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Ripping the Collections: Jay, Part two

Dear Jay, We'll take one in a large and one in a medium.

Oh, we covet that sweater, kittens. Gorgeous. 21st century argyle. We're not sure what that loincloth-y thing is, but it doesn't really add anything to the outfit.

Beautiful. Even though it looks monochromatic at first glance, there are actually several variations and shades in the outfit. Love the patented McCarroll circles on the pants, albeit extremely toned down and subtle. Love the styling too.

Mmmm. Not so much. The hoodie's cute and the skirt is a masterpiece of construction but the tights and the boots kind of ruin the effect.

Another "not so much." We like the tights, but that jacket -- no. It's not just that we don't like it; it just doesn't "feel right" for the collection.

Gorgeous and - unusual for Jay - sexy. The dress is pretty basic but then again, the dress is just an accessory for that incredible coat. We couldn't get any clear shots of the back of it, but it's all done in a traditional quilting pattern, reflecting Jay's rural, crafty background. Who knew a quilt could make a woman look hot? Not the Amish, that's for sure.

Here's the thing: yes, we could easily make another muppet joke here and yes, this isn't something 99% of the women out there would wear, but as a signature look, an aesthetic statement, it's beautiful and powerful. Breathtaking, really. This is really a culmination of the work he started back in the Nancy O'Dell dress. Shredded layers of graduated colors. Dead perfect execution combined with Jay's highly refined color sense make for a stunning look. And kudos on Julia's styling. She looks incredible.

We're finding it hard to write a wrapup because we think we've pretty much used up every synonym for "gorgeous." At any rate, we stand by what we said earlier: this is the most creative and fashion-forward (hate that term) collection Project Runway ever had. A powerful expression of an aesthetic dying to be expressed. In fact, to a certain extent, the show owes at least some of its success to the fact that in its very first season it was able to unearth such a talent. Sure, Jay made for "good television" but in the end, the only thing that mattered is that Jay made beautiful clothing.

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Bravo Jay! I laughed.. I cried... it changed my life.


I wish you could show a close-up of that argyle sweater (like you did of Laura's beading). I'd love to see how it was constructed.

BTW, I was one of the bidders trying to buy that long quilted coat. Didn't get it. Damn!

--Gotham Tomato

It's interesting that the best thing about Kara Saun's collection is her aviatrix leather jackets. Then Jay comes along with his quilted leather coat and blew her away--these pictures definitely don't do it justice. And that first blue sweater--it has similarity to a lot of traditional knitting patterns, but he adds that little something that makes it look modern & hip (though the rest of the outfit isn't so hot). Jay makes artsy-craftsy cool.

I went to Jay's web site to see and update, i.e. his Fall 06 collection, but it's not there! Do you know what's up with that? There were a couple of things on the slide show that weren't in his PR collection and a back shot of the incredible quilted coat (though you have to wait for it to come by). But I agree that this collection was incredible, though I still think the headsets are trite.

Yeahhh, 21st century argyle. That's a great way to put it. I liked that sweater too, although it wouldn't look right on me. I still appreciate it though.

"Sure, Jay made for "good television" but in the end, the only thing that mattered is that Jay made beautiful clothing."

Very true... recent finalists are all about relying on being good TV personas to make it far on the competition.

Jay was truly inspiring... i think that's a good word to use.

The thing about Jay is... he was probably the most talented and innovative designer on the show to date... and how many challenge wins did he have?

And Kara Saun and Daniel V and Mychael had all these wins... and yet...

It's good that the judges FINALLY recognized Jay's talent at the end of the day. I would just have liked to see him get robbed a little less during the season. Ya know?

I'll take one of the first one (the blue tomboy outfit) in an extra-large!

I covet that coat. And the pants with the muted Jay circles, but mostly just the coat. Gotta hand it to Jay, his kooky (but beautiful) collection was risky, and yet there is at least one piece in each of the looks that I would wear right now. Brilliant.

jinxy: I think that the reason why folks like Daniel V, Mychael, etc won so many challenges is because while they have a great sense of aesthetics, they're young and lack a point of view. So they can mold themselves to any challenge at hand, but fall short on a runway.

Oh, I was hoping you'd be able to post a good picture of the back of the quilted coat. I'd love to get a close look at it.

