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Follow Your Bliss, Daniel!

Boy, was THIS a bullshit auf'ing.

Sure, the end product was dowdy and uncreative, but first and foremost, it looked like lingerie, which couldn't be said about ANY of the other entries.

Secondly, also unlike all the other entries, it was well made.

And sure, making such a point forces the question about just which attributes are considered best in this competition. In other words, do you reward someone for good sewing or do you reward someone for innovative design?

Clearly and consistently, the judges come down on the side of innovation and creativity, and for the most part, we've always agreed with that.

But considering the sheer ugliness and poor execution of the other entries and considering the fact that the winner of the challenge had a collection no more creative than this one (and a lot less well-executed), we STILL think this was a bullshit auf'ing.

Couple that with the fact that when it came to picking the loser, the judges had the choice of the lousy team leader with the ugly and poorly executed collection or the good-in-the-final-analysis team leader with the bland, but well-executed collection, Daniel comes out on top in almost any analysis we can apply.

We never put much weight on the commonly cited idea that the judges make decisions to tell certain stories or because the producers told them to. That's not why contestants like Santino get to stay in instances when they clearly should have gone. It's just that people in the fashion industry are always going to get their panties moist when someone puts on the "rebel" costume and mouths off to them. Oh sure, they may not love him in the end (especially if he doesn't have the goods), but in the heat of the moment, their jaded eyes will always fall lovingly on the "outrageous" loudmouth with a "point of view."

Daniel got on our nerves more often than not, but he does have real talent and he did step up in the end and made the most graceful exit the show's ever seen. For that alone he deserves kudos.


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"the judges come down on the side of innovation and creativity"

--Yeah, just like Grace's right breast comes down farther than her left one.


Ugly wins out over boring every time. I can't say I completely disagree with that method of choosing.

Hey boys, when did ya'll initially start blogging Project Runway? It was sometime in Season 3, right? If so, are ya'll going to re-blog the parts you did last year?

Just curious. ;)


As a sports nut, I view the judging on this show much like I do the refs in a hoops game. Sometimes you get it right ............. and sometimes you blow it completely. But it usually evens out at some point.

This wasn't a good challenge.

I think in this one rare case, it would have been better to discuss all the collections before discussing what was right or wrong with this aufing. Because most of us know what's coming up.

- Barnaby


"It's just that people in the fashion industry are always going to get their panties moist when someone puts on the "rebel" costume and mouths off to them. Oh sure, they may not love him in the end (especially if he doesn't have the goods), but in the heat of the moment, their jaded eyes will always fall lovingly on the "outrageous" loudmouth with a "point of view."

Amen! And I work in the fashion industry, sisters!

Grace is fabulous!

This still bothers me. Especially Nina's "that looks old," said in a tone of blood curdling contempt. (Or was it Heidi?) Older women actually buy lingerie, and appreciate it when it doesn't make give the "mutton dressed as lamb" effect. Daniel F.'s was creative in a minor key. Not that it was a success, in the final analysis, but it certainly wasn't last place in this group of losers. I find it really annoying that these people who should really know better think balls out tacky = creative. How tiresome.

I'm really enjoying these recaps. Thanks so much!

Perhaps Heidi was finally so utterly creeped out by Daniel's "it's all for you" stare that she begged for his auf'ing.

He deserved the Zerox award (why did he but a big black sash around the waist of every single one?), but he shouldn't have been auf'ed.
I have to say it's not a Junior collection, but I really can't see an "old lady" wearing it either. I would call it retro.

Daniel Vosovic's "lingerie" looked like old lady undergarments to me. His first piece was basically a spanx tummy tucker body garter. The rest of his stuff resembled swim wear. And the cuffs were so tacky! Like Playboy bunnies...circa 1970. Stuffy. Costumey. Uncomfortable.

At least Daniel Franco's stuff actually looked like lingerie...soft, functional, wearable. It wasn't exciting, and rather safe, but he was the only one who produced something that can be called "lingerie".

