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Tuesday, January 09, 2018 by

...is once again open for business. Pick your drinking partners and secure yourselves a seat, darlings.

Once you're settled in, we have a couple pieces of business to get to before you're face-first in the complimentary peanuts again.

First, we FINALLY completed our tribute post to your pick for the Ultimate Dame/Diva. Enjoy.

Second, CONGRATULATIONS to LENORA and AUNTIE L. for correctly picking the winner and the loser last week. Email us to get your EMC2 tees signed by Tim Gunn, ladies.

And speaking of which, we have plenty more of them, including grey ones for those of you who aren't secure in your masculinity.

So, we're gonna keep on having the contest until they're all given away. Correctly pick the winner and the loser of tonight's show. You have to get your answers in before 9 PM EST. You can enter 3 times, but in order to win, you MUST have picked the winner and the loser in the same entry. And leave your email address so we know it's you. Ta!

[Photos: emmettmccarthy.com - guestofaguest.com]


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Anonymous said...

Man, did I have it wrong! When will Terri win?

I'm already looking forward to next week, because Daniel's one of my favorites and Kenley looks like the "snake in the grass" with her laughter on the runway. We shall see.

Oh and Joe? Thought I liked him, but it's official...he's an a**hole and a bully

Anonymous said...

Daniel's dress was blue on my TV. It was not the same color of his shirt. Heidi was kind of a bitch, no?

Jamie Doom said...

"CroqueMonsieur said...

They finally sent Ms. Dali home. Wat a relief. No more bullshit design explanations."

Never, ever insult Dali this way >:[ It's just wrong.

Fnarf said...

Jerrell's outfit was from Mars, but it was a good outfit for SOME planet (one where Waiting For Guffman is on the bill nightly). Jennifer's was just plain bad. You'd compliment it if your sixteen-year-old niece made it in Home Ec. All of her outfits looked like that. The comment about her being bashful about her body was spot-on -- nothing ever fit. And her seams were waggly. Daniel's was worse than Jerrell's, but not as bad as hers; again, an acceptable dress if nothing Olympic.

I had the winners 1) Joe, 2) Terri, 3) Korto -- exactly backward.

Anonymous said...

Curses! I missed Laura's Saturn Commercial!
Can you guys post it?

Oh, and Teri all the way!!

Marsia said...

Did anyone else want to slap every designer tonight? I don't think any of them, not even the top 3, came close to understanding this challenge. It reminds me of the UPS challenge from 1st season, in that some designers just don't get that their clients aren't all tall, skinny models. I didn't think any of those outfits were appropriate or relevant, except maybe Joe's, if the year were 1995.

I pretty much wanted Daniel and Jennifer to BOTH be gone tonight; that's how much they were driving me crazy.

This season is definitely my least fave so far. There's no designer I'm drawn to love, and they lack talent and personality. I'm so bored.

Not even the drama was delicious tonight. I see people compare Joe to Jefferey, but no. I might catch flack, but I LOVED Jefferey. He was funny, and his "mean" comments were often spot on and hilarious. Joe was just being a premenstrual douche.

It's sad when Blayne is the most entertaining. And BTW, I'm 18, come from the same area of Washington as Blayne (not sure that's even relevant, but just throwing it out there) and I've been listening to The Beatles since infancy. Get some culture, bitch.

Anonymous said...

I hate them all now.

What a crew.

-- desertwind

Joanie said...

I loved the episode and can't wait for next week now.

After spending an evening with belly dancers, pirates, punks, sugar plum somethings, and a gargoyle, I was perfectly happy to come home and plop down in front of the TV. I'm so glad I did.

Now, for another five drinks...

Fnarf said...

Um, a kid today not knowing or caring about the Beatles is kind of like a kid in 1968 not knowing or caring about Al Jolson. It's been forty years, people.

Anonymous said...

KENLEY is the new JEFFREY (season 3). She has a nasty personality but can design clothes.

The judges were in excellent form. Every comment was spot on.

JENNIFER is a sweet woman unfortunately she wasn't cut out for this competition. She has talent and will make it.

I thought TERRI had the best design. Her outfit was the only one to have an American aesthetic.

Anonymous said...

UGH...Is the majority of these designers absolutely CLUELESS??
I swear Jerrell channeled Bella Abzug. THAT HAT!!
Terri's design was the best, period. She was robbed.
I really liked Joe's design. I don't think he is a homophobe, it just sounded to me like he was referring to DRAMA queens, of which there are both genders on this season!
So unlike other seasons when I had absolute favorites and absolute "I hate their guts" designers.
I do like Terri, though. She appears to be the most grounded and sane, if a bit bland.
Arghhhh, it's 7AM, and I still have a headache from looking at the crap most of those "designers" threw together.
Time for a Bloody Mary!

