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Peanut Prevails in Paris!

Believe it or not, we're happy for him.

Similar to the situation with the Kayne/Miss USA challenge, this was an instance where the challenge was so matched to the sensibilities and strengths of a particular designer that if he couldn't win it, he should just pack his bags and go home. This outfit was definitely jet-setter, paparazzi-friendly and totally Jeffrey. Perfect.

You can take the sock out now.

Yes, he deserved to win. But Lord, he was such an a** the whole show that I've come to dislike him even more than I used to. And that's saying something.

And poor Kayne. You can take the boy out of the trailer park...

love your blog. yay jeffrey! the sock comment made me spit coffee on my desk!

Jeffrey is a huge jerk. Period.

A comment on the episode: the extent of travel testing appeared to be carrying luggage and sitting in first class for a 6-hour flight to Paris. Quelle horreur!

I would have like to see travel more like the rest of us. Challenges would include: eating Sbarro pizza standing up, taking all of your luggage with you into a bathroom stall, and finally, climbing out of the middle seat on the plane while trying not to look absurd to the hot guy 3 rows back.

Once in Paris, they should have been forced to ride the metro, nap in their outfits, and then have a bare minimum of 4 drinks before getting lost on the way back to their hostel.

PS- I think the "fleurchons" on the back of Angela's shorts should have been scented - it looked like she took a dump in them. So unflattering.

you guys are hysterical... i've got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard... what a great way to start my day... thanks...

Great headline! It was a Santino-like win where he absoulutely nailed the challenge, yet managed to offend everyone along the way.

lol on the sock!! I kept saying he deserved to win because he clearly had the smallest penis in the room!

i NEED those pants that Michael made. i need them so badly i could pee. PLEASE tell us you loved the pants! PLEASE.

"we're even happy for him." I know what you mean! I went in hating him but this challenge was so subtle that most of the designers just didn't get it. They were NOT designing for themselves (Kayne, Uli, Laura, Vincent, most of all Angela), but for themselves as if they were a jet-setting, go-where-the-party-is type (hip-hop Michael, rock 'n roll Jeffrey). And Jeffrey's Steven Tyler/Keith Richards/badass rhinestone crotch (eat your heart out, Kayne) was dead on. A deserved win -- dammit!

I personally like Michael's outfit better. Jeffrey is a dick, he did poor Angela WRONG! He just kept going on and on about the girl's mother. I would have said the hell w/ the show and beat the brakes off his ugly ass!
And for Kayne- NO COMMENT!

Yes, he deserved to win. At the same time, he also deserved to have a terrible accident. A terrible, terrible accident.

Also, am I the only one who looked at him in that outfit and thought "Poseur" and "Three drinks away from the gay bondage video"?

The crotch on those pants would never make it through security at JFK. Since when did jetsetters look like Adam Ant gone Mad Max?

I guess I'm happy for him in that okay-now-he's-got-some-validation-so-maybe-he'll-be-slightly-less-of-a-douchebag-when-they-finally-kick-his-entirely-unattractive-ass-to-the-curb sort of way, but of all the remaining contestants, he was the only one in which I could find no trace whatsoever of fabulousness. I keep pinching myself, hoping that I'll wake from a bad dream to find that Jeffrey has been replaced by either Alison or Bradley, but all I get is the black and blues.

Yay for crotch crystals!

"you can take the sock out now."

LOL. Yes, congratulations, Peanut, but you're still an ass.

Oh my, how disappointing was it to not only have Jeffrey WIN, but to see our dear Kayne, the fabulous
peacock that we all know he is, all dressed in BLACK!!

Sigh.....poor color choice my dear, poor color choice!....:-(

Oh Kayne honey, black is NOT your color, even if you did try to stick some oddly shaped pieces of
fabulous color on it, you might as well gotten some sheets of iron on transfer paper and printed out those designs off your computer and ironed them on...not wrecked a possibly fabulous Versace-ish piece of fabric!

And that belt? How did he not know how "Elvis" he truly looked? (Although I WOULD love to have that belt in my collection for those days when I just need that little extra "something"....LOL)

Poor thing, I just wanted to hug him to pieces when they shot him down so bad about it, but then again I do have a soft spot for that little red head now that my Robert is gone. :-( Those wittle cheekies just needed to be pinched!

