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There's no crying in fashion!

"I told my Mama I would make her proud by making a shitty dress this week!


Oy. This is a tough one to write.

Honestly, what can we say that hasn't already been said?

And what can we say about a dress that has so little going for it? Seriously, there's no there there.

But, being the little soldiers of fabulosity that we are, we're going to plod our way through this one. Onward.

First up: color. Or rather, lack of. When one custom designs a dress, one should seriously take into consideration the skin, hair and eye color of the client when it comes time to pick the fabric. Did he even look at this girl?

Second: silhouette. SERIOUSLY unflattering. That girl's got a great set of gams, so a short dress was a good idea, but the poofy, sleeveless baby doll does NOTHING for her figure.

And that hemline is a MESS. It looks like he made a dress out of an old drawstring bag.

And what is going on with that waist? It looks like he picked up some seashells on the beach and hot-glued them to her dress. We guess it was supposed to add some bling - and we're all for that on this shapeless, colorless thing - but instead it made it look even sadder.

The general consensus online seems to be that he should have gone home this week and we can't really counter that. Certainly if he had gone home, we wouldn't have been upset.

The reason we think Christian's was worse is because - well, because it was worse. Ricky's dress was mostly drab and inoffensive, but Christian's was a big ball o' fug. On the other hand, you could argue that Christian's dress at least had that all-important "point of view" so... oh God, kittens! We're so confused! One thing we can both agree on is that sending Kevin home STILL sucks.

[Photo: Barbara Nitke/ - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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ricky dont make that number

Really, what more CAN you say? Valiant try, though, TLo. And that hem looks even worse than I remembered. He's a lucky man, Ricky.

That babydoll silouhette is not flattering on anyone. I'm glad it's on the way out.

Ricky did luck out with his model though; she was the best walker in the bunch. But I'm disappointed that he didn't make her a hat.


Wearing an unattractive, inoffensive dress has to be better than wearing something that's going to make people snort as you walk past them.

Oh my lord, do you how FAT I'd look in a dress that color? Girls with fair skin should be put in brighter,stronger colors. It makes them glow. I think Ricky and Christian should have switched color themes. Maddie would have looked better in something a lot lighter and less severe, where as...Ricky's girl (sorry, dunno her name)needed something to really give her some contrast and make her stand out. Oy vey, I smell aufings.

Are those various buttons going round the high waist band glued onto some mesh ? pass the hankie

My mother would call this dress skimmpy. Where did that $250 go. Do the designers get to keep the change?

Really, what else can be said? I'm glad you acknowledged the model. She was a good sport and she does have really gorgeous legs.

Thanks for the screencaps...that's a dress that I would ignore completely. The color only enhances the ignorability.

I think maybe Little Ricky’s tears are not from crying so much as they are from his eyes watering. Most of his designs smell like ass.

Between his color choice and the silhouette, he made her look like a piece of discarded ABC gum.

By. Far. The. Worst.


jen in philly

I thought the button/doodad thingies were inside a mesh tube he made and then used as a belt.

Right-o about those legs. I wish mine looked that good!

Remember the cotton candy machines at the state fairs? The insipid pink candy floss swirling around the plastic compartment that hadn't been cleaned since the Eisenhower administration? If so, I give you:

Ricky's dress!

It appears that the Chapeau of Tears helped his client into the machine and then twirled and twirled her around until her torso was encased in spun sugar.

Not a sweet look.

Christian's was fug, but this was horrific! The only thing that saved him was his model. (She does have gorgeous legs.)

I swear, those judges can NOT see past the model to just the clothes. Their heads are turned by the wigstands EVERY time!

Just....Just.... no I'm speechless. (Or typeless)

And still F*G mad about Kevin.

Poor thing, such a pretty girl, too.

oy. poor ricky. he has good intentions each time, but he's never been very successful. this probably could have been cute if had been made well. but, in the end, he made her look like a lumpy powderpuff. and putting a teenage girl in a "naked dress" is never wise. oy. poor ricky...

his auf'ing is imminent and overdue. but for his sake, i hope he makes at least one really awesome garment before he goes.

(dammit! his designer tear droplets have sucked me in!)

Soooo excited when I saw that mess-o-dress and thought Crybaby was finally going to get the ax. But no! Judges, tell us - what is it with this kid that you can't seem to give him the boot he so rightly deserves! Does Nina secretly covet those hats? Is he washing the Duchess's car offscreen? Has some silver crossed the palm somewhere?

Oh come on, everyone, let's get into the Santino spirit on this dress: "What I think, Nina, is that a prom dress is meant to be taken off." Any girl who wears this dress is going to look better naked. And, frankly, it doesn't look that hard to remove: her date could rip it off her, and who would mourn its demise?

