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Mr. Crankypants.

What was up HIS ass this week? He won the last challenge and then he flew first class to Paris and yet he was moody as hell.

That last one is a little scary. If we were Nina, we'd start carrying pepper spray in our purse. And when we say "pepper spray," we mean "a gun."

Okay, let's talk about the outfit.

Jesus, cheer up, Moody McLithium!

Anyway, we weren't as annoyed by this outfit as some people were. When Vincent was describing what a "jetsetter" looks for in clothing (it needs to travel well), it all clicked for us. Vincent doesn't approach a challenge from a design point of view; he approaches it from a potential retail point of view. It seems like every challenge he undertook started with the question "How do I get this on the rack at Barney's?" And hey, that's a completely valid (if pedestrian) way of approaching fashion, but as the Duchess reminded him, this is a design competition. There wasn't much designing going on here. He basically made the exact same pants he was wearing, just in black. And the top couldn't have been less interesting. Plus, it didn't fit him well.

And would it have killed him to suck in the gut while he was on the runway?

I love you guys! :) Anyways..

Vincent kind of looks like an "emo" boy with the black clothes, box glasses, and sideswept hair..

I hadn’t noticed that he was any more dyspeptic than usual. But now that you mention it we didn’t see any of his inappropriate giggling fits (aka manic episodes) this week. Maybe his travel pjs were hot and itchy. As for the jetsetter look, I suppose it would work, if by jetsetter you mean the sleazy drunk guy from coach that staggers into first class, tries to hit on the young socialites, stinks up the first class potty, and then gets abusive with the staff when he’s made to return to his seat.

Also – my favorite exchange was when Vincent explained why he actually doesn’t have to bother with design. As Vincent told the Duchess “I’m the twist.” The presumption! Telling the Duchess that he thinks of himself as the twist! (Nina’s response was priceless).

He's a twist alright - a twist of what, I'd like to know. Insanity? Don't even get me started on the gaping neckline of his "sweater".

I have SO been waiting for you guys to talk about this guy's gut. :)

Thanks. You made my weekend, for sure.

In the Michael Rucker bonus footage on the Bravo site he talks about how he had to convince Vincent to not quit the show because they fucked up his dry cleaning. So, they ruined his regular clothes, he nearly quits, and keeps on pushing himself to barely even bother to make this boring assed outfit.

The top is way too girly in my opinion (low cut collar). The sweater needs a shirt or something underneath of it.

someone got their man period!

"As Vincent told the Duchess “I’m the twist.” Lord, isn't he though? He skeers me. I'm thinking top of the tower with a rifle kind of scary. Eek!

He doesn't have the neck to wear a v-neck with nothing under it. eeeew.

Oh he was just upset because the French have no problem calling him a talentless-freak and openly mocking his insanity. Plus, he's already planning on throwing his ugly model in front of a bus after he gets kicked off the show and so he's not taking his Depakote to allow the voices more time to propagate. Wait...was that too harsh?

He was in a fine mood when he was in NYC working in his undershorts. Keep this man pantsless in America!

I wish I could believe it was Sparklenuts off the show this coming week, but I think it's probably going to be Mr. Crankypants or ****KAYNE**** (I blinged his name.) ;)

I agree with you guys that Vincent consistently puts out shit, this week was no exception.
I don't think his focus is on mass-appeal though.
Hark back to that recycling episode when it looked like a paper shredder vomited onto his dress/canvas. Could you see that in Barneys?
I don't think so.

You had me at "pedestrian".

maybe he OD'd on

that. fourfour has an explination for everything!

I agree.. he's really not been himself the past couple episodes.

Didn't Tim mention in a podcast that Vincent was on the receiving end of a lot of hostility during the recycling challenge... to the point where Vincent was ready to go home because of the negative environment?

(This doesn't really mean I have any sympathy for him, more just a potential explanation, or part of his Woe! Angst! Pain! attitude this week.)


hehe - wait till you see the preview for next week thats posted on BPR... crankypants has the NERVE to go around trash talking everybody elses garments, calling laura a one-trick pony & saying that michael's garment is poorly made.

...insane in the membrane.

ps - some guy posted in the comments of BPR that he had proof (but couldnt say what proof) that the final three are michael, jeffrey & vincent. i had speculated that laura was at least a decoy fourth & he said that was true. another person then came on and said we were one person off, but wouldnt go further. all of it has been deleted, as is violated their rules about possible spoilers.

but who knows whats true...? i hope that it was just someone pranking. vincent at fashion week?? i cant see it. hell - i just dont wanna see it!

Nina: Where's the flavor?
Vincent: I'm the flavor!

I think that might be slightly gayer than Robert's "You lost a dress size and a half" comment.

you know, with a set of pointy ears, i think he'd be a pretty good match for leonard nimoy in that second photo . . .

I know we're waiting for the big meltdown, but can't we be rid of him already?

To be fair, I think if Vincent was kidnapped, thrown into the trunk of an '89 Lincoln Town Car, driven to somewhere in Baltimore and then dumped in some trash pile, that his outfit woud travel very well and fit right in with the local color.

I am sure somewhere , right now, a loyal customer at Ross Dress for Less, is looking for that exact outfit to give to the father of her 3rd child as a welcome back from the Big House gift.

And I thought Jeffrey was Princess Pout, but it looks like he's passed off his crown for this week...

"And the top couldn't have been less interesting."
Yeah. And as Mr Kors said, the outfit looked like free pajamas. But somehow the judges were OK with it.
I confess, I don't understand the judging this season.

Ugh his outfit was so BORING! I think he should've gone just because he's got no taste and even though Angie's outfit was bad, his took no creativity at all.

Plus he looks like a washed-out Austin Powers.

You guys are the freakin best!

Stephen King, the early years?

Stephen King, the early years?
Stephen King, the blah years?

What kind of insane world would have Vincent in the final 3?? For God's sake, the man created an all-black outfit that actually made him look FATTER. Hello!!!???

And would YOU trust a designer who had never, ever, ever, ever made a single piece of clothing for himself?

Vincent gets the "pity votes" from the judges. He cashed in his 401K, and was not treated well in his prvious fashion career, still, He is probably court ordered to take his meds. More than one of the other contestants got the impression that there is a mental problem there. Threre is a meltdown in the future

"Jesus, cheer up, Moody McLithium!"

I've seen plenty of comments about coke, coffee, etc splattering monitors, but I bet this is this first time lasagna has spilled over a keyboard because of you fabulous bitches. <333Kait

aww, come on guys, don't hate on Vincent. He's one of God's special creatures.

FTR, I'm rooting for Michael Knight to take it all. His taste and skills are nonpareil and he's a nice guy to boot.

If Vincent makes the final three I'm going stop watching this show. His psychotic no talent ass should have been auf'ed first!

that pepperspray/gun line had in a hysterical laughing fit for the 8 minutes of dinner. My dad actually left the room because I was freaking him out. Godd, i actually have tears of laughter running down my face.

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