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If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly...

Our last little bit of sparkle has left the building.

Ahh, Kaynebow. How we will miss you.

Amanda = Hot.

It's to Kayne's credit that he really made the attempt to edit himself last night. From the front, the dress is inoffensive, if bland and a little dated-looking. Evidently, Kayne misunderstood the challenge and didn't realize he was supposed to use more white in the design.

The back, however...

Oh, we love him too much and we're sad to see him go. Suffice it to say, the back looks like the top of a laundry bag and we'll leave it at that.

His certainly wasn't the worst look on the runway last night, but at this point in the competition especially, the judges have to be looking at the entirety of a designer's output to decide who's showing in the tents. Much as we love him, Kayne's just came up lacking. He has tremendous skills, but the world of fashion isn't for him, not at this point.

This isn't the end for Kaynebow, though. We predict that out of all the season 3 designers, he will make the most of his exposure. We hope to see him concentrating on stage wear and costuming, picking up the mantle and becoming this generation's Bob Mackie. It's where his talents lie and he's very good at it. Ms. Parton would only be smart to pick up the phone and call him.

We'll miss his wide-eyed enthusiasm and glittery presence. It was always difficult getting screenshots of his interviews because with all the flailing of the hands and rolling of the eyes and bouncing in his seat, we could never get a clear shot of him. He's so gay, he vibrates with it.

And the rest of the season will be a little less fabulous without him.

Auf wiedersehen, Baby.

Aww, sweet. That is a great post, guys. I'll miss Kayne.

Aw...I'm so sad to see Kayne go. You're so right, though. He should totally be the new Bob Mackie.

Bye bye Ms Thing, I hate it for you, but she should have known better. Why didn't he listen? I know the questions was specifically asked about using both black and white. Then when Tim asked where his white was, he was like, "will this count?" Hello!! No! It won't count. You would think by now he would "get it." When Tim asks you a question like that it means, you better add some major white to this dress.

I think he is totally to blame for his aufing. He should have followed instructions. I thought he would do really well on this challenge since it was a cocktail dress, but I suppose that proves he isn't ready for the big time.

Please, please, oh please let Jeffrey go home next week. I cannot stand to even look at him and that thing on his neck, it makes his face look so squatty, like a bad DMV picture.

Love ya Kanyebow and will miss you on the show!!!
Still think he should have won the couture challenge, loved the dress. Hey if they can bring back crazy and crazier maybe they'll bring him back too......


I love me some Kaynebow. This is a man BORN to dress the likes of Dolly or Cher. And wasn't he the cutest when he said his goodbyes? I just want to go out with him and have some umbrella drinks and then talk catty about all of the other women in the bar. That would be the best.

Nobody loves Kayne more than I do..He is so misunderstood..The pageant world is a better place because of him.

kayne puts the sweet in sugar. he was the most colorful of all the designers by bringing a sense of fantasy to all his designs. okay, maybe he was a bit off at times, the fact that he did what he felt was good design stands in his favor. i agree that we will see kayne down the road hawking his threads and laughing all the way to the stages of the world.

I feel like I should pour some Cosmo on the concrete floor of a loft for our Kaynebow.


I do hope Kayne gets some positive style exposure to augment his great dressmaking skills, because that's what he really needs to up the ante on. I went to his website and yikes! that sketch he had there was more than a little scary. Good luck to the happy little camper. He was fun without being controversial.

I miss Kaynebow already! He is just such a sweetie and has a great future ahead of him. The rest of the season will be a lot less fabulous without him.

I will really miss his sparkle. :-( However, I think he has quite a career ahead of him if he sticks with what he knows best: costumes! A modern-day Bob Mackie? Yes, yes, YES!

He was a little ray of sunshine! So gay So Southern. I'm no Southerner but Kayne was grace under pressure at times and I loved seeing it. I think this being the new 50's Vegas is where he should head -Yes, he is the new Bob Mackie, but can't you imagine him doing Cirque du Soleil or Celine Dion, hell, even Pussycat Dolls!

"he was the most colorful of all the designers" ~ in every way.

from what i've heard since he returned to our environs, kayne's business has been taking off. the exposure was, for him, a magnificent boost to an already exceptional business.

go kayne!!

I miss Kayne already! He was fun to watch and he is definitely talented. I hope he makes the most of his exposure on PR.

Congrats to Laura on her first win. Michael continues to be the coolest one on the show (well, besides Tim, of course!) and Uli, well, I liked the fabric she chose to make the dress, but, seriously, enough with the dresses. As for the Peanut, when I think of him, the word that comes to mind is VILE.