During a confessional, Ricky said that he had designed his girlfriend's prom dress and "that should have been a clue".

Yes, honey. It should have told you that you should NEVER design prom dresses.

embeedubya wrote about Ricky:

"Is he washing the Duchess's car offscreen?"

That is a horrible thing to say...

Christian's dress had it all going on. And I do mean all of it. On the other hand, Ricky's dress had a whole lotta 'meh' going on. I completely agree. It's hard to say much. It's a shame, because I would like to see ol' Waterworks get his bad self down and shock us all with some fabulousness. But I don't think that is going to happen.

Ironically viewing the bonus video of Ricky and his client you find out exactly what he was after.

This girl really is into fashion and wants to have a career in the industry perhaps in the capacity of a Buyer.

She wanted pink. He should have suggested a stronger color. However the concept he had could really have been lovely. The stones on the belt were suppose to be costume jewelry that was subjected to antiquing.

She picked him because she thought his lingerie background could be translated something interesting and fun.


I'd rather wear a paper sack with a ductape belt to prom that this boring and just all around ugly dress. Christian's dress might possibly look somewhat decent on someone (with minor changes); there is no hope with this one.

I thought for sure Ricky was getting the loser's edit with his line about how winning PR would make his Mami proud. Enter phone call to Mami. C'mon!! That's pure aufing edit!!

When it came down the runway, a comment was made about it looking like a toddler frosted a cake. The cotton candy reference was also on target.

And wouldn't a lingerie designer be more comfortable making something more along the lines of Sweet P's dress?

Please, does anyone else want to give him something to cry about? I want to slap the crap out of him. Honestly, I really don't think I can take much more of the crying. I'm less emotional off anti-depressants and PMSing with no chocolate or alcohol!

I can't stand how the fabric is scrunched and wrinkly underneath that top layer. I want to grab it an pull it straight.

One thing I've learned from my season and a half of Project Runway is that, in this universe, Ugly is better than Boring.


Given that, I was really surprised that Ricky wasn't sent home. His dress wasn't ugly simply because it was too BORING to be ugly.

Also, I think that so many of us want Ricky gone because he has never -- EVER -- dazzled us on this show. Both Christian and Kevin have done things in previous episodes with serious WOW factor. Ricky just seems to cry and end up on the chopping block nearly every week.

I feel terribly sorry for Ricky, but the dress didn't even fit her bust.

In one of the bonus videos he was going on about "aging" the crystals he put at her waist in some pink dye, so they'd look rich and vintage. I don't even see evidence of that.

"Do the designers get to keep the change?"

ROFL. I'm sure they don't, but I agree that certain people's clothes look the same whether $10 or $250 was spent.

It's a shame he put a dress like that on a girl like her.

Check out those legs! Jeez!

Why did Ricky make his girl a dress that looks like a big polyp? To her credit she wore it like it was her favorite dress. In that respect, Ricky owes her a debt of gratitude.

Ricky's work is blah at best, and he's lucky he's still in the mix. If he's not aufed this week, I'll be surprised.

Ooops, sorry, Frank, I should've read everything before posting what you already had.

What is up with the way that it all pulls to the right at that seam under the bust?

Ugh.....this is right up there with Vincent's "Regular Woman" dress and Wendy Pepper's candy bikini as some of the PR Worst of All Time Yet Didn't Get Eliminated.

Well, at least it actually enhanced her boobs. The color was wrong, the silhouette not quite right, but the bubble bottom wasn't any worse, to me, than V-ya's.

I think I got what he was trying to do but it was dull. It wasn't bottom 3 for me.

And his model- good walk, nice legs. And nice hair!

You are definitely right that Christian's dress was even worse than Ricky's, but I think there's no question that between the two of them, Ricky should have been the one to go (and the choice of Kevin was *totally* out of left field). Ricky has made a boring prom dress, an ugly bubble Hershey dress, a boring shirt and unflattering pants combo, a hideous neon-yellow and red confused hooker costume, a boring suit, and 2 more generic dresses. Say what you will about Christian, but at least his constructions are usually interesting!

You know, its all been said. Ricky's dress is shitty, he cries too much, yadda yadda yadda. I am bored to tears by Ms Ricky and really can't add anything to this. He needs to go home.

This was BY FAR the worst dress in the group. What about it took 2 days to construct? It was an ugly color, stupidly accessorized, and made his model look like a size 2X. Bleaaaarrgh.

Every week (except for the Hershey's challenge -- I hated that dress too but at least it was interesting and well-made) I am stunned when I hear Heidi say, "Ricky ..... you're een. You can leave the runway."

