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Uli, Uli Oxen Free!

Okay, we take it back.

We said last week that she'd made us believers but we're having a crisis of faith, y'all. Because that? Butt ugly. Yes, she "really knows prints," but she doesn't have to invite them all over to the same dress. That is just way too much, M├Ądchen.

It didn't help that she marched down the runway like she was looking to kick the cameraman's ass.


I know! She could have smiled a little, right? And I'm really over the whole halter dress concept. The only time she didn't do that was with the Mom challenge. I'd like to see a little more variety, please, Uli.

I agree. This dress was very same-old, same-old. I would have loved to see Uli in a form-fitting black sheath with some interesting design on the trim. Or something - anything - that didn't look like she had just pulled it out of her suitcase.

Ok, boys, we've had our fun with the models and contestants. Isn't it time for some commentary on the shocked/horrified/repulsed/offended look on Mr. Kors' face when he looked at Angela's butt?

I really like the dress! It definitely wasnt right for this challenge but I thought it was cute. I do agree that she needs to spice things up a bit and step out of her traditional box, though.

That dress looked terrible by the time she got to Paris, the hips were a crinkled mess. It's like she wrapped her self in a bedspread. Didn't she say something about thinking it wasn't a travel outfit? and that it was a "trendsetter" motif, not "jetsetter." she seemed really stoned this week.

How much restraint did it take to not make a goosestepping joke?

I'm going straight to hell for that one...

Yeah, I just don't get this look. I realize this is very "Miami" and may be popular in certain parts of Europe, but I just don't get the appeal. Still, this was the first look of hers that I found myself taking issue with. In general, she does stuff with prints that I could never imagine working.

Gail -- I'm with you -- the look on Kors' face was AWESOME. You know he was thinking, "Well if women's asses weren't repulsive to me before..." I was pretty repulsed too, though I felt badly for Anglea and her ineptitude in reading a room -- NOT turning around would have yielded a better score.

when she came out on the runway she looked like a football player.

"I am uli... you look at my dress!"

I think the judges were harsh by NOW saying they wanted to see something different AFTER she made that strapless number in the recycling channel and the kick-ass outfit for Kayne's mom. Whaaaat?


My favorite Uli moment this week was her interaction with Jeffrey. As a fan of Jeffrey [ducking], I like seeing him banter with someone and not have it turn into high drama. Uli wasn't offended when he said she should have been finished; she simply gave it back to him by saying he'd turn her prints into a clown costume.

Um, Uli . . . I love you, but that dress you made was pretty freakin' close to a clown costume!

Bad dress, couldn't agree more. It was like a Gustav Klimt painting had come to life. Or worse, it was like Angela's pathwork overalls from the recycling challenge.

You can always tell a "Uli." *yawn*

Are there sheer/semi-sheer panels on this or it just the light? In your pic the tier above the knee, seems to show her legs and on Bravo's Rate-the-Runway pic the blue one above the ruffle seems to do the same.
It is one thing to mix discordant patterns OR different fabric weights but both in the same dress is just fugly.

EVERY garment she has made, with the exception of when she was part of a team, has been long, flowing halter or strapless dress (I'm sure she would have made the trash dress go to the floor if she'd had enough trash!) Ditto for every dress she wears. Pretty, but snore. I'm glad she got called on it so maybe she'll get pissed and make something Tyrolian or faintly SS-ish. Ooh...

Uli, the one-trick pony. Love her (but not NEARLY as much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Laura). Tired of her. Glad the judges spanked her! Ambushed her, actually. She should have seen it coming weeks ago. Uli is out of my top three finishers prediction.

I love how she's always talking about getting drunk because this is a really nice dress . . . to puke on!

when i saw you hating on uli I did the wide eyed, eyebrows raised move head back "oh no you just di-in."
Yes, she's kind of one sided, but she is jettsetter as much as jeffrey or michael and she owned this challenge too.
I love her. She doesn't get much air time, but she's little bitchy on the deleted scenes. Even though she hates fat people I still love her.

anon 5:12 "she seemed really stoned this week."
yeah, I hadn't noticed her talking about it before but her comments about wearing flowing dresses so she could hang out in bars and get wasted cracked up my household!

I live in south Florida and really wish people would dress this well! I'd be thrilled! Remember when Jay McCarroll (season 1) told his models to walk "really German"? - that's what Uli reminded me of this week. I have the same cart-horse march, must be the German in me. ;-)

Uli, Liebchen, remember you are a petite flower, not an Amazon. Go easy on the prints.