As for Jeffrey winning....I suppose the one question I have, and I HOPE you guys read this, DIDN'T he say just last week to Angela's mother that "there was no way he could do a constructed jacket in one day!!"....???? I Hmmmm......seems like he managed one for himself, complete with incredibly tacky collars!

And what in heaven's name WAS that thing around his crotch?? I agree with James DD above, how on earth did THAT get through security? I am still gagging over that little piece of adornment.

I will have to say the outfit suited him, it would be the perfect outfit for him to wear when he gets kicked off ASAP I pray!

Well, at least Angela is gone..........YAY!!!!!!!!

PS........Oh and I ADORED Michael's outfit! I think that was the most FABULOUS and innovative thing ANYONE has done! I sure hope some designers were watching, I want some cool cargo pants out of seersucker with those FAB strings! TOO COOL! He DID look hot in those shades too, didn't he?

Man, f*ck Jeffrey and his glittery basket. Last night's episode made me hate him even more than I did before, and that's saying something. He taunted Angela and continued to make fun of her mother! IT'S OVER, Sparklenuts. Move on. Stop kicking someone when she's down. And that sh*t-eating smile when Angela was auf'd? If I were Angela, I would have clocked his ass one on my way through the door.

As far as his win, Michael should have had a three-peat. I say that only because Jeffrey is an ass; Michael's outfit was fab, but Jeffrey's was, admittedly, spot-on. Jeffrey should never win anything, ever. In fact, he should have to spend the rest of his life as Michael Kors' assistant, and get an Oompa-Loompa tan to match his boss's, and wear his shiny-crotched mantights every day until they fall apart.

No. I'm not pissed or anything. Not even a little.

Oh, God, you guys are hysterical! Did you think he wore a codpiece too?

It was a toss up between Michael and Jeffrey, and I can't get furious over this win. It's just that Peanut Boy (Kewpie Doll in my mind)has no couth. I like my designers to have some "je ne sais quoi," and Peanut Boy just ain't got none.

I gotta say...

Yeah. Jeffery NAILED it. And I do hate him, right down to his gross neck tattoo. But, I did like his reaction to Paris. I was expecting one of those "Well, it's not all that Punk Rock and I've seen better..." sort of thing, but he was actually (dare I say it) respectful. Totally caught me off guard.

But I also wondered about the Jacket comment as well. Oh, so you CAN make one in a day. Huh.

I don't have, obviously, "one of those", but I have to ask. Wouldn't that column of rhinestones be somewhat, um, uncomfortable to sit on a plane with between your legs for hours? Particularly if a person wanted to cross their legs or even their ankles. Who cares about wrinkles when you are talking major abrasion to the...uh...sock?!?!

Sparklenuts! LOL. I wonder how Jeffrey did going to the bathroom with that cubic-zirconia encrusted fly.

Kayne looked like he was one of the flying Elvises. He even had the wings. I guess you can take the girl out of the pageant but you can't take the pageant out of the girl.

Michael......GREAT pants, but am I the only one to notice his shirt looked an awful lot like a Members Only jacket minus the lining and the sleeves???

I loved Peanut's outfit. Sock or not, I thought the crotch detail was hot.

Hee - sparklenuts.

I think you guys are nicer than I am. While I wasn't surprised that Jeffrey got the win, he is an utter ass and I can't be -- and am not -- happy for him. I want him OFF my television.

Was that champagne we saw Sparklenuts The Recovered Alcoholic sipping on the airplane?

Jeffrey totally deserved that win. This is a design competition after all. Yes he was a complete ass to Angela but she's so annoying that it's hard to care. Michael's look was cute but those pants are nothing new. I wore a pair exactly like them to a Bauhaus concert in 1982. Yes I'm THAT old.

My guess is that we'll be saying goodbye to Kayne next week. In the Kayne vs. Paris prizefight I pick Paris hands down.


PRGayBoyzLuvr wrote:
"And what in heaven's name WAS that thing around his crotch?? I agree with James DD above, how on earth did THAT get through security? I am still gagging over that little piece of adornment."

That's probably the first time anyone has ever gagged on any part of TALP's crotch.