I missed the first 10 minutes last night (damn DVR!) and nearly fell off the chaise when I saw Vincent and Angela in the workroom polluting the atmosphere with their "creations."

What was it that Captain Haldol said...something along the lines of, "I've been making magic from day one..." or some crazy sh*t like that. He continues to be a legend in his own mind.

Love and kisses to you, PRGayBoys!

Best wishes, darling. You're a sweetheart!

Dammit, this blog's got me hooked.

With that being said... Oh Kayne. Every time I think of him what comes to my mind is him with the French beret and eyeliner mustache. I don't know why but that just makes me smile. It's sad to see him go. Still, my Michael's up there.

On another thread, anon said--
"I'm sorry, but Kayne just did NOT step it up when it mattered."
True enough, but I can't begin to express how impressive Kayne has been as a person. He might not make your short list of designers but he was true to himself, did not whine and greeted the world with a sunny optimism. Clearly he would rather be himself than win PR.
Way to go, Kayne!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)


I am very sad that you are gone. Your charm and sweetness will be missed. Bless your heart and best wishes, dear.

My heart is broken. I will miss him very much. I admire his lack of pretense and his willingness to stand up for what he believed.

I am loving that Mark Harris guy from EW! (Of course not half as much as my PRGayboys, who actually know Rafe, my own Patron Saint of Footwear and Really Cute Bags PERSONALLY!! ...I almost had an aneurism over that one, divas!!)

But this was a classic:
"EW: When you saw Vincent and Angela walk into the room and turn the top five back into a top seven, what went through your mind?
KAYNE: I definitely knew we had to step it up a bit. They're good; you know what I mean?

EW:Not really."


By Kayne.....kiss kiss.....

I'll miss him. I mean who else could call two other contestants "heffers" and still be considered the sugar in everyone's coffee?? Love it. And his "I'm not really a bitch, I just play one on TV"... classic.

Bye bye Kayne-ie poo

ALL the best to you Kayne. The show will definitely not be the same without you...but hey, at least we'll see you hopefully sitting with Robert BEST in Bryant Park --only wish we could have a live action cam trained on you both. GOOD LUCK!

"I'm not really a bitch, I just play one on TV"

We know that, sweetie, and that's why we love you, Kayne.

I'm of two minds about your statement that his outfit wasn't the worst one on the runway last night. Angela's and Vincent's didn't really count since as soon as their models started down the runway, it was pretty clear they couldn't win, so he only had to be the worst of the other five. On the one hand, Jeffrey's model looked like a hooker. On the other hand, she looked like a reasonably expensive hooker, one who has a pimp who hardly ever beats her up and looks at her as a valuable asset, not one who walks the street looking for fifty bucks to buy her next fix. Kayne never had a plan to incorporate white in his dress, and the back was hideous. And his model didn't really look styled. I'll miss him, and I worry about what the world's coming to when the last four contestants on PR are all breeders, but it was time for him to go.


If you are reading this, (and my gaydar senses that you are!), please know that I am sad to see you go. You gave me and my boyfriend so much joy to watch. We rooted for you not just because you are gay, but because you are talented, because you are kind, because you are caring.

I know you have a great future ahead of you. You are the Kaynebow!

Brian in KY

PS. Saw you on the Today show this morning. Sorry you had to share the spotlight with crazy Vincent

Like putting an old, sick dog to sleep, you don't want to do it ... but you know that it must be done. I felt for poor little Kaynebow but it was the right decision (though it wouldn't have been a bad thing for Uli to be auf'd.).

You nailed it with the Bob Mackie for a new generation ... little Kaynebow will go far, but, more imporantly, provided inspiration to millions of overweight, budding but not yet blossomed junior homosexuals in Oklahoma and similar dreadful environs that a girl from down on the farm can make good in the big city by being her fabulous self. Bravo, Kaynebow!

Tom in Chicago

Anapestic and Briane--

If you both weren't already taken, you'd both TOTALLY be my new boyfriends.

(Either of you have brothers -- brothers who might be attending that millionaire's club?)

anon 1:03-- OK, why not come out and tell us what you REALLY think? :)
Sure, it is possible that the editting of the show made Kayne more sympathetic than he really is. I doubt it, though. With an attitude like Kayne's you might be auf'ed but you are never a loser.

For some reason, there's been a little bit of nastiness in the responses this morning.

Criticize us, criticize the show, but DO NOT take it out on the other commentors or we'll delete your comments.

