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Diane Von Fabulousberg

There's absolutely nothing bitchy we can say about this woman. If she sprouted little wings and took to holding a sparkly wand, she couldn't be any more of the perfect fairy godmother for us. We just want to get some big fluffy pillows, lay at her feet and ask her to talk about fashion. She's perfect.

Just please don't show a picture of her in hot pants.

That's all I'm saying.

I know... and her cute little accent is adorable!!!

with a name like von furstenburg, how could you not be fabulous?
sounds so fancy-schmancy

o god i love her
she oozes classy woman
she is one pimp fairy!

she is one FOXY woman.
and ages beautifully.

-claps red 5inch pumps together-
please can I grow up to be like you!

I loved the comment on Tim's podcast..."I knew Jackie O, and she WOULD have worn something like that..."

Such class. Such style. Can't we replace Nina Garcia?

Diane and hubby Barry Diller parked their boat (navy cruiser) at the end of the pier in PTown over 4th of July just in time for the Flower's pier dance. Did anyone see her at the A House?

pretty feisty for 58.

Remember, she WAS married to a bona fide Prince. She is the genuine article.

Oh I know, michael! She's like a fabulously glamorous version of Lloyd Bentsen:

"I knew Jackie O.

Jackie O was a friend of mine.

You bitches are no Jackie O!"

Oh my god, yes.

I'f I'm ever forced to grow up, I want to be just like her.

Amen, brothers. Let the record show that I want to be buried in a DVF wrap dress.

fritter - what a cute name!

It was said already here, but may I concur - this is one classy lady. And I do mean Lady with a capital "L".

Bring her back as often as possible.

I think Barry Diller feels the same way about her that you two do.

Exactly the same.

I hear you Kate, I would be a happy corpse. I love, love, love DVF. She is my idol.

I agree with Pavlina - this woman can do no wrong. To this day her wrap dress is a classic. Even my mom the houswife looks good in the Ross knock-off versions.

I'd kill for her cheekbones and skin. She outdoes Kayne in both departments.

LOL. "Even my mom the houswife looks good in the Ross knock-off versions."

That is funny, master j.

She IS Robert's fairy godmother - it's rather fitting. Somehow, that reassures me that there is some order in this increasingly entropic universe of ours.

You boys are so classy.

(now please direct me to the Bitchery)

And she saved Robert's ass from Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, too.

DVF's effortless grace and to-the-manner-born class must have caused the other judges to run home and call their plastic surgeons, thinking that would help. She's unmatched.

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