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Roving PRG toon reporter Alex checks in with the contestants this week:

[Illustrations: Alex Cox/]

Blayne as Gollum.....


That completely made my day


Alex is an LOTR geek. Yay. Blayne is totally Gollum.

WOW. I couldn't pinpoint exactly why Blayne freaked me out so much, but this cartoon completely captures it!

Funny stuff. loved the do some coke and have sex in the back of a trans am comment!

Oh spot on! too damn funny on multiple levels.

LoTR riff really works with daniel and Blayne considering the way daniel is bordering on freakout


Funniest. Toon. Ever! I'm a huge Lord of the Rings Fan!

Flippin' hilarious! That was gut-splitting laughter -- LOTR, Kenley from Archie, and the Leanne love... keep it coming, you are absolutely awesome and a great complement for the PRG guys!


this is the best one yet alex!

omg. the LOTR reference, just about fell off my chair. LOVE IT.




I knew I had seen that creepy face somewhere before....!!!

Daniel as Frodo is even more hilarious!! And Joe is TOTALLY Boromir!! hahahhaa

(is my LOTR geekness showing???? LOL)

Thank you Alex.

BdS is a dead-ringer for Gollum, and Daniel's Frodo is inspired. I'm still laughing.

Btw, you look great in a dress.

Omg. The BEST ONE so far!!!!! I'm literally LMAO alone downstairs! HAHAHA!!

Alex... if one day I get divorced....would you marry me? ;)

That is HILARIOUS!!! I'm still laughing with "precious"

I must concur. These are amazing and hilarious. Keep 'em coming!!!

Not being a LOTR geek, I had to do a bit of Wiki research. Blayne not only looks like Gollum. He IS Gollum. Review:

"Unlike other characters, Gollum speaks in an unusual manner" Check.

"His life was extended far beyond its natural limits by the effects of possessing the One Ring" Check. (what else would explain surviving past the first PR challenge?)

"He also uses his own versions of words, similar to the original words" Checkalicious

"Over the years, his eyes adapted to the dark and became 'lamp-like', shining with a sickly pale light in the dark" Check.

"he developed a sort of split personality:the good personality "Slinker" (for his fawning, eager-to-please demeanor), and the bad personality "Stinker" (for obvious reasons)" Check.

Well. There you have it.


another laura

Oh, Alex, I'm officially in love. LOTR! Yessssss, my precioussssss, it's Daniel and Blayne as hobbits, I love it. If Joe is Boromir, are you predicting his auf'ing next week?

I just snorted. Really.

"Precious"...that's what got me. And the wizened, sere look for BdS so works.

Alex! in the dresses....BRILLIANT!

Such a smart, creative man with a great sense of humor -- got any others like you at home waiting to be grabbed up?

That was brilliant. Made my day too. Love the LOTR references.

At least now I can pretend to hear "precious" instead of whatever 'licious phrase Blayne has come up with for this week...and hope and Orc comes in and carries him off.

And I totally agree that Leann was robbed, Robbed, ROBBED! I still can't tell if she is going to burst into tears or go postal, though.

OMG! Alex!!!!!
You Rock!!!

Totally hilarious. I'll be hearing it everytime I see Blayne.



Alex! sure knows how to work a dress! LOL

Love the LOTR references. Sooooo...who's going to be Aragon and Arwen?!

Ah, the '80's. I loved B&J back then. What teenager didn't? Not to mention Trans, with a T-top and Firebird emblem on the hood.

ROFL! Gollum was SPOT on. The last row was priceless too... BURN! LOL!

Love the Betty & Veronica stuff. :)

i never thought i'd see the day when LOTR and Project Rungay would cross paths. GENIUS.

oceans and stars

Blayne as Gollum/ Daniel as Frodo kills me dead forever. So much hilarity.

I would totally take the offer in the Trans-Am.

Everyone's talking about the LOTR reference but I'm loving Fenley as Veronica Lodge!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

"kana said...

i never thought i'd see the day when LOTR and Project Rungay would cross paths. GENIUS."

That's why I love this blog : )

OMG I nearly peed my pants over Blayne as Gollum!!!!

Alex, you rule!

Brilliance!! I don't know which was better: Blayne as Gollum or Alex in the dresses.

You are the best, Alex! Will you be releasing a full comic book or graphic novel of PRG Season 5?

oh how i LOVE lord of the rings
that was hilariousss

and that was actually word for word from the movie, props to alex for memorizing that, (like i have.)

You guys definitely need to read page 2 about Emily venting!!!

Hahaha I love Daniel and Blayne's depiction.


The last frame is the best! Poor Emily!

potty mouth princess

I TOTALLY want to get wasted on Bartles and Jaymes in the back of a Trans-Am, rocking out to RUSH.

Wait, been there, done that. *skulks off in shame*

>>Alex... if one day I get divorced....would you marry me? ;)<<

No, no! I have an adorable 23 year old daughter for Alex!

"Sewing Siren said...

The last frame is the best! Poor Emily!"

