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There's something funny about that Macy's guy...

"Your next challenge will be to design a 3-piece
look for our INC brand at Macy's.
The winning designer will receive..."

"...a MILLION dollars!!"

[Screencap: Project RunGay]

lol You guys are too funny!!!


and his name.

He looks like the dude from Top Chef's long lost twin cousin

Maybe with the million dollars Angela can buy some better clothes -or better fabric to make better clothes- than bubble skirts and "Watermelon Pussy Pants"...

OMG, that was the first thing that came to my mind watching the episode.
Very funny.


Mr. Clean likes clean lines.

First Ninaisms, now Dr. Evil's maxi me!

I can't take it another minute!!! I love yous guys!! guys never fail to make me laugh

Bald guy from East German disco legends, DSCHINGHIS KHAN:

OMG! ROFL! Superb!

that was too effing funny!!! I swear I lol'ed!

BALMAIN for women

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