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About Damn Time!

Finally! Our two favorite people paired up and tore it up last night, winning the big prize. Michael and Nazri, you were the Team Supreme and your pairing was magic. This outfit was beautifully tailored and perfect for the challenge.

And it was HAWT.

I don't know about anybody else, but we're buying Elle just to see the TRESemmé ad. Just for that reason, we swear! We don't buy women's fashion mags and then secretly rub the perfume samples on our wrists. Really!

We buy women's fashion mags and use the perfume samples to keep our underwear drawer fresh. Duh!

Oh, and Beyonce? Are you out there? This outfit is so up your alley (with a right turn into "taste" and "tailoring"). Tell your mother to put the hot glue gun down and give this man a call!


Nazri + Michael Knight + Pam Grier = HOT SHIT! She did him well by picking her as an icon, I loved the reaction he had when she showed him the picture.

I thought Laura's outfit was immaculate and classy as always, why doesn't she ever get any props?

I loved Laura's outfit, too, and thought it perfect for Hepburn. Uli's Miss Ross gown was lovely and Angela's understated Audrey dress was surprisingly beautiful! Kayne's MM gown was spot on, too. And Jeffrey's Madonna outfit was fine.

Vincent's Twiggy and Bradley's Cher--- They put the ugh in ugly.

While Robert mystifies me. What happened to the lovely pale blue fabric? Why did he switch to burlap?

That said, I was ROOTING FOR MICHAEL!! 'Bout time he won!! His Pam Greer hot pants number was perfect, fit Nazri like a dream. I was so happy for him and I like him a lot. Wishing for him to make it to Fashion Week!!

There's something to be said at this point for consistently producing work that puts you in the first cut, ie the middling work. Keep yourself out of the bottom three and make an occasional pop into the top three.

I was happy that Michael won, and I think the tie-breaker for the judges was the way Michael explained his thought process.

Kayne's dress was great. My wife said that she thought the ass was too tight, but I said, "THAT'S THE WAY MARILYN WOULD WEAR IT!" Anglea's dress was shockingly good.

I felt sorry for Uli. I thought her dress was dead on as well. I'm rooting for her and Michael to make the finals. I want to say Kayne as well, but I'm afraid he won't be able to keep himself in check and go rhinestone crazy one day.

That outfit was hotness x infinity. But not as hot as ThePRgayboys. I'm just saying.

Also, did Vincent confuse his icon with Raggedy Ann?

Hey thanks for the underwear drawer tip. ;)

I fell in love with Michael in this episode. From the gracious way he dealt with the sewing machine drama to his call to his mother to his utterly boyish darling smile of pride seeing Nazri work her Pam Grier attitude.

Michael is perfection in every way.

He's a star plain and simple.

Like our very own Gayboys right here....Supahstah!

"Tell your mother to put the glue gun down and give this man a call!"

You guys are hilarious. I was laughing so hard I almost peed in my pants.

I seriously squealed and had maniac jazz hands for a good 20 minutes after the show ended...YAY Michael!

The Beyonce comment is DEAD ON!!! When the Beyonce L'Oreal commercial came on, I yelled at the TV, "Beyonce, track Michael down and save your clothing line!"

FINALLY!!! Great job, Michael. I love his little dance number too after winning. Put a smile in Nina's face. LOL.

Yay! Thank you for this. Dayyumm Michael, I heart you!

Michael is a charmer with immense talent. Kayne's dress was divine and Angela's was too. Happy, happy, happy that Michael won cuz he's just so cute, but wish my boy K could have a Tresemme ad too . . .


you gotta listen to tim's take on the bravo site this week - he couldnt say enough good things about michael! he looooves him! there was also an interesting note about diane von furstenberg's comments on robert's jackie-o piece. the girl saved his ass!

Did anyone else notice how, when Michael glanced at all the judges when they told him he won, he looked EXACTLY like Baloo?

You guys are so right about Beyonce; she's going the way J.Lo's clothing line went - sale rack @ Macy's.

Did anyone else freak out when there was that small two-second shot of Angela making her "granny circles?" I was really surprised they came out ok but the dress could have done w/o them too.

I felt bad for Uli AND Laura b/c they did some great work. Laura could have done better but I guess it doesn't help that Hepburn has often stated that she only owns one dress :(.

In drama, I'm glad Michael stayed out of it more or less. Jeffrey is a total dick - it could have been easily resolved if he asked Angela to stick to one machine?

How fucking CUTE is Michael. Oh, and that cute little happy dance . . . . I am so thankful he finally won. I was worried the judges would hold his portfolio against him - and Tim Gunn didn't really want to let him on the show, either.
A big THANK YOU shout out to Chloe!!!!!

i loved michael's but i wasnt convinced he should have one. angela really surprised me on this.

oh, and michael isnt even in the treSsemme ad. they dont even mention his name.


Hey have you seen September Elle? :) I mean, they will probably run Nazri's ad next month, but this month it is me!! I didn't "win" the challenge, but there it is, in Elle for everyone to see!


We're definitely checking it out, girl!

I fainted when I saw Angela's gown. I mean, did she have a tasteful designer hidden under her table?

I'll give her that one. Too hilarious Bradley had no idea who Cher was! He's seriously weird... not because he doesn't know Cher, just in general.

I'm watching Season 3 for the first time, which is why I'm commenting here... I just wanted to say thank you both for all your wonderful commentary, your wit and your catty yet to-the-point rhetoric! I turn to your blog every morning, and I have to say that it gets me through the day! PR is not screening in real time where I live, but you are so wonderful that I don't care about spoilers before I can see it on YouTube! :)

Thank you for all the many hours you must put into this blog, and thank you for making my day that much more fabulous. I'd offer a group hug, but my arms aren't long enough. ;)

And I cannot tell you how envious I am that you attended fashion week this year.

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