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Hot for Sister

"Oh Miss...we'd like some extra towels for our room and could you tell us if there's an ice machine on this floor?"

We'll get to the dress in a minute. The model? HOT. FIERCE and HOT. Girl's got a KILLER set of legs and she worked that runway like she owned it. Now we know who got the looks in the Best family.

Oh calm down, we're just teasing.

Once again, the judges got themselves moist over something we thought was kind of bland. They acted like he invented the reversible shirt dress right there on the spot. More and more, it seems the judges are pushing the designers into a narrow, marketable, department store kind of aesthetic and that's a shame.

Frankly, we thought this was a disappointing entry for Michael. The dress didn't look particularly well-fitted and the print was ugly. In fact, we can't imagine any woman reversing that dress and wearing it print out. It'd look too much like a dressing gown. That sash/belt is uncharacteristically fussy for Michael and we can't help thinking it was a last ditch attempt to spice up a boring dress.

What is it about the Best family inspiring such boredom? We picture their Thanksgiving as a large group of people softly snoring around a dinner table.

Oh I could spice up Robert BEST Thanksgiving, trust me. I'd even pop out of a turkey for him. Don't get me started on the whipped cream that was supposed to go on the pumpkin pie.


Thank you! That dress was downright tedious. Did he not look at the woman he was designing for or did he just hear "Robert's sister" and thought, "okay - boring!"

"Oh Miss...we'd like some extra towels for our room and could you tell us if there's an ice machine on this floor?"

HILARIOUS....a little Jennifer Lopez in that movie, don't you think?

Robert's sister looks fabulous. She is gorgeous.

I like that dress, but i'm a paisley freak. If there's paisley, I'm on it.

Strange outfit...looks like she had a paisley boner.

I liked the dress, I thought it was WAAAAY better than the dress that won with the maxi pad wings.

It was a tad bland, but better than Vincent's.

Maybe the judges are encouraging the designers to do things more marketable because they want to prove the show can sucsessfully produce a designer. Or there's a secret deal with Macy's. Whatever. I think Tim Gunn should have a mutiny and take over the show.

Maybe I'm a turd.
But I happened to like the dress. And everyone's commenting on the belt. But the belt is entirely removable..& can be tied a different way.

The way he tied the belt..made it look blah.

The Best Sisters(hee hee)
are some hot bitches

The looks for this challenge HAD to be marketable because this was supposed to be an everyday outfit for an everyday woman.
I'm really glad we didn't see the reversed version of this dress!!

Sorry ya'll.
I dug that dress. I'd work it...either side of it.

But, you guys never fail to make me roar with laughter! Cheers!

I agree...mostly. I thought Michael's dress was fine, really, and even would have worn it paisley-side out, but I'll admit that it wasn't the most innovative thing my man Michael has ever designed. And I was a wee bit disappointed that Michael chose the youngest, slimmest available model for this challenge. Yeah, I see the temptation -- a row of mature women, some with very extremely not-perfect bodies, and then...Theresa. Of course the designers wanted to work with the only model who looked like, well, a model. But Michael had immunity. He could have taken the opportunity to stretch himself a bit, design something really special for a non-dress-form-y woman without any risk to himself, and he wimped out. Don't get me wrong, I still adore him, but still, disappointed.

I said the SAME THING while the rest of my family was drooling over it. It's VERY Maid in Manhattan. And personally, I hate reversible clothing. It feels so cheap and gimmicky.

Well-said, Dymphna. I was a little disappointed in Michael, also, for choosing the easiest model, but I guess when you have to choose very quickly you don't think about such things. We have the benefit of hind-sight . . . oh, wait, maybe not! Keep it up, guys. Your posts are the highlight of my day.

"Are you sure?"
"Sure as I know no one looks good in paisley."
- Elle Woods in Legally Blonde 2


Robert's sister looks gorgeous. I think she's fabulous. Too bad we didn't get to see much of her.

OK enough with the BORING...t's a shame that the most model-like model came out with a shirt dress...ooooo reversable

Dude, on the show, they said "Now that I know that [it's completely reversible], I like it a whole lot better." It's not like they were in love with it from the start: it took them a little convincing, too.

The problem with reversable dresses is when you turn them the other way out you have underarm stains and 8 hours of hooch sweat on the outside....

Am I the only one who now has the HOTS for uber-top Metro-Thug Michael Knight!?! He was bangin' in those seersucker pants last week! Bangin'! Please, please, please, do some more on him!!!! I just hope Heidi doesn't jump the train because Michael is just a bit Sealicous if you know what I mean....;-)

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