Stubenville said...

Isn't it ironic that Korto, the only non-native American in the group, was the winner?

Korto's look was subdued, flattering to many body types and used red, white and blue. It's kind of sad that most of the other designers failed to pick up on these core concepts.

Oh Daniel - dude, Mood has cool color fluorescent lighting and it's going to make every fabric look much bluer than the incandescent lights on the runway, which emphasize red tones. This is a terrible oversight which almost sent you home. And I nearly inhaled an ice cube when Duchess quipped "It's a great dress, if her sport is drinking." IMHO that's his best comment ever.

And I want to slap Joe for his 'queens' comment. You can't go home fast enough to suit me. And for the apologists on this blog, what if one of the black contestants had changed the thread and Joe said "There are too many niggers here"; would you still be apologizing for him? BTW, the sewing machines are not assigned. If Joe was so concerned he could have left a note on "his" machine asking the other designers not to tinker with it.

Anonymous said...

Jerrell = Granny Goose or Mother Goose.

Sewing Siren said...

Whoo, a lot of the designers missed the mark. I agree with the win, but I personally liked Terri's better.
Daniel sure got the asshole edit. His dress was blue as the sky on the screen I watch it on (and his tank top was purple). However Kenley's plaid which was blue in the work room looked purple on the runway. I wonder why Daniel didn't make one of those striped blazers that he is so fond of wearing and a pleated skirt and call it a day.
It any rate his was far from the worst. I think they kept him on the runway to fuck with his head.
Did anyone notice Keith's, yuck.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I so do not get all the Terri-love. Terri was not robbed. She was in the top 3 where she deserved to be.

I would liked to have seen Terri's outfit without the jacket. Coming down the runway the model looked like she had a striped ace bandage wrapped around her chest and what would an athlete do with that thing wrapped around her neck.

Korto, on the other hand, made killer pants that would look phenomenal on everyone from the tiny gymnasts to the bulkier decathalon, shot putters, track and field athletes, etc. The model looked extremely comfortable and cool. On top of that, the execution was lovely. It was a good call all the way around.

Sewing Siren said...

"It's a great dress, if her sport is drinking."

Well he did go to Pratt! I wonder if the Romanian Gardens is still on Myrtle Ave.

lovemesomeuli said...

I almost lostmesomedaniel! Well, you may not know anything about sports, but I love you anyway. Looks like you may be in the hot seat agin next week. Hang in there, baby!

Jen said...

I'm so excited that I won! I wanted Terri's outfit to win (like the second challenge) but wanted the t-shirt. So, yay Korto!

Anonymous said...

"And stop the tanning sweetums, you're going to look like a 45 year old leather handbag by the time you're 30. Not any kind of licious. Sorry."

If he's not careful, Stella--in a panic for some leathuh--may skin him and make a bikini outta him.

This group of designers, except two or three, are the weakest ones ever. At times while watching I feel like I'm being punished in fashion hell for those damn purple jeans and earth shoes I wore when I was a kid.

I did laugh my a** off at Tim's reaction to Blayne's Beatles comment. And Michael Kors, I could just kiss you.

Unknown said...

Wow, I won too, and I'm so thankful because I really love just sitting and relaxing while I watch this WONDERFUL show, but last night I was gunning for people! I want to be able to go back to normal, relatively-crazy-instead-of-ready-to-assassinate-people-crazy jess. the stress!

lovemesomeuli said...

Can someone please explain to me how any of Jennifer's outfits have been surrealist? She acts like the judges don't get her. They get her, they just aren't interested.

Anonymous said...

Jerrel's outfit looked like something Hermione Gingold wore in "The Music Man". Awful, but it would have been amusing to be in the room when the Olympic Committee presented it to the athletes.

Daniel, I think the lesson here is don't listen to Kenley. She threw you under the bus when she said to leave out the jacket. I think she knew exactly what she was doing when she played to his insecurities.


lisasabatier said...

Come on, wake up TLo!

Anonymous said...

Kenley's outfit was awful. It appeared to be well made, but it was as much Olympic related as Jerrell's. Blyane's was actaully kind of interesting, in a futuristic way. I think Korto got the win because hers would suit so many different body types. No one else seemed to take that into account. And Joe Noodles was a little too literal with his outfit. And a litle too crabby with his comments. Now the personalities start to come out! I love that they ragged on Kenley...ha! Keith, snore, bore...he's not a good ambassador for the gays. Terri's was great, and her jacket was impeccable but its a look that has been seen before.