Chgo_John wrote...
That's probably the first time anyone has ever gagged on any part of TALP's crotch.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......thanks for the mental image I will now probably not be able to get out of my head for days! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Oh my, I too lol (guffawed would be more accurate) when I read "Sparklenuts." I had to email the Divine Miss M's comments to my husband with the subject line: Best nickname coined on a blog EVER.

You go, girl! And I hope everyone picks it up as the Peanut's new name.

ROFL on the sock comment. Congrats, Jeffrey! You certainly got the balls to win this one.

i agree with speck. I think Jeffrey deserved the win, because out of everyone, he understood the challenge but did not compromise his design based on budget or time constraints or tried to be 'safe'....and who cares if he's an asshole. Angela was annoying as hell too and she's lucky she even got that far after that whore-ish jubilee jumbles mess that she made episodes ago.

*SNARF* sock... *gasp for air* out... *cough*

When, when, when will I learn not to scroll down until AFTER I've swallowed the Diet Coke?! I nearly choked to death.

That screen cap couldn't be more ideal. Love the "Oh? You can see the sock?" look on his face.

Yep. Loved Michael's pants but the top was so Haircut 100. I didn't get the fawning over it.

It was Peanut Sparklenuts challenge to lose right from the start and he pulled it off. I still can't get worked up enough to truly dislike him, just want to see him take on Catherine Malandrino in a workroom death match!

Kayne, honey, be careful, or in 20 years you're going to look all Rip Taylor on us!

Oh there was SO much on this show!



Loved last night's episode! Loved that Jeffrey won. Loved it almost as much as I love this blog.

Jeffrey and Michael would make excellent finalists. And either Uli or Laura (although I'd love to see what Kayne would send down the runway).

Thank heavens Angela's back in O-HI-O.

I have to say that while I already love Michael, it was so endearing watching him try to help Kayne out with a few runway moves! And seriously what kind of a queen in Kaynebow that he doesn't know how to strut & shimmy.... at all? I mean really! But oh, it was so sweet of Michael.

redsinner: Seeing Kayne try to "walk 'hood" was hilarious. He looked like a Eminem and Elton John had a love child. Brilliant.

And--yay coining a cool nickname! It's amazing what anger and hatred can cultivate. ;-)

Don't get me wrong--Angela is a straight up nut. She's crazy and has NO sense of style. Still, no one deserves to be picked on. Jeffrey's like that guy everyone knew in high school who found a few short-bus kids to pick on so he could feel better about himself. Ugh.

as for the comments on Michael teaching Kayne how to walk, I couldn't stop thinking about how "Tea and Sympathy" it all was.

This is how you walk straight gay boy!

I was so impressed of how Michael worked that walk on the runway. Those 3 or so little backward steps before turning around were HOT. Kayne looked very vulnerable, to me, walking on the runway. I wonder if his new body image hasn't always caught up with him. But how about that opening shot of him bare chested? Raow!

And I loved Bad Mommy's interview line from the very beginning: "Jeffrey's just being a dick..." I knew we were in for a great hour of TV.

DIDN'T he say just last week to Angela's mother that "there was no way he could do a constructed jacket in one day!!"....???? I Hmmmm......seems like he managed one for himself, complete with incredibly tacky collars!

Jeffrey could probably cut out a jacket pattern in his own size with his eyes closed. He'd never done *anything* in Darlene's size, much less a tailored jacket, which would have been difficult for him.

The jacket was the only part of Jeffery's outfit I liked. A glittery skull&crossbones t-shirt on a grown man seems absolutely absurd to me. Not even Steven Tyler could pull that off.

I agree the peanut may have deserved to win ... but that doesn't mean I like him or his clothes. They were perfect on him ... dreadful clothes for a dreadful person.

Is it me or does Sparklenuts need a chin implant?

Jeffery is a bad, evil man and a poseur. Where the versatility in his outfit? How could he travel to diverse areas in that-it's got the same issues as Uli's.

Maybe the skull was hot when they tapped the show, but they sell skull shirts at WalMart now, he looked like a teenage girl last night.

He did make a fab, luxe looking jacket, but I still can't stand that ferret face and his poor littel bad boy routine.

Peanut needs a chin implant & likely a rhinestone sock implant too. Kayne already got his cheek implants, but boy he was ready for the Winter Olympics last night- figure skating costumes & beauty pagent waves are that boy's future.

