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Darlings, let's take a mo to focus on our favorite 'mo: Big Daddy Runway, Sir Tim of the Gunn.

Honestly, there's no introduction that could do this one justice so we'll just reduce it down to three words:

1. Tim
2. Christian
3. Walkoff

Dear Project Runway editors,

This shit is GOLD. Please stop designating stuff like this as "Bonus Footage" and start making it your PRIMARY footage.


Project Runway Fandom

Also, click here to see Tim's tour of the Bryant Park tents on the morning of the PR runway show.


Made my day.

"We're going to pose at the stain."

Hahahahahahaha. Freaking hilarious!!!

And I agree, we need more of that in the final cut of the show.

Miss Splendora

oh my god i love it. that is so funny. thanks guys.

Oh, my gosh, that was hysterical! I laughed so hard and loud that a) I scared my cats and, b) I didn't hear the tea kettle whistle!

I echo your sentiments. Bravo!, I want more!

That was so, absolutely hysterical -- you are right they should include that footage in the regular show!

I love Heidi when she's feisty!

Ooops, tossed my comment...

That was fantastic. Heidi is just insanely pretty when she's just being a person. And Tim is even more delightful. Pity the poor straight men watching Tim getting the tickle from Mrs. Seal.

"Pose at the stain" may uproot "Where the hell is my chiffon?" in my heart...


Mariana (The Unoriginal)

LOLOLOL Thanks, kittens! I can't stop laughing. That was FIERCE!

OMFG, totally hilarious! I fell in love with Tim all over again.

Love love love.

I can't get enough of Christian either. He so reminds my of my daughter's 20-ish gay boy friends. No party is even remotely a party without them! Like Christian they are fiercely bitchy and SO funny.

Heidi really digs Tim, eh? She gets as close to him as possible whenever she can. Can't say I blame her, I would too!

God, I love Tim!! Wow, the tent is enormous. I didn't think it was that big.

Tim's ticklish! hahahaha!! :)

Thanks guys! :)


How can you not love these people when you get to see them as silly ticklish/tickler human beings. Who else but Christian would challenge BOTH Heidi and Tim to a walkoff and get Tim to do it? If he wasn't already my fan favorite that little clip would have aced it.

OMG, we're all sitting around the computer laughing our asses off! That was the best. Thank you for putting it up here. I would have completely missed it otherwise.


How can you not love Puffy Princess? She saved this season from boredom.

Pose at the stain? PRICELESS!!!

Oh my gosh, boys - I have tears running down my face! ... this is hilarious!

Hysterical! Tim laughing was the best part.

OMG. That was so awesome!

This post made my morning. Seriously, I very nearly had orange juice coming out of my nose.

Hahahaha! this is damn funny.

mazeway said...

Ooops, tossed my comment...

That was fantastic. Heidi is just insanely pretty when she's just being a person.

She's even prettier in person.

Too funny. Thanks for posting, guys.

This video is hilarious, you had the entire family here laughing.

I honestly cackled when I saw that. It made my Saturday.

As an incredibly ticklish person, I also felt a little bad for Tim when Heidi was tickling him. It was super adorable though.

Okay. Okay. Okay, I can't take it anymore. Can I just say, that you guys should sit with the editors and the footage. Are they morons? Are they being manipulated by seriously deranged producers who collectively have their head up their a**? This is 2008. Stop producing and editing the show like its the Oscars, fer chrissakes. The show should be called Project Yawnur (apologies to elisa and the ex-blogger of same) It's like I have to watch the show to get the barest set of information, but all the actual good stuff, the REAL stuff is to be found here, or on outtakes. God forbid I go to the website, which is truly one of the most unnavigable sites I have ever been on. Thank-you for a place to rant. I KNOW they read you guys. The show is such an awesome concept, with so many possibilities Maybe they will listen to all of us...
Thank-you, thank-you, TLO.


That walkoff was freakin' hilarious!

Heidi doesn't give up, does she?

I think Tim won overall!

you are right, it is GOLD.

thanks for the laugh :)

That made up for all the bad that this season has brought. :D

He has a great laugh, like Chris, you can't help but laugh along. And watching him glide with perfect posture next to Christian's (admitably fierce) stomp was the perfect way to sum up their relationship. Love!

Seriously! Why can't they put any of this good stuff in the actual episodes?

For instance, I would have loved to have seen Michael have a laughing fit during the wrestling challenge but there wasn't even a hint of it.

They must have to work hard to make the episodes as boring as they are.

