Who judges the judges?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 by

Why darlings, we do, of course.

First off, we'll give the judges props for winnowing down the finalists to what we consider the best of the crop. Unlike previous seasons, there was no question that each of the finalists deserved to be there.

Second, big kudos to Project Runway for choosing the fabulous Fern Mallis to be the final guest judge. It might add a little glamour to have Debra Messing or Parker Posey sit in the chair, but in the long run, their opinions and judgment are coming from an amateur perspective. Not only does Fern know her shit inside out and backwards, but she brings a perspective to the judging that is too-often lacking. Nina looks at fashion from the been-there, don't-bore-me perspective of the fashion editor. Michael Kors brings the perspective of a fellow designer. Heidi has the trained eye of someone who's worn more high-end, well-made clothing than the other judges combined.

Fern however, brings the all-too-important business aspect of fashion to her judgments. She knows the industry as an industry and her statements reflected that in their sharp observations and practical point of view. From her observation that ultimately, every woman wants the perfect black dress, to her advice to Uli to stick to her guns because resort wear is such a huge market, to her opinion that Jeffrey should stick to sports wear, to her appreciation of Michael's attempt to find himself as a young designer, every word she uttered was a little perfect pearl of fashion wisdom.

It seems to us that each collection needed to be judged on itsown merits and with its own set of criteria simply because each designer had a highly distinct point of view and each had their own customer base to pursue. Ultimately, in such a situation the overriding question becomes "How well did this designer express themselves?"

Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be what the judges did. They settled on one criterion: innovation, which as we've already said is for the most part a bullshit term in fashion. A purely editorial point of view.

Don't get us wrong, it's completely valid to approach a collection from the perspective of how risky it is, but it's also the least practical or useful way of looking at fashion. Risks are admirable, yes, but execution, customer base, practicality, and style are nothing to be sneezed at.

Choosing Jeffrey was a statement on the part of the judges. Out of the final four he probably has the least potential to become a household name in the future, but the show managed to gain some fashionista cred by going for someone who not only wasn't liked by a seeming majority of the fans, but also had the smallest customer base. It completely negates any rumblings of "low-brow" or "popularity contest." That's not to say that Jeffrey didn't deserve the win. He did. He absolutely did. We wouldn't have chosen him, but his clothes and aesthetic are not to our tastes and we're not a fashion editor.

We wouldn't have chosen Michael, either as it's obvious (to us anyway) that he needs time to mature as a person and a designer. And believe it or not, bitches, we wouldn't have chosen Laura. Her clothes were absolutely gorgeous but she chose to only do evening wear and while we personally believe the girl has far more range than she demonstrated, the fact is, it was her laser focus that kept her from the win.

ladies, it was Uli who should have won it in our opinion. As a designer, she took as many risks as Jeffrey did, going far outside her expected milieu and showing a range of clothing that could fill a closet and dress a lifestyle (and bring in a shit-ton of money, to boot). We've had to watch each collection come down the runway at least a dozen times and every time, Uli's collection just made you feel how thrilling beautiful, well-made clothing can be.

On a final note,
this is our last post on season 3 and the last time we had to do any screencapping with these people and we need a moment to pull ourselves together. Talk amongst yourselves.


Unknown said...

I agreed that Uli should have won. I would have worn everything in her collection.

Unknown said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride with you guys this year. I want to thank you for choosing to now focus your rapier wit on Season 1. I came to knell at the altar of Runway during Season 2 and I love having a reason to watch the 1st season now.

Good on ya!

Suzanne said...

"No, ladies, it was Uli who should have won it in our opinion."

Damn straight. I for one hope Uli opens a boutique here in South Florida.

Anonymous said...

Great season of commentary. I look forward to Season 4 (hope there is one) and will miss you till then. Thanks, and best of luck with P.G.

James Derek Dwyer said...

wow, great post. I anxiously await next season :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, guys, and yes, I think Uli should have won. But that's just my opinion.

I'm looking forward to your commentary on Season 1, still my favorite one.

Sewhat? said...

Right on the nose as always. Thank you for keeping things on such a high plane. Here's to Season Eins.

Bean said...

Yay Uli!

Now let's get to the Wendy Pepper smackdown bitches!

Sewhat? said...

yeeesh, plain, I meant plain.

Anonymous said...

You gays are dead on. Uli forever!

I'm all twitterpated about the T&L treatment for S1. Cornhusk dress, here we come!

dpaste said...

