New Contest, Kittens!

Thursday, April 03, 2008 by
Darlings! Remember when we said we were going to have a contest to give away our TRESemmé finale party swag bags? Well, we haven't forgotten either. It's just that, while we are fabulous and witty and celebrated the world over, we just aren't very good at coming up with ideas for contests. So, because we were big whores at the party and took several bags and because that other big whore Emmett McCarthy kindly donated HIS swag bag, we have a total of FIVE of these babies to give away.

No diamond-encrusted cell phones, sad to say.

Anyway, we can't come up with a contest idea, so we thought we'd have a Contest to Come Up With a Contest Idea Contest! Brilliant, no?

Post your suggestions here as to what the contest should be to win a TRESemmé swag bag, and the winning idea will win the first of the 5 bags we have in our hot little hands. THEN, we'll launch the winning contest idea to give away the other 4 bags. The GRAND PRIZE of THAT contest will also get a little extra sumpin'-sumpin' in their bag that we promise will be FABULOUS.

Come on you creative bitches! Wow us! And DON'T BORE NINA!

[Photo: Project RunGay]


vuboq said...

Project Runway haiku

Anonymous said...

What about a contest to come up with a great challenge for the next Project Runway contestants? We've had recycling, plants, Hershey's.....what about another off-the-wall idea? You could give a swag bag for originality, practicality or outlandishness! (from

Anonymous said...

Use the word TRESemme as a verb in a sentence. The funniest one wins.

Anonymous said...

Come up with a new and original challenge for PR, unlike anything we've seen before.

You could give out one bag for the best sincere entry, and on for the best ironic or outragous one (because knowing these bitches around here, you're bound to have plenty of those).

Anonymous said...

What about a challenge with making a comic strip like Alex. Either have the contest be have a complete strip made (pictures and words) or see if Alex would be kind enough to make a strip (but a decent length one) and have comments be added.

Anonymous said...

Just adding from my comment above:

But I think having the comic strip made from scratch is better.

Anonymous said...

You should have people make an outfit for themselves and send you the pictures.

-Best outfit wins the grand prize
-Most creative material wins another bag
-Best/most original design wins another bag
-Biggest hot tranny mess wins the fourth and final bag.

Richard said...

How about a contest where we take the name of a past designer or judge from PR and scramble the letters to create an anagram describing that person in a unique and appropriate way. Wittiest or most descriptive wins. Example: Chloe Dao = Ooh, laced!

PhantomMinuet said...

Pick a pet for Tim Gunn.

Anonymous said...

So what's all in the bag? shampoo and a CD? is that it? I don't think we'll be fighting too hard for these unless there was an autographed photo of Laura included. Just saying........

Anonymous said...

Tim Gunn trivia contest!!! Especially with that big interview in the last post.

Nicolette said...

since its a treseme gift bag how about a contest to re-create their favorite runway hair style. participants can send in pictures with their hair done and you can reward points for most like the original, most technically challenging, most inventive, etc.

Anonymous said...

Since it's hair products that you're giving away, the contest must have something to do with hair.

I suggest that people photoshop some different hair for TLo and the most fabulous entry wins!

Marty the Wizard

Anonymous said...

A Project Runway crossword puzzle. Sample clues--3 across: last name of season 4 judge who said, according to Tom & Lorenzo, "it's chip, it's chip in a chip way." 5 down: Nickname given to Laura Bennett by Keith whatever his last name was.

BanjoPossum said...

Come up with a challenge (candy, nature, office supplies, the color red), give contestants 12 hours and have them create a design for a doll (Barbie, or the like) - including hair and accessories - take photos and submit.

Andreas said...

how about hold a contest for a theme-song for you guys, so you can start doing podcasts? you'd need a snazzy intro-sequence for that.

Ms_flyover said...

How about to develop a program for Tim Gunn that is watchable and uses his personal talents better than Guide to Style (e.g. "Tim Gunn's Celebrity Make-overs" or "Tim Gunn's guide to perfect posture while driving a Saturn")

Ms_flyover said...

I might add that anything involving actual skill or creative talent that isn't verbal is out for someone like me who can't draw stick figures and has a phobia of glue guns...

Anonymous said...

Since it's a TRESemme challenge, how about you simply crop pictures of looks by various Project Runway designers to only show the model's hair and head.

Participants in the game have to identify which dress and which designer the model belongs to based on her hair alone.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could think of something original, but no....

Forgive me for wasting space but I'm just voting for a contest that doesn't include work done away from the computer, like hair styling or clothesmaking.

