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Thursday, January 17, 2008 by
Darlings, when it came down to the wire and it was the Bitches vs. the ... well, the Bitches, we couldn't help but cheer a little bit when the penis'd bitches won. It's all about the identity politics with us.


Is so breathtaking that we have not the words. Seriously.


Is yet another '80s secretary look.

Quick question: Which look won them the challenge?

Another one: And which team member's aesthetic was most responsible for that winning look? Exactly.

Once again, our Sissy gets shafted.

Oh, it wasn't a deliberate thing and we're certainly not saying Christian didn't deserve the credit, but one look at Chris' portfolio and you can see who had the greater influence in producing such an over-the-top look.

One thing that really surprised us was just how well these two got along. When Tim announced each team, we groaned at every matchup, including this one. We just assumed the age difference and the competing styles of bitchery (Chris' more passive, laid back, subtle bitchery vs. Christian's me-me-me, hyperactive hamster-on-meth version) would naturally lead to fireworks. We were happy to discover that we were totally wrong and these two worked like a dream.

The avant garde look is truly amazing. We can't argue with the judges' decision at all. As we indicated, we think Chris had the most to do with this look's success but we can still see the Christian influence.

The sheer over-the-top dragitude of it all was clearly Chris' contribution, but the pleating and the ruffles certainly have that Christian feel to them.

Our only complaint is the lack of color. Actually, that's not so much a complaint (because the color they chose does work) as it is a wish. We think this just screams for more of it. Then again, that might have pushed it too far into the drag-queen-on-a-float arena.

This, on the other hand...

Not so much.

Lorenzo absolutely hates this look but Tom thinks it could have worked with a little editing. In terms of interpreting the avant garde look to ready-to-wear, the top almost works. Although it is a little sloppy-looking.

Honestly, what throws the whole look off is the ugly-ass skirt and belt. And that's...pretty much all we have to say about this outfit.

It's funny, the avant garde look is so stunning that we have trouble coming up with things to say about it and the ready-to-wear look is so dull that we have exactly the same problem.

One thing we can all agree on: Christian's outfit is ridiculous. Was he going figure-skating after this?

[Photos: Barbara Nitke/Bravotv.com - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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Anonymous said...

Chris was robbed again. Its starting to get old.

matty said...

CHRIS FTW! i just love him... funny fella:)

Anonymous said...

Seriously robbed! Poor Chris (and Kit, but you'll get to that later).

Alyssa said...

Again, Christian's skirt makes that model look hippy. He had the same problem with the SJP challenge.

Anonymous said...

I don't get Bravo anymore (and so am following season 4 on youtube, yay) and I've been checking this site since 7 am to see what happened next. Thank you for being my reliable dose of morning fierceness!

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled that Team Bitchy Boyz won (because I love Chris), although I wasn't that bowled over by the couture gown...until I saw your still photograph. It really is stunning in that view.

As for the RTW look, I agree. The belt is terrible. And the skirt doesn't look properly fitted, either. Frankly, a flared skirt would have worked much better with such a ruffly shirtwaist.

Although, for the record, I hate these last-minute additions to the challenge. Of course, you're going to get crap design and crap execution on that kind of thing. As Queen Michael so aptly noted about Christian's skirt, it's a throw-away.

Anonymous said...

The problems with the ready to wear version were ones of time I believe. If you look at it from a distance, it improves. Perhaps one of those rouched up collars that they all seem so fond of right now would have echoed the shell of the couture gown.

LOVE the little comment at the end about ice skating. That sort of thing shows what great writers you are. Leave us all with a smile. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think the reason Chris and Christian got along so well is that Christian respected Chris' work and was happy that he got him especially for this challenge. (He said as much in one of the one-on-one interviews.)

Rami and Sweet P, however, not so much...

Anonymous said...

What a fun challenge!! And challenge it was. Finally, a chance to prove themselves, and educate those of us to the difference between designers and dress makers. Thoroughly enjoyable evening, and the right team won, and the right team came in second. Just hard to say good bye to Kit, but the crazy notion that the leader of the team is the one to fall under the bus is frustrating! Ricky was at that bus time with his fare in hand!!

Sewing Siren said...

The avent-garde look is fabulous. The only thing I can't get behind is the huge shoulder extention (it looks so uncomfortable!) In some shots it looks great and in others it looks kind of stupid. I do think the Chris was the resposible person behind the dress.
I like the blouse on the ready to wear but the skirt is a throw-away. If he had added a little flounce at the hem it would have improved it immensely.
It was pretty clear the Chris did not want to be leader so Christian had to be the leader. Christain's ass was on the line so he deserves the win. I have to add that I thought Jillian really deseved the win, because both of their looks were memorable.

Anonymous said...

Christian looks like he just kicked a cow in the ass.

Anonymous said...

I think that Princess won because he was the team leader, not because of his contribution being more important. And poor Kit got aufed beacause she was the team leader also. At least that is what I am telling myself to make sense of the judges' cracked out decisions.

The color of the dress is perfect IMO. If it were dark brown it would look just like Christian's hairdo.

Alex! said...

Man, Chris March is on a ROLL!

Good for him. He's talented, smart, and inventive. I'm glad he got a second chance, and after that first hiccup, he's made the most of it.

Three killer outfits in a row! Way to go, big guy!

As for Christian, he was a great Team Leader. He had a clear vision that he communicated effectively, he played to Chris' strengths, and he trusted his teammate.

It was very gratifying to watch. Those to totally deserved the win. Hands down.

Anonymous said...

C&C Fierce Factory did a great job, though the everyday look had that signature Christian horizontal pleat thing going on that is getting soooo old after he's done it in what, 3 challenges now? Yes, the skirt was a throwaway, but they had no time to do it, so considering that, it was pretty good.

I loved the look that Princess Puffysleeves gave Victorya when she said, "We actually have 3 looks, so we should win!" If looks could kill, Victorya would be dead and melting on the runway.

mumblesalot (Laura A) said...

They worked so well together they were a delight to watch. The results were stunning. It was a little annoying to see Christian revert to his me me mini me form after the win. The see the two of them in the Tresamme photo shot was the priceless.

Alex! said...

Sewing Siren Said:

"It was pretty clear the Chris did not want to be leader so Christian had to be the leader."

Hahahaha... can you blame him?

Last time he was Team Leader, he got raked over the coals before being aufed!

he learned a valuable lesson, I think....

SUS said...

Loved the couture gown. The RTW one would have been better if the skirt was ruffly and made of a similar material to the shirt, so the effect would be a two-piece dress or something. Isn't that the same brown woven belt Princess used in the Bitten challenge? It looked like ass then too.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they did that in two days is still blowing my mind out my ass. I'm speechless. And seriously, greatest team ever. I was actually really excited when ChrisSquared(yes, I know its ChrisTIAN) was announced. Chris' Imagination plus Christian's incredible speed was perfect.

(and in response to alyssa, that model is a little bigger around that area than most. Not that she's fat, I'd still raid and pillage many towns for that body)

And one can only hope those were his plans. Puffysleeves on Ice.


Gorgeous Things said...

"hyperactive hamster-on-meth version"

I'm still giggling over that one!! Can Alex draw Christian as a hamster this week? Or how about a squirrel? But I did think team SissyFierce did a great job, and it was fun to watch them work together in peace and harmony (and it seemed like a good deal of fun).

As far as Christian's outfit, when I saw him on the runway, the first thing I thought of was that song from the South Park Movie, "What Would Brian Boitano Do?"

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh yes, and the avant garde dress was very Galliano.

mjude said...

great episode, beautiful gown. i was disappointed they both didnt get immunity. loved the 2 of them together.
also i thought rami was a complete ASS!

Anonymous said...

Whodathunkit? Princess Puffysleeves and SissyBear had an incredible "Wonder Twins activate!" moment. Team Fierce indeed.

Although I would have been a lot happier if the judges gave Chris a little more credit. However, it did seem like Mr. Tangerine Man was fishing for who was more responsible for the avant garde look by some of his questioning.

GothamTomato said...

And why did they get along so well? Because they both have ESP, and so somehow knew that there was a 'Where the Fierce Things Are' charicature in their futures. Alex!'s drawing did turn out to be prescient, didn't it?

And funny that you boys mentioned the color; I was wishing for more of it as well. But then I've spent most of this season wishing for diffferent colors from many of the designs.

But what's with Chris not ever being able to catch a break? Overlooked again. What gives with that?


Stubenville said...

TLo wrote:
Christian's outfit is ridiculous. Was he going figure-skating after this?

