Poor Anthony, he was so stressed out. He's lucky Boogie was such an asswipe.

It is SO refreshing to see three sweet people in a Bravo finale. Has this ever happened before?

Anonymous said...

Good challenge although I still think Anthony and Ben are lucky, lucky, lucky to be in the final 4 much less the final 3. Daisy for the win. And congrats to Tab who looked fab at the reunion.

And I may get blasted for this, but it's a shame that Jaclyn Smith is trying so hard to look exactly the same way she did 30 years ago. The hair style is virtually identical. And what she's had done to her face. Oy. At the reunion show, she couldn't smile or laugh or show any expression that required her face to move more than a millimeter. How sad. It's possible to still be lovely and age-appropriate but not in Hollywood, I guess.

macasism said...

jenn said

It is SO refreshing to see three sweet people in a Bravo finale.

Word. This show was just a pleasure to watch each week, and it is definitely to the producers credit. Maybe this will be lessons learned for PR.

Didn't you love Tyson admitting that he acted like an ass just to get screentime? He should have practiced his french twists instead of devising evil leprechaun strategies.

Bryan said...

All I could think of is Medusa when I saw Boogie's work.

valpal said...

The competitions just get better and better! You boys are so right...mea culpa to all of you hair stylists out there...I had no idea of the breadth and scope of your profession.

And, this was the best reunion show, too. Tabs was SO relaxed...all those tight lines were gone from her face. And Tyson's new 'do is SUCH an improvement (so is Sally's IMO). Boogie is delusional, and his animosity toward Anthony was pure bitchery. He hides his meanness with a giggle and a laugh and doesn't own it (kind of like his sexuality??). Tabatha, on the other hand, stands by whatever she says.

How cool was it that they showed a clip from "Who Wants a Mother F**king Haircut"? Which leads me to my only critique: that Andy didn't take the opportunity to thank T&L for their GREAT coverage of this show.

Candy said...

I loved Boogie on the reunion show calling Tyson "Lucky Charms Man." Evil Leprechaun works just as well, though.

Speaking of Ty, as far as new hairstyles went, his was a lot better than Evangelin_'s!!! But you gotta love a beeotch crazy enough to cut *her own hair* with hedgeclippers! Just wouldn't want her near mine. Girl needs a shrink and some heavy-duty meds.

Ben got lucky. Go Daisy!

Hutchlover said...

While Tabs seemed much calmer & nicer on the reunion show, I wonder if she would've won Fan Favorite if the voting hadn't ended prior to the episode she got kicked off.

I still think she should've toned it down. Like my little leprechaun said... "you don't throw a teammate under the bus."

And Jim surprised me with his arrogance! Insisting nastily that poor Carrot Top in Drag's haircolor was fine, and there was nothing wrong with it! Acckckk!

Dishes said...

I'm with you. I was totally offended that T&L didn't get a mention or a call in. I swear they referenced this blog with some of the questions - was Paul John's (or whatever his frickin' name is)accent real? It came right from this blog.

Dishes said...

"She(Daisy) conducted herself perfectly, with absolutely no bumps in the road."

Did you notice she didn't chatter at all and acted very professional during the photo shoot.


wildflower38 said...

I enjoyed the show last night.... but I had a problem with 2 things

The quickfire challenge: only one of the wigstands needed to have her hair relaxed. All the others just needed to be blowdried straight and maybe flat ironed. Though I didn't like how Boogie styled his wigstand's hair, he was the only one who really worked on an African American woman's hair the way it would done in a regular salon. By default he should have won. (BTW the quickfire judge styled her own her with oil so she was wrong to say that African American women don't put oil in our hair...we just don't use as much as what Ben put in his wigstand's hair)

That Andy guy on the reunion show get on my nerves and it was inappropriate of him to ask Anthony if he was straight, gay, etc. Anthony being a good guy and a gentleman handled that question correctly when he said he was single and available.

brilliant said...

In Anthony's defense, the model looked scary even before the awkward extension on the forehead. That make-up is neither retro nor glamour. It's neon Elvira.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy with the final 3. I'm happy with the show and the production and the way they let the talent and personalities speak for themselves without trying to manufacture drama or keeping contestants because they're "good TV" like we all know that Project Runway does. The team on this show should be sent to do Season 4 the way it should be done- professionally. I also thought the judges were great, although I'm still not sure how I feel about Michael Carl, and I don't care what anyone says, Jacklyn Smith looks freakin' AMAZING for a 60 year old. As for Sally's new "do", I think she looks like a brunette version of Jackie Warner. The bedhead look just doesn't do it for me. As a judge though, she totally rocks!
It was a great season. I'm looking forward to the final!!

potty mouth princess said...

Congrats to my favorite Hair Witch for winning Fan Fave and to Daisy for two wins in a row.

