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Vincent: When I think about this dress I touch myself.

Oh, what the fuck is he still doing here? That...thing was so godawful "art school project, circa 1986" he should be embarrassed. "Avant gawde," Vincent? Puh. Leeze. If you'd slathered her in glue and thrown her in a dumpster, you would have gotten exactly the same effect.

As disturbing as this garment was, it didn't come close to the discomfort we felt when you expressed your deep and abiding love for it. For the record, what exactly did you use to stick all that paper on her? Just asking.

He is totally giving himself the subtle "press down" there. Disgusting.

"I see that come out and it turns me on. It's what matters. It is bizarre and that's what I like. It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it's told. It's awtsy, very awtsy."

"I'm gonna hurl."

Oh dear god, I'm LOVING the Buffalo Bill reference!

You guys are a little bit of perfection, you know...

That SOTL reference is priceless.

"what exactly did you use to stick all that paper on her?" eeeeewwwwwwww

and nina's expression is PERFECT for this dress.

you guys are a little bit of perfection.

The Nina at the end is great.

"It puts the lotion in the basket."

Wait, maybe that's why he liked that basket hat so much.

The dress got him off. Hmmm... The man is so fortunate that there's always somebody worse. He's going to end up in the final four for just that reason. Get used to it. That's when he'll finally run out of people who screw up more than he does. Then he can fade away with his dresses and a supply of tube socks.

U guys R FAB! luv the snark, how about doing a pic of last weeks Vencents "A Clockwork Twiggy"?


Why didn't the judges remark on those bizarre points sticking out of the top of the dress. Had she actually succeeded in falling down, she could not have only put out her own eye, but possibly even Michael Kors' at the same time. Those things looked like some kind of ancient martial arts weapon extending from her breastplate!

his model looked AMAZING though. she's beautiful.

I thought Vincent's dress was fine. It was graphic and risky, which is something the judges obviously value over pleated and unattractive to the female body.

It was tattoo man that got ROBBED.

"It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it's told."

OMG! I'm laughing and shuddering at the same time!

"My name is Wil E. Coyote, super genius."

Why was Alison kicked off instead of Vincent? Check out NY Daily News' Daily Dish column:

No, not the part about Lindsay Lohan, look all the way at the bottom:

"Which reality contestant who just got kicked off the show was targeted over a more deserving deportee because the program's hostess hated her so much?"

DAMN IT! Justin beat me to "It puts the lotion in the basket!" but I can add, "Or it gets the hose!"

Fuckin' A! You guys are such a crack up! My fiance also asked what Vincent had used to get the paper on that dress...I believe he used the term "baby batter".

Nina's face at the end of the post is just hyserical, darlings! LOL all damn day at this one!

OMG, you guys are hysterical! Poor Nina. No wonder she's so cranky all the time.

leigh harrison

It rubs the lotion on its skin.



vincent creeps me out


His dresss looks like Kandiniski threw up on it.

Maybe its me, but what really gets me is the fact that the model seems to be waering HER OWN BRA! First the tights in the dog challenge, now the bra. Next time, vincent will just make the hats... he loves hats.

Not just her own bra Ian. Her own SPORTS bra!!!!


I fully expected Vincent to lick his top lip while staring at Nina. It turns me on... slurp...what are you doing later?

Conceptually, Vincent and Alison were the winners because they were the only ones using the inherent aesthetic potential of the recyclables. The others tried to make the materials looks like something else. I thought Vincent's dress looked like a Joan Miro painting and Alison's reminded me of Issey Miyaki. If her dress fitted the model more flatteringly, Alison would have stayed. Kayne remained only because of his previous track record. Every time the challenge stresses "innovation," it's always the most mundane designs that are lauded by the judges.

I just discovered this site, and already am in love with it.

Is it just me, or were Moe Green ("The Godfather") and Vincent SEPARATED AT BIRTH??

Fredo told me to tell Angela, "You do NOT come to New York and SPEAK to a man like VINCENT LIBRETTI THAT WAY!!!"

It looks like his model wants to hurl, too.

Is it wrong I was more disturbed by his use of the word "artsy" then his shudder worthy "it turns me on"?

I HATE the word "artsy" it just means un-polished and pretentious. BARF.

Anyway, hilarious post as always darlings.

too bad he is the worst designer but has the prettiest model.

I really don't like thinking about Vincent being turned on. It's very disturbing. Especailly after seeing his ass.

MOE GREEN! GODFATHER! Exactly. Thank you thank you thank you, I could not put my finger on it since the season started.

Now someone just shoot him in the eye, ok?

Too perfect. He grossed me out so bad when he kept exclaiming how his 'dress' 'Get's me awwfff!' Ewww! And the still of Nina with the perfectly matching caption is genius. You rock PRgayboys!

its AWTSY!

more like "its awful, very awful!"

was he trying to mummify his model, maybe with a modern twist?

anything that has the capacity to turn Vincent Libretti on is a product of bad taste and chaos, that "dress" was a third grade art project/Vincent's college design thesis....

First Mate Cheshire

what was more freaky was that he said "it looks like a child's drawing" before that. uh....children turn him on...?


I am afraid.. all his clothes turn him on

My family is beginning to stare at me, after I've been sitting here cracking up for 15 minutes. Goddamnit, now I'm the crazy one in the family.

That is funny social-glare.

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