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Our mud masks cracked in shock.

Oh, there was much distress at Chez PRGay last night. Wine glasses were thrown, high-pitched wailing was heard, and garments were rended. Okay, not so much on the rending of garments.

There is no joy in Gayville, Crazy Vincent's still not out.

Worse than that, the barking loon won it this time.

Pardon us, but this thing is kind of ugly. The collar is pure Carol Brady and he managed to take a highly attractive, mature woman with a great figure and make her look dumpy and shapeless.

It certainly wasn't the worst thing on the runway last night and it's certainly the best thing he's made all season, but there was a clear winner last night and it wasn't Captain Haldol.

Her breasts look like they're about to take off and fly south for the winter.

"America! Is crazy country, ja? Meine titsen flappity-flap!"


Yay! I got one quick fix before boarding my plane..literally down to the last minute. I love you Boys so make me smile down to my bones. (it does take a while to reach them too with all the layers they have to go through).


That is SOOO funny, guys.
Uli was robbed!!

poor uli. first her mother had to wear that atrocity and then she was robbed, robbed! of the win that should have been hers. sigh. nothing is fair in runway land.

so relieved you've turned up this a.m.!! carry on!

"Her breasts look like they're about to take off and fly south for the winter."


All I can remember is "I'll just throw it on the pile with the others."

I LOVE LAURA. We laughed all night (mis)quoting that line :-)

I am very surprised. I bet this is a tactics by the producers to keep vincent around... sick.

I couldn't agree more with the breast comment! When Uli's mom walked down the runway, I first thought she had her "boobies out...damn" (to quote Heidi).

How could Vincent actually pull off a win? The judges have really lost their minds this season.

I have this awful feeling that he (that would be Vinny NutCase as well call him)- makes it to the final 4. I read in the news one day that the model who he uses all the time was hit by a car in NY and all she cared about was if she'd be able to WALK THE RUNWAY FOR THE PROJECT RUNWAY SHOW DURING FASHION WEEK.
God help us.

How can we not mention that the Angry Little Peanut made a mom cry!! A sweet, cuddly, kind woman... and he made her cry! You don't make a mom cry!... you just don't!

By the way... I adore you guys.


mienen titsen... girl!! i just spit coffee all over my desk... adopt me, you crazy bitches!!

ps - tell me youre gonna do something with kayne & jeffrey's high school photos! so much mom drama - my head is spinning in anticipation.

Oh, we'll get to all of it, don't you guys worry.

You guys are hilarious. I came across your blog the other day and laughed so hard. I agree with you, I don't know what's wrong with the judges that Vincent won, Uli definately deserved to win, she did amazing. I love this:
Her breasts look like they're about to take off and fly south for the winter.
"America! Is crazy country, ja? Meine titsen flappity-flap!"

redsinner, you're right. Jeffrey shouldn't have made Laura's mom cry. He should have jabbed her with his finishing shears. Wow the apple doesn't fall far from the bitchy, weepy tree.

Andrea's mom rather.

Wrong bitch. My bad.

wow, I almost spit out my water in a giggle fit. priceless!

Maybe I have a shiveled black raisin where my heart should be, but I couldn't help but feel like Angela's mom was playing victim and trying to set up Jeffrey. Gotta love Angela coaching her mom behind the screen to crank it up a notch for the judges. That said, holy crap he made the ugliest garment I have ever seen in my entire life.

Oy vey, the drama. Uli definitely deserved the win. Can't wait to read your comments about those Kayne photographs!

Uli was robbed. My only consolation is that she most certainly is going to the Top 3 (my pick, now that poor Robert is out) is Uli, Michael and... uh... Can it be a Top 2 instead? Oh wait. Mizz Laura, of course! Gotta love that girl.

Vincent Whack Job (as we call him at home) made poor sweet Uli's momma look like she gained twenty pounds overnight. And was that dress polyester? WTF? He always makes his fabric look like poly doubleknit.


I see that there's already an Elizabeth on the board (even though I posted under that name the other day), so I'll switch to the 2nd.

Anyway . . . I searched and searched for your blog last night. I'm completely addicted! And I needed to hear your take on the show after reading all the QuackQuackQuack on the "official" board.