FWIW I love the PR haiku idea.

Anonymous said...

You should have a "Who said what..." contest. Put up funny quotes from this past season and we have to match the quote with the contestant or judge. think about it....could be fun.

Mom said...

How about, a la "The Aristocrats," everyone is given the same PR punch line and has to come up with the joke to precede it?

My humble suggestion for a punch line would be: "And THAT's why it's called an insane crotch."

Anonymous said...

Ooh! How about a contest to come up with ideas for a great challenge for a future season of Project Runway. Extra points for naming the perfect guest judge for the challenge.

Kanani said...

Your challenge is to design wigs for Nina, Heidi, Michael and Tim for the year 2048.

They must be enviro-friendly, but enviro-resistant. It can even double as some sort of useful daily tool. Feel free to dabble in color. It doesn't have to be practical or even comfortable, but it has to be fashionable.

Anonymous said...

pube design.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for heaven's sake. Two people before me had that idea.

How about a plan/scheme to lobby Bravo to have TLo as guest judges. Points for creativity and ability to get all the readers of Project Rungay involved.

Anonymous said...

How about coming up with names for the designers' lines, i.e., "Bore in Store" for Robert B. (no offensive - I really did like Robert B.!).

My 9 year old son wants to send his idea to Bravo - have the next season contestants to an outfit for Tim!

Carry on!!

PhantomMinuet said...

Create the next Project Runway spin-off series.

PhantomMinuet said...

BTW, I like the PR haiku idea, too.

Anonymous said...

"Contest to Come Up With a Contest Idea Contest!"

"Come on you creative bitches! Wow us! And DON'T BORE NINA!"

You "whores" crack me up. I'll be back with some ideas : )

Anonymous said...

Give us a photo, let us caption it! That's my (not entirely original) idea.

Sewing Siren said...

How about we all submit nude drawings of ourselves and the one with the most artistic embellishment wins?
Think of the many different occasions in which one could wear The Laura Bennett LBD, the one with the most occasions wins!

Nothing with too much writing, I'm practically illiterate.

Anonymous said...

iPod song list for each of the judges with 10 apropriate songs

DolceLorenzo said...

"Anonymous said...

iPod song list for each of the judges with 10 apropriate songs"

Love that : ) That was going to be my idea!

Unknown said...

"Make It Work"
Using any media / software readers could take one of the loser outfits (the one that was voted off from each week) and either make suggestions or show how the designer could have fixed the disaster. While the "fix" should stay true to the core of the designers vision; submitters can take liberties to redo all the various parts. The 4 who make it work best win! Thanks -Melissa

Anonymous said...

How about a Costume Contest where entrants have to dress up like one of the Season 4 designers or one of the judges? They would take a picture of themselves in the outfit and email them to you for final judging.

Ms. Meg said...

Whomever who can remove the stick from Victorya's butt is the winner!

Magnolia said...

I think the contest should be to design a Project Rungay t-shirt. If there are 4 winners maybe there could be a few different t-shirt styles or categories (v-neck vs. scoop neck, avant garde design vs. ready to wear design).

Sewing Siren said...

"Melissa said...
"Make It Work"
Using any media / software readers could take one of the loser outfits (the one that was voted off from each week) and either make suggestions or show how the designer could have fixed the disaster. While the "fix" should stay true to the core of the designers vision; submitters can take liberties to redo all the various parts. The 4 who make it work best win! Thanks -Melissa"

That's a good one. I've been dying to re-do the wedding gown in the "skinny" challenge and the brown prom dress, too.

The Robot Family said...

Be the Judges! Take any of the decoy collections and, in the voices of the judges, judge the collection. What would Michael Kors have said of Kara Janx's collection? Don't you want to know what Nina thought of Sweet P? Did Heidi even understand what Austin's colonial collection was about?

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm.....contest ideas
I have two
First: have people submit pictures of themselves with crazy or artistic hairstyles that they did themselves, since its for tresemme
and second: come up with an original and outrageous idea for a new PR challenge and submit a design of what they would do for it!

igotmoxie said...

Make felt finger-puppet versions of The Dutchess, Heidi, Nina, Tim and a guest judge of your choice.

Anonymous said...

Fashion and hair - let's see!

How about having contestants design hair shirts for politicians we love to hate.

Oh wait....Chris already used hair as a fashion accessory (okay so I started to type excessory, and since the hair was deemed excessive, maybe that was closer to the truth.