I'm not sure why, but I actually LIKE this color on this girl. But the dress? He's not even trying, is he?

Can he go next, please.

You are brave soldiers of fashion, TLo, to have taken a game crack at this one. It was my clear loser. Better to provoke as the Princess did than to bore.

I really, really want Ricky to go away! He's not even good entertainment. How does he manage to not get auf'd each week?

I still think Kevin's was worse than either Ricky's or Christian's. (Though had either R or C gone home, I wouldn't have kvetched.)

Harlen Fleming

I think his hats are getting to be too tight.

Oy vey. He needs to look into getting some medication for that crying problem. It's really, really annoying. Do you think his friends ever slap him and say, "Snap out of it!"

I'm glad the two of you were able to agree on this one, especially since you're both right.

Like several others, I too wanted to reach into the TV and straighten that dress. It was off-kilter in a variety of ways. And I'm surprised how professional stylists make the same color mistake as Ricky. Pale dresses wash out pale skin.

geez, such a pretty girl, she posed and walked so well . . . and such a bland, blah, blech dress! Just one bit of color would have been good, but it wouldn't have made up for the bluhness of the dress itself.

We were warned by Tim Gunn, before the season started, that the judges made decisions that would not make viewers happy.

That was quite an understatement.

I don't get this season at all. I appreciate pushing creativity to the limit, working out of the box, blah, blah, blah - but this is over the edge.

The good news is that TLo's marriage wasn't strained by this concoction.


doubting thomas must have read your mind at the bloggg:



Ricky really got up my nose when he felt he had to "interpret" VictorYa for Elisa and the three of them turned out that hot mess, when Elisa had already turned out a successful garment with Sweet P with no help from Ricky's "interpretation" whatsoever.

So, every episode, as he has produced either monstrosity or mediocrity, I have been waiting for him to go home. Is he Vincent or Wendy Pepper in that he is just there forever and you can never figure out why?

In fairness to Ricky, Vincent was psychotic. Ricky is just neurotic and he has plenty of company there.

I like Ricky and think he is fun to watch. At least there is some personality there, a couple of other competitors have absolutely no 'there' there.

But one thing he ain't: A Fashion Designer. He's a Dress Maker at best and one who produces poor quality under stress.

Still, I liked this dress and the model a lot better than Kevin's $29.95-Monroe-in-Red worn by a middle-aged hooker, or Christian's Christmas-tree-ornament on 2 legs.

I thought she looked like a walking tampon coming down the runway...

He SOOO should have gone home this week.

Marty the Wizard

redspring said: In fairness to Ricky, Vincent was psychotic. Ricky is just neurotic and he has plenty of company there.

LOL. My husband, daughter and I still make references to Vincent. "I'm the team leader!" and "It's turns me on."
bwhahaha...wiping away a tear of laughter.

RE: this dress. gawd. sigh.

Ever had to apply a band-aid with only one free hand?... by gouging the cover with your teeth and pulling the dual clear covers off, whilst simultaneously keeping the two sticky ends from connecting, only to get it somewhere near the right spot and then the sticky bits land wrinkled and puffed, but firmly attached.

This is Ricky's one-handed band-aid dress. That sweet faced girl with the great legs deserved better. :(

Good eye with the tampon comparison, Marty! I was in total shock that Ricky was okayed to stay, leaving 3 of the best -- Rami, Christian, and Kevin -- in the bottom. Before this, I'd been quite hopeful that Ricky's latest creation would finally do him in. But no, that ill fitting, puckery, ugly sack of putrid-colored fabric was not judged the worst. Not only was it the worst this week, I think it's the ugliest thing, by far, that Ricky's made -- and that's saying a lot. Everyone else's dress had at least a few redeeming qualities. People are all over Christian for not forcing something more flattering on his client; what about chastising Ricky for letting this girl get away with picking a color that did absolutely nothing for her?


This would be a good time to thank you both for making a point of complimenting each of the girls, and seeing their own individual beauty. Teenage girls are so vulnerable to the criticisms of others!


I think it looks like she dropped a deuce in the dress. It's a diaper, and it has a big old TURD in it.

I don't know what (or whom) Ricky is doing to stay on this show. He certainly hasn't made it this far on talent, vision or personality.

This dress was pathetic. That's the best word for it. Ricky took a pretty girl with a nice figure and put her in a sad sack that was absolutely wrong for her body type and her coloring. She looked like a marshmallow (of the non-elongated variety). If I'd been in her shoes *I'd* have cried. And then I would have given Ricky something real to cry about.

Alas, once again he skates by. Why, judges, WHY?!??