I agree about 1 & 2 - gorgeous and so wearable, minus the loincloths. The all-brown would make a fabulous anyone-could-wear-it outfit minus the mini skirt (though maybe it's actually a dress, but that dress could easily be a top instead). . .and I'm thrilled to think that the fur isn't fur!

Where did those big fuzzy boots come from? Were they among what was provided for the designers?!

The purple straight jacket. . . not exactly wearable, but it doesn't bother me because I think it works in the context; that is, as part of the overall expression of the designer's aesthetic/vision.

I hate the mini dress! It does remind me of his "prom dress" (was that the Nancy O'Dell challenge?), which didn't work; it also reminds me of Wendy's velvet skirt/strapless top outfit. But the Boys are right: the dress is an accessory and though I'd love to have seen something different, the coat is the thing, and a very dramatic expresson of his identity.

Isn't it odd that all 3 of the finalists made maroon(ish) jackets/coats??

I never did like the final outfit. . .until now, seeing it up close. I think Laura's beaded garments need distance. This one needs to be seen up close.

Okay, do what I did: scroll down through Jay -> Wendy -> Kara (or up, from K-> W -> J): is there any question who the winner is???

what? is this a joke?

I LOVE the third one... my fav!
even though we can see the model's nippel hahaha

Even though I don't smoke, it feels I should lie in bed post coital and have a cigarette. Thanks for recapping season 1 it is so much better the second time around! What an inspiration Jay has become. The sweater, the scarf, the styling choices, that coat...heavy sigh. When I think about what's ahead with Season 2 I am bucking up for Reality TV with all the personality issues vs. what was really accomplished in Season 1, which was the showcasing of a serious talent like Jay. I'll enjoy it but I will be much less fulfilled.

Thanks PR Gays.


No longer a virgin

Once again, there is at least one thing in each outfit shown that I would wear, including the last ensemble.

Jay is phenomenal.

I agree with Erica, too, who made a comment about the fact that some of the other challengers throughout the competition were able to win challenges but fell short when the time came to put together a collection.

Three of the four finalists in season 3 were more successful in that regard: they had won challenges, and were successful in putting together cohesive collections.

My absolute favorite item from all of PR remains that long red quilted leather coat. When the model turned the corner I just gaped, and I didn't have to guess who was going to win from that point on.

If a woman that beautiful walked up to me in that outfit and asked for a favor, I'd just ask back who she wanted killed.

How about Austin Scarlett's decoy collection?!


I think that the models he chose were a key element in bringing those clothes to life

he chose models based on personality which i think is BRILLIANT!!!!!

I think those models really brought there own individual personailty to every garmnet making them pop even more and bringing in this unified feeling of "i really like these clothes"

does anyone know how much this collection sold for in the PR auction?

Granite Janet

I want the argyle sweater. To-die-for is an understatement.

I just don't get the "bravo"s for this collection. For the most part, it looks as though Jay just took a pile of renmants and threw them together, willy-nilly.

The fur vest is pretty nice (if not particularly innovative).

McCarroll Circles: They're the Anti-Fleurchons. I adore Jay's 21st century argyle, and I hope he shows more of it.

Folks, Michael Knight's name is spelled "Michael." Nothing fancy. I don't know who started the rumor that it was spelled some other way, but there it is.

I still say Jay was my favorite. Do I love everything he does or says? No. But that collection really rocked my world in a way that no other has. And I love that the gay country bumpkin wierdo freak with all the talent won.

Anonymous said...
Folks, Michael Knight's name is spelled "Michael." Nothing fancy. I don't know who started the rumor that it was spelled some other way, but there it is.

3:31 PM

Mychael himself started the Mychael spelling. I heard that Bravo just spelled it wrong and I heard that he did it because was taken. I'm not sure.

I covet that scarf/skirt from the first half and I would murder to get the pants with the "jay circles". Just amazing

Cute clothes! But Bossy is concerned: The models all have miserably deformed ears! Poor things. Sometimes purple, sometimes pink - but always enormous and shiny. And round.

Well, after reviewing this all with the incedible guidance of the boys, doesn't it seem that Chloe and Jeffrey can't even hold a candle? Jay, you are the real deal.

One of the main reasons Jay's collection is so great is that it's pretty universal. I watched the finale with a bunch of my friends (we were juniors in high school), my mom, and one of my friend's mom. And everyone wanted at least one thing from the collection. My mom still covets that purple quilt jacket. People of almost any generation can wear something of his.