Some come to think of it, how about this for a contest - design a fashion "excessory" using hair as a major component. Entries must include "excessory" maintenance instructions, of course using TRESemme products. Product placement is all!

Rosie's Girl
Who has stalled leaving for the dentist long enough

tehkou said...
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tehkou said...
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Anonymous said...

Pick a number 1-100.

Anonymous said...

Okay, posting via gmail account eludes me. Anyway, email at

Come up with the funniest venue for an All-Stars Project Runway cast season -- NOT having to do with fashion.

Project Runway All-Stars Tennis
The Amazing Race: Project Runway All-Stars Edition
Dancing with the Project Runway All-Stars

And write up the highlights of a hypothetical episode (ex. "Rami offers to drape a raft")

Bill said...

Gather all of us willing bloglodytes in the PR workroom at Parson's.

On the count of 3, the winner is whoever can:

1) catch Christian

2) stuff him into one of the fierce swag bags (without spilling out any of those glamorous and pricey Tresemme products)

3) run out of Parson's and head uptown

4) dash across Bryant Park to the white tents

5) remove Christian from the bag and stuff him into a bolt of fabric from Mood.

Bill said...

or, expanding on vuboq's fabulous idea:

Write a filthy limmerick that ends with the words "Nina Garcia."

Greg McElhatton said...

As someone who the same basic hair as one of our lovely hosts (click through to my site and you'll see), I think the challenge is obvious.

"What would Lorenzo do, if forced to keep and use the hair care products from TRESemme?"

Anonymous said...

Let's really talk contest. One we can really sink our teeth into. One where hair products isn't the prize, but instead, YOU guys are.

I don't know what the contest is, but here's the prize:

You boys arrange for a lunch in NYC with you and anybody else PR that is willing to come for a little drop in visit. Then make a two hour "PR tour" where you take the winner to meet Tim Gunn, Laura, go to Emmett's store, go to Malan's store, and/or any other fabulous PR thing to do. It's a 3 hour committment for you two, tops. Gather the PR's together, go to them, whatever. It's only a teeny amount of time out of their day, and you KNOW they would do it for YOU darlings.

Invite Bravo to make a little videocast of you and the winner meeting Tim Gunn and "thrilling" about town. It's perfect for a little videocast on the website (given that anybody will be able to find it once it's there).

I would love to see the two of you manuevering along in NYC greeting PR elite with a stary-eyed winner in tow. If there was even a remote chance I could meet Tim Gunn or Laura, I'd book that flight in a heartbeat.

Your greatest prize is YOU now you've got a little bit of influence. I say, use it sisters.

You'd have to have a winner with a boatload of personality, or one who was really star struck to make it a great little videocast.

The contest should probably be something like a one minute video essay with a topic such as, "I Think Tim Gunn Smells Like _____ and Here's Why I Deserve To Go To NYC And Find Out."

Now that's a contest I would enter.

Anonymous said...

The Fierce Contest...go back through your Tivo'd episodes (because you have them all tivo'd, right?) and count how many times PPS says fierce thoughout the whole season (or closest guess wins). It's like the jellybeans in a jar contest. Only it's fancy, poofy jellybeans.

Bill said...

btw - and completely off-topic but I have to share it:

I was in Millburn NJ yesterday and passed by the Vera Wang Bridal Shop.

There were three wedding dresses in the windows. All three of them had dozens of little LIVE bugs crawling around in the tulle at the bottom of the skirts.

It was shocking and hilarious and I was never so sorry to not have my camera with me!

Anonymous said...

go into your closet and find the most fashionable thing you own and put it on, do your hair, makeup, accessory wall it, pose and submit a picture. include a short blurb to explain yourself, designer. As Heidi would say, AHHRE YOU EEN OR AHHRE YOU OWWWT?!? (

Anonymous said...

love the haiku idea and lima bean's idea.

That's what I was thinking lima bean!!
I want a real contest with a memorable prize.

I have never been to NY--what a trip it would be with TLo & PR!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Bill, that's horrible! I don't mind a bug here or there, but when you use the word "swarming"... euuuuugh!! Especially used in the same sentence as the word "wedding dress"...

(Still, makes you imagine something Elisa would design, am I right? :)

Anne S. said...

Describe how bad your hair is! Mine is 16 shades of RED and I've just had surgery and can't fix it for another 2 months. I need the Tresseme!!

Anne S. said...

Who needs the Tresseme more? My hair has 16 different shades of red on it and because I just had surgery, I can't fix it for 2 months! (If this already posted, sorry....trying to figure this out)

Anonymous said...

