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Jeffrey: Angry Little Peanut.

Here's the thing about Jeffrey:

We don't like him all that much.

Not in the "love to hate him" manner that is the stock in trade of all reality shows, but more in the manner of "you're boring and one-note and full of yourself" that is the stock in trade of, well...reality. Say what you will about Santino or Wendy Pepper, but they were endlessly entertaining in the ways that their insecurities and paranoia played themselves out, both in their work and in their interactions with the other designers. Jeffrey, on the other hand, is that guy you went to high school with who got beat up a lot because he was still under 5 feet by Junior year, so he went all "hardcore," which meant of course, that he went around constantly describing himself as "hardcore" even though he never really explained what it meant and we were all left to assume that it had a lot do with wearing chains and spikes and a lot of black and angrily writing on your jeans with a Bic pen.

Dude, don't you get tired of bragging to the cameraman that you're the obvious winner - and then you don't win? Every week! You'd think by week 4, you'd be a little more "I think my stuff's good, but I don't know about these judges..." instead of "OH YEAH! IN! THE! BAG!!!"

We'll say this: most of his garments are interesting and do indeed demonstrate his self-proclaimed "mad skillZ." We just think that, aesthetically speaking, his designs are limited in scope and worse than that, somewhat ... we want to say "puerile" but that's not it; not quite.

It's just that "angry teenager" is a really limiting aesthetic, bordering on silly when it's coming from a 36-year-old man.

Anyway, the dress:

It IS beautiful, and we do love it, but we're not as convinced as so many others (Jeffrey foremost) that he should have won for it. Yes, you could move in the dress - and every time you did, you left behind a permanent crinkle. Look at the gathering in the waist in the top pic. Looks pretty messy to us. There's nothing wrong with making a conceptual piece, most of the designers did just that, but both Jeffrey and the judges talked this dress up like it was off-the-rack wearable and it was anything but.

Then there's the belt. We like the idea of a trompe l'oeil belt, just not this trompe l'oeil belt. It's too crude and messy-looking. It's, if we can be excused for using a very over-used word, "costumey." In fact, we think it could have been a stunning dress had he not painted it at all.

To be fair, we do sympathize with him that his work gets little consideration from the judges week in and week out. It's not to our tastes - or apparently theirs - but it's usually well executed and makes the attempt to be interesting. We're not his biggest fans, but we would like to see him win one. We even wouldn't mind seeing him in the final 4.

Now sit up straight and stop pouting, cranky hobbit.

In the bonus video of the designers in the van, it's rather funny to see how Jeffrey reacts to Robert's rendition of "Bonjour Paris" from Funny Face, followed by Robert's and Tim's discussion of Kay Thompson. Jeffrey is definitely NOT accustomed to people queening out at 6 am.

Oh, and when the designers speculate that they're going to Paris, don't miss how Laura blithely (and almost imperceptibly) says, "We can stay with my sister-in-law." You know that bitch is on Avenue Foch and that the LV has made its way there on many an occasion. Without the kids, of course.

You guys took the words out of my mouth. Not really, they're yours, of course. But I wish I had written what you just did. Fantastic! I LOVE this site.

You hit the nail on the head - again! Tat-Man is nothing more than an angry, overgrown teenager.

Yeah, what gigi said...

Ok now I am almost feeling sorry for Jeffrey. :( I think the reason I distance myself emotionally (ha) from him is that he just makes me miss Santino. It's like he's Santino at the beginning last season before he became REALLY interesting. But if he dares doing some impersonation of ANYONE and especially Tim Gunn, I will hate him. That domain is forever Santino.

On this entry boys, I'm with you...I get it.

