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Cheroin Setting the Record Straight

From her MySpace Page:

"I want to start by saying that PR was an amazing experience......I loved being there and I met some great people that will always be family to me....Im extremely disappointed with Jerry for being a two faced boring designer. My specialty is high end one of a kind hand built rock couture. Im digusted that jerry tam had the audacity to to be such a sore loser and project his bad taste on to me...His statements about me in his interview are false. ....just for the record I never do drugs and practice holistic medicine. I am very complemented to be compared to Cher. I look forward to more respectful comments in the future."


[Photo: Stella Zotis' MySpace Page]


I changed my mind. I LOVE her!!!

More importantly...what the hell is she wearing?


I think Cheroine would win in a heartbeat!!


Geez, she would crush him like a bug in those kick-ass shoes.


sweet Jesus what the fuck does that girl wear!!!

Does she think that is high end rock wear?

"rock couture"

What the hell is rock couture? Could somebody explain that to me? Because I have a degree in fashion and never heard that before.


Joey Ramone called. He wants

Who's she poppin' that yang @!
Sure, Honey, of course you don't do drugs.


I have to say that I kind of agree with her. Jerry has been an asshole and a sore loser about it.

She spoke of PR in the past tense. You mean she doesn't win??!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

"Anonymous said...

She spoke of PR in the past tense. You mean she doesn't win??!!"

Seriously, did you think she would win?

Off to bed night. Night, kittens!

spiral jacobs

spiral jacobs said...

Just wanted to say that her myspace page lists her age as 102 years... I rest my case.

Oh, and Stella? Since you seem to have run out of these, here's some. Don't use them all in one place:


I doubt anyone has to project their bad taste onto Stella because she has enough of her own. And those boots in the photo remind me of that 'Keep on Truckin' poster. I doubt that's the look she was going for.

Boys, I think you owe her a nw moniker.

Love it!
Please, oh please, let Jerry respond!


Shit, this is better than the show.

She lost me here:

"Im digusted that jerry tam had the audacity to to be such a sore loser and project his bad taste on to me."

What's the point of trying to defend yourself by denigrating or criticizing the other person?

Stella = Methadone Clinic Chic

Where did he say she did drugs?

Oy. So how many challenges do we all think she makes it through?

If she doesn't and/or didn't then why does she make herself look like she does and/or did?

Ya know what I mean.

-- desertwind

PS - I like her.

""Im digusted that jerry tam had the audacity to to be such a sore loser and project his bad taste on to me."

What's the point of trying to defend yourself by denigrating or criticizing the other person?"

I was thinking the same thing. I don't think that she's done herself any good with this rant. She's trying to sound like she's taking the high road by saying she's disappointed or disgusted with Jerry's behavior (and getting in her digs on TLo without naming them), but she's still decidedly taking the low road.

And, honey, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, you shouldn't be surprised if people think it's a duck, even if it's a kangaroo.

Yeah, sure, whatever...babe, I'm just a few years older than you, and there is no way in hell I'd have ever worn clothes that looked like your every day garb (nice Irish Catholic girl here)...I studied fashion design, and I'd never design anything that looked like that garbage bag dress. Act your age, dress age appropriate (Laura Bennett would be a FABULOUS ROLE MODEL), and stop with the attitude. Angst-ridden menopausal rocker chick, is not an attractive place to be Pumpkin.

BTW, acting your age does not mean that you turn into an old lady, it means GROW UP! Cheroin is not a moniker you want to strive for, believe me...

I LOVED her the moment she branded herself (in her thick new york accent) the potential "biggest jackass in the nation" (which is my new catchphrase!)

I love love love her.

Well, this is shaping up to be a fun reunion show.

The designs pictured on her MySpace page (which made my Safari crash, btw) look pretty fabulous. Too bad none of that fabulosity was evident in the challenge.


I love you, Cheroin!

I want to know why she's "speaking" in the past tense as well.

I wonder if she carries a switchblade to chop up her...supplements.

"I look forward to more respectful comments in the future."

Oh honey, the fun is just beginning!

I don't think she will get much further in the game, but what exactly did Jerry say that got her so mad? That she should have been auf'ed, because they all say that..
Rock Couture- I'm pretty sure she's talking about made to measure one of a kind stage wear for rock stars. Which requires a great deal of skill and specialized workmanship (for leather), but the garbage bag gown still sucked.

I think we have found a mate for Santino or Jeffrey --

I hope she keeps up her commentary.

Doesn't change the fact that she was a whiner who wasted a lot of time and ended up putting little effort into her final "look."