An intriguing final 3, to be sure. So different, but damnitol, I can't pick one to root for. Love them ALL for totally different reasons.

Couldn't stay awake for the reunion show and only caught the rerun of the episode this morning. How did Gay Frodo look? I miss our dear boy.

brian said...

"That Andy guy on the reunion show get on my nerves and it was inappropriate of him to ask Anthony if he was straight, gay, etc. Anthony being a good guy and a gentleman handled that question correctly when he said he was single and available."

Yes! I actually give Boogie credit for rejecting the question about his sexuality too. There was no reason for Andy Cohen to host the reunion. I've never longed for Heidi more than when watching him stammer and make awkward faces about everything.

nso said...

Anon 2:21--So glad I'm not the only one who never noticed Ben's ear plugs until he mentioned them. Like you, once he mentioned them, I couldn't see anything else.

By the way, would anyone have guessed prior to the reunion show that Anthony was right in the middle of the Tabatha-Evangelin argument about hedge clippers?

littlekarnak said...

Hey T & L,

Since you guys have the Bravo hook-up (at least more than we mere mortals!) are they going to post the reunion to iTunes or have the whole thing on the Bravo site? No Bravo on my current cheesy cable system! Bah!!

LelĂȘ said...

I'll disagree with my bitches this time... :-O ;-)

I *LOVED* Ben's hair. I collect ABJD (japanese/korean ball-jointed dolls) and I'm SO into this style of hair! Very Dragonball-Z (hehe), but what can I say... totally my style! And I think it works in a editorial shoot.

I don't think he's mature yet as a hairstylist, but there's something very instinctual, very raw and uncorrupted about him. I dunno.

But I think Daisy absolutely deserves it! I'm cheering for her.

Dr.Boogie drove me insane. He reminds me of my uncle's ex-boyfriend ( who now dates a friend of the family). My uncle was his first 'out of the closet' experience and he *for years* kept talking about his ex(girl) fiance. My mom used to say to him: " Stop talking about your ex-fiance, M. You ar e gay, get over it!" *giggle*

thyrza said...

Hooray for Tabatha! I never doubted you'd bag that prize. You earned it, girl!

Looks like it's Daisy's game. Good for her. She's sweet and talented and even-tempered and professional! Part of me wants just a little bit of drama from her. Stop being so normal, Daisy! Give us a breakdown? Please?? Shoot, she didn't even cry when she saw the video of her girlfriend. I miss Evangelin. :) (But seriously, I hope Daisy wins it.)

Anthony *is* yummy. But why only a vid from his employees? Man that fine doesn't have a significant other? (I'm available, hon.) But, seriously, he doesn't even have any relatives? A mom, grandmother, distant cousin, anyone?? I just want to give him a hug.

Speaking of mothers -- I can't be the only one who felt cheated because Tyson didn't stick around long enough for us to get a glimpse of Mrs. Bates?

Christina said...

Only ONE person is mentioning the fact that Boogie's son's name was BJ?!!? COME ON!

Boogie... BJ...

Gay boys, wake up!!

Anonymous said...

I love Ben's profile. I love the line from his forehead to his nose.
Please post some pictures of his noble profile. It is one for the ages.

Anonymous said...

I was getting ready to pout because you haven't done the second half of Kara's collection yet, but then I came over here and saw that you had done this. All is forgiven!

You know, I haven't even seen this show (one of the things we had to cut to afford a house was cable) but I feel like I've seen it. You guys rock.

NahnCee said...

I hope Tyson grows up to be the Yves St. Laurent of hair stylists, and that at some point, he'll be able to laugh at his past and that "silly old white-haired woman who tried to get in my way".

Silly bitch Tabatha just didn't seem to have learned any lesson at all, totally unrepentent and unpleasant, and reinforced on her road to terminal bitterness by a $10K fan's favorite vote.

I didn't like Tyson's new hairdo, either - makes him look like Eisenhower - but I think Bruce Willis already has the bald leprechaun look tied up so I'm not sure choices Tyson is left with. Maybe a nice Karl Lagerfeld ponytail.

Anonymous said...

Well, well. Mrs. Bates finally chimes in.

Daniel said...

" Anonymous said...

Well, well. Mrs. Bates finally chimes in."

LOL. Indeed.

LauraandMichael said...

Random thoughts:

Glad I am not the only one who finds it hard to se anything but the gaping holes in Ben's ears whenever he is on camera. He is handsome and sweet -- just wish the plugs would go away!

Ben is really a creative genius -- nothing nothing nothing then bam - a flash of inspiration and he pulls out of the fire. He may not be the winner but he does deserve to be there.

Daisy has proven herself to be a real winner throughout. Can it really be true she has only been a stylist for 4 years?

Daisy didn't have an easy task with the wet hair -- it was deceptively simple. (Like Tabitha's bob -- looks easy but it's not.)

valpal said...