Don't get me started on Santino and his ugly uglu ugly concoctions! UGH. He has a lousy obnoxious attitude. Tim said in his blogcast that Santino screamed at Nina for over an hour. Nina said she felt attacked and afraid. Threatening a judge? Kick this ass off the show. He was a terrible abusive leader. His designs are shit. And he menaced a judge. How could they allow him to stay after that?


Santino should have been auf'ed. It's a no-brainer.

With the exception of the third piece, I still can't figure out why this collection is necessarily "old." (I agree with sewingsiren who thinks it's "retro.") I'm a woman in my early twenties, and the first piece here was the only thing I liked from the entire challenge. After I read Tim's blog, where he said the designs "looked like the boudoir-wear of Park Avenue octogenarians; social x-rays in black lace and smelling of Jungle Gardenia," I thought that I may as well crawl into my grave right now (after I laughed for about five minutes).

I loved Daniel F's collection. Too Dynasty? At least the pieces were romantic. I love innovation, but when innovation trumps and thus destroys practical aspects (purpose, wearability,usefullness) what's the point? The other collections were obviously for show and not for real application or people;couples, especially. I can't imagine being affected and placed in any kind of "mood" in the Daniel V. (well maybe if a strip club puts you in the mood) or Santino (I'll wait) ensembles?
Kudos to Daniel for his bliss, integrity and talent sans empty drama.

I couldn't agree more with this post, PRGayboys.

One thing that consistently bugged me on PR2 is the way the judges and most of the other contestants, kept crowning Santino as a genius. HOW is he a genius, except at annoying other people? He often produces BAD garments, he's consistently on the chopping block. I don't see any genius. I see a loudmouth who can create a beautiful garment... on occasion.

Much as Daniel F. annoyed me, it seemed that everyone decided it was his time to go during this challenge, because he sure didn't anything worse than Santino, Diana (yerch!) and Daniel V. on the runway.

now, i can't claim to be an expert on lingerie but i disagree. i really thought daniel f's collection was strange and he deserved to go home.

all three of the designs looked the same. is lingerie supposed to have a huge skirt? all of the piece looked like dresses made out of lace, not underwear (which is what lingerie is at its core, isn't it). the only thing to me that seems like lingerie is the fact that its made out of lace.

and the judge's were right: it was amazingly boring and old looking. i'm sure older people do buy lingerie, but they don't want to look old in whatever they where.

yeah santino's was "not aesthetically pleasing," but to me, neither was daniel f's. it was so vanilla and bland.

i'm dumb. that's supposed to say "whatever they wear"

It was the Victoria's Secret model guest judge who first started talking about Daniel F.'s designs as being too old.

Particularly with respect to lingerie, it's hard for me to understand the complaint that it was too boring and not innovative enough. How exactly does one make attractive, sexy lingerie that looks new and innovative? It's a narrow category and it's all been done before.

Seemed like it was Heidi who was pushing in Santino's favor while Nina
appeared to want Santino gone. But I don't think it was because Daniel F. creeped her out--she seemed more amused than anything by his pitch. She did pick him to be a team leader. And she always stood up for Vincent in Season 3, who must have creeped everyone out.

Maybe the judges couldn't resist the bad boy. Or maybe they were just plain afraid of Santino.

As usual, you guys are right on the money.

Bullshit aufing, is right. Daniel's grace, is right.

But, "the judges come down on the side of innovation and creativity" ???

Nope. Wrong.

Throwing everything but the kitchen sink onto a garment is not neccessarily anymore creative or innovative than doing something more simple. People complain about certain designers and their wickety-wack; but Santino was wickety-wack on acid, all season long.

Creativity and innovation is also in the ability to edit and refine your ideas. Santino shows no ability whatsoever in that department. Everything he does looks like a student arts & crafts project, (not to mention very East Village 80's). Nothing innovative there.

