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Uli, Madly, Deeply

Winner, Dammit!! WINNER!! AGH! !

We're so pissed, it's taken us all day to write this entry.

Just LOOK at this:

Gorgeous! The bitch already established herself as the princess of prints, but damn, girl really knows draping and structure, too. That is an amazingly flattering outfit. It's also stylish and very pretty.

And what do they do? We'll tell you what they do. THEY GIVE IT TO VINCENT AND HIS FRIKKIN "JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL" DRESS. Ugh. Judges, you were smoking some bad crack last night.

Uli, Schätzchen, we owe you an apology. We thought you were capable of only one garment, but you made a believer out of us. You definitely know what you're doing.

I was pissed too.

Plus, bitch was working it last night. Did you see her. Dayum!


My only objection to this outfit was the necklace. Dried mushrooms? Garlic? What the hell IS that?

Girl was robbed and robbed again. Shes so sweet too, she probably thinks she did something wrong. Had this come from Keith it would have been the cold winner.

Vincent give me the heebies and now he thinks hes talented! Ugly ass no good flying nun outfit.

AMEN! That outfit was fantastic, and for never having designed for a fuller figured woman she really knew what to do. I mean, WOW! I especially love the detailing of the diaphanous poncho. The lines were the perfect touch.

I'm hoping above all things that we see her at fashion week, because I would love to see her collection.

I bet the chose Vincent because they needed the cloths to fit the Macy's window dress form. It was another hideous sheath from Vince...all it needed was a cap.

PRGayBoys, thank you for articulating what I couldn't since I was in such a rage that Vincent won!!! Uli's design was so cute.

This outfit had it ALL! It was beautiful, flattering and the colors were perfect. What is wrong with the PR judges???? I HATED Vincent's dress - it looked like it was made from a $.99 It's So Easy pattern in a Home Ec. class.

I was REALLY worried when Heidi started talking in German with Uli's mom, Heidi. I mean who REALLY knows what she said??? HMMMMM????

Word, word, word and some more word. With word sauce on the side. If I were Uli I'd have cursed under my breath in German right there on the runway when Vincent's win was announced. But no. Uli's mama would have been shocked, and Heidi K. would have translated for the "judges." Is there no justice for my Uli, damn it?

Well, at least her mom got to wear the winning outfit, which was nice for Heidi H. -- even if it did make her look like an aging German dominatrix (and not in a good way.)

Heidi and Heidi talked about the dress...unless something was edited out (would Bravo do that?). Uli deserved the win hands-down.

she could not be cuter if she tried.

Uli's such a sweetheart and she's got so much talent... I think she'll make it to the end.


in a Minnesota accent:

Looook Jeff-er-ry
Ul Lee got a plus size mo-del too!
Ul Lee make her look good!
Ul Lee not make her look short and fat.
Dats what vwe vwant oo to doo too.

Or actually, Jeff, since what is just one more unsatisfied customer, after all? It just means you are fired, broke and back with a syringe in your arm imagining great designs for the crack addict next to you.

Well, just because I haven't read it anywhere else, a little transcript of what Heidi and Heidi actually said when they were talking:

Klum: Gefallen sie sich in dem Kleid?
Herzner: Ja, Vincent hat das gemalt und mir hat es sofort gefallen und ich hab gesagt "tue es!".

Klum: Do you like yourself in the dress?
Herzner: Yes, Vincent painted (sic) it and I liked it right away and said to him "do it!".

so it seems she actually did like the dress. am i the only german watching this show? naturally rooting for uli though because she seems so laid back. and also because she's way cute and quite stylish.

It's nice to know Heidi H. liked the dress.

Still, Maria von Tr... err, Uli was robbed. Her outfit was gorgeous, it made Judy look stunning. These days, I wonder what the hell these judges are on.


"yuli" should have definately won in place of vincent...ughh, i'm sick just thinking about it

Uli's face broke my heart when she realized she had not won. She looked stunned, wholly understandable given the fact that this outfit soared above the others in terms of taste and style and beauty. It was lovely. Poor little pumpkin. Not fair. Judges smoking dope.