Looks like anon 1:03 got "editted".
I stand by my response, though.

I felt this auffing was coming, and it was sad, but inevitable. I don't feel that Kayne is "haute couture" but he IS super talented and very wonderful. I think that he will take this opportunity and the exposure gained and build a tremendous business in his niche. I could see Dolly Parton calling him for some fabulous duds and other C&W singers using him for costumes and outfits to wear to award shows. And that's in addition to his ever-more-thriving pageant and prom business.

No tears for Kayne!! Just hugs and love! I will miss him for his humor and sunshine and I can't wait to hear what he has to say at the reunion.

Kayne will make the most of this and he will flourish. And I will be delighted.

Now that Kayne can't be "the winner," can he team up with Robert Best to start their own line? Their partnership was productive as well as entertaining, and the Miss USA challenge proved they balance each other in a winning way!
Maybe they could even have their own reality show, just doing their designing thing together. I'd certainly watch for an hour a week.
And I want MY next evening gown to be a Kaynebow and Best design.

NO ONE says "cocktail" with quite the same umph! as Kaynebow. No, the fashion world isn't ready for my little claymation boy (hasn't Heat Miser crossed your gay minds just once???), but television sure is!! Can we get him a talk show?????

Here here! I see "guest commentator" in his future.

Jeffrey (uh huh)

Goodbye, dear, sweet, lovely, beautiful Kayne. So talented. So incredible. Never a bad word from you about ANYONE! A team player, always. Kind and generous. A ray of sunshine. Never mean-spirited or catty. The way you always kept that smile plastered on your face when the judges were excortiating you. you unshakable belief that everything you did was "GOOOORgeous." I'd wear your outfits ANYWHERE! To the Mall, JC Pennys, Monday Night Bingo, Applebees ...

Rainbow kisses and butterfly dreams. You've charmed everyone with your maturity and wisdom, your kindness and, most of all, your talent. It was Obvious to us all ... what's wrong with those judges??


I just looked again at that last photo looks like Winner Mommy's face is BURIED in Kayne's neck. Awwwww...she really showed her sensitive side this week. She has that great combination of edge and heart.

The judges said it best--Kayne is still a young designer and hasn't yet fully developed. But it's wonderful that we see him now and can watch as he blossoms! He's such a sweetheart and I just know he's going to be tremndously successful. Watch out, Bob Mackie! ;-)

Bravo Kayne, you are loved and missed. Thanks for taking us to planet Fabu every week!

Tim Gunn's podcast mentioned that Jeffrey's model looked as if she was going to a cocktail party but not for "that kind of cocktail" - take a listen and see....

'nuff said

I can't believe my favorite Kayne is gone. Good post, guys. Now I am looking forward to the reunion show to see him again. I had such high hopes when I saw his design sketches. And while I knew it was going to happen from the judge's reactions, I still can't believe Jeffrey's hideous creation was still standing and Kayne was gone. Kayne, you always brought fun, cheerfulness, and good spirits into the room, even when you were playing bitchy. Good luck always, with the pageants, costuming the stars, and all other pursuits. (I agree, the Kayne and Robert commentary would be a great addition to future PR seasons. At least maybe they will start their own blog for next year!!) Now off I go to shed a few more tears. Sniff, sniff.

It's like Planet Crazy!

I would happily be La Kayne's beard any day. I a-freakin-dore that little lovebug. He was such a trooper after he was auf'd. A complete class act, proving that not everyone from Oklahoma is a hillbilly. He should have made it to the final three if only on the merits of those AMAZING cheekbones of his. He is so much more deserving than Uli "every garment I make must have braided fabric" or Laura "my collection should come with an AAPR discount" As for Jeffrey, well he is a total ass but he does actually have "mad skills" which he apperantly picked up in 1994 along with that saying. As for Michael (Notorious S.E.W.) I predict he will win if only to complete the National Civil Liberties Union tri-fecta...1. a gay dude 2. An Asian chick 3. An African American guy. I do wonder what they will do next year to prove how "out" Bravo really is...maybe a hermaphroditic Russian Chernobyl stump lady. I am not putting my name on this blog, so that Jesus won't know who it is he needs to send straight to hell. Luv ya... Mean it!

Curious to see what comes of the long paper note (or something) that Kayne left pinned to his garment. (yes I am rewatching with my fine toothed Tivo this morning)

I actually got the feeling that the judges were gunning (no pun intended) for Kayne, and his number was up. Day-um, I really wanted to see some gay Southern color on the runway.