(Also, to clarify - the girl is lovely. The dress MAKES her look like she took a dump in it, which is sad.)

One thing I don't understand -- during the show, you see Ricky's client going over to a mirror with a darker pink underskirt, below this dress (which doesn't have the bubble hem yet), and I think he even talks about different pinks. What happened to that?

Maybe he was afraid of getting the "you chopped the body" reaction like Elisa did?

As bad as this color is on the poor girl, the very same color looked equally bad, washed out and just plain ugly when Laura B - the goddess to some, queen of 1,000 identical dresses to those of us with eyeballs in their heads - used it on her own self. Where was the whining about the bad color then?

Yes, he made a bad dress but I don't think it was gouge your eyes out bad. As Heidi would say "it's blah."


Only Toots the Tearjerker could take a very pretty girl with a nice figure and make her look frumpy and washed out. But the "promised my mama" comment was high point in an otherwise very sad day.

I think Ricky's aufed this week.

why does he insist on wearing those ridiculous leather bar hats?

Not only can I not see where the money went, I can't see where the time went. Christian made a whole lot of ugly dress in those two days. Ricky made a fairly simple dress, and it still looks like he threw it together in about two hours.

But her hair looks fabulous.

I want so badly to make some sort of Evita comment regarding Ricky and yet he hardly deserves that sort of creativity from me.

Buh bye, Ricky. When you come back to Escondido to seek comfort in your family's arms, call me and I'll bring the Kleenex. Then I'll flog you with one of your hats.

That dress looks even cheaper than Kevin's. How does $250 turn into THAT?!

Yahoo just had this up. I thought it was very interesting:

Thanks entirely to the teen demographic, buzz for "prom dresses" has begun its annual climb into our top movers and searches for "2008 prom dresses" are spiking. To help the sector of our population most intensely focused on the annual social event, we've put together a brief guide to the prom gown. What follows is the latest research on the most searched-on trends in feminine prom attire this week. Good luck, girls!

The Buzz Guide to the Gown

Most Sought-Out Type of Prom Dress:Sexy prom dresses

The Most Searched-On Colors: White, purple, and pink

Most Requested Length: Short prom dresses

Read it here.

For the love of man, Ricky, PLEASE stop with the waterworks! I honestly have never seen anyone cry at the drop of a hat like that and so often! Life's a bitch, I know honey but c'mon! Sometimes, you gotta laugh a little!

I seriously hated Ricky's dress and wished he would have gone home. But Christian's was worse - well put T&Lo. Much worse. Hot mess worse. And well put madam ovary - would definitely make me snort!

I thought Sweet P's dress was blah. I didn't like the top part cuz it made her boobs look weird and on the runway when the model turned to walk back all I could think of was "Whoa, that doesn't flatter her butt at all!" Plus I felt like the skirt looked too long. I did like the color and the fabric, which both suited the client very well. Otherwise, thumbs down.

P.S. Miss Jack really is quite bitter these days......still love him but wondering why the hate?

ricky should have gone home this week -- it's pretty bad when tlo are at a loss for for the bodice- i seem to recall nina saying something about the "ruching" - it looked more like puckering from a poor cut & poor construction to me, but i guess i can see that there was an attempt to do ruching- it just didn't work very well.

as for his dress vs. christian's - although i think christian's dress was worse (only because it had alot going on, whereas ricky's just faded into the background); i still think that ricky should have gone home because he has produced ill fitting, mediocre work in every challenge. this is the first real bomb christian has put out there (ditto for kevin), and some of his stuff has been downright "fierce". still needs an attitude adjustment tho...

The dress was poorly designed, poorly constructed and just washed the girl's complexion out.

Ricky has got to stop crying every week. It is truly driving me to distraction. I look forward to watching this show for the challenges, the design process, Tim Gunn and just the overall competition. Seeing this guy get all verklempt every show is just a downer. I really hope he is gone soon so that we can get away from the hard-knock life stories. Really Ricky, I'm just not that in to you.

You have to admit that although Ricky is not the most talented designer on the show he is pretty hilarious! Shades of Vincent, only nicer, I think.

Every time I see him, I want to give him something to cry about.

Ricky's prom dress is actually WORSE than Sweet P's Hershey's challenge dress!!

Why can't Ricky make something that looks different? EVERY WEEK it's another baby doll lingerie number. They all look the same, and they all look like something that no one I would care to know would ever wear. They just look dull and dumb. In fairness, the same (or worse) could be said for Victorya's clothes. Her two winning designs were two of the ugliest things I have ever seen.