And who was it who said that Michael Kors and his mother were perfectly matching in orange? ;-) very funny.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... for BEING AS ANGRY AS I AM AFTER LAST NIGHT'S SHOW. So many disgusting things: Vincent winning, Uli not, the judges obviously being strongarmed by the producers. But worst of all...

Angela and her fat, ugly Mom. Why is it such a crime for Keith to have a measly pattern book (which he didn't use), but it's perfectly acceptable for Angela & lardass to SABOTAGE Jeffrey's project?? (Sabotage attempt #2 for Angela, after what she did to Vincent.)

PRBoys, I hope you expose this bullshit, even if Jeffrey IS an angry little Hobbit.


OMG, you nailed it on the head! That's exactly what it looks like.

I loved Uli's outfit and I love this blog!

I would've have bought that top today! (being slightly less than plus size, but only one twinkie away from the Lane Bryant frequent buyers club) Loved the pattern, loved the flow...loved..loved... loved Uli's frock.

Jeffrey may be "sober", but I think the judges have fallen off the wagon.

Uggh, I am so pissed that Uli didn't win this one. I have absolutely loved her ever since the casting special, but she hardly ever gets any credit for her consistently good designs. And you wouldn't believe how uber-pissed I was that Vincent's dress with that ridiculous collar won over Uli's beautiful, classy outfit. Total shit.

Vincent (no, not Libretti)

Wake up and smell the coffee. Finally the judges recognize and acknowledge the genius that is Vincent Libretti. He is the only person whose excellent designs transcend the ordinary represented by the rest of the designers. While I do like Uli's designs, the post hippy print on this garment that you are yammering about was utterly 'seen it before'-ish. No wonder that the judges voted for the woman who looked best in her dress last night.

I thought Uli would win too, but the truth is she really only made half an outfit. Come on think about it, those pants?? yuck! And there is no concept to it as compared to Vincent's and NO risk.A pretty flowy plus size top, big deal.

The reason Vincent is still there and that he won this is that he is absolutely the only one playing this thing with full zeal and risk. He puts it on the line every time (Kayne is a close second in this quality)

I think the judges respond to Vincent's intensity, not just as a crazy guy, or even good TeeVee, but as someone who loves fashion.

Sweet Michael disappointed me by choosing tyhe thinnest and youngest woman. Where's the challenge in that?

Lastly I think this should have been a two day project. I would have loved to see them have a chance to make some fitted & constructed stuff. Shit, don't the producers watch Clinton and Stacy? A shapless gal needs clothing that help shape.

Welcome to Project Rungay, members of the Libretti family!

The judges really were all over the place last night. They told Kayne his outfit was too old (which it wasn't), told Angela hers was too young (which it wasn't), dogged Robert for no shape and imagination but let Jeffery slide for shapeless ugly and shameless ugliness to a mom, recognized that Laura's dress was unflattering but didn't see that Vincent's dress was even more so, lauded Michael not enough for his pretty and practical dress for his SLIM model. The first designers chose the slimmest ladies and even with a plus model, Uli made far and away the best outfit. I applaud Uli, Kayne, and Robert the most for working well with the challenge, and I HATE Jeffrey more than ever. He should apologize to the mothers, the other designers, and the public.

I LOVE Uli! She totally needs to do a plus line (as well as a smaller size line). Being a plus size gal myself, I'd buy everything she designs, even if I have to take out a second mortgage! Someone needs to market this GORGEOUS outfit. ULI WAS ROBBED!

I think Vincent will be in the final 3 because he's this season's Wendy Pepper and Santino. Gotta go for the ratings, not for the integrity. Of course, I think Uli or Michael will win, though.

I couldn't believe Vincent won. That horrible collar and the fit! Can we talk about the fit of that dress! Oy, the judges were definitely smokin something. Uli was my vote too and I was completely floored with what's his face won. What is the world coming to...