Read her myspace page. She calls herself "Stella Barbarella". Jesus. Our shirtless friend Miss Mary Jack offers up advice to her. Double Jesus.

Oy is right.

Very, uh, 5th grade.

And it's compliment, not complement.

Well, Stella does seem to be in nice shape, but that hair! Those clothes! In my head I can hear my dear departed mother saying;

"You look like a rag picker."

I think the TV talking back at us is almost as fun as us talking back at the TV.

But "more respectful comments in the future"? Heh, heh. That's funny.

Team Cheroin! She's already more fun than 80% of last season's cast

Well, apparently she got wind that we saw it, because Cheroin took down her myspace blog post.

High end? Has she ever taken a trip to mood or is it always to some dead cattle factory? She's a one trick pony. And sore loser? Sounds like the loser is tooting her own horn.

Why are we being so mean to her already?

"just for the record I never do drugs and practice holistic medicine"

But she never said she doesn't do them separately!

WHAT the hell is she talking about? Jerry never accused her of doing drugs. What he said was that she gave up in the middle of the challenge, had a crap attitude, and threw a whipstitched garbage bag down the runway. And, understandably, he was appalled to lose to such a lame design. I don't think any of those things are in dispute, are they?

So what is she reacting to? Methinks it's TLo... where else has she been linked to drugs? Uh oh, boys, she's got your number now!

For Christ's sake, the drug thing is obviously a joke. Being the tough chick that she is you'd think that she'd at least have a sense of humor about it.

WTF -someone needs to give her a copy of the Reality Show Contestant Handbook.
"If you run around like you are lost and confused when something goes wrong, you whine about losing before you do anything, and you dress and act like a person who has indulged in controlled substances, then people will give you a clever nickname based on what they have seen."
She should be honored because few will get a nickname and there will be many who we won't remember two weeks after they're AUFed.


Holly cow, all this drama and we haven't even watched the second episode yet. Don't you just love it?

Of course the drug thing is a joke. But our sweet little Cheroin is feeling defensive. She obviously takes herself very, very seriously.

Has Stella been compared to Cher anywhere but here? Is her myspace comment actually an indirect reply to this blog, in the guise of yelling at Jerry? If so, AWESOME. I mean, I don't know how TLo feel about it, but obviously she reads here, and has, um, strong feelings about the place. She should just be open about what she's responding to instead of bieng passive-aggressive about it. Shows just how on the map this blog is. And how some people are not thick-skinned enough for reality TV.

Juicy drama, gotta love it!

dang she's got a bite to her huh?

clothes are ridiculously tacky, but she has more class than i assumed just from her ridiculous chaps.

What a nutbag.

Judging from this start, season 5 may become one hell of an entertaining freak show. Yessss.

I am very complemented . . .

Oh, go learn to spell. You mean "complimented".

Had he stayed, I don't think Jerry would have had the balls to mess with her.

Interview with her:

"First off, she began her career doing hair and make up for famed Rock ‘N’ Roller photographer Mick Rock for whom she worked on legends such as Debbie Harry of Blondie fame. “I used to make my own stuff, patch up my own jeans, and then Debbie Harry said to me ‘I’d like you to make me something to wear to the Grammy awards.’ She came over to my house and we worked on what she wanted and I made her an outfit. She called me after to tell me that she felt really good in it and loved it.”

To date, Stella makes one of kind denim and leather pieces out of her apartment – “I’m a word-of-mouth designer” -- and is hoping that exposure on the show will “help me expand and get an investor.”

As for the rigors of being a Project Runway contestant? “Trust me, the show is no joke. Seriously you really need to know what you’re doing to be on this show. From draping to pattern making…and the hours were intense. You’re not sleeping a lot, it’s chop chop, get it done.”

So do the players play nice this time around? Stella says, “Everybody is pretty different, some more competitive than others. We were all pretty civil, but there are people you don’t love all the time.”

Gotham Tomato wrote

"Well, this is shaping up to be a fun reunion show."

HA ha ha ha~ I'm with you, GT!

As to the confusion about the past tense: She wrote this posting after the show aired, which was taped months ago. Like with any reality show, the contestants can respond to what has just aired, but cannot comment upon what is yet to come.

And, yeah, Jerry Tam was a sore loser.

even if she did win she would say Project Runway was a nice experience...

I love Stella. I dig her.

How can a person familiar enough with the internet to have a myspace blog go on PR and not know that TLo will give them a nickname? If she had any sense of humor, or any sense, she would be thanking them.