I can't wait to read your take on Angela and her mother. What a pair. Just be honest, Mom. Uh huh. And by Just be honest, I mean tear him a new one.

Anyway, "America! Is crazy country, ja? Meine titsen flappity-flap." is possibly the funniest thing I've read since . . . well, since the last time I was here!

I found this wonderful blog through a link from a LiveJournal community, and you boys rock. Can't wait to read the rest of your take of last night.

I am very surprised. I bet this is a tactics by the producers to keep vincent around... sick.

Yeah, Ian, that's kind of my nightmare. I figure that Uli and Michael are going to be in the top three, because they've been so consistently good, but I'm not sure who the third will be. I will be extremely disappointed if it's Vincent. I would love to see what Kayne or Laura could do, but a Vincent runway show would be an abomination, I'm sure.

My thought on Crazy's dress wasn't the flapping titsen, but this:
How can a dress give a woman a cameltoe? Somehow he succeeded in doing just that.

And Robert may have been boring, but Jeffrey's was awful. Poorly made, not waht she wanted...and if they're keeping him around for the drama, then couldn't we have kept Robert and worked in some hot Boy-on-boy action between him and Kayne?

I love you. you guys are damned hilarious.

With Robert and Kayne it would be less boy-on-boy and more "Who's the boy?".

Meine titsen. You guys are killing me.

Ok, my roommates liked Vincent's dress, I thought it was kind of craptacular. The dress with wings (anything "with wings" IMMEDIATELY amkes me think of Dri-Weave) looked front-heavy. There was nothing on the back, making the collar/wings/split neck look like a growth on the poor, fabulous woman.

As for Kayne's outfit: it did not work. I thought the capris were cut flatteringly, but the top looked like it had a built-in bib.

Alright--Angela's mom may have milked the sympathy teat a little, but for the love of beatings, you do NOT--EVER--call someone's mother a bitch. I don't care if she IS a bitch--you don't do that sh*t. If Jeff had gotten Michael's mom and treated her like that, it's a certainty that Jeff would have gotten shot. And deservedly so. He should have gotten auf'd for that alone. Punk b*tch.

Perhaps Vincent's win last night was a sort of most-improved award. Uli's outfits are almost always fabulous, so when her head-and-shoulders-above-the-crowd outfit came down the runway, the judges probably just said, "Oh. Perfection again." Vincent, by contrast, sent something down that someone could actually wear out without causing small children to point and say, "Look Mommy! Something exploded on that lady and she didn't change her clothes!" and who would have expected it from him?

Either that, or the judges and producers, desperate to validate their awful awful awful failure to auf him last week, gave him the win to try to convince everyone that he's really brilliantly insane rather than dangerously insane. I smell a conspiracy.

At least he doesn't appear to have groped Uli's mom, so maybe the meds are finally kicking in.

Oh the Momma Drama!!
Love that the show FINALLY introduced regular-sized, mature women, sad to see how few designers could roll with it.
The truth is Robert designed a dress that many American women would actually wear. Kudos to Vincent's sister for backing him on stage. Judges comments throughout were inconsistent. First Kors says something's too young, then too matronly. Then he adds that the "silhouette" Robert was working with was probably the best one for his model, but still boots him in his cute little bum.
Though Robert is guilty of playing it safe, at least he produced something wearable. Whassup with Jeffrey? That was butt-ugly -- looked like a circus tent done in funereal tones. But I don't think Angela's mom helped the cause. She's as annoying, whiny and thin-skinned as her daughter. Still, Robert was a total tool and a coward for sending Mom to do his dirty work (didn't have the 'nads to apologize? What a moron.) He should have been aufed for not even trying on this one.
My theory: This show consistently pares out the bland, the normal, the don't-make-wavers. (Bonnie, et al) Jeffrey and Space Case Vincent make "better TV." And that's too damned bad...

PS -- Love you gay boys, you've got me hooked!!

Her breasts look like they're about to take off and fly south for the winter.

"America! Is crazy country, ja? Meine titsen flappity-flap!"


Funniest. Thing. Ever.

What about Laura being preggers? Those riding pants aren't going to fit any more.