Yes, nail on the head.
Also, I give Jeffrey props for working with Alison on the two person project. He worked hard, they did a terrific job together and he was generous with praise for her part.

oh jeffrey. that second to last photo almost had me feeling a little tender hearted for the pitiful mad boy. then i got over it. begone jeffrey. can't happen soon enough for me.

and i fear he will end up in the final four simply due to the drama factor. i do wonder that there isn't just a bit of behind the scenes machinations for the sake of drama . . . is is truly all about the clothes? it would really seem not, given some of the horrors that scooch by the judges when lesser offenses are booted.

oh well. 'tis fun. and you all are beyond fabulous.

"Angry Little Peanut"- Hee-hee!! ;D

Same w/ Jack - Thanks for articulating my exact sentiments. (Though I had to look up puerile.)

I sooo agree with the teenager angst, rebel theory. He's the eternal outsider. Oh, Jeffrey - you could probably get a Maori face tattoo and people still would ignore you.

Lastly, I kept choking on the Kors' "trompe l'oeil" reference. Come again? We painted fake designs on our clothes in kindergarten and it was called "painting."

Trompe l'oeil, my butt.


all that child is missing is the tattooed tear on his pouty little cheek...

A tattooed tear means that you've killed someone. I'm not sure that is really what you want to see in Jeffrey.

You're bang on the mark about Jeffrey, as one of my favorite authors would say. In addition to an angry peanut, he also reminds me of a wired Kewpie Doll.

You guys never fail to entertain me! I named your blog as one of my top two favorite PR bloggers.

The fact that Jeffrey has a child is what I find most disturbing of all. Look at daddy on TV honey!

And 'anonymous' that Laura's husband may be French doesn't surprise me at all, she dresses like a rich Parisienne.

You win again. I'm going to call Jeffrey "The Angry Little Peanut" from now on. (It's good to have some variety, as "Penis Neck," "poseur," "asshole," and "douchebag" are all wearing pretty thin.)

I do have to admit that I felt a wee bit of sympathy for him while watching the bonus footage--I don't think I could have handled Robert's "Bonjour Paris"-Kay Thompson hyper-queenage at such an ungodly hour, either.

I just want to take Jeffrey by his dirty Uni-Bomber hoodie and give him a good scrubbing. He really good use a little exfoliating and maybe a decent eye cream.

Angry Little Peanut--Ha!


Jeffrey reminds me of a possessed doll, like Chuckie. Raggedy Anarchy!!

"Another high-waisted skirt!"

Yeah, like the one Jeffrey made for the dog challenge!?!? Dumbass.

OMG he does look like a hobbit LOLOL

I don't like Jeffrey because his haircut reminds me of the haircuts of troubled kids I grew up with in the 80s, thus making him look like an overgrown 8-year-old. Deeply offputting.

And I agree, his dress was much more beautiful before he painted it.

Regarding the previous post on Kaynebow - doesn't that last pic of our angry little peanut w/ his hood up look EXACTLY like what Alexander would look like if he grew up "edgy?"

While I agree that he's deffinately that kid in school...I couldn't dissagree more about that wretched dress. It would have looked better unpainted but should have won!? Fine let him win a challenge but doesn't he have to produce something that will win. Name me a competition that he should have won...

so who do the PRGay dudes think should have won? i liked Uli and jeffery the most....

Uli, without a doubt!

Honestly. I think Jeffrey is UNGODLY attractive. It's something about how much of a prick he is. Who cares is his neck looks thicker than my thigh!

neck? what neck? he doesn't have one. that or he just has no chin, it's kinda hard to tell.

and Uli is the sh!t.

judge not lest ye be judged.

christians say that, right?

so to be fair, jeffrey's gone through a dad that was probably abusive before he left him at a young age, heroin addiction, homelessness, and attempted suicide.

and then in spite of all this, he could have very well become an abusive sociopathic character, but instead, is a loving father that's following his love of fashion design.

i'd say his anger is probably merited, but he's doing fairly well despite that.

puh-lease. Jeffrey's sob-story about his so-called "addiction" and "suicide attempt" was so contrived. It's yet another in a long line of bullshit stories he thinks will make him seem like an edgy outsider, instead of the dillweed poseur he is.

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