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Floor it, Gunn!

"I am COMPLETELY comfortable right now. Completely. As a gay man living in the West Village in Manhattan, I must log 50 or 60 driving hours a week! At least! I LIVE behind the wheel of a car! Eyes straight ahead and both hands gripping the wheel - I am so maverick, baby!"

And the posture! He looks as impeccable driving as he always does.

Tim Gunn driving a car is actually pretty disturbing... I much prefer to think that he just bends the forces of the Universe to his urbane will and transports himself to wherever he needs to be. Kind of like G-d or Captain Kirk.

Tim Gunn was killing me in the car!!! Too funny. He's adorable.

What did everyone think of Michael's sequined-pocket blouse? Is it me, or did it smell a bit Kaynebow? Like, he was channeling the sunshine while designing or something. (Love Kayne btw)

And Uli's story about coming from E. Germany almost made me cry. Almost.

I don't have a problem with Tim Gunn driving a car, but a bright red convertible is not his style. They gave him a charcoal colored one for one of the trips in Season 2--this was a little more fitting.

Someone asked Tim about the car last season and he laughed and said he couldnt afford the parking on a car, much less the car itself...

He does look a wee bit tense while driving,which is to be expected.

I am horrifed that they put THE Tim Gunn in a Saturn. A SATURN!!Yeah - I know- they're sponsors....yada yada yada.

My man is BMW 700 series all the way.

The East Germany thing . . .I was watching and blurted out, "I didn't realize she was from EAST Germany!" One second later Tim said the same thing. My wife laughed but I think it means I'm awesome.

I know Saturn is a sponsor and all but I see Tim tooling around town in a big old silver Bentley or Rolls with a gorgeous, well muscled, well endowed, uniformed, young driver who opens the door at each stop, as La Gunn emerges... his silver hair gleaming in the sun.

HEY! Saturns aren't that bad...this coming from a Saturn owner :) I absolutely LOVE the sky roadsters. And I really love those red ones, though I do agree the color just isn't "asthetically pleasing" with our beloved Tim Gunn. A charcaol gray or black is really much more his style. But him driving around in a hot sporty little car like that is just too adorable.

I loved seeing Tim a little rattled, it made him more human and lovable.

Joe said, "My wife laughed but I think it means I'm awesome."

And I think that's hilarious.

And I think that's hilarious.

Take THAT, Lisa! I know you're lurking! In your FACE!

I love him in the red roadster! Everything about him is so in control, he needs a mad little accessory!

Hey Tim, I'm a great navigator and I pack light! Give me a call and we'll take a little jaunt!


"Driving is just thrilling! I think I'll take a circuitous route to Jeffrey's just to prolong the elation I'm feeling. I am concerned that the wind is ruining my coiffure, but, what the heck - I can do tousled!"

Am I the only one who thought he looked so serious behind the wheel because he was repeating to himself, "9 and 3, 9 and 3, 9 and 3, that's what my high school driving instructor always said..."

'Though I did like the quick catch of him adjusting the temp--in a CONVERTIBLE?! I would have much rather seen him turning up the volume on a Streisand CD. Guys--you have to address this!

I tivo'd this episode and had to rewind and watch him driving. You can totally see that he does not drive on a regular basis. Too funny. My thought was this, did they ship the same car all over the country for him to drive? Or did they just obtain one locally at each location? Because I know those Sky roadsters are in demand and hard to find especially in the same color with the same wheels.

Oh yeah, forgot to say -
Saturn = Ew

seth: Tim had noted that for S2 the Saturn had been shipped because it was still a pre-production model. It's not *that* expensive to ship a model around the country--companies do it for business moves all the time. Actually, they only had to locate two: one in the SE US--Atlanta and Miami could have been driven between by a driver, and find one in LA. And Saturn would of course make darn sure that if the desired Roadster was in a dealership, they wouldn't get to release it until the taping had taken place.

My parents had a similar deal when they bought their CR-V. Impossible to find in this area, but it seemed that Honda manufactured some of the "demand"--they ended up purchasing their CR-V through a dealership that had a relationship with another dealership in another state where they *weren't* in demand and had surplus inventory.

Poor Tim, he was getting as red as a lobster in that drop top! Especially when he went to see Uli in Miami! When he took his shoes off to walk on the beach (in his suit) you could see how red his arms and face were compared to the tops of his feet. He even mentioned that in his podcast!