Princess puffysleeves just needed a hobby horse to go with his cowgirl boots and he would have been ADORABLE! - Yippie Ki Aye!

What is it with Ricky? He's like a freaking cockroach you can't get rid of! Kit learned that hard way that you should NEVER be the team leader. As most everyone will agree, it was Ricky should have been auf'd for that neo vintage piece of crap he threw together.

Anonymous said...

It really does seem like a collaboration: Chris for the exuberance and the technical know-how for the structure, Christian for the couture-sensibility and ruffles. I wish they could share the win, with neither getting immunity.

And as most have stated, the ready to wear look is okay in terms of the time they had. And the top does translate the avant-garde look

Anonymous said...

i didn't notice last night, but looking at the pictures of the 2nd look you see that when the model was on the runway the shirt was not tucked in, but when they were in front of the judges it was. Not that it makes much of a difference (it's still a dull look), but i liked it better when the shirt was not tucked in.
anyway, the avant garde look was totally awesome! and definitely in the spirit of conceptual fashion.

Anonymous said...

OK this season is starting to reach a predictable pattern.
Chris gets robbed.
Ricky cries and gets to stay despite obviously being the worst designer there (at least since Carmen was kicked off).
Some superior designer will be kicked off unjustly to protect Ricky's position (honestly does he have something incriminating on Klum, Kors, and Garcia?).
Rami will drap something.
Sweet P will look confused.
And Tim will say, "Victorya, Jillian it's time to go." I live for the day when he says, "OK that's it. You two are out. I'm tired of this," then locks them in just before the runway show. Models and designers then break into a low grade cat fight (if Jillian and Victorya can muster up the emotions to get upset).

Brian said...

I think the avant-garde outfit is one of the greatest things I've ever seen on this show. If I have to stomach a team challenge for this sort of output, I'm all for it.

As for the whole Chris not getting credit thing, it seemed like he sort of foisted team leader status off on Christian, so he accepted that part of that is you don't win immunity, I'm sure.

Cathy Brennan said...

What WOULD Brian Boitano do?

ChristopherM said...

The avant garde look was the first time this season a garment has made me audibly gasp. Spectacular.

I'm still steaming over Kit's ouster. Ricky makes me want to commit a hate crime.

Anonymous said...

I think they went w/ the "team leader" concept. Winner or loser, the emphasis was gonna be on the team leader (hence Kit got thrown under the bus). At least that was what they were selling.

I actually LOVED the ready to wear look and how the translation came through. I loved the skirt and the belt. The whole look.

Chris was very gracious about Christian winning and still got in the Tresemme ad but damm that immunity would have been sweet for him.

I do see the look as a collaboration and clearly Chris was the architect (and Christian the designer?). How can one trump the other? I'm just glad THEY won. I would have vomited if the other team got over on them (although can't wait to see whatyou say about them!).

But that avant garde gown is probably THE most interesting/stunning thing I've ever seen on any season of PR. Breathtaking, seriously.

I loved the little snippet when Christian, in Mood, said to someone as he scurried away "Love ya, bye". can't help it, I think he's adorable.

GothamTomato said...

"steubenville said: What is it with Ricky? He's like a freaking cockroach you can't get rid of!"

I feel the same way about SweetP. Both of them should have been auf'd before Kit. That's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Ricky survives AGAIN! Oh, the humanity.

Bill said...

A little more color would have made it a drag outfit for Randy Robert's character Consuela.

The asymmetry of the ruffle on the ready-to-wear blouse killed me. I realize it was following the look of the avant garde dress, but it was just wrong. And I don't even want to talk about the skirt. It was all very junior executive in Manhattan...in August...in 1985.

Anonymous said...

He's probably kick an ass or two.
That's what Brian Boitano'd do. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Technically Chris was not robbed. Christian did come up with the original concept and it organically developed between the 2of them. In that respect Christian chose to take the role of team lead because it was his concept. The concept of team leader was done in this case so as to reward a single person with immunity.

It is only on this technicality that the princess is the official winner.

The judges acknowledged that this outfit came out of a true and successful collaboration. Obviously Christian could not have made this outfit with any other designer. Successful execution of this outfit and the final depended on some with Chris' background and aesthetic.

It is no surprise their RTW look was less than ideal. It takes a lot of time and focus to handle 45 yards of fabric to build a control tower to contact Planet Elisa :)


Anonymous said...

I loved the challenge, though I wish the ready-to-wear aspect hadn't been added so late in the game. Bravo: if you want to add a twist like this, why not then also add another day for the challenge? And I think the right team won. Although the ready-to-wear look wasn't great, at least you can see how it derives from the avant-garde look. That was much less true for the other teams. And the avant-garde look was stunning. And yes, Chris deserved more of the credit (and probably the win) for that look. Damn the team leader crap.

TED said...

I think that in both of the top two teams the partners worked very equally, and it would have been fairer for both winners to get immunity. But it's always the team leader.

They didn't give us much footage of the runway discussion, so it's impossible to know whether PP gave Sissybear as much credit as he deserved. They're both incredible sewers, though, so you have to think they both put in a ton of work on the avant garde piece. Especially since they spent so little time on that skirt. At least Christian owned up to how awful it was.

By the way, I keep wondering when the designers are going to wise up about the twists. You know there's going to be a twist. You know something's going to be added to the challenge partway through. Plan for it, already. Leave yourself an extra few hours for whatever you're going to have to do after Tim says "Designers, gather 'round."

I loved the Avant Garde piece, by the way. Even though, for some reason, it made me think of Pearl Bailey as Dolly Levi.

Brian said...

Also, from Kit's blog on Bravo:

What did you think of the other designers' looks?
I was really blown away by Christian. He made that whole dress by himself minus the headdress. I am always impressed by the outcome of Jillian's diligence and determination.

So it sounds like Christian was responsible for a lot of what came out.

Anonymous said...

Not that it makes much of a difference (it's still a dull look), but i liked it better when the shirt was not tucked in.

I was thinking the same thing, mommyca. The pleats on the skirt were really dreadful.

Joe J. said...

The avant-garde dress was truly breathtaking. Marcia's posture in the first photo, however, makes it look like the shoulder is so heavy it's taking all her might to keep her dainty little self upright.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The first win I agree with! The dress was avante gard couture at it's finest. Team SissyFierce is the only pairing that got understood the challenge. The other 3 teams did not produce avante gard couture at all IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Spiral Jacobs said...

I loved the look that Princess Puffysleeves gave Victorya when she said, "We actually have 3 looks, so we should win!" If looks could kill, Victorya would be dead and melting on the runway.

I know, right?
I Christian's world (que Elmo music) only Christian can brag about his work, everyone else must be meek and modest about their's.
The thing is Victorya was right ;).

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Yeah--but Christian was team leader (or Chris let him think he was), so he got the win.

I thought J/V might win because their look was a little more a.g. than C&C's (which tipped a bit toward costumey), and their ready-to-wear translation was more successful than C&C's. But it was close. And C&C really did become a team, more than any other pair.

It was interesting that the two more successful designs were the result of shared vision, whereas in the losing designs, "team leader" was interpreted as "chief designer/boss." Based on what we saw on tv, anyway, Kit, and especially Rami, thought of their partners as no more than assistants. No shared vision or trust, and not much respect.

TED said...

I feel the same way about SweetP. Both of them should have been auf'd before Kit. That's for sure.


Wow. Would you give it a rest already? It doesn't matter what Sweet P sends down the runway: you're going to hate it because it's from Sweet P. How many times have you told is how much you hate her? We get it.

Anonymous said...

Fierce, indeed! Yay, for our Sissybear and Princess Puffysleeves!

I have the same problem as TLo-words just fail me when I look at their avant garde look. It was simply stunning-breathtaking.
When I saw it, I did think that I would have loved to have grabbed Jeffrey Sebelia, and screamed at him-Now, THIS is couture!!!

The ready to wear look? It's OK - and Christian did listen when Tim remarked that it looked cheap-he got rid of the short sleeves, so perhaps our litte enfant fierce is listening and learning.

Oh, and I will finally admit it:
I want to be Tim Gunn's and Chris's faghag!!!!! What I wouldn't give to have lunch with those two!

Anonymous said...

I got the distinct feeling that Kit and Ricky were playing defensive runway last night: by not being team leaders, their stay was guaranteed. I give them grudging props for being smart about that. I don't have the hate for them that others do, but I have gotten tired of seeing them around since they're clearly the worst ones on there now.

Oh, BTW: As the owner of a set of wide hips, that RTW skirt did NOT make that model look like she had wide hips. It emphasized the fact that she's one of those straight-up-and-down people with no waist.