It came down to one thing, and one thing only: Kayne's mom is large, Uli's mom isn't. Once again, the judges showed their prejudice against "plus size" women.

with any luck, vincent will convince himself that he's a wonderful designer, will go even more over the top on the next one, and will get kicked off... preferably in a double elimination with angela... a girl can dream, right?

I loved Uli's outfit - the sheer top wasn't exactly something I'd pick up off the rack at Lane Bryant or Nordstrom's Fat Chicks Microcosm - but it was very pretty and flattering on Kayne's mom.

She had the right idea for dressing a fuller-figured woman -- she made something that fits a woman properly, and it doesn't look like she decided to do a clone of skinny girl clothes, but with more fabric (as many manufacturers/ designers are wont to do).

And Vincent winning? Heresy, I say! He had Uli's mom in a plain black sheath with that G*dawful leisure-suit style beige collar. Puts the FUG in Fugly!

The Gotti Family

The Libretti family is posting here? Of the Libretti crime family - crimes of fashion that is.

Word to the nth degree. And yo to yous.

Vincent's dress -- how perfect that is has been dubbed the Jonathan Living Seagull dress... it made her bustline and lack of waist look horrible... nothing could have been worse, and Uli's mom has a good figure.

I think the judges should have "handicapped" the designs based on the weight/height of the "everyday woman"... then some things may have been different. I design clothes and it is amazingly easy to design for a person with a good body. To design for a 300 pound person is so difficult and Uli did it wonderfully!!

When I first saw Vincent's dress, all I could think was "Hey, look! She's sponsored by Motorola!"

Seriously. Look at the collar. Now look at the Motorola logo. OK, maybe it's just me. But I swear, I've seen big collars before, and none of them have ever reminded me of electronics.

And I'm gonna mention it here, because I haven't seen you comment on Laura's dress... the dress that just screams flight attendant!

I thought that either Uli or Michael should have won. Of course, I thought Vincent should have been cut last week, so what do I know?


i am now convinced that uli is a genius when it comes to prints. that outfit was pure brilliance. extremely impressive. she was totally robbed!

Honestly, if Vincent's dress for Uli's mom had been completely beige, she'd have looked like a Brownie Troop leader, and that's Soooo flattering...

"Ugly ass no good flying nun outfit. "

Snort!, master j.

Honestly, I thought Michael was in serious contention for the three-peat.

No, Andreas, you are not the only German watching this show! I wish Heidi would speak German more often - after so many years in the US my German ist sehr schlecht. ;-)

Has everyone seen the Uli fashion show video linked off the Blogging Project Runway? If she doesnt get to Final Three (and win) I'll be really shocked. She is REALLY talented.

off-subject: has everyone noticed how negative everyone posting at Blogging Project Runway have become?

I don't understand all this "Uli was robbed" talk. I've seen the outfit she made in pretty much every plus-sized store I've ever been to. There was nothing "fashion forward" or innovative about it. It was nice enough, but there was nothing new about the design. Looks like the standard "drape fabric over the fat lady" look.

What Uli can do with prints is simply mind blowing. That is one talented little German!

James Derek Dwyer, it's not the writers of BPR that are negative ... it's the people that are commenting. We are trying our best to keep it supportive of the designers while remembering our duty to the fans. Our readers want to see the lighter moments; they want more light, fun moments and less drama.

I wonder if Uli is considering making an identical outfit for Judy and giving it to her, because you know Magical Elves, Miramax, Weinstein Co. and Bravo will be auctioning off the original despite its fabulousness, which is a damn shame, because Judy deserves to keep that outfit.

Black shirt 3

I walked down 34 st going west from broadway ,unreal what a mass of guys and girl catching the display from the show, Vincent dress looked dam good it fit like a glove looked hot i think the window kiddies at Macy's did a lot of nail work they banged it into a great little # , and the buckel horned and all looked like a replacement if not ,
REALLY i give that number a TEN .

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