Anonymous said...

have you guys considering doing a fashion commentary on Friday night's Olympics "parade of nations" pagentry? just think of it as where form, function and xenophilia collide in nationalistic cacaphony. you guys could have a grand evening comparing the duds of Kenya with Luxembourg with Bali with France with Sweden.

and, of course, there's all that walking eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Joe is a JERK!!!! I'm so glad he didn't win. what an ass!!!!!

Stop with the "holla actcha boy" already!!! gonna projectile vomit if they make Tim say that again.

Terri is awesome.

Did I mention Joe is a complete butt-hole?

Why did Jennifer call her stuff "surreal?"....looks pretty jr. miss jcpenny to me....maybe that IS surreal...oh well. good riddance.

Anonymous said...

at 4:58 AM "Fnarf said...
Um, a kid today not knowing or caring about the Beatles is kind of like a kid in 1968 not knowing or caring about Al Jolson. It's been forty years, people."

Precisely Fnarf. In 1968 I was in love with the Beatles, but I DID KNOW WHO AL JOLSON WAS. So it has been forty years. That is no rationale for ignorance. But really, who can expect a tanorexic to keep many thoughts in his charred brain?

-TLo Addict-

Bill said...

Tom in kc - you're "Scotch over a Tad" sounds revolting. I'll have two! That way I can make a pineapple bra (strung together with rosary beads) when I'm good and liquored up. Is the bacon cooked or raw?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, lisasabatier. Where are you, TLo???

I'll try to be patient though because I'm certain it will be well worth the wait.

- edina -

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I just checked my guesses, and I was right! SA-WEEEEEET.

Of course, I forgot to put my email, and it didn't show up in my blogger profile until I just put it there. TLo, if you read this, I'm the Samantha that posted at 6:34pm. my email is me.amo.aprender@gmail.com!

WHOOO, I actually guessed right! Of course, watching the episode, though, I wanted Terri to win and Daniel to go home, hahaha.

Patsy said...

On the whole Beatles thing...
I teach high school on Long Island and the majority of my students know of and many listen to the Beatles.
Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I'm much too lazy and have too little faith to guess a pairing. Plus, I saw the show already.

Anyway, here are my bitchy unsolicited comments.

Blayne makes me frigging homicidal. First of all, he looks like a neanderthal, and secondly, it looks like some beach slut's 12-year-old illegitimate child found her tanning bed and hair dye. Vomit on a stick.

Daniel's cute, if a little sad and anxious at times. Not much else to say. Although...no, I'll save it for my Kenley bitch-out.

Whatever, Emily. Odd bangs. Okay. Bye. She seemed nice though.

I felt really bad for Jennifer. When they eliminated her she looked like she was seconds from tears, but she kind of always looked like that. So I guess I'll "see her designs in the future."

Jerell needs to stop wearing V-necks. Not allowed. And that outfit he made was retarded. The Olympic one? Yeah. No.

I felt kind of bad for Jerry too. He did make an ugly dress though. Next contestant.

Joe. Joe makes some simply and cute dresses that are kind of underrated in my opinion. But last episode he was a total jackass to Daniel and he was being a real baby. Also I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed the queen comment.

Keith. Nice nipple rings, and he's kind of annoying. And if I had the chance I'd cut off his rat tail.

Kelli's kind of boring. Aside from some poorly-executed makeup, there's not much to say.

Kenley...Kenley is annoying. Really? Shut the hell up. She's probably trying to be unique with the little flowers and crap in her hair, but they're not cute, they just make her look like she's desperate for attention, which it seems like she is when she does that cackling sound.

Korto is kind of annoying in her "I'm so African" thing. That's cool. Shut up after awhile about it. And her clothes all look similar. But she's okay. It shocks me how some people can have bad hair and be overweight and still look pretty. o__0

Leanne's cool. Her dragging voice is blah though.

Stella is obviously a whiner. And she totally lied when she said she came to PR to learn other styles of clothing or whatever. "I'm rock and roll, gonna die rock and roll, blah blah."

Suede needs to be kicked off for two reasons. 1. He has an obsession with that poofy kind of skirt that won him that green challenge and he keeps redoing it.
2. I'm sick of him and his stupid third person crap.

Terri seems nice or whatever. I don't care. Same goes for Wesley.

All done flaming now. (heh)

Anonymous said...

And I totally forgot until I read someone mentioned it. "Ugh...youth" was PRICELESS. I love Tim Gunn.

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