Claps and kisses all around, boys. Job well done. So farewell to Season 3, take a deep breath, a sip of your cocktail and lead us to the next adventure.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Fern was a great choice as guest judge... but I'll never forgive Tim Gunn for referring to Parker Posey as a "B+ List Actress". The man surely knows his fashion, but a cineaste he is not!

Linda Merrill said...

I totally agree. Uli should have won. Hopefully, someone with deep pockets will see that she is someone worth investing in and help her start a line. A real business partner who can help her create a business, which I doubt is one of her strengths.

Am looking forward to the S1 recap, as I never actually saw most episodes! Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

nice post, as always. this is where Season Drei really ends for me. and of course you're absolutely right about Uli. I do understand why they picked Jeffrey, ut I still think it was craps. Uli took plenty of risks, too, but it seems as though they didn't count because they actually resulted in beautiful, wearable clothing.

did I say I was done? okay, now I'm done. I'm puh-syched for S1!

Anonymous said...

I tell you what- I totally adored Jeffrey collection, but agree that Uli's collection was the one that created the emotional response in everyone, too bad that the look of excitement on Heidi's face just thinking about how those clothes might look on her wasn't enough for the win.

Anonymous said...

Oh honeys, you made me a little teary for you there at the end. I can imagine having put all of the work and time and effort and devotion into this project as it's obvious you did, you must be feeling a bit bereft. Thanks you again for developing such a beautiful, unbelievably professional looking blog with such insightful and hilarious commentary to boot.

And speaking of insightful, I could not possibly agree more with your asessment of the judging. Meine leibchen Uli should have taken the gold, but while I don't agree with the judges valuing of certain criteria, I don't think Jeff was a terrible choice. And to all the people who said, "Jeffrey won? I'LL NEVER WATCH PR AGAIN!!!" Seriously, bitches? Who are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

I've read you guys religiously for the past few months; until now, I've resisted (through superhuman powers) the urge to declare my love, because I HATE feeling like a member of the mob.

Since this is the final curtain, I'd like to go on record-- you're fantastische!

(And, you're correct-- shoulda been Uli.)

Vic said...

Fern knew whereof she spoke. Uli totally surprised me. I loved the first half of her collection. I'm still against gaudy patterns and flowy muumuu designs, but she does them well.

Red Seven said...

Had it been me, I would have given the win to Laura; I really believe that she has the potential to be the Christian Dior of the 21st century -- but Uli would have been a close (razor-close) second. Jeffrey would have been a distant third ... and even then, Michael has a brighter future ahead of him than Jeffrey.

Brilliant analysis, boys. Throughout Season 3, I loved visiting your site and comparing my own opinions to yours; it was great fun. Here's to Season 4!!

(Do we know when?)

Anonymous said...

Perfect insight. You hit the nail on the head as always.

Thanks for making Season 3 so enjoyable!!


Anonymous said...

Your thoughts on "innovation" as a not-so-legitimate criterion are interesting, given Chloe as the previous season's winner. Chloe's more like Laura: designing well-made, beautiful clothes for a very specific, high-end, more conservative customer who doesn't want innovation. The judges contradict themselves all the time (i.e. Jay, sorta innovative; Chloe, not; Jeffrey, sorta). But that's just human, and it shows that their decisions are as subjective as anyone's. Informed by experience and expertise, yes, but subjective.

Embeedubya said...

Even taking all the work for the season into consideration, i.e., Jeffrey won two challenges, Uli won two challenges, was Uli ever in the bottom two? We know Jeffrey was numerous times. But Uli was highly critcized for being a one-note, as was Jeffrey. They both came out of that in the final collection. It's a tough call. Uli's stuff was prettier and easier to like. Like an edgy painting or scultpture, a good indie movie or the work of a modern composer, you may have to think more to appreciate Jeffrey. But should you have to think for fashion? "Lighten up, it's just fashion!" Have loved PRG so much! I may have to get a cat just so I can name it Princess Pinking Shears.

Anonymous said...

I'll confess that when I heard Fern Mallis was the guest judge I thought it was a boring choice (I was hoping for SJP). Then I saw the show and I adored her! Thought she was sage and wonderful -- and everything else you said here.

I hope she'll appear as a frequent guest during next year's season. She provides a great counterpoint to Nina, Michael and Heidi.

— CF

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your insight and wit PR boys!

Agree about Fern. Damn, I wish she had won the battle to not give the win to Jeffrey (as reported by Tim). I would have voted for Laura but I certainly would have understood Uli. She was phenomenal.

