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Once the Duchess got the Pocahontas reference out of the way, we gave up on trying to be clever here.

Strangely, the sketch had a more sophisticated feel to it. We probably wouldn't have liked this version much better, but at least it didn't look like an old afghan.

We think those of you who don't think Steven is adorable are crazy and those of you who think he looks like Tom are blind. What's more fun than watching a cute, shy nerd get completely discombobulated by a middle-aged ragamuffin?

Actually, it was a little painful to watch. We felt a little bad for both of them but we're not gonna lie, we were relieved they didn't send Steven home. Marion felt like an inevitability almost from the beginning, but it wouldn't have seemed fair to send Dimples McNerdison home.

Bad as the outfit was - and it was REALLY bad - the styling only made it worse. What the hell is up with her hair?

Although granted, the most stunning hair and makeup in the history of ever wouldn't have done much to dress up this yarn monstrosity.

And the fringe? Seriously? Has fringe ever worked in fashion? We don't know, Marion seems like a really creative kinda guy, but his aesthetic struck us as pretty out there - and his personality was too low-key for reality television. We can't say we're surprised to see him go so early.

If clothing could cry, this is what it would look like.

Check out Marion's exit interview:

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Agree, agree. And what was with Heidi's 2X reference to "looks like something dirty, from the basement." Makes me wonder what she's got in HER basement! Dirty knits? Weird.

Not to mention that the model looks ENORMOUS in that thing.

PRC Episode 7 is up on You Tube: PR Canada Epi 7 Part one

Based on the sketch, I thought that it might have had little more potential, but it really missed the mark.
Something went horribly, horribly wrong and the result was a moth-eaten-and-washed-in-the-wrong-cycle-looking

marion is too tender for fashion.

i hate it when the shiny bra shows through the big-hole sweater.

poor cute little nerd. he looks like my cousins from kansas.

not attractive. the rumpled boy goes home.

goodbye marion, goodbye!

I love the discombobulation...Ha!
XOXO to the boys

-FIT Grad

We think those of you who don't think Steven is adorable are crazy

I dunno...with those squinty eyes and tight smile it always seems like he's trying out for a role as Mr. Magoo.


If clothing could cry, this is what it would look like-oh, so sadly true.

The finished outfit is an object lesson in choosing the wrong fabric. Whatever the possibility of the sketch was, was completely done in by that stretchy fabric.

I guess it's back to the flowers for our sad little florist.

although i was quite disturbed by this garment initially, upon further inspection of the pictures--call me crazy--it looks like there's some potential in that hot mess. the skirt that steven labored over looks like it might be all right, even though you can’t see it under the fringed monstrosity. and even the fringy top might have been decent, if you chopped off the fringe, and it had more of a fitted-tunic styling.

so, basically, i guess I’m talking about a completely different outfit. :)

not to say that any of these alterations would have kept marion from getting auf’ed, but at least it would have spared us from having to see the mutant love child of a stevie nicks shawl and the blob, knit version.


I would have liked to have SEEN the skirt that was supposed to be so difficult to construct. There were eleventy-jillion pieces for it laid out on the table, and we never saw anything more than the last half-inch of the hem, thanks to the Pocahantas-blob layered over it.

I totally agree with this aufing. Christian's was butt-ugly (again... I digress) but this one was much MUCH worse.

those of you who think he looks like Tom are blind

Come on now, it IS a compliment!

As for poor Marion...I did actually like him a little better this episode, outfit notwithstanding. He was starting to assert himself and maintain eye contact. It was sort of like back in ye olde days of rabbit-ear television sets when you fiddled with the antennae to get the picture to focus better. That's what was happening with Marion over the course of this episode, but then - BAM! -- along comes cable TV and his ass is grass. He was just doomed from the start with that knit fabric.

So glad Steven didn't have to also be sacrificed.

Terribly miffed at these bait-and-switch preview promos for episodes that may be months away.

Fringe does work, remember Laura Bennet?

"If clothing could cry, this is what it would look like."

Hahahahahahahahaha! Snort!

Laura Bennet's fringe was definitely in a different league all together. Yes, the minute this walked down the runway, it was obvious that Marion and/or Steven would be going home. Actually, it was obvious from the minute they put it on the dressform.

