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We'd rather just talk this out of our systems now so we don't spend the rest of the week rehashing the same stuff.

Is Jeffrey a cheater? Is Laura a bitch? Who knows? That episode had more edits than a George Michael video. The stench of manufactured drama wafted from our television last night.

Look, Laura had a valid question and the second she raised it to the other designers, they not only immediately agreed, they urged her to follow up on it. At first, that looked awfully manipulative of Michael and Uli, but to their credit, they immediately copped to it when confronting Jeffrey. All this sturm und drang* over Laura doesn't make any sense to us. All the designers made the accusation.

It's also to Laura's credit that she immediately went to Jeffrey about it. There wasn't anything sneaky or underhanded. It was "Look, I have some questions and I went to Tim about it. I think you should know." That, to us, was admirable. To those who thought she should have gone to Jeffrey before speaking to Tim, if you listen to Tim's podcast, he went to her before she had a chance to talk to Jeffrey.

The one thing that was not cool was the designers pawing through Jeffrey's collection when he left the room. There were audible gasps among the PRGayBoy Posse in our living room last night when they did that. We'll chalk it up to stress and leave it at that.

One point we feel needs to be raised. When you've opened up the competition to established designers with their own lines, employees and facilities, does that make for an even playing field when the other designers might be working with a sewing machine in the corner of their living room? Whether Jeffrey got outside help or not, the fact is, he had access to an amazing work space with sophisticated equipment. That's not his fault, but it's something the producers might want to consider in future seasons as the applicants get more and more polished.

As for Jeffrey...well, first off, this is a perfect opportunity to address something we've been meaning to. Despite what some might think, we really don't dislike Jeffrey. We think he acted like an ass a couple of times this season, but we think almost every designer did - including Laura. His designs are not to our taste but we're perfectly happy that he's one of the final four. We'll reserve
judgment on his collection - on all of the
collections - when we see
the episode. You need to see them blown up and in motion before you can really get a sense of the clothes.

Anyway. Jeffrey. Yeah, we have to say that his actions last night were a little shifty. That could be pure editing of course but there is at least the spectre of a suspicion and because of that, we can't sling mud at anyone for raising the question.

But Bravo producers, enough with the manipulated drama. Your viewers are more sophisticated than that.

*Oh please. We've been using it for years. Tim didn't invent the phrase, y'know.


James Derek Dwyer said...

I just had a scary thought. What/who are they going to find to cast for next season?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

Yes! The best analysis I've seen of this so far. I agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

You beat me to the punch, oh fabulous gay guys.
As a long-time member of the WGA (writers guild), where we’ve been trying to unionize reality writers for the past several years, I firmly believe all reality shows are plotted to some degree or another. One of the reasons I enjoy PR so much is that the heavy hand of the producers is usually not all that evident. But this cliffhanger screams off-camera manipulation. I’m not saying Laura didn’t originally have doubts about Jeffrey’s work, but I’m sure once she expressed them, the production team barreled full speed ahead to exploit them (ie., the big “investigation”) and blow up them up into a dramatic cliffhanger. All fun to watch, I guess, but the show’s less fun when the off-camera scripting is so evident.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Excellent analysis.

Anonymous said...

Yes good post.
I've been thinking all day though (Ok no life right?) That:

1)the producers would not have included this drama if there wasn't a point.

2)Maybe the producers felt after throwing Keith off that they needed to show their balance in dealing with issues like cheating thus, a sort of fabricated new "cheating" saga which will give them appear more trustworthy.

3) Maybe this is a genuine gray area/issue where both Laura and Jeffrey will be found to have credible arguments. I.E. The rules did not clearly delineate "help" and although Jeffrey had some sort of help it was not a clear cut offense.

Despite all of this however, I hope aura wins!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Excellent perspective on this season and the finale. The producers need to BACK OFF with the manipulation and manufacture of drama. I whole-heartedly agree that NO ONE with an already established commercial line should be allowed to compete. It is just unfair to have all those resources available to you when this is understood to be a (dare I say it?) competition for amateur designers (people that are looking to actually LAUNCH their own line). Jeffrey can bitch and moan about how he has been portrayed, but he gave the producers that footage of himself, so he can't complain. Karma is a bitch, Jeffrey. I think Laura handled the situation with class, honor, and dignity. I doubt if the situation was reversed that such a demeanor would have prevailed. If this were to come up after the winner was announced, esp if Jeffrey had won, then it would be considered sour grapes on Laura's part. Her points were ligitimate ones. All in all, this third season was just a downer for me, not nearly as fun as Season 2. This season was just filled with controversy, manufactured drama, and a good helping of Sturm and Drang! I need a detox from PR...haha

Cheers all!

JP :)

d-kat said...

I didn't think Jeffrey was acting shifty, I thought the opposiet. In fact, I thought he was sincere. Ah well, we'll see. And I don't buy the next week preview at all, because it's part of the high drama editing.


Anonymous said...

Nicely said Boys.

I will admit to have been critical of you in the past, but this was fair, unbiased and placating - right down the middle.

And Kudos for the mild scolding to Bravo at the end. They soooooo deserve it.

All the intrigue, scandal and fighting this year .... I'm so tired of it. Remember when this show used to be about designing clothes?

*sniff* I miss that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a voice of reason. Too many people went on the attack without knowing many facts. I think Laura handled her concerns in an adult like fashion.

The manufactured via editing drama is what it is. It's TV, period.

Anonymous said...

"All the intrigue, scandal and fighting this year .... I'm so tired of it. Remember when this show used to be about designing clothes?"

Did I miss a season?

Anonymous said...

Well said! Additionally, Laura said in her last interview in Andy's Blog that Jeffrey and Uli (among others) joined her at her place in NYC to watch the PR reunion episode. Seems an awfully friendly thing for them to do if there's all this deep, dark tension going on. A lot of this episode smells like manufactured drama on the part of the production team, to me.

super-junk.com said...

if you replay the portion of next week's preview where we see jeffrey beaking down and uli moving in to comfort him, you can see michael nodding in the background with what appears to be a relieved expression. They could have pulled tim's "unfortunately" from anywhere in the season. I'm betting on tears of relief rather than tears of shame.

The 2 minute preview showing uli, michael, anf laura was edited by bravo! of course they aren't going to show jeffrey with all the time they spent crafting this cliffhanger!

Anonymous said...

Good analysis, guys. You hit on a point reached in TWoP--what will happen now? It's obvious the final 4 did not go into their fashion week preps on the same level--Jeffrey had an advantage with his manufacturing setup. I feel this was less of an issue with Chloe Dao--she was still sewing in her parent's garage.

They'll have to address the issue with the next season, for sure.

Embeedubya said...

Sound reasoning, logically put. I watched Season 2 without the benefit of PRG (just the thought is chilling) and the other blogs and web sites. So I found myself comparing that experience -- knowing nothing about the show except what I saw on each week's episode -- to the, some would say, obsessive discussion and behind the scenes chat, videos, spoilers and such that I've enjoyed immensely this season on the web. Frankly, I think we, the bloggers, make the drama all the more, well, dramatic. The blissfully blog-less are probably, to quote you-know-who, on pins and needles.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who freaked when they saw the other designers pawing through Jeffrey's collection! So not cool.

Very well said and very much an echo of my own thoughts. I loved that Laura owned up to what was said and didn't get all Wendy Pepper about it.

Anonymous said...

"Despite what some might think, we really don't dislike Jeffrey. We think he acted like an ass a couple of times this season, but we think almost every designer did..."

Is this a "cover your ass" remark? Don't worry, there is no basis for a lawsuit from Jeffrey.

Anonymous said...

Laura has brass ovaries. Assertive, strong, professional, and up-front. Wish more people possessed her strength and courage. She's not a gossiping back stabber. She tells you where she stands without regrets. You may not like her message, but at least she's forthright.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you guys should mention about the designers going through Jeffrey's stuff while he was out. When I watched the show for the second time, this time with my mother, that was the one thing that she had a big problem with, as did I.

Kara said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Although all the hype surrounding the initial "scandal" was that Tim Gunn had told Jeffrey that he had a lot of work to do, and if I recall, that was never the case. No one ever seemed worried that he wouldn't finish in time. Jeffrey's behavior is shady, no doubt and I think Laura went about it the right way. However, Uli's "Laura has an announcement to make" is priceless and that is why I adore her and her model stealing self!

Lexx said...

This is "tired" commentary. He's already shown at BP. Getty Images has had the show posted for a few weeks now. Controversy over. Laura was pissed that Jeff spent more time producing his line as they were supposed to; than chasing Linoleum Lizzards around the flat.
James Dwyer's comment to this post was right on the mark. If they don't want professionals they should close the door and keep it that way.

As for scandal #1, do any of you really think he was allowed to "sneak in" coffe table sized books without their knowledge? Tim Gunn's defenne of the Producers on the re-union show was admirable. However they fell short of blaming incompetent production assistants- that's the only way he could've gotten the books into his room.

You can view the shows here:


Anonymous said...

Great analysis boys!

I also agree that this season has NOT been as much fun, due to all the nastinesss and emphasis on melodrama.

I also think Bravo should get back to the show being about the clothes and the creativity. If I wanted to watch Survivor, I'd watch Survivor. I think Bravo greedily thought they could go from having a little hit, to a big hit by trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator of TV viewers. That has ruined the show.