GothamTomato said...

"frank said: Successful execution of this outfit and the final depended on some with Chris' background and aesthetic."

Yep. The top two teams were well matched, both with skills & temperment, to create something great. And it was all chance.

Now just imagine of the buttons had come out of the bag a little differently. What if Kit had gotten Rami, and Ricky had gotten SweetP...

Rami & Kit would have probably still gone with Rami's draping (he IS the Austin of S4), but maybe he could have trusted Kit, like he could not have trusted SweetP. He did work well under Jillian, in a different challenge. Rami & Kit would done something draped, but with a funky edge. Might have been great.

But Ricky & SweetP together would have just sat in the workroom, in tearful, panicked catatonia.


Stubenville said...

Well, I personally think Ricky is weaker than Sweet P, but none the less it is galling that stronger designers get auf'd while weaker designers seem to get a pass.

Next week looks like a total fake out, back at the recycling center. What are the chances of another 'garbage dress' challenge exactly like the previous one? Pretty slim...

GothamTomato said...

'theneighborswillhear said: It doesn't matter what Sweet P sends down the runway: you're going to hate it because it's from Sweet P."

No, I don't hate her. I just hate the clothes she's producing for the challenges. That's all.


Brooklyn Bomber said...

C&C also deserve credit for translating a not very dramatic hairdo into such high drama. A lot of the other hair styles were much more outlandish, so kudos to them for taking a very pretty, classic look, and exploding it into 40-something yards of ruffles.

SUS said...

Stubenville said...
Next week looks like a total fake out, back at the recycling center. What are the chances of another 'garbage dress' challenge exactly like the previous one? Pretty slim...

Maybe they're making garbage swimsuits instead?

dramcolsop said...

Re: the ready to wear look - I could swear that when Tim came into the workroom, that blouse on the dressmaker's dummy had sleeves.
Also Christian's outfit - from what I saw, they went straight from winning to the photoshoot, no going home to change. Maybe they were told that ahead of time and Christian got all tarted up to have his picture taken?

Eric V. said...

Chris undoubtedly deserved more credit for the avant garde look, and Christian's ready-to-wear was very '80s Working Girl and just plain bla. It was a nice surprise to see how well they worked together.

Sweet P's ready-to-wear was stunning, and Rami, in my opinion, should have been auf'd. Does he LISTEN? No more draping! Sorry--I'm past his hot looks. Auf him.

cb said...

Oh, I was a happy girl with this one! I saw Christian's taking-on of team leader as a mutual decision - he seemed like he WANTED to be leader (can't you just hear him going "oo-oo me me me!"), and Chris, if i remember correctly, ASKED if Christian wanted to do it in a way that seemed genuine, not foisting-off. I suspect our Sissybear would make a great teacher/mentor type of person.

I don't know why the judges and bravo couldn't have aired a 15 second snippet of someone saying "Chris, you rocked it." gah. I hope Chris reads this blog & comments and knows how much WE LOVE HIM.

also: the avant-garde dress reminded me very, very much of a painting I used to see at our regional art gallery when I was little. It's Tissot's "The Ball" - image google it and you'll see what I mean (pasting links here never works for me). But really: LOOK at that painting!

go Princess Puffysleeves! Go Sissybear! and when will people with stick-thin legs learn that wearing tall boots doesn't look good? The sticky legs just sort of rattle around in there :(

Anonymous said...

"I feel the same way about SweetP. Both of them should have been auf'd before Kit. That's for sure."

... except that SweetP keeps doing admirable work, earning the judges praise, and keeps getting close to winning. Ricky is just consistently lousy.

Your issue with SweetP has nothing to do with her effort and talent. It is a personal one.

Bill said...

Oh! And Christian's outfit for the runway?

This pretty much sums it up.

Kynn Bartlett said...

Also, more credit where credit is due -- Marcia is probably the best model on Project Runway this season. Girl is fierce and totally sells anything Chris makes.

Remember the Hershey's challenge? That was Marcia too.

Anonymous said...

Neighbors will hear said:

"Wow. Would you give it a rest already? It doesn't matter what Sweet P sends down the runway: you're going to hate it because it's from Sweet P. How many times have you told is how much you hate her? We get it."


Anonymous said...

Just seriously gorgeous. When Alberta Ferretti says: "That is a couture dress" it means something.

I think C&C should have their own show.

Though, truth be told, I also though Jillian's coat was astonishingly beautiful.

Can't wait till you get to Mr. "I Drape, therefore I Am."

Anonymous said...

I disagree about Chris getting robbed. From the information we were given in the episode and the blogs, it seems it was a true collaboration. The concept for the dress came from Christian and the concept for the "wing" came from Chris and the married their ideas beautifully, executing them to make a breathtaking whole. Neither one could have done it without the other. However, Christian took on the risk and responsibility of being team leader, so he earned the win. If it had gone the other way and been a disaster, he would have been off. I feel the same way about Kit. Say what you will about relative talent levels and output over the whole show, the challenge was Kit's vision. It failed, and as team leader she had to be dismissed.

I also disagree about the color. I thought the color and fabric choice perfectly captured the romantic inspiration of the hair.

Anonymous said...

TLO, I KNOW you guys love Chris, who doesn't?

So please don't take this the wrong way, but, I hate that everyone here keeps refferring to him as "Sissy" and "Sissybear".

I just think it's so derogatory, and I pray that he doesn't mind. If I were on Project Runway, and discovered that this blog had dubbed me "Sissy", I would be mortified.

Chris, I love ya baby.

Anonymous said...

OMG, look at his portfolio and say that with a straight face! I suspect he loves the Sissybear term of endearment.

Anonymous said...

"But Ricky & SweetP together would have just sat in the workroom, in tearful, panicked catatonia."

Yup, we get it. You think Sweet P ruined it for Rami.

I think Rami acted like an ASSSSS throughout last nights episode, and in desperation, tried to throw his partner under the bus.

SweetP, quietly and gracefully acepted the praise of the judges for having the BETTER GARMENT.

Anonymous said...

Katiecoo, as I say, I hope he does!!!

I guess it's my problem.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 10:49 and add that the editing showed Sweet P trying to convince Rami to ramp up his design and Rami completely brushing her off. It's not her fault that their team failed.

Kanani said...

Well, Chris has the age and the steadiness and also know how on getting thing like this done, and Christian has that emerging edge. With Chris's patience, they made a great duo.

What I like about Chris is that he has a natural inclination to think beyond the body and typical silhouettes. And that's what was needed. The creation was wonderful.

*waves pom poms*
Sissybear! Go!

Kanani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kanani said...

...sorry.... my previous post posted twice!

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out what Tim's "Designers, gather 'round" surprise announcement was going to be (and I was wrong, of course).

But my husband (who hasn't watched this season at all, although he enjoyed season one) made a GREAT guess on the twist:

As soon as Tim said "each team must choose a leader," he turned to me and said "Well, that's the twist -- at the midway point, they're going to make them SWITCH leaders within each team."

Of course, they didn't. But isn't that an awesome twist? I hope Bravo uses it for a future challenge in a future season. The follower becomes the leader and has to execute a half-completed design that didn't originate from his/her own aesthetic. Could you just imagine how Rami and Sweet P would have handled that twist?

Stubenville said...

GothamTomato said...
"But Ricky & SweetP together would have just sat in the workroom, in tearful, panicked catatonia.

Actually, I think even Sweet P would have had enough of Ricky's waterworks and would have bitch slapped him, telling him to "Quit yer bitchin and start stitchin!"

It would have been greatly amusing teevee to see the interaction between Princess Puffysleeves and VictorYa had they been paired. Can you imagine the eye rolls and verbal jousting that would bring?

DolceLorenzo said...

Chris is amazingly talented. Who cares if Christian was the team leader? Chris was ROBBED!

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Bittybis said, "the editing showed Sweet P trying to convince Rami to ramp up his design and Rami completely brushing her off. "

Sweet P may not seem to have the strongest presence or design vision, but some of her designs have been good. I liked her RTW look a lot, and loved that the judges praised it.

Anonymous said...

I hope his one of the final three.

GothamTomato said...

"... except that SweetP keeps doing admirable work, earning the judges praise, and keeps getting close to winning. Ricky is just consistently lousy."

Yes, she got close to winning once, and like when the Duchess said, of last night's pants, 'the ass looks like it's in front', I'm sure he meant that in a good way.