Create a premise for an episode of Project Runway: All Stars (including a brand new challenge and drama included).

Anonymous said...

A contest where people have to reconstruct (because its easier then making something from scratch) something (tshirt, sheets, pillowcase, ect) into a garment inspired by a garment from a PR challenge.

Anonymous said...

What Strawberee said...but for your dog!

SitStayEat said...

Please please please have a Christian Siriano Hair-Do Look-A-Like contest. People can send in photos of their hair, and we can vote on the closest to a Christian Siriano Original Do. Or you guys can do the critique.

The winners deserve the bag full of hair goodies. You'd need it, just to wash the product out.

Anonymous said...

I love Melissa's idea.
And thus, a reminder of losing garments.

1) Daniel's UPS Package Dress
2) Mario's "bleeding" dress
3) Starr's Jester Dress
4) Austin's Bo Peep Outfit
5) Nora's Rosey Wedding Dress
6) Alexandra's Uninspired Swimwear
7) Kevin's Service Worker Uniform
8) Robert's USPS Uniform
9) Austin's Grammy Dress

1) Heidi's Precious Moments Dress
2) John's 8 Hour TieDye Dress
3) Kirsten's Napkin Top Design
4) Raymundo's Surfer Girl Barbie
5) Daniel Franco Lingerie
6) Guadalupe's Social Downfall
7) Diana/Marla's Stewardess Outfit
8) Emmett's Ice Costume
9) Zulema's Uninspired Red Dress
10) Andrae's Spanish Moss Dress
11) Nick's LadyMan Suit for Danny V
12) Kara's Boring Black Gown.

1) Stacey's Comforter Dress
2) Malan's Wood Pageant Gown
3) Katherine's Simple Dog Dress
4) Bonnie's Heavy INC Look
5) Bradley's Cher Disaster
6) Alison's Paper Minnie Mouse
7) Robert's Boring Sister Design
8) Angela's Poop Jetsetter Outfit
9) Vincent's ?Reversible? Couture
10) Angela's Black Bolero Dress
11) Vincent's Black/White Dress
12) Kayne's BLACK Dress

1) Simone's Blah Dress
2) Marion's Pocahomeless Design
3) Carmen's Representation of Menswear
4) Chris's Dragwear
5) Steven's Maid/Funeral Dress
6) Elisa's Alien Gretel Dress
7) Kevin's Prom Dress
8) Kit's Avant Garde Wedding Gown
9) Victorya's Uninspired Denim Coat
10) Ricky's Tacky Swimfightwear
11) Sweet P's Peacock Dress

Anonymous said...

Rewrite an existing song with lyrics to commemorate a specific designer, judge, or challenge.

Anonymous said...

If Christian is Ferocia Coutoura, and Tim is Polly Syllabicus - what are Heidi, Nina and Michael Kors? Come up with superhero names/personality/catchphrases for the Project Runway judges!

Unknown said...

Recreate your favorite episode of PR in the style of Musical Mondays!! Convert memorable lines into lyrics (i.e. "A couture post-office uniform just is not going to work." to the tune of "Meet Me in St. Louis" ), flag any moments of fantastical vagina hattery, and capture those non sequiturs and "bitch, please" moments for posterity!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to include an email for the superhero suggestion - the email address is =)

S.J. Donovan said...

How about think of a new bunch of stuff the project rungay pr staff can put into the bags.

The lack of a diamond encrusted cell phone is simply an insult.

Anonymous said...

The contest should be that you choose a past designer, then you must create an outfit using that designer's style using household objects, or if you really want to get crafty, sew one, then submit pictures for judging!

Anonymous said...

Submit a minimum of three concepts for new television commercials for Rules:

1) Commercials must NOT be set at airport security checkpoints or cocktail parties.

2) Commercials must be interesting enough to withstand multiple viewings over an entire season of Project Runway.

3) Commercials may be set to any music other than David Cassidy singing "Let the sun. Shine. In your head." (I couldn't get that song out of my head for weeks -- and I can't even remember what the commercial was for.)

BONUS: Feature Tom and Lorenzo in one or more of the commercials.

Anonymous said...

"Recreate your favorite episode of PR in the style of Musical Mondays!!"

OK, Joy, you're making me laugh. May I suggest "Victor/VictorYA"!?

Anonymous said...

A 100-word (or less) mini essay confessing our own personal major FUG moment we wished never happened. Bonus points for a pic added in!

heather the jew said...

i havent read any of the previous comments so im not sure if this has been said or not, but i think it would be great to have a screen shot caption contest. you guys are so good at making really funny captions to screen shots, all you have to do is just post either one or several screen shots from various episodes and the whoever can think of the funniest caption for the screen shot wins.