I wish Ms. Fern would talk about the judgment scenario in public.

Too bad that Micheal Kors, like our Pres. does not look back and think he ever made an error in judgment.

Speaking of looking back and making mistakes, after wearing Michael since it came out, I am ready for a new perfume. Putting it on every day makes me mad after this season. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Great analysis, guys! I'm glad I found your blog halfway through the season...it's one of my first reads in the morning!

I agree w/ your take on Fern...she was the perfect judge for the finale...the best guest-judge judging the best designers. Maybe she should replace one of the *regulars*. Like someone said above, I really wish she'd speak publically about what she thought of each collection...b/c the edited comments of her's in the episode just wasn't enough.

Can't wait for your Laura stories (you've been killing me now for weeks!)...or for your takes on Season 1! :)

Anonymous said...

This is Super Agent Blahvo reporting.

Yes, we have a superhero among us for not giving a shoutout to the fabulousness T&L. The boyz make us cry (lol)everyday but in a good way.

This is not a mob, but Octobersnarkfest everyday. We come here to party and have a great time getting vasted with the finest snarkfood.

Uli should have won by a thoroughbred tanned nose.

Jeffrey lost by mohawk mane and a neck.

Laura palomino to show.

Michael in the end, bring up the pinto rear.

Thanks for a great season. Congrats on Project Gay.

Did anyone mention insecure Jay, model Austin and evil what’s her name?

Anonymous said...

It's been wonderful reading your insightful commentary. It's the only thing that made this horrible season tolerable. I am looking forward to your take on Seasons 1 & 2. And love that you judged the judges. Right on. xox

DolceLorenzo said...

Yes, I agree with James: "WOW, great post."

I've always loved Fern. Remember Season 2?

Bill said...

Great to bitch, dish & discuss PR3 with you guys.

I completely agree with your post. I was in Laura's corner right up to the runway shows. As much I was pulling for my girl Laura, I figured Uli had the win after seeing the collections.

Thanks for all your insightful, amusing and loving work. It more than doubled my PR viewing pleasure.

XO - Bill

Anonymous said...

Excellent,succinct post.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Uli's still going to come out ahead. Even during the show Nina commented on how people were trying to get Uli's contact information. Since she's not the wimmer, I am certain she's going to go the Kara Sahn route (loads of investors piling on right after the finale to finance her line.)

Anonymous said...

lauraandmichael said...
Speaking of looking back and making mistakes, after wearing Michael since it came out, I am ready for a new perfume. Putting it on every day makes me mad after this season. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Love your witty insights almost as much as our Gays! For a sensuous, provacative scent at night, may I recommend PRADA? It's rather pricey @ 95.00, but I think well worth it and it comes in a wonderful vintage atomizer that really regulates how much is distributed(I've had mine for over a year and it's still nearly full). For day, Burberry Brit is light and flirty. I always get compliments when I wear it. Cheers!

PS: Not only was Uli INNOVATIVE(Hello? The pareo looped through the bikini ring!)her collection was flattering, sexy and marketable to more than 1 demographic (to paraphrase NinaGarcia, "people kept asking me, 'how do I get in touch with Uli'--" doesn't that mean something?). Gorgeous goes w/out saying.

NahnCee said...

As the network says, "Bravo!". Excellent excellent recap and insight. You're much nicer to Jeffrey than I would ever be, but your comments about the limitations of the three original judges are spot-on.

Project Runway has always spoken to me because of the creativity of their challenges -- which leads to someone designing a dress made out of corn husks. How cool is that? But creativity in and of itself will not put food on the table if it's not combined with the sanity to consistently and reliably produce.

Winner Chloe will consistently and reliably produce which is why her choice was a good one. Poor Jay is still stuck in the starting gates so if he's creative all over the place, what good is it doing him or anyone else?

If one deranged drug addict in both Los Angeles and New York are the only people who ever wear Jeffrey's stuff, then what good is *his* win doing anyone either? I still think that in choosing Jeffrey the three judges said more about their own "taste" than anything else. And how dare they criticize either Kayne or Michael-types in the future given their dreadful decision.

I think the decision was made solely on the basis of controversy and what would cause the most comment. Beauty nor lastingness nor elegance nor style had nothing to do with it. So shame on Heidi AND Kors AND Nina for dumbing down yet something else to the lowest common denominator.

