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I'm FABULOUSLY repetitive!

Laura, honey...where to start?

The dress? PRETTY! So, so pretty. The front and back pleats? The perfect black flower? CHIC! CLEAN! FRESH! The "For Nuts Only?" WITTY! (although we can't help thinking you're making some sort of anal sex joke at the expense of your model.)

To be honest, the PRGBoys are a little conflicted. 50% of us thought you should have won it this week. It's just...

Well, we talked about this, girl. Your stuff, it's so pretty, so well-tailored, so stylish, can we put this?

Oh, yes.


Loved the dress, although I never expected her to have such a fun sense of humor. Have you ever noticed how she is quite the Michael magnet? In a lot of the shots of Michael, there she is looking fab hoarding the attention of the ATL cutiepie. Smart cookie that Laura. The kids are away and mama wants to play!


Salt and PepperShakers?

Oh my. So dead on.

I wanted to see her auf'd last night. But the best comment of the show was Allison's as they walked out the doorin the morning, "Good thing you have your riding outfit in case it's horses..."

So do we know why she turned into Super C**t at the end of last nights show?
I have this little fantasy that Vince will go off his meds and stab her in the neck with Robert's personalized scissors.

lmao speck!

I love Laura and hate her all the same...she's kind of a one note, but I never want her to leave. I don't see her getting much further, but can't she stay just to piss everyone off?

But the best comment of the show was Allison's as they walked out the doorin the morning, "Good thing you have your riding outfit in case it's horses..."

Oh I agree! I laughed so hard at that one.

And, hehe, I didn't realize the Salt and Pepper Shakers look was "in". ;)


No, best comment last night was from Laura: "There's a lot of Ugly in this room."

I keep thinking of her uncanny resemblence to Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria. I'm waiting for her to peel off her wig on the runway and prove she's really a man.

I'm guessing it was the combination of pregnancy hormones and fury at the judges for auf'ing Alison instead of Vincent. I can't blame her. I'd have ripped his crazy head off too.

"You call that a dress Vincent? She couldn't f**king walk in it!"

I LOVE Laura for that quote alone. Plus, who WANTED alison to leave instead of Vincent?? It's just irrational that she left aghhh.

Oh, and i definately quote of the episode goes to Alison, pointing out Laura's riding


thank you!!

let me come to laura's defense also to try to justify her right on barking at vincent - lack of sleep and high stress level and requirement of high degree of creativity. i have never seen her so disheveled...sleeping in her clothes?! so not laura.

pc has it just right. Throughout the episode, Laura looked like someone who hadn't slept enough in weeks, and she surely hasn't. A lot of her comments seemed a little whiny, and -- as she ought to know from having five sons -- people get whiny when they haven't had enough sleep.

The dress she made for Camilla was FABULOUS. But the black dress on Laura was embarrassing and not attractive. I hope they let her have a little more sleep so she can put Vincent in his place next week.

Also, PRBoys, I think I see a double standard here. Everyone designs for himself or herself to some extent. You know that if Kayne thought he could have gotten away with it, he'd have been wearing that giant skirt that Tim made him get rid of. And the makeup he put on his poor model.

please do a google image search of "Madame Medusa" - a la Disney's "The Rescuers".

That is all.

melissa sue

Thank you. I'm glad SOMEONE else has noticed.

Am I the only person that is sick of looking at Laura's little saggy boobs? She is a one trick pony and boring as Hell. She looked half dead last night and I was hoping she (and her nuts) would get auffed.
What is Vincent there for? No talent, no humour, unattractive, annoying. ughhhh

OK... I concede.

But at least I get to be the pepper.

laurab said...

OK... I concede.

But at least I get to be the pepper.

Darling, but of course. Spicy is your middle name.

Just don't be a Wendy Pepper.

Love you, doll!

she's hilarious & her relationship with Michael...THE CUTEST!!

her dancing to M.Knight beatboxing.

She is the pepper! I love her. She's been a favorite of mine from the beginning, and even though I like Kayne, I can't get too worked up about her questioning his taste in light of the exploded toad he made. Lordy. And as for her going off on Vincent, at least she says it to his face. I'm just waiting for the day she gives Jeffrey the smackdown *I'd* like to give him.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE you, Laura. You are fabulous.

its like a negative of laura, white instead of black, black instead of white, but both flat breasted


And let's face it, she only said what we all wanted to say to Vincent! That's was her way of protesting Allison's dismissal. You see, she's a good mommy after all!

Laura, Laura, Laura

You make make some fabulous beautiful clothes...

You're the bitch I want to be...but just can't.

You have a Hamptons house, don't you? You do, I know you do.

All the best.



You boys are adorable! Salt and Pepper Shakers?!? I love you! Why are all the good men gay?

Awww, we love you too, texasinafrica : - )

OMG, I'm going to need Angela's panties if you guys keep this up! ROTFLMAO!