Oh well, next!

Marion definitely deserved this aufing. The dress was hideous, as was his design last week. Two Serious Uglies in a row = time to go home, Marion.

Actually I'm finding Steven a little less cute this week than last week -- not sure why. Perhaps it's just because he looks so washed out. Boy needs color even more than those sad Bitten designs do.

Steven's a cutie, but - I'm starting to think Steven needs glasses or left his contacts off that day. Although the squinting is kinda endearing...

This dress bears an uncanny resemblance to the Indian costume my 10yo daughter is working on right now for a class project.

Steven is so far from cute - he looks like a creepy, pasty, serial killer. Yuck.

I think Steven is cute and the first thing I thought was that he looks like Tom :).

I don't see the Tom resemblance. I just wonder if Steven is just too vain to wear his glasses on TV or something.
My daughter thought the model looked like a cavewoman when she first walked out in that outfit with that hair.
I sort of had a feeling that Marion would be out. He was just too low key and drama free for this group, although the garment was pretty unfortunate too.

I have just 2 words for this outfit: Wendy Pepper.

That, and it will be funny to watch that thing sit on its manequin, on the side of the workroom, until the end of the show. We shall have to keep our eyes peeled to see if it continues to grow. I fear that it may eventually engulf the nearby workstations - which could be funny, depending on who's there. It would be quite entertaining to watch a big, yarny hand reach out & grab Elisa and drag her, mumbling and spitting, across the floor to oblivion.

--Gotham Tomato

"We think those of you who don't think Steven is adorable are crazy and those of you who think he looks like Tom are blind."

But, have you ever noticed that whenever anyone says, 'people always tell me I look like _________ (some movie star/fill in the blank).' They NEVER look like the person that everyone tells me they look like.

--Gotham Tomato
(who is often confused with Heidi Klum).

To me, Steven looks exactly like French Stewart from Third Rock from the Sun. His facial features are different, but the squinting, the expressions, and the head-cocking seem exactly the same.

Marion's design was pure ass from the get go. But, as with many of this season's contestants, he chose a design that mirrored his taste in his own personal style...and, unfortunately for Marion, he dresses like an extra in Oliver.

By the way, I don't think Steven looks like Tom. Tom is way too cute for that comparison. No, Steven is the bastard love child Dianne Wiest gave up for adoption years ago.

I think Steven's sketch was actually pretty cute, and I wished we'd seen the outfit. Maybe it was too much like what Bitten already could do? But it doesn't already do a slim skirt, and it might look a little more sophisticated for including that possibility.

"Marion seems like a really creative kinda guy"
I dunno guys, Marion seems like he has high serial killer potential to me. But at least he didn't try to throw Steven under the bus to save himself (I'm looking at you, Santino!) so props for that. Not feeling the Steven love;he just seems sort of mannered and artificial to me. I agree with Olga Orange and Anonymous: he looks like a mix of French Stewart and Dianne Wiest.

I felt bad for Steven, after all, it wasn't his idea or concept. One of the ugliest things I've seen so far on PR.

" twc said...
I would have liked to have SEEN the skirt that was supposed to be so difficult to construct. There were eleventy-jillion pieces for it laid out on the table, and we never saw anything more than the last half-inch of the hem..."

I didn't know you needed that many pieces to make something so ugly. I didn't like his first dress, and now this Pocahontas costume...juts ugly. I think it was time for him to go.

Winners do not mope, and mopers do not win.

Attitude is half the battle!

Okay, so I guess I should have said that Tom/Steven WOULD have looked like each other IF Tom had vision problems and constantly squenched his face up...btw, my original post noting the resemblance (ok, so maybe I was drunk at the time) seems to have disappeared from the site...not unlike the world's most complicated and yet mysteriously hidden skirt!

"thombeau said...
Winners do not mope, and mopers do not win."

Apparently, you've never heard of A-Rod.

--Gotham Tomato



Auf wiedersehen.

Good-bye ....

Called it last week before the show. Must be psycho, I mean psychic or something.

It's pretty obvious Marion was gonna be one of the first to go because they gave him zero air time.

Which is why I don't think Kevin is gonna be around too long either.