Anonymous said...

damn -- i wish i was fabulous and creative!!

Anonymous said...

Randomly pick peoples names out of a bag. (I know, very boring, but all the good ideas are already taken! *pouts*


Anonymous said...

A contest to come up with the best "Duchess Line" for a given PR hairstyle. (Like "That looks more like an MOB than the Belle of the Ball" only better...)

You could call it either "WWDS?" (What Would the Duchess Say?), or "Duchess Says What?"

Heather said...

How about a contest to recreate the bitchiest PR moment in diarama form (like we used to do in 1st grade; made out of a shoebox or whatever). Contestants may use whatever materials they want in the diarama, just be as creative as possible.

Rainwood said...

Show 10 screen caps of classic Nina Garcia moments from all 4 seasons and have us guess who she is talking/reacting to.

I also love the iPod playlist idea.

Michelle said...

Tell us your best dream that you've had where Project Runway people make an appearance.

Anonymous said...

How about a contestant to see who BORE NINA THE MOST? We can send in pics of outfits we put together with 150 words or less why this the MOST BORING OUTFIT.

Mina said...

the contest should be making a "Musical Monday" post in your own style, an the funniest one not only wins the swag bag, but also gets their post put up on the T.Lo blog for all eternity.

Unknown said...

Pair 2 (or more) designers from S4 in a fantasy love scene involving TRESemme products.

Anonymous said...

Make a new way to advertise TRESemmé into the show other than Tim Gunn's "You will have an hour in the TRESemmé hair room..." The most creative and least noticeable entry wins. (

Hutchlover said...

I can't haiku worth crap, and I can't design worth Elisa spit, so my suggestion is:

Compare & rename the S4 contestants with literature & entertainment characters.

For example Kevin could be Grizzly Adams.


Jack could be Heathcliff

All right I know it's lame, but after all these great ideas, it's the best I could come up with.

Minneapolis Mike said...

Design for the Designers! You must come up with a collection designing for the final four PR designers! It's your chance to dress Chris, Christian, Rami, and Jillian. Your designs must be innovative, fashion forward, and reflect the personality of the designer. Sketches or photos of actual garments acceptable. This contest is totally in the spirit of the show and celebrates the reason you got the swag bags in the first place!

Anonymous said...

You should have a contest where you have to say which designer will sell out first and have a clothing line at K-Mart and why!

Unknown said...

This isn't wildly creative, but for the TRESemme PRGay Reader Challenge, contestants should have to, in the style of the avant-garde challenge, design something that echoes the hair of a Project Runway designer. Of course, you'd have hundreds of entries for PPS and none for Rami.

Milla said...

Hey there babies...
How about a polyvore contest?
Re-create and re-style your favourite PR look with available garments?
I love the polyvore..
Have you tried it?

Lilithcat said...

I like the haiku contest idea -

Lilithcat can write
haiku - in the spring, soft rain
brings inspiration.

Anorexic girls!
Don't fall* off PR's runway
in those stilettos.

Where is Andrae? Is he
making it work with Tim
at the Red Lobster?

*Please note punning seasonal reference.

Lilithcat said...

That last one should read:

"Where's Andrae? Is he
there making it work with Tim
at the Red Lobster?"

chinamomxtwo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chinamomxtwo said...

Such great ideas.........I had a couple and several were already posted by others.....
SO...the only thing I can think of right now is name the animal that the top 3, AND heidi, tim, nina, and michael look like.........

*might* be fun?
NINA! stop meowing!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Bomb!
I hope this hasn't been suggested, but I have what I consider a decent idea.

Project Runway: The Movie
The challenge: Cast celebrities in the roles of 10 designers of your choice.
The best representation wins.


Tsai Chin (of Joy Luck Club and Memoirs of a Geisha) as Victorya Hong.

Anonymous said...

another idea:

Film a re-enactment of one of the following PR scenes.

1) Vanessa Riley vs. Wendy Pepper in the laundry room (season one, episode two)

2) Morgan and Jay's relationship (season one, episode five)

3) Jay McCarroll vs. Austin Scarlett (season one, episode six-- the very end of the episode)

4) The people vs. Wendy Pepper (season one, episode ten - reunion)

5) Kara Saun vs. Wendy Pepper (season one, episode eleven - finale)

6) Santino Rice vs. Nina Garcia (season one, episode four)

7) Laura Bennett vs. Vincent Libretti (season three, episode seven)

8) Victorya vs. Tim Gunn (season four, unaired... be creative)

---that... or---

Just be creative with #8 and film a dialogue between Tim Gunn and Victorya (there are several articles referring to their relationship)

Elle said...

