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That outfit was ass, but you still looked FIERCE. You could sashay down the runway in a diaper and a trashbag and still make it work (and this being PR, you probably will).

CAN'T WAIT to see you working a Pam Grier look tonight!

[Photo: Project RunGay]


Did I hallucinate that whole Uli/Heidi post earlier?

Damn meds. I'll never get the dosage right.

Sorry about that, Speck. As soon as we posted it, we felt that people were going to misread it in a manner we didn't intend.

We like to be bitchy (hell, we live for it), but we realized making an ethnic joke was coming too close to a line we didn't want to cross.

Just between us...
It were funny.

I agree...Nazri kicks ass, she is so striking. BTW, I love, love,love your site! You guys are great.

Nazri is so going to rock the Pam Grier look tonight -- especially if they can find someway to mimic Pam's flowing tresses in "Foxy Brown." Would it be too much to hope for some wah-wah guitar when she struts her stuff down the runway? I am so gonna be in blaxploitation heaven tonight!

DAMN I love this girl! And I can't wait to see her work that Cleopatra Jones shit tonight!
I agree with Gia...there MUST be some bam-chicka-wah-wah guitar stuff going on when she struts Michael's (winning,I hope) design on the runway.
I couldn't think of a more perfect combo than Michael and Pam Grier and Nazri...well, if Kayne had gotten Cher (and had Robert model the outfit)that would have been infinitely more fitting!
<3 you guys!


Another Hardy Boys Book: The Great Airport Mystery.

Another Hardy Boys Book: The Great Airport Mystery.

Done in cheapass polyester...

Okay, so I didn't get my dream of watching Nazri walk to the theme from "Shaft." But daaamn! The lady was fierce! What a dream team: Michael, Nazri, and their baaadasss fashion icon, Ms. Pam Grier. I may just have to reevaluate my passionate hatred of hot pants...

Nazri! Ms. Fierce Grier Tresemme!

Congratulations! That was the BEST!

Nazri owns that walkway! She looked stunning in Michael's outfit.

There was another model as good as Nazri, and she didn't make the cut last night. She sold Kayne's Miss USA gown with her lovely walk and sinuous moves.

The way in which the models were chosen last night was totally unfair, and had nothing to do with talent. If Nazri's name hadn't been chosen, she would have been out too.

LOL! I hate that outfit.

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