Steven bears a striking resemblance to Sir Ian McKellen in the '70's.
The outfit bore a striking resemblance to the old burlap sack my cats refused to sleep on.
I found Marion's demeanor dull to the point of invisibility. Luckily for us the rest of him has followed suit.

Emma P.

I'm confused on Steven. I don't like the 'v' in his name, but that's the only thing I am really not feeling for him. I'm just indifferent. He needs to step up his designs.

Marion was such a disappointment. He is so adorable, but his designs have just been bad IMO. And I call bullshit on his statement about how he didn't last long enough to show how good of a designer he really was. He had the oppurtunity to use almost any fabric he wanted to and make any outfit he wanted to that showed who he was as a designer. He had enough time, his design wasn't hot, he should move on. He's cute, yes, but that was -100000000 points by far.

I can't decide whether the dress reminds me of a refugee from that one Loverboy music video or from the Tina Turner Mad Max music video. Either way, Marion, Carmen and Christian seemed determined to bring back the 80's. And speaking of which, maybe now that he's been aufed, Marion can front a Dexy's Midnight Runners cover band.

I thought Marion's outfit/hair looked like something SJP as Carrie Bradshaw would have worn...sometimes her costumes were pretty atrocious.

Aww, Marion is so sweet, it's a shame that his outfit didn't turn out as he had imagined. The fabric and the proportions were wrong.

" Dave said...

Steven's a cutie, but - I'm starting to think Steven needs glasses or left his contacts off that day. Although the squinting is kinda endearing..."

I agree. He's adorable, just like Tom :)


Perfect look for going out on a date with Hiawatha.

Dianne Wiest! Ian McKellan! You are all brilliant!
I came across this photo of SJP on the fugsite. She got ripped for wearing Elisa's outfit, minus the polymorphic strings at the neck! Check it out,

I thought the sketch had potential, but something bad happened when that fabric was picked, and the outfit was DOA after that. The fabric looked like burlap, yet the winning outfit looked like a sack. Go figure.

The most talented group yet? Not so far.

-- rain brain

Poor Marion. His dress was horrible and it was a righteous auf-ing, but I still felt a bit bad for him. I was pleased to see him and Christian both take responsibility for their designs and not hang their helpers out to dry.

And it was too much to hope that the Princess would be aufed instead of Marion. The Princess will provide much more drama, and plus, he's sort of bad-with-an-interesting-aesthetic, as opposed to Marion, who's just bad.

That dress looked better belted (still not good, but better). Also, the model should have been wearing a beige bra. The lights shined right through that fabric.

Oh, and I think Steven's just darling, but then, I love the nerdy boys. (Any word on his orientation, btw? Not that it matters; I'm just nosy.)

Unfortunately I'm pretty sure not even a better fabric or a less depressing uniform grey would've saved this outfit... but as others have said, at least Marion had the grace to accept the responsibility for it. (And I also noticed Steven tried to be nice about not just saying "send Marion home!", even though he obviously didn't want to go home for someone else's design.)

One thing I do think is that Marion has a strong aesthetic, which I do not think I share based on what we've seen but am willing to grant he could probably do interesting things with given some time. Still, between that dress and any other (even the Princess of Bad Haircuts' outfit, which I didn't think was really bad) I can't see who else ought to have gone home, so I'd have to say it was fair, alas.

Miranda, I'm gonna guess you didn't watch Steven's bio video if you're asking which way he swings. :D

I felt a little bad for Marion, especially after watching his exit interview. But then I read his EW interview and I don't feel quite so bad.,,20161991,00.html

For this and the last challenge, his designs were my least favorite.

Picking the right fabric is the start of any design. Using that heavy, stretchy knit was the equivalent of an architect deciding to build a house out of cheese. It doesn't matter how good or bad it is, it's just not going to work.

It's pretty obvious Marion was gonna be one of the first to go because they gave him zero air time.

Which is why I don't think Kevin is gonna be around too long either.

Last season you hardly saw Michael Knight at the beginning of the season, so perhaps not?

The original sketch was something VERY 1950s-he would have been able to do it in fleece, but the fabric he chose didn't have the body.

He earned his aufing.

Poor thing - it was like watching Bambi getting batted around by Madison Avenue.

I sure did like watching Christian sweat it out tho ..