Oh, fabulous gay guys, for once I have to disagree with you.
Happy for Jeffrey? That’s like being happy for Bush after a re-election.
I’ll say now what I said about Bush: get rid of the jerk!
Note to Jeffrey’s mom: Don’t be so proud of your son, honey. He may be an okay designer, but he stinks as a human being.

I loved Jeffrey in this episode and I loved his outfit. It was perfect. I think all men should wear bling on their crotch. :D

Yeah, I've posted elswhere that, if he could make that outfit in a day, he could have made Darlene a jacket. And I got the same response that making a jacket for Darlene would have been more difficult. His worry was actually that he wouldn't have time to set a sleeve. Clearly he had time to set a sleeve. And even an unstructured jacket with poorly set sleeves would have looked better than the piece of crap he made for her.

DISCLAIMER: I think Jeff is an ass, but I disliked Angela's PA... ick... way more, mostly because I had a "friend" that I worked with who was EXACTLY like Angela and her mother, and just drove me up the wall.

First of all, I never heard Jeff say anything about Angela's mom - granted, it could just be editing, but all I heard was him saying how truly ugly his design/dress was last week - and hey, I understand. If I had designed that piece of CRAP, I would want to distance myself from it ASAP. I probably would've leaped in front of Heidi when she was explaining the next challenge, or - even better - tattooed it on my neck. (Fancy-script-fancy-script-fancI DIDN'T LIKE IT - DON'T JUDGE ME BY THAT STARTREK REJECT COSTUME - LOOOOOVVVEEEEE MEEEEEE!!!) Angela, being uber-sensitive, heard him dissing the dress and assumed that he meant her mother. Honestly, Angela came into that situation expecting him to diss her mother. He could've walked into the room and said, "My, what lovely weather we're having today" or "Where did I put my pinking shears?" and she would've screamed at him to leave her mother alone.

As to the jacket, I'm a costumer - granted, that's not fashion, but it is about pumping clothes out QUICKLY. And the idea of Jeff making a jacket for a woman in a size that he's never sewn for before, without a pattern, and without the woman to fit more than once, and expect to run it down the runway when he already knows going into the challenge that the model is going to stab him in the back on the runway - Good Lord, I would've checked Jeff back into rehab if he HAD decided to. Trust me, it WOULDN'T have looked better than the POS that he designed. Yes, it was crap, but a jacket that wouldn't have fit would've been one hundred million times worse. Either it would've been too small, which would've made the model uncomfortable (would've confirmed her suspicions that he only saw her as fat) and would've gotten him an instant booting from the runway; or it would've been too big, would've made the model seem bigger, would've made the model uncomfortable and would've gotten him instantly kicked from the runway.
I could make a skirt for myself in probably about 1/2-1 hour. If I had to make a skirt for someone else, it would take considerably longer, because I'd have to draft a pattern (rather than draping or using a pattern that I already knew), I'd make a *little* bigger so that, when my model came in, I could take it in as needed to make it perfect, and also mark the hem. And that's an easy skirt. In a skirt, you've got two side seams to take in, a waistband to adjust, and a hem. A jacket has about five hundred little seams, all of which have to be perfect or else pudginess shows up or you look like the jacket has eaten you alive. Sorry, but I side with the ass on this one.

Mostly I think he's an asshole. I wanted Micheal to win, because I love him. But I was totally siked for jeffery...Still curious as to which challenge he thought he should have won in the past.


I'm sure you're right that if he had tried to make a jacket for her it would have looked bad but I still think nothing could have looked worse than what he did make. I've made mens and womens jackets but it's true, I've had basic pattern pieces to work from so I can't really know what it would have been like.

But as to Jeffrey dissing Angela's mother: watch the show again, he is definitely saying nasty things about her and that is just not acceptable. He wouldn't have liked someone talking about his mother that way.

Why is everyon hatin on Jeffrey? I think he'll be in the top three. And since when has anyone who's made it in fashion been nice?

Kelicious: No one is expecting fashion to be "nice". But taunting someone like you're on a damn playground is just beyond the pale. Jeffrey's getting hated on because he's an immature, conceited punk with thin skin and a big head.

And sparkly nuts.

i'm dying to know if michael ever made it to the hamptons...he only mentioned it, what, 3 times in 10 minutes?

also loved hearing mr. kors say 'bling'!