If Tim Gunn's criteria for a design is whether it could get into a taxi, it seems to me that all of Jeffrey's gewgaws, fabric strips and zippers have the absolute potential to snag the wearer and prevent her from ever getting OUT of said taxi. Serves her right for wearing such a fright-suit in the first place, to be forever entombed in a taxi - just like poor Charlie 'neath the streets of Boston on the MTA.

Chgo_John said...

What a year and what luck to have found your blog! PR3 would have been far less enjoyable without you guys and your followers. My hat's off to you all! Thank you.

As for the judging, I would love to see them remove the veil of secrecy and reveal how the judges vote for each challenge. Of course, that will never happen for it would show just how heavy a hand the producers have in the selection and make the judges accountable, with possibly bad results for their respective business concerns. Better that we, the viewers, argue amongst ourselves than to be able to point out that the Bulgarian judge is throwing the contest.

I just about hit my limit this season after the Trash & the Everyday Woman challenges. I started watching PR in season one because I hoped i would learn something of the fashion world. I've learned more here, in any one review of the final 4's collections, than I did in all 3 seasons of PR combined. I hope the producers learn from this year --level the playing field in the weeks preceding FW; less drama, real or imagined; etc. -- If not, I just may forgo the appetizer and stick with the dish you are serving. It's delicious. Thank you all, again.

Anonymous said...

I idolize Fern! Oh when she wiped away a tear fro her eye at the end...so sweet. I also loved when she smacked down Nina and the gang with that "there is nothing wrong with having a focus" line about Laura...but enough...

THANK YOU ProjectRunGayBoys for your tireless work and your humor and genius-
from a Housewife in the Midwest

Fnarf said...

Uli DID win, as you people are pointing out, because she is getting the job offers right now that Jeffrey could never get in a million years. The exposure of the show is worth far more than the silly prize.

I mean, really, is Jeffrey going to be successful with INC? The exact opposite of his aesthetic? I don't think so. He'd be better off taking his check and splitting.

Likewise, Michael is going to be a star. We'll see him soon working for some house where he can gain the experience he needs to not slip up like that. Laura, I'm not so sure about, because she's got her family, which may prevent her from giving up the time necessary to get started in the industry. She was the one who needed the prize the most (and she'd sell more INC clothing than the others, too).

Five years from now, Jeffrey will be back in his shop in LA, starting to spiral downward, while Uli will be everywhere.

Lisette said...


(Brushing the hair out of my eyes and the sweat off my brow)

Mmmm, that was good!

Now I need a cigarette and a vodka and tonic.

Love the final recap!
Love Project: Gay

Anonymous said...

Like Fern, your observations are pearls of common sense wisdom. A terrific wrap-up to a fabulous season. Bravo and THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Ya know how that Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles used to get flipped over and say "help help! I'm a turtle and I can't get up"?
Well "help help! it's Wednesday and I don't have a Project Runway fix!"

Anonymous said...

Pardon interruption...BRAVO is running Season 1:5 thru Runway TODAY, RIGHT NOW! If you don't have the tape yet this can help follow the new session we are being gifted by the PRGayBoys. It's the episode where Robert fell and cracked his.......WATCH IT!!!


Anonymous said...

""Uli DID win, as you people are pointing out, because she is getting the job offers right now that Jeffrey could never get in a million years.""

How wonderful for Uli! What offers has she received?

Anonymous said...

"For a sensuous, provacative scent at night, may I recommend PRADA? It's rather pricey @ 95.00, but I think well worth it and it comes in a wonderful vintage atomizer that really regulates how much is distributed(I've had mine for over a year and it's still nearly full). For day, Burberry Brit is light and flirty. I always get compliments when I wear it. Cheers!"
Thanks so much -- as a married woman -- I'm running out to buy Burberry Brit -- I need the flirt!

Rachel said...

Brilliant final post, gentlemen.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for all your posts, analysis, bitch and camp. You have no idea how much work I didn't do since I discovered your blog.

Please start eating your bitcheeos again and slice & dice PR1 for me. Can't wait

If you ever need someone to do your German homework just ask.



Gorgeous Things said...

*Sniff* I'm going to miss the screencrapping. I'm getting all verklemt, darlings.

Time to head over to Project Gay!

BigAssBelle said...

"every word she uttered was a little perfect pearl of fashion wisdom." . . . and god bless her, she's just a crusty old middle-aged broad. yahoo!! love it, love it.

pull yourselves together boys and know that you have a worshipful audience, growing every day. you're fabulous and i can't wait for season 1.