I though I was going to go blind when she leaned over at the end of the show and she almost showed off her nips, in that low cut blouse, for the love of god woman, put those things away!! Laura is truly becoming the next Wendy Pepper. I just have to wonder what kind of eamasculated mess her hsuband is, and her kids? There is a therapist in Manhattan somwhere who is planning a kitchen remodel or a luxury cruise off those therapy bills

I love Laura. At least she has design aesthetic.


for once it really was LOL for me :)
too bad the official PR site can't sell that as a poster.

If God is a woman, his name is Laura Bennett. That is all.

That said, the salt and pepper comparison was right on track.

"the combination of pregnancy hormones" . . . WTF? is she pregnant?????

Yes, she was PG with #6 during the taping of the show. Yes, Laura was a bit out of line but if I were sleep-deprived, pregnant and pissed-off I would be a loose cannon too. She was saying exactly what I was thinking!Apparently, she wasn't the only one - they just didn't show the others. Anyway, I love Laura. She is always faithful to her own design aesthetic.

did anyone else think of zoolander after last nite's episode?

Thank you, ladies and gents...Thank you for appreciating an intelligent, tough woman. So many have chosen to toss stones.

I. Love. Laura. Too.

I'm not getting all the unnecessary hate. Also getting plenty tired of the attacks on her breasts. I mean, c'mon, how pathetic? Five children have suckled on those breasts. They've done their job, thank you. Sorry the load of you haters didn't get your mama's milk.

Laura's nothing if not honest. She'll call a person out on their bullshit. I love that! She may be hard to get close to at first, but once you do she seems steadfast and loyal. Her friendship with Micheal is the real thing. I dig her.


I can't stand Laura, but Camilla is on fire!! Since Katia is no longer on the show, Camilla is by far the best model, with the fiercest walk. Nazri's jaw is too big, but she's good too.

Bad Mommie rocks. Any woman so proud of showing off her non- existent titties in a land where inflated silicone breasts are actually considered sexy is worthy of my love, respect, and admiration.

one more defense of laura - after reading the transcript of tim's podcast on blogging projectrunway, you find out that it wasn't just laura that was cutting down vincent. her words to him were in response to what he was saying to defend himself from the other designers also cutting him down. the shoving harry winstons bomb...a little like jeffrey's oh so mature "i hope you die of a stroke" comment, isn't it?

Brilliant layered metaphors Boys. I don't think I've gotten down to the bottom of them yet but I'm afraid I might find some, how does Michael Kors say it...big step in briefs (?) when I get there. LOL I know it's early, I do have point but I don't have coffee yet.

Have you noticed that the woman only packed three outfits: the riding habit (where's the riding crop that Vincent so desperately needs?), the black cocktail number with the Milkbone-shaped buckle, and the silver cocktail frock? Did she pack so little because she didn't think she'd be there for very long?

Embeedubya, you beat me to it. I hate that Milkbone buckle.

"salt & pepper shakers"


Laura, please tell us that you didn't really sleep in your clothes. I can't believe no one told her to straighten her collar before being in the confessional chair.

After listening to Tim's podcast you do see that editing made Laura out to be the bitch when everyone was in on the conversation.

Laura's clothes are pretty but a bit one note. I will, however, give her a lot of credit for adding a muslin lining to that dress (see Tim's podcast) to make it more comfortable for her model to wear.

She may be a fabulously glamorous b!itch but at least she's considerate of her model.

One last thing...

Check out Vincent's website. Doesn't the silver dress displayed on that site look like Laura's recycled dress (but w/ a tail)? It's even got the rose at the high waist.


I just love Laura's audacity in showing off her non-titties.

Check out Heidi's Miracle Grow super boobs at this site from good plastic surgery at:

She looks gorgeous! But God bless Laura.


This is why I love you guys. If I die sometime in the near future, it will probably be while laughing at Project Rungay.

I'm rooting for Michael, but I love Laura to bits. I love the plunging necklines that flaunt her negative-integer bra size. I love that she doesn't aplogize for being rich. I love her potty mouth, her skeleton chandelier, and her blunt opinions. She's not a Nice Lady, and thank God for that, because Nice Ladies are often the nastiest bitches alive. (see: Wendy Pepper)

She was totally justified in going off on Vincent like that--the man has consistently been in the bottom two, he has no coherent vision, and his dress for this challenge truly looked like garbage. He should have been auf'ed already. I think if Alison's styling hadn't been so dire, we might have been rid of him. Unfortunately, not. And the "Stick a couple of Harry Winstons up your nose" comeback? Please. How lame.

If I could go drinking with any one of the designers, it's be Bad Mommy Laura. I'd buy her all the martinis she could drink just to hear her dish on everyone else...

Okay, you've guessed the truth--I am a man. This explains my manly jaw and manly mouth, the lack of any visible breast tissue (despite rumours of a pregnancy) as well as my persistently glamorous taste irrespective of its unsuitability to the occasion. Sequins in the workroom! A lace cocktail dress in the morning! Because I have no real clue how to design for real women, the scanty and derivative design ideas I do have apply only to the most flamboyant and fabulously glamorous of transies!

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