I love this blog. It mirrors my thinking perfectly. :)

I also appreciated the couture review; it helped me understand why the judges favored the Tattooed Turd's Scots On Acid dress over Kayne's. And I'll miss Kayne. If nothing else, the show needed his light to counter the Turd's nasty darkness.

Mister Terrific

Katie, since you are scrutinizing last night's episode, can you tell me what was said after the end, before next weeks previews.

I turned away, then turned back in time to see that they posted some words about Vincent's model ... the one who had an "accident" ... but not in time to read it.

Can you tell me what it said? Is she the model that got hit by a car?

Anonymous 2:53 said: "As for Michael (Notorious S.E.W.)"

That's great!

Hi anonymous,

It says:

"Model Jia Santos was in a bicycle accident during this challenge.

She made a full recovery and is modeling again."


Ok PRG guys... am I the ONLY one who's 100% convinced that our favorite fabulous chocolate bar, Micheal (I can say that because I am also African... membership has it's privileges!!) is the last GAY standing?

Boo-hoo! Ok, it's absolutely true that sometimes he went overboard (think prom in Castro) but he was such a nice guy. He just GLOWED, even when he got bitchy. As a side note, I looked at the auction prices for last week's garments---guess whose garments sold for the highest prices??? Kayne and Uli, in that order! Love ya, Kayne, and if you ever get Southern Charm's website up and running, I will buy SOMETHING!!!!

Fave quote from Kayne's EW interview: "Well, Vincent's a kind and gentle soul, but he's crazy."

WORD. At least on the crazy part.

Kayne needed to stay and Jeffrey needed to go. But Jeffrey is a dick and this season's Santino that everyone loves to hate so he makes good TV. I am still upset over his winning the couture challenge. At least Kayne's dress was wearable. Jeffrey's looked like reject pajamas, but he will remain with Laura (yea!) and Michael until the end. Poor Kayne-nice guys always finish last.

I will dearly miss sweet Kaynebow, but something tells me he's not gone from the scene for good.

At least I still have Michael.

anon 2:53 -

Yeah, because choosing a gay guy shows a lot of diversity...really unexpected on a FASHION DESIGN SHOW.

Anonymous @ 3:56 said, " the last gay standing?"

I know this was discussed on this blog once before, but I thought Michael was straight and Jeffery was gay. He describes himself as a "fag daddy", unless I'm misinterpeting that? Hmmmm...

Anonymous @ 3:56 said, " the last Gay standing?"

I know this has been discussed on this blog before, but isn't Michael straight and Jeffery gay? He describes himself on his Myspace account as "fag daddy". Unless I'm misinterpreting that?


kayne will succeed because he has heart, personality, inner strength and he is like the guy every gal would love to go shopping and have lunch and be good natured bitches with... are you sure he's the last gay guy on the show? i think the jury is out on low key mama's boy, michael (whom i ADORE!) he doesn't sashay, but that don't mean he's not gay...

Oh yes, let's just discuss and discuss whether Michael is gay....either that or our outrage that Laura had a sip of champagne while pregnant.

I have not loved all of Kayne's designs, but I did love this one. I thought it was stunning. His dress, Michael's and Laura's were the only dresses that actual earthlings would wear. So the judges must be keeping Snidely Whipstitch around for "drama," because it sure ain't for talent.

BTW, grasshoppa, the student has surpassed the teacher: this blog is now way, way better than the show!


Jeffrey's looked like something Julia Roberts would have worn in Pretty Woman BEFORE the makeover. He should have gone home.

The show won't be as fun without Kayne. :(

Jeffrey better be gone next week, that's all I have to say. That crap he pulled was not a cocktail dress. It was a streetwalker's dress. Point-blank, period.

I wish Kayne had listened, though. I could see that dress being totally chic with just a white accent on the sleeves. *sigh* It's a real shame.

Poor little sparkly one. I love him, but he just didn't get it.

Tim warned him time and time again EXACTLY what would be his undoing. You'd think after he got spanked for the Elvis impersonation he'd have toned it down a touch in Paris. It was a good basic concept but then he went needlessly baroque.

He should have won that challenge, and would have if he hadn't thrown the kitchen sink at the gown.

Fabulous little baby...I'll miss his sparkle and glitter.

Kayne ... just love him. Objectively speaking, I agree with ohnonancy: Jeffrey's dress was much worse. He should've been eliminated back at the "Ordinary Woman" challenge. They're keeping him for the drama, and unfortunately, that comes at Kayne's expense. That's all right, peaches: I think you'll do just fine in the real fashion world.

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