What about seeing who can design and create something wearable in this season's hottest colors: yellow and purple and try to make it aesthetically pleasing?

Cory said...

I hope this hasn't been said already (and I'm in a rush, so I can't read all of them now), but you should have a contest for the person who is in the most dire need of these products to help them in their styling time of need. they could even write about their past horrendous style moments/worst style moment ever in their life/horrible bad hair day story. stuff like that. I bet those results would be hilarious!

Judy said...

Two ideas;
1) Come up with a new do for His Fierceness. When this look gets tired, what should PPP do next with his hair?

2. Micro video clips of Nina and Michael showing their reactions to someone's design. Identify whose design, and the challenge.

LilyTheLustyLibrarian said...

Worst middle/high school fashion/hair/makeup hot tranny mess photo. I've got a few up my sleeve..

Anonymous said...

Both of you come up with one list of your undisputed 10 worst looks in PR history (excluding the finales, because that's just too complicated). Have everyone guess at your list, and give a prize for anyone who gets the entire list or anyone with the most points!

I'd LOVE to hear what your "worst 10 looks" are anyway, as well! ;)

Anonymous said...

the contest should be making a "Musical Monday" post in your own style

The only problem with that is they only updated Musical Monday every 6 months or so. I love it, but I guess theses guys are too busy to do it.

Anonymous said...

How about if you post some designs and we are supposed to figure out who designed it AND if you two love it or hate it? You could post something like 10 designs and the first person to get all 10 right wins.

Anonymous said...

contest title:


pick the 5 worst PR garments ever created.
for example, santino's skate dress, wendy's candy bikini, etc.

the contest is to reinvent one of the looks (their choice) in a way that takes them from fug to fab.

this is done with either a drawing or written description of their idea of a much better look.

but...they have to use the same materials the designers used, i mean the same fabrics and trims, they cant make a whole new garment with different items.

you guys pick the best garment makeovers.

if this idea wins i will send you my contact info.

Anonymous said...

The up-do's. Hair can pull together a great look, or disillusion the concept. We need some reliable (and kitchy) names to help us identify what's going on upstairs.

Is that a bow shaped clutch on your head (a la Betsy Johnson)? or is that a pom-pom?? and what do the fabulous people call it???
a contest among the fashionably aware should be able to answer.


Anonymous said...

oh- hey Pumpkins! anony 11:20pm - Robin's e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Though this may be a more run-of-the-mill idea,

I think you should have a fashion illustration contest. In my blog community, we run tons of fashion contests to help striving designers/illustrators.

You know, you could make it easy/comical like "Design a dress for Miss J." (ANTM)

And evaluate based on illustration and concept.

personette said...

how about "which one is tom - and which one is lorenzo?"

because honestly, i am a fairly dedicated reader and I still dont know

Anonymous said...

Create the Project Runway paper dress-up dolls (you know, the ones where you cut out the little paper outfits and slip them on "nude' cardboard cut-outs of models). Who wouldn't want to dress up Heidi, Nina, Michael and Tim?

The more artistic among us could draw their own versions of the stars and the outfits, the more "challenged" could use a simple graphic editing program and cull pictures from the net.

Hell, you could even parlay that into a third competition where the best combinations from the winning paper dolls win something else.

Anonymous said...

Oops - forgot to include an email address -

Anonymous said...

I think the contest should be to say what SHOULD have been in the finale swag bags that would have had us foaming at the mouth to get one.

- AlisonS

Anonymous said...

SInce it is a Tresemme bag it should be something to do with HAIR! How about a creative runway hairstyle?

Anonymous said...

SInce it is a Tresemme bag it should be something to do with HAIR! How about a creative runway hairstyle?

Heather said...

How about a contest to give the final contestants new superhero nicknames and superpowers. I'd even include the judges on that one.

Dorlenn said...

How about a filk contest? Take a song and put it to any season of Project Runway. He/she who causes the most groans wins!:-) (And has to wash their mouth out with Tresemme hair products for their *pun*ishment)

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful ideas all. Haiku, "best loser," screencaps, song lyrics are all great.

But I say, let's make it all about you two marvelous boys. Pitch a reality show to be hosted by the Rungay boys on Bravo!

Anonymous said...