But of course, we all could be biased because we live in the neighboring town from Jay, about 5 minutes away from his house, and half of us have met him. And he's exactly the same way off camera as he is on. And I met him before he was on the show and he was the same. I just love him so much. :)

why wasnt the black look shown on the runway i dont think i remember seeing the gold one either

No disrespect intended to Jay -

Considering how polished their runway shows ended up, I'd love to have seen what Jeffrey, Uli and the others could have put together with the couple of extra months that the first two seasons received.

Now that I see the collection again as images it's interesting that you mentioned the Amish. If you look at traditional Amish quilts the palette is pretty much the same as Jay's collection. Just goes to show how a creative person's environment is synthesized into their creations.
Amish Quilt


Sigh. I know that more recent seasons have had more professional designers (like Jeffery), but no one has had the end result Jay had. And that's why we'll always remember him/wish bravo would give him his own show. Preferably with Austin.

Jay is how you do artsy-craftsy fashion well. Angela Keslar is not. Love. Him.

Thanks, PRGayBoys, for all the awesome work you do...I'm a cranky law student surrounded by mean little bitches all day, but when I read PRG and see you call me "kitten", I remember that there is still good in the world! I voted for you in the Bloggies! Mwah!

" If you look at traditional Amish quilts the palette is pretty much the same as Jay's collection."

Amish quilts are all in jewel tones (as are Amish clothes). That picture isn't a true representation of an Amish color story, but that just could be in the picture itself.

Jay's clothes aren't truly an Amish color palette. But he has such a strong quilterly sense to his work and color stories that it sort of seems almost like it. When you saw Jay at home, and saw his workspace, with all the fabrics organized by color, that is very quilterly as well.

--Gotham Tomato

I think that puffy purple jacket was the only mistake in the entire collection.

My family has watched PR religiously since the first season (in fact we tape it and watch it on Sundays. Hah!) and the two outfits we compare almost everything with are Jay's Chrysler building dress and the quilt jacket. I'm not sure anything has been made on the show as amazing as those two things.

*applause* Oh, there are too many things here that I want. That first sweater, those second jeans, the mauve/lavender patchwork pants...

Er, #3 was one of my favorites, haha. I'm especially digging the big ol' fuzzy Japanese loose socks (or are they bootcovers? Hard to tell.) I'm short, so I could wear that more than the fabulous coat in #5.

*fangirling like mad*

Yes! The quilted jacket! The most awesomest argylesque sweater ever! The pants with the circles! And I even liked the frilly skirt-and-hoodie outfit. And you are right about the "Elmo" dress -- when I first saw it I felt it was way over the top, and didn't fit with the collection, but close up the work on it is just amazing. As is Jay. Such a fantastic talent the man has. As kcf put it: "Well, after reviewing this all with the incedible guidance of the boys, doesn't it seem that Chloe and Jeffrey can't even hold a candle? Jay, you are the real deal." Who are Chloe and Jeffrey? :)

The colors were great and innovative. A lot of it was fugly. The crocheted poncho looked much like one my grandmother made for me in 1966 and I refused to wear because it was ugly then. The quilting - oh well- no way I would ever wear a blanket. no matter how "hip" we are supposed to think it should be to wear a Jay McCarroll original, clothing made of knitting, crocheting and quilting look like you are wearing your grannie's sofa!

please answer, boys - tell us good news, that you have some sort of inside scoop about when jay will have clothing available to us!!!!

I love that black outfit! I think its sexy but still the crazy Jay! That was my favorite piece in the collection! I WISH THEY SHOWED IT IN THE SHOW ON TV! WHY DIDN'T THEY? AND WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS MENTION THAT?

I've been reading your blog for about a year now and I love it. You've been talking about Jay's collection for so long, but I never really took the time to look at it. "Big earphones? Crazy hair? Better than Rami/Jillian/LEANNE????" That's what it seemed like in the little thumbnail pictures you had next to the entry. So I never bothered.

But last night I finally took and look and....OMG. This is GORGEOUS. The colors are breathtaking It's just amazing. I should have trusted you - you guys know what you're talking about!

Looking back now, this is still a perfect collection. PRers have been waiting for something to approach this again, having been horribly spoiled early on. While Leanne did well, nothing else has come close to this collection.

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