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Dirty Diana

Like so much of what Diana does, this definitely had something going on even if the end product is a little bit of a head-scratcher.

There was something about the concept that we responded to. It was definitely different and it had the potential to be interesting and sexy, but unfortunately, it fell short.

The combination of tight, skimpy, somewhat fetishistic underwear coupled with light, flowy fabrics was a good starting point, conceptually. In fact, it was probably the best starting point out of any of the teams.

We love those sleeves, but those thongs are poorly designed and don't do the one thing a thong is supposed to do: make your ass look better.

This piece was the true clunker. But then again, so is the model.

Oh, just stop. You suck.

It's hard to judge this outfit because we don't really know what they had to do to please the model, but it doesn't appear to fit with the rest of the collection at all.

Okay, then! Good luck on that Burger King job, bitch.

Surprisingly, she's much prettier off the runway. Her sourness whenever she has to actually, you know, model clothes, makes her look less attractive than she is.

SHE'S. A. MODEL. Who gives a shit what she likes and doesn't like? Either she wears the clothes provided for her or she goes home, end of story.

God bless her, our little Asian mouse isn't as mousy as she appears:

"I feel like you can't just be that picky if you're a model because your job is to achieve different looks and if you don't want to do that, you should probably get a different job."

Amen, sister! Too bad you didn't say that to her face, though.


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Oh, come on. How can you blame that poor girl for not wanting to wear that shit? Diana's concept during the pitch actually looked like something, but in execution--OUCH! I'll admit it's a bit surprising she was the one to complain, as the others were even more exposed. But I really can't fault her for feeling embarrassed. Being a model doesn't mean she's not allowed to have opinions or limits.

"Being a model doesn't mean she's not allowed to have opinions or limits."

Oh, yes it does. Otherwise, go home. The idea that a model should dictate to a designer how the clothes should look is ridiculous.

I think the whiney model was LUCKY she didn't have to put on what Santino's models had to put on...

Maybe she thought she was in Top Model...

"Anonymous said...
"Being a model doesn't mean she's not allowed to have opinions or limits."

She IS allowed to have limits; stick to Sears' and JCPenney's catalogues, then.

I'd like to see how that would go with the designers out there in general.

"Mr. Galliano, sorry, but I can't wear that thong. Do you think you could redesign that?"

And it wasn't just the thong, she complained about the top, the makeup, the hair...



If she has limits, then, go home. Not the job for you, darling! Just as simple as that.

The problem is that Diana had no choice (and that's when I blame the producers for not providing an alternative here), she needed three models.

No designer would compromise his vision or design just because a model refuses to wear the clothes. LOL. NEVER!

Great idea, but poorly executed.

That model would have been fired under any other set of circumstances. I don't know why (other than, of course, the fact that they weren't getting paid) made her feel as if she could dictate anything to the designers. If she's still working, or doing anything other than maybe catalog work, I would be amazed.

Of course designers are not dictated to by their models, but these girls are not getting paid. In the real world of modeling there are plenty of models who do not do lingerie or bathing suits. In fact that is usually a specialty. At fashion school runway shows it happens pretty frequently that a model will not wear a particular garment (usually thong) and they just scramble to re-assign the models real quick.
I kind of like Diana's collection it could have used some tweaking for sure, her team mates should have helped with that. I didn't think the construction was that bad, at least not compaired to the others.

I should probably start with the disclaimer that I have never understood the appeal of the thong.
If I wanted a wedgie, I'd go back to 6th grade. A thong also makes any woman, larger than size 2, look like their ass is eating their panties.

But these thongs looked especially bad. They made the model look like the posterchild for the National Wedgie Foundation. Not to mention; all 3looks look like they would require a degree in engineering to figure out how to put them on.

Funny to see this fetishy stuff from meek little Diana. But like they say; you always have to watch out for those quiet ones.

--Gotham Tomato

Yeah Diana really needed to find her voice on this challenge. I seriously would have told the model that she could just go home, and found someone off the streets or just modeled the damn thing myself, and take the model of the designer that got sent home at the end of the challenge.

The model is certainly allowed to have opinions and limits, but the designer's should always override the model's. This was a competition for the models as well, so make the bitch face going home if she doesn't shut the one part of her body we don't need for this challenge (her mouth)

That's just me, but I've been called a bitch more times than I've been called a nice person. But guess what? I have yet to have someone else's opinion kill me.

I liked these. They look uber uncomfortable, but they're kinda sexy. At least she had a "point of view" that was in the vicinity of underwear.

That model should just get over herself. Je.Sus.

The sketches looked promising, and if they'd have been executed better, they might have been OK, sort of like Jay's swimsuit. But they're so skimpy on the bottom they just look unflattering, and very, very uncomfortable. Not to mention hard to put on. And the flowy fabrics weren't done very well--they ended up looking cheap instead of ethereal.