All this Laura hating in the last day or so is quite obnoxious. And these posters (who have recently flooded all boards) and who think that by stupidly arguing, (like Jeffrey) will change the minds of those of us who do not like him. It won't. But it is kind of amusing that his appologists behave the way he does.

And BTW, his demeanor was TOTALLY different last night, than during the regular season. That was suspect enough for me.

Laura had every right to bring up her concerns & they were agreed upon by Michael & Uli. So what's the big deal? If it was a man, would HE be called a 'bitch'? Was Jay a bitch for bringing up Kara's shoe elf? No. Only a woman is called a bitch and as an attempt to try to put her in her place & shut her up. Some people don't like woman who are too confident or free.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

I agree with Esther, I thought he was being sincere. I think he was shocked. When people are guilty of accusations they tend to be more like Keith...and Jeffrey is a mouthy little SOB and the editting made him very quite and in shock. Who knows, I really dislike the editting on this show at times. To be a fly on the wall...

Here's my take on it. Despite being a major Jeffrey fangirl, I felt Laura had a very valid and sound point and she was right to bring it up to Tim. She handled the entire situation well, except for having everyone paw over the collection after Jeffrey left the room. I've never been a fan of Laura but I gained a lot of respect for her that she actually went to Jeffrey and was straight with him. I believe I'd have done the same thing in her situation.

Now to back my boy up. Speaking as a seamstress, speaking as someone who works -better- under pressure, the work that was put into his collection is entirely possible to do by oneself in a short period of time. There are several different types of workers, and they all do things differently. I take 2 months to get ready for the shows I attend and I do more in the last two weeks because I work much better under pressure. I'm more motivated. I have friends who work at a steady pace from beginning to end, and I have friends who get everything done as quickly as possible. I multitask, making stock for my shows and I take orders as well and work on them. Honestly, I'm doing probably the same amount of work as the final contestants are. I always get everything done in time and it always comes out looking professional.

Do I know what kind of worker Jeffrey is? Not a damn clue. The show's 1-3 days to complete an outfit is purposely unrealistic. They have to make it challenging. They don't have the budget to make their dresses perfect. What you see in during the show vs. final collections, the final collections always have more of a finished look to them. I see it in Laura's as much as I see it in Jeffrey's. But it still stands, it's entirely possible that he did the work by himself (aside from the pleating which he admitted to).

I will also agree that in the future, those with an upper hand like Jeffrey, should be eliminated simply to alleviate this problem in the future as well as to further promote up and coming designers who don't already have a break.

Anonymous said...

I love how PRG is now self-correcting what began as "cheater cheater pumpkin eater" bash at Jeffrey.

Who are you kidding? Give it up already. We know you all want to get into Laura's gowns because Jeffrey's garb is not glam enough.

So do as Laura does. Say what you really mean and stop pretending to understand both sides and try to blame PR's producers for high drama editing.

Anonymous said...

"Tim, if you listen to Tim's podcast, he went to her before she had a chance to talk to Jeffrey."

Exactly. I thought Jeffrey not being in the room was way too convenient for them to discuss the matter.

Anonymous said...

The producers all know the public has had an opportunity to view the OFW shows. We saw them weeks ago. We had the same opportunity during the previous seasons. I think they are trying to make us think that although Jeffrey was allowed to show his garments, he was not considered in the judging or some his garments may not be considered, just like Kara Saun's shoes.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I was like WHOA when they started going through his collection. I hope he still gets to show at Bryant Park though because it wouldn't be fair..he seriously could've worked day in and day out on those garments. TEAM MICHAEL!!


TLo said...

I love how PRG is now self-correcting what began as "cheater cheater pumpkin eater" bash at Jeffrey.

Good lord, are so humorless that you couldn't see that was a joke? Go get some sun.

Lydia said...

"Jason said...
Some of us watch PR for the real reason, creativity and the clothes."

I couldn't agree more with this comment or with the PRGay guys analysis of last night's episode--dead on, as usual!

Gail said...

What I found most disturbing about Jeffrey's behaviour was his apathy. After he showed his designs to Tim, he just sat at his workspace and stared off into space - at least from what we saw on tv. Aside from fitting his models, he didn't even look at his collection.

It seems to me that he could have used that time to go over his collection again and check for any last minute problems, loose threads, whatever. Is it really possible to be that "done" with a garment that you don't even have to look at it again before it goes out on the runway?

Gigi said...

Hahaha, don't you love how the haters always hide behind that anonymous label? Not that all anonymous commenters are haters it's just that - oh, heck, you know what I mean!

I just rewatched last night's episode (yeah, no life here either right?). Isn't it amazing that there just happened to be a camera crew out on the fabulous terrace? ;-) Manufactured drama, to be sure. Whatever it is, Laura and Jeffrey have obviously made up since he watched the reunion show at her house. They can each give as good as they get and make no apologies for it!

carolinachick said...

For the record, folks, Uli was defending Jeffrey. She pointed out that alot of his seams were NOT perfect. She did NOT believe Laura at all. Also, at the beginning of the episode, Laura made a comment about making sure Jeffrey wasn't the one to win and she commented on the fact that she did not get off the couch to greet Jeffrey when he came into the apartment. This was before they saw each others' collections. As for the craftsmenship, he is a professional who started off handsewing all his garments. He also began his career making leather jackets. Don't you think he knows how to do leather in his sleep. I would also think that makes for faster work. Laura was concerned because she had all this work left to do, but isn't she the one that had almost all her collection done a month before the show, she just had to add all the beads and feathers (Why, oh, why?!) Wouldn't that mean it is perfectly reasonable to expect that Jeffrey, who did not mess with a bunch of handsewn details (that have to be added individually), could have finished his collection? I really think Laura had it in for Jeffrey and came up with this as a way to keep him from wining, like she said she was going to do (watch the beginning of the episode-she says it)
That said, look at Jeffrey's collection at BPR or Getty Images. There is not a single pair of pleated white shorts. I think that since he sent them out to be pleated and maybe didn't have a proper recept, it was excluded from the show. Has anyone counted his looks? Are there 12?
BTW, I just did-he did show 12, but no pleated white shorts. HMMMM.

Anonymous said...

Gotham Tomato -

Jay's bringing up Kara's shoe "elf" (as you put it) is completely justified. She had 15 pairs of $300 shoes and he wanted to know how she could afford it. When it turned out she paid NOTHING for it - there was a problem. A big problem. It was evidence - plain and abundant, confessed by Kara - that she received material and workmanship and outsourced labor for gratis. Completely against the rules.

How on earth do you compare that with Laura's "gut instinct" about what Jeffrey may or may not have done?

She has no proof. To use her own words she pulled that accusation "out of her ass."

And BTW, I agree with your comment about Jeffrey's demeanor last night 100%. He was calm, relaxed, cordial and professional. Confident in his work and very self-possessed.

It musta drove Bad Mommy up tha freakin wall!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
"All the intrigue, scandal and fighting this year .... I'm so tired of it. Remember when this show used to be about designing clothes?"

Did I miss a season?

4:47 PM"

Egg-SACT-ly. My husband caught a couple of minutes of the season 1 finale and rolled his eyes saying "oh, brother!" He was thinking that I'd gotten hooked on some run-o'-the-mill reality show, and I kept saying, "they're just stretching out the drama, but this is a really good show! I mean, they really MAKE things and... it's not about backstabbing and... I mean, it's not usually about backstabbing and... oh, just shut up and let me watch my show in peace, damnit!!"

But the drama was certainly there from the beginning. I mean, how else does Wendy get to OFW instead of Austen?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Gotham Tomato -

How on earth do you compare that with Laura's "gut instinct" about what Jeffrey may or may not have done?

She has no proof. To use her own words she pulled that accusation "out of her ass.""

Where did I read that Laura's suspicions were aroused by news she was hearing from her mom, who had gotten friendly with TALP's mom over the past few months, that TALP* had been way behind and overwhelmed with work? So when he showed up with not a hook left to set in, she wondered when he'd made up all this time? It doesn't look like the show is going to address the root of her suspicions (makes for better drama when people pull things from their asses in full color -- it's less complicated that way), but I know I read it somewhere.

* GAWD I wish I was pregnant so I'd have an excuse to buy that bib!

DolceLorenzo said...

There is always drama and there will always be drama, but its the way it's been presented lately that bothers me.
I'd like to see all that combined with a few more dresses and a fewer garbage challenges.

BTW, it would be nice to see a name, a face or an email attached to those trashy anonymous comments. Just for a change.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Uli went a little crazy with the handcuffs when making her necklace.

Anonymous said...

"I love how PRG is now self-correcting what began as "cheater cheater pumpkin eater" bash at Jeffrey."

LOL - my fist instinct this morning was the same: "Oh noooo! Do they really think he cheated?"

Then I turned it around and realized it could just as easily have been a bash at Laura.

"Cheater cheater pumpkin eater" is exactly what a petulant 5-year old would say before flipping the Monopoly game off the table and running to mommy.

Suzanne said...

We would always geat HUGE laughs out of the voice overs and how obvious it is when you know that the designers are just standing around being filmed and Heidi's voice was looped in later. Whomever did it for Season One did a horrendous job with that. They have gotten a bit better at it in subsequent seasons.

This show is edited within an inch of its life and its pretty obvious.

DolceLorenzo said...

"Anonymous said...
"I love how PRG is now self-correcting what began as "cheater cheater pumpkin eater" bash at Jeffrey."

LOL - my fist instinct this morning was the same: "Oh noooo! Do they really think he cheated?"

Then I turned it around and realized it could just as easily have been a bash at Laura.