I love all of the "behind the scenes" footage. It gives such a different perspective on what we actually see on the show. Damn there were a lot of people up there on that roof just for a spot of Moet product placement!

Loved the view of the Bryant Park tents too. I had no idea what a giant complex it was.

That was a walkoff, but was it a motherfucking walkoff? I don't think so. Loved it, though. Christian looks like he's walking the runway for Beyonce's House of Dereon or some such foolishness, bless his heart.

I'd say PR definately needs new writers/editors/directors if they left this out and put some of the other stuff in.


Though could it be that they edit, not with the primary tv show in mind, but rather with a dvd set that they'll charge $$$ for?? Me thinks so.


tim is hot! he turns me on!

i want to have him in my bed with rami and jack.


If you squint hard enough you can see the dictionary on Tim's head.

Excellent! Too funny! Even my husband was laughing.

Love that Tim Gunn.

This made me laugh out loud. It must have been filmed just after a wine tasting.
Tim is a true gentleman and a good sport.

Haha, I want to tickle Tim :P

Ticklish Tim! LOLOL.


Laughing out loud. Hilarious! I fell in love with Tim once again.


Love it, guys!

And it really makes PPS more human and less of a charicature. (sp?)

Though his walk was way exaggerated. Sir Tim of the Gunn wins the walkoff!

Now I wanna see Tim & Chris have a laugh-off.

That was amazing. I loved it. I have to say, though, I'm surprised you guys didn't remark on Heidi's handsiness like you did for the last reunion show. Not even counting the tickling, which can be seen as friendly, she was playing with the hair on the back of his head before he hugged her, which was -not- a friendly thing, at least not here in the States. Just saying... ^_^;

Anyway, you guys are awesome, and keep up the good work. ^_^

This is so funny. Christian and Tim are fierce!!!

And on another note, I had no idea they had that many people backstage for a runway show. Amazing!

Tim has the better walk : )

What a fabulous motherfuckin walk-off!! Rami and Christian should have joined them.

Gosh, that takes me right back to S1, a season I miss so much on so many levels.

I want to see Heidi walk-off against Christian. I bet he could beat her.

I think if I have to watch one more episode where Heidi says, "One minute you're in....."

What's missing from PR is the spontaneity. Why they leave this stuff out is beyond me.

"someone is wearing the cat bed!"

And people were complaining Chris'safety pin dress was too costumey...oh well


Heidi wears a trashbag to tickle Tim...


Further evidence to my long-held assertion that Heidi and i should be bff.

Re: "someone is wearing the cat bed" - Apparently the cat was not happy about losing its bed and clawed off one pant leg.

Fabulous...that's all I can say. Posing at the stain is fierce.


OMG!! I love Tim so much more (if that is even possible). The tickling at the end was too friggin precious for me to handle...I think I am going to die from cuteness overload.

I leave all my cashmere sweaters to my cats.

I love Christian!!!! He is fabulously fierce. You go, girlfriend!!!

honesty.not.pc said...

I leave all my cashmere sweaters to my cats.

ROFL. I love it!

And THAT is why PR always leaves me grinning ear-to-ear. So fierce!

New product for Emmett: Tickle Me Tim doll!

OMG! That was great, the perfect reprieve from housecleaning monotony! Heidi is such a Glamazon, I thought for a minute there she was going to body slam Tim!

Pose at the stain!

I feel like such a nerd. I'm officially Project Runway obsessed.

So right, TLo!

Fun happened and they don't show it?

This season was just aching for more fun.

And more Gunn.

-- desertwind

how fabulous. Christian, in these kinds of scenes, seems like the kid he is. a really FEERS kid, but a kid just the same. it makes me happy. and i like that he refuses to be intimidated - he jokes around with heidi and tim and instigates walkoffs. chutzpah!

Don't know about other seasons, but i have the DVDs of season 2, and there's hardly ANY extra footage on it. maybe four short clips? unless Bravo is making changes, I suspect all this fabulous footage just disappears.

I love Tim's tone: "we're going to POSE at the STAIN?"

I would like to see Heidi and Christian walkoff. THAT might be a motherfucking walkoff (esp. if Christian wins!).

Thank you for making me really smile today!!! Too funny.

I've seen Tim Gunn get tickled.

I can die happy now!!

LOVE IT!!!! Tim is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

How cute! Tim's ticklish!

SERIOUSLY!!!! Emmett - listen to bitchesdye! A tickle-me-Tim doll would be AWESOME!