Re the appropriateness of asking Anthony about his availabilty and orientation: why isn't that a fair question?

In every celebrity interview the question will always arise about whether there is a special someone in his/her lives. BUT...the presumption is that said celebrity is straight. That said, isn't it actually more sensitive to assume nothing and put all the options out there?

Plus, what Andy was saying to Anthony is that EVERYONE is hot for you darling-British-boy. And did you note how many of his co-contestants wanted to know the answer, too? Anthony's deft and diplomatic answer led me to believe that we can all continue to adore him (i.e., I did not take his answer to mean that he was straight).

I wish that there had been a way for Tabs to have come out, and I feel the same about Shetangi (although I'm not a fan of hers). On principle, it still pisses me off that she wasn't invited to attend the Bravo-sponsored PR Gay Reunion...

macasism said...

What "Bravo sponsored PR Gay reuninon>"???!!!!!

The Java Junkie said...

Have to agree about Boogie...that hairdo hokey pokey he was doing with the "stepping in" and stepping out was the cherry on the sundae of obnoxiousness that is him...

Now...GO DAISY!!

sistersin said...

nahncee said...
Silly bitch Tabatha just didn't seem to have learned any lesson at all, totally unrepentent and unpleasant, and reinforced on her road to terminal bitterness by a $10K fan's favorite vote.

Sounds like someone is jealous. Tabatha has no reason to repent. everything she said whether bad or good was spoken with truth behind it. Yes very black n white, but she spoke about the truths of a situation, admited when she was wrong, gracefully; and yes she has enough balls to say it and STAND BEHIND it ALL THE WAY!

The reason Tabatha won Fan Favorite was because people figured out that yes she may be a bitch, but she speaks blatent truths and does deserve to be respected. She is damn good at what she does. Damn straight that she deserved to win that 10G's!

Hutchlover said...

"Tabatha has no reason to repent. everything she said whether bad or good was spoken with truth behind it."

Truth behind it?!

Can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Tyson is an Evil Leprecaun? 'Cause that's an opinion, NOT truth. And he sure does not look like a weasel to me.

Tabatha might have great talent and honesty, but honeys TOO much honesty can also be your downfall.

There is something called TACT, which is especially important when you appear on national television if you don't want to come across one-sided, which Tabatha herself admitted she did.

Even during the reunion, she dissed Tyson, and he remained the gentleman.

BTW, who cares if Anthony is straight or gay?! He's just so pretty to look at! Even a straight, middle-aged white woman appreciates hotness, no matter which side it's on.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. Is it just me, or did Daisy totally grope Ben's ass? At around timestamp 38:20 in the iTunes version, at the end of the holy-moly-we-survived hug. Please explain this to me in a non-grabbing way. My eyes, they burn.

pyramus said...

Anthony's assignment wasn't just "retro glamour": it was "horizontal hair", to contrast with Ben's "vertical hair", so clearly there was no other way to style the thing except with the model lying down, using some variation on the iconic George Hurrell look (such as the one at http://www.hurrellphotography.com/Hurrell/simonesimon.html).

As for the roots, that sounds like bullshit to me: Matthew Rolston said it was a hairstyling issue, not a retouching issue, but it would be no trouble to Photoshop them out, since the model's going to be Photoshopped to within an inch of her life anyway. (Maybe the retoucher could fix that awful makeup while he was at it.) Hurrell was famous for photographing his women with no makeup whatever and then just airbrushing away the flaws and drawing in the details (such as long eyelashes).

valpal said...

Shetangi mentioned the "PR Gay reunion" in an article. Not sure where I read it; probably on the Boys' PR site when they were ripping into the chick.

One more thing about Anthony and orientation: he HAD to know that that question was coming. This is a reality TV show on Bravo, for Pete's sake.

I don't regret voting for Tabs as fan favorite nearly as much as I regretted having voted for M Knight after seeing his final runway collection. Blechh! Had I known that was around the corner, I would never have voted for him.

Haven't we all had the experience of meeting someone who just got under our skin for no good reason? Rachet up the stress and tension by filming it on a reality TV program and it's got to get ugly.

BrianB said...

Hey Anonymous 2:08 PM...
I saw that too! And watch when Anthony wins the short challenge. It sure looks like she cops a feel and of course who wouldn't with Anthony!


Anonymous said...

I just have one question: if the imperfections (dark roots or whatever) could just be photoshopped out of the pix, what would be the point of the competition?

I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

You guys never blogged the Reunion Show!!!!!!!!! :(

Roxy said...

I thought Dr Boogie was fun. You could've knocked me down with a feather when I saw his son's video, but he ain't the first questionable hetero to produce offspring, not by a long shot.

He obviously wasn't going to win. I just wish they'd ousted for his 1950's Asian look last week, not this horrible serpent wig. Tab and Tyson would still be there.