How about a contest to find the tranny. You guys post several pics of models on the runway doing their thing. But throw in a pic of a tranny. Let readers try and guess which one is the tranny. Because sometimes, it's not easy, especially for straight people.

Judy Dench (

Anonymous said...

Since most would agree that there was a distinct 80's fashion vibe present throughout most of PR4, how about a screencap contest featuring runway looks/challenges inspired by songs from that period? Here are a few examples I've come up with so far:

* "Material Girl" by Madonna: Chris/Christian's gown for: "On Garde" challenge

* "Take on Me" by A-Ha: "Raw Talent" (WWE) challenge. Or "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'n Roses: Chris' green leopard look)

*"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper: "Trend Setter" challenge

* Back in Black" by ACDC: Christian's winning finale collection

* "Kiss" by Prince: "Eye Candy" challenge (or "Hungry Like A Wolf" by Duran Duran)

* "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson: "Even Designers Get the Blues" (aka Levis) challenge

* "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns & Roses: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (aka prom) challenge.

* "More, More, More" by Andrea True Connection: "I Started Crying" challenge (aka SJP challenge)

Okay. Getting carried away. But you get the point. Another twist could be that you post "Four Looks Four Songs" where contestants come up with a song for a singular look by the designer. Whatever works best.

P.S. Can't resist: "Bad" by Michael Jackson: Anything from PR4 by Ricky.

Cavatina Cabaletta said...

Create a signature cocktail for your favorite designer. I can then sample them all and become Sh*&-faced in the process

Anonymous said...

Damn. You guys have some creative readers.

Anonymous said...

First suggestion is the best, PR haiku. You could have categories for the four bags such as haiku about Tresemme/hair, designers, judges, TLo, Tim, challenges, whatever.

Loved the "Where's Andrae" haiku!

Anonymous said...

I think the contest needs to be distinctively “Project Rungay.” What about a contest to redesign the Project Rungay logo? It’s time for a new look. The current one reminds me of VictorYA’s denim coat/dress - - take an existing coat/logo, tack on something arbitrary, and you have an uninspired look that isn’t representative of the designer. You guys deserve something much more fabulous! Having lots of designs would give y’all the option to “dress” the blog each morning with something new. And what gay doesn’t love that?

Bonus points for designs you could actually post on the website (i.e., logos that don’t use images copyrighted by Bravo).

Oh, and personette: Tom is the hot one; Lorenzo is the really cute one.


Anonymous said...

Clint, I think Lorenzo is the hot one and Tom is the really cute one.

Me2 :)

Anonymous said...

Contest: Put together the most "cohesive collection" of a dozen or so garments using all of the designs by all of the season 4 designers.

Whoever puts together the most cohesive collection using the most designers wins.


Unknown said...

LOLProject Runway Designers. Christian would make a great LOLcat.

Anonymous said...

Have people dress as one project runway contestant...

best costume wins!

SupervisorJ said...

I though the Peeps diorama contest with the PR scene was kind of fun-- How about "Create a diorama of your favorite Project Runway scene"-- just create, take a picture, and viola!

We all did them back in junior high-- now it's our time to make them sparkle!

Anonymous said...

A "Show us how fabulous you are!" Contest. pictures, videos, whatever it takes.


Anonymous said...

Marty the Wizard suggested something to do with hair. How about contestants designing a Chris-inspired garment or accessory using pieces of their OWN hair?

John said...

Don't Bore Nina? How about don't bore us? (Not you too, I'm talking about Bravo). So many of us have said that we're worried that Project Runway is getting boring or stale or that it's being taken over by established professionals just looking to further their careers. And we all know that something has to change.
Instead of a contest to create a new challenge, a challenge to change the Project Runway contest itself. How can maintain the integrity of the show while making it fresh and current? Just as so many designers strive to make their designs relevant to fashion, how can PR be more relevant to the viewers?
The prizes could be as follows:
Grand Prize: Best idea overall
First Runner-up: Most original
Second Runner-up: Funniest/Hot Mess
Third Runner-up: Honorable Mention
You know Bravo reads this blog, this is your (and, to a minor extent, our) chance to keep Project Runway fun and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Thumb Wrestling.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Clint, I think Lorenzo is the hot one and Tom is the really cute one.

Me2 :)

No offense, but these boys are too long in the tooth the be cute and hot. Now they are just attractive, older gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Such great suggestions!
I love the haiku idea
Wish I'd thought of it

We could write haikus
(Wait: is the plural "haikus"?)
For each contestant

Anonymous said...