"Cheater cheater pumpkin eater" is exactly what a petulant 5-year old would say before flipping the Monopoly game off the table and running to mommy.

5:57 PM"

It's good to know there's still hope in anonymousville.

P.S. Yes, I know, there are many many fabulous anonymous readers out there. Just a joke.

Anonymous said...

I had closed captioning on and all I can say is I LOVED the last few seconds of next week's preview: "...muffled crying" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

Laura did not claim to have evidence. I think that is why she spoke to Tim. She relayed her concerns, Tim could have dismissed them as baseless. He did not. The producers did not dismiss her concerns. Evidently they feel that Laura's concerns are worthy of further examination. That's not her fault.

Anonymous said...

You are so right PRG. I am spending way too much time in front of the tube. I do need some sun! Off I go to the beach....oops I mean my balcony.

Perhaps we'll all get our humor back after next week's final episode and all 4 designers show us their fab clothes :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Jeffrey decided not to use the identical wigs in the runway show.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I found the designers checking out Jeff's collection so objectionable. Firstly, it seemed like Uli was using her perusal to defend Jeffrey and secondly - again with the editing. Who knows! Plus the racks are all out in the open for everyone to see. The collections are not hidden away. But yes, enough with the psycho editing and manufactured sturm und drang

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the wigs too. I think he went over budget and had to return them. I think that's why he had the sad reaction.

Anonymous said...

I just can't figure out if there was truly a real controversy, why Jeffrey would end up watching the final show at Laura's house?

Seems to me that if this saga was indead real that the last person he would want to be seen with would be Laura.

Oh and.....
Some of us use the anonymous title because we are too lazy to register lol

JM said...

The only faux pas that I thought was made was that Laura should have told Jeffrey before she told Tim. But now that I know that Tim approached Laura first, I understand why it happened that way. Laura did nothing wrong. And on that note, I wasn't bothered by Laura, Michael & Uli looking though Jeffrey's collection. It's a competition, they have the right to examine each other's work. It's no different than the other designers looking at each other's designs during the regular episodes filmed at the Parsons workspace. All the designers have always looked at each other's work and openly shared their opinions to the camera throughout every season of the show.

As for next week's episode, the whole preview of Jeffrey sobbing is pretty weak... we already know he showed at Fashion Week. Why would they let him show if he was disqualified for cheating? And as some of the other posters pointed out, we also already know that Jeffrey and Laura are still friends. The drama is all manufactured. I would so much rather watch the designers discussing their designs, or just horsing around the workroom than watch them fight with each other. Bring back the artistry, bring back the FUN, I say!

Anonymous said...

I think he saw the wigs on his models, realized they looked hideous and nixed the idea.

Simple as that. No presupposition about his going over budget, hiring a wig-maker, stealing locks of hair from blonde orphans, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

He changed his mind. Period.

Anonymous said...

"Frankly, I think we, the bloggers, make the drama all the more, well, dramatic."

Thank you, how true.

I also find it hilarious how BPR has become the place to lay your snark and TWoP and PRGays are being more civilized. What's up with that?

It's just fashion, it's just tv. Of course they made up the drama, they always do. If they don't bring the narrative we'd all be bored to tears.

Team Uli!

Anonymous said...

I think after all of this Uli walks away as the winner.

Laura and Jeffrey too involved in scandal. Viewers would be upset if either were selected as the winner.

Michael, his OFW show was too hip/street culture for mainstream culture. They would consider his work too "hoochie."

Uli hasn't been heard from much, her winning wouldn't offend anyone.

Unknown said...

Team Peanut.

4u2c1 said...

Amen, Amen--on manipulated drama! We ARE more sophisticated than that.
Should Laura had gone to Jeffery first? Of course, but don't fall into that Bravo trap.
Ratings, anyone? Ratings?

Anonymous said...

bottom line, we all eat it with a spoon and spend a considerable time discussing, thinking about and blogging it all, so the producers must be doing something right, eh? i am soooooo caught up in and ridiculous about this show, and i consider myself a fairly grown up adult type person (and i'm absolutely a candidate for a PR 12 step group when it's over next week... I WILL BE JONES-ing!)... i consider all these people part of my personal tribe, as if they are friends i have in my home every week... (especially tim gunn and the judging panel...) and, of course, the PRGay boys and fans of this site! have you also become sort of obsessed? ask yourself these questions: have you found yourself talking about the show even on days it isn't on? do you watch the bravo repeats all the time if you need background tv on? do you remember quotable quotes from other seasons even (my fave: daniel v's, "it's a m*********ing walk off!)? have you told at least one person you don't know well about your PR obsession and creeped yourself out? Do you insist on watching it with hubby and/or friends so you don't feel so weird (like not drinking alone...)? Just askin'...

Anonymous said...

Wow - I feel so much better having read the blog and comments. First, I was disturbed at how disturbed I actually was about Jeffrey possibly cheating. I don't even like him, right? Then I was disturbed by my obsession with this show. I'm supposed to have a life, right, so why I am I completely distracted with a funny feeling in my tummy after watching my taped episode at 7am? This puts it in perspective. I agree, Jeffrey's tears are those of relief. Just wish his woman would do something about the 80's punk hairdo. She needs a little Laura - just a touch.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder what kind of sophisticated machinery you all think that Jeffrey had at his disposal that the others did not. It appears that in order to make clothing you would need a sewing machine and a serger. I'm trying to think what else Jeff could have had to give him an unfair playing field (excepting lots of extra hands). Yes, there are levels of machines (computerized and such), but generally they all do the same thing. Just because someone has a huge, new kitchen, with all the latest appliances doesn't mean they should be able to cook up a recipe that tastes any different from someone who lives in a 50s tract house with original (aqua) appliances.

By what some of you are saying, even though Chloe did her sewing in her garage, she shouldn't have been eligible for PR because she had an established business.


In the intro each week, it says "to find the next big fashion designer." It doesn't say "to find the next big fashion designer from a from a field of amateurs."

I read lots of comments on BPR last night, almost to the point where I'm already sick of all this, but I still come away from it with 2 points... it was unfortunate that Laura didn't confront Jeff "sotto voce" and behind the scenes, and it was very wrong of all 3 designers to paw through Jeff's garments without him in the room.

(Sorry to be anon. I always post here as such. It's just easier. If it bugs you all so much, perhaps it shouldn't be offered as a choice).

Chgo_John said...

ThePRGayboys said...
But Bravo producers, enough with the manipulated drama."

I could not agree more, and last night's episode was by far the worst. Heck! Add a few shoulder pads and a reflecting pool and you've got Dynasty. For me, the show it's best for me when it gives the designers the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and skills. The rest is very bad icing on an otherwise tasty cake.

Chgo_John said...

er ... one too many for me's ... sorry ... Where is grammar check when you need it?

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome. You seem to say exactly what me and my bitchy gays think each week! You just have to LOVE Laura though. She calls it like she sees it, and doesn't hold back. Love her, and would love to invite her to Chicago for cocktails.

JM said...

Someone has yet to explain why it is so very wrong for the other designers to examine Jeffrey's collection. If WE were there, PRGay Boys included, we would ALL look. Why not?

Anonymous said...

It's rude. Ask to see it.

Would you like someone going through your personal belongings?

Why is that hard to understand?

JM said...

But how is it more rude than saying mean things to the camera about another designer's work? And it's not Jeffrey's "personal belongings." The collection he designed belongs to the show, they paid for the materials.

Anonymous said...

Do contestants in the Miss America Pageant rifle through their competitor's outfits, makeup?

Do drivers in the Indy 500 inspect their competitors' vehicles?

Jeffrey was out of the room and they rifled through his designs. If he had walked in on them doing that .... yikes.

I think their desperation after hearing Tim's praise of his designs was palpable.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you were only joking when you said, "We'll reserve judgment on his collection... when we see the episode." I hope to hear lots of judgment!!

Unknown said...

In Tim's audio blog, he says that he told Jeff to be sure and finish everything before getting to New York, referencing Daniel V. sewing buttons on right up until the runway show. So Jeff took him seriously. Big whoop. You wanna fight about it?

I think Jeff's reaction to Laura's accusation was just simple shock. If he'd been guilty of something he'd have been more combative (Keith).

Anonymous said...

I think he realised the wigs were going to be unflattering, as well. I was watching thinking "Come on Tressemme hair folk, help him out here!"

Also I'm gonna keep talking about the damn wigs and other such things and totally ignore this over-hyped "controversy". I'm tired of all the sturm und drang.


Anonymous said...

Might as well just sign my name below the entry, because that's what I was thinking word-for-word!

arielephant said...

This would suggest Jeffrey was not kicked off the show, but who really knows. :-P

Anonymous said...

I think the thing that upset many about the way Laura was accusing Jeffrey is that she had NO Proof of anything. Jeffrey proved he could sew in the Challenges he won, Jettsetter,Coutoure and The French Diva DCatherine M. wrote **** all stars for his garment. Jeffrey was an abused child and basically Laura emotionally seem to be abusing him, that is what was so upsetting to me anyway. I don't think he cheated, the guy can just sew and did "fantastically." I hope he wins it all.

Anonymous said...