Although she gets points for having a strong idea, it's not something, even if executed perfectly, that would look flattering or sexy on anyone larger than size 0 or so. At least Rachel and her poor over-exposed ass didn't have to wear one of these.

good to see heidi picked diana. though.

but maybe diana needs more experience...
well i have to say i look a lot BETTER on the sketch.
(and those designers just know how to draw something!! i love daniel v and diana's painting. good presentation.)

i just hate model cara.

well those clothes are messes. if diana got chloe it would have been better?

"maybe you should not be in this business."
well cara should see what leslie has been doing: saving the clothes back!

the clothes(on model leslie) with blue fabric should be the third, right?
can you change the order please?:)

i think it's good to put that at the third, that one is OK. though

Fashion Curmudgeon

Oh, Lordy. In action, these didn't look as bad. But in stills, they are positively atrocious. She was definitely thinking, but not necessarily about how well the concept would look in the flesh, so to speak. Hard to believe she made skinny models look like lard butts, but there it is.

I hate the heavy makeup.

"Oh, just stop. You suck."

Ahahaha agreed. I really wish that damn model were stuck with, say, Zulema. Zulema would've gone Shatangi on her ass, glue her into a thong, and make TV gold. Shame she was partnered with Mousy Marla and closeted S&M fan Diana.


Concept: bondage and chiffon? Hurrican hits the runway?
Is there disaster relief from this challenge?
Shall we start a "collection" for this clean up effort?

Demolish the entire episode and rebuild.

Funny to see this fetishy stuff from meek little Diana. But like they say; you always have to watch out for those quiet ones.

I don't think it's fetishy stuff as much as it's engineeering stuff. Diana is trying to cantelever herself to fame using the least amount of support braces and hidden beams.

I *hate* her stuff because it's ugly, it would be hard and confusing to put on, you'd need someone to help you with it, and the support she's taking away from her garments by subtracting fabric must be made up for by lean, hard teenaged bodies. Anyone who is a normal weight and over the age of 16 would never be able to wear this dreck.

Did I mention it's also ugly?

Frank Lloyd Wright or Frank Gehry can enginner and cantelever to their little heart's desire and it's interesting and soaring and pretty. A first-year engineering or architecture students will end up with a pile of hapless matches.

Compare what Diana tries to do with her scientific approach to what Laura achieved with *her* engineering/architecture background. Just because Diana's stuff is "different" doesn't mean it's successful.

I was hoping you'd provide pictures of her original sketches, because I loooved her idea. I just wonder exactly what happened that everything fell through? She had the best potential to win this round as well as be the only one to not make sub-par clothes and yet there was something just off about the proportions that screwed it up.

I love Diana, and while I wasn't wowed by everything she put out (like this), she's very intelligent and comes up with great concepts. She's young still (though older than me XD) and with more experience, she'll figure out how to translate from concept to reality.


kisses, boys!

All I could hear this episode was Tyra's voice going "The modeling industry doesn't care what you think. They will ask you to pose in a bikini in the snow and you had better do it."

I'm also getting flash(forwards?) of Amanda.

"Your job is to wear the clothes and look pretty."

Hey, look, Kara Saun! --

Could someone please give the model a snickers?

Perhaps she was bitchy because she was hungry.

Adorable little Diana! She is really trying to blend science and clothing construction, and she is very intelligent about her designs, and she is not playing it safe either. (You know, it really is hard to win with all of us amateur critiquers - they get slammed for playing it safe and being boring, and they get slammed for taking chances and ending up ugly!) I agree with "anonymous" that I wish Zulema had gotten that model - she had a lot of nerve trying to dictate what she wore and how she was styled. At that point those sweet girls didn't know that they could (and should) have dumped her and gotten someone else, and that would have been very nerve-wracking anyway. And Diana's collection was CERTAINLY not as ugly as Santino's.

Perhaps the model didn't want to be mistaken for a porn star.

Not every model feels comfortable dressing up like this. Yeah she should have told them to rub salt and gone back to her Burger King gig, but she politely tried to wiggle out of it. Some people prefer politeness. Don't ou think being polite is good ?

Split personality disorder!

Maybe this would have worked out if the team members were more skilled. In other words -- maybe it's not Diana, it's wacky Marla and thoroughly insane Looopy's fault.

Models should be seen and not heard.

I thought this stuff was really OK - sort of sporty S&M.
But that model and her ANTM loser posing.
"Oh, just stop. You suck." Peed my pants


UGH...that model grates. Just FUCK OFF!!! I wanted Diana to bitch-slap her so bad. If you don't want to wear the designers clothes, then just leave you whiny twat!