Love Christian. Cannot imagine any other designer who could egg Tim to do a walkoff. He really deserves to be the fan favorite.

I just have to think Heidi was going to throw Tim on the floor and screw him if that'd gone on another minute or two....



I love Tim!!


Now that was feers!

The walk-off was FABU, but I loved Tim's doubled-over laughter even more. That shit is precious! Thanks TLo, great stuff!

Christian is so funny, he's the best thing about this season by a long shot.

I'm fuckng dying here. That is soooo funny. Thanks, boys!

This was wonderful, as everyone has said. I loved the behind the scenes footage; things we would never get to see. Only Mr. Tim Gunn would look like he stepped out of a band box at 4 a.m. as crisp as the Duchess of Windsor's sheets.

I am rooting for Christian to win, but I've enjoyed them all this season.

::aiming a three-point spit for luck:::

Bitchesdye, I was just about to say before I saw your comment: Wow, who else wants a Tickle-Me Tim doll for Christmas next year? So fantastic.

That was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!


That was so funny! I didn't know that Tim was that ticklish!! omg. And the walkoff! Why wasn't it included on the show??

Heidi scares me. xD If she ever comes up to me and tries to tickle me, I'd probably scream bloody murder. xD

Love for both of them! xD

That has hilarious. I think I love Heidi even more now, for goading Tim into it and then TICKLING him! Even supermodels are silly human beings.

In the beginning, was anyone else reminded of the "Hey, I can see the East River from here!" scene in Company??

"Tickle Me Tim"! Great idea; love it!

Wow, the chaos of the pre-show preparations! Getting 60 models ready, etc. I enjoyed the behind-scenes tour. And I'm dying to know what was in the swag bags sitting on each of the chairs in the tent!

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed Heidi's excessive affection for Tim. Really, girl! Give it up! (Although I'd probably be all over him, too.)

If you listen carefully, you can hear Christian say, "Oh, Tim! Your walk is so not fierce!" Hee!

That was cute - although Tim has gone WAY DOWN in my estimation after I read in "Tim's Take" that because Chris could not identify his customer, Tim called him a costume designer, as opposed to Rami, who could identify his usual customer. And then the story he told Chris about the Monkey House - how insulting!! I think his snobbery clouded his judgment and better sense this season. Sorry, Tim, I think you were really wrong.

Seriously, how do you produce an Emmy nominated television show and not know that this clip is going to be an instant PR classic? I mean, it's a muthafuckin Tim Gunn walk off! Oh MY [/Austin Scarlett].

Did Tim adopt Christian yet, btw? If he hasn't, he should! They're like Daddy Warbucks and little orphan Trannie. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow will be fierce...

Thanks for posting it.

And Tim's Tour of the Tents?
I love Tim. I wish he was my delightful gay uncle.

Love Tim, love Heidi (and have since day one, on both).

Stuff like this is, I think, a good explanation of why the other designers seem to have real affection for PP even though she can be hella obnoxious on the show. Obviously, girl has her fun side too. :-)

Oh my god that's so presh! I love it!

So endearing. I love it!!

LOL. They need more moments like this on the show. This IS gold.

"Oh, Tim! Your walk is so not fierce!"

ROFLMAO. you just gotta love him<3


Heidi was ALL UP on Tim!


this is what PR should be all about!!

thanks TLo!!

I was LOL when Christian called Tim Gunn "lady." Fucking hilarious!!!

Thank you so much for the laugh today. That was just priceless!

I followed a link from Gawker to here, and this is pretty funny. Thanks for posting it!

Lord I love Tim Gunn...Thanks for posting this - it made my day!

LOVED the walkoff!

My love for Heidi went up 100% when she decided to start tickling Tim. She looked like an evil older sister, and I identify with that because I'm an evil older sister.

Heidi is a tickle killer. Watch yourself new yorkers

omg that was so amazing!!!
I laughed so hard!!
Awww!! Tim's ticklish! that's the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!

"We broke the Bravo site, darlings!"

LOLOLOL. I'm sorry but that site is a joke. I think a different company handles the videos and they probably crashed with all the traffic. Thank you for posting the direct links on your blog; I wouldn't even bother going to that site.

The walk-off is a tie:
Christian - fierce
Tim - adorable.


Hahahaha. Hilarious! I love Christian!!

I love Tim Gunn, but I had no idea he was so uptight! But that makes the clip even more fun to watch! :)

I think we don't get to see stuff like this because the show really bends over backwards to take itself seriously. It's almost like they are afraid if they show too much personality on the show, it will somehow seem less legit.