So nice to see the contestants themselves providing us with snark material!

Is it just me, or did Stella drape some fucking trash bags over a model and call it good?

I didn't like Jerry or his "design" one single bit, but you can't blame him for being bitter for being sent home in favor of the no-talent trashbag draping hack still standing on the runway.

In this case, it's all about Bravo's choice of personality. Jerry was so fragile that if you even looked at him wrong he might have disintegrated into a pile of quivering dust. At least Cheroin's got some spunk, albeit complaining, excuse-ridden spunk. And that's what Bravo wants after such a dull season 4. But that trashbag outfit? Puleeze.

"Cheroin" is TLo's brilliance alone, but lots o' blog-based recappers & journalists picked up on Stella's personal style and described it as "Cher's version of the grunge early 90s heroin chic trend" look.

I wish Blayne had gone.

Jerry Tam vs all the other designers could've made some fun episodes.

Oh, well.

-- desertwind

Whoa. This is hilarious... screw Blayne, I say Cheroin is going to be this season's crazy character!

Who airbrushed out the stripper pole?

Assuming the Cher and drug things are actually digs are TLo then all I have to say is. What? The? Crap?

If your whole "shtick" is that you're some badass rock queen, how on earth can you be offended so easily?

Either actually be the crazy person you're trying to project or just give the whole thing up.

KlausK said...

"Anonymous said...
"Cheroin" is TLo's brilliance alone, but lots o' blog-based recappers & journalists picked up on Stella's personal style and described it as "Cher's version of the grunge early 90s heroin chic trend" look.
-- desertwind"

Exactly! It's the whole Cher, 90s heroin chic trend vibe that they're referring to. Besides, in this 15-minute-of-fame world, only the ones talked about are the ones who actually last a little longer than 15 minutes. Relax, have some holistic olive leaf tea and enjoy the ride.

Hey, I like this chick--and that pic is totally smokin'! Yeah, she shouldn't have given up so easily in the first challenge, and although what she eventually came up with was not great, at least it was better than whiny, full-of-himself Jerry's completely style/personality free garments. I agree with Stella, he didn't need to trash her in his interview. He showed himself to be classless as well as untalented. Fauxcher for the win!! (Well, not really, but this season looks like it could be a lot of fun!)

Scott in L.A.

alright Stella!! way to go babe - now THAT'S what I was looking for out of you!!

I don't love what you're wearing and would never be caught dead in it - BUT - YOU are rocking it out like it's nobody's business. I don't give a shit what you wear or do - I think just by standing for yourself and calling out Jerry for the wanker he is, you're a star.

I COULD NOT listen to Jerry Tam WHINNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEE any longer in his exit interview. He is FULL OF SHIT. And has bad hair.

I say DEATHMATCH between JTam and Cheroin!!!! Cheroin would kick his sorry ass.

I personally have a girl-crush on her. I want her to vlog about every other contestant. I hope they keep her around.
Honey, this is good trash television!

I like her too.
That girl's got personality, spunk and attitude.
One thing PR was sorely lacking last season!
And good on her for telling off Jerry Tam. His "creation" was a piece of crap and to try and throw barbs at this stage is pretty spineless. Suck it Jerry - you lost. Game over! To be fair, I wasnt crazy about the garbage bag dress either but I love Stella's portfolio and I look forward to seeing what else she creates on PR.

Hi Boyzzzz!

Loyal minion signing in here!

Just popping in to say hi and SO looking forward to sharing the Season with you. :clink!:

AMEN sister friend! I'm so tired of that arrogant ass too!

What Jerry put out there was horrible. I think the bottom two should have been Blayne and Jerry but Blayne skipped out because his was so f**ked up, it was classified as interesting. I am not making any judgments about Stella until I have seen more of her work. I think Jerry's was the worst and he deserved to go. The minute they showed the section of his submission tape where he said he is on the forefront of becoming successful, I knew he would be the one to go. Besides, he was just really painful to watch for some reason.

Ummm...she's speaking in the past tense because to her it is the past. Literally!

I had to say literally because you guys would read it just so wrong and run with it for miles.

Taping of the show is over. Jerry did that exit interview months (weeks) ago.

toddny said..
"I changed my mind. I LOVE her!"

I love her too!
And hello - Jerry's garment was awful. So why is he talking smack? It doesn't deflect any attention from the monstrosity he sent down the runway.

I always wondered what happened to Joan Jett after she did that movie with Michael J. Fox. Now I know.

Respectful comments??

Just you wait, She-belia. You ain't seen nothing yet!!