BECAUSE of this episode, if jeffrey is found not to be a cheater, a huge doubt blankets his collection and he is unable to win. Laura doesn't want him to win, but the editing did that. Hopefully, the producers wouldn't have cast this doubt on jeffrey inless it were true. If it is not, that is fucked up of them

Just because Jeffrey has better machinery, doesn't mean he should be disqualified. If one designer could afford a nanny, while another designer couldn't, does that mean he/or she cheated. That's having extra help too. I think the producers jumped on Jeffrey too quickly before investigating. It's rude. It is their fault people are upset with Laura, because they didn't handle themselves well by making Tim go to the work room and announce Jeffrey's receipts will be scrutinized more than other designers. I think in all future PR seasons, cheating will be used to get rid of designers--yes some will be cheaters, but others may not but now there will be doubt on the collection.

Fnarf said...

They keep SAYING that this show is all about the design work, showing the artistic and technical process, yadda yadda, unlike all those OTHER reality shows that are just manufactured drama. But really? Not.

They hardly ever show their sketches, and never for more than a second, and never with any discussion of them; they hardly ever show them cutting or sewing, and never long enough to get an idea of what they're trying to do; they sometimes show the garments half-finished on the forms, and discuss them there, but not nearly as much as they show them draped on the hott young nubile models, hmm. In the controversy over Jeffrey's sewing, they didn't show ANY of the supposedly suspicious work close enough to even see the seams.

Instead, drama is ALL they show, and its obviously played up. But you know, I like drama.

But what I find very, very boring is the Judgement Hour, when they stand there and listen to the idiotic music and the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" lights and stuff. Ugh.

I love the show but it could be SO much better....

ThatFluffyChick said...

*claps hands* You go! You totally read my mind with this one. When the episode was running I looked at my sister and said, "Umm Hello? He has an entire professional studio to work in with machines that'd make novice/hobby seamstresses like me pass out in delight.". I worry. I mean you DID have pics of Jeffrey showing at Fashion Week but I wonder if it was as part of the competition or on his own. GAH!

I hate this waiting. I so dont like drama. Honestly? I havezero tolerance for Laura and her musty old Park Avenue wanna-be fashions. OK they are pretty but it's been done and done again. Michael's is original. Jeffrey's is original. Hell, even Uli with her same ole same ole dresses is more original. I'll lose alot of respect for Project Runway if Laura wins.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I was gonna post about the wigs but...

"Jeffrey was an abused child and basically Laura emotionally seem to be abusing him"

BWAHAHAHAHA!! I can't decide what's funnier about this, the statement itself or the fact that it's based on Jeffrey's hamhanded presentation of his life story.

I actually like Jeffrey a lot, but it's obvious that when he saw how the editors were making him into the show's Mr. Arrogant, he made a point of trotting out the sob story. Nothing wrong with that but he went a little overboard with the violins.

RE the former, that is hilarious! Here, I'll "emotionally abuse" the whole comments section: WHAP! WHAP! TAKE IT BITCHES!

Also, those were some ugly-ass wigs.

Anonymous said...

i think that he wasn't acting shifty or anything - the times when he was guilty of something, like being a bit too hard on angela's mom - is when he freaked out.

but that's just me

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey just told about his life, so did Uli, so did Michael, so did Laura.How people repsond to what they saw will differ. I had empathy for Uli, Jeff,Michael. I like Laura's home life but once they got back to the "working room" I think Laura was acting like the spoiled rich girl who can't understand how the little poor kid actually did a fantastic job. She has to face that maybe Jeffrey is truly talented, maybe it's a hard pill to swallow for her.

FIT GRAD said...

I agree with the boys

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:36 PM, "I have to wonder what kind of sophisticated machinery you all think that Jeffrey had at his disposal that the others did not. It appears that in order to make clothing you would need a sewing machine and a serger....Yes, there are levels of machines (computerized and such), but generally they all do the same thing."

You're kidding right? You either don't sew or have VERY little experience with different degrees of machinery. There is a reason you can spend anywhere from $30 to 5k for a sewing machine.

Sewing machines are a case of you getting what you pay for. If you spend $30 on sewing machine, you have a $30 sewing machine. If you spend $2,000 on a sewing machine, you have a $2,000 sewing machine! I'd give my eye teeth for industrial machine. It would be overkill in my line of business but I know the difference between the little rinky-dink machine I have at home and the machines sitting in Jeff's studio.

Let me put it this way. I bought a Babylock serger for $600. This thing lasted a very long time, never had to do more than the regular maintenance on it, but it finally started to overheat close to the 10 year mark and I had to replace it. I decided instead to drop $200 on a White Serger. I had to exchange it less than 6 months after I bought it and the second one still doesn't give a tight stitch. It SUCKS compared to my Babylock. So trust me, the money you spend on your machines does make a huge difference to the quality of the work.

Anonymous said...

what i find really ironic is, when laura started to tell jeff about "your clothes were almost perfectly made...." etc, jeff looked really thankful like she was paying him a compliment and then she was just like "...and i told him i thought you had outside help" and his face turned from pride to "wtf?!"

Anonymous said...

"One point we feel needs to be raised. When you've opened up the competition to established designers with their own lines, employees and facilities, does that make for an even playing field when the other designers might be working with a sewing machine in the corner of their living room?"

That is a very good point. It doesn't seem fair to me that Jeffrey had all that equipment to help him.

Dan said...

Here's my take. Sundance Channel has been showing a documentary series called "Signe Chanel" that follows the creation of an haute couture collection for the house of Chanel, by Karl Lagerfeld. (They're re-running all five episodes this Sunday, Oct. 15 - you all really would love it!) During the last episode, it shows how the seamstresses have to work until 4:00am the night before the show to finish the collection. Now, if a famous establishment like Chanel has to work until the very last minute on a collection - you expect me to believe that Jeffrey showed up with nothing more to do for three days? That's certainly suspicious.

Nonetheless, it is possible that he could have just put in tons of time with all that nice equipment of his and got it done. It's not impossible, it's just so rare that I think it's totally fair to raise the question and check it out.

Anonymous said...

I adore you two boys, but I couldn't disagree more about Jeffrey. He is what makes this world a gray place. He's a self absorbed 13 year old boy. Jesus, be responsible for yourself and your actions. He makes me want to PUKE.

FIT GRAD said...

Can we get back to being funny and witty about the show we love to rip...

Anonymous said...

Great job in making Uli, Michael and especially Laura look like assholes so that you can all justify Peanut's win.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean Tim didn't invent "sturm und drang"...for pete's sake I can't take anymore twists...

Where's my Xanax? WHO MOVED MY XANAX!

Anonymous said...

"Michael, his OFW show was too hip/street culture for mainstream culture. They would consider his work too "hoochie." "

I disagree. I think the Great Pumpkin & Nina would love to pretend they are 'hip' and that they get it. I think the only thing holding him back with those two would be his age - that is the reason they gave for not picking Daniel V.

Michael SHOULD win. And I hope he does. His work is not 'hootchie'- it is body-conscious.

--Gotham Tomato

annulla said...

I agree with everything you said. Excellent analysis.

Anonymous said...

about the beer bottle with jeffrey, i saw a bottle too, and i rewatched it on tivo a couple times, and i thought it looked more like a full jones soda or a stewarts...i guess they kind of look the same though.

bungle said...

I love you ALL, and if I didn't I wouldn't take the time to read any of this, BELEE DAT.

That said, we're ALL probably just a touch 'bitchy' since it has been a while since we've had a proper PR episode. When was the last one? In my opinion, the Black and White one. It still had a fair number of contestants left and a challenge we could wrap our minds around. In that vein, my favorite episodes were the early ones involving a lot going on.

Main part of season = heroin
The last bit = methadone

Your perspective is well noted. But since what you describe is all I've ever seen and probably all I'll ever see about designing fashion, the rush from discovery isn't diminished by what is probably as you have it, scanty presentation.


THANK YOU! Post more about yer craft! Where were you when I first discovered PR?
Remember the "Y-dart" thing Stacy was talking about? I did a google search and gave up after 4 pages of nothing matching. Then I went to a blog about needle and thread and asked the author but got no reply.

What's a Y-dart? Or did I offend the blogger by asking, like that's the one thing you DO NOT ask about?

Anyway, your takes on these matters are much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, boys! This is one of the reasons why I love reading your blog.
It's fun with just the right mix of style and substance.


Laura (No, not the Goddess)

Anonymous said...

I agree with James Derek Dwyer. Can you imagine what they're going to take for next season? Good ole fashion Jerry Springer action?

Anonymous said...

I read that Heidi said on the Leno show that Laura was just jealous. Is that true? Did anybody watch the show?

Anonymous said...

Sarah said...

I read that Heidi said on the Leno show that Laura was just jealous. Is that true? Did anybody watch the show?

Did she really? That's a shitty thing for a producer to say about one of the contestants.

Can somebody confirm that? I want to find out whether that is true or not.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think....Michael's definately straight. Laura's definately married. Jeffrey definately has a kid. Uli I'm not sure where she stands....
I think in the end it's between Michael and Jeffrey who wins? Laura I would buy her dresses in a second, but she is really as glitzy as they accused Kayne of being.

Anonymous said...

Sadly PRW has become like so many other shows...all about the DRAMA. Home improvement shows used to show how to make things for the home but now they are just drama, drama, drama. The "reality" shows are the same. It is part of the hateful divisiveness that is America. If you can not pit people against each other, then it is not "interesting."

A little drama is a good thing--as in "Will they finish in time?" "Who will win?" But personal drama that carries over to animosity between bloggers and posters on blogs and eclipses everything else is too much drama.

And also sadly--people seem to think that because they have an opinion they are entitled to express it. If you do not know what you are talking about, you are not entitled to an opinion. If your opinion is based on an hour a week of watching a highly edited and manipulated capsulized version of past events, then you really do not know what actually happened and should just shut the fuck up!