I think SweetP & Ricky are equally bad. Both have shown consistant construction and design shortcomings, and both should have been auf'd before Kit (or even before Kevin, for that matter). I guess I could argue that Ricky's just isn't playing his personality as well, so that's why some are adamently prefering his auf-ing, but that would be silly, wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Chris wanted to create something that would be remembered by everyone who saw it. Forever. And he did!.Bravo !

texasinafrica said...

Yeah, why didn't the team win rather than the individual? They could've not given immunity for the next challenge. Obviously no individual working alone could produce that dress in 48 hours.

gothamtomato said...

Anon 10:49 is quite correct.

Kittens, I would simply say if the SweetP bashing is upsetting you, merely observe that the opinions appear to be coming from one disgruntled voice only and are shared by ... well, nobody else. That should tell you something.

Like SweetP did last night, be the bigger person and ignore it.

Anonymous said...


The entire sucky season of PR4 was revived in this single episode for me. This was beyond a visual treat for the eyes.

I agree that Chris was robbed. And AGAIN, he took the slight so very graciously. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the avant gaurde side of this team came from!

Although I wasn't crazy about the other design they put out, I will say that I thought that it was the closest "match" to it's avant gaurde twin out of any of the other pairs.

I think I stared at the television for 10 minutes after Kit was aufed, trying to take that in. I loved her parting comment along the lines of, "I will miss PR but even more importantly, it will miss me." Very insightful, Miss Kit.

Anonymous said...

fashion manifesto,

sorry for my snideness...I feel protective of these designers at times too.

Anonymous said...

My favorite moment was at the very end when Christian was talking about being in the Elle magazine/Tresseme ad.

"Being young, I don't have that much press yet."

You will, Princess, you will!


Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction about Chris being robbed at first...until I realized that he effectively gave it up before he started.

He chose not to be team leader. I think he knew it was because the judges were less likely to auf Christian if their look lost, and because he'd rather be safe than win. I think the judges could see that it was really his look but that he'd intentionally backed out of the leadership role. I think it cost him, but I think he chose those consequences.

Anonymous said...

I love that C/C won, because that AG look was amazing -- resemblance to an oyster/pom pom mushroom notwithstanding -- but a tiny part of my heart covets that raincoat from V/J.

Although I think it was funny that V/J were fortuitously paired. I wasn't looking at the screen when they flipped the 'coin' for team leader, and I could have sworn the monotone saying she wasn't comfortable was Victorya, not Jillian. I was happy the robots finally showed some emotion. I think that's as far as Jillian ever goes in terms of a meltdown, yeah?

And I'm beyond tormented that Ricky didn't go home. I get that it was Kit's concept, but I kept on screaming at the television: "Send Ricky home! Send the bitch home! What is he doing here still????!"


Sewing Siren said...

The "random" pairing I would have loved to see is Rami vs. Christian. That would have been good tv ,the perfectionist and the egomanic. I would like to see Christian try to pass those sloppy pleats and ruffles past the watchful eye of RAMI.

Anonymous said...

wannabe said...

"Though, truth be told, I also though Jillian's coat was astonishingly beautiful."

Me too! Astonishing is exactly the right word. I can't wait for the pics.

TLo said...

Just so you know, Chris told us he loves the Sissy Bear nickname.

TED said...

fashion manifesto, I think that "sissy" is derogatory and hurtful when it's aimed at a child. But once a gay reaches a certain age, it ceases to carry any sting. Especially since Chris really isn't very effeminate. I can't help but think that he would embrace the Sissybear appellation.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Chris told us he loves the Sissy Bear nickname.

Well, that's all right then. :-)

TED said...

Apparently, I need to type faster or learn to use the preview feature.

Anonymous said...

Gotham Tomato,

While I'm not all up in arms about you're non-love for Sweet P (to each their own, and I can't say she's done a whole lot to necessarily knock my socks off), I don't think your criticism of her in terms of last night is quite on point.

Rami didn't work fine under Jillian. He passive-aggressively badgered her about Kevin over the same thing he over-reacted with Sweet P over: stress about supposed time management issues. The man does not work well with others.

He refused to listen to Sweet P and micromanaged her to death. Rudely. And Sweet P kept it together, fought him tooth and nail for rights to the second look when he blew off her input about everything else, and turned out something really fantastic all on her own.

She hasn't been one of my favorites, but she's certainly no Ricky (what has he ever really turned out?), and I think she did a great job last night all around. I agree that her output can't rival Kit's in terms of the whole season, but last night? Kit's was crap, and that was all her, whereas Sweet P did great work. That's how it goes.

Anne said...

I wish I knew about fashion and could make throw-away remarks like, "The avant-garde look is very Galliano." You guys sound so intelligent when you say stuff like that.

I have to say, I would have loved the AG look more without the shoulder extension. But that's what made it AG, right? So I'm a know-nothing hack.

How come the model is hunching over so badly in that pic on the Bravo site? Please tell me it's not to fit the dress in - MOVE THE CAMERA!!!

Love it, LOVED IT, when Victorya said, "So we should win" and they went to Christian's face. Which come to think of it I was thinking, "Oh back OFF, bitch!" at the time too.

God, Rami was a jerk. And WTF was Sweet P wearing on the runway?!


Anonymous said...

I don't think Sweet P is going to last much longer, but I hope to god she sticks around longer than Ricky. Her ready to wear dress was the only one up there that didn't look like ass.

Much as I love Chris, and loved watching him and Princess Puffysleeves work together, have to say that I liked the Valium Twins' outfits more. It suited the hairstyle completely. They were neck and neck, though.

bitchesdye said...

Yay Sissybear!

I'm not worried that he's not winning challenges, the point is to go to Bryant Park. And we can at least get him the $10,000 for fan favourite.

How many times can I vote?

Anonymous said...

RE: SissyBear

Remember, too, in certain parts of the country (The South), Sissy is a nickname given to a sister. At one point, I had one great-aunt, two aunts, and five cousins who were all called Sissy -- those were some TOUGH family reunions. So, all along, I've been reading that to mean Sister Bear, which I think is incredibly clever.

Anonymous said...

I just say congratulations to both of them, and I liked the ready-to-wear look, which successfully borrowed elements of the couture look. I also like the monochromatic thing going on. Color would have made it costumey and not avant-garde.

Anonymous said...

I loved last night's episode and I'm so glad that the Chris's got the props they deserved. It is so rare to hear the word "important" when the judges describe an outfit. I also absolutely loved the avant-garde piece done by Jillian and Victorya. When you speak of this, please be sure to comment on the model Jacqueline because she was fuckin amazing. One of the few times that the model equally stole the show on PR!

GothamTomato said...

"chica labouche said: He refused to listen to Sweet P and micromanaged her to death. Rudely."

Oh yeah, he WAS a total jerk (or seemed like it), but I wish I knew how to post links the way Bill does, because if I did, I'd post a picture of that insanely bad Grapes of Wrath costume she made for Tiki, and say; but if you were the team leader, and it was your head on the chopping block, would you trust your fate to the person who made THIS (insert picture here). If I were in his place, I wouldn't trust my fate to her after seeing the construction of the things she's done. He got a bad draw, and didn't handle it as well as he could have.

"chica labouche also said: I agree that her output can't rival Kit's in terms of the whole season, but last night? Kit's was crap, and that was all her, whereas Sweet P did great work."

Yep, and that's where the luck of the draw comes in. The dress SweetP did last night looked cute. To me, it actually looked very much like a dress Anne Hathaway wore in the Devil Wears Prada - (that green dress she was runing around town in while trying to get the Harry Potter manuscript.)

Kit has been consistantly better but had a bad night. Both Ricky & SweetP have been skating on thin ice all along, (like the kid in the back of the class who hopes the teacher won't call on them), but they managed to pass through again.


Joanie said...

A ruffle on the hem of the skirt -- just like the ruffle on the gown -- would have elevated the overall look of the RTW ensemble. Hell, PP could have even thrown a small ruffle on the collar of the RTW blouse to continue the theme.

The judges finally got the right designers in the win box, although I will say the V&J work dresses were interesting and noteworthy. I can't believe they pulled off the RTW outfit at all. Time management, ladies!

Rami, thank God that man has a gorgeous bod, because his attitude lately has done nothing for him. SweetP's dress was pretty and much nicer than Rami's outfit (although her pants were awful).

Ricky's dress? Oy. Seen it before.

To give only one designer immunity when it was very much a collaborative effort sucks, but I'm beginning to think they're just fucking with us and making us really want the big win for Sissybear. No wins, no immunity, un-auf'd, and Bryant Park? Could it be?

Kit's final comments (on air, on her Bravo blog, and her own site) about her departure were rather sweet and didn't seem bitter in any way. What a graceful way to go.