Besides, 'innovative' is one of those bullshit words that people use in reference to fashion wen they can't think of anything else to say (and when what they really mean is just that they like it, but they cannot just say that because they are trying to sound like they know what they're talking about, and of course, they don't. They just like it.)

--Gotham Tomato

Young Offender/April,

It took me awhile to figure this out, but if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the blog you'll find the Vatican archives and Season 3 by episode.

Lingerie isn't just about underwear ... it is also about garments for the boudoir. It can be a delicate camisole or a lacy peignoir. Lingerie is meant to seduce.

A giant hedgehog costume would be innovative but it still wouldn't be lingerie.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying it just right.

People, if you have the dvd's, check out the extended version of Santino's screamfest. I think they kept him in cuz Nina feared for her life.

Cake decoration lederhosen underwear is a point of view?

Eri3000 said, "Ugly wins out over boring every time."

Okay, but then shouldn't Santino's have won, or maybe Diana's? And the winning group was no less boring than the losing group. Daniel F's designs here are not my personal taste,but it seemed the only reasons they auf'ed him were that black lace was too "mature" and the pieces were all variatons on the same shape. So Daniel V wins for making different shapes-- a leotard and a bikini?

P.S. Boys, PLEEEZE do a recap (with commentary, of course) of The Pitch/Seduction of Heidi. That was the best part of the episode--now we just need your take on it!

Santino - just like his predecessor, Wendy Pepper - is a fashion cockroach. No matter what disgusting crap he throws on the runway, or his lousy offensive attitude and mouthing off to the judges.... he still survives. Why? Because, just like Wendy, he brings the drama. He's a joke as a designer. But he makes great reality television.

I was browsing through the archives and found this: it made me crack up then, and it made me crack up now. I urge all commenters that weren't around then to go read the beginning blogs of our boys. TRUST ME!!!

"My name is
Ulimariavontrappautobahn-potsdamerplatz Herzner, but everyone calls me Uli."

Oh lord, that's the best!

I must truly be an old fart because I didn't find this particularly dowdy. I actually sort of liked it. Am I still going to be allowed to comment after that admission?

To be honest though, I think that Emmett's "Was it the shirt?" exit was even more graceful. And his aufing was bullshit too.

so agree - and I don't think this was anymore dowdy than Daniel V's Donald Trump fantasy
Def. a bullshit offing


It wasn't that bad, although I hate lace. Definitely not the worst!

"One of the most graceful exits"? I maybe would have agreed with you until we had to hear him try to blame Kara later for cutting off a... bow... or ruffle... or some other ugly accoutrement. I haven't seen this episode in a while.

Octogenarians?!?! Ha! My 83-year old grandmother wouldn't like this crap, she would say it "smells like old people." Seriously.

As bad as Daniel F's was, there was one worse, and we all know who that was. Santino, who seems to have a misogynistic attitude toward the female form and women in general--the way he attacked Nina, the way he mocked Diana....and he never considered fitting a woman's body in anything he designed.

...and no, Jeffrey, I am not a "femi-nazi."


You know what made me really angry about this aufing? the fact that 6 months later, I walked into a Victoria's secret and saw similar underwear. I was gobsmacked.

Daniel, we love you! Come back for Season 4!!!

This wasn't that bad. Boring, but I would have auf'd Diana's poorly-executed lingerie first.

I'll save my thoughts about Santino's for that post, considering that I'm one of the few who actually thought they were cute and funny. *is unfashionable*


Danniel F's designs were the most flattering. Yes, it was traditional and not exciting, but it was still woman-friendly. It showed skin. It was sexy. But it still hid any problem areas, like the thighs and the ass.

Daniel Vosovic's designs were the least flattering. Cellulite was featured prominently. Asses hanging out. Tummy areas protruding. And a grannyish matronly body suit thingy.

However, Santino's designs were CLEARLY the WORST.