Anonymous said...

What about the immaculate Tim Gunn and his role in all this sturm und drang? Is he not playing the media whore also and just stirring the pot?

I have gotten to the point where I am like "Who the fuck cares?" Auf them all! They are no longer real people but merely caricatures.

Anonymous said...

This is a great analysis, coherent and balanced. I agree with everything. Gabriella

Anonymous said...

Heidi Klum was on Jay Leno last night. He asked her about the latest problem and she said she thought Laura saw Jeff's line and got jealous. She said all the designers want to win so badly that they become very jealous at the end. She repeated this a couple of times before saying everyone would have to watch next week to see the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Order out of chaos! Thank you boys and will you both marry me?

Unknown said...

Thank God for your reasoned voices in the mad mob!

Anonymous said...

"When you've opened up the competition to established designers with their own lines, employees and facilities, does that make for an even playing field when the other designers might be working with a sewing machine in the corner of their living room? Whether Jeffrey got outside help or not, the fact is, he had access to an amazing work space with sophisticated equipment. That's not his fault, but it's something the producers might want to consider in future seasons as the applicants get more and more polished."

I couldn't have said that better. It is something that the producers need to "caucus" to determine the best way to approach that.

Anonymous said...

Kind of annoying how people think that Jeffrey's collection is better because of his studio. One can have the greatest studio money can buy but at the end of the day his designs and conceptual ideas are vastly superior to everyone else. Please two safari collections and one old lady on park avenue...I'm sure that Bravo did want a dramatic moment to end the show because it's so obvious who the winner will be otherwise. Last year it wasn't so obvious. I'm actually annoyed that Keith and Alison didn't make because then we would actually have more of a design competition.

Anonymous said...

dan 8:52pm,

Thank you for mentioning Signe Chanel! I watched every show and MISSED THE LAST ONE!! Between this show and PR, I was in fashion hog heaven! It was so amazing to see the process from start to finish and the craftspeople who work on these creations. The braid lady, the shoe guy and the women from Lessage. And not to forget, synchronized coffee sipping! LOL! One nearly forgot about Karl altogether!

I'll be looking for the marathon on Sunday! Highly recommended viewing!


Margo Anderson said...

I too was mystified by the "Y-dart" comment, and I'm a professional pattermaker. I checked my books to no avail, asked around on a couple of lists, and finally got the scoop. Here it is, from Kathleen of the Pattern Design Yahoo group:

"The Y dart is a dart that
originiates from the center front.

Begin with a basic darted bodice sloper. In home sewing a sloper is a basic half pattern
piece, fitted closely to the wearer, but with moving ease. The bodice sloper usually has 2
darts, one at the waist and one at the side seam.

On a tracing of the sloper draw a line from the center front fold line from about 2" above the
waistline to the point of the waistline dart. Slash on that line. Close up the 2 original darts.
You now have a rather funny-looking bodice.

To sew this bodice, cut one garment front on the original fold line. Sew the dart. Sew the
remainder of the Center Fronts together below the darts. Embroidery, an elegant pin or such
may look good at the juncture of the darts."

Mystery solved!


TLo said...

Fabulous, Margo! Thanks for the info.


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Laura had four dressmaker forms! Those things are NOT cheap!

But then again, with that huge loft and all those Jacobsen swan chairs, not to mention the fact that her handbags are all Herm├ęs, well, quelle suprise.

Anonymous said...

What we got to see last night, complete with the very obvious manufactured drama was a bore.

The entire finale should have been presented as a two hour super extravaganza combining both parts 1 and 2.

It would have made for one helluva party...

Anonymous said...

I hope you post my comments because seemingly proJeffrey blogs won't use my comments...

Your blog seems to be the only open minded blog about this show and the designers (albeit you have favorites too)..but you don't blast people without critical thinking.

I made a copy of my post and was responding to someone who was blasting Laura...which seems to be the blog favorite thing to do since last night...which irks me to no end...I think she is a wonderful designer and an incredible personality.

Anyway, here is what I wrote in two places.,..neither blog published it:
Laura's work was by far much more intriguing and elegant and something everyday women going to a evening event could wear and they don't even have to be a size 0. Much more marketable and if you looked closely, her typical deep V collar wasn't that prevalent. Get your facts straight (speaking about anothers comment about the deep V collar).

Re: (Person I was commenting to re: his post) your view on the Bryant Park Runway and the final 4..as a native Southern Californian, I can't agree with you about Jeffrey's work. It is passe', aligned for the wacky rich and fanfamous who think they are "hip"...and if he outsourced his sewing, gee let me guess? Mexican-Americans were probably the group he used or some other ethnic group in East LA..because that is where the sweatshops are...and where clothes are made. Make your own political and moral judgement on that..and the possible "using" of these people...of course, I will fall on my sword if the outcome shows he actually did the work himself...this can be shown btw, by examining the forensics of the stitching...which PR probably didn't do a whole lot of...

Uli and Michael blew it..but I think Michael may in fact be the pick - but who knows with these judges....they couldn't decide nor articulate from one show or another exactly what they wanted from all these kids/designers...

One last jab..not at you (the person who I was originally commenting to on a different blog) or your column...but could Nina Garcia please comb her hair before she goes on the show? or could the lighting be a little better so we don't have to look at her flyaway passe' doo?


Jacqueline Robinson
San Diego, CA

P.S. My husband has become a great fan of the show too and also believe s Laura should be the winner as PR can bank on her marketing and business skills.


Thanks Project Rungay for letting me post here...maybe my accusation re: East LA and that situation is a little too hot for other blogs. :) hugs

Anonymous said...

So sorry Bungle! I only recently found out about this blog so that's where I've been hiding. lol

I'd be happy to answer your question but Margo got to it before me. And she put it in far better terms than I ever could. lol Hurray for a professional pattern maker! I also have a link for you for better explanation and in less technical terms as well as a bit o' history in the mix. http://home.earthlink.net/~gchristen/Bodice.html

I was in the same boat with everyone else though and had to do research on what it was myself. But most of the time, I know what everyone's talking about on the show. I'm glad to know I have a fellow who was as clueless as I was. *hugs Margo* but I'll be glad to try and explain anything that might come up in the future.

Also, I totally agree about the episodes being better with more people. I thin kin the beginning it's more about the design and less about the drama and towards the end it's all drama. I do love the drama, I can't help it, but I want more design and it's easily doable. But ratings are ratings and you and I both know next season we'll be right back to it chomping at the bit for every new episode.

To Anon 11:33, I know I've made the comment about Jeffrey's work and his equipment, but I assure you that I have complete faith in his abilities. My comments were solely revolved around the fact that that's why there's a difference between value of construction during show vs. at-home work to help disprove the whole thing about Laura saying he never showed that level of skill during the show. It has nothing to do with Jeffrey. If all 4 of them had that equipment, the quality level would have boosted. It's the construction, not the garments themselves.

Anonymous said...

Suppose Laura and Jeffrey put this entire senario together to get more publicity for themselves.....interesting, isn't it??? I think there is something radically wrong here. Jeff was a complete jerk the entire season and when confronted about cheating he sits there and calmly defends himself? PLEASE!!! In past episodes he would have been calling Laura a "bad mommy bitch" among other things. If this is acting, he's really bad at it!!!

Anonymous said...

what I want to say is..

I don't really understand how so many people want Laura to win. I agree partly with Bradley's comment during the show that the fact that this competition requires construction techniques in addition to design techniques and that's where some contestants will run into trouble.

I thnk that design of an outfit should be considered much more than the construction of it, and even though a designer should have fairly good skills in both aspects, in the practical world and in the world of name brands and designers, the concept, the idea, and the design is what makes the designer.

That said, who should win project runway?
It's not Uli. You can't say she designed anything other than one dress, almost the entire show, with the exception of 'Everyday Women'.
and what bothers me the most is that people should know this:
It's for sure, definitely, not Laura. She hasn't designed, ever, anything of her own so far, and rather spat back out classic silhouettes and designs that have seen lots before.
Big fur coat? Seen it. (Katherine Gerdes called it something to find in JC Penney's winter clearance)
Tank beaded dress? seen it.
tweed suit? looks like big fur coat.
the katherine hepburn outfit people have BREATHED AND LIVED BY. DECADES AGO. my grandmother has that outfit.

so I know a bit beofre that PRG has addressed the fact that Laura's actually created more different silhouettes than given crdit for, but i don't think it's the form of the outfits that title Laura as "one-note". It's rather that everything of hers has seen and done before, that it becomes sort of repetitive to see what dress she ripped off from before come down the runway.

I agree with Santino completely. She's a hobbyist. She doesn't design. She just makes.


Anonymous said...

oh, something to add:

Project Runway, Jacqueline, picks the next top American designer. not the next top American marketer.

Anonymous said...

Yes - when they investigated Jeffrey's collection, I think Uli didn't really agree with the "good seams" claim by Laura, and showed some examples. But it was the white leather pants that sort of did everyone in. They couldn't explain that workmanship away, and even Uli was quieted up. And when Tim also went through, he asked specifically on two or three garments, which were those more incredibly finished ones.

Does PR work so that all the 31 days of living-together-and-competing storyline is edited only after the Fashion Show? So therefore the producers figure out how to spin the storyline to the appropriate angles for drama? Or just the last few episodes?