I think that the fabric just got away from him, it was too loose a knit for all of that proportion.

I felt bad for Marion until I read this:

"Okay, we need to discuss jersey. It seems like everyone is using it this season. Is it a really easy fabric to work with?
It was irritating me. I was like, ''If one more f---ing person uses jersey...!'' You can cut hems and they don't fray. You can drape it. It's kind of like a kindergarten fabric. I've never been drawn to it. It's not anything I would use. But if I went back on the show I would definitely use it.

I should have just gotten some jersey and cut a little dress and I'd still be on the show. Actually, looking back, I should have used jersey for all my challenges and I'd be in the final four."

Bitter, party of one?

I think you're very talented and will go far in whatever you choose to do; you just weren't cut out for reality TV. And god knows there's nothing wrong with that. You took full responsibility for your design. I really admire your integrity. Good luck to you!

I was hoping Marion would get aufed just so I wouldn't have to look at his stupid ragamuffin manpri outfits anymore. So yay!

The sketch was kind of cute. Unfortunately, I guess it couldn't be pulled off with cheap fabric.

Yes, Steve is adorable! Although I think French Stewart played out that squinty-eyed look a few years ago.

Am I the only one here who thinks that Steven is going to squint his eyes out? I mean, I saw a shot of him with his eyes open and they are seriously blood-red.

Marion gave off a slightly Montgomery Clift vibe, I thought. I wanted to see more of him.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I liked Marion....thought he was cute...though the raggamuffin outfit was a bit much, I'll grant...and the outfit he sent down was horrible.

Still, I'm sad to see him go.

I am fairly new to blogging and I just have give props to you PRG bloggers-this is better than the show at present, I enjoy reading your posts immensely :) So, please carry on :D


Someone (Duchess?) said the dress grew during the show, and it's totally true. Look at your runway and elimination pics - it starts above her knee and ends up well below!

Nothing about this outfit worked, not the color or the fabric or the cut. I agree that the sketch showed more sophistication, but only a woman feeding her Iditerod team up in the north country would even consider this outfit for a second.

It’s got Halloween or school play costume written all over it.

I admit I'm biased since I think Marion was adorable (despite his being a Newsie), but am I the only one who continuously thinks these team challenges are terribly unfair? Because Marion submitted a qualified sketch he was granted the burden of having to compete it against the other six. The seven non-chosen designers were given a free ride. Under what grounds could they even get eliminated?

Though it would be ridiculous, the only fair ways to set up these team challenges either requires selecting the seven least qualified sketches or just choosing seven sketches at random. But choosing the seven best designs and then kicking off the worst of the best? Totally unfair and ridiculous.

Steven is adorable AND he looks like Tom.

I think Steven is adorable, and he works at one of the best museums in the country: the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. That place is rad. My gaydar tells me he is not a homo, if I'm off then he's one of those cashmere or argyle wearing homos who adopts a baby from China and runs a bed and breakfast with his "partner" in Nantucket. I don't see it.

I'm sure we're in the minority, but my friends and I LOVE Christian (or Princess). He's so stuck up its funny and kind of endearing (for us at least). I was so happy Marion went home instead of him. I just hated Marion's dress last week and this design would have had to be the most gorgeous outfit ever created to make up for it. Thank god Steven stayed!



10:57 PM

OMG-this is six degrees of separation-the movie adaptation of Clan of the Cave Bear starred James Remar as the shaman/sasquatch/whatever....and James Remar later played Samantha's lover in season 4 of SATC.....

I guessed it on the Fantasy Runway website! Woo hoo!

See ya, Marion. The "newsies" look was going to wear very thin soon anyway.

Marion looks just like a character from Les Miserables. Gavroche, or perhaps Eponine?

"On my own, pretending he's beside me..."

A 39 year old man who dresses like a 10 year old newsboy from the depression is just...creepy.

could anyone survive through that exit interview? BORING!!

Whenever Marion was onscreen, I kept hearing, "Please sir, may I have some more?" His li'l hats and those Les Miz costumes were much too much for my sensibilities.

Whenever Marion was onscreen, I kept hearing, "Please sir, may I have some more?" His li'l hats and those Les Miz costumes were much too much for my sensibilities.

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