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Koo Koo Ka Choo, Mrs. Bennett.




That's a level of hotness that doesn't even require verbs. Just walk up to her and go "Girl! Fierce!" and then snap once, jerk your head around and sashay away.

We weren't sure about the color until we saw it on her. Gorge! With the red lips and the orange hair? Bitch creates her own accents. And how nice to see her move slightly away from her safe zone. More, please.

Also, Sweetie, wear your hair down once in a while. You've totally got that kitten-with-a-whip thing going on when you do. No wonder Mr. Bennett can't keep his hands off you.

In fact, we could only think of one thing when we saw you last night.

And bitch, that is some high fucking praise coming from these two fags.

LOVE her. She looked great. I loved that color on her. I do not agree with others who think it was too pale for her.

OMG you two! This is a great post! I also loved Laura's look last night...effortlessly cool and chic.
God bless, you guys crack me up!

I love her more each week. I was worried that they were making her too nice via the editing, but her cocktail dress made up for it. Jeffrey needs to take some lessons from Mrs. Bennett. It's very clear where everyone stands with either of them, but Jeffrey where comes off as petulant, the divine Mrs. B. is fabulous.

Now if only the producers would throw up a challenge where the designers have to create a fashion-forward dominatrix outfit, Laura would be a shoo-in to win.

Laura really should have had a shot of winning last night. That dress traveled perfectly. I could see Elizabeth Taylor or other true classic jet setters zipping anywhere in that.

She looked fabulous!
Thanks for the great post.

Hi guys,

Watch the bonus video. Chatherine Malandrino loved the dress.
She really looked amazing.

Well, finally she looked good. Was surprized at the "baby belly" arriving so fast.

the visual of this:

Just walk up to her and go "Girl! Fierce!" and then snap once, jerk your head around and sashay away.

Made me laugh out loud. I want to meet her in person just to try it out.

I aspire to be Laura when I grow up.


Some day I will move beyond my Gap khaki shorts and favorite tee and be lovely like her.

I was thinking Geena Davis and not Tina Louise, but still...


Holy crap, Laura was beyond fierce in that outfit. However, the preview with her breeder belly hanging out was like an f'in car wreck. Or mini-van wreck even.

I adore Laura ... I want her to be my "Bad Mommy!" I wonder if she would "throw" me "on the pile" like she plans to do with the 6th on the way?

She's beyond fierce; she is a gorgeous terror like a tiger or viper!

And I can't wait to see her make mincemeat out of Jeff ...

I'm with the other anonymous person -- I aspire to be Laura when I grow up.

What got me, in the very beginning and has stuck with me "It's a long slow slide to sweatpants and a mini-van, and I just won't go there." Amen, Mrs. B!

You go girl!!!

And, yeah, sixth pregnancy? The belly is going to pop REALLY fast -- poor thing.

I loved her too. She has this glow now that she's pregnant too. Noticed it?

Girl, seriously. In that dress, she will put out her cigarette on your arm, raise her glass to you and glide away.


Food for Thought Bot,
Maybe that wreck of a "breeder belly" that's worryin' you is gonna drop the nextgen snappin', snippin', and rippin' project rungay boy.

Yes, she is definitely glowing!

I didn't think I could love her any more than I already did!

Laura looked fabulously glam! Stunning in every way. Grace Kelly would have owned that dress. And it met the challenge- it traveled beautifully she was robbed, again.

Just adore you Laura! And now that nasty boy has lost his punching bag, I'm sure he'll try to start some shit with her in a major way. I can't wait to watch her shred him to bits!

And was the look on her face when Michael did the walk not priceless? My daughter and I decided they have to go into business together and call the company " Fabulously Glamorous MoFo Bitches, Inc." Note to self- trademark this quickly!!

Wow! What a geat look for someone that always looks so bland - especially from a woman that says she doesn't have to look bad just cause she's a mom (my words- not hers).
I've often wondered why some of the designers look like they could do with an extreme makeover (Wendy Pepper for instance).

As people have mentioned, after you've had so many children you start to show really early because you body already knows what to do.

Apparently Laura's body is so prepared she no longer needs new injections of sperm in order to get pregnant! That's impressive!

God, she's great!

Love Laura as Tina Louise (Ginger from Gilligan's Island).
Extra fabulous, darlings.

Who rocks the party that rocks the body?

Ms. Laura B., that's who.

You guys are killing me! I love everything about this site. I agree with every word about the fabulous Ms. Bennett and nearly fell off my chair laughing at "Angela's Asshes." I was expecting at least some mention of Kayne's nipples... but hey, I'll be checking this site till my fingers bleed anyway, so there's still plenty of time for that.