Anonymous said...

i agree with chica labouche.

in the team challenges, the winner isn't the one with the most influence in creating the winning look, but the one who would have had their neck on the line if the look lost.

Anonymous said...

A miracle happened last night... no there were 2 miracles. First, I was so happy with the challenge and I loved how they threw in the ready to wear challenge (although I wish they got about 4 more hours). What a way to educate us on the impact of couture vs ready to wear.
The second miracle, I actually started to like Christian. I felt like he quickly understood that Chris could deliver and eagerly partnered up. And I think Christian kept his composure well with the planning for the ready to wear challenge. And of course Chris is just perfect and his ease and comfort was a perfect balance to Christian.

FOR ONCE I finally saw Christian's training in the creation of the Galliano inspired gown. And Chris really made it couture.

I think that this is going to be one of my most favorite episodes. I thought the output by the second team was also inspiring.

The bar has finally been raised BUT Chritian - no more pleating (3 time) and Romi no more pleating (3-4 time). Actually, Romi you've reached your arc so continue to run around in a towel, it's the only way you'll enthall us.

I don't even want to talk about Ricky - but Kit's work did look like crap - I thought I saw a few of my great aunts blankets on the model.

ChelseaNH said...

The hunchy pose came from Christian -- he made a comment about it during the runway show, how it's so "couture."

I thought Victorya and Jillian would win, since the judges loved everything they made, but I think Team C&C had the more fabulous avant-garde look. I, too, would have liked a smidge of color -- perhaps a light lemon chiffon or the pale green of heavily bedewed grass on a foggy morning -- but nothing too carnival float.

As for the ready-to-wear skirt, it should have been in a soft fabric to blend with the blouse, and it should have had two or three tiers. Over at TWoP, someone posted a link to Alexandra Vidal's spring 2008 collection (http://www.alexandravidal.com/collection_details.php?collection=Spring%20/%20Summer%202008) and a couple of the skirts have the right idea.

Anonymous said...

Chris was too much of a coward to take the lead in Team Fierce cos he was aufed by being team leader before. On the other hand Christian - who's on the bottom last week - took the challenge and responsibility. Rami knew (and lost it) the pressure that came by being team leader. So yes, Christian should be rewarded for putting his arse out there. And yes, Christian deserved the sole immunity.

Anonymous said...

When I heard about the RTW challenge, I thought, "Great! C & C's design easily lends itself to a RTW knockoff." A little slip cocktail dress with lots of floaty layers immediately came to mind. Now granted, I'm not a designer, so maybe my choice would have been too "obvious" - but Christian's ruffly secretary look just made me say WTF??? Add some glasses on a chain and she would have been Miss Jane from the Beverly Hillbillies.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous high fashion garment. Worthy of any runway, worldwide.

SissyFierce as a team? Absolutely a collaboration. I commend both designers for checking enough ego at the door that they could genuinely put the project first and produce an excellent garment. Each of their report cards should read, "Play's well with others".

Strangely I didn't hear a lot of "Well since I am team leader, I am entitled to insert blah, blah here. But more about that when the Rami/SweetP team is discussed.

Re Christian's getup last night, I had always wondered what the bartender wears in gay cowboy bars in East Goose Neck, Texas. Now I know.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing look (the couture gown). My one surprise was the voice-over when Christian was talking about the couture posture -- hunched over. That looks kinda ... ugly.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris and Christian! You two rocked last night.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Chris did it again. He's so my favorite designer now.

Ursa said...

Just so you know, Chris told us he loves the Sissy Bear nickname.

YAY! 'Cause I <3 me some Sissy Bear! (And I like Marcie's sissy=sister, that really makes sense and keeps it 100% positive)

Was so happy to see C&C's pairing and their great "team spirit", their AG gown was a great melding of both of their sensibilities.

But I have to agree with the opinion that SweetP's RTW outfit was the only one that didn't look like ass.

Anonymous said...

justplainchristine, I agree!

When the RTW twist was announced, I thought C&C were going to make a dress very similar to Chloe's Sascha Cohen dress (only in beige). Wouldn't that look as if it had been inspired by their avant garde look?

I'm not criticizing, though. With those time constraints, the fact that they had second look at all was admirable.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! Say what you want about Chris but the man knows how to wow you big time. Christian might be the raw talent he talks about every fine minutes, but to me he more of a one note designer. Everything he's designed so far looks the same to me.

Mom said...

Finally! An episode I'm looking forward to seeing repeats of! Nay, indeed, craving to see repeats of! Real fashion, real risk-taking, real beads of sweat on Rami's big old door knob of a head! It just doesn't get any better (although that RTW outfit was a bit lackluster: not only did it make the model look hippy, it also made her look flat-chested. But nothing was going to get in the way of that avant-garde outfit. No way, no how!)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your whole assessment of Team SissyFierce and LOL at the comment about Christian's outfit!!!!! WTF was that?

Anonymous said...

Gothmato (may I call you Gothmato?),

I agree to a point. But if all of the designers based their preception of one another's skills on their worst outfit? How could Sweet P ever trust Rami's taste level after his Blanche-Deveraux-covered-in-tree-moss prom challenge extravaganza? (And I say that as someone who didn't hate it.) The woman had to do menswear, and, as TLo have pointed out, it hardly seems fair to use menswear to judge a womenswear designer's prowess.

Look at her work with Elisa. That cape was great, and the outfit was stunning. And even most of her other stuff, while not always exciting design wise, was well sewn. I think Rami was just being flat out childish, a bad designer, and a bad team member. His attempts to blame Sweet P on the runway were pathetic. Kat's dress was by far worse than his (whereas Sweet P's ready to wear was the best on the runway), and I think that's the only thing that saved him from going home.

Now I feel bad that we're hijacking the Chris/tian post thread, so GO TEAM SISYFIERCE! I couldn't be happier to see Chris doing so well.

BeckyW said...

Chris deserved the immunity.

Anonymous said...

Finally a decent challenge. And I have to say I finally agreed w/ the judging. Kit had to go. Theirs' was the weakest and they were making team leaders responsible good or bad. I think she is v talented but the dresses were awful. they totally didn't get the concept.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this episode was awesome and the right team won. I was struck that Victorya looked genuinely happy when they said Christian won. I thought that was sweet. And I liked that Jillian admitted to her time management issues.


Anonymous said...

Getting to this a little late due to the cold going around here in Chi.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the winning design (as well as the 2nd place finishers) I guess I was being greedy and wanted "more".

In addition to the banal skirt, I didn't like the way the top fit where the sleeves were removed. There was too much extra fabric and it gaoed when she moved. I would have preferred a plain top with a short skirt that had the circles and layers from the AG look.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!!! And I am soooo happy for Chris. And yes, Christian too. Yeah. Whatever.

Go, Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the win. The avant-garde look was unbelievably fabulous and I too think it was a total team effort. Christian may have come up with the design, but he had the confidence to go over the top because of Chris. If I had to nitpick, I'd say the color was a bit too Miss Haversham for me (I'd have gone with something a shade lighter or darker) and the vertical pleating on the bodice (which is Christian's signature look) seems wrong for the horizontal look of this dress.

And kudos to Marcia (or however it's spelled) for being able to handle the weight of 45 yards of fabric and a metal infrastructure. She even did that weird crouch pose Christian wanted her to do. She's my favorite model, and Chris is smart to keep her.

The everyday look did evoke the spirit of the extrav-organza look, and C&C listened to Tim and changed it up a bit by taking off the sleeves. Very wise.

I still don't get why they set this up as a one outfit team for the entire first day and part of the second, but did single immunity, single auf. If only the team leader could win or lose, then team Victorya/Jillian effectively had immunity. How does that make sense? So I agree Chris was slighted once again, but the whole setup for the challenge seemed badly thought out.

Anonymous said...

This was exactly the kind of collaboration Michael Kors was talking about. They both have skillz and are fast--though how they got the avant-garde dress done and had any time for the RTW is unfathomable to me. I wish we had seen more of the construction on the show.

Chris brought the over-the-topness of costuming and drag and Christian brought the edge. They each respected the others skillz and POV and that's what made it work. They both got their wish. People will remember this dress for a long time.

This outcome makes Jack's postings about how the other designers don't hang out with Chris even sadder. Christian could learn alot from Chris and vis-versa.

Anonymous said...

Fabulosity all the way... even the not so fabulous second look was kind of fierce too, and can I just say that Marcia did an amazing job on the runway? She is my favorite now, sorry Lea.

Bill said...

