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Ooooh, now that sounds like an important title!

Otherwise known around the office as "Daddy's Little Girl."
In other news, she's awfully...shiny, isn't she?

And what's with the Wilma Flintstone look?

[Screencaps: Project RunGay]

The dress is ugly. LOL
What's next? Design baby clothes for little Barron Trump?

Is THAT what they named their spawn? Barron? Good lord, how obnoxious.

That second pic demonstrates that her, Kathy, and Paris Hilton have the same two-bit plastic surgeon who intends on giving all his patients the same nose - small and with a hook at the end.


she can't wait to get on TV... her dad's show returns in about 6 months... that's too long for a trump

I dunno. There was something about her face that made me think her breath ins't quite fresh.

The richer you get, the shinier you become.

The happy luck faerie dust rubs off on you.

Or just really good make up people.

And in some cases, really bad ones.


Ivanka looks like a gummi bear that's been sucked a bit too long.

I do believe this is the first-ever use of the Wilma! I do love reading the archives.

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