Woah! This took me by surprise. I think Laura is a one note designer and she didn't look fierce to me she looked pale and a little morning-sickly. Ugh. I just hate her.

I LOVE Laura! She is beyond fabulous!

And Doralong..." Fabulously Glamorous MoFo Bitches, Inc." I'd definitely buy their clothes!

I LOVE Laura - she is chic, chic, chic. She looked so fabulous with her hair down!

She can work it. She looked amazing last night!! She is one of my favorite designers in all of the seasons of Project Runway.

Eric3000 Honey-

That glow is not from being preggers it's from $3000 worth of Microdermabrasion from a handsome TriBeCa dermatologist.

Oh yes, you guys haven't even mentioned Kaynebow's man-boobs!

Can't agree more with the commenters, Mrs BadMommy moved into a whole new space with this design.
Come on Uli, your turn to wow us!

My husband speculated that there is no way that this child is not going to be gay and/or fabulous having spent those important prenatal months on the set of PR.

And not to be a stick in the mud, but are they making sure she is getting whatever medical care she needs?

i just saw tim gunn at the abington square news store in the village, buying the entertainment weekly with himself on the cover. even the counter guy said: you're on the cover and they make you buy it?

If I had just been tuning in, I would have thought Laura was one of the models. She looked more than fabulous!

I haven't been able to catch it quick enough to see what she is drinking during the champaign toasts.....I certainly hope she isn't drinking the liquor, and I think she's smart enough not to, but just wondering if anyone else has noticed?

Who cares about F.A.S? She's got 5 others at home.
So what if number six can't do math when he's 10.

Drink up honeylamb.

The look she gave Michael... *sigh* That's mommy love right there.

God, she's fabulous! As long as she and Michael are in the final three, I (almost) don't care who the third is. The dress was stunning, and has she got a nice set of stems, or what? Add me to the list of people who want to be Laura when I grow up.

"elcynic said...
The look she gave Michael... *sigh* That's mommy love right there."

I agree. How can you not love her? That was sweet.

Freaking love Mrs. Bennett.

Effortless style and class is not something that's easy to pull off, and she does it.

I am so rooting for her to discreetly rip that freakin' tattoo off Peanut's neck - then calmly return to sewing a remarkably chic and hot dress for the next competition.

Snap, indeed.

Laura is a great designer and looked great last night, but I didn't like the color, I think it would have looked better in another color, stood out more and maybe made her more of a contender for the win. You guys make my day, you are soo funny, I love it!

She did look hot. What kills me is she's three months preganant in that pic AND already has 5 kids!

She looks a lot less severe with her hair down. It took like 10 years off!

She looked her best last night, styling was flawless too. That soft sexy hair and makeup! She must be feeling all cuddly and kittenish!

She still scares me!


Fierce is correct. She rocked the runway. Thank God for glamorous pregnant women and the men who love them. Mr. Bennett - you rock too!

YEP totally. I started to hum the theme to Gilligan's Island last night after hair and make up. Took me a couple of minutes to make the Ginger Grant connection.

Oh, my god--it's Lauren Bacall! She certainly looked every bit the high class drink of water she is, didn't she? What I love about Laura is that although she's eminently classic, she's also very down-to-earth, practical and straightforward. Love that gal!

I love Laura, and the best thing about her is that she can dish it out AND she can can take it.


THANK YOU! the girl IS fierce... i fuckin love her to bits. she should have won this one. it was perfection.

haha, exactly!

i realized how hott she was in this episode, too.

except for the dress color, which blended in to her skin.

but that's just a pet peeve of mine.

Kayne, you’re just so tacky, sweetie. On a personal level, that’s completely OK. Miss J has lived in her share o’ trailers, and she understands how that tackiness will always be a part of you. It sticks like gum in your bouffant after a night of hard drinkin’ and must be fought at every turn lest it re-emerge stronger than ever. Miss J would take you as her Gay Boyfriend in a Mississippi minute! You could be Will to her Grace, or, more likely, Jack Bob to her chemically altered Karen Sue. The times we’d have! We could give each other facials, play make-over with glitter eye shadow, and spoon each other to sleep. And Mr. Janey wouldn’t mind at all. Together, with Cher playing on the hi-fi, we could get lip sync around the room while dressing for Cotillion, then give each other the head-to-toe, and sniff, “Girl, that’s just s little too white trash,” and make each other change outfits til we each got it just right. But honey, that’s just Miss Janey’s pipe dream. She’s not on-set to protect you from your inner trailer. So the next time Mr. Gunn warns you that you’re veering onto Tasteless Lane, you’d best heed the call. Because next week- it’s you or Vincent, you know? And please, Miss J CAN’T tolerate him over you. Ever. So personally, feel free to be as tacky as you want. But professionally, fight that demon, son.