Santino's misogyny seeps into all his designs. He disrespects women and has contempt for women's bodies. He treats women like crap. I cannot fathom how his abysmal behavior was rewarded. Must be the Wendy Pepper Syndrome...

the good execution goes to chloe and kara.
the poor design goes to daniel.
so he is bound to leave.

it's just so clear and simple

I personally think Santino deserved to stay. And actually win the whole shebang. But I know I am in the minority.

No, Emily, actually, I agree. I didn't like a lot of Santino's designs, during the challenges, but I loved his final collection. Daniel's was only slightly less hideous than Chloe's -- that pink satin yuck!

Fashion Curmudgeon

It did look dowdy. Also, it was more for sleeping/seduction, not everyday wear. I think the judges expected bras and panties, and didn't want to see teddies and mini-nightgowns.

I think Daniel's team really excelled in the execution. I just question who would snatch those off the racks and prize them home.

I don't believe for one second that Santino actually sewed his final collection himself. Look at his work during this entire competition and compare it to his final collection. You don't just suddenly pull sewing skill out of your ass. Santino cheated. He OBVIOUSLY had outside help. He did not deserve to stay over people like Daniel Franco or Emmett. And he certainly did not deserve to win with that suspicious collection.

I just wish Chloe or Daniel V had the nerve to call him out about his outsourcing. Santino is a bully and a talentless hack.

Nina may have felt a little 'threatened' by Santino during their bickering, but at one point, in the extended catfight on DVD, she looks like she's about to come COMPLETELY out of her chair and choke Santino.

She leans forward abruptly and grabs the arms of her director's chair and was visibly upset with Santino's bickering. Upset meaning getting ready to beat his ever-loving ass.

PRGay boys, y'all are going to have a special post dedicated to the back and forth, right? Please? I've been waiting since your Season 1 recaps for this!

I don't think Santino had outside help for his collection anymore than Jeffrey had. And frankly, I wasn't wowed by any of the PR2 collections. Not Chloe's, not Daniel V.'s and not Santino's.

From my viewpoint, PR3's collections were much stronger, with one notable exception.

I don't believe any contestant would run the risk of being booted off the stage during Fashion Week. It was bad enough being ousted from the reality show (Keith in PR3) or sent home in disgrace from Paris (Angela, also PR3).

Also, in the Bristish sister show, Project Catwalk, inspired by PR, the designers are allowed the services of pattern-makers and other professionals to sew the collection. They're merely expected to design it. And the designer who did ALL the work herself was actually outed first, after being told that her output was a disappointment. So, different country, different rules.

OT, I can't wait for the Season 3 DVD's. PR3 was, in my opinion, the best season yet. Don't see how they could top themselves in terms of wackos or collections in PR4... but I'll be watching!

Assuming that each designer's usual model wore their piece, I can see why Daniel F got aufed. The piece on the blonde model is the least strong in the collection. The piece on Kara Janx's model, however, just might be the best look out of any of the crap produced for this challenge - just really well-proportioned. The one on Grace is meh. Reminds me of the Kevin Johnn aufing in S1: stress of being team leader + self-questioning designer = having the worst design in your own collection. It's not really fair but being a team leader in these challenges means having a big target painted on your ass.

I wish the Duchess was on to judge, because he would have at least noticed the great construction of Daniel F.'s collection. In that respect, I found his lingerie a lot more wearable than Vosovic's swimsuits. One of the judges said that each of Daniel F.'s looks were one of the same. Well, the same goes for Vosovic's as well! Daniel F.'s looks were a lot more varied in comparison to the other Daniel's.

Blech. There was no comment made at all about the construction and wearability during judging. Sure, it is a design competition, but design involves wearability as well as point of view. Especially for lingerie! And THAT was the challenge! Not an inspiration challenge that required innovation.

It's funny because Daniel F. is all about POV and design, yet he brought out wearable, if basic pieces, instead of having his POV burst at the seams like Santino's. Chloe and Kara's influence no less.

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