I drove for a press fleet for three and a half years. Cars that are in demand and difficult to purchase when they are first "released" are readily available for special events and such through the car companies' PR departments for automotive journalists to drive and review. I'm sure that there was a red Sky roadster readily available for Tim's use, especially considering the visibility this product "placement" garners for the vehicle. After driving cars like Bentleys and BMW 7-series, I can tell you that Tim looks MUCH better in that sexy red convertible. And although I am not usually swayed by celebrity endorsements, if Tim decided to be a spokesman for a rickshaw, I'd be tempted to buy one.

On a different topic, I can't wait to see what the PRGayboys are going to do with the whole "turtle poop" exchange. Hilarious!


all tim needs is some ray ban aviators.

"9 o'clock and 3 o'clock" i remember that.....that
is just good defensive driving. and that is exactly what one needs to do to get around atlanta.

zoom zoom zoom

loved seeing all the designers in their individual homes. it gave a much more personal side to them i had not seen before. softened them a bit.

laura's son: "this is for you."
tim: "what is this?"
laura's son: "turtle poop."

the EMS almost had to be called on that one, as i was on the floor.

Melanie, I was thinking the SAME thing and Angela just emailed me about that!!! So funny.

The Saturn was disturbing even though I know it's a sponsor thing. I agree with the other commenters that he should be in something MUCH more expensive w/a driver.

It's bugging me that they're playing up Jeffrey's past issues. The whole killing himself thing was a bit TMI for me. Drama sells I guess.

New Yorkers driving is always a stitch! Maybe he just learned.

Are you being sarcastic?

Nahhhhhh not you guys.


To heck with the car. What about suave, sophisticated Tim with his jacket off, sleeves rolled up and shoes& socks off on the beach with Uli?!! It was like seeing your father naked! I wanted to turn my head (but didn't).

I wonder if he knows how to park?

Tim in the car...I love it!

"Oh, dear Lord! Must. Keep. Buttcheeks. Together. Please let me make it to my apartment bathroom! Just look normal...."

Jennifer (Melanie's sis) said...

"It's bugging me that they're playing up Jeffrey's past issues. The whole killing himself thing was a bit TMI for me. Drama sells I guess."

K, then they shouldn't have made such a big freakin deal about Uli growing up in EAST (OH MY GOD!!!!) Germany. It's only fair.

And they're playing up Laura's herd of kids and how "hormonal and depressed" she is.

They have to show everyone's background so we know where they came from and allow us to relate to them as people, not just TV stars.


I love how New Yorkers driving is such an oddity. We're like poodles dancing on their hind legs. :)

And Tim is just too freaking adorable, even though he does look slightly terrified.

Happiness is a warm Gunn!

"I love how New Yorkers driving is such an oddity. We're like poodles dancing on their hind legs. :)"

All I could think of after this comment was Toonces, the cat who could drive. Hahahahaha!

Tim actually made ATLANTA, LOS ANGELES,MIAMI sound like "sexy" words. I couldn't believe it when he said those cities names, it turned me on.
Vincent. actually it really did turn me on for some reason. Anony...

"Anonymous said...
Tim actually made ATLANTA, LOS ANGELES,MIAMI sound like "sexy" words. I couldn't believe it when he said those cities names, it turned me on.

HAHAHAHAHA!!, Tea just spurted from my nose!!

As a former Nwyker who had to learn to drive in Los Angeles at 28yrs old, I can tell you.....I missed NY. I hate the freeways, people drive sooooo fast and LA is not logically laid out, not to a Nwker who is use to the Subways and 1st 2nd 3rd, Lexington,Madison, Park, 5th ...but then I got mixed up in the Village sometimes. Oh well I could totally relate to Tim driving so carefully. I'll bet there was a camera-crew truck on each side of the highway with Tim,keeping all the traffic away.

Tim Gunn is the cutest human being alive. Seriously.

You can tell he's just repeating "ten o'clock and two o'clock, ten o'clock and two o'clock" in his head. That and "eyes on the road."

Tim Gunn. What more can one say???

Now, I get it.... as dego says below Tim is turning red lobster red.... I get why they gave him a red lobster.... It had to be... red lobster... red saturn.... pan to Tim Gunn driving down Christopher blaring Rock Lobster by teh B52's...

anonymous too..
I'm sure that Tim is never stuck in traffic, it just opens up for him, like the Red Sea parting for Moses

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