For me, the real problem is in Project Runway outlook about what is a designer: why should a designer be the best also in construction tech. and so on. They should be the best in getting the right people together to manage their visions, and KNOW when those people aren't pulling it off. Not every film director is a good cameraperson, certainly not sound-designers, but they should know how to work with good ones, etc. Designers aren't just exalated tradespeople or something.

In other words, the craftsmanship is not THE definition of design - its a vision coupled to a state of mind one looks for, that can also manage the business side and the clientle (there I wonder about Jeffrey still)

Anonymous said...

Jackie wrote:

It's rather that everything of hers has seen and done before, that it becomes sort of repetitive to see what dress she ripped off from before come down the runway.

But you sure do see a whole lot of "hot" designers reusing old ideas and trends for "inspiration."

Just who decided we had to wear leggings and skinny jeans this year? I wore both in college in the 80s. Ditto for wide belts.

Next thing we'll be seeing football player shoulder pads.

Laura's designs are classic. They are beautifully constructed and they're designed for real women. I read high end fashion magazines and wouldn't wear 90% of the junk that's considered "fashion." Much of it is just plain fugly.

I think we've all been brainwashed into thinking butt ugly design = hot fashion. Blah.

Anonymous said...

RE Laura:

"...with that huge loft and all those Jacobsen swan chairs..." --george g

Yeah, but here's why she's Laura: She had a bunch of IKEA furniture too! She fills her zillion-dollar loft with IKEA. And you know it's because she went out to the store and scrutinized their workmanship and decided it was a good deal. I luhv her.

Heidi's Leno comments are amazing. She basically ruined their carefully-crafted cliffhanger just to get in a few jabs at Laura. Alpha bitch throwdown!

Anonymous said...

No one seems to have mentioned any reaction upon first seeing Laura's rather mismatched Architect-husband walk in the loft?

He is not what I imagined. A much older, sugar-daddy at best. Maybe the kids is part of the deal - no contraception allowed. They were an odd looking couple.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I think you're largely right about Laura's design -- she's certainly too conservative to deserve the win. I'm for Jeffrey or Uli -- I know Uli was boring during the show but her final collection rocked.

BUT, don't you think "hobbyist" is a bit harsh? Plenty of big-name designers are no more innovative than she is: Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Alberta Ferreti, even Michael Kors. Vera Wang has never done anything pathbreaking in her life. Just because Laura's stuff is Barney's rather than atelier doesn't make her a hobbyist.

Somebody on one of these blogs said Jeffrey's stuff looks just like Balenciaga. I looked and they were absolutely right! He's definitely the most innovative in the group but a _lot_ of his stuff is exactly like Balenciaga's.

Anonymous said...

You lovely boys have hit the nail on the head: Enough with the drama! I watch PR because I love seeing the creative process at work and the tangible results on the runway. Yes, the producers should throw in a bit of drama for spice, but they've made it the object of the last few shows. This finale show, part 1, was so lean on fashion that I found myself surfing other channels.

I am so over PR3 and that's sad. A month ago I couldn't wait to see who would win.

This is my two cents worth: Laura (whose dresses I would wear) will make it in the business whether she wins or not. Her designs flatter a mature woman's body. So, yes, there's a market out there for her so-called "derivative" designs.

Unless Santino gets his act together and takes advantage of his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (if it isn't too late already), he'll wind up selling frocks from the back of a trunk at the tender age of (gasp) 40.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Laura, Michael and Uli felt it was necessary to inspect Jeffrey's collection up close before they formed a final opinion.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot to say.

Sadly, in disagreement with this site, I hate Laura. Perhaps this will be temporary, and perhaps it is based on how she was edited, and that might have been unfairly done ... but for now, since I saw the episode, I hate her. Deeply.

Only someone who has so much could show such deep disrespect for the have-nots of the world. If you're gonna spit on people who have messed up, then throw Jeffrey on the pile, sure -- but I don't give him props for getting past drug addiction as much as I don't dis him for having taken them. People make mistakes. Laura might have.

But some people have a lot of stuff and don't appreciate it. TO me, that is Laura in this case. Except for the one episode where she broke down, she seemed to assume she would make it all the way to OFW. And she did. But does she understand how HUGE that is or is it just her latest toy?

The cruelty of causing someone to lose that goal -- of destroying Jeffrey's dream ... it took my breath away. Yeah, he showed his collection anyway, we all know that. But will it air or not? I hope it will -- but it would have been acceptable to Laura if he had not ... she wanted to bring him down. That is sick. Sicker than anything Jeffrey did. He didn't like Angela, he wanted her gone, but he did nothing to her to get her kicked off other than compete well. I don't even agree that he did such a terrible thing to her mother. I think her mother was a passive-aggressive sneaky be-yotch who wanted to help her daughter and so targeted someone her daughter found threatening (For his talent) ... but I am off track.

Here are my baker's dozen comments:

1. Do any of us believe that any contestant of PR3 would cheat after seeing Keith get kicked off?
2. Laura, with nannies and maids and never having to worry about the rent, complains about someone else having extra help?
3. Someone made those jeans. Are we all saying it couldn't have been Jeffrey because they were so good ... what? Did GOD make them? Some human did and I believe it was Jeffrey.
4. How exactly are you supposed to show skill in construction on the show in the face of having to go off to be filmed, as well as in consideration of the time constraints? Laura did show some skill. But IMO she never showed great design. Pretty stuff -- but no innovation. I was fine with her being in the final four, but I never considered her a great designer. YMMV.
5.Jeffrey's reaction to Laura at first was the same as his reactions when Tim praised him. He's been kicked more than petted and he is surprised and shyly pleased by the latter.
6. Tim said that Jeffrey kept his PR collection hidden in his CN office ... so no one could see it. How could he have had help -- by blind seamstresses?
7. Laura made extra dresses. If she hadn't, perhaps she'd have been done ... but also, she deliberately left hems undone so she could fit to the models. Jeffrey planned it another way. Perhaps Santino advised him on that, which would be understandable considering what Santino went through.
8. They all watched previous seasons ... a good lesson I learned was "be ready. They might throw another challenge at you." Katie said that the aufed designers were asked before they came to NYC for the reunion if they wanted to participate in a 13th look challenge and no one wanted to ...so it was possible! Jeffrey would have been ready for it.
9. Yes, Heidi said Laura is jealous of Jeffrey. I wish that Laura had realized that before she opened her mouth.
10. No, I don't think just because you really think something that it is okay to say it. That's using "honesty" as a weapon and it's actually DIShonest, IMO. Your actions matter.
11. I'm angry that they touched Jeffrey's stuff also because they dissed it .... Uli saying "see this seam isn't well done" has resonance ... we saw the "man behind the curtain" of Jeffrey's work. It's not fair. Laura, Michael, Uli ... who knows what their designs' inner construction is like?
12. I think the producers and staff of this program have been going online and actively adding to the rumor mill. I don't think Jeffrey's mother would have told Laura's mother that Jeffrey was "way behind and that Tim was worried he wouldn't finish" ... there have been so many false stories and bogus spoilers for this show, you can't trust anything ... not even after it's aired, sad to say. For instance, I believe the producers kept Jeffrey outside on a pretext so L, M, and U could paw through his stuff and so they could get Tim there first ...
13. I think Jeffrey didn't pitch a fit because inside he was dying ... this is not a court of law -- even if he is proven innocent (And let's be real: This is what has to happen if he's to go on) he could still be auf the show. They could say later "we made a mistake" and what could they do about it then? Let him back on next year? To be tortured again? The producers have the power and he knows it. I think that was what was going through his mind. And he realized immediately he needed to keep quiet and not give any more ammunition to the guns pointed at his head ...

God bless you for loving Laura. But she effed up. You can admit that and still love her. Even with the editing - she thought it and said it without thinking it through and she did damage.


Anonymous said...

As far as Heidi's concerned, Let's face facts. She's a supermodel, not a rocket scientist. She's meant to be photographed, not filmed, she's not even a good host...well, she IS entertaining, but that's really for her comic appeal, not because she's trying. So for her to be soo very unprofessional and slam Laura like that? Really Heidi, put the talons away, you're already a star and I'm sure you got a nice fat paycheck.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment that from the moment Jeffrey entered their apt in New York, he looked positively ill. Remember how he said he was so tired and went to bed right away? My friend and I kept saying all night that he looked sick... not guilty, sick. I may be way off base but I bet he was either physically ill in some way, or had something heavy going on with his personal life.

carolinachick said...