I have no problems whatsoever with a man crying, and I think it can be a healthy thing. But I do wonder if maybe Ricky has manic depression. Ricky, if you are reading this, please get tested for this. I am perplexed as to why Ricky likes those hats so much. To me they make him look juvenile and immature. Ricky, I urge you to try going without them.

Fercryinoutloud...he cries so much because THERE'S A CAMERA IN HIS FACE!

Why do you think such a mediocre (at best) designer escapes the auffing week after week? He provides good TV and he knows it. It's all an act.

I don't pretend to know as much about this kind of thing as sewing siren or some of the others, but isn't it possible that the hem on this dress was some kind of thing he was going for?

I was thinking that maybe you would use a poufy hem like that to draw attention to the girl's legs. Or something.

Because when you think about it, how does a hem like that happen by accident? That seriously looks like I hemmed it, and my sewing expertise stops with girl scout badges!



I don't have any hate for Ricky's dress-it just didn't make an impression on me, because I was so horrified by the prospect of Christian getting auf'd for his disastrous design.

Plus,I'm still WTF? over Kevin's aufing.

There's no crying in fashion-Brilliant, TLo!!

It's kind of queer that Ricky has lasted this long since the official PR mantra is "Don't bore Nina" and could you call that last dress anything other than boring? Hell, almost everything Ricky has made has been a complete snooze! Perhaps the judges are nodding off when Ricky's model hits the runway - that might explain it all.

Anne said...
I don't pretend to know as much about this kind of thing as sewing siren or some of the others, but isn't it possible that the hem on this dress was some kind of thing he was going for?

Yes, Anne he was going for a bubble hem, but he went really skimpy on the fabric so it ended up looking a little here nor there. The same is true with the drape at the bust, it is under done and looks like a mistake. I also feel if he had used a complemetary color under the semi transparent bubble layer it would have give the dress wouldn't have washed the girl out so.
I have to say I would judge Ricky's technical ability (that is draping/pattern making and sewing) as very high. A lot of his garments regardless if you like them or not, are well made, I would include the first baby doll, the candy dress,the weight loss, and even the men's wear in this (even though it wasn't finished)catagory. But this one and the neon/cutouts/lingere one don't look like the same person's work.

In the past when the judges have always favored outrageously ugly over boring (e.g., Santino v. Daniel F., Santino v. Emmett, Angela v. Katy), lots of us (including me) have been complaining about that. So I'm holding my tongue on this one. But this was a hell of a time to give a pass to boring.

Anybody else notice that Ricky's mouth ALWAYS has that "I'm chewing on the insides of my cheeks due to stress" look? I think that's how he whips up those tears on command.

Someone needs to tell crybaby the muslin provided is to be used for pattern making only! What color was that anyway? Looks like fabric that accidently got washed with bleach. Would have been stunning on an olive or darker skinned girl, not on such fair skin. She needed jewel tones--violets, blues, greens and even the right oranges and reds and pinks, certainly NOT dusty pink/peach/washed muslin.

I think you've just made Ricky cry.
*passes out hankies*
Anyway, I'll just say this about the girl. She has great skin, good coloring, nice hair and was a good sport. I think she could have used a much different color, a more flattering silhouette.

Not much to add, but I'll go back to a previous comment I made. The girl actually seemed very happy in the dress at first and walked the shit out on the runway.

You can call it editing, but when the Angry Orange and La Nina started snoring, you could see as the the good mood started falling from her face like a vanilla souffle.

That may have saved him in the end.

I guess I am one of the few that liked that color. I didn't like it at first, but the more I looked at the girls coloring, the more I felt it made her look really young, fresh and almost ethereal. I dunno...just my opinion.

another laura

I don't know how many times I can just say "I agree, Tlo" - here it is again...

It's such a crying shame that Ricky hasn't gone yet. Seriously, it's one thing to have Ninagarciafashiondirectorellemagazine prefer VictorYA's designs because they're editorial and fashion-maggy. It's another when people all over the country are saying to themselves "thank God, Ricky will finally go home" and then.... he stays!!!

argh! I was watching with my sister and we both wanted to throw things at the TV. It's very unusual that we agree.

I am perplexed as to why Ricky likes those hats so much.

He's very short -- it may be a way to look taller.

You guys truly ARE soldiers of fabulosity!

You're PHILADELPHIANS ???!!! Yeah !
I'm so proud ! And I love that you got to watch the show with Mr Jay. Your 2 blogs have become post show must reads for me. That man's got him some sick ass humor. Speaking of sick I can't believe that Kit's gone. She was my sleeper pick to win it all. Now that I know you live in my hood, how great would it be for Chris March to design something for Henri David's Halloween Ball ? Love you boyz!!!


Send hat-boy home already!

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