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What the...?

Congratulations on your second win, Michael! You know we're your biggest fans, but uhh...

...we don't get it.

No, seriously. We don't get why this outfit won. The judges just creamed themselves over it and we thought it looked like crap. She looks like an escaped mental patient with a sense of style. We can't look at her without thinking she lives under a bridge somewhere and all the other homeless people laugh at her for putting on airs and claiming she's a model.

Speaking of which... we are psychic. We said Nazri could walk down the runway looking good in a trashbag and damn, if she didn't come close. Girl, you did your best, and you are still the fiercest bitch on 4-inch heels, but not even the fabulosity that is you could save this outfit.

You know at this point Jeffrey is thinking it's going to take Paulie Walnuts to get him a win.

Sad to see Alison go.
A reminder that all it takes is one bad hair day and you're "auf".
Michael's piece was indeed odd. The judging this year appears to be haphazard. More arbitrary than in past years, even.

It looks like something Laura would wear...
I didn't get it, either.

Jeff and Alison were robbed! ugh. And now there are more reasons to hate Vincent- and I thought there were plenty already!

I swear if Vincent said "I got off looking at it" I was going to wretch! Dude needs to go and get some mood-altering drugs!

Got to agree, love Michael, didn't get how this was "innovative" at all. Jeffrey should have won this one. Can anyone explain wtf Vincent is still on the show? I'm guessing he's got pics of somebody with a goat! Allison's dress wasn't her best effort but it was better than Kayne's,much as I love him, or Vincent's cardboard tube!

Ugh. I thought Michael's outfit looked utterly ridiculous. A clear plastic wrap? She looked like she was wearing a Trojan Supra.

Vincent should have gone home, and as much as I hate to say it, the Tattooed One should have won.

I still feel guilty over Alison's tears, like I did something wrong.

I'm going to go emotionally eat now.

I loved the gold bodice on this piece but didn't understand the plastic either.

I like Micheal, but a high school kid could have made this out of Duc Tape.

My opinion is that this is one instance where it looked much better in person than on TV. I didn't notice all the details on the skirt until just now looking at the pictures. I think also like Tim said, Jeffrey's piece, although very high fashion, had a very in your face type of aesthetic, that I'm guessing the judges didn't respond to as much as they did to Michael. Rachel Zoe would lose her job if she recommended lil' Lohan or Keira to wear that blue and yellow thing, even if they have both worn some serious choice pieces.

I didn't like this as much of some of Michael's other pieces, but my loathing for Jeffrey has grown so intense that, in spite of the fact that I liked his piece, I squealed and clapped when Michael won.

i love me some michael, though. glad he won it. the judges were clearly on crack and better michael than that nasty creature with the tattoos.

okay rungay boys, do we think (shudder) that vincent actually meant "got off" as in he had an (yeeeeeech) orgasm looking at that atrocity he created? it flat out gives me the willies to consider. say it's not so, oh wise ones.

OMG I am SO loving the homeless lady puttin' on airs comment.. yep thats what I would be.. struttin' in my shiny shiny stole of hefty bags :)


WTF does Jeffrey have to do to win a challenge? Spin straw into gold.

And that whole " we're surprised that a female designer would send a model down the runway in an unflattering dress " bit. I've got two words for you folks Donna Karan. Miss K has been sending girls down the runway in black knit jersey crap for years and gotten rich doing it.

And Michael? To paraphrase Dorothy Parker "That (dress) wasn't just plain terrible, it was fancy terrible. It was terrible with raisins in it."


Jeffrey "dress" was ugly. The colors were ugly. The fake belt was anime ugly. I have no idea why anyone thought it was good. The reason it moved like fabric is beause he probably used muslin under it. Regardless, Kayne should have gone home- the only reason he didn't is because Tim Gunn told him to lose the horrifying fingerpainting. Tim guided him more than he had any designer previously. It was almost cheating.

Poor Jeffrey. So close, but so far away. Totally robbed this time. His dress was amazing.

LAUGHING OUT LOUD! The gaydar is expanding...didn't I ask you once if you were psychic???

You boys need to seriously attach a 1-900 line to this blog and give your predictions. You said it. Nazri could walk down the runway in a trashbag and win and...she DID! I love it!


