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Bradley The Pooh.

Awwwww. We were kind of heartbroken last night when Bradley Bongkirchner got auf'd. Yeah, the outfit was an affront to all that is fierce and fabulous in this world, and yeah, if Cher was standing in front of him when he presented that thing she probably would have ripped his head off and swallowed it whole, but who doesn't love our tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff?

Bye Bradley!

Tim's take is the best on it: Bradley not knowing Cher made him question his gay-dar

Cher would have bitch-slapped him.

the saddest part is that bradley seemed to have no clue who cher even was! i loved tim's comment.

Lol... I'm gonna miss his awkward and dorky soundbites.

Bye bye Bradley.

With no intent to disrespect, I kept waiting for Candid Camera to jump out...esp. after Nina's "I'd shoot that for Elle" comment. Where WAS Alan Funt anyway?

I mean, really.

If this wasn't a case of "which one is not like the others?" I don't know what was! Was I missing something? (besides a bong?).

Is this boy gay? I think he is so cute. Maybe if hes straight I could get him stoned and...

well, now he's got more time to go to burning man. i kid because i love.

What do you mean "get him stoned"? Have you ever seen him not stoned?

I will sure miss him, but maybe it's for the best that he's gone: I feel weird lusting after a breeder.

You can add Bradley singing, "I'm just a little black rain cloud.."
Okay, I watch Winnie the Pooh with my kids all day long so this was a hilarious moment of my day. Thanks...oh bother.

He seems to be more of an Eeyore than a Pooh.

Gene Simmons said...
Cher would have bitch-slapped him.

It's still too fresh; isn't it, Gene?

Bryn said...
He seems to be more of an Eeyore than a Pooh.

Naah. Robert's definitely Eeyore. Thick-necked little whiner.

Vincent's Tigger.

You Fabulous PRGayBoys. I like Robert so we'll have to agree to disagree. But no argument Vincent is Tigger!

Love you, love your site.

Oh come on guys, IT'S CHER. Cher - who was voted worst dressed this century? Cher who wore that horrible spartan get up; and the Native American stripper outfit? Gypsies, tramps, and thieves?! If nothing else, Cher would have just found it boring and not given it another thought.

I would have thought Bradley was kind of like Eeyore b/c they both don't seem to have a home :(

I wonder who Rabbit would be - the only one freaky enough about personal space is Vincent but he's definitely Tigger.

He's a neat, funny, sweet guy. Out of place indeed, but he'll be missed. Cute picture edit. Goodbye our Squiddy!

Alright... let's see if we can make sense of this

Bradley definately Winnie the Pooh
Vincent- Tigger... hands down
Robert is Eeyore
Kayne would have to be Piglet (he's too pink not to be)
Laura would be Kanga and that makes Micheal Roo (because he just behaves like her long lost son- and, to quote Disney online "[Roo]capable of expressing thoughts and feelings and observing the world in a loving and sympathetic manner (thus his alter-ego Captain Save-a-ho)
Malan is Christopher Robin and Keith was the evil logger trying to destroy the 100-acre woods
Finally, Bonnie and Katherine are neck and neck for who is most like Lumpy the Heffalump, my guess is that the scale tips a little more in Katherine's favor

You boys are SO gay, and SO funny that I nearly pee'd myself.

Oh, Corey - "Kayne is Piglet because he's too pink." Oh, that's too, too, too funny. My head is on the desk, and my shoulders are shaking. . . .

Bradley was such a space cadet - he and Guadulupe from last season should get together and have a conversation that we could all listen on after we've had a pitcher of sangrias. . . .

Now who will make all the silly stoner comments?

Watching him struggle with this outfit made me scream at the T.V. in Chers voice from Moonstruck.."SNAP OUT OF IT"!!!

I can't believe there's a soul on this planet who does'nt know Cher!!!!

Guadalupe was just f'ed up. Bradley was spacey but cute.


for what it's worth...Bradley was my fave....and I forgive him for the Cher outfit...WHO IS CHER ANYWAY!!!!!!!! She is so last century.

Gawds, did PR choose this guy just because he seemed like a stoned out, wholly incompetent, inbred remittance man? Was it to torture the other contestants? I think I've seen this guy hanging around boatyards and bars, claiming to be a sailmaker..

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