Perhaps she should start using drugs. It might help her creativity.

Rock couture is what passes for fashion in Los Angeles. It's worn by rockstars & wannabes. On a more tragic note, it's also sought after by aging men in their late 30's and 40's who want to appear hip and have a penchant for bleached blondes, leased cars, or leased blondes and bleached cars. Whatever.

Rock couture is what Jeffrey Sebelia does, and other derivative designers such as Elmer Ave trots out.

Anonymous 10:14 said:

"Taping of the show is over. Jerry did that exit interview months (weeks) ago."

Are they not doing a live reveal like they do when the show ends with Bryant Park? Is all the taping completely over?

I don't know why everyone seems to hate her so much. I think she's pretty cool.

And I don't remember if it was in the exit interview or some other interview he did online, but Jerry referred to his garment as "beautiful". Why is no one bitching about that?

Dude, I just have to say...I'm kind of a druggie, and not even I dress that bad.

I hope they keep her for a couple more episodes. Best reality TV ever!

she's so irritating with her whinings. I don't like her. tsk.

I like her. she is real. I love her myspace page.

She's awesome!!!!!!!!

I don't understanding all the hate being thrown her way. Other than the fact that she designs high end rock ware she hasn't displayed any Jeffrey/Wendy/Santino characteristics. I don't expect her to win but I doi think she'll be fun to watch.

I love Stella! She's hilarious and she really looks cool! Why be boring? I'm so tired of boring, run of the mill people. Stella's a superstar!

Is anyone else detecting a whiff of bs in so many anon comments defending Stella? For God sake the woman is 42 and wearing chaps with striped tights plus she tied a garbage bag around a model's neck and sent it down the runway. She's a joke.

She's a character, isn't she? She's so NY.

To be perfectly honest, I thought she was a little annoying before reading this interview. Now I think she's really, really annoying.

Character? More like caricature.

Heh, I kind of dig her. That garbage bag thing was horrible, but I appreciate her imperfect personal style (especially at her age--I hope I have the guts to wear whatever I like when I'm there, instead of trying to find stuff that "passes".)

potty mouth princess

Passive-aggressive doesn't sit well with me, even when there is a grain of truth of what she says about Jerry's incessent whining. There was also a grain of truth to what Jerry said about her garbage bag being crap.

Take it like the "rocker chick" you supposedly are.

FWIW, I'm 45 and as unconventional as they come, yet I stopped wearing shit like that by the time I was 30.

As far as taping, they finished off the regular season, but still have the finale at Fall FW to tape. If she's so busy posting on her MySpace, given the tight time constraints this time around, I doubt she's in the final 3/4.

Oh well, if she can kick Blayne's anorexic white ass, she's all right with me.

Tim was was right, this is a stellar group of designers.



What a Tool

agnes gooch said...

"I think the TV talking back at us is almost as fun as us talking back at the TV."

Hahahaha! I love the internets! TV used to be so passive. This rocks!

Stella’s garbage bag dress looked like a garbage bag dress. What did she expect? Jerry at least put some thought into his. I can understand his frustration.

"Anonymous said...

She spoke of PR in the past tense. You mean she doesn't win??!!"

She's TV gold. I don't know about winning but she's not going anywhere anytime soon.

who cares about jerry. Stella looks way more interesting than jerry. She looks like a real rock chick. Can't wait to see more of her.

oh gawd could this woman be more amazing or what? she cracks me up.

She's hilarious! I think I'm going to love her.

"Anonymous said...

who cares about jerry. Stella looks way more interesting than jerry. She looks like a real rock chick. Can't wait to see more of her."

Same here. Go Baby!!!!

I'm just staring at that picture in awe. Say what you want but the woman has a killer body.

This season's a lot more fun and Stella's a friggin riot.

I can handle her whining over what she knew was bad judgement on her part (buying the cheap garbage bags) far more than Blayne's delusional self-confidence in his abolute-crap design and his I-want-to-be-Christian-esque "girlicious" and "holla at your boy". Which, btw Blayne, I believe Flavor Flave (sp?) already patented the latter, so you might want to think of another.

Wow, TLo, I think you might've upset her somehow.

What gets me, though, is that, no matter how much Tim tried to set the record straight on the confusion over "couture", EVERYONE still calls their clothes "couture". You're not in Paris, it's not made in Paris, it's not French, don't call it a French name. A rose is a rose, ce n'est pas ROSE. D'accord?

Stella is ridiculous. And therefore, good tv ;-) bring on the moan!

oh and I am back. And I have a beard...

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