WHAT planet have I been on that I've only discovered you to bitches today!!! I LOVE YOU. I love Laura too. She's just has it ALL going on. Of course the red hair doesn't hurt.

I'm not Laura's biggest fan, but DAMN GIRL. She was looking hot. I only wish she'd keep that hair down.

Laura's such an alpha female, she can't help her hotness. She just IS:


Dare I say it: superior. Damn!

Laura is tops! (Okay, and probably a top, too.) From the moment I saw her bath rug fur collar and cuffs in Challenge One I knew she was destined for the runway.

And she is just so wry -- her minutes are always the best part of the hour.

Kudos to this blog. It's by far the funniest thing I've read in a long while, especially from a blog. Keep up the great work boys.

As for Ginger (Luara): "You had me at HELLO!"

Please PLEASE comment on Kaynebow's homage to all things Vegas (and, of course, his Man Boobs).

Bad Mommy was Fan-freaking-tastic.

btw, Michael Kors absolutely _pwned_ the guest judge. Remember how he complained about the knot in the back? Kors was all "oh, you can move that to the front while you are on the plane" and Laura was all "oh, yeah...I meant to design it that way."

Miss Janey said to Kayne: "...So personally, feel free to be as tacky as you want. But professionally, fight that demon, son."



i would have loved this dress in some color other than flesh. i think she would have looked brilliant in a primary blue

Love it! Love the way you love women. Love Laura, love the color, love the attitude, LOVE the hairstyle, love the FIERCENESS, love the backsnap and sashay...basically I love IT ALL!!!!!!!!!

PS. Ginger ALWAYS wore that color! Snap!

I absolutely love Laura Bennet. A lot of the designers this season seem a bit two-faced and passive-aggressive... but she's a straight up bitch. I mean that in a good way. She says what she's thinking and she's usually pretty right. I want to be Laura when I grow up.

Don't assume your audience is all gay guys. I am a 60 year old heterosexual female that is totally a fan. Watching the show with my conservative husband is fun. Reading your blog is even more fun. We are from Massachusetts and support Gay Marriage.
Tata and congratulations from all the hetero seniors out there that love this blog.
P.S. The show this time is a bit weak.

Here's to all the hetero seniors who love this blog! Cheers!



"katiecoo said...
Here's to all the hetero seniors who love this blog! Cheers!

YES, To all the fabulous hetero seniors out there who read our blog.

PS. I don't think 60 qualifies for "senior" but it does qualify for FABULOUS! :D

PRGayBoys- Forget Laura, I aspire to be YOU GUYS! I almost fell out my work chair w/ the snap once and jerk ya head! That shit is TOO FUNNY!
But seriously, I knew you would post something on her b/c she really did look stunning, nothin' to do w/ the pregnancy. She has the looks of a model w/ that hair down.

I LOVE Laura. I want to BE HER when I grow up.

Hey, anybody catch the latest People magazine. Page 76, another boy for Laura! due in November. btw, she looks gorgeous in red...

Laura is brave and talented and terrific. And we share the same last name. I have some distant NY relatives..... Hmmm, I wonder? I actually thought she should have won. Holy Shit, what a knockout. That's quite a compliment coming from this homo. :)

I want to see her make Jeffrey cry. I bet she can.

Koo Koo Ka Choo, Mrs. Robinson.

Er, Mrs. Bennett.

Fabulous to see her with hair down and a something besides black or white.

I just stared when I saw her. Hair down, dressed in a more... human color. I was like, "Guys, I think Laura's turning me on a little..." And the boobies were tucked into bed where they belonged!

Laura looked *amazing*, though this was NOT a travelling dress by any stretch of the imagination, even if it was silk jersey.
Perhaps a 21st century update of a classic 1930's Hollywood travelling outfit: Lightweight tweed with a fox wrap, a huge gardenia on the lapel, Lily Dache-esque hat, and of course matching LV luggage!

"Mrs. Bennett, are you trying to seduce me?"

You guys make me laugh diet coke right out my nose.

I wanted to tell you how much I love this blog. It is as crucial to me as watching the show. It is very funny, incisive, appreciative, witty, and I LOVE your original and photoshopped photos. I've started to check it every day just to see if you have added anything else to your main items for the week. Thank you so much.

I loved this dress, I agree the color was a bit off, but the styling was perfect.
It reminds me a bit of the dress Michael did for the dog challenge. The interwoven fabric at the waist reminds me of the top of his dress.
I totally think she should make a line of "Bad Mommy" pregnancy wear (no stupid sailor outfits for Laura).

I am the picky queen:

She would be Mrs. Shelton, not Mrs. Bennett; Bennett is her maiden name, so it would be Miss Bennett or Ms. Bennett.

BALMAIN for women

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