Gigi said...

I agree 100%! I too was excited to see Fern Mallis as a guest judge and hope they will ask her back next year. Thank you for making this season beyond thrilling for us all! Mwa!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great and thoughtful couple of months, guys. I really enjoy your perspective.

On the subject of the WHY of Jeffrey's win, I kind of agree with you about Uli being the best pick in terms of marketability, innovation, and a broad cross section of cohesive design.

But I think the reason Uli was not chosen and Jeffrey was has much more to do with the prizes and the sponsor. The mentorship with INC would not have suited any of the other designers in the least...Not Mychael, not Laura and unfortunately not Uli. Jeffrey's designs come the closest to fitting the aesthetic of INC.

Mycheal is a distant second, but due to his general poor showing, and terrible judgement in the second half of the series, he couldn't have pulled off the win unless he had a gorgeous chic collection at Bryant Park. He fell on his cute face and didn't get it done.

Laura is way too grown up for INC, Uli is too soft not edge-y enough.

Jeffrey's rock star aesthetic was the only clear choice for the win, and he did just as good a job on reinventing himself as Uli did.

I really believe that's the reason he was chosen over Uli.

Anonymous said...

While PR is not, in the final judging, a popularity contest, fashion CERTAINLY is. Jeffrey has not won much that he will be able to capitalize on. 100 grand, a convertible that "doesn't suck" and the prestiege of being a season winner will all fade, and Jeffrey will still be Jeffrey. A literary classic is something everyone wants to have read, but no one wants to read. Similarly, everyone wants to admire Jeffrey's clothes, but not to wear them ... at least no one I know of wants to.

Fern Mallis is right that both Uli's and Laura's looks are marketable. Uli has a future -- a near future, and a big one -- right where she is in Miami. And then there's Laura. Oh, my. Women want Laura's clothes, and they are not at all subtle about it. Even I would want to wear Laura's clothes, if she designed for men (I think she has a very masculine aesthetic). But the probability both of Laura designing for men and making the product something I can afford -- I'm not holding my breath.

(And there's Fern's observation that the right women in the right zip codes are prepared to invest in Laura's clothing ... true, but I suspect that Laura's appeal transcends that. I also think the critique that Laura's look is "old" is wrong -- there are plenty of younger women yearning for an element of glamor that has gone missing these days.)

And Mychael? He's stuck in a "sexy-seductive-sensual" phase right now. He has shown a point of view that will re-assert itself when he becomes a recovering sex addict.

So I say right on, PRGBoys. Uli had the best collection, innovation is overrated, and Fern was a welcome guest.

Bean said...

Did you see the Colbert Report with Barry Manalow? Awesome!

In the "Word" segment, they made a reference to gays obesessed with Project Runway. Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading you guys this season and am eagerly awaiting your takes on seasons one and two. Agree with most of what you said about the judging, especially about Fern Mallis. It would be great to have a regular voice from the business/practical side of fashion on the judging panel. I didn't think, however, that the other judges were looking only at innovation--they obviously placed a high premium on edginess as well. And now on to season one fabulousness!

Anonymous said...

I guys made this season worth 10000X more!

I love PR because it made *you* known for all of us!! You gu(a)ys are truly special... You always have the sharpest points of view, but they are always covered in humor and sarcasm, just like life should be!

Bye-bye S3..welcome S1!!!

Loveya Meanit,

LelĂȘ. : )

Anonymous said...

I rarely commented this season--instead I simply enjoyed your stealth wit. I am sad not to be able to follow along with season 1. Do to some unfortunate circumstances this past year I simply cannot afford to buy the DVD. I will be with you all in spirit though. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

You are totally right ... Uli should have won this one fair and square!

Yes, Laura is still OF COURSE my favorite ... (and i am so totally jealous of you bitches) ... but Uli had that one in the bag!

So excited to hear what you guys have to say about season 1!

Keep It UP!

Anonymous said...

Boys, I can't wait till you start blogging Season 1, since I didn't watch it when it was on and only seemed to catch 2 of the rerun episodes. I caught up with Season 2 about 1/3 of the way through, but have yet to buy the DVD set, which I'll probably ask for for Christmas. Anywho, I'm itching for your Season 1 run-down. WOOHOO!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. Since I've started (religiously, obsessively) reading it, I've spent so much less time actually working and so much more time laughing hysterically.