Here are direct links to the videos:

Walkoff video

Tent video

Just in case we have maxed out their video server bandwidth limits again due to heavy traffic:


Preciouses, that was wonderful.

Too bad we don't see that side of Tim more often. This whole season he's seemed to have a stick of his derriere and this semi-revives my faith in him.

I can see Austin or Santino challenge Tim to a walkoff, although Austin seems way beyond his years. He did a great job modeling Jay's postal worker outfit.

I saw this on the Bravo website but it feels more at home on your website. I agree with everyone else -- These types of clips would have made Project Runway more fun -- I also think Project Runway should sponsor you guys on their website (giving you complete creative control, of course) and a podcast! I would be happy. (And I just love Christian and Tim!!!!!!)

OMG!!! Too funny!

Thank you!

Absolutely precious. I loved seeing Heidi and Tim unrestrained and silly. You're IS gold!

They must be desperate for website hits.

I love Tim so much. And the more I see and hear of Heidi just being Heidi, the more I like her. And I noticed that she was really touchy-feely with Tim, but I don't blame her. Who wouldn't want to muss Tim up just a bit? ;-)

Plus, Heidi is as safe as houses with Tim. She never has to worry about him attributing her attention and physical contact to something more than just playfulness. I would imagine that's a relief for someone as beautiful and famous as she is.

I hated Heidi at first, back in Season 1. I thought she was an airhead. She's no airhead; she's just got stage presence. When she's getting loosey-goosey, like here, she's AWESOME. That tickling scene would have been the funniest and sweetest thing I've ever seen on TV, if they'd been smart enough to show it on TV!

Oh, how very dear.

Thanks, TLo. I'm another one of those people who don't spend much time at the PR website because it's so problematic. I probably never would have seen this.

The Elves apparently don't understand that, at some point, they've got to vary their approach to the editing of the show. We know the drill. Pick the model, get the challenge, go to Mood (or Spandex House), sew your fingers off, runway, you're in or you're out. Letting us see the real people side of Tim and Heidi and MK and Nina helps us stay interested when the rest of the show isn't always so captivating.

Ack! Heidi sounds just like my German MIL.

And Tim would fit in perfectly at Lehman Brothers.

I'm another one who says "The hell with "Tickle me Elmo" let's all get a Tickle me Tim!"

That walk off was hysterical! Love that Tim was such a good sport about doing it too.

What would we have to do to get an Austin Scarlett - Christian walk-off? THAT would be a challenge! Seeing where Christian designs and lives made me really want him to win. He NEEDS the money to have more space!! He is just a kid, and very confident of who he is. Not very many 21 year olds have that much confidence, and I think he is lots of fun. (Kids can be annoying on occasion, of course!)

that is the most fantastic thing i have ever seen in my life.

This would make the show 1000x more amazing. They need to realize that.

Aside from the obvious "pose at the stain" greatness, I love how Tim comments that posing at the stain is more appropriate for him rather than Christian.

After hearing that, I was like, whaaa?? Tim is naughty good fun!

I severely want to make his laugh my new ringtone. It would make my day.

How could they NOT use that?!

Wait.. what did Tim mean when he said posing at the stain is more appropriate for him? That went over my head.

Heidi Klum rules all. The end.

Tim and Christian are fab too - loved it!

I so agree with you. TLo. Why don't they put this stuff on the actual show?!?

Loved seeing Tim laughing his ass off. So fun.

Oh Tim. I love you. Clearly Heidi does too. If that clinch at the end of the tape didn't turn him straight, NOTHING could!

How much champagne had they had to drink by the time this was taped? So hilarious.

I heart Tim Gunn even more now!!!! And I think his walk is fierce... in a TG sort of way!

WHY OH WHY was that not in the actual episode?!!!
what else are those editors holding back?!!!

"Your walk is not fierce!" princess puffysleeves yelped.

and Heidi tickling Tim Gunn!!!

what else are we missing?!!!

bitch better take her hands off my man!

> pittypat said...
What would we have to do to get an Austin Scarlett - Christian walk-off?

Seriously! And Jay can dress them both in sparkly postal uniforms. :-D

this just makes me love tim even more! the tickle giggle was the best.


I laughed SO hard at that. Loooove Christian. <3333

That is one of the best things I have ever seen. God bless the internet! And Project Runway. And Project Rungay.

When Tim walked, and especially in the pose, he looked like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation - somebody impersonating a human and getting it mostly, but not totally, right.

Love him!

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