GothamTomato said... I wish I knew how to post links the way Bill does

Piece of cake, Gotham -
Check here

Anonymous said...

"Neighbors will hear said:

"Wow. Would you give it a rest already? It doesn't matter what Sweet P sends down the runway: you're going to hate it because it's from Sweet P. How many times have you told is how much you hate her? We get it."

Totally agree with you. She/he takes his/her hate for Sweet P overboard to the point of nastiness.

Stubenville said...

Okay, now that we have all basked in the glow of a team we liked and which most thought deserved to win and we smoked our post-coital cigarettes, were the pairings a set-up or what?

WTF - Tim makes a big deal of pulling the buttons from the velvet bag and announcing the pairs. Odd how all but one pair (Robot Girl and YaYa) were strong designer / weak designer pairs as seen from Dutchess and Nina's perspectives. What are the chances of that happening randomly?

This just smells like a set up. Good teevee, yes, but why not be upfront about the pairings? "The producers have decided to pair stronger designers with perceived weaker designers." Too ego-bruising perhaps?

Lilithcat said...

Chris wasn't robbed. If this had been a straight-up head-to-head challenge, then I would agree. But I seem to recall much discussion on these forums about how unfair it was that there was no benefit to being a team leader, and how having such a benefit would encourage people to step up to the plate. Well, in this challenge, there was one. Team leader is the winner, and gets immunity. Let's not gripe becausee we got what we wanted!

That said, what was up with that belt? Do you see how it moved between the runway show and the runway questions?

The gown knocked my socks off. The color was beautiful against the model's dark skin. It would have washed me out, but on her it was fabulous.

Have to say that I loved V & J's coat, too, and I'd wear their ready-to-wear and SweetP's in a hot minute.

Lilithcat said...

Just wanted to add that I do wish Chris/Christian's model had stood up straight! (Of course, that big ol' antenna may have weighed her down.)

Anonymous said...

Christian requested the model stand like that. He said it was how couture models stand. Who knows, he may be right or he may be full of shit.

Mary said...

Why does Christian insist on putting those enormous cinching belts on his model. She a beatiful girl and I'm sure a decent model, but she has no waist and those belts only emphasize her boxiness.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the soundtrack to this episode should have been Kanye's Stronger - damn, they don't make em like this anymore!

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused by everyone dogpiling Ricky all the time. Just because he's put out medicore work in the past doesn't mean he deserved the auf here. On this particular challenge, Rami deserved it for his completely "not even trying" avant-garde look ("but Tim, you've never seen me do a corset before! That's new!!") on top of his abominably poor team management.

I have liked Rami in the past, but puh-leeze. The only reason he was safe at all is because he had won a previous challenge -- and as someone on a previous comment section had aptly noted, the judges appear to be allergic to eliminating previous challenge-winners.

Loved this winning look. I haven't liked Christian in the past (the RTW look is all him... impeccably detailed top and a totally no-effort bottom? Shock, horror) but he really deserved the win here.

Anonymous said...


Christian gets "the win" because he was team leader? That just bites! Both members should have gotten it - especially in this case. Any fool could see that dress was 95% Chris and as, I believe, the Duchess said "the skirt was a throw away" on the everyday look.

If you are going to have a team challenge then the whole team wins or the whole team loses, not just one member! There is no "I" in team!!

Anonymous said...

Chica, your post at 12:42 was Fantastic. THANK YOU!!!!

" ... as TLo have pointed out, it hardly seems fair to use menswear to judge a womenswear designer's prowess."

Everything about the SweetP bashing is so biased and prejudicial that it simply makes no sense whatsoever. And as Metropolitan Vegeteble said at 11:10, it really does appear to be one pesons personal vendetta.

It would be funny, in a pathetic kind of way, if it wasn't almost certain that the person being disparaged probably reads the comments.

I'm mean, can you imagine? She has to read comments like "Any minute she's going to drop the fake demeanor and revert to her true, nasty self."

It's awful.

Anonymous said...

What a great episode. The C & C dress was magical. Christian did a great job as leader because he has repect for Chris' skill as well as a solid vision of the design for this challange. I think they both did great jobs, and as team leader Christian came out the winner. Chris has some definite construction talent, however. It's hard to rig a dress with a gigantic neck tower and have it feel and look secure. The model worked that dress on the runway and it held up like a dream.

Chris...the hometeam in SF are rooting for you. Your portfolio costumes rock. (I knew it was you wearing them, even if your prom princess did not.)

Anonymous said...

Who told Sweet P's mom about this blog?

Anonymous said...

Great write-up, TLo! I love reading your blog.

For those complaining about the color choice for the fabric of that awesome avant-garde creation of Christian and Chris' - please keep in mind that they needed 45 YARDS of fabric. I know Mood is huge, but I doubt even they had many fabrics in stock that met the texture/weight requirements C&C needed, much less had that amount in a lot of colors (certainly expecting to find 45 yards of a light lemon yellow organza seems a bit of a stretch). It makes sense to me that the sheer volume of fabric required restricted them to something fairly standard (like what you'd find in their wedding dress fabric department). I'm just happy they didn't wind up with white or black by default.

And yes, it was lovely to see C&C work so well together. I too wish that they could have been named co-winners, with no immunity, but the nice prize of the photo spread split between them.

As for their ready-to-wear look, I would have much preferred it if they'd extended the blouse down to a mini-dress length (including the row of ruffle) and left out that awful belt and brown skirt. That being said, I did feel that their RTW look best matched their avant-garde look. As much as I loved V&J's avant-garde coat ensemble, the RTW look was basically a LBD with a little of the tartan fabric thrown on. Cute, and well done, but not really a close match to the drama of that fantastic coat.

Anonymous said...

As for that ridiculous hunched-over "couture" pose, in the finals of Project Runway Canada Lucian Matis also made all of his models do that at the end of the catwalk. Really distracting and unflattering, IMHO.

ChelseaNH said...

stubenville said:

"Odd how all but one pair (Robot Girl and YaYa) were strong designer / weak designer pairs as seen from Dutchess and Nina's perspectives. What are the chances of that happening randomly?"

Ooh, math! 8 designers, 5 strong, 3 weak. As I recall, Jillian and Victorya (SS) were the last pair matched, so the pool went from 5S/3W to 4S/2W to 3S/1W, at which point you're guaranteed a SS and a SW pair.

If the 1st draw is a strong designer (62.5% prob), there are 4S and 3W left to pair with, so about a 43% chance of a SW pair. If the 1st draw is a weak designer (37.5% prob), there are 5S and 2W left to pair with, so about a 70% chance of a SW pair.

For the second pairing, if you draw a strong designer first (66% prob), there are 3S and 2W left to pair with, so a 40% chance of a SW pair. If you draw a weak designer first (33% prob), there are 4S and 1W left to pair with, or an 80% chance of a SW pair.

The odds against this happening just aren't very lopsided.

Anonymous said...

If they had to sacrifice quality on the RTW garment to make that avant garde piece, then they made the right choice. It was truly stunning.

However TLo, I think you did a disservice to Christian by understating his role in the avant garde piece. It was a true collaboration and Christian I'm sure had a lot of influence on the piece and did much of the construction. He was the team leader so he must have inspired some or most of the vision.

this blog is getting blatantly biased towards chris. I think he's fabulous, but statements like "Christ was robbed" just shows no objectivity.

Christian contributed a lot to the team and Chris shied away from team leader. Christian led the team wonderfully and collaborated brilliantly. It was nice to see him back in form after his last dreadful creation.

I hope Chris continues to be successful, but I don't think it's fair to diminish Christian's accomplishment in this challenge.

Anonymous said...

That dress by team SissyFierce is fabulous. Thanks for posting all the photos of it! I'm really impressed that they put that together in such a short amount of time. They identified and took advantage of each other's strengths and were respectful of each other. No petty bitching or ego-tripping, and they had fun too. They'd probably do well working together after the show too. Great teamwork!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! This is what the show should be about. Let the designers express their true vision and concepts. None of this make a dress out of banana skins kind of bullshit.

Thombeau said...

Loved the dress. You guys are spot on!

I definitely see Christian's influence, but who are we fooling? It's Chris March all the way!

Anonymous said...

One more post - sorry. Last night and this morning fellow PR fans started calling and emailing me to discuss this episode. It was different than those bad weeks when we'd start bitching later in the day. It's like my PR friends are basking in a hazy glow of happiness tinged with a little relief. They all said "PR is back"!

I suffer from this too and it's really distracting. I came into work early as I have huge amount of projects to get to and I am still watching the posts on this site as well as reading the blogs on Bravo between my projects.