Season Three has been my favorite. (So quotable, too! I say "even if you get vasted" about forty times a day. And "serious ugly" at least twice that.) Your witty, biting commentary made it even more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If I'd been a judge, Uli totally would have won. I wasn't crushed that Jeffrey did because he seemed to have the kind of aethsetic the judges like, but I loved the work of the little German worker bee.

Anonymous said...

Saw the Colbert Report's reference to PR during the "word" segment. Hilarious!

I wish for the final runway they would bring in all new judges who have professional fashion experience. I think that's the only way to judge the final collections without bias from the season's challenges. I would like to know how fashion experts would rate the runway without knowing all the PR season drama.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the screamingly funny commentary this season. It actually made me . . . smile! Wouldn't have made it without you. Kudos for a bravura performance.

Anonymous said...

Awww. You're faklempt!! Well, it's no surprise. What a season you fellas have had! What fun it has been. And now you even know the secret handshake.

I think somewhere down deep inside, I know Uli should have won, but damn it's hard to give up Laura....

Thanks for a great time.

Anonymous said...

season 3 would have been nothing without you boys. thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog all season, and haven't commented until now. This post is so spot on, though, that I couldn't help it. All season I was a full-on (nearly obsessive) Mi(y?)chal fan; but Uli was the clear winner based on her collection!

You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

This show SCREAMS for new judges.

Michael Kors entertaining snarkiness has worn thin & I'd trade him in a second for someone who just makes sense. And Nina, well, YIKES, after seeing what she was wearing when they went to the Elle offices, well, how can she wear THAT and be so dismissive of ANYONE?? After the last episode I half expected themto turn towards the camera, reach under their chins, and pull off their masks to expose that they are really Patsy Stone & Edina Monsoon.

They should give Fern Mallice a regular gig.

And I completely agree with what you have to say regarding 'innovation', which is why it cracks me up to read fans tossing that word around because they've heard the judges using it.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

Great wrap-up post, T&L. As usual, you hit the nail on the head with your analysis. I saw the collections exactly the same way. I kind of agree with whoever suggested they get a different set of judges for the final runway show. Michael, Nina, and Heidi contradicted themselves so many times over the season and obviously had some strong biases. At least they might consider bringing in TWO new judges to look at the collections with a fresh eye. And I really hope they bring Fern back - she was a winner. Thanks for the ride - looking forward to the next horses now. I will be operating on memory instead of DVD, so we will see how well my 61 year old brain retains fashion images! Love ya'!

Anonymous said...

fern mallis was a perfect example of grace and tact under fire. having her sit through the shows as a judge was a coup for the producers of PR and a varitable gift to the designers.

i would love to see her sitting in michael kors chair during season 4. but, i know that will not happen. organizing the shows for bryant park has to be all consuming for fern. not to mention her own business. talk about "wonder woman".

one gets so tired of the smarmy comments and dry commentary from the current judges. but who am i to talk? just a fan of PR. plain and simple.

thanks for the boisterous ride this season bois. your wit is a wonder. photo recaps are phabulous. attention to the details kept me delerious.

"see you on the runway"

Anonymous said...

My picks for new judges:
Andre Leon Talley from Vogue to replace Nina Garcia while she's on maternity leave.
Donna Karan (DKNY) to replace Michael Kors while he's on... new coat of orange paint leave.
It's Heidi's show (executive producer) so I don't she can be replaced.
And more Fern Mallis!

Anonymous said...

I disagree w/ ur assessment on Uli winning, her collection was nice but it looked "done-that-before" just one too many times.
Choosing the PR winner, its not about letting the designer w/ the prettiest clothes that have range , win. No, its about finding that one designer that has the ability to make a unique statement, Jeffrey's clothes did not scream "I've seen this before", case in point, his 1st runway look at OFW (the red polkadot dress) was sewen in a very unusual way, the seams were so unique; and if you went shopping to find something just like that (even online shopping) you won't find it, believe me, I tried and could not find a dress like it. Jeffrey's collection was not for the masses, it was edgy/youthful, which a lot of women can't pull off; but that's no reason for him not to win. I for one will never root for the PR designer who makes a collection that "I" personally would look good in cause then every new PR contestant will clue in to this and show us nothing but over done, safe and pretty fashion -and you'll never see great success (on the level of a Michael Kors) if that's voted in as the PR winning collection. The right person won, Jeffrey's clothes stand out and he has a chance to make a really big name for himself, as his work stands apart in the fashion crowd.