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Andrae: Gathering Moss

A damn shame. We can understand the judges' reasoning behind the auf'ing, but it seemed to us that Andrae was finally getting the hang of this thing and realized it's about expressing yourself through your designs and not by playing to the camera. This was actually a cute dress.

Unfortunately, this was a cute dress with some issues. Namely, the fit. We can't really add anything to what the judges said on that issue. It just looks big and stiff on her and completely obliterates her natural curves. And we hate the knot in the belt.

Oh sure, it's a little costume-y, but come on, it's made out of plants. All of the designs looked costume-y to us. Even Chloe's, to a certain extent.

Could have done without all that schmutz on the bottom of the skirt though. Yes, he needed to add something to this all-moss dress, but that wasn't the place to put it.

With only some minor adjustments to the design and some more attention paid to the fit, we think this could have won it. The design is classic. Sort of like Audrey Hepburn as a wood nymph. Unfortunately, at this stage in the game, designer's are auf'd for the most minor of transgressions and someone had to go this week. He got on our nerves more often than not, but he has vision and talent. We would have loved to have seen what he could have done for Bryant Park.


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Granite Janet

Since watching this episode, I have had trouble channeling Audrey Hepburn. Instead, I keep picturing a cat -- who needs to use the bathroom.

It is far more flattering than Daniel's and deserved more credit on that point alone! It may have been stiff, yes, but the garment was shapely and did not have the huge-making midriff - Danyelle looked like her normal slender self.

The stuff at the bottom was silly but he'd have gotten yelled at for overly-simple if he'd omitted it (whereas Daniel V. just put fringy stuff all over the skirt).

Grrr. This wasn't auf-worthy.

How do you fit this stuff? I think it's kind of impossible. Once you made a choice of materials, you were doomed. I still don't think this deserved an auf'ing since it actually used more plant material than Satantino's.

I simply hate this one.
looks really like a doormat.

ugly one.

I see what he was going for, but it really looked bland compared to the rest of them. Actually, in screen caps it doesn't look as bad as I remembered.

I still miss our little lamb...he brought so much to talk about and was a really good sport. Just imagine if Santino had been riffing about Nick and Tim at Red Lobster!!!

He set out to create a human topiary which was so very witty, I thought. And he succeeded! I thought this was a very unfair auf'ing!

Someone is posting under the name Agnes Gooch???! Did you also perform in the grade-school musical "Sis Boom Bah" where old lady Agnes Gooch coaches the football team to victory with the guidance of the ghost of Knute Rockne?? I think I was Girl #3. Hilarious.

pottty mouth princess

Good concept, execution you can see at any sports stadium near you.

One of the few times I agreed with an aufing, but so sorry to see Andrae go.

I wanted more Red Lobster stories, dammit. *hrrrumph*

His model, Danyelle, always looked sleepy and doped up to me. One does grow tired of the continuous "I'm sucking my cheeks in and look either mildy pissed off, confused, or constipated, you take your pick" model facial expressions, so something different is nice, but this one just puts me to sleep. She is rather the opposite of fierce.

I don't think Andre's was the worst this week. I actually think that would have to go to Nick. I thought Andre's was cute and chic (For a dress made out of muslin and moss), yet still very near the bottom of the ever smaller pack based on what others did.

Yeah, this design didn't exactly work, but it's clever in concept, if not great in execution, and kinda cute. I don't like the foliage around the bottom, but the little floofy hair accessory is cute.

Anon. said, "I don't think Andre's was the worst this week. I actually think that would have to go to Nick," and I agree; I don't why everything he designed had to have a trash factor.

"But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself"

I thought this dress was really cute. It's too bad it was so stiff and didn't fit very well but I thought it was much better than Nick's and Andrae should not have been aufed.

Andrae - He's our little lamb.

Which is perfect for Easter, don't ya think?

I like his intentions in going for a classic Audrey Hepburn look. And I'll miss Andrae. But I understand why he was auf'd. With so much solid moss/astroturf, the result just looked a little dull next to the others.

Suitcase nuke or not, I really liked Andrae-thought he was a real sweetheart-and was sad to see him go.

Judges nitpicking about fit at this point (episode #8) amounts to changing the rules in the middle of the game. Where were these "fit concerns" each and every damn time Santino sent a bag of garbage down the runway?

The Duchess was right, it looked like a doormat.

I thought he tried something a little more different- making patches of the moss and then sewing them together. It's a shame it didn't look pretty.

Yucky! A cat's scratching post.

author of 'Notes From the MotherShip~Naked Invisibles.'

Hey, does anyone watch The Amazing Race? Pretty funny, on one of the episodes, one of the taxi drivers was names Andre. Two of the gay contestants kept saying: "Andre, whatever happened to Andre?" It was an obvious reference to Project Runway. Too funny.

I agree with vera re: Danyelle, and I think that the dress seemed a little sad and doormatty because she herself was a little sleepy-looking every time she was on the runway.

Ah well. So long, little lamb.

Is Andrae related to Angelina Jolie? Just look at that last picture of him.

That dress can be described with one word....FLINTSTONES! Nuff said.

in Tim's take, Time said this one has a good propotion.

I was like, what, you blind?

where is the breast? and the waist?

no, boy tim, you love andrae, not the design.

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