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Dear Laura,

Mind if we have a word with you? No? Good.

First off, you're fabulous and we love you. Secondly, your taste is fabulous and we love it. Third, no one can fuck with shitheads in the sewing room like you can and for that, we love you. Fourth, you're fabulous.

But honey, we're concerned.

This outfit, like every garment you've sent down the runway, is beautifully tailored, stylish and pretty. Unfortunately, this outfit, like every garment you've sent down the runway, looks like you just pulled something out of your suitcase and handed it to your model to wear.

Now, there's certainly nothing wrong with being a fashion designer who works in one style and for one type of customer. Plenty of highly successful designers have done just that. But sweetie, this isn't fashion; this is Project Runway and we're a little worried that they're going to throw some crazy-ass design challenge at you that you simply won't be able to handle. Shake it up, girl! We know you've got the skills.

You have to make it to the final three because (as we may have stated once or twice) you're fabulous.

Also, because no one can bring it to the sewing room like you can, Bad Mommy.



thank you thank you for not posting one of those laura-as-deboned-perch photos. that chest skeers me!

but you're right on ~ she's talented, creative, fabulous and bony. i know she's got some other stuff in her. hope to see it soon.

Amen, Boys! I adore Laura, in all her boney fabulousness. Moreso than any other designer, she consistently designs outfits I would happily add to my wardrobe. I'm really pulling for Laura and Michael to make the final three.

I will admit that I don't care for Laura (UGH, that chest) but I am old enough to find nothing original about her Katherine Hepburn outfit. I think Kate Mulgrew wore almost the identical thing in "Tea at Five".

Good advice. But still, if she can make a coat out of a fake-fur rug and if she can actually work with Angela and make something pretty, then I think she can handle anything they throw at her. I really want her in the final four! (I don't care who wins; I just care about who gets a runway show!)

In hindsight, I think the problem with that challenge was that the pairings of icon and designer were a little too good.

It would have been much more interesting to see Laura try to design for Cher and Jeffrey for Audrey Hepburn, etc. Most of them were allowed to stay in their comfort zones.

For instance, when is anyone going to insist that Uli make something besides a halter dress? She's great too, but she needs to show she's got the goods too.

Laura is my fave and has been since episode one.
TEAM LAURA!!! WHOOOO!! Thanks for this post guys... Bad Mommy is one serious bad-ass!

I love her. You can really see the influence of her having raised five boys. Anything the guys in the sewing room throw at her, she's already seen and dealt with multiple times, and she's not going to take any shit from anyone. She has been, so far, what the judges always call "one note," but let's wait until there's a challenge that requires something different before we say that's all she can do.


Laura is a tactless whore whose made up too severely. I can't wait for Kayne and Robert to get into it with her in tonight's episode. And another thing, her designs are boring and flat, just like she is.

Her bio on Bravo says that "she spends her spare time researching and studying 19th and 20th century jewelry, and follows international jewelry auctions and museum exhibits." OMG, I LOVE her. I wanna be her gay friend.

And... she is from New Orleans which makes her even more fabulous.

Just watch how I handle a crazy-ass design challenge tonight.

"And... she is from New Orleans which makes her even more fabulous."

Please, tell me NO, I am from Louisiana, please don't let this biotch be from here!

Did she forget the blouses that go under her jumpers? How could anyone in fashion think that ribs with nipples are attractive?
Her designs are far from original, they look like stuff she yanked from her closet. PLEASE get auffed tonight Laura!

LauraB said...

Just watch how I handle a crazy-ass design challenge tonight.

Just don't get auf'd!
Kisses for luck!

She's a terrific designer and everything is SO well-tailored. But, I've been concerned for a while that Laura's kind of a one-hit wonder, in the way that Santino last season and Jeffrey this season have been so totally derivative, that it's gotten kind of boring. Plus, her whole, "It's VERY New York" attitude kind of gets on my nerves. Some of us in the Midwest and elsewhere do have taste, too.

I agree with Phil - while Laura's creations are incredibly well-tailored and beautiful, her attitude just pisses me off. Tonight her "New Jersey is just awful" attitude just struck me as "here's another NY snob who has never gone farther west than the Hudson River". I guess those of use here in Flyover Country don't have a clue.

And for heaven's sake missy, eat something, you're preggers!

Great blog guys!

She says it like it is, means what she says, and is bad assed. I just love Laura. She spanked Vincent good this time!

Laura is my heroine. She KICKED ASS this episode - not only her outfit, but her attitude surely did as well.

I just love how she basically cussed vincent out after discovering that he stayed over ALISON (but that's a whooooole nother discussion). You go girl! Put that shithead in his place!


dear project rungay, this was from the 6th challenge.

i love laura, and look her model is like a black afro poorer version of her. Instead of silk and beads, her flat breasted model is wearing a berlap sack.

now all we need is the latina version of laura and we can start a barbie collection!

I am fabulously from Jersey, and though her anti-Jersey comments got me slightly bothered, Laura is AWESOME. I would wear the first outfit she sent down the runway every day ... go, Bad Mommy, go!

P.S. Anyone else think Heidi looked like Olivia Newton-John tonight??

Just a note ... Laura wouldn't say something behind your back and then be all nicey nice to your face. She's a tell-it-like-it-is sister without getting all Shetangi. I love her.

the pr gay boys, oh exalted ones, you guys are going to do something about laura trying to "hang" with michael while he was beat boxing, right? that was pure comedic genius.

She was totally right about New Jersey and for that alone, I love her :P

"...this isn't fashion; this is Project Runway..."

That is absolutely priceless. Right on the mark.

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