What? Long in the tooth?
Bite your tongue! And make a note:
Hotness NEVER dies.

Damn. I'd forgotten:
Once I start with the haikus,
I can't stop. Help. Me.

Anonymous said...

Make it a Mutha Fuggin' Walk Off!

Submit a video of yourself doing your best runway strut (bonus points for doing so in something reminiscent of an early season challenge design; i.e. curtains, candy, etc).

Once you get to the end of your "runway" in front of the camera, you have to give it your best FIERCE pose. The more over-the-top, the better!

May the fiercest bitch win! You could also give one to the funniest overall entry.

harleyd said...

Ok, I finally came up with one that I like:

Let's cast Season 5 with past contestants, but here's the catch: they have to work as pairs for the entire season! Each of us come up with a pairing we'd like to see and why (i.e. bitchiness/drama, fantastic sillouettes, bizarre sillouettes, etc.--I'd kinda like to see Santino and Elisa come up with the most over-the-top look ever!).

TLo, you then pick your favorite 16 pairs and then...Designer Deathmatch!!! You pick pairs to go against each other and we vote. Last four get bags with the last pair standing getting the "Special Bag"

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Why are people posting their email addresses?!

Re cute/hot debate: Clearly, both Tom & Lorenzo are cute and hot.

Wow, so many people here apparently have the ability to make things like dioramas, fashion illustrations, costumes, outfits, comic strips, computerized re-designings, eccentric hairdos, and so on. I salute you, Crafty-Creative ones! The only suggestions I'd have half a chance with are haikus and thumb wrestling.

Anonymous said...

email addresses are being posted because it's a CONTEST

Anonymous said...

BTW, I think the hair-style naming idea should win!

Anonymous said...

I like the one which makes us tap into the Duchess!!
what WOULD the Duchess say?????

Anonymous said...

yay for filthy limerick contest!!

Lilithcat said...


More than one haiku
Is the same as only one -
Haiku and haiku.

Anonymous said...


I win.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
email addresses are being posted because it's a CONTEST

Don't even try to explain it to him, remember he is from Brooklyn. He won't get it.

Anonymous said...

Since I know I'm not a professional fashion designer, just a very devoted PR/PRG fan, I think the contest should not really deal with creating an outfit, but something thats really weird and fun that everyone would probably be able to try.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brooklyn Bomber said...

Anonymous said...
email addresses are being posted because it's a CONTEST

Don't even try to explain it to him, remember he is from Brooklyn. He won't get it.

First of all, he is a she. Second of all, did the Boys say anything about posting your email address? Now, maybe we get a different version of the blog here in Brooklyn, but the one I'm reading doesn't say anything about that. Looks to me like one commenter thought it was necessary, and then numerous others fell in line. mmm-kay?

Anonymous said...

email addresses are being posted merely as a way of identification for those who are not blogspotters.

say for example that they said... the winner is Brett Hawkins! Contact us, blah blah. And there is no sure way of knowing who Brett Hawkins is, so anybody could be like, "Oh, I'm Brett! give me my swag bag!"
The email address gives a solid form of contact and identification.

Unknown said...

Here's the new contest:

Come up with ideas for new pet projects for our favorite Runway contestants!

Laura's got her "Case Clothed" - now what can we get the rest of those fabulous bitches to do? Will Rami be a draping consultant for sculptors who want their statues to have realistic togas? Will Christian redesign astronaut suits with puffy sleeves?

Anything goes!

Anonymous said...

Lilithcat: Thank you.
I never could nail that down.
Furthermore: You win.

Commenters, bloggers
Please stop knocking my birthplace
Fabulous Brooklyn

Indygirl said...

Well kittens (sorry I couldn't resist) How about a contest to make a new logo for "Project Rungay." Not that I don't love the 1950's housewife spin of it all when I enter the site, but maybe one of us could come up with something that says "This is the Gayest (and best) Project Runway blog there is."

Anonymous said...

Too late for now but how's about a contest (or series of 'em if you've got enough accumulated loot by then) to guess the top amount bid for one of the designer's creations at the BRAVO auction site.

anywheregirl said...

It should be a contest to create the best home-made swag bag that you'd give if, you know, you hosted a fashion show in your home :-)

Anonymous said...

Best name for a potential clothing store carrying one of Project Runway's alumni's designs. Puns and word play are a plus.

ThatBrunette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VintagePurseGal said...

My apologies if this was already suggested.

Choose a contestant from any season of PR who could most benefit from a TRESemme makeover. And why, in fifty words or fewer. Bitchiness optional.