Poor Emily? You should read her interview Tlo posted on the second page. Talk about denial and delusional!

Gays, be sure to label Kenley Collins in the post, too. :)

Omg! Blane as Gollum! My gosh! This made my morning!

Anonymous said...

Gays, be sure to label Kenley Collins in the post, too. :)

Done. Crazy day here : )


OMG, the Joe/Daniel/Blayne panel was perfect! Good job, Alex!!

And I think you should do a graphic novel retrospective of all PR seasons! I'll pre-order 5 right off the bat!

OMG, Alex! YOU have made me laugh and made my day, especially as I'm a HUGE LOTR geek!!!!!!! YEA! You rock!!!!!

Is everyone officially in love with Alex now? Keep going with the Lord of the Rings. I want to see who will be the other characters. Is it wrong that this is way better than PR itself?

Oh, Alex. Brilliant.
Mordor. . . precioussss!!!!!!
I love Kenley as Veronica and I love you in the dresses. Too funny!

Just when I thought this site couldn't get any better....Wow!

"Esther said...
OMG, Alex! YOU have made me laugh and made my day, especially as I'm a HUGE LOTR geek!!!!!!! "

esther i think there maybe more LOTR geeks then we imagine. i too am one :)

ROFLMAO. now THAT is precious!

This might possibly be even better than your Christian/Chris Krazy Kat strip last season.

Put a damn book out already, will you? Please?

alex, you're my hero.

Wow......if you scroll your screen to where cartoon Blayne/Gollum is at the top, you'll also be able to see that first screencap of Blayne/Gollum.

Alex! really captured it in likeness.

thank you.

i'm not dorothy gale

Hysterical! Preciousliciousness beyond measure! More, Alex, MORE!

Getting drunk on Bartles and James! Oh, the memories....


I love that Alex is utterly straight and yet draws cartoons about PR!!

That last line is PERFECTION.

edina monsoon

Another great one, alex! And "Kevin" was spot-on.

anonymous (12:39) aka suzette

As a LOTR geek, I LOL'd at your list of Gollum's traits and qualities. I think even Blayne and Gollum would get a kick out of "checkalicious."

- edina -

Shameful confession: I've never seen a LOTR movie or read any of the books. But Blayne, Daniel and Joe were still hilarious to me!

Alex, you look like a member of Monty Python in Keith's dress! Love it!

The talent here is awesome, thanks for sharing it with us!


I liked how you drew Keith, but you got his mannerisms all wrong - he's not a hip-hop guy, he's a snowboardin' dude. He doesn't say "word" and "dawg", he says "buddy" and "bro".

In fact, in honor of Keith, I hereby nominate "buddy" as the new catch phrase of Season 5. It's no "tranny mess", but it beats "licious"!

best comic yet!

Hysterical!!!! I love it!!!!

hey Alex you have a crush on Leanne!

and that Gollum must say
"my precioulicious!!"


yeah, i see keith more as a dude bro buddy.

even if he IS from utah. kidding.

"I'm making Daniel's bed, cause he's my buddy..."

definitely a sweetheart. could make my bed. buddy.


Awesome, Alex!

Alex, did we know each other in the 80s or were we just living the same life in different places??? Bwahaha!

TLo + Alex + LOTR + Veronica (Go Archies!)+ Love for Geek Girls = MUCH HAPPINESS!

This has to be one of the most accomplished, witty blog groups in existence.

p.s. What, no 'ludes in that Trans Am glove box?????

Oh, BRILLIANT. LOTR + Archie + Project Runway = GENIUS.

Who knew there were so many LOTR geeks watching Project Runway, precious? :D

Man it has been a while: )

I just spit everything that was in my mouth onto my computer screen. I am now burying my head in my hands and crying, I am laughing so hard.

Oh my god. Now everytime I see Blayne I'm going to burst out into laughter and yell, "My preeecious!"

Bartles and James, dude! Man, does that bring back some memories.
And the LoTR stuff -- just inspired. Keep 'em coming.

Oh, and:

Who knew there were so many LOTR geeks watching Project Runway, precious? :D

I KNOW! I'm as surprised as you are, Michelle. Love it!

Do you realize how well you nailed Blayne?

Hahahahahahahahaha. I love this! Thank you, guys!

"lovemesomedaniel said...

Funniest. Toon. Ever! I'm a huge Lord of the Rings Fan!"

Me too. I love Blayne as Gollum.

Love the point made in the final scene. Leanne was robbed this week.

LOL. Alex doing PR toons is TOTALLY a highlight EVERY season when I check the Project Rungay blog.

ROFLMAO on that tanorexic Blayne a la Gollum. Wouldn't it be funnier if he used "Liciousssss" instead of "Preciousssss"? Just sayin;...

And Alex is SO hopelessly crushing on Leanne. LOL on his last line. Really made my day!

I don't know what was funnier Blayne as Gollum or the Leanna love at Emily's expense! Alex you rock !

Great job, Alex! You captured the designers perfectly!

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