I wanted to respond about the leather jeans. Someone commented on the fact that those were so finished and everyone on the show was shocked on how well they were executed. Well, does anyone remember the Macy's/INC challenge? His skinny jeans? He did those and everyone was in awe of his construction skills at that time. One of the designers even commented that Keith had given him the hardest piece, then to have to do that AND help Allison complete the outfit because of Keith's disqualification? I don't have any doubt that Jeffrey could pull it off. Like I said earlier, noone has even thought it was strange tha Laura had her collection almost completed a month into the challenge, with a month left to go. Even Tim was shocked and surprised by how much she had done. She had 11 pieces almost completed, with just the hand beading and feathers left to do. If she can do that, why is it so hard to believe that Jeffrey, whose stuff didn't require quite as much hand detail, could finish his collection?
Also, for you professional sewers (please don't be offended by the term, it's all I can think of right now. I know you are much more talented than that suggests!)-if you have more than one industrail machine and more than one serger, wouldn't it be faster also since you could leave the thread in and not have to change colors and types of thread each time you worked on a different garment? You know, if you have to use red on one dress and white on another, you wouldn't have to change the thread and bobbin out, just move to the machine already threaded with the correct thread. I know that would save me at least 15 minutes (you haven't seen me change thread and bobbin-it's a challenge!) Also, doesn't the fancier machines have a wider range of stitches and other things, like guides and such, designed to make sewing easier and faster?
I have never been a Laura or a Jeffrey fan, but I must say, this whole situation has made me pull more for Jeffrey. I still want Michael to win, though! I LOVE his last dress!
As for the comment about Jeffrey's "sob story", I'm sorry, but there are people in this world who have not had a "Leave It To Beaver" life. Jeffrey's father was a Hell's Angel and abusive. No wonder he became an addict. I was a probation officer for 6 years, I worked in a drug treatment court and can tell you, I admire him for getting clean and sober. It is EXTREMELY difficult to do. More so than most people understand. I also admire him for what he has been able to accomplish since getting clean and sober. That is also difficult to do, without relapsing. I also found a new respect for him watching him with Harrison. He looks like he's the kind of dad he wanted growing up.

Just on an after note, I am the mother of 4 children, ages 10-3, and I am a pretty casual mom (I don't obssess over the little things. But, I must say I was pretty disgusted by Laura allowing her son to walk around holding an animals feces! Can someone say E.Coli and salmonella? Yes, she should have remained calm, but I think the priority should have been to have him throw it away and wash his hands over cleaning it up off the floor!

Anonymous said...

"Remember when this show used to be about designing clothes?"

very well put.

this is, after all, television. ratings rule the producers direction in which they edit the show. clawing, back stabbing, sniping, tension brought on by the crafty minds of producers and editors. of course they will omit/add this-n-that simply for the sake of bringing us closer to the screen and out of our reality.

i, for one, feel sorry for the designers. the reason for their being on PR (to prove they have what it takes to get to OFW) has been eclipsed by the need to feed our lives with alexis and krystal fighting in the koi pond.

i also believe this "maufactured drama" discounts tim gunn's exacting belief in fashion and how to best direct the designers to a distinct POV.

i applaude you PRguys.....you constantly bring forth topics that generate thoughtful comments, humor and individuality.

Anonymous said...

previous anonymous:

you say jeffrey arrived looking ill. maybe he was just dog tired.

Christine said...

Here's my speculation...In the preview, Tim says "Unfortunately..." and then it gets cut off. I wouldn't be surprised if that "Unfortunately" line was pulled from the Keith episode and layered into the preview for the finale. After the stunts that the producers have pulled this season, them doing something this slimy would be par for the course.

Anonymous said...

"Remember when this show used to be about designing clothes?"

Um, no. And I've watched pretty much since day 1.

The civility in the midst of this little manufactured scandal is still better then the "We wish Santino weren't coming" mess of season 2, or the "can we blow up the drama any more" Wendy Pepper Kara Saun catfight of season 1. Can you imaging Wendy over at Kara's watching the reunion show??

Get real - the clothes are an after thought. And can we please replace "Laura" with "the other three" in the dissing, since last time I watched (which was once, on Wednesday) Michael and Uli both backed the accusation and admitted to backing the accusation.

Lighten up. Its TV. Its scripted through editing. And you don't know these people AT ALL. You know an edited TV persona of people.

Lisette said...

At 135 comments, if you've read this far you obviously need to back away from the computer and get a life! You're still here so I'll give you my 2cents -The producers never counted on how big PR was going to get. Try to find pics of the first season's designs not frickin' much out there. Now you have Getty posting images of these designer's fashions alongside "MichaelKorsTopAmericanDesigner"'s clothes like there is no difference. We've already seen the clothes so why were you going to stay up late and go to work bleary eyed to see them again. Oh, cause there is a winner? Right, did anybody take the money? the internship? alright maybe the car, but you could win that at a lousy church raffle (is that just a New England thing?) If you take that stuff Weinstein et al. own a big chunk of your ass for a very long time. No established designer is going to want that. The prize is the showing and the coverage, everything else is just bait. So as soon as they decided to let all 4 designers compete they had to come up with some kind of drama to make some television out of. Was anybody really surprised?

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Project Runway was just tv, it was a unique take on reality competition a la Apprentice with REAL people who can do REAL things, like design - and thats ALL they had to do. Make designs, and the public could learn about the process a bit while getting involved with the personalities through how they react to the challenge. The gay men weren't all cliches like on the (then) leading Makeover show, and so on and so forth. It was a fine balance, and Tim Gunn led some authority.

After PR1 ratings didnt fall, so there is no NEED to say the producers had to do ANYTHING to get the Ratings up. It could have been really kept to a balance of fashion and personalities, rather than go for this dumbing down process that reaches the level it is at. Just the fact we had to all contend so long with Vincent says enough.

I recall well during the first PR season, that people I met discussed the designs, and how the designers came up with solutions to the contests, and so on.

I think for Tim Gunn's sake, he has to decide if he wants to participate or not in the next season, because if so, he needs to recall its also his name on the brand and this PR is just no longer about fashion.

Anonymous said...

Anytime reality shows start injecting more and more "drama" it usually has to do with trying to snag that emmy or globe. It's like music, no matter who it is, when they want to get that bit number in a hit, producers are hired who deliver a kind of radio-friendly format.

Anonymous said...

"As for the comment about Jeffrey's "sob story", I'm sorry, but there are people in this world who have not had a "Leave It To Beaver" life. Jeffrey's father was a Hell's Angel and abusive. No wonder he became an addict."

You know what? There are many of us who had horrible, abusive childhoods and we never turned to drugs or alcohol or crime or abusing others. Many abuse survivors get tired of this stereotype created by people like Jeffrey, and their appologists, who try to make it seem as if what they do is anything more than just poor choices on their parts. These ploys for sympathy are manipulative. Everyone makes their own choices. At some point you have to grow up and stop blaming everyone else for your own bad choices, and that is what drug abuse is- a bad choice, and one you make on your own --- and btw, that is what addicts do-- they blame others rather than taking responsibility. And they also try to drag everyone else around them into dramas of their own creation.

And btw, I just rolled my eyes, hearing his mother sopeak. Where was she in all of this? She was in the house and obviously let the abuse go on.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said, 'Religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel'. But I think if he were alive nowadays, he'd say that trying to use a bad childhood as an excuse for bad adult behavior is that last refuge.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

The cruelty of causing someone to lose that goal -- of destroying Jeffrey's dream ... it took my breath away. Yeah, he showed his collection anyway, we all know that. But will it air or not?

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your comments, BeBelter.

I know it's just fashion, and I'm trying to lighten up, but, jeez, Wednesday's show was awful. (I almost said "a nightmare," but that would have made me sound like Vincent.) Maybe I should qualify that--the second half was awful.

And Laura? Her sense of entitlement is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Laura is a very experienced sewist; she recognizes craftsmanship or the lack of it. Either one has the skills or one doesn't; it doesn't matter how hard you worked or what's on the line, if you don't have the chops, you don't have the chops. That's why Michael and Uli knew right away what Laura was talking about. They all know that Jeffrey really can't sew very well. Yes, he's an interesting designer, but he doesn't have much sewing experience. Yes, he made handmade deconstructed jackets to get his start. They key word there is deconstructed--you can get away with a lot if you're making deconstructed garments--raw edges, mismatched seams, etc. Take a look at http://www.sparklies.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=193&pos=7

Here's the collar on the mom challenge. Very shaky topstiching, and the collar point isn't even turned smoothly. Not the work of a skillfull sewer. Then look at the close-ups of his fashion week photos. Clearly not the same craftsmanship.

Anonymous said...

I too feel that the drama is so manufactured in this season,it's getting old...the other night was probably the worst though,it seemed to me that before the finale Laura and Jeffrey seemed to get along ok, they had their moments but not the way it was shown the other night...it seemed like all of a sudden Laura hated Jeffrey-she didn't greet him when he came in(and made a point of saying so) and she made other comments like that she didn't want him to win...This came out of the blue for me, I think the producers edited the hell out of it and made Laura look like that...I never was a big fan of Jeffrey, I think he acted like a jerk a lot, but I don't think he outsourced his sewing. I think he worked his ass off and produced a great line...I could be wrong...who knows...also, Laura has 5 kids and is pregnant while Jeffrey has one kid,and as others said they may have different time management styles, I too work under pressure, I've written papers 2-3 hours before class and gotten good grades on them...I don't know much of anything about sewing but I think it is possible for Jeffrey to have done it all on his own and it's a shame that the producers are so bent on creating drama that they have to drag his name through the mud(providing he's innocent of course). I also don't think Laura and the others were out of line in voicing their concerns to Tim and she did tell Jeffrey...but I guess we'll see what happens...

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey's "sob story"...

I made that comment originally, but I didn't mean (or say) he isn't worthy of sympathy. I just said he shouldn't have trotted out his bad childhood to win the hearts of a bunch of TV viewers.

Besides, he said the business with Angela's mom was "the hardest thing I've ever been through, harder than kicking heroin, harder than my dad walking out on us." So those things couldn't have been *that* bad!

Anonymous said...

This has been the best season of PR, but this was the WORST episdoe across all three seasons.
Too had, I'd like to have seen more of their homes and families.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Uli didn’t speak up was cos she brought her A-game with her. Tim and the other 3 contestants practically creamed their pants when they saw Jeffrey’s collection. . There is no greater respect than getting kudos from your fellow designers. Going thru his collection, only Uli said “that’s not perfect”..etc.