I'm quite impressed with Diana's work in retrospect. Yes, she's still young and needs more experienced, but her ideas are wildly imaginative. She stumbles on the execution, but she is definitely the most creative and innovative designer from Season 2.

It would have been interesting if Chloe and Emmett had been on her team instead of Marla and Loopi.

"Oh, just stop. You suck."
You guys like make me start bursting out in laughter days after I read all this!! Omg.
As for the collection, it was odd, definitely unflattering, but it really was sexy and the concept was great.


would barbie throw a bitchy fit if she had to wear a thong? NO! so suck it up bitch! its gonna be like 45 seconds tops. jaysus chrysler. . . .

ooo, plus she can have opinions, she just wont hav any say! you can complain all you want but you are still gonna have to do it.

any of the other designers or employers would have given her a SHITLOAD of crap for that

I remember cheering when she said that. Don't fuck with Dirty Diana!

Oh my god, sugar. I love your Avatar.

THANK YOU for calling that model out on her RIDICULOUS behavior. Her walk was TERRIBLE, anyway. I'm sure you've also noticed that no one has seen that model do anything of importance since PR2.

That model is the worst. It's her job to put on clothes other people design for her. It's her job to do what people tell her to do! If she doesn't like it then, like Diana said, find another job.


Okay, I thought these pieces were downright scary. Yes, you are right, Diana has some great ideas, but the execution sometimes escapes her. But she's very young. I think in a few years, working with some more seasoned designers, Diana could really go somewhere. I sure do hope so, because although I didn't always love her clothes, I LOVE DIANA.

She's adorable.

Oh, yeah, and that model? Horrible. She and Olga need to team up and start their own business: the "I'll Wear It If I Fucking Feel Like Wearing It, Bitch" Agency. It'd be a huge success, for sure.

And I *do* wish that Diana had been teamed up with Chloe or Emmett or both of them. Her ideas, combined with the experience and expertise of those designers, might have resulted in something really interesting. Instead she ended up with Useless and Uselesser. Alas.

Ah jeez, more pasty white cellulite from season 2. But that unflattering still of crazy-ass Marla makes it all worthwhile.

I just got a Michael Kors catalogin the mail today, which now resides in my recycle bin. Everything is brown leather with gold studs and cheap-looking. The accessories are knock-off Lauren.

I still wonder what happened here. The sketches were so lovely and interesting, and Just no. Even as bondage gear this stuff looks cheap and ill-fitted (in the bottoms, mostly). There is still something interesting going on, but what the sketches had going for them was lost completely.


"I feel like you can't just be that picky if you're a model because your job is to achieve different looks and if you don't want to do that, you should probably get a different job."
OH MY GOD!! We STILL talk about this line to this day. NOT ONLY what Diana says but HOW she says that understated Diana way... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

"Anonymous said...
I still wonder what happened here. The sketches were so lovely and interesting, and"

I think the sketches looked better because these garments would look best in still photographs; properly posed, with wind machines.

--Gotham Tomato

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd provide pictures of her original sketches, because I loooved her idea.

Hi Anonymous,

We could't get a good shot of the second sketch (the camera went too fast), but here they are. Hope that helps!


If I wore this stuff to bed my husband would die laughing. The whole point of lingerie is get the two people involved in the mood.

With the exception of Daniel F's line, all of the garments this week were butt ugly (pun intended) and unwearable.

LOL! I'd forgotten that model... She was a pain all right, but maybe she'd seen previous shows, or rushes of previous shows, and she was terrified of having her butt exposed in a fugly way like poor Rachel's.

I don't like Diana's designs as a rule, I think that it's a definite case of clothes looking better on paper than on the flesh (sketches) and furthermore, her team sucked dirt. But she still beat out Daniel F. and Santino. Go figure. As other posters said, both DF's and S's designes were more adventurous than his, dare I say it? More fashion-forward.

Diana's collection, while reminiscent of Jay's swimsuit from last year, was nevertheless the most distinct look of the collections in *this* challenge; it had a genuine edginess to it in a way Santino's collection -- which I think was also trying for edginess -- failed to achieve. Also, the flashes of color worked, even if Lupe's model was weirdly draped.

Every time I see these I like them even more. I thought Diana's collection (with the obvious exception of Marla's piece) was really strong.

And looking at it now, I realize how much I love Diana and Lupe's models. I thought this season was pretty bleh compared to 1 and 3 when it came to models, but I quite like them.

Diana looks like ugly betty!

This collection- bleh.

A- not very original. Thongs, even with straps, you can find lots of places.
B- The basis of most lingerie is floaty chiffon pieces with bare panties. This isn't that new really.

This stuff looked like poorly made Kmart meets Fredericks shit. I like Diana but this was a clunker. Yuk.

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