What has happened to Kayne??? I mean, I love the boy, but his last few designs have been absolutely horrid (although I did think they were a little too rough on him last week). He really needs to step up. If he doesn't come up with something fabulous next time, I fear he might be gone...and it would be a shame to see him leave before the ever-awful Vincent!

Even though I absolutely hate Jeffrey's "I'm better than Jesus" attitude, the outfit rocked. Loved the sparkly crotch. Way to just go all out and say "Look at my goods!"

Michael, oh, Michael. What can I say?? Another challenge, another fab outfit. He took my love of seersucker to a whole other dimension!

The Divine Miss M said:

"Man, f*ck Jeffrey and his glittery basket."

"IT'S OVER, Sparklenuts."

"...wear his shiny-crotched mantights every day until they fall apart."

"No. I'm not pissed or anything. Not even a little."

I think I love The Divine Miss M as much as the Project Rungay guys.

Was it just me..or did the constant too close for comfort shots of Jeff's Nut Hugger pants disturb you?
Total Stuffage

Meh, I really wanted Michael to win!


michael's creation looked better than chicken hawk's (tiny feisty and laughable), his stuff is way more marketable, and he's not a lame ex junkie with a big chip on his shoulder (or out of his chin maybe)... and hey, peanut, if you're checking this out, your mom looks like you in drag, is a total enabler, and a martyr, if you wanna be mean about mom's... go hit a 12 step meeting and shut the hell up about other people! angela may be a nut, but you are a jar of planters, honey!


sparklenuts... girl, thats just the best...

speaking of which, if i saw that shit walking down the street (or at the airport!), i would point and laugh!! that shit was just horrendous. hes a complete poser. and if he tried to pull that crap in real life - or even on a red carpet, for that matter - he'd be made fun of mercilessly.

as much as i lovelovelove michael's, i thought this one should have gone to laura. the girl is incredibly fabulous and her dress was brilliant. when is she gonna win?!?!?!


Still curious as to which challenge he thought he should have won in the past.

I don't know which episode or episodes Jeffrey was referring to, but I think he was robbed in the recylables challenge. His dress was great. And I think you could make a case that he and Alison should have won the Macy's challenge. The outfit looked great, the pants (which Jeffrey made) were singled out by the judges, and there wasn't a granny circle in sight!


this is so not fun to watch! bring back whacky zulema or jubilee jumbles!

Didn't I see that skull t-shirt in hot topic...?

I don't know about you, but I love Jeffery. Period.
I really honestly do.

Maybe it's because of what his mother said about him last week, about how he struggled to get to where he is today. I don't like him cause he was a druggie and now he can stand on his two feet, but because I know it's a hard thing to do.

At the end of the day, Jeff may be slightly mean, but he's a talented designer and not a bad person, if judging by the way he cried when Robert left.

From knowing a thing or two about television, the producers probably decided he should be the new Wendy-Pepper-meets-Santino; being bad and bitchy, and ruining everyone else. But I'm sure there were provocations from other sides, and I'm sure Angela's not an innocent little granny circle maker.

So I say, good for you, Jeffery, for getting somewhere with your life. Maybe he can try to be nicer, but at least he's honest and direct. In a tactless way, but still. Jeff is an inspiration for alot of people who don't think they can ever stand up again and face the world on their own, and he's a living proof of the fact that you can make dreams come true.

I love you, Jeff.

I cannot endorse rhinestone crotch studs.

I'm still traumatized about Alison.

Jeffrey's look is worse than 25 years old, it's 3 years old. 25 is retro, 3 is just last year's last year's last year, fool.

Jeff is an asshole. Though his stuff may be to some people rawk "taste", that mama's boy is a poseur.

I see that I am very much in the minority here, but I couldn't stand Jeffrey's outfit. The pants looked like leggings with "decoration". Sorry, but I just can't get behind the skinny pants revolution. I think they look like crap, actually, even on the models. The jacket I guess was kinda cool, but it didn't look quite finished to me. Overall, yuck. If only Michael could give lessons in taste, as well. The little touches of sparkle he added to his outfit were so perfect.