I too, was cringing every time those words were uttered ("I got off" or "it gets me off"). ::::shudder::::

Yuck I know right? His face too when he was insulting Laura, he is not just gross and disgusting but he is fake- his "funny" side seems like its fake to hide the nasty person he really is. Its just revolting to hear such a ugly human refering to stuff like that uh ugh.. if it makes cute boyz look desperate to say stuff like that it makes ugly men puke-worthy..


this challenge reminded me of the bums here in san francisco and for some reason the bushman on peir 39

She looks like the belle of the Bag Lady's Ball.

Anyone think there is something going on with Jeffrey & his model?
She gave him a very gf-like grab-of-encouragement while the judges were kissing his ass.

I didn't see that but what I have noticed is a CRAP LOAD of chemistry between Alison and Jeffrey.
like.. yeah.

I actually liked Michael's [beside the plastic thingy]. The bodice was ORGASMIC.

James Derek Dwyer:
I Totally agree!! And it actually it WAS in fact, newspaper just draped over the muslin.

And Alison deserved to go.
That mess was horrible as a whole..
the hairstyle..come on.

Agreed. Much as I love and route for Michael, the day belonged to Wideneck Jeff! His outfit was totally the most fabric looking. But I have the feeling that newspaper substituting for fabric is a gimmik that's been done before and perhaps that was what made the difference...but even then I would say it should have been b/w Laura and Jeffrey for the Gold.

Vincent's dress was by far the ugliest shit in life, but boy did I love the little pissiness with Michael Kors....who by the way looked like he was about to bitch slap him.

Nobody has mentioned how Uli was robbed. I thought her braided mylar dress was lovely, and was surprised she didn't make it into the top 3 this time.

regarding jeffrey, what did michael kors mean by saying jeffrey's aesthetic was all about beautiful ugly, or whatever he said?

WORD! She is wearing a plastic tarp with a broach - Nina Garcia and Rachel Zoe would both go outside wearing plastic tarps?? They said they wanted to....What the...?

I really thought that Jeffrey should've won. He made the paper flow like butta.

He's not my fav, but come on judges, even you could see the genius behind that garment.

Oh, PR boys... love this blog...and I'm a conservative Christian...who used to work in a costume shop and know how positively wonderful my gay designing friends were. So one more stereo type....BUSTED!!

You guys rock!

I'm on the Michael love train, and fervently wish Mr. Penis-Neck Douchebag Sebelia would go away, but even I'll admit that Jeffrey outdid himself this time. Not only was there the trompe l'oeil belt, but topstitching as well. I thought it was a very clever response to the challenge.

If he weren't such a trash-talking tool when it comes to his fellow designers, I'd be more likely to feel he'd been cheated. As it is, I'm having a hard time mustering much sympathy for him, or feeling that he was truly robbed.

I'm on the Michael love train, and fervently wish Mr. Penis-Neck Douchebag Sebelia would go away...

I might as well put a name to my words, shouldn't I?


Anybody know where the gold lame` came from that Michael used for the bodice of his design? I personally didn't see the RECYCLED EVENING GOWN pile at the recycling warehouse, did you? It was the only part of his design that wasn't ludicrous, and it seems it was a cheat. Jeffrey's design was far and away the best, which just goes to show that bad people can do good things!

It wasn't gold lame. It was gold MYLAR, you douche.

What, are you gonna say that Robert's dress was silver lame or that Uli's dress was woven with silver lame?

It was all Mylar and the warehouse had tons of it. In gold AND silver.

You wanna talk about cheats, what about the black knit halter Vincent's model had under her paper dress?

I recall the leggings from his lame and boring black dog challenge outfit weren't made by him either.

I don't think Tim helped Kayne that much. On Project Catwalk, boring Ben DeLisi practically remade a dress himself once, and the woman STILL went home! But yeah, the milk cargon spouts ? were horrendous and thank God our Tim made him take them off. Vincent's dress still was worse, Angela's not much better and Jeff should have won. His dress WAS better. Why the judges went nuts over Michael's peanut skirt (same as Laura) and lamé bodice (where did he get it?) plus Glad Wrap, is anybody's guess.

And it was downright cruel -- and unfair -- to say, "I don't understand how a female designer could make something so unflattering to the female body". PR alumni have made much much worse things. It was enough to auf Allie unfairly without making her feel like a total failure. Her paper dress wasn't that bad. She just got flustered by the change of model.

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