YES! Thank you! Little Allison can't erase-a-waist, but Crazy Vincent can? And WIN?!?

Yeah, Laura being preggers was a pretty cool surprise. Why her mom was so shocked is a bit beyond me, but who knows their family dynamic.

Did anyone else think Laura was older than 42? I guess I think that tasteful glamour comes with age. And frankly, her general look is highly polished and a little severe, which I think ages her.

Love her comment about throwing another kid on the pile! Not many women make pregnancy something they just take in stride!

ViNcEnt! Ewwwwwww.. Everytime I see him I think of the basket hat or the paper dress.

I wonder if his planet knows he is visiting here?

I was so excited for the challenge. But the end... hm. Don't agree with either the Win or Auf. :/

"America! Is crazy country, ja? Meine titsen flappity-flap!"

OMG!!! That is the funniest thing EVER!
Hahaha you two are too much.

Did anyone else see the Motorola logo when Vincent's dress came out? Definately agree it was a "Most Improved" award last night too.

heh....mienen titsen flappity-flap!!! that's what i though when she walk out. and ULI SHOULD HAVE WON!!damn!

"Meine titsen flappity-flap!"

Titsen?? Flappity-flap??? I literally fell out of my chair at that one. If yall weren't so damn fabulous I'd sue!!! <333

Vincent wasn't his usual shitty self, true. He was LESS shitty than usual. He should have been gone a while back though.

Uli should have won. If only for not making another fucking halter dress.

I'm right with you there one the Carol Brady collar.

I love that Mama and Son Kors were matching shades of orange. Quelle chic!

How did you guys know Laura was pregnant? Looks like they intended to "reveal" it last night, but I had read it in your guys' blog a while guys are awesome.

For the record, it's a total abomination that Vincent and Angela each now have a win and Allison got sent home ... *gag*

You are my favorite PR site ever, I love you!

The back of that garment was so hideous too. The dress was just a simple tube, much like his walking pieve of trash garment, with brown wings on it. He's such a HACK.

Completely agree. I thought it was terrible going down the runway, but the back was also very unflattering. He won how??

Am I the only one who thought that dress accentuated her stomach and the problem areas? That belt especially wasn't doing Heidi any favors.

Uli was definitely robbed. Although I have to admit that Michael's dress was my favorite. He actually made me want a dress. Color me impressed.

Also, Laura rocks my socks times a million. It just needs to be said.

UUUUGGGGGLLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!! Excuse me, I have to go puke now!


And yes, the screaming Caps Lock was intentional.

I cannot stop laughing at this great blog... I feel so much better after being turned on to your site. That dress is sheer madness... what woman wants a collar that highlights the southern movement of her bustline, LOL... yikes so scary, so ugly and the "judges" liked it??? Can that be possible. Even Angela's fringe was well draped and made her model look great from the back... if A's dress top had been hot, it would have been my favorite and the "judges" just hated it... yikes, Vincent has not one wit of talent.. end of story

Vincent on Uli's Mom "She has a very European air about her."

Not shit Sherlock. She's from Germany.

LMAO annabelle! I thought the same thing--she barely speaks English, was that your first clue Vincent? And what's "European" about that dress?

I don't understand other blogs that think that Vincent's dress was winworthy. Love your blog!

I don't know if i can live in a world where Captain Baskethat Vincent wins a contest for designing for the everyday woman.

"Her breasts look like they're about to take off and fly south for the winter."

OMG! HAhahahahahahhahaha!

Oh, thank you ProjectRunGay! Now I can start my day on that laugh. Hilarious.

I think he was channeling Sally Field in "The Flying Nun"... it is soooo Sister Batrille...

koo koo ka choo...laura is hilarious! what a smart comparison to mrs. r, you boys are my new little drug!

First, yeah, Jeff's an asshole, but the passive-aggressive weenie deserved it, and so did her artsy-craftsy daughter. And Vinnie's dress was god-awful; the only costume that deserved a ribbon was Kane's mom's, designed by Uli, I think.

Vincent Libretti is a total nutcase. If I hear one more "It turns me on!" I think I'll smack my head against my living room wall.

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