So I've got to step away and get over my couture hangover.

Here's what I think. None of the judges are going to forget this dress with future judging and I think it's possible that C&C will both be in the final.

Anonymous said...

http://bp2.blogger.com/_6HS63fN3JQs/RhURMP2vguI/AAAAAAAACKY/c6uuYZp_1L0/s1600-h/gs.jpg enough said.

Anonymous said...


ok there's the whole link. Gwen from Harper's Bazaar May 2007.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who live in the NYC area should really go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art-- there is a great Costume Institute show there called "blog.mode:addressing fashion" which features Alexander McQueen's "Oyster" dress-- an obvious influence on Team Fierce. The dress is in the final gallery on the left side. Or you may be able to google it-- layers and layers of organza in an amazing garment that was part of his 2003 "shipwreck" collection.
Full disclosure: I work at the Museum. But not for the Costume Institute (alas).

Anonymous said...

Yay Team SissyFierce! As soon as I saw Chris working that armature, I knew that one of them would win. Both should have been given immunity for the next challenge because they really showed teamwork throughout the process.

Anonymous said...

I loved this dress, it was amazing. Obviously it was more Chris than Christian, but it was a true collaboration. They both did outstanding and I think they should both be rewarded. The RTW however, not so good. Ugly really.

Kit/Ricky's dress was the worst and deserved to be auf'd, but I think they should have sent Ricky home based on his past work including this work. Because in the past Kit has done really well, but Ricky consistently does bad work.

Rami really was mean to Sweet P and I cannot understand the folks (or rather folk) on here who bash her so unrelentlessly. She is a sweet lady, who has done some good and bad work. She doesn't deserve the rude treatment by Rami and by commenters.

Anonymous said...

anon said: this blog is getting blatantly biased towards chris. I think he's fabulous, but statements like "Christ was robbed" just shows no objectivity.

OK, we all love sissy bear but I don't think we have gone quie that far. :).....

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:42 said:

"Who told Sweet P's mom about this blog?"

Gotham Tomato posts anonymously too?

junior_goddess said...

Loved it. Christian's outfit would have been MUCH improved in monotone. REALLY.

Love the model instruction BEST. THAT is a classic.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to love this dress. I love Chris and I respect Christian. Somehow, though, the dress didn't feel new or unexpected, or even pretty to me. It felt a little cold, like a museum piece. Maybe it was the color and the ruffles combination. It reminded me of Victorian undergarments in a creepy way. Purely a matter of taste, I know. Anyone still on this post-go ahead and scoff.

Anonymous said...

One word.
Finally these designers turned out some truly memorable and gorgeous clothing. Team Fierce's looks were, well, fierce. And the "punk inspired" jacket from the emotionless women? A-maz-ing.
Finally the judges made a decision that makes some sense. Sorry to see you go, Kit, but it was your time.
Finally we saw Rami's true colors: he's a one-note control freak who does not play well with others.
Finally Jillian the cyborg showed some real spontaneous human emotion!
Finally I can say, "Best episode this season."

Ms_flyover said...


You are more than welcome to your opinion. I actually didn't entirely disagree with Kevin getting auf'd last week which I believe would make me more fit for pelting with rotten fruit.

Having said that, I thought this dress was stunning, but I also really appreciated what team estrogen put out. And for some reason, the princess has really grown on me - he's like one of those little yippee dogs that can be annoying, but are so cute you can't help but want to carry them around in your purse.

I'm looking forwar dto the Rami/Sweet P write up - anyone else love the irony of Rami treating Sweet P like a peon and then being the one called out on the runway? Irony is such fun.

the blogger formerly signing off as AES

Anonymous said...

Is it too late for Chris to run for president? 'Cause I would totally vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for SOMEONE to address how PP is taking the lion's share of the credit for this look on screen and in 'burning questions.' You boys seem to think the look was attributable to Chris... but I honestly don't know!

Ok, so Christian did the sketch (WITH Chris), had the idea for the layered look, and chose the fabric. BUT who knows at what point in that process Chris stepped in with suggestions and editing? Obviously the wing was a Chris construction, but the sleeves, the pleated shirtwaist, pure Christian.

I honestly don't think either of them could have done this look alone - Chris brought the drama, Christian brought the hyper-construction and sleek silhouette, and they both brought mad sewing skills.

I don't think sissybear was robbed, exactly - he did choose to forgo team leadership this time for a reason. But Christian should be giving him more credit for some of the design elements. Bearbear was not just a seamstress here.

Sigh! Oh for a tape of their entire process from beginning to end!

GothamTomato said...

"jackie said: Gotham Tomato posts anonymously too?"

Sorry to burst your bubble dear, but I only post as myself.


Jeanette said...

This is one of my top 4 of fave pr looks of all the seasons. Good job boys!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I take it all back, I just read Chris' take on this challenge and even he attributes the dress to Christian. I think, in this case, you guys just missed the mark! Easy to understand how because the editing makes their creative processes so opaque.

Anonymous said...

okay, here is what I want for the next team challenge . . . the judges don't get to ask or be told ahead of time who the team leader was.

159 comments by my lunchtime . . . my, aren't we all chatty today?

Anonymous said...

Alexander McQueen's oyster dress:


HOT! I don't think C&C's look was derivative, though. The Gwen Stefani Harper's Bazaar look, though... when was this ep filmed, v. when that magazine came out? What did y'all think of the color scheme in the Harper's dress v. the C&C dress?

I liked C&C's monochrome look because, with a dress that active, you risk looking like you're in a Carmen Miranda costume:



Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome....

Team SissyFierce? That had me rolling on the floor.

Anonymous said...

This outcome makes Jack's postings about how the other designers don't hang out with Chris even sadder. Christian could learn alot from Chris and vis-versa.

I COMPLETELY agree! I don't get Jack's bitchery toward Chris at all.

Milla said...

I agree with the Chris having more input on the winning look.
But it was definitely the winner hands-down.
I think it was a great partnership and a team made in heaven.
Chris is really a sweet, kind person and it just radiates out, you know?
Both of these guys are amazingly skilled and creative and as far as the avant-garde look, it is the closest that anything in PR has ever come to Haute Couture.
As I said in my blog, I AM NOT WORTHY and I worship at the feet of the chicken a la king of the world and wondrous Sissybear.

Anonymous said...

Also blown away by Team Fierce, agree there, but come ON now. Mostly Chris March? That's not the feeling I got. The a-g design, not the remarkable construction of the shell-like megacollar which was obviously all Sissybear and certainly proved to be the proverbial cherry on the conceptual sundae, but the overall design was Sistah Xtian all the way. I don't think for a hot minute that Christian could have pulled off constructing a garment out of all those circles of organza by himself, but give him credit for coming up with the bazillion circles of organza idea in the first place. We heard Christian suggest it, we saw Christian sketch it. We saw Chris March step back and defer leadership to Christian even though Chris March initially claimed to be thrilled with the idea of the challenge. Why do you think he did that? Probably because it was Christian who came up with the design concept. I think SissyB did great work here, just saying, cut a Sistah a break.

Also, the nude color isn't a problem for me. If you added even a hint of pink or some other pastel, I think it would have come off too froo froo. Even more color? Clownish. Or as someone else said, Carmen Miranda.

A great collaboration, and Chris was not robbed, really, though I'd have preferred a double elimination and double immunity to be totally fair.

Anonymous said...

8 designers, 5 strong, 3 weak.

LOVE the analysis - brills!

But! I get two weak, six strong, if you are counting VickYAYA as strong and it seems that you are...

Rami, Jillian, Christian, Kit, Chris, VickYAYA

Sweet P, Ricky

I myself would categorize them thusly:

Jillian, Christian, Chris (up from mid bc of the last three eps)

Kit, Rami (down bc of last two eps), VickYAYA & Sweet P (both up bc of last two eps)


Anonymous said...

Histrogeek wrote:

Ricky cries and gets to stay despite obviously being the worst designer there (at least since Carmen was kicked off).

I forgot about Carmen! Ack!

I agree this deserved the win, but I have to say, that coat of Jillian Bueller's was fan-freaking-tastic.

I can hardly wait for your posts on this episode. Some amazing pieces went down the runway last night!


Anonymous said...

Again, as most have added, why just the perfunctory love for Christian? As others have posted, Kit said this about the dress:

Was Chris and Christian's dress as insanely incredible as it was on TV?
It was even better. It was phenomenal in person. Christian's abilities are so vast. He did that entire dress minus the headdress by himself.

