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What else is there to say, really?

Oh yeah, your dress sucked.


so i'll be the one who ruins everyone's day by saying that's probably what jeffrey's face looks like when he's having an orgasm.


What else is there to say....?Cover that ugly ass tattoo on your neck and I mean NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a punkbitch. It's not enough that he thinks he has the right to bully everyone, but to wish a stroke on someone? Someone should push his inked-up ass down a flight of stairs.

What was that mess?...I think I hear Gaultier quacking !

His tattoo is friggin lame. and so was his dress.

Michael rocks! I want him to win the whole fucking thing!

can y'all put on your little investigative thinking caps and find out what the hell that is written on the side of this boy's neck? it's driving me mad. it's hideous and i'm going all squinty eyed because everytime he's in a scene alone, i'm up at the screen trying to bring it in focus.

pretty please? :-)

Hi bigassbelle,

People Magazine cracked the case. The illegible scrawling says "Harrison Detroit," the name of Jeffrey's son, with "l'amor de la mia vita" underneath (translation: "is the love of my life").
At least, that's what we were told.

I pray for the day the divine Mrs. Bennett hauls off and knocks him out!

he loves somebody? who'd have thought it. i'll be he makes it to the end a la santino. yuck.

Hey you guys make me laugh & smile with each post. Read Entertainment Weekly recap,6115,1224940_3_0_,00.html
for an amusing take on PR. Love you guys!! :)

You're damn right his dress sucked! He should have been in the bottom two instead of Robert!

I don't care about Jeffrey so I am taking this opportunity on his quackery entry to gush about the PR Gayboys. You rock my world and serve me that bag of chips while being ALL THAT!

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