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Nina: Pure Lust

Nina tries to keep it all cool and aloof, but every once in a while, she sees something and she can't keep the fashiongasm off her face.

That needs to be on me. Now.

Oh God, I would look hot with that on me.
Imagine my hair with that on me.
Against my skin? Gorgeous.

Oh, yes. That definitely needs to be on me.
At a party. In front of men. And cameras.
With those earrings that I lifted from that shoot last week.

Who could possibly look better with that on them?
God, I'm fabulous. I wonder how my hair looks right now?


"I'm sure Michael would be willing to live in a back room and sew just for me. Oh, yes. He'd love that. When is this damn show over?"

how about a little skit with her squirell eating a nut orgasmically face?

Mariana (The Original)

Nina's chin is poorly executed. She needs an implant.

Seriously though, I love that aristocratic Colombian bitch. I want to take her shopping at Dress Barn and then buy her lunch at Applebee's.

She needs to not try to be blonde though. I went through that phase and we Latinas have a hard time pulling it off sometimes...

Sure, it was a cute dress, and Nazri really worked it; but I think I saw the same thing at a toga party in 1985.

LOL! What I wouldn't give to watch the two of you take your screen shots! I happen to love Ninagarcia - her facial expressions are priceless. The dress reminds me of Units and a little Esprit dress that I wore back in the 80s.

Am I the ONLY person that thought that outfit looked REALLY similar to the outfit Mario was eleminated for in season one?

oh my lord, y'all have done it again. i remember thinking that nina really liked this dress, but you broke it down so perfectly ~ too cute!

Gigi said "The dress reminds me of Units..." Ohmigod -- Units! I hadn't thought about that since ... well, since the Kara Janx kimono dress last season! There's just something about an obi-belt that can also be used as a cowl neck!

Dear Ninagarcia-

I want to f**k you like an animal.


OMG - get OUT OF MY HEAD!!! LOL...once again you two have pulled the pithy, sarcastic thoughts right out out my frontal lobes.....hahahaha

Lovin it!

Nina's really become the Andre of Season 3 as far her facial expressions are concerned. I love watching the horror, lust and disgust week after week. What's so damned funny is she's trying to keep a poker face but she just can't!

This is one of the most hilarious posts you guys have done on me yet!

Too bad Michael didn't use softer belts like this one instead of the stiff cigar bands he had in his final runway show.


Just a note to EMBEEDUBYA---I just rolled...Back in my "career" days I think I bought EVERYTHING in that entire Units store in every color, and now I have THREE Kara Janx Kimono dresses!! I cannot stop laughing..

Heidi had an "ohmygawd how AWFUL" look on her face at one point last week. Can't remember what or who, but that dainty little Nordic nose was definitely wrinkled. Twitching, even.

Probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen because you know NINAGARCIA is thinking that. AND she's right ;-)

I actually love Nina Garcia, she is so girly, so accomplished, so
b!tchy but for a reason of course, it's work, it's her job to critique. I do adore her. She's beautiful and she loves herself yes. Were purring French lovely Catherine and Nina ever in the same room together, I wonder if those two would have adored each other, thinking all others were just well...not in the same universe. I love both those ladies though.....
No this is not Vincent posting.

The Style Network ran a segment on Fashion Week, featuring the Project Runway finalists. I found it odd that there was a clip of Nina and Tim Gunn both saying how we shed a few tears, yes it was emotional, something like that....anyway. Kara Saun was on, she loved Michaels collection best, then Jeffrey's. She and all the panelists seem to think Laura was wonderful but didn't go past her comfort zone. Oh well. They rerun those Style Network shows all the time, it's a good segment on Fashion Week and Project Runway,if you want to try and catch it.

I think Tim Gunn said he was crying all week? I don't think he would be crying if Laura or Micheal won. He liked Jeffrey but I'm not sure Tim would cry all week if Jeffrey lost.

Gigi said...
"The dress reminds me of Units and a little Esprit dress that I wore back in the 80s."

OMG...Units! You read my mind!

"Fashiongasm" -- I am so stealing that!

Okay, I must be older than Gigi and the rest of you! I worked Macy's in the late 80's and we sold Multiples the precursor to Units. The woman that "developed" the concept worked for Zoran originally, after the lawsuit she opened Units. Wow, that seems sooooo long ago!

Oh don't you worry Miss Lisette--I had those Multiples too. And it does seem like a very long time ago!!

What is Units? I grew up in New Jersey and then NYCity, how did I miss Units? Was it there??? Was it at Bloomingdales or Saks or Barney's. I remember Express, that was in NY.

I'm with you on the Nazri love. But someone please tell the child to get some sleep or put cucumbers under her eyes to cool the bags.

"The dress reminds me of Units and a little Esprit dress that I wore back in the 80s."

Units! IMG, I bought several pieces took them apart and copied them. I wore them all though my pregnancy, they were GREAT! Well, at the time. What was up with that little triangle vent under the arm? and 42 inch long tapered sleeves that had to be scrunched up? Whatever,it worked for maternity stuff.

Nazri is gorgeous , she is probably soooooooo busy since Project Runway that she has very little time to sleep. Poor dear, but she's got to strike while it's hot. Once she builds a little in the bank, pays the rent up,maybe she'll take a weekend off and get some sleep. She's wonderful. I also love Marilinda, she rocked Jeffrey's dress. I'll bet she's getting bookings all over the place!

I have no idea what Unit's is. Sounds fun.

Oh my God boys, I had to just savor yesterday's post in order to compose myself to say something, and then this... honeys, you are more fabulous than the post it note under the spiked heel on the LV vintage luggage. Please, please put us all out of our misery and let us know what you will be up to after PR, season 3, tragically comes to an end.

I swear nobody would mention lifing an accessory from a fashion shoot unless they had done it themselves. Oh, those earrings are scuffed... nobody will miss them. Anyone mind? Thanks! I have this Units dress they will match so well! Ahh hahh. What a scream you all are!

OMG!! Units!

I totally loved Units. I actually have a zebra print shirt that is still wearable and looks as good as the day I bought it!! No lie!

I had a pair of stretch pants that looked totally new for 15 years. I wish they would bring them back.

Good thing I still have my black leggings from the nineties and my wide belts. Eveything old is new again.


Oh Lisette, you know we're about the same age - we were both just children back then. ;-)

does anyone know who does Nina's hair? I doubt she uses Tresemme?

I remember "Multiples!!!" I was a slave to Multiples. I basically tossed out my entire wardrobe and wore them everyday while in college. In fact, I still have a few pieces in black and olive. How sad is that?

That's the same lusting face she makes when she goes to 5th Ave in Park Slope for the "All You Can Eat Chimichanga and Ribs Breakfast"...

Of course, she hits the GAP first and wears plebeian clothing so that nobody will know they're serving cerveza to the infamous Ninagarcia.

faces or no faces, Nina is second in beauty only to Diane V.
What is sexier than a beautiful intelligent woman, with an attitude!!!!!!

Mariana (The Original)

Anonymous said...

What is Units? I grew up in New Jersey and then NYCity, how did I miss Units? Was it there??? Was it at Bloomingdales or Saks or Barney's. I remember Express, that was in NY.

6:50 PM

They had a Units at Woodbrige Center in Jersey. Oh God...

I have to go chug some arsenic now.

Bad back-to-school shopping flashbacks!!!!!!!!!!! Xanax! XANAX!!!!!!!!!!

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