I love Chris like everyone, but credit where credit is due: CHRISTIAN

Anonymous said...

Utterly amazing AG dress! Wow! You really can see our Sissybear's influence there. I was blown away by this one, and I am no fan of AG, too weird usually. The RTW, meh, not so much. The skirt was completely asstastic and the darts on the blouse were meant for someone with a MUCH higher bustline! Surprisingly good pairing of those two. Chris is so mellow/funny and Christian so 'look at ME! I'm the BEST!', but they balanced each other out and pulled off an amazing feat! Bravo to both of them!!!

Anonymous said...

I would pay to see a Rami/Ricky team. Or, if time travel was possible, a Shatangi/Ricky team.

While I would prefer to see more of the creative process on each challenge, I have to admit - That would be some amazing television.

Kanani said...

I just looked at the construction of that collar piece. Only Chris would know how to do such a thing so that it stayed in place. He rocked it.

In a way, I wish these challenges would have come a bit sooner. I can't wait until next week. I have a good feeling for our Sissybear.

As for the others --once their respective photos are put up, I'll comment on them then.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Is this the McQueen dress? Wow! Stunning. Whose dress is on Gwen Stefani? It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

When Michael Kors gave his speech about how truly great design teams are (to paraphrase) “marriages of different sensibilities … not just two people agreeing, and telling each other they’re both fabulous”, all the designers and judges agreed wholeheartedly, as if he’d just uttered a sacred and undeniable truth that had heretofore eluded them. Even I was somewhat persuaded by his argument.

Unfortunately, his neat theory was somewhat contradicted by the results: the two strongest teams, by overwhelming consensus, were the absurdly simpatico pairings of Jillian & Victorya, and Christian & Chris.

Hephaestion said...

Christian's designs are starting to look more uniform than Rami's. Fact is, CHRIS is the most original designer on the show now. they are ALL good, yes, but I think Chris deserves to win. And I think it is a SHAME that the judges have robbed him of at least several victories he should have won.

Hephaestion said...

The greatest travesty on Project Runway now? That Ricky the Lingerie Baby Doll Dress Robot is still on the show when great designers like Kevin, Kit, and Elisa have been auf'd. Now THAT is a travesty.

Anonymous said...

C&C Fierce Factory!! That is perfect.

I was both thrilled and terrified when Chris & Christian were paired up -- I thought they'd make a great team, but oh, what if they didn't and they BOTH got eliminated? That would have broken my heart. Luckily, they worked extremely well together -- and hooray, a win! Team SissyFierce forever!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Chris was robbed. I was pissed to see the judges heap praise on Christian and barely mention Chris. I love the pocket gay but that avant garde outfit wouldn't have been created without Chris.

I'm getting sick of the judges and their stupid pets. For real.

Kit was most definitely robbed. Can't wait to see what you guys have to say about it.

Suffice to say - me and my PR crew were NOT impressed with last night's auf!

ChelseaNH said...

Thanks, mercyx.

"But! I get two weak, six strong, if you are counting VickYAYA as strong and it seems that you are... "

I was starting from stubenville's premise: three S/W teams plus one S/S robot princess team -- at least in the judges' view. So Chris, Sweet P and Ricky would be the three who don't get no respect from the judges, while Christian, Rami, Victorya, Jillian and Kit are the favorites. Except I didn't see Kit getting much love from the judges. No spankings, either, so perhaps that was enough for stubenville to assign her to the strong side.

Anonymous said...

Well, like I said, even after all the evidence points to the design being largely christian's, the blind people on this board continue to say Chris was robbed.

Read the designers commentary and you'll realize that while yes the RTW look wasn't that hot, Christian still was an instumental force in the avant garde look.

Chris wasn't robbed, christian deserved the win and immunity.

I'm not saying chris is horrible, it just bugs me when people say "the design was clearly chris's" when all evidence is to the complete opposite. People say this because they like him, not because it's actually fact.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
People say this because they like him, not because it's actually fact."

And you're saying what you're saying because you like Christian.
And even if you're right, fine, you made your point 5 posts ago, let the other people disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be mean, but Christian sketched the look and you can read what the designers said on the bravo website.

It's basing a decision just by looking at the garment and what is edited on tv, versus reading what the designers say.

Opinions are fine, but read what chris, christian, and kit say about the design and it's pretty obvious that Christian was a large influence (tho not complete) on this piece.

It was a brilliant collaboration, just frustrating to see people inject false interpretations.

Anonymous said...

Where can I read what Chris said about the design?

Anonymous said...

I got chills when that dress came down the runway, for reals. I ADORE avant garde wear, it's just so stunning and over the top and bold, so this challenge was great. That dress, was the best thing I've seen on Project Runway. Absolutely stunning in so many words.

Stubenville said...

Just to clarify my thoughts on weak v.s. strong designers (as I believe Dutchess and Nina see them):

Strong - Jillian, Kit, Princess, Rami, YaYa

Weak - Ricky, Sissybear, Sweet P

I thought it was really curious that all the pairs but one were strong/weak. Thanks to the poster with a statistics background who explained that it wasn't really such a long shot after all.

pablo_honey said...

I was seriously concerned that they would give it to VictorYa's Blade Runner cast-offs; was very relieved when they gave to team Bitchy Boyz.

More gray drapes from Rami, who could've seen that coming?

TLo said...

Anonymous said...

Where can I read what Chris said about the design?

"How did you two come up with the concept?
He had a gown idea that pulled from his couture experience, and I had a separate vision of a huge collar piece, and suggested we combine them. Then we just went for it."

You can read it here.


Lizzy poo said...


Congratultions on such a succesful blog. I've been following you since the early days and it's great to see so many participants. You've really kept up with the pace.

Anonymous said...

Well, I will agree that Chris pretty much carried team SissyFierce to the win on his own back. However, I understand why Christian won. Christian was the team leader; when the team comes out on top, the leader always takes the prize on PRW. Everyone, including Chris, knows how this works. If Sissybear wasn't willing lead,to take responsibility and put himself in the way of elimination if the product was bad, he could not win the challenge.

Granted, last time Chris was a team leader, things did not go so hot. He probably played it smart.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy for them. They really deserved the win. I still can't believe they made such a beautiful and intricate gown in such a short period of time. Congrats Chris and Christian!!

Anonymous said...

Chris surely knows how to go large and Christian is definitely fierce.

Anonymous said...

I love when Christian told the judges their avant-garde piece was made with 45 yards. It was cute :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this look! I thought the color was absolutely perfect, too -- anything more would have taken away from the design. Just gorgeous.

I also like the V/J coat, but one thing baffles me. Maybe I don't get it, but I thought a RTW look based on the A/G look would reflect how designers often tone down their runway creations for the stores.

So I thought V/J's RTW would be a smartly styled black trench coat lined in the tartan, while Team Fierce would have -- as another poster suggested -- a cocktail slip dress that involved tiers of the organza.

And as for the poster who suggested a Shetangi/Ricky collaboration, all I could think of was "cut and cry."

Hope Laurie

Anonymous said...


I lovED when Christian...

Anonymous said...

Christian really "loves" McQueen, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Kit said in her exit interview that Christian sewed the entire dress himself. Chris just did the headdress.

I think Chris is getting too much credit here.

Anonymous said...

Kit is also one of the "cool kids" who won't hang out with Chris, according to Jack. I find it somewhat impossible to believe that Christian sewed everything himself while Chris only worked on the wing.

Anonymous said...

Whats wroung with you female dogs? No one has mentioned Alberta Ferretti, the guest judge. She was totaly fabo, too hot, perfect eye, great accent and shaggable even to a gay man. Ninas blog said she flew in from Milano just to do the show....amazing. I want to see that woman in black leather kicking the organza out of Miss Ream-mi!

Anonymous said...

"I still can't believe they made such a beautiful and intricate gown in such a short period of time."

What I can't believe is how they purchased forty-five yards of organza, plus assorted trimmings and notions... for three hundred bucks!

Anonymous said...

Loved C&C's teamwork and avant garde gown! I also liked SweetPea's RTW dress.

I appreciate the pics here so that we could get a better look at the creations.

Anonymous said...

"duandsku said...

Kit said in her exit interview that Christian sewed the entire dress himself. Chris just did the headdress.

I think Chris is getting too much credit here."

That's true. Christian did the entire thing by himself. Chris wasn't even there. He was sleeping the entire time in the backroom. They had to use footage from previous episodes.

I think I read somewhere that Christian made the shoes too.

Anonymous said...

Chris and Christian's look was completely breathtaking, and they seemed to be having such a good time. Kudos to both!

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