As for the anonymous poster who said Angela was getting on Jeffrey for no reason this episode, I have to disagree. He hated her mom, that much was obvious. On the runway he basically blamed her feedback for the dress coming out so dreadful, claiming that he was just trying to work within the parameters that she gave him. (Now I'm not saying that she was completely blameless in that conflict because I don't believe she was. Still. The comments he made about her were unconscionable. You don't say those things about a person's mom.)

Additionally, the entire time it was going on he kept saying that Angela and her mom were trying to get him kicked out. He may not have been saying anything outright this week, but make no mistake. He was gloating. This was him rubbing the whole experience in Angela's face and I find that really crappy, no matter what her part was in it.

PS: This is my first comment, though I've been lurking for a while now. You guys are amazing! Keep up the fabulosity!

I just have to say that I hope Mr. Gross Neck No Chin somehow became barren by wearing those sparklenut pants for hours and hours. C'Mon, Natural Selection.... please do your work! I swear to the gods that if he is in the final three, I will be forced to quit watching the show. And for those of you who actually LIKE him... shame on you. Seriously, I am one fag who is siiiick and tiiiired of people being haters. He is a like a cling-on butt nugget that won't go away. Oh, and was Mr. 12-Step Program drinking champagne?

I have to give props to Angela for not reaching down his throat and ripping is teeny nuts out through his face. I would not have had that much restraint.

Angela, dear. You are a loveable kook. So what if you're a little annoying, you will find your niche. You probably already have. Your Holly Hobbie Hobo aesthetic will sell well with a certain crowd. There was entirely too much alliteration in that last sentence, sorry. I, for one, wish you well girl.. FLEURCHONS Away!

Um, ew. Jeff is ew.

Divine Miss M - I totally agree with your first post.

Let's clock him together!

The judges are really turning up the heat on this. To be COMPLETELY honest, I think the best two outfits for travelling were Laura's and *gasps* Vincent's. There are HUGE security concerns and as lackluster as Vincent's outfit was, it would probably travel well - no wrinkles, probably hide stains, comfortable, and easy to get through security b/c it didn't seem to have much metal aside from the zipper. Laura's didn't look too wrinkled and seemed very wearable but I'm extremely uncomfortable wearing light colours on a plane - You never know when some turbulence will get you up close and personal with that after dinner coffee.

I LOVED Michael's shirt but while seersucker travels well, cotton might not, especially on long flights.

CONSIDER THIS: I don't know if airline security measures are the same for jetsetters but Jeffrey's outfit made me cringe. I could almost hear the small Filipina lady at JFK asking him to remove all metallic items.

His jacket was absolutely fab though. Was I the only one that thought he went and stole Kayne's bedazzler while he wasn't looking?

By the way, if you run the words 'Angry Little Peanut' through our English to French translation programme, you get "Petite Cacahuète Furieuse", which translates to

LOOOOVE that! So now, whilst he is in Paris.........

OK, i have to say it, i just HAVE to (esp. since so far, i'm the only one thinking it, which is weird) he looked like a rent boy.

seriously, i have SEEN those pants on rent boys!

and yeah, he looked rock-n-roll... just the heroin addicted side.

ok, i hate Jeffery. Hate. Him. wouldn't brake if i saw him crossing in front of me. Michael so deserved to win.

you guys rock! i'm now gonna have to get an account just to reply as non anon.

much love.

I think people are way too hard on Jeffrey. He's actually growing on me. Yes, he's rude and obnoxious, but his problem is that he's got a very sensitive bullshit meter (and ok, he's a recovering addict). I've never heard him being an asshole to someone who didn't deserve it. Angela is a sneak and a talentless wonder, which is why he said she was not a designer, but an 'arts & cratfs macaroni gluer'. He was bang on too! God, those fleurchons... The only reason she won the Macy's challenge was because she had the good sense to pair up with Laura and Michael. She didn't even give them credit later on when she bragged about winning a challenge. And I love Kayne, but the judges are right to 'question his taste level'. Poor kid. But what can you expect? He said himself that he was from 'white trash'. In all the shows I've seen, people from less 'tasteful' and privileged backgrounds like Kayne and Angela, always end up being eliminated for lack of taste and sophistication. All the same, I hope Vince is next.

I sooo agree with the person who wrote it was a BORING outfit. Snort. Boring and ridiculous in some places - you know which ones.

Laura and Michael's oufits were great, I wished one of them won.


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