It doesn’t even make sense that Jeffrey doesn’t have much to do after fitting the models. He didn’t even know which models he was going to pick. He learned it from Season 2. Make the clothes fit easy. No major alterations.

The win is going to be between Uli or Jef. It is going to be a difficult one. If Uli wins, 2 immigrant winners in a row. Why can’t there be a next Am. Designer from NY or LA. If Jeff doesn’t win, the judges can say his models looked “fat” from the easy-fittings. Or there is no cohesion, Japanese ghosts, supernatural . I don’t get it at first ,but after seeing Tim visiting him and the insprirational prints, I totally get it.

I hope Jef doesn’t win, cos I don’t know how he is going to reconcile between his Cosa Nostra line and the designs that he is now associated with PR (eg. Hot Topic bonus footage.) Will he have to pay TPTB for licensing/royalty. Is that why Jay and Chloe do not have their designs/line out for the public?

Anonymous said...

I know for sure that Jeffrey wasn't eleminated because if you look at his myspace picture you can see that amazing dress witht the zippers and him going down the runway.(but you can only see the edge of the dress, but you can still tell it's that dress)
unless he showed it at another fashion show(which i dont think is "allowed")

Anonymous said...

"If Uli wins, 2 immigrant winners in a row. Why can’t there be a next Am. Designer from NY or LA."

I think that both Chloe and Uli are "Americans," even if they were not born here.

Agreed. They are american designers "from NY or LA". Not illegal aliens. PR showed that they were immigrants ie from Cambodia and E. Germany. Immigrants like Naturalized Americans, not illegal aliens.....

Anonymous said...

I really think that Laura is going to take it all. She is the queen of glam. The judges have the same exquisite taste level as Laura. So do the rungayguys. Then the winner is from NY.
But the biggest winner is Bravotv cos they now make us believe we are watching a designing show instead of reality tv. too much drama.

Anonymous said...

Bad Mommy! What a tattletale.
I side with Jeffrey.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the manipulative editing and the TV magic. You really need to think, or it will just go right past you.

For example, when we see Laura answering the door, and being so happy and surprised to see Tim... wait a second... it's awfully convenient that there was a camera crew in her house already, isn't it?

It's so hard to see through all the editing and the looplines (for example, some of Tim's comments during his visit to Michael were pretty obviously looped), and find the kernel of truth that exists in them.

As much as the crediblity of people like Keith and Vincent has been demolished, I don't completely doubt their comments about how, for example, Ivanka Trump's praise for Keith not putting an outfit on his dog was excised, or how a judge's comment (I think it was "you can wear this anywhere") was said of Vincent's gown, but made to seem like it was being said about someone else's in the editing.

Don't we remember the "finally something happens to Miss Fucking Perfect!" business with Jay? Jay later said that he was actually imitating Wendy, but it was taken out of context to add fuel to the manufactured drama of Shoegate.

I do find it suspicious that the judges almost ALWAYS seem to be so unanimous in their opinions. Despite all the "chacun a son gout" comments we've heard from Tim, I can't remember a time this season (and few times in the history of the show) when judges have disagreed about a garment.

I can't help but think that perhaps that is a product of the editing.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when Laura get's some negative comments from posters/viewers......that "suddenly" it has to be that PR "Manufactured the drama?"....maybe Laura was just Jealous as Heidi said on Jay Leno, or was just being "B!tchy" AND TRYING ANYTHING TO WIN,as some of the posters have implied.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm kind of late to this post (did I post already? Hmmm), but I just went to bravotv.com and looked at the new(ish) vid of Kyan and Carson talking about the collections at B. Park. Okay...so a few seconds into it, Carson says that he had to choose among "three of them" or something of that sort. THREE? Is this a major spoiler??

Anonymous said...

At some point, I was actually thinking "Come on, isn't YOUR collection unfinished yet? Deal with your own stuff."

I thought that all of the buzz the other designers had around Jeff was kind of childish and also, you know, going through his stuff? How immature and pitiful is that? That looked liked the act of sheer jealousy. It doesn't matter if he got outside help or not. Doubting his ability to execute a perfect piece of clothing, when that's exactly what he was supposed to do, makes Laura look like she can't accept others being better than her.

To me, Jeff looked honest. From what we've seen so far I love his collection most. I believe him, and in him, and I hope he wins.

As for the preview of next week's episode - Wasn't that unbelievable as hell. If they kick Jeff off, I'm burning something. ><

Anonymous said...

*sigh* This is just too much drama for the domma. Yes I wrote domma. Figure it out.:-)

(Sprinkles self with pixies dust)
Here is what I want to see. I want all the designers in harmony to say "Made you look, you dirty crook. Turned it in, turned it out. Turned it into sauerkraut!" to the producers. This would be such perfect irony we would all oxidize.
We know the producers "get auf" on manufactured angst, else why the endless vid of Jeffrey ranting about Angela? I'd love it if they pulled this one over on the producers.

*whine* Let's all hope this hot mess doesn't mean we'll get reduced runway time. That *is* what we've been waiting for and I for one want to see the garments in motion and make my own decision.

Anonymous said...

"Jackie wrote:

It's rather that everything of hers has seen and done before, that it becomes sort of repetitive to see what dress she ripped off from before come down the runway. "

EVERY designer in the top 4 was showing stuff that's been seen before. Every one. Not just Laura. The most derivative among them was actually Jeff.

Laura's designs though, are classic. They are designs for working women who either can't (or simply don't want too) waste money buying pieces that are going to be out next season. The beauty of Laura's designs is that they will be able to still be worked into a wardrobe 10 years from now.

And as for designs being seen before, there's an old saying in the rag trade that originates in Yiddish. It goes something like: Fashion styles, you just throw into a barrel, and when the barrel gets full, you turn it over and start pulling the fashions out again.

They key is to pull those old styles out with a twist, and Laura and Michael have both done that.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

"....maybe Laura was just Jealous as Heidi said on Jay Leno, or was just being "B!tchy" AND TRYING ANYTHING TO WIN,as some of the posters have implied."

Didn't Jeffrey say, early on, that he'd do anything to win??

As for what Heidi (a judge) may have said on Leno, if she did say that, that is problematic to this being a clean competition.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

"To me, Jeff looked honest. "

I saw something completely different. He did not look honest at all. He looked shrunken, and we can only speculate, from what.

However he WAS still self-pitying which is completely characteristic for him; everything is always someone else's fault. He has a big problem taking responsibility for his actions, (which is why he cannot appologize for mistreating others) and which does not bode well for any future sobriety. He views himself as a perenial victim. Whether he REALLY believes that, or is simply playing it, I don't know. But from what I can see, he's lost a few of those important 12 steps.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

gotham tomato-
Maybe Jeffrey looked shrunken by all his hard work.

Are you really Laura's husband?
Gotham=NYC Tomato=the Warhol painting????????

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Jeffrey looked shrunken by all his hard work."

No, I think he looked shrunken when faced with a formidable woman - not someone he could just bully.

But I also think that his different demeanor can be explained by the negative ramifications to his behavior from the 'regular season'.

I think he thought his obnoxious behavior would be embraced, but it wasn't. He probably saw a negative impact to his business because of the way he'd behaved. In fact, I think that is a definate, and I think that is why he and/or his people have orchestrated this idiotic blog-based campaingn that is flooding everyplace with the SAME rah-rah Jeff nitwits.

That's why he wasn't acting in his usual bombastic way. He was most likely 'spoken too' by PR experts who told him to knock it off, that it was damaging for his business in the long-term.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

Right, it is a conspiracy by Jeffrey and his evil minions! Could not possibly be because many are having a reaction to a TOO strong Laura and have seen through her act.
Yeah, a conspiracy. That's the ticket.
Really, some people are just as delusional as they claim others are!

Anonymous said...

I do not think any of the designers are really who they are portrayed to be. The whole show is so edited and manipulated and the designers are "actors" only they are pretty bad at acting sometimes. It is all just to further themselves and their careers. Some do a better job than others. Some make poor choices in what they say and how they act. These people get their 15 weeks of fame when some of them would be much better off with just 15 minutes.
"Reality" TV is about as real as WMDs, Santa Claus, and compassionate conservatives.

Anonymous said...

WHY ARE WE ALL GETTING OUR PANTIES IN A BUNCH??? THIS IS **television**, PEOPLE! THE 'IDIOT BOX'!! My gods, have we all lost perspective?

I suggest we all calm down... there's worse going on in the world and regardless of who wins, I'm still getting up to go to work on Thursday and my life isn't going to change at all because of this TV show (and I'm betting that's true for 99.99% of all of you, too).

Next season, I'd like to see tribes (or-- what do you call a herd of designers?) where they vote each other off, or else get some new judges.. because if anybody is deserving of our ire, it's those three!

Anonymous said...

How about letting the great unwashed masses who watch PR vote auf the designers each week? After all, it IS the Hoboken Hausfraus and all the gay men who will be buying these "fabulous" creations! LOL
PR could just put big signs of product placement for Kors and Elle, etc. in chairs.

Anonymous said...

"I think he saw the wigs on his models, realized they looked hideous and nixed the idea.

Simple as that. No presupposition about his going over budget, hiring a wig-maker, stealing locks of hair from blonde orphans, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

He changed his mind. Period."

WRONG!! As I previously stated he went over budget and decided to get rid of the wigs. Dayuum, I'm good. Hate to say it ... not I don't ... BUT told ya so!