I dig Uli. I thought the dress was beautiful, I'd totally wear it in say, the Bahamas, but not for travel.

And wasn't it freakin' funny when the french designer bitch was all, "Angela, YOU are not a jetsett-ah!"

As though that's the most heinous insult. I'm going to use that on all of my enemies now.

I like Uli and her designs, but gotta side with you guys on this one....yikes! It looks like her dress got drunk and possibly threw up.



i agree - this one was just too much... maybe if it was shorter? maybe if was simpler? maybe if it had sleeves? maybe if it was a completely different garment???

and, by the way, why did she bother going in for hair and make-up, if she was just gonna come out with the same old hair and no make-up? even angela got a blow-out.

beware - the previews for next week show uli working on another halter top dress, with braiding... at least its a solid color!

what is up with her party-ing? Member when Laura was like, "you're having wine??" when Uli was just opening a bottle after midnite?

Generally I have no objection to opening wine anytime of day or nite but I'd think as a desinger on PR you'd really want to be sober as much as possible, after all it seems the producers are constsntly trying to get them drunk with champange toasts.

I am so bored with her and her 'flowy' prints. How about something with sleeves for a change?! I miss Alison so much, and poor Malan...would love to see what they would have come up with...but instead we have to suffer thru Vincent and Sparklenuts week after week. It's getting TIRESOME.

eliz the 2nd, I might have to agree with you about Jeffrey... If you haven't been to the PR official site and watched the bonus footage--get there now.

I have a whole new respect for the Peanut, as he takes us on "Jeffrey's search for the 'Fleurchamps'".!

Embrace the ULI. I love her. I love the dress. She's great.

Amen! So glad you two sweet boys saw the light.

Uli is magic with soft patterned fabrics. But she's stuck in her comfort zone. And that last dress she designed! Ugh! It looked like Granny's quilt made modern.

It was almost like she was channeling Angela with all the crazy going on in that dress. I still think it was better than Vincent's Banana Republic v-neck and pants outfit. Since when do jetsetters by from a chain store?

Yes, but if you want a dress you can get "Vey-sted" in, this is the one!

Her walk reminded me of the female athletes tryingot walk in heels down stairs at the ESPY awards. You have to be ther, but, I promise you, mean funny.

I love Uli, but as soon as I saw this was a halter I yelped a little. Ah sweetie, not another halter...


Tom - Saw it. Loved it!

Why does Bravo save all the good stuff for the bonus videos?

I remember see this dress in a hippie chick store in 1999 when I moved to Minneapolis. I really was not impressed w/ the dress at all.

too long, too long. reminds me of the maxi dresses from the '70s.

she had that stalking thing down, yes? i don't think she was quite a "kitten with a whip," but she was some kinda thing with a whip, or at least has the potential to be mistress uli, inducing fear in all who behold her as she stalks to the fore. yikes.

If for no other reason, this dress was not jetsetter worthy when you saw Uli standing outside the airport terminal, and later within, and carrying the dress in her arms from the hem to keep it from dragging and slowing her down.

I felt so bad for Uli - she actually looked like she had a horrible horrible case of stagefright. It was like she wanted to get over it as quickly as possible.

Lydia - spot on w/ the Gustav Klimt.

I'm glad they finally called her on this though.

I didn't get that one oddly placed sheer stripe. :shrug:

Katiecoo, didn't you hear? Uli's bringing sexy back.

Not to edit your post boys, but I think the more appropriate title would be "Uli, Uli Oxycontin full"

I am starting to think she just see's colors and patterns everywhere with a little help of the neighborhood street corner pharmacist.

HA Ninjarina,

So I take it that 5 inch territory above the knee to below the thigh is the new erogenous zone? ;)

boring? same dress/different fabric? I think so

boring? same dress/different fabric? I think so

boring? same dress/different fabric? I think so

Laura was kitten with a whip.

Uli was my mother with hemorrhoids.

Damn, that walk! It looks like she's marching into Poland.

"Generally I have no objection to opening wine anytime of day or nite but I'd think as a desinger on PR you'd really want to be sober as much as possible, after all it seems the producers are constsntly trying to get them drunk with champange toasts"

actually i think i'd want to be as drunk as possible

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